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10 Jun 20:15

Einstein The Parrot Apologizes For Flying And Being Demanding

An adorable and well-spoken parrot named Einstien wants to go into the kitchen to get some food. He also expresses his wants to go and get dressed, and requests a "sweet po," which is an abbreviation he uses for sweet potato. Then you can hear him imitate the sound of water before flying into the kitchen and when landing on the counter he says, "Sorry! Hi sweet, let's go!"

You can follow this beautiful and intelligent parrot on Instagram for more silly antics! 

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09 Apr 15:47

'Very Cat' Tumblr Posts Cat Owners Instantly Understand

Here are some Tumblr Posts that'll make any cat owner go, "Yup". 

Very cat. Much purrs.


Text - A llamagoddessofficial Me: Ugh why does my cat always meow at me until I come and stare at his full food bowl? It's ridiculous Google: Your cat may want you to watch her eat because she feels safe to concentrate on her food with you there. She trusts you to protect her and wants you there so she can eat in peace. Me: Me: [holding my cat's face with tears in my eyes] im sorry i ever doubted you my son


Text - prokopetz I swear my cats have developed a division of labour when it comes to pestering me for stuff. One of them only bugs me about empty food bowls, and the other only bugs me about empty water bowls – never vice versa! prokopetz I have literally watched the cat who only asks for water run and fetch the other cat so she could give me hell about the food situation.


Text - prokopetz As cat owners we like to joke about how the cat is the one who's really in charge, but let's be honest here: my cats think they're in charge, but they're also fucking dumbasses. It's sort of an incompetent-king-and-long-suffering-advisor arrangement, if the king were prone to getting their head stuck in Kleenex boxes. chiribomb Me, disentangling my cat's claw from the blankets for the third time: Very good, sir. Source: prokopetz


Text - crimsonwastes cat when I'm snuggling him: I've never met you in my life. you bastard. you fiend. stop this at once cat when l'm busy doing something and can't pet him right that second: Where Is My Kisses From Mommy??? Where Is My Snuggles And Cuddles That I Crave So Dearly. You Are A Cruel And Unjust Mother And I Am Going To Scream


Text - cat-memes-only ARE YOU A HUMAN CAT? - naps all the time - needs to be loved - done with everyone's shit - always wants snacks - might want to kill everyone - cute but will fight


Text - froody Me: *Removes my cat from my lap to do something else.* My cat: Father is.evil? Father is unyielding? Father is incapable of love? I am running away. I am packing my little rucksack and going out to explore the world as a lone vagabond. I can no longer thrive in this household.


Text - straightboyfriend i was worried my cat is dehydrated because i never see him drink water so i've started leaving a cup of water that's "mine" (aka he sees me drink out of it once before he does) in my room so he thinks he is being a rebellious naughty by drinking out of it but rlly he is just following my plan & being hydrated .


Text - cat: hey you gonna eat that? human: uh, that's a rat. They' ve been showing up ever since we started harvesting grain. We don't eat them, they eat our food. cat: free game then. Cool. human: be my guest. cat: hey is this spot free? It looks warm and I need a place to have my litter. humans: this is my house. Feel free, I guess, just don’t get stepped on. cat: hey can you watch my kittens for me? I need to hunt and I don't want predators finding them. human: holy shit these buggers are cut


Text - kittenfeathers Last night I got up at 3 am to feed my cat. So I picked him up, noticed he was purring loudly, and thought in all seriousness: "Very cat. Much purrs." .then realized I may or may not spend too much time on this fucking website. walrusmstr As your husband I feel I should inform you that you said that out loud. kittenfeathers OH MY GOD THAT'S EVEN WORSE


Text - A hijabby I'm screaming??? So my cat knows I get upset when he steps on my paintings (not yelling or anything I think he just sees me spend hours trying to cover up what his paws do) in my “studio" which is a crammed small storage closet with painting all over the floor drying , so like I'm in there rn and I saw him try to get to point A to point b but it was impossible for him to jump over so like he realized the matte parts were dry and like he was stepping on the corners of the paintin

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29 Sep 16:21

How to Live Stream from YouTube's Creator Studio

by (Beth Holland)
This is a guest post from Ben Sondgeroth (@mr_sondgeroth) of EdTechTeacher, an advertiser on this site.

You may have noticed that Google+ no longer supports Google Hangouts On Air (GHOA) - a great tool that allowed users to record a Google Hangout and stream it live for outside viewing on YouTube. While the service is no longer housed on Google+, it has been moved over to YouTube. To access the new streaming system, users will need to first navigate to the YouTube Creator Studio. Inside the Creator Studio, you will notice a new tab on the left menu that says “Live Streaming.” Once you do that, you will enter an environment in which you will have two types of streaming available: Stream Now and Events.

Stream Now requires a user to download an encoder in order to utilize its features. This service would be ideal for streaming sports games, theater events, or classroom performances automatically to YouTube. It could even be configured as a live webcam of your classroom.

The Events method of streaming is very similar to the old process of creating a GHOA and does not require an encoder. By selecting Event from your dashboard, you are taken to a setup window that is very similar to what a GHOA event used to look like. Whether you immediately start an event or schedule one for later times; each of these options creates a direct link to a YouTube page from which your audience can open and view the stream. For more detailed instructions and a step-by-step tutorial video, check out the video below.

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This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers if you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission.