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03 Sep 05:47


I picked up Civ V during the tail end of the Steam Summer Sale and it is definitely a great way to kill seven hours without realizing it!

I did feel kind of cheated when, while chasing down an enemy unit with a sweet helicopter gunship, it had to stop and get into a little boat to cross a river. I'm not sure the helicopter pilot realized he was piloting a helicopter.
27 Jul 19:37

Video Game Planets

by Steve Napierski

Unfortunately I only recognised some of the games...

This is what the next Super Mario Galaxy should look like. Just saying…

source: Vimeo
27 Jun 05:47

Frog Dissection

by Kristian

She then thoroughly learned that fairytales don't come true after all, as she was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

Hey! Here is a comic strip. It is very educational.

18 Jun 06:32

June 12, 2013

This comic needs more damn robots.
04 Jun 02:04

viresqueacquiriteundo: Miyzaki Comic by sapphiresky1410 Voilà...


Miyzaki Comic by sapphiresky1410

Voilà qui me rappelle pourquoi j’aime Hayao Miyazaki. 

Il est à rajouter à la liste de mes héros.

11 Apr 11:58

11. April, 2013