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21 Jul 00:58

Arlington modern contemporary with lakeside location asks nearly $1.9M

by Tom Acitelli

ice house indeed. i usually love modern but this is like... not the vibe.

Walk-out roof deck

The 5,009-square-foot modern contemporary at 16 Spy Pond Parkway on Spy Pond in Arlington went up in 2009.

It’s on sale now through Century 21 for $1,875,000.

The spread comes with flourishes such as a walkout roof deck with an outdoor fireplace; an exterior of red cedar, copper, stone, and concrete; a see-through fireplace on the open first-floor; and 6-foot windows just in case things aren’t airy enough.

The 11-room spread’s original owners are selling the house.

18 Jul 22:16

Boston’s 25 most expensive homes for sale, mapped

by Tom Acitelli

guess whose boss has a home on this list unamused

Two neighborhoods dominate

Listings in Back Bay and Beacon Hill dominate our updated map of the 25 most expensive homes for sale in Boston.

Twenty-two of the listings are in those two enclaves. The remaining three—in the Ritz-Carlton, Millennium Tower, and 10 Farnsworth—are in downtown, Downtown Crossing, and Fort Point, respectively.

Also, the 25 are overwhelmingly condos, though some are duplicates—that is, combined units are listed together and in separate parts or iterations (the same is true of a couple of townhouse listings).

One final note: These 25 represent active listings, and therefore do not include ones with pending deals or contracts.

Now, from priciest to cheapest, the 25 most expensive homes for sale in Boston.

14 Jul 01:51

Photographer says Marshalls sold his work on a shirt without his permission, sues

by adamg

i'm sorry, the irony of this guy suing marshall's for using his photo of a white model in a headdress...

From the complaint: One of the shirts in question. See the original photo.

A Texas photographer is seeking up to $125,000 for each shirt that Marshalls sold bearing what he says is an unauthorized reprint of part of one of his photos.

In his copyright suit, filed this week in US District Court in Boston, Jamie Ibarra of Austin says Marshalls' owner, TJX of Framingham, slapped part of his photo of a naked woman in a native-American headdress on clothing with no regard to his copyright on the work.

In addition to the $125,000 for each shirt, Ibarra is seeking any profits Marshalls made on the shirts, plus penalties and legal fees.

Complete Ibarra complaint (2M PDF).

13 Jul 19:48

Martta, 39



“I’m wearing a Mannisto jacket, an Acne denim shirt, Fendi glasses, and Isabella Marant silk pants. Different cultural elements from Africa, South America, Middle East and Asia inspire my style. I love cultural mixtures, for example this Mannisto jacket has ancient Inka cat prints printed on denim. After my son Pepe was born a year ago I started to wear much more colors, prints and happier clothes. My current favorites are Mannisto, Rolf Ekroth, Juslin Maunula and ONAR.”

26 June 2017, Iso Roobertinkatu

11 Jul 20:56

Boston’s Liberty Hotel: Take a video tour

by Tom Acitelli


The 19th-century building was born as a jail

The bones of Boston’s 300-room Liberty Hotel date from 1851, when it was born as a distinctly different property: The Charles Street Jail.

Boston architect Gridley James Fox designed the 220-cell jail in the form of a cross, its four wings shooting off from a central, octagonal rotunda with a 90-foot atrium. That way, inmates could be divided by gender and category of offense.

The jail’s 30 arched windows were meant to provide plenty of ventilation and natural light to those inmates.

Though both the cross design and the windows were supposed to render the facility more humane than your average 19th-century jail, it became notorious for overcrowding. Still, it would be nearly a century and a half before federal authorities forced its closure.

Between its opening and that closure over Memorial Day Weekend in 1990, the Charles Street Jail held such notables as civil rights activist Malcolm X, disgraced Boston Mayor (and Massachusetts Governor and Congressman) James Michael Curley, and Italian anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti.

As for the Liberty Hotel there now, its design from Cambridge Seven Associates and Ann Beha Architects retains the soaring rotunda and other original details—including some cell bars.

11 Jul 14:25

isopoly: “glimmer”



07 Jul 12:59

Viktor & Rolf Fall 2017 Couture Collection

by Tom and Lorenzo

tag yourself

03 Jul 03:37

Britney Spears Sings "Happy Birthday" at Singapore Concert


lol the wendy gif is meeeee


Britney? vocalist?!
29 Jun 00:58

Tommy Hilfiger's daughter (Ally) gets married



Ally, 32, and her longtime (7yr) beau, Steve Hash, wed in Mustique, a private island in the Caribbean. They have a 2 year old daughter together, her name is Harley.


what would you wear as your wedding outfit?
27 Jun 15:20

Calvin Harris - "Feels (feat. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean)" Music Video


katy perry is over but this song is good

25 Jun 18:53

Delpozo Resort 2018 Collection

by Tom and Lorenzo

oh wow this is The Vibe



[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Delpozo]

The post Delpozo Resort 2018 Collection appeared first on Tom + Lorenzo.

