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06 Jul 14:45

Another Take On The Disc Brake

by Freewheel
Shimano hydraulic disc brakes for road usage. Courtesy:
Back in 2012, after I noticed a surge in city and road bike models coming out with disc brakes, I offered A Short Take On The Disc Brake describing four situations where disc brakes might be preferable to rim brakes.

Over the last three years, Shimano, SRAM and others have continued to update and redesign brake levers and discs for road use.  For example, in August 2014, Shimano released its ST-RS685 compact hydraulic disc brake levers, which they promoted as providing "more stopping power with less effort."

Not everyone is enthralled by this technological shift toward hydraulic disc brakes.  In a recent exchange with David Hembrow about Trek's District bikes, I suggested that Trek had listened to him in designing the model. He responded:

@Bikes4RestOfUs Nice to think so, but the disk brakes and exposed chain suggest not :-)
— David Hembrow (@DavidHembrow) June 29, 2015
Mr. Hembrow prefers drum brakes encased in the hub.  As he writes in his blog:

Enclosing the brake and gears leads to extremely high reliability. Neither the gears nor the brakes have required any maintenance, unlike my bike which has rim brakes and has required new brake pads. Not only rim brakes, but disc brakes also are not really low maintenance components. When used in winter, salt on the road causes the disc to rust, and brake pads need replacing fairly regularly. Drum brakes, or Shimano's roller brakes, are much more reliable than this. 

Drums brakes are not widely available in the U.S. bike market, although you frequently see Shimano roller brakes on bikes with Shimano Nexus hubs.  Still, Mr. Hembrow's point is well taken. Drum brakes work well, especially on flat terrain such as the streets of Amsterdam.  But what about his point about disc brakes? Should we avoid them because they require a higher degree of maintenance?

There are two categories of disc brakes: hydraulic and cable-actuated.  The latter category requires maintenance similar to rim brakes: replace the cables when they start to get stretchy.  My family owns several mountain brakes with disc brakes, and I haven't noticed any problem with rust despite riding on wet, muddy trails. 

Hydraulic brake systems, like those in an automobile, need to be flushed every so often.  John Allen, writing on, cautions that "disc brakes are more complicated, expensive and difficult to maintain than rim brakes or drum brakes."  But he lists a number of advantages of disc brakes as well, including the fact that they allow heat to dissipate without damaging the tire and they don't wear rims.

If disc brakes are a factor in your bike purchase, I highly recommend reading all of John Allen's article on the subject as well as the links at the bottom of his article.

06 Jul 18:54

Which headphones should I get?

by Erica Ogg

Having trouble choosing between our favorite headphones? See our updated guide for help determining which pair is best for you. [Which Headphones Should I Get?]

06 Jul 07:30

Why Οχι?

by webchick

My Twitter timeline has been blowing up with news about Greece's decision to turn down a referendum that would accept debt relief coupled with severe austerity measures. I could find article after article after article explaining why voting "no" on this referendum was a terrible idea. However, since 61% of a country can rarely agree on their favourite kind of ice cream, let alone something with this level of economic magnitude, I was curious to learn what the "other side" of the story was.

So I posted the following to Twitter:

"Lots of sources saying horrible things about #GreeceReferendum outcome. Having trouble finding some that rationalize the "Oxi" vote. Links?"

Several people responded with lots of awesome resources. Having read all of them (this took awhile :)), here's my best stab at a summary:

  1. Many cite the Euro as the major cause. The claim is that the Euro as a currency doesn’t really work across a set of countries with as diverse economic situations as Europe. There are some standard ways to respond to economic collapse—for example, devaluing the currency to make exports/tourism cheaper—but Euro zone countries like Greece cannot do this because that would also devalue the currency in wealthier nations, such as Germany. Helpful 3 minute video explanation /HT @Paulmicha This best cases for "no" and "yes" piece /HT @rsbrown argues the same. Ending Greece’s Bleeding /HT @Paulmicha goes so far as to suggest that a "Grexit" (Greece leaving the Euro zone) is actually the best of all the bad options now.
  2. And while North America has always had the concept of "have"/"have not" states/provinces, with the better off subsidizing the less so, Canada and the United States are each their own countries ("Americans first, Oregonians second"). The Euro zone, in contrast, is comprised of individual countries, with a strong sense of nationalism ("Germans first, Europeans second"). See Seven Greek Myths /HT @tvnweb for an argument that it doesn't need to be this way.
  3. The Greek government already took a bailout in 2010 which came with some stiff austerity conditions in terms of cutting salaries, jobs, and pensions. And unfortunately, this did not have the desired effect; GDP plummeted, unemployment skyrocketed. So more of the same medicine that is viewed by many to have caused the economic crisis in the first place did not seem sensible. interfluidity: Greece /HT Kazanir gets way into this, including this absolutely horrifying graph:

