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15 Aug 05:16

Time Management/Organisational Skills

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Time Management Tips and Tricks

Time is our most precious asset- Can always get more money but cannot create more time.

Time management is borrowing time from one place for another. (Juggling and Balancing)

General Tips and Foundations

  • Make the most out of the time you have. You have all the time you need to make your time count.
  • People are not born productive- it’s a culture that we have learned and we to change our mindset (Invest in yourself first thing in the morning)
  • People with a mindset shift will ask themselves different questions eg- What can I do with this bit of time or delay, when is my next appointment,
  • See time as an asset.
  • Have an hour of power set each day
  • Lock yourself away from distractions
  • It’s a fact that most of our day is chasing goals and improvements
  • Management of time doesn’t exist. Managing yourself is key.
  • Set goals and rewards –
  • Procrastination- Ask yourself do you really want to achieve this goal? Reward yourself to do things you do not wish to do to avoid procrastination
  • Distractions will help you procrastinate
  • Prioritising – Divide into the following categories: Important/Urgent, Not Important/Urgent, Important/Not Urgent, Not Important/Not Urgent (the Last category is normally entertainment, personal activities or wants rather than needs)
  • Learn to Delegate (Don’t Micro Manage)
  • Start with small tweaks in your schedule (eg Waking up 10min Earlier in Morning, avoiding social media for a day)
  • Set clear deadlines
  • Plan meals ahead of time – Cooking in Advance- Knowing what you want to eat in advance can save you time.
  • Set Routines- Even know what day is fish day for food
  • Multitasking doesn’t save time. Tasks are lower quality, miss out on details, can cost you more in the long run.
  • Takes time to switch between tasks- Eg Someone interrupting for only 5min can prevent you from getting back to the tasks a further 5min. Average time to switch between tasks is 8min.
  • Link actions to goals – Link Goals to people you are hanging around with.
  • Schedule your day ahead of time (Pre-Thinking) 5min at night for next day, 1 hr a week at the end of the week to plan the next
  • Take breaks for more productivity – 10-15min will help you relax and refresh you for the next task. Performance= Quality, not quantity
  • Perfectionism can be good for when you have time. However seeing things not so perfect can bring you down, and make you frustrated so enjoy what you do, and look for the good in everything even if it’s not perfect.
  • Keep your motivation or inspiration (What inspires you?)
  • Choose the most important task first
  • There will always be more to do

Using your Calendar

  • Doesn’t matter where it is – Fridge, Journal, iPhone, Desk,  Paper or App
  • Lists all the time in the day and how you can use it
  • Track Everything (Dieting example)
  • This way you will less likely do things that are less productive as you have to write it down
  • Schedule tasks like email checking (Several times a day?)

To DO List-

  • It is called a “Should do” list (on average 41% of things on this list don’t get done)
  • Place that to do list in to the calendar to make it real and actionable
  • This list normally contains important but not urgent tasks
  • Work from your calendar, not your to do list

Carry  a Notebook

  • Richard Branson’s most favorited item is his notebook
  • Jotting down notes, meetings, words of wisdom, ideas
  • Capture the information so you don’t lose it
  • Inbox for our mind, so we can walk around free of stress

Other people will delay your time and it’s a variable that has to be adaptable and useable.

  • If someone doesn’t turn up to an appointment, what can you do to fill in this gap? Where can you move something from?
  • Marketing, Companies and our Inbox will bombard us with messages as everyone wants us or our business. They will constantly keep messaging you, don’t let them take your time away
  • Shut off notifications

Yes can mean no

  • When you say yes to something you are often saying no to something else
  • Things you say yes to should be important to you
  • Learn how to say no – Procrastination exists due to us saying yes to things we should say no to. At least delay things you can say no to, for the time you have spare.
  • Say no to everything that doesn’t support your immediate goals

Pareto Principle (80/20 rule)

  • Most of the results we get (80%) we get from the 20% of tasks we do

Batch your work with recurring themes

  • Focus Days, Buffer Days, Free Days (Athletes do this for better performance)
  • Hours of Power
  • Routine Scheduling


  • Open your email when you are ready to process it
  • Similar to bills and junk mail you get in the mail, no need to open a bill unless you are ready to pay it or are doing your accounts. Batch the tasks similar to above.

