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Backwards. They write.

by adamg

Sarah don't tell Than :(

You think the developer of this complex is working on anything in Plain Jamaica or Bay Back?

18 Apr 06:02

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt at Variety’s Power of Women: New York

by Tom and Lorenzo

LOL, i love that this was an edit for them. As a professional bulge-hunter it was the first thing I noticed.

Their movie’s a hit and now it’s time for the victory laps.

She is giving us her Emily Bluntness, serving up exactly what we would expect from her, even if it is just a tiny bit more low-key than we’d have liked to see. She looks extremely well put-together and on-point. The seaming is just a little distracting and we don’t see the point of restricting the sequins to the yoke. But she looks pretty and we have no other criticisms other than maybe a wistful remembrance of her bolder style days.

It feels like he’s stepping it up a bit. It’s a Prada suit, after all. Once a straight guy starts breaking those out, you know he’s really feeling himself. It’s way more business-like than we like to see on the red carpet (and it feels like you’re missing the point of Prada if this is the Prada you pick), but it seems they’re both entering a sort of low-key married couple/unfussy professional phase of their style. It’s impeccable and he looks great in it, which is what matters most.

EDIT: Not so impeccable. His fly’s down. Oh, John. You almost did it, buddy.


Style Credits:
John Krasinski: Prada Suit | Christian Louboutin Shoes
Emily Blunt: Prada Dress | Lorraine Schwartz Jewelry | Jimmy Choo Clutch | Gianvito Rossi Shoes

Styled by Jessica Paster

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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16 Apr 18:10

Beyoncé Staged a Balmain Runway Show Heavy With Meaning and Messages at Coachella

by Tom and Lorenzo

this performance was incredible.

She also gave one of the greatest concert performances of AT LEAST the last decade, so she’s got that going for her too, but we, being the fashion bitches we are, were all about the Balmain WERQing going on simultaneous with her slayage.

Also: We just would like to put it on the record that we wrote the title “Bey Came to Coachella to Slay” roughly two dozen times before deleting it each time. We knew it was a tired line, but the temptation was just so strong, kittens. We suppose we could’ve just taken it further by rhyming it with “cliche” somehow.

Anyway, fashion:



We are bowing down, Space Nefertiti. Teach us your wisdom.

There is nothing about this that isn’t perfect from a stagewear or branding perspective. We’d argue it’s also pretty close to perfect from a design perspective as well. Every detail – colors, textures, embellishments – is balanced beautifully by the others. No single element overwhelms the look, nor does it collapse into a indistinct, visually muddy mass. It sells an image that’s so pure and direct, you don’t need more than an instant to clap onto it, but it pays off further, the longer you look at it.

Beyonce likes to fine-tune every detail of her onstage look because she knows her intense fandom will spend time decoding it down to the last stitch. In other words, she dresses for a social media-rich culture when she performs. She reportedly CHANGED HER NAILS MID-PERFORMANCE. She knows her fandom will discover that kind of detail, discuss it, decode it, and ultimately conclude that she did it just for them; a secret detail she didn’t have to do but did it anyway, specifically for the people who will zero in on that sort of thing. All the details of her looks here, but especially this one, demonstrate that same kind of thinking. It’s a form of spectacle that she has rather brilliantly recast as a series of highly personal messages to the faithful.


Which isn’t to say that every costume here is riddled with hidden messages or complexity. Sometimes, you just wanna hook up with your girls and remind everyone that the three of you kick ass, sound great, and remain hot as hell. Sequined camo just makes good damn sense in this instance.



Sometimes her parade of bodysuits can get a little repetitive. And in a lot of ways, this look borders on being Generically Bey in that sexy/militaristic way she does things now and then. It’s a fine look, but we really like it with the jacket, for offering a slightly different onstage silhouette for her.



Interspersed with the ever-present royalty and militaristic themes, she adopted a strong set of visual references to HBCUs and black college life and culture. One of the things that fascinates us about how she presents herself visually is that she can routinely step onstage in garters, thigh-highs, fishnets, and patent-leather bodysuits, but there will always be a set of details that elevates the look beyond the usual fetish gear-inspired pop diva costume design. Putting a visual that evokes education, pride, and self-worth in the center of what would otherwise come off as fetish gear is bold; not just because it works, but because people don’t even notice the juxtaposition.



