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28 Mar 03:11

Open Post: Hosted By Matt McGorry’s Twerking

by J Harvey

i'm sorry but this is so unattractive on so many levels


Celebrities twerking can be as tired a pop culture phenomenon as it wants to be. Because when the hot dudebro from How To Get Away With Murder is popping that boi-pussy (I’m so sorry for typing that) in his underwear for Instagram licks, it’s more than ok.

Matt McGorry isn’t just an actor, strident social justice warrior and former bodybuilder, he’s also a male stripper wannabe. Dude’s lower body is almost hypnotic. I know he’s doing it for laughs but damn, where was this one when my bachelor party was being planned? Matt should totally (NSFW) Nomi Malone Jon Gosselin’s ass in Atlantic City and steal the spotlight when he has the time.

Matt, I know you’re an SJW and objectifying people probably isn’t your favorite, but I’m going to continue doing it with this next sentence. Less clothes next time, guy.

Watch Matt sell that ass and sell it righteously below.

Getting a quick twerkout in b4 the weekend.

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Pic: Instagram

27 Mar 16:57

“Feud: Bette and Joan” vs. “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”

by Tom and Lorenzo

this is fascinating tbh

Lorenzo, King of the Screencap, couldn’t stop himself once he got started.  Capturing 500 ‘caps just for the costume posts every week just wasn’t enough for him. Feud: Bette and Joan, it would seem, has lit a fire under his screencapping. You should’ve heard him giggling maniacally last night when he was putting it together.

Anyway, one of the more impressive things about Feud is its commitment to recreating specific iconic screen moments in the careers of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Lo already put together a post with several of their past glories recreated, but now that the series has concluded the portion of the story that takes place during the shooting of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? he spent his free time meticulously piecing together side-by-side comparisons of all the scenes depicted. Can you tell he’s obsessed with this show?




What’s interesting here is how committed they were to getting the lighting and camera angles exactly right, but how they fudged things slightly here and there on the costume and art direction. Another thing that becomes clear when you look at the scenes side-by-side is the difference in the acting styles. Lange is doing an excellent job of appropriating Crawford’s body language, but she’s not doing Joan’s more expressive facial acting style, mainly because she’s a better actress. If you get a chance, watch the “Jane, I’m dying…” scene in the original and then watch Lange’s version. Joan is very good, but Lange is simply better.

Sarandon’s Davis is also good on the body language and fairly good with the facial acting, but you never really get the sense of Jane Hudson’s insanity from her performance. Davis looks scary-crazy in every one of the screencaps here. Sarandon isn’t really going there. This isn’t necessarily a criticism of her acting. She’s playing Bette Davis first and Jane Hudson second. It would have been nice if the series spent time examining just how Bette managed to plumb those depths, but since the story isn’t going there, neither is Sarandon.

Still, they’ve done an amazing job of paying strict homage while still giving themselves room to interpret things in order to tell the story.

[Still: Tom and Lorenzo via FX, Warner Bros.]

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27 Mar 16:52

mahboi: gamerphobic: these two are the first thing you see when...


good morninnng!



these two are the first thing you see when you enter hell

am i being interrogated

27 Mar 07:48

What Food Geniuses Eat for Lunch

by Stella Blackmon

what are your "no brainer" lunches, friends?

What Food Geniuses Eat for Lunch

I worked at a tiny Italian restaurant during college, and every Friday, for four years, the owner would make the same lunch: a lightly-dressed spinach salad, with four grilled shrimp and two tomato slices — as long as the tomato was “bright red and soft, not mushy.” And every Friday, for four years, I was puzzled.… Read more

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23 Mar 00:56

Kristi Yamaguchi's rep issues statement regarding the skater's "break a leg" tweet to Nancy Kerrigan



The above tweet from Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi has started picking up steam around the web. While "break a leg" is a common expression for good luck, Yamaguchi's choice of words invoke a different image when directed at Nancy Kerrigan who was the victim of a knee clubbing orchestrated by fellow figure skater Tonya Harding.

