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For James

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Three Pokémon: Latias, Latios and Kyogre, as modern aircrafts?

by Gergo Vas

Three Pokémon: Latias, Latios and Kyogre, as modern aircrafts? That makes the Kalos Region Air Force a truly legendary one. DeviantART artist Dekus' piece is odd, but it's totally awesome. And something like this would be a great mod in any flight sim out there.



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Amy's New Clothes

Click for full size
Amy's New Clothes

It's looks like Sonic and crew have a new look going.

I like Knuckles buffed visual, I think it fits his gameplay more, and also makes him more than a red-colored Sonic.

I have no strong opinion of Sonic new visual. I think it suffers from a case of "less is more" so I'm not an huge fan of the current version, but perhaps the scarf turns red and long if he goes Super Sonic which could make for a nice visual.

Amy is better I guess? She also suffers from being a pallete swapped Sonic so anything which makes her more different from Sonic is a plus.

Tails is unchanged so there is nothing to say here, his design is probably the closest to the origina designl since creation.

I'm sure some fans will cry about this being an abomination and all. While I may like Sonic original design a lot I think the newer versions fits more with the personality they decided to give to him. You can really see the contrast when you play Sonic Generations.

24 Nov 12:12

Pokemon X & Y reached the million-selling mark faster than any other 3DS game

by David
Fast Selling

This is sort of “well, duh” news story, but Nintendo of America has shared an infographic showing just how fast Pokemon X and Pokemon Y sold compared to other best-selling 3DS games. They certainly have reasons to gloat.

You can check out the full image after the break.

Pokemon X Y Infographic

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Dota 2 update adds a trio of spirits and the return of Diretide

by Phil Savage

Image source: ‘scainburger’ on Reddit

つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Have DIRETIDE. That’s Valve’s message to the community today, as they announce the impending release of Three Spirits for Dota 2. For some, the return of the much requested seasonal event is far from the most exciting thing about this update. To quote Chris on learning that a redesigned Storm Spirit would be making an appearance: “AAAAAAAAAAAAH!” He is a very happy man. Find out why, below.

The titular spirits of the update are the Radiant trio of Storm Spirit, Ember Spirit, and original DotA newbie Earth Spirit, who focus on Intelligence, Agility and Strength respectively. But the update doesn’t just expand (or re-skin) Dota 2′s already overwhelming roster. A round-up of new features will expand customisation, provide official support for in-game coaching, and give a new purpose to unwanted items.

For newer players, a training has been added to help perfect those vital last hits. In addition, those playing Limited Hero mode will have bots step in to replace players who abandon. For players who want to coach, they can join a game separately from players and spectators, and will have the power to draw on the map, and ping points of interest for their team.

A new socketing system will let you customise your items and mounts with a variety of Gems, which can imbue that item with new animations, colours, and stat boasts. A crafting system has also been introduced, letting you melt down unwanted items for more desirable replacements.

Finally, of course, there’s the return of Diretide, the game’s ‘Halloween’ event. Previously, Valve said they’d made some changes to how Diretide would work. Those aren’t revealed on the game’s update page, but players will soon find out first hand. The event will run from November 14 – 28.

Pop over to the Three Spirits micro-site for the update’s full patch notes. Three Spirits should now be available on the test server. The public release is due out later today.

(Image source: ‘scainburger’ on Reddit)

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Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator is on Steam and you should totally give it a shot

by Tom Senior

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator is a co-op game about flying a starship. Each member of the team takes a separate screen to take care of one aspect of the ship’s operations – weapons, science, communications, engineering and piloting, for example. Then you head out to explore space, meet mission-givers at space stations and battle space bandits while swaying theatrically in your chair every time the ship takes a hit.

Also, whenever you put all power to the engines, you have to say “all power to the engines!” and the captain has to say “engage!” There will be no tangible affect on your performance if you don’t, but it is nonetheless absolutely mandatory. Artemis is available on Steam now for £5 / $7, which is all the excuse I need to recommend it to anyone who can get a group of friends together in the same room to try it.

A while back we played Artemis for a feature that may seem like a thinly veiled excuse to wear Star Trek uniforms, but was actually a thinly veiled excuse to spend work hours pretending to fly a spaceship. We played two chaotic missions, and you can read about every twist and accidentally detonated nuke in our All Hands On Desk feature.

