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22 Nov 23:21

Miss Universe 2017 National Costumes



Welcome to the annual Miss Universe National Costume show! This year, the event took place on November 18 at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.












british virgin islands
British Virgin Islands




cayman islands
Cayman Islands




costa rica
Costa Rica



czech republic
Czech Republic

dominican republic
Dominican Republic



el salvador
El Salvador







great britain
Great Britain



























new zealand
New Zealand










puerto rico
Puerto Rico



saint lucia
Saint Lucia


slovak republic
Slovak Republic


south africa
South Africa


sri lanka
Sri Lanka




trinidad and tobago
Trinidad and Tobago




us virgin islands
US Virgin Islands






Any favorite or least favorite costumes this year?
18 Nov 21:56

Gift Guide Part #2: Your Best Friend Who Reads a Book a Week and Does Your Eye Makeup Before Parties.

by Joanna Goddard

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Gift Guide for Best Friends

A soft sweater, $68, that’s almost as cool as she is. (Or this cute number.)

Gift Guide for Best Friends

One of the year’s best cookbooks, Dining In, $18, by the brilliant Alison Roman, which is chockfull of easy recipes, like crispy smashed potatoes and artichoke lasagna with “too much cheese.” Plus, plans to make dinner together.… Read more

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17 Nov 15:02

Kehlani – “Already Won”

by Stereogum

this is so fucking good.

The young Californian R&B star Kehlani finally released her official debut LP SexySweetSavage earlier this year, and she followed it up last month with the one-off single "Honey." Today, she's got another loosie called "Already Won." It's a breezy, endearing track about triumphing over odds, and it's got Kehlani rapping for a verse, which … More »
17 Nov 06:23

Kehlani - Already Won


fuck me up kehlani!!!!

sis came THRU with them Brandy vibes. Bran'Nu is shook!

17 Nov 01:29

Yaeji – “Raingurl” Video

by Stereogum

My jam!

Yaeji released her second EP of the year earlier this month, and she's just released a video for "Raingurl." In the clip, which she co-directed with Enayet Kabir, Yaeji dances around with a transparent umbrella in a smoky club while surrounded by lots of neon and a crew dressed in all-white. It's undeniably … More »
09 Nov 17:49

Taylor Swift Probably Won't Stream Reputation


Neither will I

- Taylor Swift still hasn't told members of the music industry if she plans on releasing her album, reputation, on streaming platforms when it becomes available this Friday, November 10
- Four executives at major streaming services said they do not expect the album to be made available for streaming until it hits a certain sales mark
- Swift and her label, Big Machine, have not announced their plans, and a spokeswoman for Swift declined to comment
- The article points out how streaming has been beneficial to rap artists who then choose not to release physical copies while pop stars do the opposite; Swift already has the highest first week sales for an artist this year based on her pre-sales alone
- The last big star to avoid streaming was Adele, and industry consultant says Swift is "the last of the few artists who have the combination of star power and fan cultivation to drive how her music is consumed"; Adding: “She will not be the last one to do it, but she is one of the few that can.”

Source 1 2
07 Nov 19:52

Britney Spears Painting Fetches $10,000 at Auction



While some pop stars are off rallying their fans against minimum wage record store workers, the true legends are spending their energy giving back to their community! A video of Britney Spears painting recently went viral, and many may be wondering where her relics ended up. While one is still unaccounted for (likely being transferred to the Louvre), the other piece popped up at a Vegas Cares auction to benefit the families of those killed during the Las Vegas shootings. The piece of art was sold to Robin Leach, who purchased it for a mere $10,000!


How much do you think Britney's work is worth, ONTD?

02 Nov 05:23

Björk Reveals Utopia Cover Art By Jesse Kanda

by Stereogum

I'm meltinggggggggggggggggggg

Björk has been giving us a slow drip of information about her upcoming album these past few months. First we learned it was her "Tinder album" and that it dealt with learning to love again after the heartbreak depicted on Vulnicura. We later heard lead single "The Gate" and saw itsMore »
01 Nov 19:10

“I, Tonya” is a Salute to the Worst Hairstyles at the End of the 20th Century

by Tom and Lorenzo


Sure, it’s more than that. In fact, you should watch the trailer, because this flick looks …







And we don’t just mean the eye-popping costume and art direction. The performances look fantastic and we’d bet on the trailer alone that Allison Janey will be snatching up all kinds of awards in the months to come. Oscar nom practically guaranteed.

But Jesus take the wheel, is this ever giving us bad hair flashbacks:

For all you kids out there too young to remember: YES. THE WORLD REALLY LOOKED LIKE THAT.

It’s truly a wonder we ever survived it all. Bad perms and stone-washed denim as far as the eye could see, you guys. It was hell for baby T Lo. HELL.

We are so watching this on opening day.


[Stills: Neon via Tom and Lorenzo – Video Credit: Neon via]

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30 Oct 22:31

Grace Jones Will Not Play Your Bullshit Red Carpet Games, World

by Tom and Lorenzo

Fuck 'em up Grace!

Grace Jones attends the premiere of the documentary “Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami” in London.


