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Extremement elegant

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D.B. Cooper

'Why on Earth would someone commit air piracy just to finance a terrible movie decades later?' 'People are very strange these days.'
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July 16, 2014

Lucas Vigroux

Special dedicace a Flol

Hey San Franciscans and Bostonians! BAHFest Submissions are open!
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July 24, 2014

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The Secret to Batman’s Stamina

Zach Weinersmith on

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    Don’t write alone

    Copy and send this draft link to anyone you want feedback from. They’ll be able to leave you notes before you publish.

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    8 Irresistible Food Blogs From Sub-Saharan Africa · Global Voices

    Lucas Vigroux

    For something a bit out of the ordinary...

    Breadcrumbs sweet potatoes dish. Photo by Wangeci Wandere. Used with permission. from

    Breadcrumbs sweet potatoes dish. Photo by Wangeci Wandere. Used with permission. 

    Food is life. It unites us all. Here at Global Voices, we love food, so we bring you eight yummy food blogs from Sub-Saharan Africa.

    1. Scrumptious South Africa

    Scrumptious South Africa is a food blog run by Jane-Anne Hobbs Rayner, who is a cook, food writer, recipe developer and professional freelance journalist:

    My site Scrumptious, which pioneered recipe blogging in South Africa almost seven years ago, is an independent food blog all about careful, patient home cooking, and about how to prepare excellent food for family and friends.

    The recipes on this blog are, with a few early exceptions, my original work: I have devised, developed and thoroughly tested them myself. Of course, there are very few recipes these days that can be called truly original: every recipe builds on the work and patient testing of many generations of talented cooks, chefs and alchemists. Where I've adapted an existing recipe, or drawn on the work of other cookery writers, or found inspiration in someone else's recipe, I always say so.

    The logo of Scrumptious South Africa blog. Used with permission.

    The logo of Scrumptious South Africa blog. Used with permission.

    2. Dobby's Signature

    This is a Nigerian food blog by Nigerian blogger Dobby:

    I'm dobby, a culinary enthusiast with a flair for Local Cuisines in Nigeria and around the globe. Welcome to my online recipe diary where I explore and showcase dishes from my Nigerian kitchen to inspire meals in yours. Let me confess, i'm not a professional chef…..Yeah! i'm not. But Cooking is one of my major hobbies and i do it well. Whenever i'm not cooking, i do illustrations/graphic designs too as shown on the blog. So, Stick around and explore Nigerian food from my own point of view.

    Dobby's signature is a Nigerian Food Blog focused on Showcasing Nigerian dishes, Exploring Traditional food recipes and Flavors with strong emphasis on Photography, Diversity, Vibrant colors and Health benefits… Just the way Mama makes it ;)

    3. Kadi African Recipes

    Oumou Bah from Guinea shares her passion for food on her blog. The blog also uses YouTube videos:

    I love the fact that in Africa, mealtimes are moments of great gatherings for big families. In most African countries such as Mali, Somalia, through Guinea, Nigeria and Eritrea, people use their fingers instead of a spoon, fork and knife to eat which make the meals more special and taste so unique.

    The dishes are mostly made of meat, chicken, fish and vegetables all usually accompanied by the staple such as rice,FouFou, Tô, ugali and many more . Peppers and spices are widely used, which gives the taste especially African cuisine. Also without forgetting the vegetable leaves such as sweet potatoes leaves, Ukazi, bitter leaves and so on . Yams, corn, okra, and tomatoes and many other vegetables are also heavily used varies according to the region.

    The YouTube video below from Kadi African Recipes show how to make Attiéké, the main dish of the Ivory Cost:

    4. Taste of Tanzania

    After sharing recipes online on various sites since 2004, Miriam Rose Kinunda now runs the Taste of Tanzania blog:

    Tanzania is located in East Africa (Indian Ocean is on the East). Since Persians visited the coast of East Africa dated as early as 17th century, they introduced many things including spices and some recipes; example, Pilau, Haluwa, samosa, Bagia, etc. Our diet is a mainly African, and a little bit of Indian and Arabic. I hope you will enjoy these simple recipes from Tanzania and a few of my favorate from other countries.

