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16 Apr 20:39

Daily Crunch: Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Fold

by Anthony Ha

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1. Unfolding the Samsung Galaxy Fold

After eight years of teasing a folding device, Samsung finally pulled the trigger with an announcement at its developer’s conference late last year. But the device itself remained mysterious.

Earlier this week, Brian Heater finally held the Galaxy Fold in his hands, and he was pretty impressed.

2. YouTube’s algorithm added 9/11 facts to a live stream of the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire

Some viewers following live coverage of the Notre-Dame Cathedral broadcast on YouTube were met with a strangely out-of-place info box offering facts about the September 11 attacks. Ironically, the feature is supposed to fact check topics that generate misinformation on the platform.

3. Hulu buys back AT&T’s minority stake in streaming service now valued at $15 billion

Disney now has a 67 percent ownership stake in Hulu — which it gained, in part, through its $71 billion acquisition of 21st Century Fox. Comcast has a 33 percent stake.

4. I asked the US government for my immigration file and all I got were these stupid photos

The “I” in question is our security reporter Zack Whittaker, who filed a Freedom of Information request with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to obtain all of the files the government had collected on him in order to process his green card application. Seven months later, disappointment.

5. TikTok downloads ordered to be blocked on iOS and Android in India over porn and other illegal content

Video app TikTok has become a global success, but it stumbled hard in one of the world’s biggest mobile markets, India, over illicit content.

6. Smart speakers’ installed base to top 200 million by year end

Canalys forecasts the installed base will grow by 82.4 percent, from 114 million units in 2018 to 207.9 million in 2019.

7. Salesforce ‘acquires’ for $300M in a wider refocus on the nonprofit sector

The company announced that it will integrate — which had been a reseller of Salesforce software and services to the nonprofit sector — into Salesforce itself as part of a new nonprofit and education vertical.

24 Sep 18:10

Rhea: Efficient environment variables management and typing for python

29 Jan 06:11

Hackers Hijacking CPUs to Mine Cryptocurrency Have Now Invaded YouTube Ads

by Rhett Jones

Cryptojacking is a relatively new malware issue that has gradually become a widespread problem. Bad actors are injecting a piece of JavaScript into websites and advertisements that harnesses a victims CPU to mine cryptocurrencies. The latest network to be targeted by cryptojackers is Google’s advertising service on…


04 Nov 02:06

Apple’s record services revenue suggests growth in Apple Pay, Apple Music

by Katie Roof
 Everyone’s favorite almost-trillion-dollar company reported fourth quarter earnings after the bell on Thursday. And while much of the attention was on stellar iPhone sales, Apple wants to make sure that people know its services business is doing great, too. “Service revenues reaches all-time high,” was the headline of the press release. But what is services revenue… Read More
16 May 18:24

Tip of the Day 5/16

You care about your clothes. Treat 'em right by outfitting your closet with the right hangers for the job.

08 May 18:55

Tip of the Day 5/8

To make packing a little easier, keep a dopp kit ready-stocked with this handy checklist.

21 Dec 17:48

With a bet on diversity, Blizzard reveals Overwatch’s queer character

by Taylor Hatmaker
screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-8-29-12-pm After months of hinting, Blizzard finally revealed which member of Overwatch’s colorful cast of characters counts themselves part of the LGBTQ community. The much-anticipated reveal came in a seasonal digital comic centered around Tracer, the spritely Londoner with gravity-defying hair who proved to be an early fan favorite and the literal face of the game. The comic… Read More
16 Aug 18:17

Homesick Candles Fill Your House With the Smell of Home

by Ben Dahl

Created by a group of friends who were missing their home states, Homesick Candles instantly transport you to the state of your choosing with unique scent combinations. Homesick for Texas? Try a hint of leather, a bit of fresh cotton, and just a touch of sage. Kentucky? Hints of bourbon, mint and other local scents. Florida? […]
11 Aug 16:47