Grace Jones will not be worrying about her accessories.

Grace Jones will not be fussing over the latest red carpet trends.

Grace Jones will give you a withering look if you ask who she’s wearing.

Grace Jones says “Fuck your pop of color.”

Grace Jones will slap you if you ask to see her earrings.

Grace Jones will come to the premiere of her film dressed like a couture hedge because she’s Grace Goddamn Jones.

And Grace Jones will fully expect you to worship her for it.

Grace Jones is right.



[Photo Credit: INSTARimages, Doug Peters/PA Images/]

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27 Oct 10:50

Embracing the grey, Swedish style

by My Scandinavian Home


When it starts to get cold and grey outside sometimes the only way is to embrace it. Like in this Swedish home! For some it might be missing that dash of colour - for others it's an oasis of calm and serenity. Either way, there's definitely a little inspiration in here for all (a triple row of pillows might be a good place to start -  just how much do you want to sink into that bed right now?!). Put up your feet, take a fika and enjoy the tour!

Beautiful photography by Anders Bergstedt for Entrance

So calm! I'm liking the hooks and round mirror (they're everywhere right now) in the bedroom - so simple to replicate - and yet lovely too!  I there anything that stands out to you?

Get the look: sitting room - Jetson armchair, Tati sofa table, bestlite wall sconce, the black and white spotted and stonewashed white linen cushions are similar, source similar prints at The Poster Club (would love to know who the swimmer is by - any tips?!). dining - wishbone chair. bedroom - round mirror, wooden hook rack, white bestlite wall sconce.

See more Scandinavian homes in shades of grey here - or for lovers of bolds and brights - you'll love this colourful home archive!

Super excited to receive the French version of my Lagom book in the post yesterday - eeeeee! It's available for pre-orders here and will launch on 2nd November, 2017! Merci beaucoup!

Have a lovely day!

PS I hope you don't mind a mini reminder to vote for My Scandinavian Home in the Domino Design Blogs Awards (category 'Best International Design Blogs' - I'd be so happy if you do :)
25 Oct 19:44

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is coming to mobile next month


just in time for winter omg i’m so excited !!!!

  • Instead of a town, you're in a camp & can deck out your trailer / camp.
  • You still have a mortgage to pay off. Instead of Tom Nook, you'll owe bells to 3 penguins.
  • You can finally change your skin color.
  • You need to do favors for animals in the hopes they'll visit your camp. Animals also have different aesthetic tastes.
  • Travel to an island, a river, a forest or a beach to fish, catch bugs, pick fruits etc.
  • Furniture can be crafted by combining collectibles.
  • You can add friend codes - then visit & buy things from their camp's Market Box. Also, friends reduce $ cost for some activities.
  • Seasonal events, like Christmas.

  • Free, but monetized with Leaf Tickets. Want faster-building furniture, fashion, travel, a swimming pool, a fishing net or materials? Pay up.
  • Daily Goals can get you some Leaf Tickets without paying.
  • Tom Nook will shake you down for microtransactions. Cyrus the Alpaca builds your furniture / amenities. The Able Sisters have clothes. Shoes from Kicks. OK Motors for campers.

Edit: It's already out a month early (soft launch) on Google Play Australia (.APK works in any country) & iTunes Australia (Needs Australian account).

Sources: S1S2
24 Oct 23:52

Kate Bosworth Serves up Old Hollywood/Craft Store at the Instyle Awards

by Tom and Lorenzo

i love every piece of this (except maybe the shoes) but somehow it doesn't come together quite right for me. a touch too long? the shoulder pads a touch too big? is it the combo? idk.

Why Miss Kate, look at you, serving up all this glam all of a sudden.


Truth be told, we tend to find Vauthier’s stuff to be a little on the flashy side – and not always in a good way. But it turns out, Miss Kate is someone who could use a little more flash in her style. This works surprisingly well for her – especially since we have more than a few quibbles. That acid green, for one. That’s one tough-as-hell color to pull off, made doubly so by being rendered in a metallic. Second, we think the severe hair is a mighty silly choice for a dress with so much oomph to it. Third, that craft store flower is sad. Even Carrie Bradshaw circa 2002 would turn that one down.

But we like the overall direction for her. She needs to stay away from unflattering colors and learn to love a good blowout, but we’d like to see her work some more Hollywood glam styles.



Style Credits:
Alexandre Vauthier Gold Sequin Long-Sleeve Dress from the Spring 2018 Collection
Norman Silverman Diamonds Jewelry

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Courtesy of Alexandre Vauthier]

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24 Oct 17:08

Watch Susanne Sundfør’s Stripped Down Stereogum Session

by Stereogum

sharing to save to watch AFTER i see her in boston next week because i feel like this may be a bit of a spoiler.

