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19 Jun 05:12

Delpozo Resort 2019 Collection

by Tom and Lorenzo

pretty vibes *~~*~


[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Depolzo]

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18 Jun 21:19

Will Ferrell Writing And Starring In Netflix Comedy Based On Eurovision Song Contest

by Stereogum


Will FerrellWill Ferrell will star in a new comedy for Netflix about the Eurovision Song Contest. The film, called Eurovision, will be co-written by Ferrell and Andrew Steele, as Deadline reports. More »
14 Jun 16:21

Christina Aguilera’s New Album Is Pretty Good. Does Anyone Care?

by Stereogum

This headline is homophobic.

Christina Aguilera - LiberationAlong with her fellow ex-Mousketeers Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera proved to be one of the most durable hit-makers of the Y2K-era teen-pop explosion. Long after most of their peers found alternate careers in show business or disappeared from pop culture entirely, these artists kept sending singles to the top 10. Spears survived … More »
14 Jun 03:00

Teen At Country Music Fest Has Head Rescued From Tailpipe

by Stereogum


A 19 year-old girl got her head stuck in a tailpipe after getting too drunk this past weekend at the Winstock Country Music Festival in Minnesota. There isn’t really a subtle way to introduce that. I imagine the conversation that led to this insane scene went something like this: "Wow that's a huge tailpipe. I … More »
12 Jun 20:02

Rotten Tomatoes' 150 (5) Best LGBT Movies of All Time


Anyone who thinks God’s Own Country means more to me than Gia is not an ally.

Every website/publication/person with a Twitter has a list of favorite LGBT films, and Rotten Tomatoes is no exception. Not sure how they arranged their choices - they aren't ordered by freshness scores - but here are some of their picks!

#142 Set it Off (63% Fresh)

Plot Summary: After being fired from her job as a bank teller, Frankie (Vivica A. Fox) begins working at a janitorial service with her friends Tisean (Kimberly Elise), a single mother; Cleo (Queen Latifah), a boisterous lesbian; and Stony (Jada Pinkett), who is dealing with the recent death of her brother. The women are struggling with their finances, so they decide to start robbing banks. At first the group is successful, but they soon attract the attention of an obsessive detective (John C. McGinley).

Critics Consensus: It may not boast an original plot, but Set It Off is a satisfying, socially conscious heist film thanks largely to fine performances from its leads.

#104 Gia (92% Fresh)

Plot Summary: Gia Carangi (Angelina Jolie) travels to New York City with dreams of becoming a fashion model. Within minutes of arriving, she meets Wilhelmina Cooper (Faye Dunaway), a wise and high-powered agent who takes Gia under her wing. With Cooper's help and her own natural instincts, Gia quickly shoots to the top of the modeling world. When Cooper dies of lung cancer, however, Gia turns to drugs -- and both she and her career begin to spiral out of control.

#69 Other People (87% Fresh)

Plot Summary: A struggling comedy writer in New York City (Jesse Plemons) returns home to Sacramento to care for his dying mother (Molly Shannon) in this affecting family drama from Saturday Night Live writer Chris Kelly, marking his directorial debut.

Critics Consensus: Other People resists easy melodrama, rewarding viewers with a smart, subtle look at family dynamics with a talented cast and a finely calibrated blend of funny and serious moments.

#37 Pariah (94% Fresh)

Plot Summary: Teenage Alike (Adepero Oduye) lives in Brooklyn's Fort Greene neighborhood with her parents (Charles Parnell, Kim Wayans) and younger sister (Sahra Mellesse). A lesbian, Alike quietly embraces her identity and is looking for her first lover, but she wonders how much she can truly confide in her family, especially with her parents' marriage already strained. When Alike's mother presses her to befriend a colleague's daughter (Aasha Davis), Alike finds the gal to be a pleasant companion.

Critics Consensus: Pulsing with authenticity and led by a stirring lead performance from Adepero Oduye, Pariah is a powerful coming out/coming-of-age film that signals the arrival of a fresh new talent in writer/director Dee Rees.

#5 God's Own Country (99% Fresh)

Plot Summary: A young farmer numbs his frustrations with drinking and casual sex until a Romanian migrant worker sets him on a new path.