    Miriam Rose Kinunda started to post Tanzanian recipes just for fun in June 2004 with the domain name; In 2006 I changed to and started to blog, In July 2009, I decided to give this site a name that fits, A taste of Tanzania

    5. Chef Afrik

    Adhis, the owner of Chef Afrik, plans on “cooking my way through Africa one country at a time”:

    First started in November 2011, Chef Afrik is my African food and travel lovechild. The site's motto, “Cooking my way through Africa one country at a time”, indicates my pursuit as a Kenyan diasporan to discover the continent of Africa through its food. As well as showcasing food from all over the continent “In the Kitchen”, I also enjoy interviewing people who work with African food, whether as food writers, bloggers or chefs in my “Get to know” series.

    6. Foodie in the Desert 

    Wangeci Wandere believes that anyone can cook no matter where they live. She started her food blog in a Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya:

    Thanx for stopping by Foodie in the desert, my online home for recipes I try out and my culinary journeys from all around the place. Here, I share recipes that I have tried and loved anything from a simple stew to a complicated dessert, a few kitchen disasters and I will give you a few tips and tricks here and There.

    I am a big believer that ANYBODY can cook whether you live in a bedsitter (studio apartment) or a lavish duplex, whether your a bachelor who just moved out of home or a wife with 4 kids. I started this blog in Kakuma refugee Camp, I live in a tiny studio apartment and I barely get any supplies so if I can do it so can you. So join me in discovering how to spice up your meals using supplies that you can find in your local supermarkets.

    7. A Hungry African

    This is a blog written by Brandi Phiri, a graduate student in Botswana, who despised cooking until recently:

    Madombi (dumplings), a local cuisine in Botswana,  in chicken stew. Photo by Brandi Phiri. Used with permission.

    Madombi (dumplings), a local cuisine in Botswana, in chicken stew. Photo by Brandi Phiri. Used with permission.

    I’ve never really been a fan of the kitchen or any chores involving it. Until very recently I despised the Kitchen, I mostly especially despised cooking, anyone in my family will attest to that!

    But after finally moving into a campus flat equipped with a kitchen I realised I didn’t want to eat boring food. If I was forced to feed myself everyday it would be with good food!

    Traditional African cooking (at least in southern Africa) doesn’t allow for much experimenting or variety. We don’t play fast and loose with spices like the west Africans or Indians, our baking is mostly limited to plain cakes,breads and buns, our staple food is nsima/pap/sadza/ugali/posho/fufu/bugari/phaletshe and we tend to favour meat stews. Of course there is slight variation from country to country. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with traditional African food, nothing at all however I yearn for something different at times, something to surprise my taste buds and that is how my culinary adventures began.

    8. Mzanzi Style Cuisine

    South African blogger Thuli started Mzansi Style Cuisine in 2011 to encourage young people to cook and provide them with an online platform to access traditional and indigenous dishes:

    Indigenous dishes are not widely documented reason being that the knowledge was passed down from generation to generation by training young women. Nowadays things have changed, young women move to the city to get education and jobs before they could have that entire food heritage passed down to them by the older generation. Well, I hope to bridge that gap through this blog. In addition to that, I urge young people, both women and men, to spend more time with the older generation. By that I mean our grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts. Let us embrace them, listen and learn from their experiences. Knowing where one comes from makes for a grounded individual and there is nothing cooler than that.

    There are many more African food blogs than those listed above. Do you have a favorite African food blog? Please share it in the comments section below.

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    Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?

    by but does it float
    Attractors by Andreia Gil Title: Edward Norton Lorenz Atley
    09 Jul 11:39

    Le match Brésil/Allemagne est sur Pornhub


    Bonus : le tweet officiel de Pornhub peu après.


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    July 07, 2014

    Only a few discount tickets left for GaymerX, which is the only con I'm doing in 2014!
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    Are Ad Agencies Still Cool?