Norwegian artist and Stereogum commentariat favorite Susanne Sundfør is embarking on a North American tour next week in support of her new album Music For People In Trouble (check out the dates below) and she stopped by our NYC offices to perform a few songs for us. She did her first, "Reincarnation," … More »
17 Oct 23:34

Almost Everyone Opted for Black on the amfAR Los Angeles Gala Red Carpet

by Tom and Lorenzo

Dita looks flawless as usual

Darlings a whole bunch of celebrities grabbed pieces from a pile of Harry Winston jewels, wore their best basic blacks, and hit the amfAR gala red carpet. It’s all fun and glam and for a good cause, which makes it ripe for our judgment, wouldn’t you say?


Colton Haynes

Cute. Glad he’s back to a darker hair color, because that platinum was not working for us. Nice to see a man take advantage of the free jewelry available on loan. It’s a bit much, but he’s young, cute and gay and this is a Harry Winston-hosted amfAR event, so why not get your Liz Taylor on if you can, right?


Connie Britton

Sweetie, you had us until we got to that stupid sheer hem. Bad enough that it’s sheer, but the addition of ruffles and feathers indicates the hand of Satan in its design.



Dita Von Teese in Ulyana Sergeenko

It’s very Dita-specific, in that we’d probably call it too retro, if not too tacky, on any other wearer. Even so, we hate the shoe color.




Works for us, although that probably isn’t the best sort of top to wear with a jacket.



Heidi Klum in Ralph & Russo

Heidi doesn’t mind if you take a look, but there will be no hugs tonight.



Julia Roberts in Givenchy

It’s a little odd to see her in something this fussy and girly, but we think it works better than she might realize. Not that we mind her strong, declarative style, but she can go soft if she wants to. And we suspect she was told at some point that she couldn’t.



Melanie Griffith and Goldie Hawn

Nothing wrong with anything here. They kind of look like a couple, no?

Okay, Melanie could’ve pumped the brakes a little on the ring choices. She looks like she could cause some real damage if she wanted to mix it up. Maybe she just wants to make sure everyone knows Goldie is her woman and they need to back off.



Victoria Justice in PatBo

Looks like someone didn’t get the memo.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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16 Oct 23:52

The lovely, relaxed home of a Berlin DIY blogger

by My Scandinavian Home

other than the silly cactus quote hanging board i think this place is so lovely

Helloooo friends! I hope you had a great weekend? Here, it's been an eventful one. On Friday evening I had a live radio interview about my new Lagom book. Except I got the time difference muddled up and when they called from Montreal I had a house full of kids. In my panic I ended up whisking them out into the garden in their socks!! You can just imagine the scene). Thankfully it did get a little more relaxing after that! And now Monday morning has rolled around again (I've got a feeling we're all going to rock this week?!). Despite doing my best to embrace the chill outside (I'm wearing my Swedish Shephards as I write) I am starting to wonder how I'm going to get through the impending darkness of autumn / winter. I'm thinking plenty of DIY and crafts? What do you say? If you're thinking the same - Laetitia Delorme of Monochrome DIY, is our girl! Berlin based Laetitia describes her DIY ideas as 'a world away from chichi and sequins - everything revolves around tinkering and self-making'. Think fab minimalist brass mirrors, semi-flower wreaths and decorative ice-cubes. You only need to a snapshot of her home - as well as pictures of the home of Berliner Claudi's (see the full tour of her home here)- to see examples of how her DIY ideas blend beautifully with mid-century finds an abundance of plants. Roll on Autumn!

Photography: Laetitia Delorme / Monochrome DIY

 Photography: Claudi - Do It But Do It Now

Despite being more of a close-up / snapshot tour of each of the homes rather than the complete picture, don't you find the style to give off  the loveliest vibe?

Get the look from Laetitia and Claudi's homes: Source fab mid-century modern teak furniture here,  mirror from Sissy-Boy, these terrarium's are similar, café notice board, string shelves, Eames side chair.

If you'd like to see a little more of Laetitia's home take a peek here and Claudi's home here.

Speaking of Instagram - I'll be taking over the reigns of the HarperCollins US instagram feed today where I'll be sharing snippets from my new Lagom Book - as well as talking more about the Swedish lifestyle (which, excitingly, seems to be on everyone's lips right now - which reminds me - I need to nip out and by a cinnamon bun in a minute, purely for inspiration purposes of course....). I'd love it if you have the time to stop by and say hi (it's my first ever take-over so it'll be great to see a friendly face!).

Have a great start to the week!

PS my top ten tips to a de-cluttered home.

PPS words to live by: "Be a cactus in a world of delicate flowers"
16 Oct 23:41

Fox News Says Radiohead Fans Are Strange, Malnourished, And Sad

by Stereogum

i’ve been read for complete filth by ms. katherine timpf

Fox News' Greg Gutfeld is a big music head -- he's had Stephen Malkmus, Fucked Up, and Ariel Pink on his show before -- and every year, he invites people on to discuss the new class of nominees for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Radiohead, patron saints of … More »
13 Oct 10:51

Open Post: Hosted By A Raccoon Trying To Catch Raindrops

by Michael K



I interrupt your regularly scheduled activity of wiping your eyeballs with Clorox wipes after exposing them to more Harvey Weinstein stories to bring you this riveting clip of a raccoon trying to drink water that’s falling from the sky while riding shotgun in someone’s car. If you’re wondering, “Why is that raccoon someone’s pet and why is that window almost all the way open?“, I can answer that with just a few words: this was filmed in Europe and Asia’s answer to Florida. I’m talking about Russia!