Critics Consensus: A quiet, moving rumination on loneliness and newfound intimacy, God's Own Country marks an outstanding directorial debut for Francis Lee.


Recommend some of your favorite LGBT films, ONTD!
12 Jun 00:50

Sarah Paulson Takes Us Back to Square One in Prada at the “Ocean’s 8” World Premiere

by Tom and Lorenzo


Oh thank GOD. Sorry to be melodramatic about it, but her recent foray into romanticism in her red carpetry did not give us the gay tingles. She looked fine in it, but that’s because she can look fine in a fairly wide range of styles. The lady can work almost anything when she puts her mind to it. But the really bold, slightly hard-edged realm of style? That’s hers to rule.



Nice to see you back on the throne, queen.

This is stunning. We can’t imagine we won’t consider it among the more memorable looks of the year. There’s not a thing we’d change about the styling here. From the matchy bag to the bold makeup to the slicked-back hair, it’s all working to give us a push-pull of elements that blend to make a uniquely gorgeous whole.




Style Credits:
Customized Prada Gabardine Gown Embellished All-over with Fluorescent Green Sequin Embroidery from the Fall 2018 Collection
Jennifer Meyer Jewelry
Ana Khouri ‘Christy’ Gold and Diamond Earring
Brian Atwood Shoes

Styled by Karla Welch | Hair by Chris McMillan | Makeup by Adam Breuchaud

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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07 Jun 14:35

New Prince Album Piano & A Microphone 1983 Coming This Fall, Hear A Track

by Stereogum

I'm crying, this track is so good

Prince-Piano-And-A-Microphone-1983Today's Prince's birthday; if he hadn't so shockingly died a couple of years ago, he'd be 60 now. And not coincidentally, today's the day that Prince's estate has announced the previously-teased release of the never-before-heard live album Piano & A Microphone '83, which is coming out this fall. The nine-song, 35-minute album is a … More »
04 Jun 17:00

Dolly Parton Scripted Anthology Coming To Netflix

by Stereogum

oh hell yes

Dolly PartonNetflix is taking a page from NBC's playbook. After two TV movies based on Dolly Parton songs on the broadcast network, the streaming giant has picked up an eight-episode scripted anthology with the same premise. The untitled Parton anthology will see each episode based on a song by the country music icon. Parton will serve … More »
03 Jun 22:00

Maria, 26

“I’m wearing some Monki pieces, thrifted pajama pants, shoes unbranded and the bag is from Italy. Illustrations, other people, everyday life and interesting clothes, in general, inspire my style. My current favorites are a Korean brand called Neon Moon, light blue, my hair color, and a designer called Ana Ljubincović.”

23 May 2018, Koe18

03 Jun 21:12

Miska, 23

”Everything I’m wearing is from UFF, I just repainted the shoes and ripped the sleeves of the blazer. At the moment I like vintage Comme des Garçons, oversized blazers, and gender-free dressing.”

23 May 2018, Koe18

27 May 14:37

U.S. median home price would buy 371 square feet in today’s Boston: Analysis

by Tom Acitelli

ooofa doofa

The median home price nationally, by the way, is $200,000

It’s no secret that Boston’s is one of the nation’s most expensive housing markets. But a new analysis from real estate research site PropertyShark certainly puts things into skull-splitting perspective as to just how expensive.

The site took the approximate national home-price median of $200,000 and penciled out what that might buy in major markets nationwide. Turns out that in Boston it would buy 371 square feet of living space.

Only in Manhattan (126 feet) and San Francisco (260 feet) would it buy less. Boston was just ahead of San Jose/Silicon Valley, where $200K would command 376 square feet.

Maybe consider Cleveland? There, $200,000 can buy 3,769 square feet. Cleveland, then? Is that the plan?

21 May 14:31


14 May 16:57

What’s Inside Your Caboodles?

by Kate

where’s my caboodles??!

