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27 Apr 15:31

An Alien Facehugger Ski Mask

by Justin Page

Face mask

Mondo teamed up with Middle of Beyond to design a fantastic Alien Facehugger Ski Mask and help celebrate “Alien Day.” The acrylic ski mask, as well as many other Alien themed goodies, are available to purchase from the Mondo store.

Face mask

Face mask

Face mask

images via Mondo

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25 Mar 11:47

A Lifelike Robot Agrees to Destroy Humans During an Interview at SXSW

by Glen Tickle

Sophia, a lifelike robot developed by Hanson Robotics, agreed to destroy humans during an interview at SXSW with CNBC. Sophia’s creator Dr. David Hanson jokingly asked the robot, “Do you want to destroy humans?” The robot, appearing to simply want to be agreeable, answered with a polite, “Okay, I will destroy humans.”

image via GIPHY

via Geekologie

24 Mar 14:56

Mini Materials, A Line of Miniature Construction Materials Made From Real Wood, Cement, and Brick

by Glen Tickle

Mini Materials Collection

Mini Materials is a line of miniature construction materials made from real wood, cement, and mix. The line includes miniature wood two by fours, concrete cinder blocks in 1:12 and 1:6 scale sizes, wood pallets, and even mortar mix that can all be used to create realistic miniature construction projects.

Mini Materials Mortar Blocks and Bricks

Mini Materials Concrete Mix

Mini Materials Jersey Barrier

Mini Materials Concrete Blocks and Quarter

photos via Mini Materials

via Bless This Stuff

20 Mar 20:54

This Footage Of A Fast Attack Submarine Breaking Through Thick Arctic Ice Is 'Chilling'

by Tyler Rogoway on Foxtrot Alpha, shared by Melissa Cronin to Gawker

This footage of the Los Angeles Class fast attack nuclear submarine USS Hartford breaking through the ice in the Arctic Circle is unbelievably awesome. I’ve never seen aerial imagery of such an operation, but it looks like the earth is hatching a nuclear submarine.


16 Mar 17:37

A Comment Assistant Robot That Helps You Argue Online When Fighting Internet Battles

by Scott Beale

Inventor and developer Simone Giertz created a hilarious Comment Assistant robot to help people argue online when fighting internet battles.

It has finally arrived! Let the Comment Assistant™ fight your internet battles for you. A sample of the logical arguments the Comment Assistant™ is capable of:


14 Mar 13:47

Clinton Forgets Sanders Was 'Literally Standing Right Behind Her' on Health Care Reform in the '90s

by Melissa Cronin

i love this...

Memory is a funny thing, and it’s even funnier when you’re in the midst of a bitter fight for the highest political office in the country.


13 Mar 20:14

Turn Girl Scouts Cookies into a Cheesecake

by Melanie Pinola

Did you buy too many Girl Scouts cookies this year? It happens to the best of us. If you’ve got Thin Mint or Samoas fatigue, here’s how to transform those cookies into a completely different, awesome dessert: Cheesecake.


05 Mar 00:37

First shot on Tiger Woods designed golf course is a hole-in-one

Tiger Woods designed a Par 3 course for Bluejack National and was there to open it together with some specially chosen kids from the area. Little did they know they'd witness not only the first tee off but also the first hole-in-one. I hope the kid brought his pocket money to buy all those who saw it a drink in the bar.
05 Mar 00:37

Glass Skyslide to be added to exterior of California's tallest skyscraper

by Jenna McKnight

A glass-enclosed "skyslide" is being added to the US Bank Tower in downtown Los Angeles, offering thrill seekers the opportunity to glide down the building's exterior. (more…)

04 Mar 14:36

1979 Taco Bell Commercial

by Scott Beale

This enthusiasitic 1979 Taco Bell commercial is oblivious to the imminent possibility of gasoline rationing.

via reddit

04 Mar 14:36

How to Make Giant Gummies in the Shape of Popular Bottled Drinks

by Justin Page

i love the way the dude narrates the videos... super nerd!

AwesomeDisneyToys has created a fun video series where they demonstrate how to make giant gummies in the shape of popular bottled drinks. So far, AwesomeDisneyToys has created spot-on gummy versions of Powerade, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Mountain Dew, and Fanta Orange drinks.

04 Mar 06:50

Red Wing Heritage Debuts New Weekender Collection

by John J. Kim
This season, Red Wing Heritage releases the Weekender collection, a stitched down collection of American-made lightweight footwear. Unlike the brand's traditional work-boot lineup, the Weekender collection is inspired by the classic desert boot and designed for casual weekend wear. Red Wing's ...

