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28 Nov 09:19

Fake stores online: How to review them

by luhasz

Fool of fake online stores is an increasing problem. Economic crime in online commerce has been doubled from 100 cases in 2009 to 300 cases in 2014 according to police figures.

Web scams are criminal and a case for the police. In real webshops you have rights as a consumer. This means, for example, that you can complain about bad service and use your right of withdrawal. But since the page is fake, it’s a scam and you should report it to the police.

The police have experts working to reveal online scams online, in the (Special Economic and International Crime) department, also known as the Baghdad Police. They get better opportunities to stop the fraudsters, the sooner you review the page.

Fup Stores disappear again – report them right away

Fake stores online are easy to set up, so it looks like the real thing. The setup requires almost only a good graphic template, which can be found quickly online, and that the fraudster buys a Danish web address, ie a domain name ending .dk.

False webshops can run for a long time, without necessarily being detected. It can exploit fraudsters to lend unsuspecting customers’ credit cards or sell copy products until the page is closed down.

Get your money back

Always pay with the well known payment cards, because if it’s a fake shop, the bank can bring your money back for you.

Account transfers need to be discontinued, as the bank can not help you.

Avoid cheating online

Webshops, you should carefully examine before shopping. What contact information does the online store provide for example? Phone numbers and addresses of online stores can be fake. Therefore check other information.

The e-label tells you, for example, that the company has committed itself to complying with Danish legislation, has an approved payment system and does not send spam mail etc.