Yamaguchi's rep has issued the following statement to E!, "Kristi loves Nancy and has nothing but respect for her. No ill will was intended with the tweet and Nancy herself has received and commented on the well wishes that were sent. Kristi is finding the reactions on social media humorous but unfortunately for those who want it to have been shady, that's not the case."

Source 1 and 2
Have you ever been unintentionally shady?
22 Mar 17:14

FYF line-up announced


omg 😭😭😭😭


bjork and missy elliot, i'm sold. anyone else planning to go to music festivals this year?
16 Mar 00:03

(via The Bread - YouTube)

15 Mar 23:34

The Little Mermaid - Film Trailer


I'm sorry but how do they get away with calling it that? Asks the righteous Disney queen?

This is NOT the live-action adaptation of the 1989 Disney animated feature which Lin-Manuel Miranda is involved with, and NOT the one that Universal was developing with Chloe Moretz starring and which Sofia Coppola was briefly linked to. This is something else...

08 Mar 22:38

New season of ‘Hey Qween’ hits the ground running with Alaska

by Dan Tracer

Jonny McGovern & team Hey Qween wrote in to share this bright ray of rainbow sunshine:

The wait is FINALLY over! Jonny McGovern and Lady Red are back for a fifth season of the gayest show on the internet, Hey Qween! Kicking things off in royal style, we have the winner of “Rupaul’s Drag Race: All Stars” Season 2, Alaska Thunderfuck on the couch! From her triumphant “Drag Race” victory to the unfortunate fan backlash (#Snakegate), Alaska spills all the behind-the-scenes T! Then things take an emotional turn as Alaska discusses the major drama she had with her ex that could have cost her the crown! From there she tells all about her experience meeting Mother Monster herself, the one-and-only Lady Gaga! Last but not least, Alaska slips on a pair of reading glasses and gives her two cents on everyone from Phi Phi O’hara to Nebraska Thunderfuck in a super entertaining round of “Look At Huh!” Make sure to stay tuned all season for some amazing guests, crazy surprises and a whole lot more! Come on Hey Qween season 5, let’s get SICK’NING!

Part II is below:

24 Feb 06:19

This is Goodbye

by Amy Bunch


This is GoodBye
  • Black Short Sleeve Sweater Dress Hand Me Down From H
  • Red Cardigan Christmas Gift From Ant (2016)
  • Striped Fashion Knit T-shirt C/O Sammysdress
  • Flower Belt 
  • Black Leggings
This is Goodbye

Hello Everyone! I'm came to tell you all this will be my last blog post on my blog.  My domain came up for renewal and I have decide not to renew it. Due to I don't have time on my hands to blog like I used to.  So therefor I decide to to give up my blog.  

The last 6 years off blog has been a lot of fun. I got to work with some great company. Make a good amount of new friends. Plus share my outfit off.  I will still be sharing my outfit on Instagram. So make sure you follow me over there if you want to keep in touch with me. 

Ada 1 Year Link up

Since this is my last post. I decide to do one more Co-host with my good blogger friend Ada  Elegance and Mommyhood. To celebrate her 1 year of having her Thursday Moda Link Up. Which is a great link up to join. To find new inspiration. Along with making new friends. 

An InLinkz Link-up


23 Feb 04:02

Mary Katrantzou Fall 2017 Collection

by Tom and Lorenzo

such a breath of fresh! love it




[Photo Credit: IMAXTree]

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22 Feb 18:46

Delpozo Fall 2017 Collection

by Tom and Lorenzo

so weird and adorable!

The Delpozo Fall Winter 2017 marks the tenth show and five year anniversary of creative director Josep Font at the helm of the prêt-à-couture brand.

For this season, Font speaks of serenity and continuity, represented by Hungarian painter József Rippl-Rónai, a member of Les Nabis, a group of Post-Impressionist avant-garde artists in 1890s France, and Swiss sculptor Max Bill, Allianz movement leader for concrete art.