The Daily Mail pointed me toward this video of a car driving down the highway with its co-pilot, a raccoon, not doing its job because it’s too busy  trying to eat and catch the rain. This is very, very dangerous. I’m not only talking about someone letting their pet raccoon hang out of an open window. I’m talking about how other drivers could’ve looked over and lost control of their cars while WTF-ing at the sight of a raccoon trying to go all Billie Myers. But then again, this is pretty tame for the land of fuckery that is Russia. I’m sure that behind this car is a pick-up truck with a lemur orgy happening on the back.

And the driver/owner should really be arrested. I mean, it’s obvious that little raccoon is coked up and what kind of moron wastes their expensive coke on a raccoon? They’re easy and cheap. They get high on trash!

Pic: YouTube

11 Oct 23:38

Princess Nokia Comments On Video Of Her Throwing Hot Soup At A Racist

by Stereogum

hell yes nokia

Yesterday, the Twitter account Baller Alert posted a phone video, which quickly went viral, of a white man on the New York subway throwing around the N-word, yelling about his freedom of speech, and accusing everyone else on the train of being small-minded. The video is chaotic and blurry, but you can clearly see the … More »
11 Oct 23:35

Apple Tarts With No-Churn Ice Cream

by A Cup of Jo

omg whiskey ginger iced cream

Apple Tarts With No-Churn Ice Cream

What’s a better way to take advantage of apple season than these ridiculously simple apple tarts? We’re happy to continue our month of easy desserts with a delicious recipe from Sarah Tuck’s new cookbook, Coming Unstuck.… Read more

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10 Oct 22:37

"The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson" director accused of stealing another filmmaker's work


this is so disappointing.

- David France's film The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson, a documentary about the famous activist/Gay Liberation Front founder and her mysterious death in 1992, came out on Netflix this weekend (look ha up if you somehow don't know her)
- Reina Gossett, a black trans woman filmmaker who was irl friends with Marsha and made a fictional short film earlier this year called Happy Birthday, Marsha! about the hours before the Stonewall Riots, says that he ripped off her research work and got a grant to make his film after "[getting] inspired" by her application video, hired her former associates, etc.
- Activist and author Janet Mock is speaking out in Reina's defense
- France denies it, obvs, and says he made an effort not to overlap with her work, etc.

Yikes tbh. I'm not familiar with either filmmaker's work, but this sounds sketch as fuck. I was looking forward to watching that doc, but...
Source (Janet's Twitter) | David France's Twitter
06 Oct 00:44

Yea or Nay: Balenciaga x Crocs Spring 2018 Collection

by Tom and Lorenzo

omg i want themmmmm hahah

“When Balenciaga approached us, we were intrigued by the opportunity to push the boundaries of our design and molding capabilities to see what we could create together. Working with Balenciaga has been so much fun for our team, and once again demonstrates the relevance of our iconic clog in today’s fashion and design world, as well as allowing us to tap into the excitement and energy that comes from unexpected partnerships.”




[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Balenciaga,]

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05 Oct 00:06

Our Master Bedroom Reveal

by Emily

this is 100% goals. i learned the best trick from her: instead of stacking 20 pillows on your bed just put a long pillow and a square pillow in front of your sleeping pillows and it's so clean but still looks finished. i love the dresser!

09 0617 Realsimple Eh Mbr 0341Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Reveal3

Today’s reveal is our master bedroom and I like her a lot. It’s simple, warm and calm with a decent amount of texture, but not too much actually happening. For the shoot we styled it out a bit more than it would look on any given day, but visually I much prefer it here. Let’s get into it.

Img 2045

Here is what it looked like when we bought it. Very little had to be done to this room beyond making the closet bigger and extending the hallway so that the bathroom could be part of the ‘suite’. That’s pretty abstract to you and frankly not that important, but point being – the room changes were just cosmetic. We replaced the flooring because of how damaged it was in other areas of the second floor, so we did the entire floor, and we painted, obviously.

*Random update: For those of you who weighed in on whether squeaks are annoying in an old house, (ours were riddled with them) a year ago because I was on the fence about replacing the non-refinishable floors. I can now report that I am so glad we have new floors and subfloors. It did cost a lot more (especially the subfloor repair on the stairs) but with those two kids I can’t imagine the sneaking around we would have to do (during their naps) and it really does feel more solid.

Img 2321

Technically Charlie’s bedroom was the ‘master’ because it was slightly bigger, but ultimately his room has the least natural light. I kept walking into this room with it’s North and East facing windows and thinking ‘I sure wish this were our room’. Then I remembered that I’m in charge and Charlie wouldn’t ever know the difference. Then our architect drew up plans for this to be the master bedroom with the adjoining suite and I said, ‘Ah, yes. It’s mine’. You see that room above, with the door on the left? Well that door doesn’t exist now, instead if you walk two feet in, the bathroom is on the left (with the pocket door) and the door to the hallway on the right. Many of you just fell asleep but I know that some of you really care about a floor plan and why we do things that we do.  I love that it’s connected, regardless of it not being this massive SUITE.

