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31 Dec 20:31

The 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

by Jason Kottke

I guess I'm getting mentally stronger.

From psychotherapist Amy Morin, who expanded this list into a book of the same name, a list of 13 ways mentally strong people avoid negative behaviors.

1. They Don’t Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves
2. They Don’t Give Away Their Power
3. They Don’t Shy Away from Change
4. They Don’t Waste Energy on Things They Can’t Control
5. They Don’t Worry About Pleasing Everyone
6. They Don’t Fear Taking Calculated Risks
7. They Don’t Dwell on the Past
8. They Don’t Make the Same Mistakes Over and Over
9. They Don’t Resent Other People’s Success
10. They Don’t Give Up After the First Failure
11. They Don’t Fear Alone Time
12. They Don’t Feel the World Owes Them Anything
13. They Don’t Expect Immediate Results

That’s all fine and those are worthy goals — and the book probably gets into more detail about this — but do you become more mentally strong by not doing these things or do you already need mental strength? Some of this seems to come down to personality or temperament, things that are difficult to change under even the best circumstances. And self-help lists like this always make me think of Simpsons pitchman Troy McClure’s introduction to a self-help video he’s hosting:

Oh hi, I’m Troy McClure. You might remember me from such self-help videos as Smoke Yourself Thin and Get Confident, Stupid!

It’s simple, just get confident! Just draw the rest of the fucking owl!

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31 Dec 20:20

Amazon Go is AWS for retail

by Jason Kottke

Yay! The future. Big brother. Save us!

Some interesting speculation from Evan Puschak on what Amazon is up to with Amazon Go. Basically, Puschak thinks Amazon Go is Amazon Web Services but for retail stores. In the same way that AWS provides hosting for sites like Netflix and Reddit, Amazon Go will provide patent-protected technology infrastructure for “self-shopping” supermarkets and retail stores. But it remains to be seen whether it’s more like their one-click patent, which was licensed by a few others (notably Apple) but everyone else was able to do without it.

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31 Dec 03:28

Aldous Huxley

"Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted."
31 Dec 03:26

French Toast Casserole

by Lisa Lin
French Toast Casserole

With this French toast casserole, you skip the hassle of standing by the stove and pan-frying each individual slice of French toast.

Instead, you just throw everything into a dish and let the oven do the work! You can even assemble the casserole the night before and bake it the next morning.

You still get all the best parts of a slice of French toast, but with far less effort: soft and custardy middles, cinnamon-infused edges, plus an extra-crunchy toasted topping.

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31 Dec 03:25

Orange & Vanilla Hot Buttered Rum

by Garrett McCord
Hot Buttered Rum

Every winter, I’m surprised by how many people have never had a hot buttered rum.

This is a classic American cocktail that dates back to colonial times, and it’s as much a part of Christmas as eggnog or peppermint hot chocolate. More people need to know how good this cocktail can be!

To help spread the word, hot buttered rums have become my standard contribution to holiday parties and potlucks. I just make an extra large batch of spiced butter ahead of time, grab a bottle of dark rum, and off I go.

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31 Dec 03:25

Coconut Whipped Cream

by Sabrina Modelle
Coconut Whipped Cream

If you are dairy-free, you might have thought whipped cream was a thing of the past. Surprise!

It turns out that you can whip the heck out of a can of coconut cream and make yourself an extraordinary topping for pie, hot chocolate, or any dessert.

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30 Dec 16:06

Eerily Elegant Slow Motion Footage of Subway Passengers Waiting for Their Train to Arrive

by Lori Dorn

While creating his short film “Stainless“, German filmmaker Adam Magyar traveled all over the world and captured through high-speed, black and white photography, the life that exists in the subways, under such cities as Berlin, Sao Paolo, New York City, and Xidan. By slowing down the footage, Magyar brought out the eery, but incredible elegance to those passengers waiting in unison for their train to arrive.

