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01 Dec 20:18

Kerri Chandler announces reel-to-reel hologram live show in London next November

Spaces And Places will debut at The Roundhouse in 2021.
04 Jun 13:00

Mix Of The Day: Gabrielle Kwarteng

The New York DJ delivers a mix the channels the dance music legacy of her home city.
14 Aug 21:43

11-year-old hacks replica of Florida's state election website in less than ten minutes

by Gina Loukareas

Can we please have paper ballots nationwide? Last week at DEFCON 26 in Las Vegas, eleven-year-old Emmett Brewer hacked into a replica of Florida's state election site and changed the voting results. That's scary enough. What's even scarier is that it took him less than ten minutes. An eleven-year-old girl was able to hack into the same site in about fifteen minutes. And more than THIRTY kids were able to hack into replicas of other states' sites in less than half an hour. That is straight up alarming and you'd think the folks in charge of our state and federal elections would be concerned about this and want to take immediate action. That would be the normal reaction. But we're a long way from normal.
In a statement regarding the event, the National Association of Secretaries of State said it is “ready to work with civic-minded members of the DEFCON community wanting to become part of a proactive team effort to secure our elections.” But the organization expressed skepticism over the hackers’ abilities to access the actual state websites. “It would be extremely difficult to replicate these systems since many states utilize unique networks and custom-built databases with new and updated security protocols,” it read. “While it is undeniable websites are vulnerable to hackers, election night reporting websites are only used to publish preliminary, unofficial results for the public and the media. The sites are not connected to vote counting equipment and could never change actual election results.”’
I'm sure we'll be fine, though. Congress is hard at work to protect the sanctity of our elections to ensure we don't have a repeat of 2016. Oh, wait. No, they're not. An 11-year-old changed election results on a replica Florida state website in under 10 minutes [Michael D. Regan/PBS][Image: Pixabay]
09 Oct 08:51


by daniel


05 Sep 20:03

The last of the 16-bit heroes

by Jason Kottke

When Grant Hill and Jason Kidd retired from the NBA this week, they were the last players who appeared in the NBA Jam video game from 1994. There are still three active NHL players who appeared in the classic NHL '94: Teemu Selanne, Roman Hamrlik, and Jaromir Jagr. Kotaku's Owen Good takes a look at which athletes were the last men standing from 8-bit and 16-bit sports video games.

Landeta, whose last game was in 2005, is the last man on the Tecmo Bowl roster to appear in an NFL game, beating out the Raiders' Tim Brown, the 49ers' Jerry Rice and Minnesota's Rich Gannon, all of whom retired in 2004.

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19 Jul 22:14

TV: Great Job, Internet!: Here are some amazing behind the scenes photos from the early days of Sesame Street

by Kayla Reed

These special photos have likely been in existence in books and online for a while, but they have recently made the rounds on Tumblr, and they're just too good not to pass on. The pics offer a peek behind the scenes of Sesame Street in the 1970s, when Jim Henson didn't take great care of his Muppets, and they're rather enchanting. They offer glimpses at Snuffleupagus storage, Slimey's 4th Of July apparel, and how two puppeteers work together to make Ernie look like a fully functioning entity.

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17 Jul 18:24

TV: Newswire: Mark and Jay Duplass' comedy for HBO is definitely happening

by Kayla Reed

HBO greenlit the Duplass brothers' single-camera comedy pilot back in January, and now the network has given it an official series order. Togetherness will star Mark Duplass, Amanda Peet, Melanie Lynskey, and Steve Zissis (who has appeared in many other Duplass productions). Jay and Mark Duplass will write, direct, and executive produce the eight episodes. 

Togetherness revolves around two couples living together “who struggle to keep their relationships alive while pursuing their individual dreams.” Mark Duplass and Lynskey will portray a seemingly ideal married couple, whose real lives are far more problematic than they seem. Peet will play Lynskey’s sister, while Zissis turns up as a homeless actor. Production is scheduled to begin early next year. 

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17 Jul 16:02

by daniel

nbd catching the ball

10 Jul 18:32

nitehawkcinema: All right everyone, we have a new winner for...


All right everyone, we have a new winner for Best Nitehawk Dropping ever.


(uh hey nitehawk, what is the prize for winning?)

09 Jul 23:43

Traktor DJ for iPhone, iPad Are Free Through Sunday; Use Them to Promote World Peace

by Peter Kirn

If you’ve been pondering picking up Traktor on iOS, now is probably your moment. Both the iPhone and iPad versions are completely free. Native Instruments confirms with CDM that sale will end Sunday. (The sale celebrates the fifth anniversary of the iTunes App Store.)