Like Fauvism, where emotion is expressed through color; the Nabis focused on the translation of reality rather than the tangible, and inspires this collections’ calmer and darker color hues: midnight black, dark burgundy, deep blue, chestnut, and dark green. The spirituality of the color palette, boosted with Klein blue, ivory and amber, is fused with the organic silhouettes taken from Max Bill’s abstract sculptures. Circular volumes become the highlight of this season: bold yet soft pleats and sleeves curve around the Delpozo woman’s body in flannel wool, embossed jacquard, and silk lamé; round gold buckles shine on trousers, tops, jackets, and ankle boots; and the tulip silhouette wraps around shoulders, skirts, and cocktail dresses. It is synthesizing at its finest.




[Photo Credit: IMAXTree]

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    21 Feb 20:28

    Dolly Parton – “The Story” (Brandi Carlile Cover)

    by Stereogum

    Sharing for Allie, mostly

    NASHVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 16:  Dolly Parton performs onstage during the 2016 Medallion Ceremony at Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum on October 16, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee.  (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum)A whole lot of big names are contributing music to a new tribute album that celebrates the singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile. On the compilation Cover Stories, different artists come together to sing songs from The Story, Carlile's 2007 LP. As Rolling Stone points out, Adele, Pearl Jam, and Barack Obama all contribute to it, and … More »
    17 Feb 22:54

    Thom Browne Fall 2017 Collection

    by Tom and Lorenzo


    16 Feb 02:34

    (via Bridget Moser | Season of the Witch on Vimeo)


    I'm dyinnnnnnnnnnnng

    15 Feb 23:20

    Style Double Shot: Robert Pattinson in Dior Homme

    by Tom and Lorenzo

    lol but also hmmmm

    Formerly sparkly Rob has fully embraced his Euro-Fashionisto side lately. He was always willing to go the extra mile on his style choices when it suited him, but this latest turn is so runway-model that it’s like he’s come out of the closet on his secret passion for edgy male fashion.

    Let’s assess, yes?



    Actor Robert Pattinson attends the premiere of “The Lost City of Z” during the 2017 Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin, Germany.


    No, really. It’s clearly not for everyone, but he’s got the exact right look for it. And it will never, ever be mistaken for something a first-year associate wears to the office, which is like 90% of male celebrity style.

    This next look is perfect for any business setting, however:


    Actor Robert Pattinson attends photocall for “The Lost City of Z” during the 2017 Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin, Germany.


    Go ahead, hate us if you must, but this is DIVINE. We can’t pull it off, but we’re so glad he wondered enough if he could to try it. Note to Rob: You not only pulled it off, you worked the shit out of it. More of this, please. Shame all those blue-suit-wearing boystars.


    Style Credits:
    First Look: Dior Homme Crop Turtleneck Sweater Paired with a White Shirt from the Fall 2017 Collection
    Second Look: Dior Homme Green Embroidered Coat Paired with a Black Suit and Turtleneck from the Fall 2017 Collection


    [Photo Credit: Getty Images, IMAXTree]

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    14 Feb 00:31

    Britney Spears responds to Katy Perry


    Love and light, bitch.

    Last night, multiple times on the red carpet, newly "woke and conscious" Katy Perry made fun of Britney's 2007 breakdown. (Related post). Today, Britney responded on twitter.

    09 Feb 17:53

    Bar to be knocked down for apartment building - but this time in Brighton, not Southie

    by adamg

    Yeah right, space for Harry's to return for twice the rent. Fuckers.

    Bird-enhanced architect's rendering.

    A developer is proposing to tear down Harry's Bar and Grill, a convenience store and a Subway shop to make way for a seven-story, 37-unit residential building.

    Unlike in South Boston, however, where bars have just disappeared, developer Yan Schechter says he'll leave space for Harry's Bar and Grill to return.

    In a filing with the BPDA, Schecter, who says he is "committed to implementing the principle of New Urbanism, which promotes the creation of walkable, human scaled places that enhance local economies, improve public health, and build stronger communities," is proposing 20 one-bedroom apartments, 15 two-bedroom units and two units with three bedrooms.

    Three of the one-bedroom units and two of the two-bedroom units will be marketed as affordable, to people making up to 70% of the area median income.

