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23 Dec 00:06

Kedi, A Beautiful Documentary About the Highly Interactive Street Cats of Istanbul

by Lori Dorn

Kedi is a beautifully shot full-length documentary that tells the long history regarding the beloved and highly interactive street cats of Istanbul, all of whom are as much a part of the city as the humans who live there. Kedi premieres in theaters February 10th, 2017.

Hundreds of thousands of Turkish cats roam the metropolis of Istanbul freely. For thousands of years they’ve wandered in and out of people’s lives, becoming an essential part of the communities that make the city so rich. Claiming no owners, the cats of Istanbul live between two worlds, neither wild nor tame –and they bring joy and purpose to those people they choose to adopt. In Istanbul, cats are the mirrors to the people, allowing them to reflect on their lives in ways nothing else could.


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04 Oct 19:27

more like wrong-gevity

by kris


this isn’t a great joke, but i do walk around all day trying to break language into soundalike words. the only other human i know who does this is gavin, who i greatly respect as a pioneer in this nascent field

29 Mar 20:47

Sweet Kills, Deliciously Disturbing Ads Showing What Too Much Sugar Can Do to Our Bodies

by Justin Page

Sweet Kills

Thai designer Nattakong Jaengsem has created Sweet Kills, a deliciously disturbing diabetes awareness campaign that gives us a bizarre look at what too much sugar can do to our bodies. Using his Photoshop skills, Nattakong edited images to make it look as if people are suffering from out of control infections made of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry sweets. His entire collection is available to view on Behance.

Sweet Kills

Sweet Kills

Sweet Kills

Sweet Kills

Sweet Kills

images via Nattakong Jaengsem

via Bored Panda

17 Feb 06:16

Serbian Artist Creates Gorgeous Series of Bleeding Watercolor Portraits Featuring His Beloved Long Haired Black Cat

by Lori Dorn

Black Cat

Serbian artist Endre Penovác has created a gorgeous series of portraits created with black watercolors that bleed into the canvas and mimic the fluffiness of his beloved long-haired cat posing in different positions. Penovác also captured a neighbor’s cat and a messy little Puli dog among his many other beautiful pieces.

Black Cat Curled

Black Cat 2

Black Cat 1

Black and White Cat


images via Endre Penovác

via Miss Moss, Colossal

05 Feb 22:30

On The 100, It's Tough To Be Leader When Mom Keeps Getting In The Way

by Lauren Davis

On The 100, It's Tough To Be Leader When Mom Keeps Getting In The Way

The 100 started with Clarke's mother bidding her a desperate farewell before shoving her and 99 other kids out of the Ark and down to the surface of Earth. Now, however, Mama Griffin thinks she's in charge, and she's not pleased with how Earth has changed her daughter.


23 Sep 13:39

stream SALES’ charming debut EP

by Chris

The lovely and super affecting debut EP from SALES that we mentioned last week is officially out today. One of our surprise favorite releases of the year; listen to the EP (including the perfect but subtly heart-crushing new track “Getting It On“) in its entirety below, grab it on mp3 or limited CD here, and cross your fingers that this thing gets the proper vinyl release it deserves.

25 Jun 23:11

Phan Club: Charles Phan Turning South at SFJAZZ Into Mexican Spot

by Rose Garrett

southsfjazz.jpg[Photo: South at SFJAZZ/Facebook]

Since opening up the wildly popular, recently James Beard-crowned Slanted Door, restaurateur Charles Phan has zealously experimented with a host of cuisines, from Chinese (at the now-shuttered Wo Hing General Store and Heaven's Dog) to British (HD replacement The Coachman) to Southern (Hard Water, South at SFJAZZ). Now, he's decided to shift the focus at South, which garnered a serious Bauer thumbs-down a year ago and is usually a ghost town when no one's playing at SFJAZZ. Phan's new angle? Well, Mexican, of course.

As Tablehopper reports, Zuni Cafe alum Rymee Trobaugh is behind the new menu, which will feature Mexican-inspired small plates like ricotta-stuffed squash blossoms, Oaxacan empanadas with black beans, rabbit in yellow mole and puerco con chile verde. South's articulated cocktail focus will also pivot in theme, including more rum, tequila, and mezcal drinks. At least so far, the name isn't changing; Mexico is admittedly south of California, so it kind of works?

If you've walked past South, you'll have noticed that they're already closed "for maintenance." They'll reopen at 5:30pm on Saturday July 12th, for a first taste of Phan's latest foray into an unfamiliar cuisine. Considering The Coachman's recent spate of bad reviews, we're definitely curious about how this one will play.

· Get in the Groove with South at SFJAZZ, Opening Today [~ ESF ~]
· The Coachman, Charles Phan's U.K. Tribute in SOMA [~ ESF ~]
· Bauer Doesn't Dig South [~ ESF ~]

30 Apr 21:23


by XSbot
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General Information

SIZE...................7.93 GiB
RIP DATE...............27-04-2014
IMDB RATING............6.3
AUDIO..................English DTS 1509Kbps 6ch
VIDEO..................x264 1920x1040 8555 Kbps 23.976 fps
RUNTIME................113mn 00s
GENRE..................Action | Adventure | Family

Sinbad The Sailor sails to deliver a cursed prince to a dangerous island in the face of deadly opposition from a powerful witch.
14 Jan 20:43

A Compilation of Crazy Magic Tricks Performed by Zach King on Vine

by Justin Page
12 Oct 18:25

Full Screen Mario, A Browser-Based HTML5 Remake of the Original ‘Super Mario Bros.’

by Kimber Streams

Full Screen Mario

Joshua Goldberg has created Full Screen Mario, an HTML5 remake of the original Super Mario Bros. video game that you can play in your browser. Players can choose between levels, generate random maps, or create their own levels.

image via Full Screen Mario

via Nerdcore