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29 Jul 00:56

Visible light-driven water oxidation catalyzed by mononuclear ruthenium complexes

Publication date: October 2013
Source:Journal of Catalysis, Volume 306
Author(s): Lei Wang , Lele Duan , Lianpeng Tong , Licheng Sun
A series of mononuclear ruthenium water oxidation catalysts (WOCs) [Ru(bda)L2] (H2bda=2,2′-bipyridine-6,6′-dicarboxylic acid; L=N-cyclic aromatic ligands) were investigated in three-component light-driven water oxidation systems composed of photosensitizers, a sacrificial electron acceptor, and WOCs. A high turnover number of 579 for water oxidation was achieved in the homogeneous system using complex 4 ([Ru(bda)(4-Br-pyridine)2]) as the WOC, and a high quantum efficiency of 17% was found which is a new record for visible light-driven water oxidation in homogeneous systems.

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Visible light-driven water oxidation with high quantum efficiency of 17% has been achieved in homogeneous systems.

17 Jul 00:11

Man organizes satirical NSA walk, authorities come to his front door

by Cyrus Farivar

On July 13, Daniel Bangert publicly invited friends to stroll in the forest in the name of the “NSA Spy Protection League.” It was a semi-satirical, semi-serious protest “walk” outside the Dagger Complex in Griesheim in southwestern Germany. Officially, Dagger Complex is a US military “training facility.” But many believe it is actually a National Security Agency (NSA) facility that has been spying on German Internet traffic.

Days later, German authorities ordered Bangert to report to Central Commissariat 10 of the German federal police. They then sent an officer to his home. (Bangert reportedly answered the door wearing a “Team Snowden” t-shirt.)

Der Spiegel reported that a Darmstadt spokeswoman told them that “the US Military Police had found the Facebook post and passed it along to German officials. The Military Police are responsible for security within the Dagger Complex, but outside the fence, it is the Germans who are in charge.”

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08 Jul 05:58

Correct Interpretation of How Tunneling Proceeds at Low Temperatures in the Proton Transfer Reactions Involving Thiotropolone: A Comment

by Antonio Fernández-Ramos
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Die richtige Interpretation wird gegeben für die Tunnelprozesse der Protonentransfer-Reaktionen (1) und (3) von Thiotropolon und Tropolon bei niedrigen Temperaturen (siehe die Arrhenius-Kurven). Es wird auch gezeigt, dass die Übergangszustands-Rechnungen von Jose und Datta (Angew. Chem. 2012, 124, 9523; Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2012, 51, 9389) sowie ihre Schlussfolgerungen bzgl. der beiden Prozesse fehlerhaft sind.

07 Jun 00:09

Comic for June 6, 2013