Here is how she is now:

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Reveal9 Cropped

I love this space you guys. I know that there isn’t any huge wallpaper or tile happening, but it’s so cozy and functional. I could have done a pattern on the window treatments but I didn’t want to. I loved these chambray washed linen ones from Calico. I chose drapes behind the bed. We thought about doing one big roman but ultimately we decided it would be prettier to have two curtains framing the bed, rather than a box of fabric above it. We float the bed out a little bit and it’s not a problem. No regrets there.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Reveal10 Without Light

When we first measured/selected all our treatments it was late winter. We chose shades on the four windows because I felt that four HUGE blackout panels in that not so big room would be a lot of fabric. I was right. But then summer rolled around and the light leaked on both sides of each shade at 5:15 am, which was a huge BUMMER. I mean, I’m a morning person which means that once I’m even slightly awakened I can’t get back to sleep. To have blackout shades and have them not really do their job is sad. It’s fine to wake up early when you want to, but with both kids up at least once a night (WHY? I DON’T KNOW, MAYBE  TO TORTURE US WITH FAKE ACCOUNTS OF BEARS IN THEIR DREAMS!!!) it actually became kinda unhealthy for me to wake up that early because I needed more sleep. Brian could just roll over and go back to sleep but I was up and not happy.

So, we had them quote and paid for an additional set of drapery ($1,500) and ordered them. They gifted most of our window treatments but we had reached our max. They are expensive but I wasn’t going to all of a sudden sew the other two and have them not match. It’s a three month lead time. So hilariously a couple weeks ago as the mornings became darker and darker, guess what we now don’t have a problem with? Light leaks. HA. The sun is in a different area of the sky (lower) and it doesn’t shine straight into those windows anymore, plus when it does it’s 7:30 am which is fine. Right now we have both shades and curtains installed (both blackout) so we are covered for any season, any light and yes it is DARK in there. I haven’t properly stared at the room with two sets of heavy drapes, but I think I like the look of the shades more. Also (and we knew this) the curtains are at different heights because the north wall is sloped so we couldn’t hang them as high. Now we could have done roman shade above the moulding but I don’t think that would have looked good – they would have looked clunky and not refined. Additionally if you don’t have curved moulding you can do an outside mount but we couldn’t. That would have been the ideal solution – on the moulding but above/outside of the window, with bigger moulding in between so you could still see the moulding without the light leak. COULD I SAY LIGHT LEAK ONE MORE TIME????

Anyway, you want the ‘whys’ and sometimes it’s complicated so it takes a long *ss answer. If I could go back in time I’d probably just do the two sets of drapes knowing what I know about the summer light leak problem. So that is all to say that depending on where your windows face you may not have this problem. And I’m glad to know it wasn’t that I was ‘wrong’ I just didn’t have all the information of the sun since we had just moved in when we ordered them.

The bench at the foot of the bed is from Target’s new line and it’s a soft brown tweed. Unfortunately it isn’t live yet on their site (coming soon), but we did link up a similar option for the time being. Now many of you don’t think that I can do brown and at times I’m not sure myself, but I like how it ties in the nightstands and the headboard. It holds all our sweaters and sweatshirts by the way. It’s also awesome that it is long enough to sit at the end of a king bed. Many benches aren’t but this one is a great size. Part of me wants to reupholster it in a ticking stripe to add a little pattern to the room, but then I’m like when and why?? … Bigger fish to fry, folks.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Reveal9 Cropped

Wanna keep talking about light leaks? Me neither. Moving on. (Sorry I have to show you the same photos over and over, we didn’t take a ton of photos in this room so in order for me to blab and you to not have to scroll up and down I’m just repeating photos – this is why I have photographers take 15 photos of the same room).

The bed is from Rejuvenation (which you guys helped me decide on). It’s pretty much perfect for here – the wood works with the leather and contrasts nicely with all the blues and grays.

The rug is from Elliot’s old nursery and is 3″ of walking on clouds. Now the rug was a moment where I could have brought in a pattern or something really incredible – a vintage persian, etc. But I didn’t want to. My feet didn’t want to. Brian didn’t want to and when Brian begs ‘Please, please please let us keep this rug in here’ you say, ‘Sure, my love’. 🙂 I love it.

The bedding is all Target, linked up below except the colorful quilt and the long bed pillow. Now the comforter that I used here is one that I LOVE to put on guest beds, but I prefer a duvet with an insert because I don’t want to have to wash a comforter. But the reason I call it out is because it is so pretty. It’s washed linen and looks beautiful when light bounces off of it and looks easily like it could be $300 but it’s super affordable. If you are a top sheet person (we aren’t) then it’s a great option. But duvet people like us would need to wash it weekly and that’s not good for comforters as much.

Why would you style a bed for a magazine that is different than you live? Well, because this is so much prettier, more layered and is something I would absolutely recommend to others, it just may not be how we go to bed every night.