4 Upcoming Food Events to Add to Your Calendar

by Stefanie Tuder

Featuring Sri Lankan, Indian, and Peruvian food

SOMA — Sri Lankan hot spot 1601 Bar & Kitchen is hosting a sherry dinner, pairing the fortified wine with five courses of food such as rock cod escabeche, shellfish bisque, and pork stew. Get $75 tickets here to the Tuesday, August 16 event. [EaterWire]

MISSIONForeign Cinema’s brunch is going Indian this weekend, with help from chef Niloufer Ichiporia King (author of My Bombay Kitchen). Dishes like housemade goa sausage, fresh-ground lamb burgers, and garama masala chicken kebabs will be on the menu this Saturday, August 13 and Sunday, August 14. [EaterWire]

UNION SQUAREHopefully reformed Travel Channel personality Adam Richman is in town to promote his first cookbook, “Straight Up Tasty: Meals, Memories, and Mouthfuls from My Travels,” at the Williams-Sonoma Union Square on Wednesday, August 17 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Get tickets to meet him here. [EaterWire]

EMBARCADERO La Mar’s patio is turning into a Pisco party on Thursday, August 18 from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. with unlimited appetizers, pisco sours, and live music from Sang Matiz. Get tickets here. [EaterWire]

24 Jun 04:31

Burger King Mac N’ Cheetos

by Ben Dahl

Whether it’s Doritos hooking up with Taco Bell for loco tacos or Rogue hooking up with Sriracha for spicy beers, we love a brand mashup as much as the next guy… but nothing compares to the Burger King Mac N’ Cheetos coming 6/27. What looks like a Cheetos-style mozzarella stick camouflages an interior filled with mac […]
07 Jun 20:35

Poritz & Studio x Uncrate Toolbox

You already know you should try to buy tools that'll last a lifetime. But what about your toolbox? Handmade from 75-year-old reclaimed tropical walnut from Nicaraqua, our latest collaboration is...

Visit Uncrate for the full post.
30 Mar 17:18

Firefox for iOS gets updated with better security, protection for your passwords

by Sarah Perez
firefox-ios Late last year, Mozilla debuted the public version of its Firefox for iOS web browser, and today the organization is rolling out a notable update in terms of its security. According to an announcement published to Mozilla’s blog, the browser will now introduce several features aimed at improving the security protections available in the app – useful especially in the case of a… Read More
22 Mar 20:26

Photos: Everyone, Last Night's Rainbows Were Amazing

by Jack Morse
Photos: Everyone, Last Night's Rainbows Were Amazing Seriously. [ more › ]

22 Mar 20:26

Company Building New BART Cars Has History Of Missed Deadlines

by Jay Barmann
Company Building New BART Cars Has History Of Missed Deadlines Great. [ more › ]

13 May 18:07

MashMe Turns You Into An Animated Character Automagically

by John Biggs
c7918d889c66bd81a5ef9f2af6787a4d_original Have you ever wanted to be a dinosaur? A female (??) robot? A kitten woman? Man, have you come to the right place. Croatian company MashMe wants to make your weird dreams come true. The company makes animation software that follows your movements and recreates them on the screen. The software will cost $10 and let you animate multiple characters including the aforementioned robot and dinosaur.… Read More
15 Apr 17:34

GamesGrabr Snags $665k To Level Up Its ‘Pinterest For Gamers’

by Natasha Lomas
gamesGRABR U.K.-based serial gaming entrepreneur Tony Pearce has pulled in another tranche of equity crowdfunding for gamesGRABR, his Pinterest style social network for gamers, bagging £450,000 in seed funding from 220 investors. Read More
21 Nov 23:19

The Friday Find: Copin Denim x Well Spent Promo

by Brad Bennett
Copin_Promo_1San Francisco’s Copin Denim may only make three products (four if you count the two denim fits) (ten if you count the two denim fits and four denim weights), but they make all of ‘em damn well. Cut and sewn in the USA out of American and Japanese materials, the label’s shirt, jacket, and jeans Read more »
27 Aug 00:18

The First High School Show That Showed Us It Was Okay to Be Different

by Alissa Walker

The First High School Show That Showed Us It Was Okay to Be Different

Long before her Emmy-winning turn as a bipolar CIA officer on Homeland, Claire Danes played typical teenager Angela Chase. In doing so, she showed an entire generation, including me, that high school was not a perfect place, and that was totally fine. My So-Called Life debuted 20 years ago this week.