For more on Artemis, check out the official site, where you’ll be able to download a demo which includes access to helm and weapons consoles.

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by yasmine
My least favorite chore.
21 Jul 09:00

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Cat vs Human Book 2 is on pre-order!

Published by Andrews McMeel, it will be released on October 15.

Cat vs Human: Another Dose of Catnip, can be preordered here:


Barnes & Noble
Changing Hands Bookstore
Or a bookstore near you

The first book was first released on October, 2011, which feels like forever ago. Last I asked, it was on its 3rd printing some time last year. So as always, thanks so much for reading my comics for the past 3 years!

Here's my children's book as well. 

Thanks a bunch! 


03 Jul 21:50

Lian Li unveil quirky new PC mini-chassis designs, what do you think?

by Dave James

I have to admit I am an absolute sucker for a good mini-ITX machine. And Lian Li is looking to create the next generation of small form factor chassis with its new PC-Q30 and PC-TU100 cases. Though someone in the marketing department of Lian Li needs to have a word about the less-than-dynamic naming conventions of its new chassis, however funky they might look. The PC-TU100 (I’m going to rename you Kenyon, after my favourite Football Manager player of the moment) is a new addition to Lian Li’s TU series of ‘briefcase’ chassis and is apparently even more compact than the previous compact chassis. Let’s take a look.

007-esque? Really?

It’s got a real flight-case aesthetic, though I’m not sure I agree with Lian Li’s take on its “retro ‘007-esque’ design”. Still, it looks rugged and should make for a practical LAN gaming rig.

My only problem at the moment is the somewhat inevitable restrictions on the component choice. Mini-ITX mobos are expected, and come with some serious gaming performance chops these days, but it’s the support for only the shortest of graphics cards that makes things tricky.

The Kenyon can only cope with cards up to 190mm in length, and that doesn’t cover a lot of good gaming cards. Even the HD 7770 is too long for this case. Though with the diminutive PCB on the reference GTX 760 I hope we’ll see some iterations of this card along the lines of Asus’ GTX 670 Mini.

As well as mini mobos and diminutive graphics cards you’ll also need an SFX power supply too.

Where the likes of the beloved Bitfenix Prodigy triumphed was in its ability to cope with traditional components once you’d picked your mini-ITX mobo to go inside it. I had a rather chunky GTX 690 humming away in one Prodigy build.

Lian Li’s other chassis, the equally awkwardly-named PC-Q30 (henceforth referred to as Murakami, after my current second favourite FM player) suffers from the same problem. The Murakami though can at least stretch up to 200mm cards, but that still doesn’t leave a lot of room. It is, though, a more pleasing chassis to my eyes. I really like the swept-back, presentation-case aesthetic on the Murakami, and I reckon we’ll end up seeing a good few of these at trade shows as companies look to show off their new mini-ITX Z87 mobos.

The leaning tower of Murakami…okay my naming conventions are as bad as Lian Li’s…

Both cases will be available in the UK later this month, with the Kenyon (PC-TU100) retailing at around £73 and the Murakami (PC-Q30) coming in at £94. I don’t have prices or availability for the rest of the world yet, but I would expect them to appear around the same time globally.

But like I say, me I’m a sucker for a good mini-ITX machine, and the Murakami at least I can’t wait to have sat on my desk. Do either of these float your boats for a miniature gaming build?

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15 Jun 05:42

More screenshots from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

by David

There’s more screenshots from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds after the break. You can also watch the new trailer that Nintendo released earlier.

A Link to the Past 10 A Link to the Past 9 A Link to the Past 8 A Link to the Past 7 A Link to the Past 6 A Link to the Past 5 A Link to the Past 4 A Link to the Past 3 A Link to the Past 2 A Link to the Past 1
15 Jun 05:42

More screenshots from Yoshi’s New Island

by David

There’s more screenshots from Yoshi’s New Island after the break. You can also check out the new trailer that was released a little earlier.