The black dotted quilt is new Target, and the quilt on top is from Lost and Found LA. It is STUNNING and I feel in many ways pulls the whole room together. This is what I told myself as I was debating keeping it (we borrowed it for the shoot). It was $700 which I hadn’t realized when I borrowed it. But my brain was like ‘you didn’t buy a rug and typically a rug pulls the room together, you need color and this quilt has all of your colors? It’s like a rug but for your bed!’ I can be super convincing. I didn’t keep it because while I do splurge on things, future Emily reminded me that we don’t know what will happen to those of us who have a social media driven digital careers, so maybe a $700 wool blanket in Southern California wasn’t it. But if you have a stable career and extra dough, that blanket is handmade and a piece of art. It’s not overpriced, it’s just expensive. There is a difference.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Reveal3

The nightstands and lamps we’ve had since our old house. I love them both so much. The leather nightstand with the round black ball base table lamp is frankly pretty darn perfect. Those lamps are two that I want to put in so many rooms because they are edgy but so simple. I feel like they instantly propel a room into the the present. The headboard is classic, the leather nightstands are more contemporary and then the lamps are super modern. I wish I hadn’t put that frame on there so you could see it better.

We threw a few pretty stacks of books and branches/plants on the window ledge (that is like 12″ deep) for the shoot. They are dead now because I forgot about them, but they sure looked pretty for the shoot.

Finally, headed over to the other side of the room.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Dresser Color Edited 04

The dresser is from English Farmhouse Furniture and I love the shape and style for this house and had it customized a dark shade of green. By the way we share that dresser and the closet and that’s it. Just bragging about how we aren’t clothes hoarders and yet we remain married despite our small clothes storage issue. I had fantasies of the dresser being a REALLY dark green, and we chose this one that I love – Caldwell Green. Once it was on the piece and in the light it looked a lot lighter. Here you can see what my intent was and what it turned out to be:

Emily Henderson Emilys House Modern English Tudor Master Bedroom Dresser Caldwell Green Side By Side Green Edited Caldwell Green

I still REALLY like it, I think I would love to go back in time and pick a much darker green knowing that it will go lighter. This has happened a few times, so a lesson needs to be learned. The entry table sample definitely ‘popped off the wall’ and then once the piece was painted it didn’t! The console in the living room was supposed to be more slate, darker than navy then once it was painted it wasn’t. I sure wish someone would write a blog post about how dark paint colors always look lighter in a room than they do on just a swatch card. 🙂

I flanked the dresser with that amazing cherner chair. A lifelong dream of mine to own. One that my kids can’t really sit on without me getting REALLY stressed out. The ladder behind it is from Food52 for $50 and I highly recommend it. It’s just a pretty sculptural accessory that can fill an empty vertical space.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Dresser Color Edited 01

The brass lamp on top ties in with the handles and helps modernize the dresser. That was my goal – some pieces that felt classic, some more English and some more modern. The one thing I would do differently is I would love a more modern piece of art up there. I like that one, don’t get me wrong, but I think something simpler with a lot of negative space and a glass frame would help this room feel bigger and lighten this side of the room.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Dresser Color Edited 02 01

I love that moon from MQuan and the blankets on the ladder are from Parker Clay and Rebecca Atwood. Virtually nothing has changed on this side of the room since the shoot. I really love how it’s styled.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Reveal6

The tray is from Katy Skelton. I wish I had it in every room of my house. The white pottery is from Blake Beaudette, the black potpourri thing is from Lost and Found LA and is laughably expensive but nothing has ever smelled better in my life. I didn’t know we were doing potpourri anymore, but the French are and this company Mad et Len is doing it RIGHT. The terra cotta vessel is in the Threshold line which is in stores now. I love those adorable handles.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Master Bedroom Reveal7

That vintage mirror does a great job of drawing light over there and reflecting that pretty lamp. I love that you can see the bathroom in that shot 🙂

I’m pretty darn happy with the room. The only things I would like to update is a better piece of art (or huge round amber mirror) above the dresser. Otherwise it’s full of really warm cozy textures, it’s easy to maintain and while I don’t need that cherner chair, I certainly don’t feel like I have a ton of extra stuff.


Emily Henderson Emilys House Modern English Tudor Master Bedroom Reveal Get The Look 01

1. Abstract Art (similar) | 2. Marble Vase (similar) | 3. Indigo Stripe Vase (similar) | 4. Ceiling Light (custom lengths available) | 5. Bed | 6. Curtains (custom) | 7. Duvet | 8. Rug | 9. Storage Bench (similar) | 10. Patterned Throw Pillow | 11. Stripe Sheet Set | 12. Vintage Painting (similar) | 13. Lamp | 14. Throw | 15. Herringbone Blanket (similar) | 16. Box (similar) | 17. Marble Tray (similar) | 18. Mirror (similar) | 19. Nightstand | 20. Pot Pourri | 21. Ceramic Vase | 22. Brass Lamp | 23. Ladder | 24.Woven Throw | 25. White Vase | 26. Seaside Blanket | 27. Moon | 28. Glass Box | 29. Geode | 30. Terra Cotta Vase | 31. Planter | 32. Seascape (similar) | 33. Admirals Tray | 34. Wood Frame (similar) | 35. Black Frame | 36. Dresser (Paint Color: Caldwell Green)  | 37. Sheepskin | 38. Chair