Productivity is about Energy and Focus not time

  • Take care of your body – Water, Sleep, Breaks, Good Food
  • Productive people take more breaks (Sprint then rest is how we are built)
  • Hour of Power is a good example of sprinting to get more done then taking a break



  • Permission to ignore
  • Say No

Automate it

  • Create a process today to save time tomorrow (Online Bill Payments example)
  • Return on time invested (ROTI)
  • Compounding interest makes money on money. By Automating the process you make time from investing time.

Delegate It

You can delegate anything

Thinking can stop us from delegating (People can’t do what you can do)

Then choose if it needs to be done now or schedule it. If it saves you time, makes tomorrow better or improves the time management system then do it now.

Organisational Skills

More of a habit than a characteristic

Question? How much time have we spent this week looking for things?

  • Visualise Everything: Organise in a Visual Way especially if you need visuals (Trello/Ora.Pm)
  • Set aside time to organise your day (Get a mental picture of what needs to get done)
  • The Big 3 (Choose 3 top main priority tasks you need to get done in the day) Realistic goals for the day, focusing also on only 3 help you avoid procrastination ( Overwhelming stress of day)
  • Hold yourself accountable
  • Clean your Environment (If your Room is a mess, you will sleep cluttered also)
  • Perfectionism can ruin your creativity however the organisation will help a smoother workstyle. You need to choose what you wish to have as fluid and what you want as a solid. Adaptability is a great ability, staying organised is to be as fluid around the routine or solid needs of your organisation.
  • Colour Categorising (Highlighters, Post it notes, stickers)
  • Add sticky notes to your schedule book as you can remove them when tasks are done. Eg (Pick up the stock list)

Office Desk Hacks

  • Adding a green plant will make you more productive (American Association for the advancement of science) Exposure to green influences productivity
  • Light Therapy – Influencing yourself with lights to be more focus and attentive
  • Peppermint oil enhances cognitive ability (Scent therapy)
  • Warmer office – More accurate and Efficient (Cornell University)
  • Have a spot for everything. If you have a folder eg..and it hasn’t got a spot then you are not organised.
  • Don’t keep things around if they are not useful to you

Email Hacks

  • People who limit their email have significantly lower stress, which made them more productive at work. (University of British Columbia)
  • Don’t treat your inbox as an achieve (Achieve or Delete instead)
  • Don’t use email as a task manager. (Some emails may require you to do 18 other things)
  • Use Tags
  • Create rules in Email to filter to Tags or Folders
  • Hot Potato- Delegate, Do, Dump or Divert to reduce email collection
  • Set time limits on replying to emails
  • Boomerang – Send back to yourself at a later date (app on Gmail)

File System Hack

  • Folder Structure that is well designed and flexible
  • Use Encrypted Password Manager for easier and quicker login between programs
  • Alphabetical, Numerical, or Another form (Anthony Bourdain – Geo location for a restaurant)
  • (ABC) Alphabetical if you only want three levels

Personal Hacks

  • Chewing gum increases concentration (British Journal of Psychology) (Peppermint is good see above)
  • Build your habits slowly and give yourself time to become accustomed. New years resolutions are too much too soon.
  • Remove time consuming apps on your phone
  • Be specific, not general
  • Magnetic Whiteboard Refrigerator to do list
  • Sticker any days in your calendar that has something special or not in a regular routine
  • Label everything

Planning – Weekly/Daily

  • Bigger tasks can be done monthly
  • Have a routine to plan.
  • Batching tasks will speed up productivity and performance
  • Plan to have downtime – Eg picking up fuel for car, interruptions, traffic
  • Use any extra buffer time for buffer items (things you can move around) 5 minute items
  • Two is one or one is none (Have backups for everything)

Disorganised people let life catch then off guard.

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Customer Service Tips and Techniques

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Purchasing excellent customer service training does not only provide you with the capacity to deliver an adequate expertise to customers, customer service training will really make a difference in the success of your business.

Customer Service Training

Client Service training does lead to the answer, but the whole response is often more regarding behaviour and attitude. Additionally, customer service training does not start and end with coping with customers. Training may be for supervisors and managers who are centered on the definition of leadership. They could discover the way to promote personal jurisdiction in the employees they manage, the way to leverage change, and also the way to produce a shared vision to ensure workers feel they have a vested interest in the business enterprise.

Client Service training does not need to be complicated or expensive. It will not only teach you ways to SERVE your customers, but could rather provide directions on the way best to MANAGE clients.

Does the world really need another client service training regime? Should you employ customer support training and does this mean you will design or create it? Customer service training does not even need to be pricey. Client Service training does pay-off for businesses in the long term, through customer retention and the favorable word of mouth spread by its clientele.

