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14 Jan 17:25

A visit to an American factory that’s been producing pencils since 1889

by Jason Kottke

Pencil Factory

Pencil Factory

Pencil Factory

What a marvelous little photo essay by Christopher Payne and Sam Anderson about General Pencil, one of the last remaining pencil factories in America.

Other parts of the factory are eruptions of color. Red pencils wait, in orderly grids, to be dipped into bright blue paint. A worker named Maria matches the color of her shirt and nail polish to the shade of the pastel cores being manufactured each week. One of the company’s signature products, white pastels, have to be made in a dedicated machine, separated from every other color. At the tipping machine, a whirlpool of pink erasers twists, supervised patiently by a woman wearing a bindi.

You can see many more of Payne’s photos of General Pencil on his website. Here’s Maria, her shirt and nails red to match the color of the pastel cores. There are also a couple of videos of the General Pencil factory:

And this older one that shows much more of the pencil-making process. Neither video includes a shot of the belt sander sharpening system…you can see that in action here.

See also I, Pencil, which details the construction of the humble pencil as a triumph of the free market, a history of pencil lead and how pencils are made, and how crayons are made, with videos from both Mister Rogers and Sesame Street. Oh, and you can buy some of General Pencil’s #2 Cedar Pointes right here.

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02 Jan 11:44

therebloggening: Best friends.

by agitpr0p


Best friends.

21 Dec 11:57

dogs riding dog

dogs riding dog

20 Dec 15:44

“Dear Santa,Santa I’m only doing this for the class.  I know...

Dear Santa,

Santa I’m only doing this for the class.  I know your notty list is emty.  And your good list is emty.  And your life is emty.  You don’t know the trouble I’ve had in my life.  Good bye.  


I’m not telling you my name.


07 Dec 23:27

Dystopian Sketches from Inside the Inauguration Protesters' Trial

by Molly Crabbaple

On December 5, I went down to DC to sketch the absurdist nightmare known as the #J20 trials.

The #J20 trials are thus called because the defendants were arrested on January 20 during protests against Trump’s inauguration in Washington, DC, after police kettled 240 people on 12th and L streets. An astounding 194 people now face a litany of charges related to property damage and rioting that could result in 60-year sentences being handed down to the defendants (others have pleaded guilty to lesser offenses). The first batch of defendants—Jennifer Armento, Oliver Harris, Brittne Lawson, Michelle “Miel” Macchio, Christina Simmons, and independent journalist Alexei Wood—began their trial on November 15.

During the #J20 protests, a small group of demonstrators smashed the windows of Starbucks and Bank of America, spray-painted cars, and overturned several newspaper boxes. Importantly, the prosecution has made no attempt to claim that the defendants were among them. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff has instead argued that the defendants were “playing a role” in the violence. That’s right: The government is trying to set the precedent that if you’re at a protest and someone else smashes a window, it’s your fault.

The day I was in court, Kerkhoff called a series of arresting officers to the stand, who testified that they followed a group of indistinguishable black-clad, window-smashing “anarchists.” In the words of Officer Harrison Grubbs, “There were so many, and they all looked the same.” None of the witnesses claimed to have seen any of the defendants destroying any property, resisting arrest, or committing any other crimes.

Wearing rubber gloves, Kerkhoff contemptuously produced the defendants’ property that had been held as evidence. Some of this were merely pieces of clothing: black hats. Bandanas. Black gloves. Others were the basic tools that activists use to keep themselves and each other safe during protests: blank jail support forms. First aid supplies. Goggles, which they probably needed—body cam footage taken on the day of the arrests shows Officer Michael Howden saying that police had been “extremely wild” with the tear gas.

On the stand, Howden denied saying that before the video was shown to him. At one point, he vehemently denied that he had “herded” protesters, only to have the defense confront him with footage of him bragging about “herding” those same protesters and saying that he had gotten “plenty of practice herding people” in Barry Farm, a predominantly black housing project in DC. He also claimed protesters hit him with a pole and a spiked hammer, though he admitted he didn’t receive any medical treatment for injuries or file any forms reporting it. No footage of these alleged attacks exists, and Officer Howden’s body camera was conveniently off so it didn't record them.

The prosecution’s last witness of the day offered a glimpse at the resources the government has invested in hopes of imprisoning #J20 defendants. Detective Gregg Pemberton (a DC Police Union treasurer who has tweeted about the “false narrative” of Black Lives Matter) has been working exclusively on the #J20 case since January, reviewing 50-60 hours of footage a week culled from defendants’ phones, social media, and other sources. One of those sources was the alt-right activist Lauren Southern, who was livestreaming the protest before being caught in the Inauguration Day kettle, but allowed to leave. Independent journalist Alexei Wood, however, was charged, and the judge has criticized his lifestream as being “real time advertisement and recruitment measure.” (Another journalist, Aaron Cantú, who has contributed to VICE, is among those charged but not in the group of defendants currently on trial.)