***Photography by Tessa Neustadt

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Homogenic Turns 20

by Stereogum

i'm in my feelings today

They used to play Björk on The Grind. In the likely event that you don't remember The Grind, it was an MTV dance show, a sort of early-'90s variant on American Bandstand or Soul Train, where attractive young people would spend a half-hour semi-listlessly bouncing around to whatever club tracks were hot at the moment. More »
22 Sep 22:21

Boy who drowned at Carson Beach was denied life jacket because staff only had pink ones for girls, family charges

by adamg


The family of Kyzr Willis, who drowned while at a city-run summer program at Carson Beach last year, is suing Mayor Walsh, the city and individual workers at the program.

The family filed suit in Suffolk Superior Court, but the city quickly moved to have the suit heard in federal court because of the constitutional issues involved - the city is charged with violating the boy's 14th Amendment rights.

The suit also charges the city violated a state law known as Christian's Law, after a boy who drowned at a Sturbridge beach, that requires kids in waterfront programs be given wristbands if they can't swim and that all be offered life jackets.

According to the suit, Kyzr, 7, could not swim, and on July 26, 2016, asked one of the workers at the BCYF program for a life jacket.

On that day, Kyrr, who was wearing his fluorescent swim trunks ... expressed to camp counselor Jane Doe that he wanted a life jacket, but was told by Jane Doe that there were only pink ones for girls available, so he was never given a life jacket.

During that entire day, not a single lifeguard, not a single camp counselor, not a single camp supervisor or director made Kyzr wear a lifejacket as he played close to and in the ocean.

The family is asking for unspecified damages for the suffering Kyzr experienced during his death and for the suffering the family continues to suffer as a result of it.

Earlier this year, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office ruled that there was no foul play involved in his death.

Complete Willis complaint (2.2M PDF).

18 Sep 19:50

Bjork – “The Gate” Video

by Stereogum


Björk is one of the world's greatest music video artists, and now she has another music video out in the world. Directed by Björk's artistic collaborator Andrew Tomas Huang, the clip for "The Gate," the lead single from her upcoming album Utopia, is a colorful fantasia full of vivid, bizarre imagery. In other … More »
15 Sep 05:04

Marchesa Spring 2018 Collection

by Tom and Lorenzo




[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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Jim Carrey gives supremely AWKWARD interview at New York Fashion Week bash


Acid trip?

Jim Carrey gave E! News one of the most awkward interviews ever on Friday night at Harper's Bazaar's NYFW party

"There’s no meaning to any of this," he told the reporter. "So I wanted to find the most meaningless thing that I could come to and join and here I am."

The reporter points out that he was wearing a rather snazzy tuxedo jacket.

"I didn't get dressed up," he said. "There is no me. There's just things happening."
11 Sep 14:45

End of Summer Tag Sale!

by Erin Gates

some local designer furniture at a slick discount *~*~*~

Time for another tag sale- and this is our best one YET!  Here are some great items from myself and clients that are up for grabs!

**Please e-mail with the item in the subject line to inquire and make offers! We will e-mail you within 24 hours regarding purchase/ pickup.


$3,000 – Custom Kravet Sectional in Kravet Linen (plus a set of split seat cushions instead of bench cushion)

Dimensions: 35″ D x 100″ W x 32″ H (72″ Deep at bench)

Pick up location: Newton Center (not until October when new piece is delivered)

SOLD $50 – Wooden Desk from World Market (slight stain on top)

Dimensions: 60″ W x 24″ D x 30″ H

Pick up location: Newton Center


$2,500 – Gates Dining Table (the original one!)

Dimensions: 60″ Round 30″ H

Pick up location: Newton Center (not until late September)


SOLD $1,000 for set of six – Ballard Dining Chairs with black Sunbrella upholstery (currently $500 per chair new!)

Dimensions: 39.5″ H x 20″ W x 20″ D

Pick up location: Newton Center (not until October when new set comes!)


SOLD $750 – Arteriors Zanadoo Small Chandelier

Dimensions: H: 27in  Dia: 29in

Pick up location: Newton Center (date TBD- probably end of Sept.)


SOLD $75 each – Glass Pendants

Dimensions: 8.5″ W x 22″ Drop

Pick up location: Newton Center (date TBD- probably end of September)


SOLD $50 each – Bar Stools (slight wear and tear)

Dimensions: 24″ H x 18″ W

Pick up location: Newton Center


SOLD $700 –  EcoSmart Bio-Ethanol Fire Bowl (never used! Retails for over $1,900!)