    GDP of Greece plummets, compared to the rest of the Euro zone

    Also for those who like a shorter read, this is also played out in dramatic fashion in this hilarious reddit comment /HT @chx

  4. This new deal imposed even harsher restrictions which even the IMF itself says won't ultimately work out. /HT @chx
  5. Additionally, most of the money loaned to "Greece" never actually went there. It went instead to bolster the banks (including German and French banks) that gave Greece the bad loans. See How Europe played Greece /HT @steveparks
  6. There was also speculation among many that the proposal put forward "troika" (European Commission, European Central Bank (ECB), and International Monetary Fund (IMF)) was actually a thinly-veiled attempt to overthrow the democratically elected, far-left "Syriza" party that has been in power in Greece since January. A "yes" vote (in support of the troika's deal) would've spelled doom for the government's stated anti-austerity platform, and shown alignment with the big banks. How I would vote in the Greek referendum /HT @rohan_p spells out this dilemma. It's the Politics, Stupid! /HT @chx echoes this speculation.
  7. Several articles also express suspicion that those protesting on the "yes" side seemed a little too uniform, and a little too cashmere-covered (smacking of political/economic elite, oligarchs, and their brethren), versus the "no" side being more reminiscent of a true grassroots movement. The "yes" side strongly pushed a fear/apocalypse agenda, which was viewed cynically as serving the interests of the big banks and rest of Europe, versus Greeks themselves (in particular, impoverishing the elderly even further was seen by many as impossible to bear). Human Misery vs. Profits: What’s Happening in Greece /HT @dead_lugosi and did the just Euro die at 4pm? /HT @chx go into this discrepancy.
  8. Others bring up the history of WWI and WWII and point out the hypocrisy in that Germany, France, UK, and other nations were in the same boat as Greece and had their debt restructured, rather than facing the severe austerity measures Greece is faced with today. There are similarities drawn between the economic conditions of the early 1900s with that of the post-2008 financial crisis that argue for a similar EU-wide look at debt relief. See Germany has never repaid its debts /HT @boblucore

TL;DR Greece has "been there, done that" with very large sums of money with very large strings attached, and they've only seen things get worse for their country (and that large sum of money largely flowing out of Greece and into other European economies). The Euro doesn't provide enough flexibility for countries in Greece's predicament to do textbook recovery measures, making already bad economic situations worse. The deal proposed by the creditors was seen by some as a way to force power out of Greeks' hands and into banks' and other European countries' hands, which particularly didn't play well in the birthplace of democracy. There's also a hope that a "no" vote will provide Greece's elected government with a stronger negotiating position with the banks (though this definitely remains to be seen; the troika has much more incentive to make an example of Greece than work with them at this point, or they could see this pattern spread throughout the EU).

The More You Know™ Thanks so much to everyone who responded! Hope this summary is helpful, and also that I didn't screw it up too badly. :)

06 Jul 00:00

Dropbox Delivers FTP-like Uploading Anyone Can Use


Steve Borsch, Connecting the Dots, Jul 07, 2015

I've always liked haaving my own FTP server because it means I can handle large files without really thinking about it. As well, it's easy to update scripts and web pages. But the downside of having my own FTP server is managing my own FTP server. But as this post notes, DropBox's new service will make FTP-like servers available to everyone. And then anyone will be able to fling around 1 gigabyte files with ease.

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06 Jul 20:53

Amazon announces Prime Day is July 15th, will offer more deals than Black Friday

by Ian Hardy

To mark its 20th anniversary, massive online retailer Amazon will embark on what it’s calling “a global shopping event that promises to have more deals than Black Friday.”

The so-called Prime Day is July 15th and is exclusively reserved for Amazon Prime members living in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France and Austria. This two-day shipping extravaganza starts at midnight with new deals pegged to be available as often as every ten minutes. Basically, Amazon wants you to stay up all day and spend lots of money.

Greg Greeley, VP of Amazon Prime, said, “Prime Day is a one-day only event filled with more deals than Black Friday, exclusively for Prime members around the globe. Members tell us every day how much they love Prime and we will keep making it better. If you’re not already a Prime member, you’ll want to join so you don’t miss out on one of the biggest deals extravaganzas in the world.”