21 Jun 12:21

The Golden Girls: Rose’s Bedroom

by Kate

Today I’m sharing another Golden Girls design post! I’ve continued to enjoy watching episodes on Hulu, especially since my daughter was sick last week and I’m now sick this week. Which means lots of late-night feedings that are perfectly paired with scenes of the girls’ late-night cheesecake snacks in the kitchen! But since I’ve already blogged about the Golden Girls’ kitchen style, today’s post is dedicated to the breezy, ’80s Deco look of Rose’s bedroom. Lots of rattan and a sprinkling of pastels give this space beachy style. I’ve played up the light, coastal look to create an updated version of the space.

But first, a few screen shots from the show. These images are from the episode Brotherly Love (Season 3, Episode 8). The screen shots are super blurry when enlarged, so believe it or not, you can actually see more when they’re smaller. Check out the episode for a closer look:

Ready to get the look at home? While many of the items featured below can be tracked down for a fraction of the price at your local Goodwill, I’m linking to the images used in the collage in case you’re tempted to buy anything you see in today’s post! Because it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for while thrifting. A word about the cloud wallpaper in Rose’s bedroom…I did everything I could to find something similar. This is the closest I came to discovering a match, but it’s a bit too “flower power” for the chill ’80s vibe I’m going for here. Perhaps you can find some locally sourced vintage cloud wallpaper, or maybe you can construct your own accent wall using cloud decals. And now…

Here’s what you need to get the look of Rose’s bedroom:

a rattan headboard

beachy bedding

tropical pillows in peach and white

a Deco-style sofa

a woven side or coffee table

’80s Deco lamps

Here’s to bringing summer style home all year long! Thanks for reading. XOXO, Kate

Original post at The Golden Girls: Rose’s Bedroom
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16 Jun 13:12

Björk - Conversation With Anohni (2010) - [AAC-M4A]

by björk guðmundsdóttir
AAC-M4A download link: - - Björk:
Conversation With Anohni (2010)

info: anohni phoned björk in 2010 (for "antony & the johnsons takeover the guardian") to talk about environment in the future, nature + technology, western medicine + alternative medicine, scientific knowledge, re-context/ing big bang, stephen hawking, USA/UK media power, alternative energy sources, the empire of oil + coal, climate change, celebration of oxygen and incarnation dialogues.

photos @

please buy her albums + support this superb and unique icelandic/nordic artist @

re-encoded to AAC-M4A [superiour björklossless sound] by
06 Jun 20:47

Susanne Sundfør – “Undercover”

by Stereogum


In recent years, the Norwegian singer, songwriter, and producer Susanne Sundfør has recorded tracks with people like M83 and Röyksopp. But on her own, Sundfør makes tender, considered, eloquent singer-songwriter music. And this summer, she'll follow up her 2015 LP Ten Love Songs with a new album called Music For People In Trouble. More »
29 May 23:39

Cupcakke releases video for #SongOfTheSummer "CPR"


"i've got 3 holes for it like a pretzel" is truly my favorite lyric of the year thus far

Have you saved a life before, ONTD?

25 May 20:43

POP MUSIC EMERGENCY! Carly's "Cut To The Feeling" Is Out In FULL!



follow-up to this post

  • The song samples Madonna's 'Lucky Star'.

  • Officially out tomorrow according to PopJustice.

Listen @ the SOURCE
+PopJustice source

I dare the CarLGBTy non-believers to hate this...

@mod, I only tried to do a recap of all the info that was in the other post for the lazy people, I took it out now. This version of the song is still brand new! Also, I don't know if the source of the audio will embed properly, hence why I didn't try :)
24 May 05:35

Katy Perry and a militia of drag queens tear up ‘Saturday Night Live’ with “Swish Swish” performance

by Editors

FOREVER ANGRY WITH KATY PERRY and she is perhaps more obnoxious than ever BUT this song is a bop and she really did bring some legends up on that stage, so. i'll give her this one.

There's Bryant Dorean, Brita Filter, Pattaya Hart, Jesse Havea, Yuhua Hamasaki, and more.
23 May 22:04

Britmas in May! Listen to Britney's "Take Off"


This was produced by Bloodshy and Avant and sounds a lot like Rachel Stevens' "Sweet Dreams My LA Ex" so basically i love it

Who says Christmas comes only once a year? This week we were blessed with a new leak from Britney's extensive unreleased catalogue. The track is called Take Off and was recorded at the same time as Mona Lisa (2004).