Traktor DJ for iPhone
Traktor DJ for iPad

By the way, while it’s not free (unless you, uh, steal it from a friend), the Z1 hardware NI is touting as a mix controller for Traktor feels really terrific. I’ve been messing about with it a bit and the hardware is really top-notch, not the chintzy business one associates with some of the more toy-like offerings for iPhone and iPad accessories.

While it may earn you the ire of purists, it seems a perfectly reasonable way to do digital DJing. And apart from fitting more easily into compact DJ booths, that mobile form factor of the iOS version means you can run away from violent vinyl aficionados even faster. They also can’t lean over and close your laptop lid if you’re using an iPad. (Seriously, apparently some vinyl freak did that. Apparently, some people have moved on from the battle between vinyl versus digital and on to simply trying to prove they’re an a******. No contest.)

Anyway, grab this, take the money you’ve saved, and buy someone you love a beer. In fat, bring over that person who plays with CDJs or vinyl and have a beer with them.

Like I said: world peace.

Hat tip to Synthtopia for picking up on this.

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08 Jul 18:26

by daniel

svu dgaf

03 Jul 17:11

TV: Newswire: Breaking Bad spinoff that was in development now in super-serious development

by Sean O'Neal

After  more than a year of hearing that a Saul Goodman-centered Breaking Bad spinoff was being “eyed,” “explored,” and “mulled,” Vince Gilligan has upgraded the project's condition to “full speed ahead,” which is funny because meth. Still, behind the increasingly delightful wordplay, there’s still not much in the way of concrete decisions: “It's not a done deal yet, but it's definitely something we're full speed ahead on trying to get going,” Gilligan tells The Wrap, noting once again that he and Breaking Bad producer (and Saul creator) Peter Gould are still “plugging away” on a concept they can pitch to Sony, with the hope it would then develop as a series with Gould as showrunner. Included in that plugging away, as always, is deciding what exactly this show wants to be. As Gilligan says:

There's a way to make it a half-hour show and ...

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02 Jul 22:33


02 Jul 18:08

Music: Great Job, Internet!: Here's an incredible archive of early gigs by 22 legendary artists

by Mike Vago

Ever wished you could have seen the Ramones at CBGB in 1974? Or the Beatles at a club in Liverpool in 1962? Or the Smiths at the Hacienda? User Daniel Kohn, on no-fi web site, has compiled 22 video clips of sparsely attended early gigs from a legion of heavy hitters, ranging from Nirvana rocking out in an empty Radio Shack four years before "Smells Like Teen Spirit" hit it big to an 11-year-old Beyonce rehearsing in a backyard with Destiny's Child.

The clips also include high school gigs by Green Day and Eminem; the first-ever performances by Pearl Jam and Rage Against the Machine; the Beastie Boys from their punk days; Rihanna at age 15; then-teenage U2 on Irish TV; early rehearsals by Oasis; and early clips of The Who, Pink Floyd, LL Cool J, Guns 'n Roses, Social Distortion, Soundgarden, The Strokes, Biggie Smalls, and ...

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02 Jul 17:54

Tesla Scores In Fight To Sell Cars Directly To Consumers In North Carolina

by Mary Beth Quirk
No dealers required.

No dealers required.

Tesla Motors is probably popping the bubbly after scoring a major hit against naysayers in North Carolina: The state’s House of Representatives recently struck down a bill that would have put the smackdown on direct-to-consumer sales of cars.That could make it as easy to order a personalized car as it is to buy a laptop online. [via Engadget]

02 Jul 14:51

by daniel

anonymous mask v for vendetta

02 Jul 00:47

by daniel

karl malone

01 Jul 21:38

1991′s excellent 1991 EP to get vinyl reissue

by Joseph

distortion of time.

1991's excellent <em>1999</em> EP to get vinyl riessue

1991′s gorgeous 2012 debut will arrive on vinyl later this month.

Astro:Dynamics have continually impressed in the last 18 months, picking up releases from lush Young Echo outfit Jabu, pretty electronica producer Lotide, and, on the exceptional from-the-vaults collection Excavated Tapes 1992 – 1999, Best Available Technology. Still lingering in the memory, however, is Axel Backman’s splendid debut EP as 1991, released last September as a download-only release. In contrast to the splenetic techno of Backman’s MCMXCI work, 1991 was an involving collection of frazzled electronica and dreamy ambient, tailormade for fans of Actress’ R.I.P or the Spectrum Spools catalogue.

A new 1991 EP is in the works for the label, but, for now, Astro:Dynamics are giving the EP a second crack of the whip. As Juno Plus report, 1991 will get its maiden vinyl release in a fortnight. The new edition will arrive on limited transparent blue vinyl, and, as per the original, will feature seven originals and a supplementary remix.

1991 is due on 12″ on July 15. The day before the reissue drops, Backman will play his first UK show at London’s redoubtable Cafe OTO. He’ll be joined by Lukid side gig Arclight; head here for further information and tickets. Click below to stream the EP.