There might be some good deals on tech—perhaps some unlocked smartphones, tablets, and accessories. In addition, since Amazon Canada recently launched a dedicated wearable section, there might possibly be some discounted smartwatches and fitness bands.

Source Amazon
06 Jul 14:46

When The Community Needs A Leader, Not A Manager

by Richard Millington

In the beginning, you usually need a leader. 

This leader needs connections, expertise, or charisma to get a community started.

They need to convince a small group they can create a separate, better, future within their field. They need to challenge conventional wisdom, endure criticism, and stand firm against attacks from inside and outside the community.

Leaders are also good in times of need. If the community hasn’t gotten off the ground, has faltered, or if you’re enduring a crisis, you need a community leader.

Leaders decide what members can and can’t talk about. They decide what the community concept does and doesn’t include. Leaders don’t build a community around what members want, they build a community around what members need. They're focused on the future.

Leaders remove the people who aren’t a good fit for that future. 

Existing communities need a community manager. They need people who work in the background to keep as many members as engaged as possible.  They need someone to remove the bad stuff, highlight the good stuff, create content, and ensure the community personifies its topic.

Everyone knows who the leader, most members might not know who the community manager is. 

Leaders also tend to have major weaknesses (these weaknesses might drive them to success). Their strengths outweigh their weaknesses. Community managers tend to be more restrained in strengths and weaknesses. 

06 Jul 19:31

Possible browser bug?

Here's a video demo of a bug in one of my sites.

Any help finding a fix or workaround much appreciated. Thanks!

PS: I'm using Google Chrome/Mac v43.0.2357.130 (64-bit).

06 Jul 00:00

Body cameras making their way into Iowa schools


Mackenzie Ryan, Des Moines Register, Jul 07, 2015

According to this article, a Iowa school district is "outfitting its principals and assistant principals with small, clip-on video camera." Why? "It's personal accountability," Superintendent Pat Coen told The Des Moines Register. "Did we treat this person with dignity, honor and respect? And if we didn't, why didn't we?" He can say that, but I imagine it's just as much to protect the educators from the accusations of parents. For example: "A parent had complained about the Burlington school leader's behavior after he used de-escalation strategies to try to calm down a student. The incident was caught on a school camera, which Yeoman said he reviewed and later showed to the parent."

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06 Jul 00:00

What happens when Facebook says you don't exist


Graham Starr, Christian Science Monitor, Jul 07, 2015

I can only imagine how violated someone may feel when they log on to Facebook and are asked to "verify" their identity by sending documents and photos. I would certainly not send any such information to Facebook. Yet, based simply on the say-so of an anonymous tipster, this is what happens to many Facebook users. It should be a sobering lesson. "The intent, according to the company, is that users know at all times who they’ re talking to.... (But) Identity is such a complex issue, says Drake (Nadia Drake, who doesn't exist). 'Where does Facebook get the power to decide what 'authentic' is?'" Facebook says it needs real names to be able to combat harassment. But there's  no evidence that real names reduces harassment - if anything, it seems to  increase it!

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06 Jul 00:00

Real training, real-time, real environments

Amazon, Jul 07, 2015

If you haven't explored these, you may want to take a quick look through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) online courses. Here's their pitch: "Get hands-on practice working with cloud technologies and software. Train on-demand and learn at your own pace. Choose from a variety of Learning Quests to guide you." The 'quests' are courses, more or less, composed on a dozen or so small tasks priced at between $8 and $15 each. Learners (players?) get badges for completing the courses, and can prepare for an AWS certification exam. Amazon is also making the most of its cloud environment to help others offer courses: "Partners can create, manage and run labs anytime. Labs are delivered via the public cloud to classrooms, events or online; anywhere there is access to the Internet." See also: The Cloud Academy Blog.

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07 Jul 00:32

"From suck to not-suck."

"From suck to not-suck.":

Ed Catmull:

Candor could not be more crucial to our creative process. Why? Because early on, all of our movies suck. That’s a blunt assessment, I know, but I choose that phrasing because saying it in a softer way fails to convey how bad the first versions really are. I’m not trying to be modest or self-effacing. Pixar films are not good at first, and our job is to make them so—to go, as I say, “from suck to not-suck.”