An endless row of living sculptures brought together by the same subway line, the same direction, the same intention to get caught and carried away by the urban flow. All their motions slowed down, they are graceful and stainless holding their breath for their train to pull into the station.

via reddit

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29 Dec 23:40

‘1+1=1’ By Denis Cherim

by Sarah Press

Pretty amazing work

Resistant to the idea of putting the environment and familiar objects around him into a particular box, Denis Cherim walks towards his goal of appreciating the ‘un-apreciable’ around the world. With the simplicity of duplicating the same image and rotating it, this artist opens the doors to a quasi-surrealist landscape.

Read more

26 Dec 14:58

Meatwreck’s Disturbing Photography

by Sarah Press

That's my microwave!

Based in Los Angeles, creative studio Meatwreck is a photographic collaboration between artist couple Mitra Saboury and Derek Paul Boyle. The artist duo creates preposterous images every day, generating a disturbing yet intriguing visual language for a large social network.

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25 Dec 03:32

A Playful Giant Panda Methodically Disassembles an Innocent Snowman at the Toronto Zoo

by Lori Dorn

A very playful giant panda named Da Mao very methodically took apart a bright white snowman that was expressly for him by his caretakers at the Toronto Zoo. Once done with his disassembling project, a proud Da Mao then gleefully rolled around in the cold remains of his innocent victim.

Toronto Zoo Keepers made giant panda Da Mao a snowman for enrichment! Watch as he plays with, or rather disassembles, their creation.

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24 Dec 05:16

Cat-Proof Christmas Trees

by Miss Cellania

so cute. damn cats

Chris Poole celebrates Christmas with his cats Cole and Marmalade, and comes up with a list of alternative Christmas trees that the cats won't destroy. One solution to the cats vs. tree problem is to give in and create a tree they can destroy, made of boxes covered with Christmas wrap. That is awesome. But it's not cat-proof, just a way of catering to them.

(YouTube link)

It's too late for you to take most of these ideas for a Christmas tree substitute, but that's not really the point. It's a nice visit to two cats enjoying Christmas to the max. -via Uproxx

24 Dec 05:13

A Blood Curdling Collection Of Scary Snowmen

by Zeon Santos

(Image Link)

The typical soft and smiley snowmen just don't seem appropriate for a year as messed up as 2016, so it's no surprise there have been way more horror snowmen going around the net this year than ever before.

(Image Link)

Hopefully 2017 will be more pleasant than mean old 2016, but even if it is better all of these snowmen, snowwomen and snowchildren will be dead well before next Christmas.

(Image Link)

And maybe that's the point of putting up a bloody and terrifying snowman in your yard- it helps you keep the forces of darkness at bay and celebrates the fleeting nature of life on Earth.

(Image Link)

See These 'Horror' Snowmen Will Turn Your Holiday Dreams Into Nightmares here

20 Dec 12:49

Drone Footage of Inquisitive Tigers In the Snow

by Glen Tickle

Filmmaker David Etienne Durivage used a camera drone to film an ambush of majestic and inquisitive tigers in the snow at the Zoo Sauvage de Saint-Félicien in Quebec, Canada. The tigers showed keen interest in the drone, and tried to attack it.

The zoo also has a live feed of the tiger enclosure, although it is not filmed by drones.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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18 Dec 04:36

Online Calendar Featuring the Best Memes of 2016

by Scott Beale

2016 Memes

New York Magazine’s Select All created a fantastic online calendar featuring the best memes in 2016 by date. The calendar can be sorted by topic or randomized and each date links to more info on the meme.

The internet-meme model of cultural consumption — seizure, transformation, distribution — is now applied to news and stories of all kinds, not just odd viral images and videos. The year’s most widespread and long-lasting meme wasn’t a silly viral image or memorable catchphrase but a news story: the tragic killing of Harambe, a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo into whose cage a toddler had fallen.