    (Back in 2011, one of the largest ad agencies in the world flew this banner over the hoards at the Cannes ad festival. Note the spelling of "famously".)
    Short answer: No. Long answer: FUCK No.

    Today’s ad agencies are nothing like Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce in the 1960s. They’re not even like Crispin Porter + Bogusky in 2005.

    If you’re a young creative, you’re not going to be Don Draper or Peggy Olson or even Stan Rizzo. You’re definitely not going to be Alex Bogusky.

    You have no new truly original ideas in your portfolio. You’re lucky if you have even one mildly interesting idea amongst all the hackneyed, derivative dogshit. I know this: I’ve seen your portfolio. 100 fucking times.

    Ad students have been sending me their portfolios—nearly daily, unsolicited—for 8 years, asking for advice. I never write them back.

    This is my mass response.

    If you want a “cool” ad agency creative department job, it’s there, waiting for you (at least at the big mega-merged bloated shops) if you happen to be one of those few young creatives with one (better, two) of those mildly interesting ideas in your portfolio. Because agencies these days are as desperate as a virgin male 2nd semester college senior.

    Last fall, freelance designer Murat Mutlu wrote a 2,100 word article, republished to a wide audience on Creative Review, titled: "Why talented creatives are leaving your agency."

    If you work at an ad agency, worked at an ad agency, or especially, if you're planning on working at an ad agency: read it. It is well worth your time.

    This trend of good copywriters, art directors, and designers bolting or eschewing established ad agencies is not a new one. AdAge published a piece about it back in 2010. But, it is a trend that is gaining momentum, exponentially. Established creatives are heading to social start-ups and media websites. More and more brands are hiring these disgruntled creatives and bringing their ad work in-house.

    Meanwhile, as Mutlu says:

    "Agencies...are happy to keep trying to live in a world which is ceasing to exist. Clinging onto the same ideas, tools, and ways of working with CEOs who are either oblivious to the current mindset or too frightened to instigate change. It's the perfect storm of increasing entrepreneurialism, decreasing loyalty and an industry reveling in mediocrity."

    Of course, all the creative directors at all of ad agencies of all sizes will still use the "C" (creative) and "I" (innovative) words in your interview. If you're a "hotshot" who they're hot to hire and you've got a good feeling about the place, tell them you'd like to freelance for a couple of months first. Facades are easy to erect.

    Unless you have inside info, it’s hard to tell how “creative” an ad agency’s work environment is. One clue is to look at is the agency’s own self-promo stuff.

    I've gathered together some recent agency self-promo and recruitment ads/videos/staff press photos—instances where ad agencies try to show the world just how fucking cool they really are.

    Take a look, and see if these seem like the kind of places you'd like to spend working 10, 12 (or more, depending on the shop) hours a day.

    The Ungar Group: "No Regrets"

    Chicago's Ungar Group aired this spot, locally, during an April episode of last season's Mad Men.

    Copy: "If you're looking for an advertising agency and don't meet with The Ungar Group. you will regret it for the rest of your lives."

    Why is the man a zombie? I think they were trying to reference the Walking Dead (also on AMC). Why would you give your money to this ad agency? Because you're fucking brain dead. Back in 2007, Ungar created another cracking self-promo video where they threatened a kitten with a .357 Magnum.

    SapientNitro "Idea Engineers"

    SapientNitro has 37 offices worldwide, and is considered a "hot" "edgy" digital ad agency. What happened here with this auto-tuned "rap" song, I'm educatedly guessing, is one of the upper management guys desperately wanted to show off his guitar "skills".

    "We're thinking not sinking..." Idea Engineers...

    Planet Earth deserves to be destroyed by the Volgons because of this video.

    DigitasLBi: "Inheritance"

    This is the shop where every young "digital" creative wants to work. Their logo is a unicorn.

    From the press note about the ad:

    "...we're firm believers in practicing what we preach. And what we preach is that creating content that intrigues, engages and even entertains is a much better way of getting noticed than slavishly manufacturing marketing messages. We also believe in being brave (how quaint) and giving new things a try...Inheritance isn't about who we are, what we do or even what we think about the world. It is however meant to be so very us (what?)."