07 Jul 01:00

Equity crowdfunding 101: How to maintain investor relationships when the campaign ends

by Larry Alton

If you’re among the thousands who have found success in an equity crowdfunding campaign, you should be patting yourself on the back. After long hours of connecting with investors and ensuring that your startup company was worth investing in, you deserve a break! Instead, you’ll need to begin immediately on maintaining your investor relations, even... Read more »

The post Equity crowdfunding 101: How to maintain investor relationships when the campaign ends appeared first on

07 Jul 07:00

Samsung Q2 15A – Over the hump

by windsorr

Reply to this post

RFM AvatarSmall






This will be the last quarter of hard comparisons.

  • Samsung guided to weaker than expected Q2 15A results as the Galaxy s6 appears to have been unable to make much of a dent in the iPhone 6’s appeal.
  • Q2 15A revenues and EBIT are expected to be KRW48tn / KRW6.9tn compared to consensus at KRW53.4tn / KRW7.2tn and RFM at KRW50.0tn / KRW6.5tn.
  • A full breakdown of the results will be given around the 27th
  • Part of the weakness in revenue is due to the fact that supply of the Galaxy s6 versions was completely at odds with demand.
  • The s6 edge is meaningfully more expensive than the s6 and given that previous edge devices have not sold well, Samsung was rational in its expectation that the regular s6 would outsell the edge 4 to 1.
  • Unfortunately this was not the case as demand has been roughly 1 to 1 leaving a shortage of the s6 edge and inventories of the regular s6.
  • This is a common occurrence in the handset market where demand is notoriously difficult to predict and hence this is no fault of Samsung’s management.
  • The net result is that overall shipments of the s6 have not been as good as hoped causing the revenue miss reported.
  • The good news is that margins have held up well and I am comfortable that the handset business has been able to maintain or even improve on its 10.6% result of Q1 15A.
  • As long as market share and margins can be held stable, the way will be clear for Device Solutions (memory, panels and LSI) to generate profit growth for the group going forward.
  • Furthermore, with Q2 15 out of the way, the comparisons become much easier as it was Q3 14A when the handset business collapsed.
  • This means that Q2 15A should be the last quarter where the headlines are overwhelmingly negative.
  • However, this does not mean that good times are here again as Device Solutions is not about to explode into rapid growth.
  • Hence, RFM thinks that low single digit earnings growth is likely for at least the next couple of years.
  • This is enough to drive a valuation of around KRW1.4m per share giving the shares a little upside from here.
  • I remain unexcited about the prospects for Samsung and prefer Microsoft or Google.



07 Jul 04:51

Pashley Princess Classic (Commercial Dr.) $750

Pashley Princess Classic ladies bike. Beautiful, timeless looks, elegant, and a smooth ride. Hardly used, stored indoors, perfect condition. Wife has a road bike so this one needs to go to a new home. It's a shame for it to be sitting idle. 3 speed [...]
06 Jul 19:44

What are we working on?

by openmatt

For the July 17 Heartbeat

Learning Products

  • Ship Webmaker v1.0.2 (includes “browser view,” allowing users to see makes through a web browser)
  • Finish up Webmaker marketing assets. And update the Webmaker logo across the Mozilla-verse.
  • Update our design handbook with stuff we decided at Whistler.

Learning Networks

  • Design new Mozilla Clubs content and workflows
  • Create a user research plan for the Mozilla Learning Networks site
  • Lots of Thimble improvements (UX for comments, promotional materials and communication, UI/UX for landing page/gallery)

Metrics / fundraising / research: Build a template for user impact stories

Support: Integrate account for user support

Participation: Make a plan for updating our contributor on-ramps

Advocacy: some site updates to support 2016 recruitment.

What did we get done last Heartbeat?

What did we learn at Whistler?

What’s the most interesting thing you learned at Whistler? How will you follow up on it?

  • Bobby: The Participation Team is really invested in Webmaker success in our lead markets. We’ll work with them on expanding it.
  • OpenMatt: We have a real opportunity to dig into our on-ramps and calls to action for contributors this quarter. Let’s make a plan for doing this well together across teams.
  • Thornet: The importance of re-engaging and re-aligning with our existing community using the “universal web literacy” mission. We can make Maker Party about that re-engagement and up-leveling of existing contacts (sustained growth), rather than raw acquisition (although we’ll have some of that, too).
  • Hannah: I realized the urgency of using the Mozilla Learning Networks site at to house a more comprehensive view of our learning/teaching programming. We’ll do some of that at the site work week happening in late July.
  • Lainie: having Regional Co-ordinators with us was awesome. It provided great insight from community perspective as we work to align initiatives within Mozilla Learning Networks. Hoping to have more opportunities to get them together (MozFest, elsewhere), virtually or in-person.
  • Cassie: Reaching consensus about design process wasn’t that hard. Now we need to document it to help on-board design contributors.
  • Matthew: We need a tighter feedback loop between research, analytics and UX. I will follow up with Laura, Adam and others via our new user experience working group.