Yoshi's New Island 10 Yoshi's New Island 9 Yoshi's New Island 8 Yoshi's New Island 7 Yoshi's New Island 6 Yoshi's New Island 5 Yoshi's New Island 4 Yoshi's New Island 3 Yoshi's New Island 2 Yoshi's New Island 1
15 Jun 05:40

More screenshots from Pokémon X and Y

by David

There’s more screenshots from Pokémon X and Pokémon Y after the break.

Noivern screenshot 1 Noivern screenshot 2 Pokemon-Amie Pikachu screenshot Pokemon-Amie Sylveon screenshot Sylveon screenshot 1 Sylveon screenshot 2 Sylveon screenshot 3 Vivillon screenshot 1 Vivillon screenshot 2
15 Jun 05:39

Lots of screenshots from Smash Bros. on 3DS

by David

You can find lots of screenshots from the 3DS version of Smash Bros. after the break.

Smash Bros 3DS 34 Smash Bros 3DS 33 Smash Bros 3DS 32 Smash Bros 3DS 31 Smash Bros 3DS 30 Smash Bros 3DS 29 Smash Bros 3DS 28 Smash Bros 3DS 27 Smash Bros 3DS 26 Smash Bros 3DS 25 Smash Bros 3DS 24 Smash Bros 3DS 23 Smash Bros 3DS 22 Smash Bros 3DS 20 Smash Bros 3DS 19 Smash Bros 3DS 18 Smash Bros 3DS 17 Smash Bros 3DS 16 Smash Bros 3DS 15 Smash Bros 3DS 14 Smash Bros 3DS 13 Smash Bros 3DS 12 Smash Bros 3DS 11 Smash Bros 3DS 10 Smash Bros 3DS 9 Smash Bros 3DS 8 Smash Bros 3DS 7 Smash Bros 3DS 6 Smash Bros 3DS 5 Smash Bros 3DS 4 Smash Bros 3DS 3 Smash Bros 3DS 2 Smash Bros 3DS 1
15 Jun 05:36

A bunch of art for Smash Bros.

by David

Just in case you haven’t drowned in enough Smash Bros. content yet, there’s a bunch of official art to be found after the break. Enjoy.

Smash Bros. 14 Smash Bros. 13 Smash Bros. 12 Smash Bros. 11 Smash Bros. 10 Smash Bros. 9 Smash Bros. 8 Smash Bros. 7 Smash Bros. 6 Smash Bros. 5 Smash Bros. 4 Smash Bros. 3 Smash Bros. 2 Smash Bros. 1
15 Jun 05:35

There are now “Horde Encounters” and “Sky Battles” in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y

by David

GameFreak has announced the existence of “Horde Encounters” and “Sky Battles” in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, both of which are designed to add some variety to the standard battling formula.

Horde Encounters force players to “battle against multiple wild Pokémon that attack all at once”. The twist, however, is that you can only use one Pokemon, which encourages a use of attacks that will damage multiple Pokémon at once. You’ll be hit multiple times for every hit you can offer, after all.

Sky Battles are mostly a visual upgrade that send the fight to the skies with aerial combat. These are only possible with certain trainers (such as those standing near a cliff), and require you to have certain Pokémon in your party. (And no, strapping some wings to Pikachu won’t be good enough).

You can check after the break for screenshots of these types of battles in action, which also provide a look at Talonflame, one of the newly-announced Pokémon.

Horde Encounter screenshot 1 Horde Encounter screenshot 2 Horde Encounter screenshot 3 Horde Encounter screenshot 4 Sky Battle screenshot 1 Sky Battle Sky Trainer scene screenshot 1
14 Jun 23:06

More screenshots from Pokémon X & Y

by David

You can find more screenshots from Pokémon X and Pokémon Y after the break.

Pokémon X Y 18 Pokémon X Y 17 Pokémon X Y 16 Pokémon X Y 15 Pokémon X Y 14 Pokémon X Y 13 Pokémon X Y 12 Pokémon X Y 11 Pokémon X Y 10 Pokémon X Y 9 Pokémon X Y 8 Pokémon X Y 7 Pokémon X Y 6 Pokémon X Y 5 Pokémon X Y 4 Pokémon X Y 3 Pokémon X Y 2 Pokémon X Y 1
17 Apr 03:06

Goodnight Sweet Billy