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04 Mar 06:46

Watch an Artist Transform Driftwood into Amazing Animals

by Craig Couden

The PretenderJames Doran-Webb creates lively-looking animal sculptures out of steel and driftwood.

Read more on MAKE

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04 Mar 06:38

A smash and grab at a Houston gun store

It is pretty easy to buy a handgun in America, but if for some reason you get refused or simply spent your money on jawns instead of guns you might need to steal some. And that's what this squad did.
04 Mar 06:32

This 1,700-Year-Old Roman Mosaic was Discovered by Construction Workers

by jessbush

A few months ago in Lod, Israel, construction workers were building a visitor centre when they stumbled across something that captured their attention. A 1,700-year-old roman mosaic of incredible beauty and intricacy, an example of exceptional artistic ability, concealed for centuries beneath the rubble.


The sprawling mural (covering over 180 square meters) is said to have served as the living room floor of a luxurious villa during the Roman and Byzantine periods, when Lod was still known as the ancient roman city of Lydda.

The northern section of the mosaic was discovered in 1996, when construction workers were upgrading the city’s sewer system. This discovery was dubbed the Lod Mosaic, and has been exhibited in art galleries and museums across the globe including the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Louvre in Paris, and the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

Cini Installation Image

“Many Roman mosaics have been found in Israel, but the discovery at Lod has attracted considerable attention because the mosaics are of exceptional quality and in an excellent state of preservation” –

Its incredible condition can be credited to the way in which the ancient mud brick walls of the building had crumbled, over 1,500 years beforehand, perfectly protecting the artwork from the elements.

An employee of Israel’s antiquities authority works on a 1,700-year-old Roman-era mosaic floor in Lod, Israel, Monday, Nov. 16, 2015. Archaeologists found the mosaic last year while building a visitors’ center meant to display another mosaic, discovered two decades earlier at the same spot. The authority said the newly discovered Roman-era mosaic measures 11 meters by 13 meters (36 feet by 42 feet) and paved the courtyard of a villa in an affluent neighborhood that stood during the Roman and Byzantine eras. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

The mosaic depicts images of fish, birds, flowers in baskets, a leopard hunting its prey, precious urns and facets of pastoral life.

What they did not know then, was that this discovery was only a small part of a far greater one, to be left uncovered for another 20 years. What is even more exciting about this discovery is that archeologists now believe even more of the complex could lay beneath the bustling streets of Lod, yet to be uncovered.

DSCN7385 DSCN7361 waddesdon-003PP OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATake a tour of the Lod Mosaic, and learn more about its history at

04 Mar 06:29

All the more reason to cycle!

by Sarang Sheth


Having recently completed its Kickstarter campaign as a runaway success, the Boncho is every biker’s dream. You see, Only Mary Poppins can cycle with an umbrella in her hand, and raincoats clearly weren’t designed for bikers who needed an instant way to block out the precipitation. Enter Boncho, a smart and highly effective water-resistant poncho you can wear while riding a two wheeler. It folds open in a jiffy so you’re not wet by the time you have it assembled, and it packs just as easily into a compact little circular avatar. Now it may turn a few heads when you’re sporting a cycling-poncho, but hey, at least you’re not completely drenched, eh? Win!

Designer: Vanmoof




04 Mar 06:22

NikeLab Has an Exclusive Colorway of the LunarEpic Flyknit

by John J. Kim
Billed as the future of running, the LunarEpic Flyknit features a mid-height collar and new tooling for a virtually vanishing fit. The shoe is offered for men in a total of nine introductory colorways, along with this sleek tonal style that's a NikeLab exclusive. Details include a black ...

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04 Mar 06:08

A Thermal Imaging Camera Captures Coffee, Toast, and an Omelet Being Prepared for Breakfast

by Glen Tickle

Footage taken with a thermal imaging camera by Scott Sorensen captured his process of preparing coffee, toast, and an omelet for breakfast. He also filmed himself doing the dishes afterwards.

via Sploid

04 Mar 06:06

adidas Originals Introduces the NMD City Sock

by John J. Kim
adidas Originals is set to launch the NMD City Sock, a mid-cut iteration of its wildly popular NMD model. Inspired by contemporary functionality and high-fashion sensibilities in equal measure, the NMD_CS1 employs a sock-fit Primeknit textile upper finished in a clean striped motif, mounted ...

