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22 May 16:28

Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Soul Clap Balearic remix)

by Martin

Soul Clap delivers the latest remix from the forthcoming and epic Sam Smith single “Stay With Me” (taken from his album “In The Lonely Hour”), the Boston based disco dons slows down the tempo and adds hypnotic synths and drums essentially making this a go-to summer jam. Slowing down the tempo and adding in hypnotic synth and drums, Soul Clap have transformed ‘Stay With Me’ into a pool-side, summer track.

22 May 16:23

Lido – “Money”

by khal

Pelican Fly is going to have an ill next couple of weeks. Nadus is set to drop Broke City later this month, June 9 sees the release of Lido's debut EP I Love You, which features this huge number. It's one of those tracks that's hard to pin down; I like just sticking with the term "future," although it comes correct with an awesome worked vocal, unforgettable movements, and nods to a grip of genres without even really trying. Maybe the song isn't "future." Maybe that's just how Lido operates. Pre-order I Love You right now.

Image via Lido

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22 May 16:09

Donell Jones – “U Know What’s Up (option4 Remix)”

by 808sJake

When Option4 hits me up it's always a pleasure. Whether he's offering me industry guidance or just sharing some of his new tracks, the guy is always brimming with passion and positivity. His tunes show that as he's usually bringing us right into the depths of his soul with one of his originals or one of his finely choice remixes. His latest is a remix of Donnell Jones' "U Know What's Up" and it's another groovy freebie. This house jawn is sure to be a soulful summer anthem for those off the on the deep end of the pool... find me there and we'll be swimmin'.

Image via THUMP

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22 May 16:05

Schlachthofbronx ft. Nicky Da B – “Lights Off”

by Marcus Dowling

It would appear as if every time ears piqued by the latest in underground tropical bass music listen to Europe, when it comes time to head to Germany, there's no other name to check for first than Schlachthofbronx. With a now trademark style, the duo makes a sound that makes clubs worldwide thump, shimmy, shake and glisten with the sweat of excited revelers. With the May 28 release of Rave and Romance—a new album of new material—the video dropped today for lead single "Lights Off" signals that Schlachthofbronx can take any sound and truly make it their own.


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17 May 11:45

7 Beard Facts That Will Make You Want To Grow One

Facial hair: the ultimate luxury.

16 May 10:48

Le1f – Sup (video)

by Martin

16 May 10:47

visvim ALBACORE DAMAGED Selvedge Denim Shirt

by David Fischer

In line with this week’s denim theme, we present the newly released visvim Spring/Summer 2014 ALBACORE DAMAGED selvedge denim shirt. Made of original 8oz grey selvedge denim, the shirt comes in two variations, featuring elbow patchwork details made from a variety of fabrics, put together in a triangle pattern. You can buy the $1000 shirt now directly from the visvim online store.

visvim ALBACORE DAMAGED Selvedge Denim Shirt is a post by David Fischer on Highsnobiety.

16 May 10:43

HUF Summer 2014 Apparel Collection

by Brian Farmer

San Francisco’s HUF has released a solid offering of apparel for the summer season which is practically upon us. The new release is comprised of many of the same products you’ve come to love from the brand, including graphic T-shirts, tie-dye tank tops, swimming trunks, colorful short-sleeved button down shirts, and more. The HUF Summer 2014 apparel selection is now available at select stockists as well as the brand’s online store.

HUF Summer 2014 Apparel Collection is a post by Brian Farmer on Highsnobiety.

13 May 21:57

Brits do so much coke that it's in our water supply

Congratulations, Britain: we've done so much cocaine that our drinking water tested positive for it

It's official: Brits spend too much time in toilet cubicles, snorting coke and then pissing it back into the water supply. A study conducted by the drug policy think tank Transform has revealed that the authorities are losing the war on drugs – to the point where the Class A substance is contaminating our drinking water.

"We have the near highest level of cocaine use in western Europe," a spokesperson from Transform told the 

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09 May 19:57

Yes it Hurts!