14 May 20:22

OK, Seriously This Time: Google Glass Available To Anyone With $1,500

by Andrew Dalton
OK, Seriously This Time: Google Glass Available To Anyone With $1,500 After Explorer programs and limited betas and complete accidents, Google Glass is now for sale to anyone who with $1,500 to spend and desire to have all the features of a basic smartphone conveniently, but also some what distractingly, attached to their head. [ more › ]

14 May 20:22

YouTube-Famous Diva Impressionist Christina Bianco Coming to S.F.

by Jay Barmann
YouTube-Famous Diva Impressionist Christina Bianco Coming to S.F. If you're gay or have a gay friend (or if you read this website), chances are you saw this video of hilarious diva impressionist Christina Bianco... [ more › ]

05 May 22:28

Barbara Walters: Donald Sterling Backed Out of Interview

by Hilary Lewis

On Monday's "The View," Walters revealed behind-the-scenes stories from her sit-down with V. Stiviano and why the Clippers owner didn't participate.

read more

11 Oct 17:58




Ultimat Vodka


  • Straight
  • In cocktails (Martini, Gimlet, Vesper, Screwdriver, Bloody Mary, Cape Cod, Greyhound, Madras, Moscow Mule, White Russian)


  • The vodka is made from rye, potatoes and wheat.
  • Ultimat uses a “ceramic candlelight filtration” to remove impurities.
11 Oct 17:58

650 Eats: Cheeseburgers, Panini & Masala

by Mary Ladd

New restaurants are popping up in the 650 (area code), where it’s definitly looking more and more like autumn—cue up the pumpkins and gourds of all sizes, costume play and barrels of crazy good apples at the markets.

Palo Alto is having something of a dedicated sandwich moment, with two newcomers that expand the number of ways to get a delicious fill between two slices of bread; to toast or not toast may be the question of the day. On the topic of burgers, fried delectables soon follows since a pile of good fries are something of a must when it comes to a sandwich-focused meal. In Redwood City, the wait is over for a new Indian restaurant that is aptly incorporating fresh and seasonal with traditional touches for its debut menu on Broadway.

From St. Helena to the Ferry Building, now Gott’s Roadside has marked its burger (Angus, Niman Ranch), fries and (local) beer territory a stone’s throw away from the Stanford University campus in Palo Alto. Burger fans can indulge the blues with the Point Reyes crumbled cheeseburger served with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and now-legendary “secret sauce” on a toasted egg bun.

It’s a departure from a usual burger joint to serve a gourmet fishy item like ahi poke crispy tacos. Made in the Hawaiian tradition, the raw sushi grade ahi tuna is marinated and served with fresh avocado, green cabbage, fresh and herby cilantro, toasted sesame seeds and an addictively kicky mayo in a fried crispy taco shell. The debate over adding garlic or not to fries rages on in many circles, and Gott’s wisely adds a tempting option to the debate: sweet potato fries, which are just a skinny and crispy way to share over that pint of Anchor Steam. Nab a patio table for prime seating, and let the burger games begin. 855 El Camino Real #65, Palo Alto; (650) 326-1000

Corner Bakery Café is a fast casual chain with sandwiches, soups, pastries and cookies, housed in a spot that for years was a Boston Market. Ordering a combination special appears to be a good meal value: score panini (turkey bacon or roasted chicken are among the juicy options), otherwise known as sandwiches that are meant to be appropriately toasty and melty. Corner Bakery Café takes panini so seriously that they proclaim to be panini experts on the company website—do tell. Appealing combo ordering options include the seasonal sounding tomato basil soup, a creamy and savory blend. Among the many salads, the apple-centric Harvest salad has enough fill and intriguing flavors to suit the fall mood. Cookie fans may want to turn their attention to the signature Monster cookie, a big number studded with mini-M&Ms. 3375 El Camino Real, Palo Alto; (650) 843-0676.