The prosecution will rest its case on Monday. So far, the #J20 trial hasn’t garnered the round-the-clock media coverage of, say, one of Trump’s hallucinogenic tweets, but its principles are just as nauseatingly surreal. Apparently, being at a protest where a window is broken means you broke the window yourself, and breaking a window is a crime worthy of 60 years in a cage.

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07 Dec 23:19

Original painting by Jack Davis for the movie, Under the Rainbow...

Original painting by Jack Davis for the movie, Under the Rainbow (1981), and a photo of the artist. 

29 Nov 15:05

gibsonthomas: The one who didn’t make it to the bowl


The one who didn’t make it to the bowl

16 Nov 18:34

"A Utah parent has started a petition to change a new high school’s mascot because he thinks..."

“A Utah parent has started a petition to change a new high school’s mascot because he thinks the plural version of phoenix sounds too much like the word penises.  “I am starting this petition on behalf [of] many concerned students and parents in our community whose children will be attending the new Farmington High School,” Kyle Fraughton wrote in his petition, which has amassed over 3,000 signatures.  “We were horrified to hear that the phonetics of the word Phoenices are far too close to the word penises,” Fraughton wrote. “I don’t mean to be crass, but don’t want there to be confusion around the point I am trying to make.””

- Phoenices.
12 Nov 15:08

gameraboy:Wilder Mann by Charles Fréger

05 Nov 16:37

gameraboy:Pitch artwork for Jonny Quest (1964) by Doug Wildey


Pitch artwork for Jonny Quest (1964) by Doug Wildey

28 Oct 13:33

Ishihara Gōjin / 石原豪人 (1923 - 1998) did some illustrations...


Mario's bulge

Ishihara Gōjin / 石原豪人 (1923 - 1998) did some illustrations depicting the youth of the Mario brothers for a special issue of Famitsu (November 23, 1990).
He also made an illustration on the (not very accurate) genesis of Tetris as well as a retro version of Gunbuster.


28 Oct 02:52

Original and final art by Wally Wood for “They Built Their...

Original and final art by Wally Wood for “They Built Their Dream-House Singlehanded” from Mad #25, published by EC Comics, September 1955.

21 Oct 05:13

#Bloodnormal CampaignVicto NgaiI have had the honor to work on a...









Shots and Asset from the #bloodnoral short film.

#Bloodnormal Campaign

Victo Ngai

I have had the honor to work on a special project that’s very close to my heart. #bloodnormal is a campaign effort to normalize periods, something that every girl goes through in our lives but somehow a taboo or something to be ridiculed in popular culture.

In the short graphic novel above, our badass heroine is going through her daily routines and carried on her duties of protecting while on her period, no big deal. The story is also an attempt to draw attention to how our society is ok with showing a large quantity of certain blood, war, fights, murders, etc, on TV and in cinemas but extremely uncomfortable with the slight drop of the other kind of blood, period, which gives lives and is a perfectly normal phenomenon.

I have also created assets for the #bloodnormal short film, a beautiful and emotional video which I encourage you to share.  This is the first time real period blood is shown in an ad but it’s been banned from TV on the bases that “it’s likely to cause offense”. Periods are normal, so should talking about and showing them.  #noshame. 

Many thanks to the creative team at AMV BBDO and Libresse. 

11 Sep 17:06

2012 WTF short-film “Monsieur Flap” is now a...

2012 WTF short-film “Monsieur Flap” is now a web-series released this week in France on Studio4 platform. Directed by Nicolas Athané & Brice Chevillard. Produced by Bobby Prod (Les Kassos).

25 Aug 04:49

duhragonball: So, two things. 1) It’s kind of weird how there...

by gorblax



So, two things.

1) It’s kind of weird how there isn’t a (legal) digital edition of Akira in the Year of Our Lord 2017, and yet the paradoy version Bartkira is nearly complete, so the easiest way to post noteworthy scenes from the original version is to grab images from the Simpsonized version.

2) Speaking as a scientist, Katsuhiro Otomo is kind of hitting me where I live. 

31 Jul 03:51

I’m going to blog about the final Bartkira show that just...

by harveyjames

I’m going to blog about the final Bartkira show that just occurred in Paris pretty soon, but until then I just wanted to let you guys know you can read the whole of Army Man on

Army Man was a comedy zine created in the 80′s by George Meyer, who led the group rewrite sessions on The Simpsons. He’s credited with having shaped the comedic sensibility of the show, and many of the contributors to Army Man went on to become Simpsons writers. You can see the genesis of many of the comedic tropes we came to associate with The Simpsons in this zine- it’s hard not to read these skits in the voice of Kent Brockman, or Homer, or whichever characters fit the bill. There’s even a proto-Kodos (or Kang) in the page I shared above. The true starting point for The Simpsons isn’t the Tracy Ullman shorts or even Life In Hell- it’s this. Take a look. 