09 May 19:49

visvim BANDANA 22L Backpack

by David Fischer

visvim has released a fantastic new version of their classic 22L backpack. As part of the Indigo Camping Trailer collection, the brand presents a bandana-design version of the piece. The entire upper is made of vintage bandanas, while the back features an original Native American-print lining. The bottom, handles and other details are made of premium UK suede. Priced at $1,220, you can now purchase the backpack in three colors here.

visvim BANDANA 22L Backpack is a post by David Fischer on Highsnobiety.

07 May 21:31

Mickey – Sweet Baby


Ever on top of their game, German based imprint Exploited has hit pay-dirt with the latest single from Belgian beat maker, Mickey. ‘Sweet Baby’ is a snappy little gem that has received praise from the likes of The Magician and Arthur Baker, spins on Radio1 and named ‘Mixmag Single of the Week.” An impressive resume, no doubt.


24 Apr 17:38

Stylish “PLYbike” Features Beautiful Frame Made from Wood

by Sara Barnes

A bike with a fiberglass frame isn’t the only way to ride in style. Dots Design Studio, a multidisciplinary Bangkok-based firm, makes handcrafted bicycles using timber parts. Their sleek PLYbike is composed of sandwiched wood veneer, and highlights a beautiful surface design thanks to the contrasting-colored wood. It was recently showcased at this year’s Milan Design Week.

In addition to its natural frame, PLYbike features curvy handlebars made from layered oak, teak, and walnut woods. Riders can choose between Bullhorn and Vintage style bars to complement their personal aesthetic. And because everything can’t be wood, copper-plating is used for the metal components of the structure. Its leather seat is made by Brooks, an English Company who’ve been outfitting bicycles for over 150 years. The unique combination of materials and thoughtful details make the PLYbike perfect for a trek around town.

Dots Design Studio website
via [Inhabitat]

24 Apr 17:34

Isis Salam feat. Kruse & Nuernberg – Let Go (Exploited Records)


Exploited Records

Isis Salam

Kruse & Nuernberg

Download a FREE remix of “Let Go” from Alixander III (formerly of Azari & III) HERE!

24 Apr 17:30

James Franco Looks Super Thrilled To Be On "The View"

Happy hump day!

If you look closely, you can see his "excited face."

If you look closely, you can see his "excited face."

Side note: What are Whoopi Goldberg's shoes?

The View / ABCmedianet



The View / ABCmedianet



The View / ABCmedianet



The View / ABCmedianet

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24 Apr 11:57

Shared Table Where People Can Work and Cats Can Wander

by alice

Wait a minute. Is that a cat inside a table? Created by Ruan Hao for Hangzhou and Hong Kong-based architecture firm LYCS, CATable is a functional wood table that's designed for both people and cats! Like we've seen many times before, there's been a growing trend of transforming livable spaces for the comfort of your cat. While German design company Goldtatze took that to an extreme with this indoor playground and, while, interior designer Jillian Northrup and her husband architect Jeffrey McGrew made it their mission to create this amazing transportation tube, this table is something that's a bit more attainable.

With the proper-sized holes and long passageways, the table encourages cats to roam freely around your workspace. Their natural curiosity would be satisfied by exploring the unknown paths behind each hole. According to the architecture firm, the desk was created due to cat owners' shared experience: "Putting away the cat from your lap top was like a sentimental ritual of temporary farewell."

As Hao succinctly states, "It is a table for us, and a paradise for cats.“ CATable was exhibited at this year's Milan Design Week.

LYCS Architecture website
via [Freshome]

24 Apr 11:56

Cute Marshmallow Cats Float and Dissolve Inside Coffee Cups

by alice

How sweet is this? Imagine looking down at your cup of hot chocolate and seeing this! Nagano, Japan-based marshmallow shop Yawahada is the creator of CafeCat, an adorable package of floating marshmallow cats! For 860 yen (that's about $8 US dollars), you get two cats and four cat paw prints, two in chocolate and two in vanilla flavor. Not only are they cute, they're supposedly delicious. The dissolving marshmallow cats can be put in hot soy milk, milk tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Despite the overwhelming demand, international orders are currently not being taken. The company states on their website that they're working on a system right now. However, if you plan on visiting Japan sometime soon, you can buy these while you're there. Just remember to place your order at least three weeks in advance.