    The $12-million building would have 33 parking spaces - more than called for by BTD guidelines for buildings right next to public transportation.

    The BPDA holds a community meeting on the proposal at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 15 in conference room 1 on the third floor of the Hawes Medical Building at Brighton Marine, 77 Warren St.

    1440 Commonwealth Ave. small-project review application (3.7M PDF).

    07 Feb 19:06

    whybray: ozzfest99: I want this front and back



    I want this front and back

    07 Feb 14:48

    Feel like some Syrian food tonight?

    by adamg

    In Marc Hurwitz's Friends of Boston Hidden Restaurants Facebook group, Bobby O'Neill asked this afternoon:

    I feel like restaurants and shops owned by members of the Iraqi, Iranian, Sudanese, Yemeni, Libyan, Somali, and Syrian communities could use our support. Any recommendations?

    Here's the list folks have come up with so far (additions welcome, of course):





    04 Feb 00:53

    Former mint worker who hid stolen gold in his butt sentenced

    by Editors


    31 Jan 21:22

    Judy Garland superfan paid over 15K to be laid next to her remains– which were just flown cross-country

    by Derek de Koff


    This afternoon, there’s one Judy Garland fan who’s defiantly not blasting “Get Happy.” OR “The Trolley Song.”

    As Page Six reports, this JG superfan — whose name hasn’t been released to a curious public– purchased the space next to Garland’s final resting place at the Ferncliff Mausoleum, a spot that reportedly sold for around $15,500.

    “It’s funny because there’s a man who specifically flew in from California because he is a big fan of hers,” says a heartless and unfeeling cemetery manager..

    Related: This Haunting Judy Garland Performance Was Cut In 1964 For Being Too Dark

    “He purchased a plot near her so when he dies he could be next to her. I don’t know what he is going to do now.”

    Maybe he’ll live forever now. Out of spite.

    Since Garland’s fatal overdose in 1969, the remains of The Wizard of Oz star have been keeping a low profile, hiding out in crypt No. 31 in Unit 9.

    Unrelated: WATCH: Just Try Not To Stare At The Banana In This Smoothie Tutorial

    Last Thursday, those remains were exhumed and flown to Los Angeles at the request of daughter Liza Minnelli. What’s left of the actress will be re-interred at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where she’ll be rubbing elbows with other A-listers like Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone, The Beatles’ George Harrison, and filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille.

    That superfan is gonna be so lonely.

    31 Jan 01:50

    Ralph & Russo Spring 2017 Couture Collection

    by Tom and Lorenzo

    soooo pretttty

    28 Jan 17:25

    They already lack the critical thinking skills required to...

    They already lack the critical thinking skills required to understand the importance of choice and women’s rights. Baffle their little pea brains with this amazing shirt. It’s a powerful and fun way to say fuck you!

    A portion of the proceeds of this shirt will be donated to Planned Parenthood.


    25 Jan 12:21

    Zoning board OKs replacing closed JP restaurant with condos

    by adamg

    ugh :|

    The Zoning Board of Appeals this morning approved a proposal to replace the shuttered James's Gate at McBride and South streets with an 11-condo building.

    Two of the units in developer Stephen Ballas's building will be marketed as "affordable" - to people making up to 80% of the area median income. One unit will have three bedrooms, the rest one or two. The first floor will be a commercial unit; the building will have 12 parking spaces.

    Mayor Walsh and City Councilor Matt O'Malley supported the project. Two neighbors spoke in opposition, saying the building was too tall and too dense for an already dense neighborhood on a busy commercial street. One said today's hearing was the first time she had heard about plans for four roof decks on the building, which will rise 51 feet - although part of that is a decorative cornice.

    21 Jan 14:28

    Hot Slut Of The Day!

    by Michael K

    fuck yes


    Firas Nasr, the werktivist who led the Queer Dance Party in front of Mike Pence’s house!

    For some of us, today is the day when we take our abuelita’s black lace veil, cut a hole in the mouth area to put our bong through and toke, toke, toke away while medicating the feeling of doom and gloom by watching The Golden Girls marathon on Logo. But before you do that, get a massive injection of glittery hotness provided by the WERK For Peace movement.

