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Here’s an important message about macho goldfish from university baseball in Japan

by Master Blaster

Television coverage of baseball in Japan really takes you inside the game like no other.

The Japanese collegiate sports world was rocked recently by a dirty tackle executed by a football player from one of the nation’s top schools and the furious finger-pointing that ensued in its wake.

Luckily, we still have university baseball as a bastion of sportsmanship and honor, and that’s not all! In a recent University of Tokyo game, as second baseman Hirata “Hira-chan” Masaki appeared on camera, the caption below his name held a startling revelation about the player.

▼ Caption: “Wanted to make goldfish macho and put protein in the aquarium”


🍑のん🍑 (@Aice5_mdk) May 27, 2018

If you’re a completionist who likes to know everything – and I mean everything – there is to know about the game and its players, you’ll appreciate this little tidbit. Otherwise you’ll probably just be weirded out by it. It triggered the imaginations of other Twitter users, who posted what something like that might turn out like.

@Aice5_mdk 「....俺に何食わせた?」

幼女先輩 (@Lawrence_0326) May 27, 2018

@Aice5_mdk これ思い出したわ

ケント@MHW (@zokuga) May 27, 2018

This is far from the first time TV graphics people have decided to have a little fun. During the last nationwide election, there was a spate of odd subtitles when winners were declared, including proclamations that Minister of Finance Taro Aso liked One Piece and PM Shinzo Abe loves Black Thunder chocolate bars.

安倍さんブラックサンダー好きとか 好感度上がりまくった 18歳になったら投票します!!!

ひ な (@hi_na_0917) October 27, 2017

It’s not always clear how accurate these factoids are. It’s certainly believable that Abe loves Black Thunder, because you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love those thrifty packets of chocolatey goodness. Sure enough, a quick search reveals that he does quite enjoy them.

安倍さんもブラックサンダー好きみたい笑 かわいい❀˳꒰*ॢ´◡`*ॢ꒱❀ #ブラックサンダー

マシュマロ (@marshmallow0755) October 23, 2017

As for Masaki, a quick look at his bio reveals that he is enrolled in the School of Agricultural and Life Sciences majoring in Chemistry of Bio-based Materials. Therefore, feeding protein to goldfish doesn’t seem entirely out of his wheelhouse. Perhaps the broadcaster was just being facetious about his actual research.

That’s important to know, because if you happen to want to buff up your own goldfish, you shouldn’t go tossing chunks of hamburger into the bowl. It’ll probably end badly. Instead leave it to the scientist pioneers of tomorrow, like second baseman Hira-chan to find the best way to achieve fins of steel.

Source: Twitter/@Aice5_mdk, The University of Tokyo Baseball Club
Featured image: Twitter/@Aice5_mdk

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13 Feb 16:22

Check Out Trends and Products from 2018 Kitchen and Bath International Show

by Cynthia Bowman

The Kitchen and Bath International Show (KBIS) is the biggest show of the year for kitchen and bath designers and manufacturers. It took place in Orlando last month and the product offerings were pretty hot — especially if you’re into modern and contemporary design. Here’s a round up of the best kitchen and bath trends and products from KBIS 2018.

Show winner: Grid faucet by Kallista

kitchen and bath trends for 2018

The striking design and black finish, which was a big show trend, earned this faucet the KBIS Best in Show prize. Image: Kallista

Walker Zanger Liquid Forms Tile

kitchen and bath trends for 2018

The tile manufacturer hosted the inaugural Kaza Design Competition in search of the best and most innovative new tile design and the winner was this Liquid Forms, by architect Aybars Asci, now available as part of the Kaza design collection.

V-Zag Glass Shower Door by Vanessa Deleon for Coastal Shower Doors

Part of the Coastal Shower Doors Insider Series, the V-Zag features a chevron pattern with gold on the glass panels.

WineSteward Wine Dispensing System by Vinotemp

kitchen and bath trends 2018

The WineSteward, a wine cooling and dispensing system that keeps wine fresh for 45 days, can be integrated into kitchen cabinetry.

Verdera by Kohler Voice Activated Mirror

best bathroom trends for 2018

The Verdera has built-in Amazon Alexa technology so you can voice activate the lighting, send it commands and stream music much like you could in any other Alexa device.

Electric Marble by SICIS

best kitchen countertop ideas

SICIS has figured out how to take ordinary marble and insert bold colors like fuchsia, turquoise, gold and silver into the material.

Expanding Table Mechanism by Richelieu

A brilliant idea for those with limited space and counter area. Richelieu created this sturdy and elegant-looking stowable counter surface.

NikolaTesla All-In-One Cooktop by Elica

A cooktop designed for the true minimalist, this surface by Elica not only cooks but also extracts smoke, eliminating the need to have an overhead hood.

Essence Interchangeable Color Faucet by Grohe

If your mood and style change often, you’ll like the new addition of color to the Essence faucet collection by Grohe. It’s easy to swap out the color to update the look of your sink on a whim.

DXV Modulus Bath Suite

The items in the Modulus Collection by DX are all contemporary, interchangeable, floating in design and modular so homeowners can create the bath suite of their choice.

 Professional Series Range by Bertazzoni

The Professional Series features old-school chronograph dials and the most vibrant yellow, orange or red finish you’ll ever see.

Vale Hardware by Belwith Keeler

Belwith Keeler has been making hardware for 125 years. The Vale knob was first introduced in its 1953 Modern Hardware catalog. New finishes were introduced at KBIS to update the classic design.

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