Ready to get organized?! This little beauty is actually a new Caboodles find, in mini form! Available for a mere $10 via Urban Outfitters, it’s the perfect size to keep on display at all times. After filling it with your favorite products, of course! Speaking of, today we take a look inside of my Caboodles, and I’ll even list some fabulous ’80s products that are still on the market. In case you want to fill your Caboodles with little reminders of the “recent retro”…

In my Caboodles: Revlon Nail Enamel, a plastic cuff by Tarina Tarantino (not ’80s, not brand-new either), banana clips and flexible rollers (reminiscent of Benders). Although not photographed, I also keep a Bonne Bell Lip Smacker in one of the trays. Dr. Pepper flavor, of course!!

What’s in your Caboodles?! When I shared a sneak peek photo from this blog post on Facebook, you guys said you enjoyed a few of the ’80s items below (I’ve added a few more ideas for fun):

You’ve heard the famous Caboodles origin story, right? In the ’80s, Wheel of Fortune hostess Vanna White was photographed with her makeup case–a plastic tackle box! It was only a matter of time before a more stylish version of this amazing idea emerged, and thankfully Caboodles were born.

There’s something so breezy and summery about the colors and forms of Caboodles, don’t you think?! Whether you collect original ’80s models or enjoy browsing the current retro-style offerings from Caboodles, there are plenty of options for hunting down these treasures.

What will you keep stocked in your Caboodles?! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment so we can all get some retro-fabulous ideas for ours…

Thanks for reading. XOXO, Kate

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10 May 02:49

Met Gala 2018 Trend Watch: Golden Chalices

by Tom and Lorenzo

Jasmine & Rosie some of the best of the night for me tho

Met Gala red carpets are about as luxurious as red carpets can get, but this year’s theme inspired a heightened level of opulence in the style choices. But certain bold and committed fashionistas aside, celebrities will always tend toward the easy route in their style choices. So rather than looks mimicking the intense gilded grandeur of a basilica, you basically just had a bunch of ladies opt for gold dresses and call it good.



Emily Ratajkowski in Marc Jacobs

This is pretty enough, but it’s the Met Gala, honey.



Evan Rachel Wood in Altuzarra

This gave us some of the grandeur we were hoping to see with all of these gold looks, but the pants and the footwear are making sad trombone sounds. And her head styling isn’t really up to the level of that cape, which begs for major drama in the styling.



Jasmine Sanders in H&M

Again: pretty enough, but underwhelming. And that skirt gives her diaper realness.




Kerry Washington in Ralph Lauren Collection

This underwhelmed us in the context of the setting, but we’d almost certainly fall all over this with praise if it showed up on a different red carpet than this one. It’s underwhelming for the Met Gala, but it’s still a pretty fierce look on its own.



Kiersey Clemons in H&M

Once again: It’s the Met Gala, honey. This is generic. You don’t go generic for the Met Gala.



Kim Kardashian in Atelier Versace

Chalice Barbie.



Naomi Watts in Michael Kors Collection

A subtle take on ecclesiastic shapes and styles, rendered in an opulent gilded wallpaper of a textile. It’s a surprisingly strong and on point design from Kors, but the styling wasn’t up to the drama.



Rosie Huttington-Whiteley in Ralph Lauren Collection

It’s dramatic enough, but what can we say? We wanted our gilded divas to come a little more goddess-like and a little less Oscars night.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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10 May 02:48

Met Gala 2018 Trend Watch: Get Thee to The Nunnery

by Tom and Lorenzo

LOVE greta's look

We won’t lie to you, darlings. There are so many Met Gala looks to get through that we’re kind of arbitrarily imposing themes on theme just to group enough of them together for a post. We’re only saying that because we don’t want to belabor the joking title of this one. While a few of these looks have a distinctly ecclesiastic or nun-like quality, they’re mostly just a bunch of mostly black looks with a bit of Met Gala drama to them.

Having said that…


Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton

We’re kicking off with something rather clearly modeled on priest-wear. Given how badly Louis Vuitton has treated her in the past, we’re pleasantly surprised by how distinctly chic this is. The leather gloves strike us as a bit much, although the look would be missing something if she ditched them.



Bella Hadid in Gareth Pugh x Chrome Hearts

She looks like some sort of cleric in the Star Wars universe, which is really all we need to consider here. It’s bold, weird, grand and dark. It’s honestly a bit more than we expected to get from her.