Dimensions: 33″ diameter

Pick up location: Newton Center


SOLD  $200 – Custom pair of French pleat drapes  White linen with Samuel & Sons Black Greek Key Trim

Dimensions: 1 pair at 86″ H (1 1/2 widths each)

Hardware: Oversized Adjustable Metal Rod – Antique Brass 28″-48″, brass rings — $50 extra

Pick up location: Newton Center


SOLD $350 for 3 – Ballard Mirrors (note- very heavy!)

Dimensions: 24″ x 48″

Pick up location: Newton Center

SOLD $175- Vintage runner (pink/ tan/ cream)- Oliver not included :)

2’8″ x 10′ 4″

Pickup in Newton or Shipping (can quote depending on location)



$300- Unopened in box, France & Sons white modern ceiling fixture

21″ tall, arm sizes are  33.5″ , 43.5″, 53.5″

Pick up locations: Chestnut Hill



SOLD $ 40 – Nate Berkus Marble and Brass Side Table

Dimensions: 17.5″ dia x 20″ H

Pick up location: Newton Center

SOLD $100- Framed Slim Aarons Photograph from One Kings Lane

Dimensions: 24″ x 24″

Pickup Location: Newton Center


SOLD  $ 350 – Buffet, has slight wear and tear on one door (see image)

Dimensions: 56″ W x 19″ D x 35″ H

Pick up location: Newton Center


SOLD $20  – Brass Lamp- never used!

Dimensions: 22″ H

Pick up location: Newton Center


SOLD $ 25  – Black Lacquer Tray

Dimensions: 17″ x 22″ x 3.5″

Pick up location: Newton Center


$ 500 each  – Brand New Noir Rivoli Side Tables, Antique Brass Finish, Metal and Quartz – two available

Dimensions: 25″ Dia. X 30″ H

Pick Up at warehouse or Delivery Available (price will depend upon location of delivery)

$250 – Aidan Gray Chan Geo Chandelier, Silver, Brand New, Never installed!

Dimensions: 25.5″h x 15″w x 15″D

Pick up location: Hingham

$800 for the pair – Restoration Hardware Modern Filament Pendants (2), Size Large, great condition!

Dimensions: 17″ sq., 16″H

Pick up location: Hingham

SOLD $200 for the pair – Orange Pagoda Lamps (2), New in box, purchased from Horchow

Dimensions: 26h x 11 dia (with shade)

Pick up location: Hingham

$100 for the pair – Jeanne Reed Cream and Black tole, in good condition

Dimensions: 3.5″x11″x14.5″

Pick up location: Hingham

$100 for the pair – Black with gold leaf detail, great condition. Shades included.

Dimensions: 5″w x 4.5″d x 8″h (without shade)

Pick up location: Hingham

SOLD $300 for the pair – Visual Comfort Elkins Sconces, Antique nickel, new in box

Dimensions: 5.5″w x 12.75″h x 7″d

Pick up location: Hingham

SOLD $300 for the pair – Visual Comfort Library Sconces, Antique nickel, new in box

Dimensions: Backplate 4.75 round

Pick up location: Hingham

$500 – Ben Soleimani for Restoration Hardware Distressed Wool Rug in Toast – excellent condition

Dimensions: 9′ x 12′

Pick up location: South End

$200 – Chelsea Sectional Floor Lamp from Pottery Barn, white linen shade and the finish is antique nickel

Pick up location: Wellesley

SOLD  $100 – Ballard Durham Rectangular Coffee Table from Ballard, has a bit of wear and tear from kids

Pick up location: Wellesley

$250 for the set of three (needs re-upholstery) – Ballard Designs Marcello counter stools (3)

Pick up location: Wellesley

$900 – Arhaus Chorus Theory Cabinet with Glass Doors

H: 91″ W: 54.75″ D: 19″

Pick up location: Newton










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Cleveland Circle could get high-end sushi and hibachi place

by adamg


The owners of four suburban sushi and Japanese-grill restaurants in the suburbs have proposed turning the vacant old Citibank branch at 1924 Beacon St. into their latest restaurant.

At a meeting last night, members of the Brighton-Allston Improvement Association gave thumbs up to the proposed Feng Shui Hibachi Sushi Lounge - but only on the proviso it seek a license to serve beer and wine and not a license to serve harder drinks.

Some members raised the specter of drunken young patrons careening through the neighborhood, leaving trash everywhere, breaking windows and using residents' yards as toilets. One resident said Brighton has tons of successful ethnic restaurants that don't serve alcohol.

Feng Shui attorney Brian Burke tried to assure residents that his clients, who have been in the restaurant business for 25 years, have never had any problems with patrons at their Chelmsford, Waltham, Cohasset and Tyngsboro locations. Look them up on those communities' police Web sites, he suggested. "You can rest assured this won't be a Mary Ann's," he said. "They have not had one incident in all the years they've had a restaurant."

Unfortunately for Burke, those were the same basic arguments made by the owners of Agoros on Chestnut Hill Avenue before it opened a year ago - it has since racked up nearly two weeks' worth of license suspensions for serving underage BC students in a series of incidents.

Still, after Burke and his clients left, the association voted to back their request for a food-serving license - as long as they limit themselves to a beer and wine license, rather than a full-alcohol license.