    I'm disappointed they didn't slip "storytelling" in there somewhere.

    Do you want your two minutes back? Write them, and ask them to get their magical fucking unicorn to make it happen.

    How bout some print promo ads.

    "JWT Brazil. 76 years (old), so what?"


    TBWA Poland.


    Now, some staff press photos (click for closer looks).

    Press photos from two firms considered "hot" and "creative". L—El Segundo's David & Goliath. GET IT? R—NYC's Sagmeister & Walsh. They're wearing space helmets because they're "explorers". They're naked because they're morons.


    Both Philadelphia's Red Tettemer & Partners (L) and BBH NYC (R) go the hadouken route. WHO HAD IT FIRST?

    (agency promo photos via Business Insider)

    In conclusion: stop sending me your portfolios, and drop out of ad school.

    07 Jul 13:07

    On the frontline in Syria: the Danish gangster who turned jihadi

    by Nagieb Khaja
    Lucas Vigroux

    Pour Sloriam

    Director trails Big A, leader of one of Copenhagen's most notorious gangs, as he joins rebels fighting the Assad regime

    Two Danes lie in the back of a pickup truck on the Turkish-Syrian border waiting for a call. They're with a young British jihadi and a group of ultra-conservative Syrian Salafi Islamists. Soon they'll be smuggled into Syria to join the fight against the Assad regime.

    Continue reading...
    06 Jul 11:42


    02 Jul 04:00

    July 02, 2014

    Last hour to buy! Thanks one last time everyone. We're so happy to be able to make this book the way we want to make it.
    23 Jun 16:17

    Art Meets Mathematics: Dizzying Geometric GIFs by David Whyte

    by Christopher Jobson

    Art Meets Mathematics: Dizzying Geometric GIFs by David Whyte gifs geometric animation

    Art Meets Mathematics: Dizzying Geometric GIFs by David Whyte gifs geometric animation

    Art Meets Mathematics: Dizzying Geometric GIFs by David Whyte gifs geometric animation

    Art Meets Mathematics: Dizzying Geometric GIFs by David Whyte gifs geometric animation

    Art Meets Mathematics: Dizzying Geometric GIFs by David Whyte gifs geometric animation

    Art Meets Mathematics: Dizzying Geometric GIFs by David Whyte gifs geometric animation

    Art Meets Mathematics: Dizzying Geometric GIFs by David Whyte gifs geometric animation

    Art Meets Mathematics: Dizzying Geometric GIFs by David Whyte gifs geometric animation

    Art Meets Mathematics: Dizzying Geometric GIFs by David Whyte gifs geometric animation

    In 2011, Dublin-based physics student David Whyte began a Tumblr called Bees & Bombs where he posted humorous images and quirky GIFs of his own creation, borrowing heavily from videos and pop culture icons. One day he decided to start playing with Processing, a popular open source programming language designed to help create images, animation, and various computer interactions. His background in mathematics and physics greatly enhanced his understanding of motion and geometry and it wasn’t long before he was churning out some of the most popular animations shared on Tumblr.

    Whyte’s minimalistic use of shapes and color places an increased emphasis on motion, and leaves one somewhat dumbstruck at how he conceives of each image. In a somewhat rare move he happens to be quite open about his methods and frequently posts source code and tips to help other artists. See much more of his work on Bees & Bombs.

    29 May 15:30

    CRCR rulez.

    CRCR rulez.

    03 Jun 19:52

    tumblr_li3q9zoZFR1qbqt8go1_500.png (500×625)

    by gatito
    02 Jun 20:31

    courbe molle

    by vincent
    31 May 04:00

    May 31, 2014

    Big news coming soon!
    25 May 19:45

    Map of scientific collaboration between researchers

    by aemkei
    Lucas Vigroux

    Science iz prettyz

    20 May 21:58

    Alberto Mielgo - Bande démo (et c'est beau)

    by Tsuka
    Comme je vous l'ai déjà dit, je ne poste pas souvent des bande démos, mais comme Alberto Mielgo vient enfin d'en faire une avec se...