A1. Reborn Ice Horn
A2. Fabric Of Space
A3. Open To The Dark
A4. Tangerine Lidl
B1. Distortion Of Time
B2. Domination Translates Directly Into Efficiency
B3. Where Do I Hide From Myself
B4. Reborn Ice Horn (Ond Ton’s Reborn In 1991 Remix)


01 Jul 19:43

Great Job, Internet!: Wiki Wormhole: List of Inventors Killed By Their Own Inventions

by Mike Vago

With over 4 million articles, Wikipedia is an invaluable resource, whether you're throwing a term paper together at the last minute, or restoring the page for your old band from college that someone keeps deleting for being "not significant." But follow enough links, and you get sucked into some seriously strange places. We explore some of Wikipedia's oddities in our 4,267,004-week series, Wiki Wormhole.

This Week’s Entry: List of Inventors Killed By Their Own Inventions

What It’s About: For every triumph of human ingenuity, there are countless failures. Most go unnoticed; some even lead to eventual success; a special few failures are so spectacular they result in not only the death of an idea, but in the person who had the idea. Enterprising Wikipedia editors have compiled 24 such tales. Some involve successful inventions with unintended consequences—Marie Curie discovered radium, then died of ...

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01 Jul 18:36

The slow squeeze, on Astoria Blvd east of Steinway.

The slow squeeze, on Astoria Blvd east of Steinway.

29 Jun 18:46

Prosthetics maker does a roaring trade in replacement pinkies for ex-yakuza

by Cory Doctorow

Shintaro Hayashi, a Tokyo prosthetics maker, spent most of this life making medical prostheses for people who'd lost breasts, limbs, etc, but now does a booming trade in fake pinkie fingers for ex-yakuza gangsters who don't want to broadcast their criminal past (yakuza members who screw up have their pinkies lopped off in retaliation).

The doctor molds silicone prosthetic pinkies, made to seamlessly mask the amputation, making for a smoother transition to the outside world. Priced at nearly $3,000 each, the fingers are carefully painted, to match the exact skin color of the client. Former yakuza members, who make up 5 percent of Hayashi's business, often keep several sets of fingers for different seasons – the light skinned version for winter, and a tanned look for summer.

Hayashi sums up his clientele in three categories: Those who are dragged into his office by girlfriends worried about their reputations, ex-members who are eager to move up the corporate ladder but worried about the repercussions of their past being exposed, longtime yakuza who have no intention of getting out, but need to cover up for a child's wedding or grandchild's sporting event.

"Many people keep a fist, to prevent detection," he said. "But there comes a point where you can't hide your fingers any longer. Some people have one joint severed, others have worse," he said.

Prosthetic Fingers Help Reform Japan's Feared Yakuza Gangsters [Akiko Fujita/ABC]


20 Jun 19:52

Sneak a peek of Laurel Halo’s home studio

by Chris

Sneak a peek of Laurel Halo's home studio

The Brooklyn-based talent opens up about her production process.

Halo is the latest producer to open her studio for Resident Advisor’s Machine Love series. The in-depth interview touches on her recording process, her studio and live set-ups, and her approach to gear. It is also accompanied with some great photos of her work space.

“Building upon what small studio stuff I have, which took work and time and money… I would use a lot more plug-ins and soft synths and stuff like that, and there it required a lot more patience in regards to mapping parameters to a MIDI controller, getting in and editing envelopes in Ableton,” she says. “There was a lot of pointing and clicking. I feel that a software setup can work brilliantly for some people, it just got really frustrating for me and it’s so nice having this tactile approach now.”

Read the whole thing now over at Resident Advisor, and check out FACT’s review of Behind the Green Door, a record which Maya Kalev found to be Halo’s “most “dance music” release since 2011′s Hour Logic.”


20 Jun 19:25

Portraits of Abandoned Dogs

by Baptiste.B

Photographer Martin Usborne has a fascination for dogs and love to capture them in different situations. With the series “Nice to Meet You”, the London artist offers portraits of dogs through different materials or substances to reflect the instinctive part of each. More after the jump.

Nice To Meet You-7 Nice To Meet You-6 Nice To Meet You-5 Nice To Meet You-4 Nice To Meet You-3 Nice To Meet You-2 Nice To Meet You- Nice To Meet You-8
20 Jun 19:13

by daniel

running up walls

20 Jun 16:34

A view of the grand white castle of Schloss Neushwanstein in...

A view of the grand white castle of Schloss Neushwanstein in Germany, 1925.
Photograph by Hans Hildenbrand, National Geographic

20 Jun 14:54

Download seven classic mixes from Jeff Mills’ late-’80s Detroit radio show

by chal

A set of vintage mixes have been made available to download to celebrate sci-fi techno genius Jeff Mills’ 50th (!) birthday this week.