Who’s on vacation this week?
Simon, Atul, Drushka, Andrew, Scott, Laurad, Kate, Ricardo (1/2 week), Adam, Ashley

07 Jul 04:46

Why We Encrypt

by Matt

From one of the best blogs on the internet, Bruce Schnier writes on Why We Encrypt.

06 Jul 21:39

"Wishing good luck to @stoweboyd, who is trying to reboot Gigaom’s paid research arm:..."

Wishing good luck to @stoweboyd, who is trying to reboot Gigaom’s paid research arm:

— Mathew Ingram (@mathewi) July 6, 2015
06 Jul 03:05

Twitter Favorites: [cdemwell] I think I'll just go run a cold bath and put a wet towel over my face.

Chris Demwell @cdemwell
I think I'll just go run a cold bath and put a wet towel over my face.
06 Jul 06:49

Twitter Favorites: [frogtoss] What Vancouver looked like tonight.

Michael Labbé @frogtoss
What Vancouver looked like tonight.
06 Jul 15:22

"Rebooting Gigaom Research I’m glad to say we’re launching a brand..."

Rebooting Gigaom Research I’m glad to say we’re launching a brand new Gigaom Research

— Stowe Boyd (@stoweboyd) July 6, 2015
06 Jul 15:02

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 leaks in 3D CAD renders

by Rajesh Pandey
The Galaxy Note 5 is easily one of the most anticipated devices that is due to be released in the second half of 2015, and especially after the success that Samsung has met with the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, the expectations from Samsung’s upcoming phablet are sky high. Continue reading →
06 Jul 12:21

Accepted Participants to the MozillaPH Firefox OS Apps Development Short Course

by Robert "Bob" Reyes
Hereunder listed are the twenty (20) participants accepted to the first batch of MozillaPH Firefox OS Apps Development Short Course: Denise May Alvarez David Aman Analyn Arcilla Vanessa Ballesteros Angelo Bautista Mark Anthony Besid Ginelle Go Ricardo Raphael Joson John Christian Marquez Jayson Mendoza Eduard Motol Abegail Ortiz Jasmin Jocelle Palanca Kimberly Pol Rhodell Santiago Jose San Juan David John Sumang Nina Jesica Tolentino Jojo Uy Rosauro Veluz Classes will start this Thursday, 09 Jul 2015 7PM at the Mozilla… Read the rest
06 Jul 16:10

Toronto Mayor John Tory wants a single bylaw for Uber and regular cabs

by Douglas Soltys

Toronto Mayor John Tory called a press briefing this morning following Friday’s decision by the Ontario Superior Court dismissing Toronto’s request for an injunction against Uber. The judge in that case ruled the City of Toronto had failed to demonstrate a breach by Uber of its by-laws.

"What we need is one bylaw that applies to everybody" mayor Tory #topoli

— Cynthia Mulligan (@CityCynthia) July 6, 2015

680 News is reporting that during the briefing, Mayor Tory called for Toronto City Council to revise current by-laws to encapsulate both city taxi services and Uber. “What we need is one by-law that applies to everybody,” Tory said, arguing that the current by-laws do not create a level playing field for current cab drivers. Tory hopes to have the new by-law before Council by this fall.

Mayor says will take dim view of any organization that tries to disrupt city – ie cabbies threatening to disrupt Pam am #topoli

— Cynthia Mulligan (@CityCynthia) July 6, 2015

Mayor Tory also stated that he would not allow the city’s taxi services to disrupt the Pan Am Games, as has been recently threatened, saying there would be “some level of enforcement” for Uber and cab drivers during the games.

Tory claimed that finding common ground between the two groups is a “very big, challenging task,” but hoped that his recent meeting between Uber and city taxi reps would be the first of many to come.