In the end, she basically put on a pep rally for black people, which was a gloriously defiant and fabulous way to encode her set, the first headlining black woman at Coachella. We would not claim the type of knowledge or experience to decode everything Beyonce does from a racial perspective, but there truly is something beautiful and admirable about the way she makes her intense stardom about the communities to which she belongs.



[Photo Credit: Beyoncé’s Instagram, Coachella, Balmain]

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16 Apr 12:44

First trailer look at Ryan Murphys 'Pose'


Why watch Paris Is Burning pastiche when you could just watch.... Paris Is Burning?

-Pose will be airing on FX starting Sunday, June 3rd at 9pm.

-First season will consist of 8 episoes.

-Pose has the largest cast of transgender actors in series-regular roles on a tv series.

-Based on the underground LGBTQ world known as ball culture.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
11 Apr 00:50

nyctaeus: ‘A Cluster of Rats’, a Japanese Netsuke (small...


‘A Cluster of Rats’, a Japanese Netsuke (small sculpture) dated late 19th century

10 Apr 17:59

Parker Posey Knows How to Get it Done at Netflix’s “Lost In Space” Los Angeles Premiere

by Tom and Lorenzo

my queeeen i didn't know that she was going to be in this! will be watching now.


Oh, don’t get us wrong, now. This dress is pretty terrible. The fabric looks flimsy and the drape n’ shape are both terrible. But we expect a decent amount of cray from Miss Parker. In fact, we’re terribly disappointed on those rare occasions when she does not serve high enough amounts of cray. And besides, we can’t think of a better time to work a weird little metallic dress than at the premiere of your reboot of Lost in Space. And if nothing else, she paired it with some great jewelry pieces. It all makes us smile and say “How Parker,” as if we were good friends.

But for real, girl. In the manner of imaginary good friends, we have to be honest with you: The Jane Fonda hair is aging and those jewelry pieces would look great paired with a plain black suit. We’re just saying.




Really looking forward to this one. Fingers crossed, it won’t be a disappointment.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages – Video Credit: Netflix via]

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03 Apr 15:35

Kylie™ Minogue Shares 'Stop Me from Falling' Music Video + A New Song 'Raining Glitter'



The Goddess of Pop released a music video for one of her Golden tracks 'Stop Me from Falling'. The video was filmed during the #Golden underplay shows. Enjoy!

Ms. Minogue also shared a brand new song 'Raining Glitter'. The track is taken off her upcoming album 'Golden' coming out April 6th.

Source1 Source2

Have a great Easter weekend, ONTD!
28 Mar 14:49

Tinashe reveals Joyride tracklist! Little Dragon collab confirmed!



tinashenow Joyride 4/13 + guess which track is coming out on Friday?

- Tinashe just revealed the Joyride tracklist on her instagram. The pre-order begins this friday and she'll also allegedly drop "Me So Bad (feat. Ty Dolla Sign & French Montana)" with it.

- Joyride drops April 13.

28 Mar 03:43

11 of 12 of this year's opening weekends were led by women and/or POCs


fuck yes

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise. The one weekend winner that was led by a white male was the quickly-forgotten Maze Runner sequel, starring Dylan O'Brien, back in January.

-- First 4 out of 5 weeks of 2018 were dominated by Jumanji, starring The Rock and Kevin Hart
-- 1 week went to Fifty Shades Freed starring Dakota Johnson
-- this past weekend's top grosser was Pacific Rim: Uprising starring John Boyega
-- and of course 5 weeks were topped by the behemoth that is Black Panther, starring Chadwick Boseman and Lupita Nyong'o

Week 13 will be led by a movie starring one of Hollywood's 50 interchangeable white guys in their early-mid 20s.

24 Mar 12:45

DENA – “Imaginary Friends”

by Stereogum


DENA is the project of Denitza Todorova, a singer/songwriter born in Bulgaria who dove into Berlin's multi-faceted music scene last decade. Since relocating, Todorova's gradually worked on a sound that combines strains of pop, '90s dance music, R&B, and rap -- all while taking subtle harmonic influence from her Balkan upbringing. After releasing her debut … More »
20 Mar 22:26

Britney Spears for Kenzo’s “La Collection Memento Nº2” Ad Campaign

by Tom and Lorenzo

stunning fashion queen

Britney Spears is the new face of Kenzo’s “La Collection Memento Nº2” ad campaign photographed by Peter Lindbergh.








