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20 Aug 10:01

Cats Are Just Little Aliens Dressed Up All Cute And We're Totally Onto Them

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Think about it...cats are very, very strange. Almost too strange. They also are pretty darn smart. Evidence of them secretly being tiny aliens disguised as the cute furry creatures we call "cats" is just becoming more and more apparent...

Wake up, sheeple! 

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20 Aug 09:59


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20 Aug 09:40


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20 Aug 09:38

Snack Bandit Raccoon Got Caught Red-Handed In A Vending Machine

The cutest little snack-bandit got caught red-handed trying to steal some goodies from a vending machine. And while the raccoon's master plan to infiltrate was a huge success, the thief didn't quite think of an escape plan. Thus, leaving him stuck in the vending machine until help came along! Fortunately, he had a plethora of snacks to keep him company while waiting on the help to arrive! 

The Volusia County Police in Florida were called to Pine Ridge High School about a theft in progress Wednesday. Animal control and a vending machine operator rolled the machine out of the building and the raccoon scampered to freedom! 

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20 Aug 09:36

Japanese Artist Can Create a Realistic 3D Portrait Of Your Cat

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Everyone thinks that their cat is the cutest cat in the world, with a beauty that deserves to be documented. People usually do it by overwhelming everyone's social media feeds with photo after photo. But why not take your showing off one step further and get your cat's face perfectly replicated in a 3D portrait? Wakuneco is a Japanese artist who only needs is a photo of your fluffy cat and she can create what looks like a carbon copy of the cat's head to mount in a frame, so you can proudly display his or her good looks anywhere you like. Check out her amazing working process. 

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29 May 19:32

How To Give Your Cat a Pill: 10 Stage Illustrated Guide (Comics)

illustrated knight with armor and a cat

Going to the moon? Building the pyramids? Child's play compared to giving a cat a pill. Giving a cat a pill is one of the most difficult tasks humankind has ever experienced. But this illustrated guide by IizCats is here to help you with that.   

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29 May 19:31

Here Are The Best Ways To Show Your Cat You Truly Love Them

We all know cats are mysterious creatures that might not understand our love for them. This video by Talltanic compiled a pawesome list of things you can do in order let your cat know you absolutely adore him.  

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29 May 19:30

A Horse Of Course!

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29 May 19:29

Dog Photobombs High School Graduation And "Waters" The Plants During Class Photo

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Graduating is a moment that you'll forever remember, and a lucky class of 2019 will especially remember this day as it included a party crasher. The students of Horseshoe Bend High School, Alabama, had a surprise guest join their class photo -- Charlie. Charlie is a pup that belongs to student Logan Walls, of the class of 2019, and apparently, the school is one of Charlie's favorite places to visit and does so quite often. So, when Charlie appeared at the school, no one thought anything of it. That is until it was impossible not to notice him. 

It was there in front of a crowd of gatherers that Charlie decided to unload himself. And with no trees in sight, Charlie decided on the next best thing, which just happened to be a potted fern - right next to a table that was adorned with the high school's colors and logo. Oy vey. 

Logan's aunt explained in a post on Facebook, "They live right down the road from the school and Charlie (the dog) is at the school almost every day. He just loves being around people and is the sweetest dog."

The whole incident was luckily caught on video by attendees and the photo is absolutely priceless, especially with Logan himself facepalming in the background.

Story via BGR

This will definitely be a day to remember. Take a look at the incredible photobomb below, along with other good bois who graduated the top of their class with flying colors!

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29 May 19:29

Why Cats Lie On Their Back When Greeting You

Why do cat's greet you by lying defenseless on their backs? As humans, we know surprisingly little when it comes to what's going on inside a cats mind. Luckily, we're learning a little more each day about our feline companions, but there is still so much to learn! Here's a better insight as to why cats behave the way they do! 

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29 May 19:24

"This Is For A Dog"

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29 May 19:22

These Tweets Prove That Cats Are Plotting To End The Human Race

two cats behind a curtain

For instance, they seem to be holding these meetings of sorts where one can only assume they're discussing plans and strategy. And they are very private about it too...So, consider yourself warned. 

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29 May 19:22

Rubble, Famously Known As The World's Oldest Cat Alive, Turns 31!

old cat rubble maine coon worlds oldest cat cute happy birthday oldest cat - 8476421

Happy birthday, Rubble! And here's to many, many more! This time last year, Rubble made headlines as he turned 30 years ago and became officially noted as the oldest living cat in the world! And now, a year has come and gone and Rubble remains strong. 

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27 May 13:22

Poor Franco

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27 May 13:22

You Seem Familiar...

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27 May 13:19

Who Will?

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24 May 13:44

"Let’s Spend All Nine Lives Together...."

24 May 13:43

The Queen From The North And Her Adopted Wolf

24 May 13:42

Types Of Loaves

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24 May 13:42

Fill 'Er Up!

24 May 13:39

Get In Loser We're Going Home

18 May 19:00

These Cats Are Truly Concerned Everytime You Enter The Bathtub (Memes)

bathroom funny cats Cats cat memes - 8386821

And they are willing to do anything in order to save you from the evil bathtub. And we mean everyting. They will follow you into the bathroom and will make sure nothing happens to you there. That's how obsessed they are with you.  

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14 Aug 21:01

6 Things You Should Consider When Choosing The Right Food For Your Pet

pet ownership guide pets choosing food animals - 6481413

It's impossible to overstate the importance choosing the right pet food when it comes to your faithful friend's health, wellbeing and behaviour. The right pet food will nourish your pet and set them up for a long and healthy life. The wrong pet food can do real harm, physically and even behaviourally. But with so much choice and contradictory advice, it can be a minefield out there. The People at Style & Tails have decided to bring you this essential guide to choosing the right food for your pet.

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13 Aug 11:32

16 Adorable And Funny Cats Comics Get You Through The Day

lolcats hilarious lolz cat comics comics cute cute cats lol funny cats Cats funny web comics - 6442501

ChoasLife is just what it sounds like! Luckily these cats make it all pretty interesting! 

For more check out Choaslife Here

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13 Aug 11:32

The Adventures Of Regular Cat (Comics)

random comics lol Cats funny weird - 6455045

From the creator of Business Cat brings you... The Adventures of Regular Cat! 

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13 Aug 11:32

16 Cat Photos That Will Have You Laughing Out Loud

13 Aug 11:29

We Need A Bigger Mouse Trap

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13 Aug 11:29

Nap Time Gone Wrong

13 Aug 11:29

What Do You Mean?

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13 Aug 11:28

Cat Is Always a Cat

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