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07 Sep 15:48

F1 2017

by cellmate707

After having had some disappointing releases in the previous years, Codemasters was back to the top class with F1 2016 last year. Are they still in pole position, or have they got a drive through penalty with this year’s version?

After the series took a big step in the right direction last year, the thrill was great when I fixed the seatbelt and sat down in the Formula 1 car for this year’s test. Basically, I’m not a Superfan of Formula 1, as it gets somewhat monotonous to rally and rallycross, but as a car game I’ve always had a fascination for the precision and the small margins.

Last year’s game took me like a storm with a new and improved career mode, but as I noted in my review that time, there was a great improvement potential. The disappointment is therefore formidable when I find that there are no remarkable changes in this mode, and it all reminds me very much of last year. Some small items like challenges in historic cars have been added to their career, but otherwise the rest is similar. Everything from our assistant to how the long-term and unnecessary conversations you do not have any impact on building up is quite similar to last year. The only thing they change is the logo of the team you become a part of, not the employees, starting to be ridiculous. It all makes me believe that Codemasters are simply lazy.

The structure of the career is, like last year, terribly boring and monotonous. You have added small details with historical cars, but there is still a lot to be left to make it all the more enjoyable. Although I understand that the game is going to focus on Formula 1 driving, they can successfully include small aspects from drivers’ history, such as go-cart driving.

Fortunately, Codemasters have the fact that car games still need a lot of content for players who like to drive alone. A new mode they have chosen to call Championship gives us many new entertainment options if you get a little tired of career mode or you’ve finished it. Here you will find different competitions that you can run with varying settings and requirements. This significantly increases the life of the game and is a welcome addition.

Appearance is F1 2017 chopped faster than its predecessor. The cars and the area look just as beautiful as last year, but this year, some time has also been spent on finishing the graphics outside the arena. Not a very important part of the game naturally, but at the same time an improvement of overall impression.

Last year’s version of the photo update in rainy weather, Codemasters has found the solution to this now, and the game flows as well in sunshine as in raining rain. Unfortunately for the undersigned driving conditions are significantly harder with rain on the ground, and now I have nothing to blame for anymore. The dynamic weather and extremely precise relationship between road grip and weather conditions make the F1 2017 a game that fantasies will love while the regular car player will like.

Like the good looks, Codemasters also delivers top-quality ears as they usually wear. Although it may be a good idea to adjust the volume of engine noise versus the mechanics, the feedback is good and precise. In addition, motor noise is a wonderful experience for anyone who loves such sounds.

In summary, this year’s version is much similar to last year’s. There are small improvements that make the game better than last year, but it is still not enough to get a better score than we last gave. If I’m going to be excited about it, they must expand the career share even more and bring back local multiplayer mode for good. Technically, the game is almost perfect, so now it’s only on the content.