[Photo Credit: Peter Lindbergh/Kenzo]

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09 Mar 19:10

Lisa Bonet Speaks Out About Multiple Women’s Allegations Against Bill Cosby


Oh shit

“There was no knowledge on my part about [Bill Cosby’s] specific actions, but… there was just energy. And that type of sinister, shadow energy cannot be concealed. If I had anything more to reveal, then it would have happened a long time ago. That’s my nature. The truth will set you free.”

About the criminal case against Cosby :
“I don’t need to say ‘I told you so.’ I just leave all that to karma and justice and what will be.”

06 Mar 19:50

Youtuber Christine Sydelko calls out her former vlogging partner Elijah Daniel for scamming fans


oh shit

Youtuber and enemy of Halsey, Christine Sydelko split with her vlogging partner Elijah at the beginning of the year. Elijah has been insisting that the split was mutual and that he needed more creative space to pursue his music, but Christine has made it clear that it was her decision.

She recently announced her upcoming merch launch on twitter and some of her fans were concerned about problems with order fulfillment they'd had when ordering merch from Christine and Elijah in the past. Christine responded to one of the fans.

Elijah explained that most of the orders were fulfilled and only a couple hundred people didn't receive any of their items so the thousands of dollars of ordered and ultimately unreceived merchandise isn't a major problem.

ONTD, do you expect to receive the products you pay for?
06 Mar 19:49

Oscars 2018 Red Carpet Report: Nicole Kidman Serves up LadyBows in Armani Privé: IN or OUT?

by Tom and Lorenzo

i didn't watch the oscars and i am not a particularly big fan of NKid but i do think this looks great on her

Kittens, it’s less than 12 hours since they ended and we’ve slung thousands of words on the topic of the Oscars red carpet, with at least another several thousand to go before this day is out. Which means it’s time for ol’ T Lo to go do some carb-loading while all y’all has this one out.

The color is STUNNING and the fit is doing amazing things for her. But darlings, we have a longstanding issue with ladybows, especially if they’re gigantic and give said lady wings. As much as we love what this dress is doing for her, that giant hip moth is a dealbreaker – or it would be if we were the ones making the final call.


Nicole Kidman’s Saddlebags:

IN or OUT? 




Style Credits:
Custom Armani Privé Blue Strapless Gown with Bow Detailing
Harry Winston Earrings, Bracelet and Rings
Christian Louboutin Pumps

Styled by Julia von Boehm

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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06 Mar 02:13

Open Post: Hosted By Rita Moreno Ruling The Red Carpet In Her 1962 Oscars Gown 

by Michael K


Besides Adam Rippon working Tom of TwinkVille glamour, and St. Vincent looking like Rooney Mara working a double as a cocktail waitress at Batman: The Resort and Casino in Reno, the Oscars red carpet was a sea of boring. There’s a 100% understandable explanation for that. Nobody bothered trying because they knew Rita Moreno was going to be there and it’d be impossible for them to try to outshine the Puerto Rican lightning bolt of perfection. They were smart.

The day before the Oscars, Rita’s daughter said that she was going to wear the same gown she wore in 1962 when she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for playing Anita in West Side Story. Here’s Rita wearing that gown while posing with her WSS co-star and fellow Oscar winner George Chakiris, and vintage panty creamer Rock Hudson.

Rita really upped the glamour for 2018 by turning the top into a tube top and pairing it with a necklace that looks like a plate charger from Pier 1.

Even though I can barely fit into the pants I wore while watching last year’s Oscars (and they were fucking sweats!), I’m not mad at Rita for rubbing our faces with the fact that she’s 86 and can still fit into a gown she first wore 56 years ago. My mom wasn’t that impressed, though. I watched the Oscars with her last night and after slow clapping for Rita, she said, “If I still had my old dresses, I’d have to get them altered too. They’d be way too baggy for me now!” And yes, I was in the middle of shoving a pile of nachos into my mouth as she said that. Moms really have the best timing.

And because of that headband, I really want to see Rita play Bianca Del Rio’s mom in a movie. Correction: Bianca Del Rio’s younger and skinnier sister!


06 Mar 02:07

Emma Watson Wore A “Times Up” Tattoo To The Vanity Fair Oscar Party 

by C.J.

something about wearing 'times up' as a temporary tattoo is... in bad taste. not to mention the grammar lmao. okay gurl.

