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19 Sep 16:29

Little Corgi Foo Foo

Little Corgi Foo Foo
19 Jun 11:02

New Magic Item: Ring of Dark Desire

by David Brawley
“What is it?”

Feris held the black band in his hand. “I’m not sure. It has some very minor binding magic, but beyond that I can’t tell.”

“I’ll take it” Nimble declared, palming the ring. He slipped it onto his finger, sparkle of diamond chips flashing in the light against the dark metal. “It isn’t cursed is it?”

Feris smiled. “Lucky for you, no.”

The streets sweltered with the stench of the unwashed, and no movement disturbed the stillness of the midday sun. The companions rested like nearly everyone else in the town in the stone basements that offered a shadowed hint of coolness.

“Feris, can’t you do something about this?” Nimble whined.

“I could… but I won’t.”

“Gods, why not? This is unbearable.”

Rathgar shifted slightly “Nimble? Stop adding to the hot air.”


“It’s too hot.” Rathgar grumbled as he shifted to his feet. “I’m going to get another pitcher of water.”

“I’d give anything for a cool rain right now…”

The companions shivered as the basement filled instantly with a cool drizzle. “Anything?” a voice hissed in Nimble’s head.

Ring of Dark Desire

This ring is crafted of a near black unknown metal set all around with small diamond chips that radiates a faint magical trace. When worn, and a desire expressed, there is a 50% chance that something will reply with an offer to fulfil the wearer’s desire. The something (usually a demon/devil) usually does not have the wearer’s best interests at heart. This is not as powerful as a ring of wishes, and is cataloged as a ‘Ring of Petty Desires’ in Emirikol’s Grimoire of Infernal Secrets.
17 Dec 20:43

Pedestrian killed by Amtrak train in Middle River

by By Kevin Rector, The Baltimore Sun
Trains moving through area at reduced speed

A pedestrian was struck and killed by an Amtrak train in Middle River Tuesday morning in a gruesome incident that disrupted travel for hundreds of passengers, according to Amtrak and Baltimore County emergency officials.
08 Nov 15:28

24 hours – 1 game – LiveBlog

by Dyson Logos


I’m going to try my hand at the 24 hour RPG contest hosted by 1km1kt again this year. Last time I did this was quite some time ago and the final product was the awesomeness that is Geodesic Gnomes.

This year there are three rules beyond the usual “24 hours, full game”.

  1. Pocketmod format
  2. No numbers
  3. Needs an NPC named Keeton

So, I officially started working on this game 30 minutes ago when I started reading the threads over on 1km1kt. Since I’m not going to actually liveblog on here (the last thing you want is 20-40 posts in a row in one day, right?) I’ll instead be liveblogging on the forums over there.

Here’s the link to the thread I’ve started.

01 Aug 23:29

New Project: Build a Mini Cabinet

by Geoff N.
As in a cabinet to house my minis, not that the cabinet itself will be particularly small...

I have long lusted after the furniture produced by Geek Chic, but lament the prohibitively high prices. Fortunately for me, however, my father is an incredible woodworker in his own right, and I have often found myself thinking, "I bet my dad could build something like that." Well, now that the wedding is over, I have decided to do that musing one better and see if my dad can teach me how to "build something like that."

I have often admired those who can make durable, high-quality goods like furniture, pottery, homemade clothes and other useful craft items, and I have wanted to improve my own skills in those areas. So, yesterday I emailed my dad and proposed a project: Would he help me to build a wall case for my gaming minis, and use the project to help teach me some of the basics of woodworking? He responded with an enthusiastic "yes", so as soon as I got home from work, I broke out the trusty ol' SketchUp to begin roughing out my ideas.

with doors shown

doors hidden

isometric view

The plan is to build a wall-mounted case with glass doors to keep the dust out, and interior lighting to set off the minis. I determined that it needs to be just over 3 inches deep in order to accommodate some of the larger figures, and that the shelving should be removable, with a minimum spacing of 2 inches for the medium-sized minis.

I would love to document this project as it progresses, so keep an eye out for updates here on the blog. Who knows, if the mini cabinet goes well, maybe I'll try and tackle one of those tables next!
25 Mar 20:56

stubbiethecorgi: Nap time for the rugrats after chasing each...


Nap time for the rugrats after chasing each other all over the house.