Client Service training will exist and is steadily increasing in volume and people who have embraced it are stealing the march on the rest of the business. Purchasing uniforms, communication and client service training will make a huge difference.

What kind of customer service training can your employees get?

Interpersonal Skills training can cover topics like inter-personal communicating, self-assertiveness, turning into other people, emphatic communication, handling conflicts, making win-win circumstances, challenges and problems faced in day to day work and life, placing professional and individual activities plans for assertiveness.

Flexible Skills training may be supplied as standalone coaching or service classes in addition to the context of formal vocational training. Soft skills training may be self-guided, a mix of both.

Though the ramifications of soft skills training may be difficult to measure, the long-term benefits of getting strong and engaging leaders are unquestionable. Progress in skills training may improve employees’ lives by increasing their employ-ability, career development, and transition inside the workplace, which may enhance the financial wellbeing of local communities.

In case you are starting to see diminishing returns on challenging skills or trying difficult to determine what the payoff continues to be, then soft skills training may be the brighter investment to your future. Soft skills training may train someone on how to enhance communicate and negotiate or provide great customer care.

Your skills training may not appear to be a big deal now, but when leveraged properly, it can help you secure the area of your dreams. Soft skills training may be a part of career advice services.

An introduction to soft skills training may involve holding brainstorm sessions at which employees list the likely software for various soft skills or assisting them with role play to discover different situational outcomes. Even though the benefits of soft skills training may be hard to measure in the brief term, individuals and organisations need to appear beyond simple pain relief, and look at the symptom of a far bigger issue and observing a very long term, system-wide health plan.

A class could explain the knowledge and abilities required to employ higher degree communication skills that underpin effective office operations. Discover how to provide adequate customer support for tips on improving your service delivery. Great customer support means being reactive, being genuine and being competent. However, a whole organizational commitment from the top down and from staff members in all levels is vital to ensuring that a service implements great customer support for both external and internal customers.

Great Customer support for one client does not automatically equate to excellent customer support for one more. Having said that, it will have to be noted that excellent customer support for one retailer can be regarded as terrible or bad service for another.

Customer Support growth demands great analysis skills, organisational skills along with a person who is considering being part of a lively team, assisting them to build up the newest and goods commercialization. Utilizing a dedicated knowledge base, customer care teams can detect current and accurate information to react to clients instantly.

Client Service teams may improve customer communication by responding to clients through their favourite channels. As opposed to feeling the strain of a developing case queue, customer care teams can then be comprehensive in their job and protect against costly troubleshooting mistakes. By leveraging info, customer support groups can pinpoint debatable product areas and assist product teams dramatically improve the consumer experience.

Amazing customer care teams can change into superheroes with just a small bit of context. This fashion, your technical assistance and client service teams can turn into growth engines to your business.

Be it to stick to a script or constantly passing a customer between agents, customer care teams might feel restrained from performing their job. Customer service teams can flag this to Marketing in order that messaging is adjusted to create certain expectations match service levels. With assistance from clever automation tools which take direction from the support environment, your customer support teams can prevent dumb work and leave proactive outreach due to their own applications.

When Using email rules, customer care groups can mechanically send specific emails determined by the receiver’s actions or standing. By identifying these emails quickly and responding with a single email, customer care groups may maintain a high first-response instant. With only a few clicks, customer care teams can create deep integrations between your business and the programs and tools customers now.

Revenue and Customer service teams may also help with cross platform and up-selling by combining advertising and brand new offerings with customers. Customer service organizations may utilize automation to save time for both employees and customers. This means that teams may observe the information to have a better knowledge of how to help the client, which might subsequently be utilized to enhance customer satisfaction.

The quicker your customer service groups can help clients and resolve problems, the more joyful all celebrations will be. From time to time, customer care teams may have caught up in trying to placate the customer or prevent taking the blame, when what the customer wants is to get their problem resolved. In order to meet those high standards better, you’ll find a couple ways client service teams can supply the experience their clients want. At the worst case scenario, customer care teams can sully the brand.

Require the repetitive and time consuming workout of how customer support teams can focus on solving the complex issues that require human intervention such as that of access issues or deeper technical difficulties. Queries may also be taken care of from smartphones and tablets, so customer care teams can respond to consumer queries while they are from their office or outside workplace.

By Staff rotas to daily activities, vacations to overtime, customer support groups may be complex to handle. Construct an online knowledge base of shared issues and understood options in order for your customer support groups can respond quickly to client questions.