While the Golden Globes was all about #MeToo, BuzzFeed points out that the Oscars were a bit more relaxed with it. Ashley Judd, Annabella Sciorra, and Salma Hayek did talk about Time’s Up a bit during the ceremony, in Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue, he tore into Harvey  Weinstein and how tone deaf Hollywood had been by joking, “Here’s how clueless Hollywood is about women. They made a movie called What Women Want and it literally starred Mel Gibson.” I’m sure that pissed off Mel’s BFF4L Jodie Foster, and I’m sure she wanted to hit Jimmy with her crutch over.

There seemed to be fewer Time’s Up pins on dresses and jackets. But Emma Watson tried to represent the movement with a most likely temporary tattoo, but she got dragged for not running her tattoo idea through Microsoft Word spellcheck because it lacked an apostrophe.

Her “Time’s Up” was a sad “Times Up,” which everyone knows is how you lose a fight in the family text thread. No matter if you made the most logical argument as to why you should get to skip Christmas at home this year, the first sign of lackluster punctuation shows you’re an ignoramus and everyone’s punching bag for the next seven years. Great work, Emma! Time’s Up is ruined because you missed apostrophe class at Brown!

Here’s more of Emma and her “Times Up” tattoo and baby bangs last night.


05 Mar 04:42



i’m so corny and ready for this

05 Mar 00:40

Peppermint and Cazwell announce joint EP, release 'Blend'


hell yeah

*Due out March 9th
*Written as a trans-positive album
*Have been friends for over a decade & worked together on and off before hand -

sources: 1 , 2 , 3
23 Feb 17:56

youngblackandvegan: nostopdasgay: A masterpiece Put this in...



A post shared by Queen Jazmin (@babyjazz19) on



A masterpiece

Put this in the MoMA

21 Feb 12:03

Marc Jacobs Fall 2018 Collection

by Tom and Lorenzo

oh okay marc jacobs!

21 Feb 03:49

RED CARPET SHOWDOWN OF THE WEEK: Elle Fanning vs. Tilda Swinton

by Tom and Lorenzo

gotta give it to elle

Ooooh, we got a good matchup this week! Last week’s head-to-head was just a weensy bit one-sided, but this time around, we’ve got two incredibly strong looks from two women fairly far apart on the style range.


Lo’s Pick: Elle Fanning at the Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin, Germany in Valentino.

Lo’s Defense: Oh, come on. This is EVERYTHING. This is why I love fashion; for moments like these. She looks STUN. NING. And no one expected to see her like this! A total WOW moment. Definitely on the list for best of the year. It’s the best look she’s ever worn, period. 



T’s Pick: Tilda Swinton at the Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin, Germany in Chanel.

T’s Defense: You can have your Princess Grace fantasy, as far as I’m concerned. Serve me up Androgynous Alien Chic any day of the week. This isn’t merely pretty or only fabulous. It’s next-freaking-level. And yes, I’ll be voting for this one on the year-end list. Count on it. 


There you have it! Two bitches with opinions! You make the call:

Who won the red carpet showdown for the week of February 11th, 2018?

Elle Fanning in Valentino
Tilda Swinton in Chanel
Created with PollMaker



Style Credits:
Elle Fanning: Valentino Dress from the Spring 2018 Couture Collection
Tilda Swinton: Chanel Black and White Head-to-Toe Look from the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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08 Feb 15:32

Hercules & Love Affair – “My Curse And Cure” Video

by Stereogum

this album is so good and i particularly love this song

Last year, Andy Butler's disco project Hercules & Love Affair released a new album, Omnion, and today we get a video for "My Curse And Cure" from it. It's a collage of stylistic visuals that Butler says is part of a new audio/visual collaboration with Joie Iacono called Hoarder. “'My Curse and Cure’ is … More »
05 Feb 18:04

ONTD Original: A few more moments that prove Justin Timberlake is trash.



Exhibit 1: Smell my finger

While Britney and Justin both publically claimed to be virgins for the tenure of their relationship, their old choreographer Darrin Henson revealed that Justin told him to smell his finger after having sex with Britney.

Exhibit 2: The sexist 'Justified' Promo Tour
His first solo 'Like I Love You' flopped despite massive promotion. He decides to switch up his promotional strategy by making it all about his break up. During a Barbara Walters interview he sang a song that called Britney a 'Horrible woman'

He talked A LOT about their sex life and bragged constantly about taking away her virginity.

