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10 Sep 05:45

Beardo The Geeky Garden Gnome Wants To Have An Adventure On Your Lawn

by Amy Ratcliffe


If you’ve been holding off on buying a garden gnome because you’ve been waiting to find one that matches your geeky interests, you can finally pull the trigger. ThinkGeek has the gnome you’ve been looking for. Beardo the Geeky Garden Gnome is throwing up the Vulcan salute while he grins at you in his glasses, cape, and tunic featuring an atom. A D20 sits at his feet. Beardo is 9.5 inches tall and weighs one pound.

He manages to be cute instead of scary like most garden gnomes I’ve seen.

See Beardo in his natural habitat after the break.


Product Page ($17.99)

01 Jan 20:10

Movies In Real Life - HARRY POTTER in Penn Station

by Joey Paur

Improve Everywhere is back with another "Movies in Real Life" episode, this one featuring Harry Potter. He's walking around Penn Station in New York trying to find Platform 9 3/4.

For our latest mission, we sent an 11-year-old actor dressed as Harry Potter into New York's Pennsylvania Station to search for Platform 9 3/4. Harry wandered the station with a caged owl and a luggage cart and asked both strangers and transit employees how to get to the Hogwarts Express, presenting them with his Platform 9 3/4 ticket.

24 Aug 15:24

Chuck & Beans

by brian

hand-eye coordination

14 Jun 07:49

Guy Sends Hilarious Video Resume To Dreamworks...Gets Banned For Life

by Mick Joest

Wow. This guy used an interview with Speilberg from 1993 for Schindler's List to make a video resume. He's got some big brass ones.


CJ really wanted a job at Dreamworks. After applying the traditional way to no avail, he tried something different to set him apart from the rest. While video resumes are nothing new in the 21st century, is there anything new about having STEPHEN SPIELBERG in it?! Okay, not really; it's a chopped interview between the two in which he makes it seem like Spielberg's answering questions posed by the guy wanting the job. Clever move, but did it work? CJ was ultimately banned from any job ever at Dreamworks. Guess he shouldn't have used the Schindler's List interview...