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06 Nov 17:28

Status Quo – Collected (2017) 320 KBPS

by szachtar
Status Quo - Collected (2017) 320 KBPS

Artist: Status Quo
Title: Collected
Genre: Classic Rock, Hard Rock
Quality: Mp3 320 kbps
Size: 534 MB


01 Pictures Of Matchstick Men
02 Black Veils Of Melancholy
03 Ice In The Sun
04 Make Me Stay A Little Bit Longer
05 Are You Growing Tired Of My Love
06 Down The Dustpipe
07 Tune To The Music
08 Mean Girl
09 Paper Plane
10 Caroline
11 Roll Over Lay Down (Live)
12 Break The Rules
13 Down Down
14 Rain
15 Wild Side Of Life
16 Rockin’ All Over The World
17 Hold You Back
18 Again And Again
19 Accident Prone
20 Whatever You Want
21 Living On An Island


01 What You’re Proposing
02 Lies
03 Rock ‘n’ Roll
04 Something ‘ Bout You Baby I Like
05 Dear John
06 Ol’ Rag Blues
07 Marguerita Time
08 The Wanderer
09 Rollin’ Home
10 In The Army Now
11 Dreamin’
12 Ain’t Complaining
13 Not At All
14 Can’t Give You More
15 I Didn’t Mean It
16 The Way It Goes
17 The Oriental
18 The Party Ain’t Over Yet
19 Beginning Of The End
20 Looking Out For Caroline


01 I (Who Have Nothing)
02 Hurdy Gurdy Man
03 Almost But Not Quite There
04 The Anniversary Waltz (Part1)
05 Roadhouse Medley
06 In The Army Now
07 Running All Over The World
08 It’s Christmas Time
09 Blue-Eyed Lady (The Frantic Four Live)
10 Caroline (Aquostic Version)
11 Hold You Back (Aquostic Version)
12 Another Shipwreck
13 Ships In The Night
14 He’s Gonna Step On You Again
15 Mine All Mine
16 One Step At A Time
17 Faded Memory
18 Rubber Gloves
19 Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)

Status Quo – Collected (2017) 320 KBPS

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11 Apr 18:07

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