He mentioned it on the Radio as well: (WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!)

Exhibit 3: Cry Me A River
Justin tricked Britney into approving her lookalike to be featured on 'Cry Me A River', everything happened to fast for her to object.

Exhibit 4: Looking for Revenge
Britney was over Justin, she was dating Colin Farrell and some other dudes. Then the VMA's came and she famously kissed Madonna. Christina also kissed Madonna but nobody gave a fuck. He was pissed as fuck.

So what did he do? He went on tour with Britney's "nemesis", Christina Aguilera...

Exhibit 5: He got handsy with Kylie
Remember that time he grabbed Kylie Minogue's ass? It wasn't an accident. He planned it. He enjoyed it. He bragged about it. He wanted to do it again.

Exhibit 6: He abandoned Janet
After the Superbowl incident, Janet took most of the critics while Justin was hiding in the shadows. HEr career was destroyed, she was banned from the industry...

...while Justin won a Grammy the next week. ugh.

Exhibit 7: He had a beef with Prince (why is he performing with him then?)
Prince hated Justin's "Sexyback". during an Emmy's after party Prince even yelled 'Sexy back? Sexy never left!'

So...why is Justin performing with hologram prince Tonight? is it to ride on Prince's fame now that he's dead and his hologram can't refuse to do it? (This is not a sentence i thought i'd be writing 5 years ago... )

JT even mocked Prince's height when he wasn't around.

Exhibit 8: Kick'em while they're down
During Britney's very public meltdown, Justin released 'What goes around comes around', telling his version of the breakup and wishing her the worse.

As if that wasn't enough, he dedicated 'Rehab' by Amy Winehouse to Britney as she was publicly dealing with mental health issues.

Exhibit 9: He won't let it go...
He was still talking about taking Britney's virginity YEARS after that happened.

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

ONTD, any moments i missed?
04 Feb 18:53

Review: Hershey's Gold

by Amy Bunch


Disclaimer: As a member of the Influenster program, I was sent this product in exchange for a review. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Review: Hershey's Gold

Happy Friday Everyone! I was selected by Influenster to revived the Hershey's Gold Vbox. This is the first new chocolate bar that Hershey's has came out with in 20 years. I was so excited to try out this new candy bar. That I kept checking the tracking on my box daily. My box sat at the post office for a few days. 

Review: Hershey's Gold

Before I finally got it. Once I got the box. I opened it up right way. In the box was some yellow tissue paper. Along with two Hershey's Gold candy bar. 

Review: Hershey's Gold

I could't wait to see what this bar tasted like. When I first open the bar up. You could smell the peanuts right away. Which I knew it was going to be tasty. I'm also lucky Tony and Leelee weren't close by. Due to they would have been all over me. Since the peanut smell was that strong. 

Review: Hershey's Gold

This Hershey's Gold Bar is a mix of sweet and salty. You get the sweet taste from the caramel that is in it. The salt taste is from the pretzels and peanuts. Which add a nice crunch to the candy bar. I really enjoyed this candy bar and can see myself going out and buy more of them. 

My husband only try a tiny bit of it. Due to he a diabetic. He also really enjoy the candy bar. Which we gave it 5 star out of 5 star. 


26 Jan 17:13

Givenchy Spring 2018 Couture Collection

by Tom and Lorenzo


Night visions.
The gleam of moonlight on a garden in spring, its flowers bathed in the silvery glow. Designed by Clare Waight Keller, the Givenchy Haute Couture Spring Summer 2018 collection invokes conversations between structure and motion. Diaphanous and crystalline, a modern approach to what is precious melts dense opulence with extreme purity.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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24 Jan 14:23

Christian Dior Spring 2018 Couture Collection

by Tom and Lorenzo


“Only the inevitable theatricality of my life interests me.” — Leonor Fini

The history of haute couture is intimately linked with the history of modern art. The couturier is an artist unto himself and the word “atelier” designates equally the studio of an artist or that of a designer. But any artist’s true “studio” is his or her spirit. It’s in this dimension, located somewhere between dream and reality, or imagination and realization, that Maria Grazia Chiuri, the Artistic Director of the House’s women’s collections, pursues her research and explorations. Because haute couture is a dream of fashion. It’s a place where there are no limits to pushing boundaries and experimenting with technique, material and form. Immersing herself in the heart of the Surrealist movement made it possible to bring a fresh breath of imagination to the spring-summer 2018 haute couture collection, conjuring an otherworldliness and constant optical illusion.