One dreadful customer service experience may turn off a consumer a product indefinitely. Customer care experience may be an important skill in several jobs, so you clearly must include it within your group.  Great customer support experience can change the entire perception a customer holds towards the business. Or just one lousy customer service expertise could deter potential customers from spending money using a business enterprise. That one badly handled client support expertise can then be shared and potentially reach an audience of millions!

A exceptional encounter might be your strongest competitor edge and word-of-mouth advertising catalyst! Frequently the customer care experience can be extremely dull, with places that have yummy food but where you would avoid picking a wonderful service encounter.

Recent Consumer studies have demonstrated that just one lousy customer support experience might bring about the abrupt departure of their maximum client connection. Though a bad experience could have lasting negative impacts on your business, positive encounters can make loyal supporters to your new brand for several years to come.

The overwhelming choice for internet shoppers, customer service is one of the ways that you may set your retail business apart – and also a negative customer service experience can be incredibly harmful. The expertise could make or break a small business. An excellent experience can convert a one time user to some lifelong faithful client. With using proper phrases and key words, the customer support experience could be improved and eventually become more satisfying.

Together with the energy that one lousy customer service experience could have at generating prospective business opportunities, its crucial that you simply concentrate on investing in client services. Compared to some lousy experience, so many bad encounters nevertheless occur, a superb customer support experience may be a potent source of competitive edge.

Using a topnotch team providing support for your customers can take your organization to a different level whilst offering your customers a bad client service experience can put you back equally regarding reputation and profit. Your customer support experience could be magical too!

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Customer Service Advice for Business People

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Some tips on Customer Service Training

Customer service training is the training and teaching that employees undergo to improve customer support and satisfaction. This type of training is less of an emergency but just as time-sensitive. Ongoing customer service training is essential because customer needs are constantly changing. Therefore, training is a MUST for any business establishment that offers customer service of any sort and to any extent.

This one is fairly obvious, but the whole purpose of customer service training is to improve satisfaction for valuable patrons and purchasers. Investing in training courses is probably the most valuable thing you can do for the long term success of your business. Effective customer service training is critical to your organization’s success.

Having the right merchandise on the shelves at the right time goes a long way toward cultivating repeat business at any brick-and-mortar store. Customer service training is vital to maintaining excellent customer relations. It is available in a variety of formats to best match your needs.

Investing in Customer Service

Investing in customer service training is one of the best ways to increase customer retention. Customer service training is not only for employees who interact with external customers. The goal is to introduce management to their company the way outsiders experience it. Generally, it is the training employees undergo to improve the soft skills most used during customer interactions and learn the tools needed to better support customers and their satisfaction.

In addition to the topic choices, an important feature of any customer service training is the context of the training – the environment in which the training will be conducted.

Most customer service training is in-house. Your investment in training is an investment in customer loyalty and teamwork that will deliver a substantial ROI. It is the most valuable asset a company can implement towards improving key performance metrics of the customer experience.

Ongoing Process

Customer service training is an ongoing process that needs to be incorporated into an organizations culture and way of doing business. It is, in reality, a never ending process because the job itself often wears people down. It is important because your clients, customers and service users all respond emotionally to your people.

The traits and practices that equip you to address customer needs and foster a positive experience are important. Gaining these new skills are vital to creating a set of behaviors you rely on when interacting with a customer. These traits and practices help you address customer needs to create a positive experience.

A recent study found that nine out of 10 consumers surveyed, declared that great customer service skills are “very or extremely” important in deciding whether to give a service provider repeat business. For many businesses, people working in customer service roles or using customer service skills are the human face of the company.

Even in high-level positions, the customer service skills are important to effectively resolve customer issues, meet customer needs and retain business. Soft skills are crucial to the success of your company.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that customer service skills are innate. Mastering important skills are important for every employee. Customer service tools are developing all the time. Staying calm under pressure and having wonderful customer service skills are also important.

Good customer service can help your business succeed. While bad customer service can destroy your average customer lifetime value, putting more strain on your marketing budget to attract more customers, good customer service can actually save these relationships. In fact, it can be a differentiation between you and your competition.

ROI on Customer Service Training

Simply put, good customer service can mean a good return on investment (ROI). It can play a role in optimizing your business operations and processes too.

Our research focuses on the good, the bad and the ugly experiences customers face, and how good customer service can really boost your organization. In the same way, bad service can escalate problems, good customer service can reduce them. Good customer service can be the difference between success and failure. It creates an excellent word of mouth.