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01 Mar 20:43

Rush Uses Clip of ‘South Park’ Characters Trying to Play ‘Tom Sawyer’ As a Live Intro to Their Song

by Justin Page


Rafael Abilio has shared footage from Rush‘s “Snakes & Arrows Tour” (2007-2008) featuring a video intro to their song “Tom Sawyer” where characters from South Park, who formed a band called Lil’ Rush, attempt to play the popular song. After Cartman messes up the lyrics and gets yelled at by Stan, members of the actual band appear on stage and rock their song for the crowd.

via reddit

29 Feb 18:17

The Macbook Selfie Stick, An Exaggerated Device for Taking Self Portraits With a Laptop

by Glen Tickle

Macbook Selfie Stick

Artists Moise(Art404)John Yuni, and Tom Galle have created the Macbook Selfie Stick, an exaggerated device made for taking selfies with a laptop at the end of a long pole.

Macboo Selfie Stick Times Square

Macbook Selfie Stick Washington Square Park

Macbook Selfie Stick Starbucks

photos via Macbook Selfie Stick

via PetaPixel

29 Feb 18:16

Cats Leaping In Celebration of Leap Year

by Scott Beale

In celebration of leap year, Kyoot Animals has created a compilation of cats leaping from various places.

29 Feb 14:40

Screaming Trains Passing By In Distress

by Scott Beale

so stoops...

theseheavenlybodies created a silly video dubbing in screams to replace the sounds of trains that are passing by.

via reddit

19 Feb 16:32

Chewbacca Actor Peter Mayhew Is Sharing Pages From the Original Star Wars Script on Twitter

by Justin Page

Peter Star Wars

The tall and friendly actor Peter Mayhew, best known for playing Chewbacca, is currently sharing a few pages per day from the original Star Wars script as he leads up to a “big announcement.”

Peter Star Wars

Peter Star Wars

Peter Star Wars

images via Peter Mayhew

18 Feb 00:48

Jordan Brand Delivers a New Take on the "Bred" Air Jordan 1

by John J. Kim
Jordan Brand's classic "Bred" color scheme has been released in countless iterations over the past several years, and this new GS version of the iconic Air Jordan 1 demonstrates that particular creative well has yet to run dry. The instantly familiar silhouette features a nicely textured leather ...

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17 Feb 17:14

Man Spins a Basketball on Top of an Open Umbrella While Balancing It on His Chin and Sets RecordSetter World Record

by Justin Page

Springfield, Illinois juggler and entertainer Brian Pankey recently set a RecordSetter world record for spinning a basketball on top of an open umbrella for 17.93 seconds while balancing it all on his chin.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

17 Feb 17:08

Shredding an Electric Guitar In an Industrial Shredder

by Scott Beale

After “shredding” on his electric guitar, Auguie Henry of SSI Shredding Systems decided to find out what it would be like to shred the guitar in one of their SSI Dual-Shear Shredders for their “Shred of the Week”.

via Atlas Obscura

16 Feb 19:07

Removing a German wasp nest in New Zealand

Before even attempting this type of removal I see the guy used a roll of duck tape to make sure none of the sting-happy guys made it into his suit.
16 Feb 18:00

Livingstones Are Surrealistic Wool Pillows, Chairs, & Floor Cushions That Look Like Oversized Pebbles

by Justin Page


Nice, France-based Stéphanie Marin of the Smarin design company has created Livingstones, a surrealistic collection of wool pillows, chairs, and floor cushions that look like oversized pebbles. The soft rock pillows, which come in different size and shapes, are available to purchase from the Smarin Shop.

A high quality surrealistic set, practical as a floor cushion. Oversized pebbles, a resting area with varying sizes and shapes that can be arranged according to your mood, for contemporary interiors. Pebbles as a fanciful landscape for ideal and permanent holidays, which can be transformed into an enjoyable domestic game.

A photo posted by smarin (@smarindesign) on

A photo posted by smarin (@smarindesign) on

A photo posted by smarin (@smarindesign) on





photos via Smarin

via DesignFaves, Lost At E Minor

16 Feb 17:58

Precision Robots Quickly Arrange and Pack Batteries on a Fast-Moving Assembly Line

by Glen Tickle

The precision FANUC M-1iA and LR Mate robots quickly arrange and pack batteries on a fast-moving assembly line at PackExpo in a 2014 video by Chris Baird.

FANUC has also created a number of product demonstration videos that highlight their robots’ features and show them in action.

via Sploid