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18 Dec 04:10

A Mesmerizing High Definition Video of M&M’s Chocolate Candies Dissolving in Water

by Lori Dorn

Yan Liang from Beauty of Science captured through mesmerizing high-definition video, the absolutely beautiful images that unfolded when colorful candy shell of M&M’s chocolate candies dissolved in water.

We dropped m&m chocolate in water and discovered something really wonderful!
This 4K time-lapse video was shot with a Sony A7R M2 camera to capture the beautiful details of m&m dissolving.



photos via Beauty of Science

via PetaPixel

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18 Dec 00:59

13 Stair Design Ideas For Small Spaces

by Erin
18 Dec 00:53

Rolling Images of San Francisco’s Fog Against Neon Skies Shot by Nick Steinberg

by Kate Sierzputowski


Photographer Nick Steinberg has been capturing the thick fog common to the San Francisco area for the last eight years. His works, all produced in-camera and without Photoshop, bring out the neon hues found in the morning sky, colors which deeply contrast the blue and grey fog rolling over the forests below. To ensure consistency in his photography, Steinberg checks cams, satellites, and other data forecasts—tools that allow him to peak into the upcoming days’ weather patterns.

“What amazes me most about fog is the fact that no two shots are ever the same,” said Steinberg to Colossal. “This is what I call, ‘subtlety of movement’ where there are small windows of opportunity with fog as it evaporates, moves in, and undulates. This requires decisive action, tests your photographic skills, and requires one to be ‘present’ in the moment, and ‘ride’ along with [the fog].”

You can see more of Steinberg’s fog waves and other nature photography on his Instagram and Facebook. (via Arch Atlas)


nicksteinberg_04 nicksteinberg_09



nicksteinberg_06  nicksteinberg_03



13 Dec 22:24

A Guide to Worrying and How to Get Really Good at It

by Glen Tickle
10 Dec 01:37

Precisely Stacked Coin Towers That Defy Gravity

by Kate Sierzputowski


Using common household props, Twitter user @thumb_tani stacks gravity-defying towers that rely on precise and calculated balance. Coins, toothpicks, and silverware are positioned to play off of each others’ weight in ways that might crumble with the slightest of touch. The sculptures go beyond experiments many might have seen before, ranging in shape from thick twirling cylinders to horizontal pieces that balance coins at the very edge of a knife’s blade. You can see more of his feats of balance, and incredible patience, posted to his Twitter. (via My Modern Met)









10 Dec 01:29

Gremlins Ceramic Tiki Mugs From Mondo

by Justin Page

A photo posted by MONDO (@mondotees) on

Mondo has released a rad collection of Gremlins ceramic tiki mugs for their new and ongoing series of pop culture inspired tiki mugs, titled Tee-Kis. The Gremlins themed mugs were designed by Michael Bonanno and sculpted by Ramirez Studios. The green, candy cane, and microwave melt glaze gremlins mugs are available to pre-order from the Mondo shop and are expected to ship during the first quarter of 2017. A brown version is available exclusively at Alamo Drafthouse theaters.

Mondo will be releasing Aliens and Iron Giant mugs for their Tee-Kis series in the near future.

A photo posted by MONDO (@mondotees) on


candy cane



iron giant

images via Mondo

via Inside the Magic, That’s Nerdalicious!

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02 Dec 15:42

The Fondoodler, A Reloadable Hot Gun That Lets You Doodle, Draw, Decorate and Design With Cheese

by Lori Dorn

this is awesome dumb and I've seen it before, but as I still have not gotten one I'm putting it on the list a second time. Yes I will cheese doodle on everything.

A photo posted by Fondoodler (@fondoodler) on

The Fondoodler by the newly established BuzzFeed Product Labs, is a super fun food-safe reloadable hot gun that melts most types of string, shredded, block or sheet-style cheese in a cylindrical canister, just like a hot glue gun. From there it’s easy to draw, decorate, doodle or design with cheese.