The seven half-hour sets were taken from Mills’ WLJB Detroit radio show between 1986 and 1989, which he presented under his pseudonym The Wizard.

German blog Nerdcore, who kindly uploaded the mixes, reckon they were probably recorded straight to cassette – hence the slightly iffy audio quality. But don’t let a bit of tape hiss put you off techno (and funk and hip hop) this good. [via XLR8R]

Mills will join Robert Hood, Timeline and James Ruskin at the launch of this year’s series of The Hydra in London on 24 August.

Stream and download the mixes below:


19 Jun 21:16

Stream the sublime new Mu-Ziq LP Chewed Corners now

by John

We are the µ-Ziq makers.

It’s been way too long since the last solo album from Planet Mu boss and veritable electronic music survivor Mike Paradinas (six years to be exact), but now we finally get to hear his long awaited new opus. It’s quite surprising too – a long way from the hiccuping fast edits and corrosive breaks of his earlier ‘drill ‘n bass’ material, Chewed Corners is a remarkably more cinematic affair.

Paradinas appears to be taking a leaf out of fellow Mu veteran Kuedo’s book and looking to Vangelis’s Blade Runner OST for influence, and that’s no bad thing at all – just check the thick, doomy synth-laden textures on ‘Christ Dust’ for proof. It’s not all doom and gloom though, Paradinas’ unshakable zany streak is present throughout, and by the time we reach the album’s final track ‘Weakling Paradinas’ we may as well be in Ibiza. [via XLR8R]


19 Jun 16:26

Oneohtrix Point Never signs to Warp Records, announces new album R Plus Seven

by John

Never say never.

Daniel Lopatin‘s influential strain of faded electronic music has served as a cornerstone in the last few years, so it’s hardly surprising that the prolific American has made the move to Warp Records, a label that puts him alongside Autechre, Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada. This move comes with brand new album R Plus Seven, which is billed by the label as being somewhat more structured than his previous experimental efforts, Warp say “the music itself comes as close as Lopatin has ever gotten to anything resembling traditional song structure” which certainly has our interest piqued.

R Plus Seven‘s predecessor Replica was Lopatin’s most developed (and for many most rewarding) record so far, and was proof that the producer had no intention of languishing in the dreamy Tangerine Dream worship of his formative releases. What exactly this might mean for the new record is unclear, but one thing’s certain – we can’t wait to find out.

R Plus Seven is due for release on September 30 via Warp Records.


01 Boring Angel
02 Americans
03 He She
04 Inside World
05 Zebra
06 Along
07 Problem Areas
08 Cryo
09 Still Life
10 Chrome Country


18 Jun 18:24

vickyrexpoopsart: Always watching.


Always watching.

18 Jun 18:16

Iceland resumes whale hunting, endangered Fin Whale killed

by Xeni Jardin

"Kristjan Loftsson, CEO of the the company Hvalur hf." Photo: News of Iceland.

Icelandic news outlets are reporting that an Icelandic whaling company, Hvalur hf, "caught its first fin whale yesterday evening," after sailing out yesterday with two boats, both due back in port today.

Fin whales are the second-largest whale, and are classified as an Endangered species.

From News of Iceland:

The whale quota is for 154 fin whales but 20% of unused quota from last season can be added to that number, so possibly a total of 180 whales will be caught. Since 2009 there has been in effect a five year licence to catch the species so that licence expires this year. All of the products from the fin whales will be sent to Japan, except for the fish meal and the fish oil, they are for human consumption. Around 200 people will be employed because of the whale hunting, at land and sea. The products will be processed at three locations in Iceland: Hvalfjord, Hafnarfjord and Akranes.

The Animal Welfare Institute, one of many animal advocacy groups protesting the hunting of this endangered species in Iceland, issued a press release condemning the kill:

Susan Millward, executive director of AWI, said, “Contrary to statements from Icelandic government officials, these majestic animals, second in size only to blue whales, are not ‘Icelandic’; they belong to no one country. Fin whales are highly migratory, endangered, and are protected under a number of international treaties.Today’s killing of an endangered fin whale makes it absolutely clear that years of international diplomatic efforts have failed, and that Iceland is determined to act as a rogue whaling nation, no matter the cost to this species, and to the country’s own tourism and seafood industries.”

From Agence France Press:

Fin whales are the second largest whale species after the blue whale. Iceland also hunts minke whales, a smaller species. That hunt began in May, and so far seven minke whales have been harpooned, whaling officials said.

The International Whaling Commission imposed a global moratorium on whaling in 1986 amid alarm at the declining stock of the marine mammals. Iceland, which resumed commercial whaling in 2006, and Norway are the only two countries still openly practising commercial whaling in defiance of the moratorium.

Japan also hunts whales but insists this is only for scientific purposes even if most of the meat ends up on the market for consumption.