23 Jul 18:41

From Ed the Happy Clown by Chester Brown

From Ed the Happy Clown by Chester Brown

13 Jul 18:44

“Therapy dogs patiently waiting to see their respective children...

18 Jun 14:57


18 Jun 14:20


by boepple

03 Jun 16:41


by boepple

08 May 02:13

brokenshipsla: You are much stronger than you think you are....


You are much stronger than you think you are. Trust me. – Superman
📸 by @wearesandpit
#superhero #superman #spiderman #marvel #DC (at Museum of Broken Relationships Los Angeles)

05 May 02:51

200+ Free Art Books Are Now Available to Download from the Guggenheim

by Beckett Mufson

A veritable art history degree's worth of books digitized by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum are now available for free.

There's Wassily Kandinsky's 1946 treatise, On the Spiritual in Art; books about movements from the Italian metamorphosis and Russian Constructivism; thousands of years of Aztec and Chinese art; and catalogs of work by the many greats to pass through the Guggenheim's Frank Lloyd Wright-designed halls. Formerly locked in paper prisons (a.k.a., hard-copy books), analysis of work by Pablo Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein, Dan Flavin, Robert Rauschenberg, Gustav Klimt, Mark Rothko, and more is now free to roam the web as PDFs and ePubs.

Dan Flavin : the architecture of light : Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin by Flavin, Dan, 1933-; Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation; Deutsche Guggenheim

The initiative to publish certain entries from The Guggenheim's vast library began with 65 catalogs published in 2012, and has now grown to 205 titles. This joins 43 titles available in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's Online Reading Room, 281 from Getty Publications' Virtual Library, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art MetPublications's whopping 1,611 books you can download for free. That's in addition to the 375,000+ high resolution images of the artworks themselves the Met dumped into the public domain earlier this year.

Here's a taste of the stunning spreads from the Guggenheim's archives.

Roy Lichtenstein by Waldman, Diane; Lichtenstein, Roy, 1923-1997; Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles, Calif.); Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Roy Lichtenstein by Waldman, Diane; Lichtenstein, Roy, 1923-1997; Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles, Calif.); Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The Aztec empire by Solís Olguín, Felipe R; Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (Mexico); Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (Mexico); China, 5000 years : innovation and transformation in the arts by Lee, Sherman E.

Mark Rothko, 1903-1970 : A Retrospective by Rothko, Mark; Waldman, Diane Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; Paul Klee, 1879-1940 : a retrospective exhibition by Klee, Paul ; Grohmann, Will

Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele by Messer, Thomas M ; Dobai, Johannes ; Comini, Alessandra

Toshio Iwai. Photo from Mediascape by Klotz, Heinrich; Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe; Guggenheim Museum Soho

Download books from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum's internet archive to your heart's content here.


Hundreds of Vintage Posters Are Now Available to Download and Print 100% Free

Studio Ghibli's Animation Software Is Now Free

NASA's Massive Photo Archive Is Now on One Convenient, Searchable Site

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26 Apr 05:04


26 Apr 00:24

Having grown up in Ohio, I think I’m on Radio Shack’s side on...

Having grown up in Ohio, I think I’m on Radio Shack’s side on this one.

21 Apr 00:46

kurtbraunohler: I think I finally made something Tumblr would...


i don't like star wars but i sure like this


I think I finally made something Tumblr would like?

06 Apr 01:40

2D/flash animations from “Lu no Uta” movie directed...

2D/flash animations from “Lu no Uta” movie directed by Masaaki Yuasa (Mind Game, Tatami Galaxy, Ping Pong).

29 Mar 23:39

Japanese toilet industry agrees to standardise bidet control pictograms on toilets

by Owen Pritchard

In a landmark decision announced in Tokyo yesterday the Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association – a consortium of nine major plumbing manufacturers that includes Toto, Panasonic and Toshiba – agreed to standardise the iconography used on control panels for toilets.

Read more

25 Mar 18:00

Hundreds of Vintage Posters Are Now Available to Download and Print 100% Free

by Pierre Berthelot Kleck

If the posters of today still had the look of those of yesteryear, would they still get tagged and trolled as often? Much work today, it seems, lacks the graphic audacity of yore, opting instead for forms and formats we've become accustomed to. That's why, when you find vintage posters in flea markets, you find prices that might suggest they were just printed.

Many of these posters are available online, but it's often difficult to find high enough quality to print them beyond standard A4 printer paper sizing. Finally, our savior: FreeVintagePosters.Com. The name explains the concept rather well. From Soviet propaganda posters and advertisements for airlines of the 60s, it's up to you—there are several categories ranging from "Sport" to "Film" to "Nature" and everywhere in between. At Creators in France, we've been redecorating. Check out a few of our favorites below: 

All these posters, and so, so many more, can be found on


Every Important Object from Miyazaki Films, in Movie Poster Form

Get Lost in Mazes Made from Famous City Maps

Wes Anderson-Esque Posters Map Cult Films' Props and Blueprints