Greta Gerwig in The Row

Another one who didn’t shy away from a clear and obvious inspiration. This references everything from nun’s robes to Puritan-wear, lightly encompassing a broad range of austere Christian styles. We love it. It takes some boldness to wear something like this. We just wish the head styling had the same sense of severity to it. She’s too softly made up, we think.



Laura Dern in Proenza Schouler

Trust Miss Laura to wear a big ol’ ankh to this one. Still, without belaboring the point, we like the priestessy vibe of this one, even if it comes off a bit low-key for the venue. Also, the necklace just doesn’t go at all.



Ruth Negga in Louis Vuitton

Ruth, we love ya, but this is just okay.



Tessa Thompson in Thom Browne

If you took away all the styling choices, including the hang-a-jacket-off-one-shoulder one, you’d be left with a fairly basic black dress. Still, we can’t fault her and her team of styling this one up for maximum drama. The clerical collar choker is a nice, if slightly obvious touch, but we’re not convinced on that jacket and the drag queen makeup seems a bit overdone for the look.



Tiffany Haddish in Brandon Maxwell

We’re not sure the white train truly works behind the black pants, but there’s a lot here to like. The style seems perfect for her; a sort of formal activewear feel. And it’s got a sense of drama to it that doesn’t ask her to step outside her comfort zone.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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09 May 05:45

Met Gala 2018: Lana Del Rey’s Heart-Piercing Gucci Extravaganza

by Tom and Lorenzo

one of my faves of the night! also loved zendaya, SZA, diane kruger, riri of course, and CARDI B

We tend to place this one at a halfway point between our “She sure did bring it” Sarah Jessica Parker take and our “Miss, you have taken things entirely too far” Katy Perry take:

In other words, she brought it, and then she took it too far. But we admire her commitment and the richness of the symbolism and imagery (all of which is explained in the credits below). From a design perspective or a style perspective, we can’t really sign off on any of this. And while it does tip over into costume, the specificity of the references take it somewhere a bit more interesting than just “Sexy Angel” or even “Sexy Pope.” We respect it, even if we don’t love it.



Style Credits:
Custom Gucci Silk Cady and Lace Gown Inspired by Our Lady of Sorrows. The Bodice Features ‘The Seven Sorrows of Mary’ with the Initials ‘LDR’ on the Sacred Heart. The Skirt Features Hand-stitched Gold Metal and Colored Silk Thread Embroidery Inspired by Baroque Floral Motifs and Daggers with a Pleated Tulle and Lace Underskirt
Custom Gucci Handmade Headpiece with Painted Feathers and Crystal Halo and Handmade Antique Glass Stick Representing the Eyes of Saint Lucy

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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29 Apr 10:01

Third Turns 10

by Stereogum

dang time flies

'Third'In the beginning of the movie Annihilation, Alex Garland's recent interpretation of Jeff VanderMeer's novel, the music almost feels like a nondescript placeholder. There's a manipulative feint in the usage of Crosby, Stills, & Nash's "Helplessly Hoping," which initially sets the tone: As the group of women led by Natalie Portman enter the mysterious Shimmer, … More »
28 Apr 17:48

Birthday Sluts

by Michael K

how is she 70

Kate Pierson (70)
Allison Iraheta (26)
Martha Hunt (29)
William Moseley (31)
Jenna Coleman (32)
Patrick Stump (34)
Ari Graynor (35)
Sally Hawkins (42)
Nigel Barker (46)
Cory Booker (49)
Tess Daly (49)
Kylie Travis (52)
James LeGros (56)
Sheena Easton (59)
Ace Frehley (67)
Ann Peebles (71)
Anouk Aimée (86)
August Wilson (1945-2005)
Cuba Gooding, Sr. (1944 -2016)
Casey Kasem (1932-2014)
Coretta Scott King (1927-2006)
Jack Klugman (1922-2012)


24 Apr 03:15


19 Apr 00:13

Backwards. They write.

by adamg

Sarah don't tell Than :(

You think the developer of this complex is working on anything in Plain Jamaica or Bay Back?

18 Apr 06:02

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt at Variety’s Power of Women: New York

by Tom and Lorenzo

LOL, i love that this was an edit for them. As a professional bulge-hunter it was the first thing I noticed.

Their movie’s a hit and now it’s time for the victory laps.