Marshmallow Shop Yawahada's website and Facebook page
via [otakumode]

23 Apr 17:22

26 Maternity Shirts That Should Not Exist

Step away from the CafePress.

This tee(totaler):

This tee(totaler):

This nightmare:

This nightmare:

This abbrev:

This abbrev:

This monster:

This monster:

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23 Apr 17:14

What we wore: hardcore

Musicians and photographers tell the style story of a 1980s UK DIY underground
13. CNVm00002

Soap the Stamps is the fourth documentary in our Music Nation series. Directed by Jim Demuth, it tells the tale of late 80s UK hardcore and the kids who kept the '82 spirit alive through fervent DIY culture. The doc premieres tonight at 12.05am on Channel 4, and to mark the occasion, we’re celebrating all things hardcore – from the melting pot of punk style to playlists.

In the gallery above, musicians, zine makers and photographers share their…

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1. James 2 2. img411 3. WYD14 4. Stupids Studio 5. 3-23-2008_103 liz hurley 
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23 Apr 17:00

Lily Allen – Sheezus (video)

by Martin

22 Apr 23:21

Beautiful Portraits Hope to Change the Perception of Bully Breed Rescue Dogs

by alice

Started back in 2012, Not a Bully is a heartwarming project by photographer Douglas Sonders that aims to change the perception of rescue dogs that have been unfairly labeled as bullies. The term "bully breed" covers 14 popular dog breeds like Boxers, Rottweilers, and PIt Bulls. Essentially, they're dogs that people believe are inherently mean, aggressive or even violent. Shelters are crowded with loving bully breeds whose unfair stereotype severely limit their chances of ever finding a home.

Not a Bully hopes to change all that. Through these beautiful portraits and inspiring rescue stories, the project aims to educate the public on how all rescue pets deserve a loving home. The photographer himself adopted his own rescue dog, a Pit Bull, black Labrador mix, which inspired him to create the series. As Sonders states, "Emma had been saved from a Georgia shelter that would have put her down. She’d been circulating through the foster-care system for nine months, unable to find a permanent home. Potential adopters had been turned off by her 'scary' appearance and pit-bull background. But we connected instantly. Emma was meant to be my dog."

After he adopted Emma, Sonders, a commercial photographer who had shot ad campaigns for major companies and who had taken photos that appeared in The Washingtonian, Time, and Rolling Stone, felt compelled to create this personal project. "I love the chance to capture the true nature of my portrait subjects," he said. "I realized photography was the perfect tool to show people what Emma and other pit bulls are really like."

Not a Bully website
via [PictureCorrect]

22 Apr 23:20

Colorful Layers of Paper Form Intricate Sculptures and Patterns

by Jenny Zhang

Paris-based designer Maud Vantours is a master at constructing incredible 3D sculptures and mesmerizing patterns out of paper. After carefully cutting out assorted shapes, she meticulously builds up layer upon layer, superimposing the papers to create intricate and colorful works of art. Her paper works range from geometric patterns to dizzying spirals to delicately crafted flowers. With amazing texture, elaborate detail, and vibrant colors, each piece is a joy to look at.

Although Vantours graduated from the Parisian school Duperré with a specialization in textiles and design, her favorite medium is paper because the works can "transcend a simple material and transform it into a work of art." She says, "I love to create original graphics with multicolored and dreamlike landscapes."

