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Pussy Riot Members Set To Appear In New Season of House of Cards

by Matt Cohen

everybody riot!

Pussy Riot Members Set To Appear In New Season of <em>House of Cards</em> The extent of their roles is not known yet. [ more › ]

01 Jul 18:35

The Leg.

by Anon MD

sensitivity is relative

"I was really sorry to have to call you this morning to tell you that your mother passed away.  I know we all expected this, but I'm sure it's still very difficult."

"Yeah, sure, do you want her leg?"

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Her leg.  The prosthesis.  We were thinking we'd donate it, if you guys want it."

"I mean... it was fit directly to your mother... I'll have to ask someone else if there's any use for a used prosthesis...."

"Do you have a form so we can get a tax deduction for it?"

"I don't have a form, no."

"It's probably still worth almost as much as it was new, right?  Do you know what she would have paid for it if not for the insurance?"


"Do you think you could find that out?"


"We also thought we'd donate her walker, if that has any value."

"We could probably use the walker for patients who don't yet have their own...."

"Great, can the hospital pay us anything for that?"


"And we pre-paid for another week of television service.  How does that work?  Do you give us back that money, or are we allowed to take the TV for a week?"

"I'm pretty sure you can't take the TV.  You can ask the billing office about getting the money back."

"Great, great.  Do people get buried with their teeth, or do you guys want those too?"

"We don't need her teeth."

"But could we get a tax deduction if we leave them here?"

"I don't think that's something we usually deal with...."

"Is she still getting lunch?  Because we're kind of hungry, and I guess we could all split it if it's going to come anyway."

"No, they stop serving meals after a patient dies."

"Okay, well, just in case they've already set up the tray-- we'll still take it."

"I'll let them know...?"

"If there's a way to take it to go, that would be even better."

"I don't think...."

"Also, I assume she didn't eat much of her breakfast-- do we get a credit on the account for that?"

"Her meals were covered in the overall cost of her stay."

"Oh, is she still being charged for the room until we leave?"

"I don't...."

"It's fine, we're going.  We left the teeth on the pillow.  Take care, doc."

"Sorry again for your--"

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Three men deny Oompa Loompas attack


streets is hard

Trio deny assault during alleged incident in Norwich involving people dressed as brightly coloured fictional characters

Three men have denied an attack involving people dressed as Oompa Loompas.

Matthew Wright, 20, of Potter Heigham, Norfolk, Matthew Watling, 19, of Happisburgh, Norfolk, and Louis Gelinas, 20, of Sutton, south-west London, deny assault causing actual bodily harm during an incident in Norwich on 27 December.

A 28-year-old man suffered cuts and bruises after the alleged attack in the Prince of Wales Road nightclub district.

They appeared at Norwich crown court on Monday and a trial date was set for September.

After the incident, police issued an appeal for information, saying that some of those involved were dressed as the fictional characters from Roald Dahl's novel Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. © 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds


28 Jun 21:04

Danica Patrick Is 'Not A Race Car Driver'

by Travis Okulski

Kyle Petty is a dickbag

Danica Patrick Is 'Not A Race Car Driver'

Yesterday, Kyle Petty, a former NASCAR driver, TNT and SPEED NASCAR commentator, and son of the legendary King Richard Petty said Danica Patrick is "not a race car driver." It's an astute observation, and one that Kyle is uniquely qualified to make.



28 Jun 19:21

NSA Surveillance Children's Book

by Alex Santoso

hi big gov't! **waves emphatically**

Unless you're living under a surveillance-proof rock, I'm sure you've heard by now that Big Brother is always with us. But how do you tell your kids about it? With children's book, of course!

Twitter user @darth asked followers to create #NSAKidsBooks for your enjoyment, as seen in this gallery over at The Guardian: Link - via Boing Boing

13 Jun 19:36

Kylie Minogue’s New Single “Skirt” Is An Ibizan Dream: LISTEN

by Chris Spargo

radio mmmmm

Happy Birthday Kylie!

Happy Birthday Kylie!

It’s Kylie Minogue’s birthday today friends, and the Aussie singer has been kind enough to give us all a gift to celebrate the big day with the release of her new song “Skirt.”

The track, produced by Chris Elliot (Nom De Strip) and co-written by The-Dream, seems perfectly produced for the clubs of Ibiza with its pulsating sounds and electro beats, not to mention Kylie’s sighs and moans throughout the song. So it should come as no surprise that Chris Lake debuted “Skirt” at opening weekend of Pacha Ibiza this past Saturday.

This is the first song from Kylie since she signed with Jay Z’s management company Roc Nation, and with lyrics like, “Tonight, be my supernova, take whatever you want/Tonight, let me bask in you like rays of the sun/tonight I’m yours,” we like what we are hearing.

Take a listen above.

Long live Kylie!

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Teacher’s resignation letter: ‘My profession … no longer exists’

24 Mar 13:35

#شکوفه @باهار

by sakhre