She is giving us her Emily Bluntness, serving up exactly what we would expect from her, even if it is just a tiny bit more low-key than we’d have liked to see. She looks extremely well put-together and on-point. The seaming is just a little distracting and we don’t see the point of restricting the sequins to the yoke. But she looks pretty and we have no other criticisms other than maybe a wistful remembrance of her bolder style days.

It feels like he’s stepping it up a bit. It’s a Prada suit, after all. Once a straight guy starts breaking those out, you know he’s really feeling himself. It’s way more business-like than we like to see on the red carpet (and it feels like you’re missing the point of Prada if this is the Prada you pick), but it seems they’re both entering a sort of low-key married couple/unfussy professional phase of their style. It’s impeccable and he looks great in it, which is what matters most.

EDIT: Not so impeccable. His fly’s down. Oh, John. You almost did it, buddy.


Style Credits:
John Krasinski: Prada Suit | Christian Louboutin Shoes
Emily Blunt: Prada Dress | Lorraine Schwartz Jewelry | Jimmy Choo Clutch | Gianvito Rossi Shoes

Styled by Jessica Paster

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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16 Apr 18:10

Beyoncé Staged a Balmain Runway Show Heavy With Meaning and Messages at Coachella

by Tom and Lorenzo

this performance was incredible.

She also gave one of the greatest concert performances of AT LEAST the last decade, so she’s got that going for her too, but we, being the fashion bitches we are, were all about the Balmain WERQing going on simultaneous with her slayage.

Also: We just would like to put it on the record that we wrote the title “Bey Came to Coachella to Slay” roughly two dozen times before deleting it each time. We knew it was a tired line, but the temptation was just so strong, kittens. We suppose we could’ve just taken it further by rhyming it with “cliche” somehow.

Anyway, fashion:



We are bowing down, Space Nefertiti. Teach us your wisdom.

There is nothing about this that isn’t perfect from a stagewear or branding perspective. We’d argue it’s also pretty close to perfect from a design perspective as well. Every detail – colors, textures, embellishments – is balanced beautifully by the others. No single element overwhelms the look, nor does it collapse into a indistinct, visually muddy mass. It sells an image that’s so pure and direct, you don’t need more than an instant to clap onto it, but it pays off further, the longer you look at it.

Beyonce likes to fine-tune every detail of her onstage look because she knows her intense fandom will spend time decoding it down to the last stitch. In other words, she dresses for a social media-rich culture when she performs. She reportedly CHANGED HER NAILS MID-PERFORMANCE. She knows her fandom will discover that kind of detail, discuss it, decode it, and ultimately conclude that she did it just for them; a secret detail she didn’t have to do but did it anyway, specifically for the people who will zero in on that sort of thing. All the details of her looks here, but especially this one, demonstrate that same kind of thinking. It’s a form of spectacle that she has rather brilliantly recast as a series of highly personal messages to the faithful.


Which isn’t to say that every costume here is riddled with hidden messages or complexity. Sometimes, you just wanna hook up with your girls and remind everyone that the three of you kick ass, sound great, and remain hot as hell. Sequined camo just makes good damn sense in this instance.



Sometimes her parade of bodysuits can get a little repetitive. And in a lot of ways, this look borders on being Generically Bey in that sexy/militaristic way she does things now and then. It’s a fine look, but we really like it with the jacket, for offering a slightly different onstage silhouette for her.



Interspersed with the ever-present royalty and militaristic themes, she adopted a strong set of visual references to HBCUs and black college life and culture. One of the things that fascinates us about how she presents herself visually is that she can routinely step onstage in garters, thigh-highs, fishnets, and patent-leather bodysuits, but there will always be a set of details that elevates the look beyond the usual fetish gear-inspired pop diva costume design. Putting a visual that evokes education, pride, and self-worth in the center of what would otherwise come off as fetish gear is bold; not just because it works, but because people don’t even notice the juxtaposition.



In the end, she basically put on a pep rally for black people, which was a gloriously defiant and fabulous way to encode her set, the first headlining black woman at Coachella. We would not claim the type of knowledge or experience to decode everything Beyonce does from a racial perspective, but there truly is something beautiful and admirable about the way she makes her intense stardom about the communities to which she belongs.