    A group of queer activists gave birth to WERK For Peace in response to the massacre at Pulse in Orlando, FL. Since then, the group has been swaying their asses and dropping it low in the name of peace. And on Wednesday night, they took over the streets near Mike Pence’s rental house in DC and delivered what is probably his nightmare but my dream: a big ole’ hot gay dance party! They chose Mike Pence’s house, because DUH. Firas Nasr, who started WERK For Peace, told the Washington Post that they wanted to send a twerk-filled message to Mike Pence to let him know that the gay community will always be united (even as he sends us to gay conversation camps, and again, bitches, I’ve already called the bottom bunk under Anderson Cooper).

    “Dance is so integral to the queer community as a form of self-expression and a form of asserting our power and our beauty and our love for one another, The idea is to leave a mark that Mike Pence will never forget. We want to send a strong message to Pence that we’re a united queer community. We’ve always stood united. There’s always space to dance.”

    As they all busted out boiling moves to Madonna and Beyonce songs, they shouted, “Daddy Pence, come dance!” And without further ado, here’s a pucker-inducing clip of Fiery Firas dropping ten hundred tons of hotness while dressed like the glamorous lot lizard version of Mork.

    And of course I’m not an anti-gay gay, but if I say I am, will Fiery Firas and his crew of werktivists throw a dance party in front of my house too?

    (For Keith, Rachel and B.P.)

    Pic: @rg0lds

    21 Jan 00:02

    Kristen Bell in Rasario at the People’s Choice Awards 2017

    by Tom and Lorenzo

    it's a no from me sweetie but thank you so much for coming.

    “The Good Place” actress Kristen Bell attends the People’s Choice Awards 2017 held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California.


    Girl, what is this even?


    Wow. She looks so pleased with herself. We think that’s the most amazing part of all.

    Hang on. No. We got that wrong.


    The coffee filter boobs are the most amazing thing here.



    Is it the pants? Are they the most amazing thing about all of this? Because they’re pretty damn amazing – for all the wrong reasons.


    We take it back. Definitely the pleased facial expression. She looks a little delusional.

    On the other hand… coffee filter boobs. It’s inarguable.


    Wait… DEFINITELY the pants.


    And also the pleased facial expression.

    The point is, it’s all horrifying. That garment needs to be dissolved in a vat of acid and she needs to go home and think about her life.



    Style Credits:
    Rasario Metallic Jumpsuit with a Bustier Bodice from the Spring 2017 Collection
    Eva Fehren Earrings

    [Photo Credit: Getty Images, Courtesy of Rasario]

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    20 Jan 23:52

    Britney Spears Opens Up About Meeting Boyfriend Sam Asghari

    by Just Jared

    they filmed that video in october but OKAY GIRL.

    Britney Spears Opens Up About Meeting Boyfriend Sam Asghari

    Britney Spears is finally opening up about her rumored boyfriend Sam Asghari!

    The 35-year-old entertainer spilled about meeting Sam on the set of her “Slumber Party” video while making an appearance on Amp 103.7′s Fast in the Morning.

    “We were waiting and waiting there together for 20 minutes at a time…so we were basically forced to talk to each other. He didn’t really know me as a person…and I have no idea who the hell he is, and we were just talking,” she explained.

    Britney said that the duo talked about sushi and shared interests and he gave her his number so that they could make plans.

    “I kept his number, and it was so weird because it was like five months later that I found his number in my bag. I was like ‘He was really cute. This guy was really cute!’ so then I called him. He is just a really fun, funny person,” she explained.

    We’re so glad Britney seems so happy with Sam!

    20 Jan 16:02

    Ariana Grande - "Touch It" (52-piece Orchestral Remix)



    Follow up to this post, where only a short clip of the track was included.

    Ariana Grande comes to Final Fantasy Brave Exvius for a limited time, which Square Enix is, evidently, very happy about.

    19 Jan 14:20

    “All Star” By Smash Mouth But All Notes Are In C

    by Stereogum

    i'm melting