If you own a business with any type of customer interaction, you know how important great service can be. A quality product without good customer service can be useless, but if these two factors collaborate, you can have a powerful operation. Bad customer service can kill your brand, but good customer service can elevate it and make you stand out from the crowd.

What is regarded as good customer service can be very different from company to company? Often good customer service can go unnoticed. Consistently providing good customer service can make or break a relationship with a customer. Determining what factors contribute to good customer service can be tough since a good customer service experience can vary from person to person.

Good customer service can be facilitated by a dedicated client support team. The costs of poor customer service far outweigh the benefits, and in fact, good customer service can provide a huge return on investment (ROI)?

As customer service trainers we want to let you know it is your job to keep that customer satisfied in order to build a solid track record to expand your relationship with the customers for the future. Our training programmes lead to higher customer retention rates. Improving your employee’s skills along the way.

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Customised Courseware Creation

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Giving Control to the Learner

Australian-based Adult Skills training service provider Paramount Training and Development is making its first steps into the Customised education market with a strong initial offering of over three hundred courses. These cover a vast array of topics and discussions ranging from professional work to personal improvement, but with a special twist.

Content Modification is a system built into the training courses that allows the clients to approach selected staff at Paramount to modify and adjust the contents of their course as they want, These can be done through a varying array of methods, but the end result will be the same; lessons can be substituted, teaching styles can be changed, and even core fundamentals can be shifted around. This feature promises both the opportunity to adapt the content to the learner, and further specialise it to meet the learners’ needs.

To address select clients’ concerns of lack of appropriate content or severe content dissonance in their pre-existing courses, Paramount’s answer is its Content Creation program. This allows certain clients to work with school experts and resources to create entire courses, workbooks, and supporting content from scratch. This is a highly complicated and difficult process and its implementation is said to put everything Paramount has to the test. The trainers assure prospective clients however, that the end result will meet and even exceed their expectations and finally give them the content or the edge they need.

Both of these programs, just as the courses and training programs before them, have been made and pressed into service by Paramount to give absolute control to the learner. If the learner prospers, the world prospers, and part of that world is Paramount itself. Contact us for more details or view our course range here.


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New Training Options for 2018-19

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Paramount Enters Online Education

Release: Australia 30th August 2018

Paramount announces its entry into the online education scene. The Australian Adult Training provider has announced that a range of new content is coming soon, and with its coming expansion comes its foray into the online education field. The training team hopes to make a strong first impression with over one hundred brand new professional courses that learners can enrol into to study to fit virtually any profession they may serve; from sales and business, to administrative and managerial roles, writing, media, and many more. Paramount claims that these new courses were made to the same strict and high standards that their regular courses are constructed with, thus ensuring potential learners will be given the precise tools they need to serve as their chosen role in future employment, and ensure employers that any who carry the documents and certification with the school’s mark can and will be up to the task at hand.

Also launched with the professional courses come a contingent of over two hundred soft skill courses that aim to serve both individual learners and groups of learners in their personal development and advancement. The soft skill courses cover an even greater array than the professional courses and are no less detailed; covering personal skills such as self-assessment and self-motivation, interaction-based topics such as communication skills and etiquette courses, group solutions such as teambuilding and team management, to general workplace skills such as critical thinking, root cause training, and project development.

This massive growth and foray into the online market has certainly been a challenge for Paramount, though most people within their ranks argue that the opportunities that come with this bold new direction make this venture worthwhile.

Courseware Creation

The program is called “Content Creation” which aims to enable clients – whom feel that the already impressive catalogue of material is lacking – the ability to create their own content in the form of courses, manuals, and supplementary material that meets their very specific demands.

Paramount has also announced over sixty public workshops to be conducted across Australia. The coverage and content of these workshops range from basic livelihood, semi-professional, to professional level content promising attendees will expand and expound upon their pre-existing knowledge on the topics covered.

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Training Released for Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Parramatta and Geelong

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Convenient Courses 

Training Released for Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Parramatta and Geelong

Paramount Training and Development specialises in educating adults and fresh graduates for jobs in the corporate world. On top of three hundred different online training courses, they provide two different ways to get such education. They can either be procured online, or in person at a training seminar. Online training means that you get to meet a Paramount specialist online as your assistant in learning the course, and these are all available provided you have a working Internet connection. With the world as connected as it is today with the Internet, and with everyone’s busy work schedules, this would seem to be a great way to squeeze in much needed self-improvement despite a generally overloaded work schedule, as many people today have. For those who would enjoy more traditional classroom settings though, Paramount accounts for those too in training seminars located in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Gold Coast, and Darwin.