[Photo Credit: Beyoncé’s Instagram, Coachella, Balmain]

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16 Apr 12:44

First trailer look at Ryan Murphys 'Pose'


Why watch Paris Is Burning pastiche when you could just watch.... Paris Is Burning?

-Pose will be airing on FX starting Sunday, June 3rd at 9pm.

-First season will consist of 8 episoes.

-Pose has the largest cast of transgender actors in series-regular roles on a tv series.

-Based on the underground LGBTQ world known as ball culture.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
11 Apr 00:50

nyctaeus: ‘A Cluster of Rats’, a Japanese Netsuke (small...


‘A Cluster of Rats’, a Japanese Netsuke (small sculpture) dated late 19th century

10 Apr 17:59

Parker Posey Knows How to Get it Done at Netflix’s “Lost In Space” Los Angeles Premiere

by Tom and Lorenzo

my queeeen i didn't know that she was going to be in this! will be watching now.


Oh, don’t get us wrong, now. This dress is pretty terrible. The fabric looks flimsy and the drape n’ shape are both terrible. But we expect a decent amount of cray from Miss Parker. In fact, we’re terribly disappointed on those rare occasions when she does not serve high enough amounts of cray. And besides, we can’t think of a better time to work a weird little metallic dress than at the premiere of your reboot of Lost in Space. And if nothing else, she paired it with some great jewelry pieces. It all makes us smile and say “How Parker,” as if we were good friends.

But for real, girl. In the manner of imaginary good friends, we have to be honest with you: The Jane Fonda hair is aging and those jewelry pieces would look great paired with a plain black suit. We’re just saying.




Really looking forward to this one. Fingers crossed, it won’t be a disappointment.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages – Video Credit: Netflix via]

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03 Apr 15:35

Kylie™ Minogue Shares 'Stop Me from Falling' Music Video + A New Song 'Raining Glitter'



The Goddess of Pop released a music video for one of her Golden tracks 'Stop Me from Falling'. The video was filmed during the #Golden underplay shows. Enjoy!

Ms. Minogue also shared a brand new song 'Raining Glitter'. The track is taken off her upcoming album 'Golden' coming out April 6th.

Source1 Source2

Have a great Easter weekend, ONTD!
28 Mar 14:49

Tinashe reveals Joyride tracklist! Little Dragon collab confirmed!



tinashenow Joyride 4/13 + guess which track is coming out on Friday?

- Tinashe just revealed the Joyride tracklist on her instagram. The pre-order begins this friday and she'll also allegedly drop "Me So Bad (feat. Ty Dolla Sign & French Montana)" with it.

- Joyride drops April 13.

28 Mar 03:43

11 of 12 of this year's opening weekends were led by women and/or POCs


fuck yes

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise. The one weekend winner that was led by a white male was the quickly-forgotten Maze Runner sequel, starring Dylan O'Brien, back in January.

-- First 4 out of 5 weeks of 2018 were dominated by Jumanji, starring The Rock and Kevin Hart
-- 1 week went to Fifty Shades Freed starring Dakota Johnson
-- this past weekend's top grosser was Pacific Rim: Uprising starring John Boyega
-- and of course 5 weeks were topped by the behemoth that is Black Panther, starring Chadwick Boseman and Lupita Nyong'o

Week 13 will be led by a movie starring one of Hollywood's 50 interchangeable white guys in their early-mid 20s.

24 Mar 12:45

DENA – “Imaginary Friends”

by Stereogum


DENA is the project of Denitza Todorova, a singer/songwriter born in Bulgaria who dove into Berlin's multi-faceted music scene last decade. Since relocating, Todorova's gradually worked on a sound that combines strains of pop, '90s dance music, R&B, and rap -- all while taking subtle harmonic influence from her Balkan upbringing. After releasing her debut … More »
20 Mar 22:26

Britney Spears for Kenzo’s “La Collection Memento Nº2” Ad Campaign

by Tom and Lorenzo

stunning fashion queen

Britney Spears is the new face of Kenzo’s “La Collection Memento Nº2” ad campaign photographed by Peter Lindbergh.








[Photo Credit: Peter Lindbergh/Kenzo]

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