Surrealism also applies to the evocative words and phrases that guided Maria Grazia Chiuri in creating a collection predominantly in black in white sprinkled with illusion and surprise.

Never trust a first impression… In that spirit, generous pleats on a white evening dress are etched in black like the pages of a book, while caging, a recurring motif in Surrealist works, is transformed into a black mesh fabric that hugs the body and underscores transparency as silvery fishnet mingles with the density of velvet.

But above all, it’s the charisma of the artist Leonor Fini that defines this collection’s strict yet radical attitude. Leonor Fini, who left Italy for Paris in the Thirties, held her first exhibition in Christian Dior’s gallery and befriended the designer from that moment onward. Whenever she made one of her phantasmagorical appearances, she often wore Dior. Leonor Fini was the incarnation of the then-revolutionary idea that one must always remain independent and reinvent oneself as a representation of all possible realities. She used clothing to define herself and set her own stage, in public as in private: at once influential, severe and elegant, she struck poses inspired by portraits of men from the Renaissance, by the constant interaction of art and life, and the blend of the natural and artificial. These marvels of haute couture came into being in a dimension suspended between dream and reality.

The same applies to the daywear for which Christian Dior had such a knack, and notably to shapes reinterpreted using traditional men’s wear fabrics. Maria Grazia Chiuri draws on these as inspiration in a series of suits that recalibrates Dior’s curves to today’s tastes, paired with skirts of multiple contrasts.

Ever faithful to the Surrealist tradition of deconstructed forms, accessories make their presence felt in a whimsical way: a fishnet stocking veils a sandal, while gloves clutch an ankle. It’s this way of seeing and being seen, with a point of view that draws on the unconscious and today’s world, that Maria Grazia Chiuri uses as a foil for embroideries and other embellishments. On a dress illuminated by a mirage of peacock feathers, precious and delicate ornaments become eyes that behold and express mystery — as well as the spiritual power of today’s women.


[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dior]

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23 Jan 11:54


23 Jan 00:38

Thom Browne Fall 2018 Menswear Collection

by Tom and Lorenzo


15 Jan 21:32

Jon Bernthal for Esquire Magazine

by Tom and Lorenzo

something about his nose makes me want to have sex with him

“The Walking Dead” and “The Punisher” actor Jon Bernthal covers the Winter Issue of Esquire magazine photographed by Beau Grealy.




On what it’s like to work with him on set of The Punisher: “Ask people on set and they’ll say I’m difficult. But it’s not about my trailer or the food; it’s always about making the role make sense.”

Responding to the Punisher symbol being spotted on military helmets in Iraq and biker jackets, and seen on the shoulders of alt-right protesters at the white-supremacy rally in Charlottesville, VA: “I feel honored to play a guy who people putting their life on the line identify with. And the alt-righters? ‘Fuck them.'”

On guns and gun control: “I’m a gun owner. I have a gun in my house to keep my family safe. I’m trained in that gun’s use. I know how to keep it away from my kids, and I know how to use it if I need to. Should there be a way that a guy with mental issues like the asshole in Texas can’t get guns? Absolutely. We have to have a dialogue, and that’s not happening.”

Before Bernthal and Oliver Stone became good friends, the actor snapped at the director during the filming of World Trade Center: One day during filming [Stone] screamed that the actor’s takes were either too over-the-top or too tepid. Eventually, Stone walked over from the video village and shouted at Bernthal and a few other actors. “You are all so fucking vain,” Stone said. He turned to Bernthal and jabbed a finger in his face. “And you are the worst.” Bernthal slapped the director’s hand away. “Let me tell you something, dude. You might be Oliver Stone, but I will beat your fucking ass right here on this set. In front of everybody here, I will beat your ass. You got that?” Stone retreated. Nicolas Cage, one of the stars of the film, wandered over and said, “Wow, man, there was adversity and you threw more adversity at it.”

One reason he hasn’t settled into being a superhero: “You talk about Leo, you talk about Brad, the guys I really, really respect—and they have all kind of stayed clear of the superhero stuff.”

What he hopes for his kids, particularly his sons: “I want them to see kindness as masculine, not a sign of weakness.”



[Photo Credit: Beau Grealy/Esquire Magazine]

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