BIND, BUILD, BITE – It’s hot cheese. Do with it whatever you please.
READY TO CHEESE IN 3-2-1 – Start doodling in less than 3 minutes out of the box.
CHEESE PROPULSION VALVE – A proprietary cheese propulsion valve allows complete control of cheese-flow with minimal tasty mess.
NO CHEESE LEFT BEHIND – All three parts exposed to cheese are removable & dishwasher safe.

A photo posted by Fondoodler (@fondoodler) on

A photo posted by Fondoodler (@fondoodler) on

A photo posted by Fondoodler (@fondoodler) on

A photo posted by Fondoodler (@fondoodler) on

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02 Dec 15:42

A Simple and Totally Redundant Wall Clock

by Justin Page

Aaaahhahah. This is awesome.

New York graphic designer Ji Lee has created the Redundant Clock, a “simple and totally redundant” wall clock that comes equipped with redundant instructions on how to read the Redundant Clock. Lee is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for manufacturing costs.

This is a redundant clock, and this is a redundant description.

Redundant Clock

Redundant Clock

Redundant Clock

Redundant Clock

Redundant Clock

Redundant Clock

images via Ji Lee

via The Awesomer

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29 Nov 20:09

Bertrand Russell


This is sort of my personal philosophy

"There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge."
29 Nov 20:09

Hansell B. Duckett

"What this country needs is more free speech worth listening to."
29 Nov 19:50

15 Thanksgiving Salad Recipes to Brighten Up Your Meal

by Rabi Abonour

Another collection of great recipes. I can't wait to 'em

Thanksgiving is a holiday for heavy dishes—a little extra butter in the mashed potatoes never hurt anyone, right? But with so many rich dishes on the table, salad is crucial. It refreshes everyone's palates with bright flavors and crisp textures, balances out all that richness, and makes a pretty and colorful presentation. From winter greens with sliced beets to warm Brussels sprouts with bacon, we've rounded up 15 recipes in an effort to convince you to take salad seriously come Thanksgiving. Read More
29 Nov 19:49

The Food Lab: 18 Comfort Foods, in Case You Need Comforting Now

by J. Kenji López-Alt

Great collection of recipes here. Excellent for those cold fall and winter nights!

You don't ever really need an excuse to want to feel comforted, so go ahead and indulge in these cheesy, creamy, carb-filled, fat-packed comfort classics, and take a break from the real world for a little while. Read More
29 Nov 02:51

Breathe. Exhale. Repeat.

by swissmiss

breathe exhale repeat

I have been doing a lot of controlled breathing exercises in the past 48h.

29 Nov 02:42

How to Turn Coconut Husk Fibers Into Rope Without Any Tools

by Justin Page
25 Nov 02:41

Synchronized Cat Jumping

by Miss Cellania

OMG this cracks me up so much

The takeoff gets an 8/10, but the awkward landing was something they'd never prepared for. It takes this team a minute to analyze the situation and devise a workaround. The judges might give them points for their poker faces, or even for not falling under the circumstances.

(YouTube link)

Not exactly a champion performance, but an entertaining one. The cats might eventually get over the embarrassment if they don't find out that their performance was being recorded. Don't tell them. -via Metafilter

25 Nov 02:38

An Adorable One-Year-Old Snowboarder

by Zeon Santos

I want my kids on the slopes this early!

The simple act of sliding around atop the snow on a board, also known as snowboarding, isn't all that difficult in itself, so it's not that surprising to see a little kid on a snowboard.

But Sloan isn't technically a kid in this video- she's a 14-month-old who started snowboarding around the same time she started walking.

Sloan's dad Zach Henderson took her out to Park City Mountain Resort in Utah for the first time earlier this year, where she proved age ain't nothin' but a number when it comes to snowboarding.

(YouTube Link)

Sloan will be just over two years old in January 2017, so hopefully her dad will take her out again and shoot another vid so we can see if she's gotten any better in the last year!

-Via CountryLiving