The courses themselves are available in several topics, both in technical and soft skills. Technical skill courses are courses designed to build competency and skill in a dedicated or specialised part of work, like managing finances at work, or becoming skilled at customer service. Marketing is a strikingly popular course to take both online and in person, as far as face observation goes. So are other technical courses like Sales Management and Bookkeeping, and over a hundred of these courses stand ready for client perusal. The technical courses evidently prove very useful to Paramount’s clients, especially when they are put into action in the client’s company or workplace.

On the subject of the workplace, Paramount has over two hundred soft skill courses that specifically train the clients to handle various situations that can happen in the workplace. Soft skill courses also help clients to round out their work and life balance, and help them reinvent their general approach to work and how they apply their technical skill. Courses of this variety include topics like Workplace Harassment, which teaches clients how to properly respond to events like being physically harassed by a co-worker, or worse, an administrator, or even Stress Management, which helps clients figure out what stresses them out and how to constructively manage it.

Adding to all these topics to choose from, clients are spoiled with choice, given Paramount’s content creation and customisation service. If there’s a topic that the clients want to train in, be it soft skills or technical skills, Paramount creates the necessary content upon request in days, so the client never has to wait long for their training course. The content that comprises these courses are within the customer’s choice too, since the customisation service allows total control over everything the course contains, such as course objectives, content aesthetic, and reference material.

Over sixty training seminars are active at any working time all over Australia, and experts in their specific fields head all of these seminars by writing the materials and content to be used by professionally specialised teachers for the client’s training. The clients can choose to enter these courses alone, or as a group, any time from 9 AM to 4:30 PM.


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Australian Training Courses Released

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Seminars for the Aspiring Australians

Higher education can be difficult to come by these days, especially with such prohibitive tuition fees. It’s also unfortunate that not having a degree can make it even harder to break into the job market. It can make getting hired really difficult for an Australian aspiring for success, when the opposition have bachelor’s degrees, or even master’s degrees, but one has neither of those. The disparity in hiring rates between college graduates and those who are not is alarmingly high, despite the many skilled workers to be found in and out of the job market. Paramount Training and Development offers a way to assist job hunters the opportunity to upskill.

The subjects of these seminars can vary, but they are normally split into two categories: technical and soft skill. Technical seminars are classes that offer a harder edge in the hiring market, training up clients in skills like Archiving and Logistics and Distribution. These seminars are set to make the client’s resume look much more comprehensive, with the skills to back it up too. Soft skill seminars are designed to round out concrete skills with training in subjects like Listening or Managing emotions in the Workplace. These encourage being a team player, and being much easier to work with, which has a deceptively massive payoff in the way of success. Whichever one is needed to break into the job market is always up to the choice of the client.

Team Training Options

Business team training seminars are available for companies who want a specific group of their staff to train or improve. It is available only to their company, and those under them. Paramount’s basic workshops are public, and accessible to anyone at all who would like to enrol and join the training room.

Paramount has branches ready to help reach aspirations in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Gold Coast, and Darwin.

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Online Training Courses

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Online Training Now Available Globally

Release: Australia 30 August 2018

A massive shift in its dynamic has just occurred to Paramount. The Australian-based education site has just announced that they will be opening up their online education market in 2018.

The training will be offering a grand total of three hundred educational classes split into two major categories; Soft-Skill programs and Professional Courses. The over two hundred Soft-Skill Programs have been designed to help learners with people skills and self-management thus encompass programs related to teambuilding, critical thinking, root-cause analysis, workplace health and safety, and related topics.

The Professional Courses meanwhile are designed to equip their learners with all the knowledge they need to work at a professional level in whatever workplace they end up in. As a result these courses cover a diverse range of professions; anything from customer service, administration, human resource management, telemarketing, and so on.

Also coming down the pipe for Paramount later this year are all of over sixty training seminars to be hosted all over the country. These have been designed from the ground up by local experts in their respective fields and professional presenters have been hired to handle the events. Those interested in joining have been advised to sign up as soon as possible either individually or in groups as slots are limited. Sessions are slated to last all day from 9AM to 4:30 in the afternoon with all applicants’ needs catered for. For more details on these seminars, as well as the courses previously stated above, take a look at the workshop section.

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