    [English : Alberto Mielgo first demoreel, at last.]

    15 May 21:58

    Oh Shit ! & Mother Fucking Dalle, par Souviens Ten-Zan (deux fake trailers de courts d'étudiants des Gobelins)

    by Tsuka
    Lucas Vigroux

    Ouaich cool

    Voici deux vidéos à la fois excitantes et frustrantes, puisqu'il s'agit de super trailers de court-métrages qui n'existeront jamai...

    [English : Two fake trailers for animated short-films projects by "Souviens Ten-Zan" team (8 Gobelins students).]

    14 May 16:18

    Red tower

    by limbolo

    10 May 04:00

    May 10, 2014

    07 May 20:38

    ‘Quand j’ai connu la Vérité, j’ai cru que c’était une amie.’ —Musset

    by imp
    Cutting, a professor at Cornell University, wondered if a psychological mechanism known as the “mere-exposure effect” played a role in deciding which paintings rise to the top of the cultural league. In a seminal 1968 experiment, people were shown a series of abstract shapes in rapid succession. Some shapes were repeated, but because they came [...]
    07 May 17:09


    03 May 12:20

    En dix ans, quels prix ont le plus augmenté ?

    Si les prix baissent de manière continue depuis 2004 pour l'informatique ou les téléviseurs, ils ne cessent d'augmenter pour le logement et l'enseignement.

    05 May 21:59

    Fiat par Lobo (jolies pubs)

    by Tsuka
    Pendant ce temps là, au brésil, Fiat s'est payé deux jolies pubs en anim 2D par le studio Lobo. Réalisation de Gabriel Nobrega et ...

    [English : TV commercials by Lobo studio for Fiat. Directed by Gabriel Nobrega & Birdo.]

    30 Apr 17:04

    Okay here’s what’s happening, I’ve done this...

    Okay here’s what’s happening, I’ve done this single edition screenprint for this really cool exhibition. It’s special not only because there’s just one of it but also it’s got phosphorescent ink on top of it showing a picture of Jizz band of ghosts jizzing everywhere.
    The guys from the gallery got this idea of doing a raffle, you can go there and get a ticket for 5 € and you might win the screenprint .

    Anyway you can save 1095€ ( I’m not cheap ) if you go here : 

    In Françage :

    Bon voici ce qui se passe, j’ai fait une serigraphie unique pour l’exo de La Faabrïk . C’est spécial non seulement parce qu’il y’en a qu’une, mais il y a aussi une encre phosphorescente qui revele une photo de jazz bande de fantômes jazzing partout. 
    Les gars de la galerie ont eu cette idée de faire un tirage au sort, vous pouvez y aller et obtenir un billet pour 5 € et gagner la sérigraphie. 

    Quoi qu’il en soit, vous pouvez économiser 1095 € (pas cher ) si vous allez ici:

    09 Apr 00:00

    Society needs more than wonder to respect science

    by Susan Watts
    Lucas Vigroux

    Yep. Also, with proper science journalists maybe we'd get less of the sensationalist crap that's pouring over BBC Horizon and the likes...

    Society needs more than wonder to respect science

    Nature 508, 7495 (2014).

    Author: Susan Watts

    Researchers are well placed to explain concepts, but journalists will bring the critical scrutiny needed to integrate science in society, says Susan Watts.

    21 Apr 09:10

    Adventure Time par Masaaki Yuasa (Mind Game) (preview de l'épisode Food Chain)

    by Tsuka
    Lucas Vigroux

    Not a huge fan of Adventure Time but this looks pretty neat. And the Youtube comments once again make you wish aliens would come and wipe out all of humanity.

    Voici la meilleure manière de bien commencer cette semaine (voir ce jour férié je l'espère pour un plus grand nombre d'entre vous)...

    [English : Sneak peek of Adventure Time "Food Chain" episode written, storyboarded and directed by Masaaki Yuasa (Mind Game).]