Broadway Masala in downtown Redwood City has some innovative culinary twists that are non-traditional and still freshly exciting: picture warm herbed goat cheese naan sharing a plate with robust tomato and pimiento soup. Standbys like saag paneer, tandoori salmon, and chicken biryani round out the menu and lunch customers thus far appear to be taken with the restaurant’s calming ambiance and filling fare. 2397 Broadway Street, Redwood City.

Follow @mladdfood 


29 Aug 20:21

Look of the Week: Great (Post Labor Day) Whites

by Lily Ko

The ancient rules of fashion say Labor Day weekend is your last chance to wear white. But fashion's all about change and new ideas, right? Lately, we've noticed a new trend: fall whites. 

We found seven gorgeous, multi-seasonal whites that'll carry you through the Indian summer and well into fall.

1. Topshop Knitted Sheer Cable Tunic, $150

2. Karl Lagerfeld Klassic Seven Stainless Steel and Silicone Watch, $275

3. Adidas x Opening Ceremony Rod Laver Vintage Hi-Top Sneakers, $175

4. Topshop Tailored Long Line Blazer, $140

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Scallop Lace and Jersey Dress, $298

6. Marni Leather Clutch, $810

7. Zara Pointed Court Shoes, $49.90

Lily Ko (lily7x7 studied fashion design and merchandising at Central Saint Martins and the Academy of Art University. In addition to writing for 7x7, Lily is on the creative team at Pottery Barn, and works as a freelance stylist, writer, and designer.

14 Jun 23:58

Eater Tastings: Heartbaker and Virgil's Sea Room Now Open; Tamale Lady Troubles; More!

by Sally Kuchar

em>Welcome to Eater Tastings, where Eater SF guest editor Jay Barmann shares the best restaurant and bar news of the week.

The "local heroes" wall at Virgil's Sea Room. [Photo: Jay Barmann]

THE MISSION—Openings have definitely picked up, and this week marked the debut of a cool, laid-back new bar called Virgil's Sea Room, with roots in the party Hard French. We've got some photos and a cocktail menu for you.

OUTER RICHMOND—Opening tomorrow is Heartbaker, a new pastry shop and restaurant from former Aqua and Kokkari pastry chef Sybil Johnson. See some more details here.

TENDERLOIN—Big, the tiny and well loved cocktail bar that opened last year on Post Street, is closing as of tonight, but hopefully the crew will create something equally cool elsewhere.

THE MISSION—Street food icon The Tamale Lady got the shocking news this week that Zeitgeist, one of her longtime favorite haunts, isn't going to allow her in to sell her tamales anymore. But Supervisor David Campos is hoping to fix this.

CASTRO—After over a year of rumblings over formula retail and competition with nearby taquerias, Chipotle finally has its day before the Planning Commission on June 20, and things could get a little heated.

FILLMORE—The majorly popular, James Beard Award-winning State Bird Provisions is going to get a little bigger later this summer as they expand into the space next door, which was supposed to become Hapa Ramen. Hapa Ramen, meanwhile, is headed for the Mission.

BAY AREA—Other notable bar openings this week include Brotzeit Lokal, a new beer garden and bar in Oakland; Redford, a much brighter replacement for the former Ambassador in the 'Loin.

THE MISSIONThings are changing over at four-month-old Hi Lo BBQ, with a new chef and a new menu on the way, and full service (meaning no more counter service) dining.