Maud Vantours Website
via [Dark Silence in Suburbia]
22 Apr 23:15

Read the Obamas' tribute to Frankie Knuckles

Barack and Michelle join the long list of high-profile figures paying their respects to the late, great godfather of house

When Frankie Knuckles passed away at the tail end of last month, tributes poured in from around the world, mostly from musicians and artists who knew Knuckles or had worked with him. And if a clearer demonstration was ever needed of how keenly felt his death was, then it comes in the form of this White House letter from US president Barack Obama and the first lady, Michelle:

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22 Apr 23:04

Watch the Official Trailer for Season 2 of ‘Orange is the New Black’

by Alec Banks

Netflix continues to keep their original content momentum steaming forward following House of Cards ending their sophomore campaign with a new season of prison dramedy Orange is the New Black. The recently released trailer promises a return of favorites like Tastee, Crazy Eyes and Red, and eludes to a prison ecosystem minus the conflict between Piper and Alex. All 13 episodes of Orange is the New Black is available in its entirety on June 6.

Watch the Official Trailer for Season 2 of ‘Orange is the New Black’ is a post by Alec Banks on Highsnobiety.

22 Apr 23:04

Dr. Martens Made in England Premium Footwear Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

by Maude Churchill

Everyone’s favorite brand of hard-wearing shoes has branched out into the premium market with an exclusive two-piece collection for Spring/Summer 2014. Dr. Martens has taken two of its iconic styles and reinvented them using high-grade materials. The Emmet is an interpretation of the Dr. Martens brogue, which this time has been crafted using a patent woven leather for the upper. The Douglas is a redesign of the ubiquitous eight-hole boot. It features a much slimmer silhouette, crafted from a sumptuous black leather with perforated brogue-style detailing and slim waxed cotton laces. Both pairs are completed by the trademark Dr. Martens air-cushioned sole. Order the Douglas and the Emmet from SOTO now.

Dr. Martens Made in England Premium Footwear Spring/Summer 2014 Collection is a post by Maude Churchill on Highsnobiety.

15 Apr 20:51

This Is The Worst Wax Statue Of Angelina Jolie

And other wax disfigurements from India’s Celebrity Wax Museum.

This wax statue of Angelina Jolie can be found in a "Celebrity Wax Museum" in the small Indian town of Lonavala near Mumbai.

This wax statue of Angelina Jolie can be found in a "Celebrity Wax Museum" in the small Indian town of Lonavala near Mumbai. Pictures

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15 Apr 08:17

19 Dessert Recipes That Don't Require An Oven

These delicious desserts require no baking at all. No chances of burnt brownies here!

Snickers Pie

Snickers Pie

Recipe here.

Chewy S'mores Bars

Chewy S'mores Bars

Recipe here.

Turtle Rice Krispie Treats

Turtle Rice Krispie Treats

Recipe here.

Peanut Butter Nanaimo Bars

Peanut Butter Nanaimo Bars

Recipe here.

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14 Apr 23:30

Funk Hunk – Serious EP


Out today on Nude_isco, Denver based edit fiend, Funk Hunk drops a tasty four-tracker of slinky edits destined to inspire tail-feather shaken’ across the land. With a deft scalpel and a dance-floor sensibility, Funk Hunk reworks these forgotten 80′s jams into a collection of serious heaters your DJ crates can’t do without. My pick of the bunch is the version of Junior’s ‘Not Tonight’ with is synth-percussion intro and gangster-lean stomp. Buy it HERE and drop the sun-roof top, this is pure summertime gold, ladies and gents.

14 Apr 23:27

Nike Air Huarache “Turbo Green”

by David Fischer

With the summer around the corner, we cannot wait to break out our favorite Nike Air Huarache colorways. In our mind still one of the most comfortable sneakers out there, it returns this week in a nice UK exclusive white/turbo green version. The Nike Air Huarache comes with a clean white upper, turbo green outer sole and heel accent, as well as a subtle green speckled mid-sole. You can pick them up now from 43einhalb.

Nike Air Huarache “Turbo Green” is a post by David Fischer on Highsnobiety.

14 Apr 21:03

New York: Expectations Vs. Reality


o Porto é tão mais fixe

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of? Not so much. (2:01)

Everyone thinks life in NYC is gonna be all rooftop parties and glamorous jobs. But what's it ACTUALLY like?

Do you really think this is what romance looks like in the city?

Do you really think this is what romance looks like in the city?

Sorry, but no.

Sorry, but no.