Image courtesy Flickr user, Alex Guibord

06 Jul 05:30

A "Pinch-Point" design which slows cars without "pinching" bikes

by David Hembrow
On-road cycle-lane approaching a pinch-point. A potentially dangerous situation for cyclists. Note how from this view the driving lanes appears to narrow at the pinch-point. Pinch points are often installed on roads to slow motor vehicles and to provide crossing places for pedestrians. They are often dangerous for cyclists. Road lanes which suddenly narrowed to encourage drivers to slow down
06 Jul 16:55

Instagram is preparing to let users upload photos at 1080×1080 [Update: confirmed]

by Igor Bonifacic

Update: Instagram has confirmed that photos have already begun uploading at 1080x on iOS and Android, and most users should already be seeing the results on the mobile apps.

If you’ve visited Instagram’s website anytime in the past couple of days, you might have noticed that it features a new look. It’s a decent enough redesign, to be sure, but what’s interesting about it is the stuff that’s hidden underneath the surface.

The Verge, which took a look through the new site’s source code, found that photos are now being uploaded to Instagram at a higher resolution—1080 by 1080 pixels, to be precise. For the time being, they’re still being displayed at 640 x 640, but the change likely means that Instagram is preparing to rollout higher resolution photos in the near future.

It’s a change that says a lot of about the evolution of smartphones. When the platform launched in 2010, smartphone displays were diminutive. Now, five years later, 2K and 4K displays are set to become the norm. Instagram needs to follow suit.

SourceThe Verge
06 Jul 00:00

I'm Sorry, But Agile Won't Fix Your Products


Adam Pisoni, The Review, Jul 07, 2015

The point here isn't that Agile is the wrong direction to take, but rather, that it doesn't go far enough toward ensuring that projects are responsive and adaptive. "While Agile did educate a generation of software developers on the importance of experimentation and customer feedback, it failed to change the old, centralized, command-and-control system of management which remains a large part of the problem. Even with Agile, disempowered engineers working with too little context still ended up taking too long to create products customers don’ t even want." the challenge thus becomes one of managing projects in an agile manner, which sounds great until attempted against a funder's requirement for specific deliverables and milestones (which is my life these days).

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06 Jul 17:42

Smart luggage.

Smart luggage.

06 Jul 17:16

OmniGraffle: Design How You Like [Sponsor]

by Federico Viticci

Get creative with OmniGraffle – beautiful document creation on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone with a swiss-army-knife app designed for everybody: novices and pros alike.

All the tools are included to do nearly anything involving shapes, design, layout, drawing, images, iconography – you name it. In practice, that means it’s easy to mock up an iPhone app, whip up an organizational chart or brainstorm a bit with Automatic Layout, share rough web designs with a client, and even export assets for finished projects.

There’s a lot inside OmniGraffle, and it’s free to try out for Mac. Purchase it for iOS and get started now. Start-to-finish design. Mockups in minutes.

Our thanks to The Omni Group for sponsoring MacStories this week.

06 Jul 18:03

The Hero4 Session is GoPro’s smallest, lightest camera yet

by Igor Bonifacic

Announced today, the GoPro Hero4 Session is the California-based company’s latest camera and its smallest.

The new model features a diminutive cube-like design that the company says is 50 per cent smaller and 40 per cent lighter than its current Hero4 models. The new case is also waterpoof up to 10 meters, but still feature the same versatile mounting system as its predecessors.

GoPro Hero4 Session

The camera itself has three different capture mode: 1080p at 60 frames per second (fps), 1440p at 30fps or 720p at 100fps. It’s also able to record time lapses and capture 8-megapixel stills in either single shot or burst mode. Lastly, it features two microphones that can switch automatically to reduce noise from wind.

The Hero4 Session will be available on July 12 for $399.99 USD.

06 Jul 18:33

Rogers really wants people to buy the most expensive iPhone 6

by Daniel Bader

Rogers has discounted the most expensive iPhone 6, the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus, by $200 when purchased on a month-to-month plan.

Why would someone do that? Well, it offers a $20 per month discount on a Share Everything plan, which works out to some $480 over the equivalent of a 2-year contract.

The 128GB iPhone 6 Plus normally costs $1229 CAD, making it the most expensive smartphone on Rogers’ lineup, but the $200 discount brings it in line with the 128GB Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Apple increased the price of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in March following fluctuations in the Canadian currency.

What’s the reason for this recent price drop? That’s a good question, but it could be as simple as Rogers trying to get rid of excess stock of the high-priced smartphone before the release of the next iPhone in September.

Rogers notes that the pricing is valid for a limited time, and only on a month-to-month term, meaning the device purchased on contract is still the same $728.99. Of course, the iPhone is locked to Rogers, but can be unlocked immediately (because you’re purchasing it outright) for $50.