23 May 22:03

Camila Cabello - I Have Questions (Lyric Video)


so do i

23 May 17:30

Rihanna, Lupita Nyong’o Will Co-Star In A Movie Inspired By A Tweet

by Stereogum


Just last month, a photo of Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o sitting next to each other at a 2014 fashion show made the rounds accompanied by a bunch of jokes about the two of them starring in a buddy comedy movie together. Slowly, the pieces fell into place to make that dream a reality. More »
23 May 16:31

Trump’s HUD Secretary Ben Carson is attending anti-LGBT conference

by Nick Duffy

cool cool cool cool cool

Donald Trump's Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr Ben Carson is reportedly speaking to a global conference of anti-LGBT activists in Hungary.
22 May 16:53

More and more straight dudes are becoming obsessed with the idea that they might be gay

by Graham Gremore

The Gay Agenda

"I just woke up one day and I was suddenly obsessed," 26-year-old Darren says. "It felt like everything I thought I knew about myself was falling apart. It didn't make any sense."
21 May 23:42

Orbitz Studio Gemz!

by Keyse

oooo this would be a fun little day trip

Orbitz Studio is one of the places that I hope to visit soon. Located in Bridgeport, CT it's not too far from Boston and has a ton of gems! Orbitz Studio is currently having a special pop up shop during the weekends and special scheduled viewings during the week.

Check out their amazing inventory on their web page and if you visit or order anything online mention Crocodile Tears for 10% off. From the pics and my talks with their founder, Kwesi, it appears that the store has more items in stock at various price points. They also seem like some awesome folks who can talk design with passion! 
*fyi, this is not a sponsored post, I just like OS a lot!

So much beauty! 

Beautiful backs 

I sort of love this wall hanging, check out the artwork on the walls 

Love this simple design and the legs! I love hiding boxes under my dresser, this design is perfect for that 


This is pretty awesome. I had a white record player growing up with a built in tape deck, I was really hesitant to buy CDs when they first came out. My dad insisted I get a Disc man. I eventually came to love to CDs...but, I still have records and need a new record player. If you have the space, this is a true beauty. 

If you need some badass speakers, these are it! They are in excellent condition too. 

18 May 04:53

Roseanne Revival Officially Green-lit by ABC



All members of the main cast will reprise their roles, with Lecy Goranson returning as Becky and Sarah Chalke appearing in an undefined role.

11 May 16:42

Miley Cyrus – “Malibu” Video

by Stereogum

Why do I love this? It's so boring. She sounds like Neko Case though.

On her 2013 album Bangerz, Miley Cyrus dived completely into turnt-up Atlanta rap, recording with super-producer Mike Will Made-It. With her 2015 curiosity Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, she teamed up with the Flaming Lips and went all the way off the deep end. But now Cyrus has a new album coming back, … More »
05 May 00:12

On the Street…Left Bank, Paris

by The Sartorialist



02 May 21:14

Science may have found a link between biology and men who bottom

by Graham Gremore

i came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now

Do you have an older brother? Are you left-handed? Then you are probably a bottom.
28 Apr 00:00

That Thing You Do! Cast Reunites To Perform As The Oneders

by Stereogum

omg i'm dead

Just when you thought The Oneders would never be a thing again, the fictional (yet legendary) band came back together after more than 20 years -- and naturally, they seriously jammed. Three of the That Thing You Do cast members, Tom Everett Scott (drummer Guy "Shades" Patterson), Ethan Embry (the unnamed bass player) and Johnathon … More »
25 Apr 21:16

As L.A. Pride embraces anti-Trump resistance, advertisers head for the exit

by Dan Tracer


“The community is behind us.”
18 Apr 15:23

Controversial BBC horror mockumentary Ghostwatch available for first time in U.S.


this is creepy

On Halloween night in 1992, the BBC1 first aired a special called Ghostwatch. Its narrative was presented as live and real television, causing a bit of a panic among viewers. An estimated 30,000 calls were made to the BBC within an hour during the broadcast, and one suicide was associated with the film. [Source]. The movie was not aired again on UK television, but there have been a few international airings in countries such as Canada and Belgium. Ghostwatch can be found on DVD in the UK.

Ghostwatch entailed the live, on-air investigation of a poltergeist occurring inside of a family's house in Northolt, Greater London.

Until recently, Ghostwatch still had yet to be officially released overseas in the United States, digitally or on home video. The horror centric streaming service backed by AMC, Shudder, has acquired the movie for its members. It's available now to stream.


What are your favorite found footage horror movies or mockumentaries?