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02 Mar 20:21

What have you done


It is one of my favorite pastimes to think about colors we cannot perceive and if we will be able to see new colors in our lifetime...

24 Feb 15:42

Giving you his heart

last week i adopted a very shy rescue cat to help heal my heart following the death of my two elderly cats he just showed me his belly for the first time | pic of a black and white cat lying on its back with a heart shaped black spot on its belly

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02 Feb 00:17

extra-billowy dutch baby pancake

by deb

I was just yapping at how great these were at Bickford's in the 80s

[Welcome back to ✨ Newer, Better Month ✨ on Smitten Kitchen, when I update a few SK classics with new knowledge, new techniques, and with real-life time constraints in mind. Previously: Perfect Spaghetti and Meatballs and Extra-Flaky Pie Crust.]

Sometimes “newer, betters” emerge because the original recipe wasn’t as good as it could be. But most of them — like this — come from real life. Like, when you’re really tired on a Saturday morning and you look at a recipe that you swore by at some time in your life when nobody dragged you out of bed at 7am on a Saturday [and then, instead of handing you a cup of coffee for your troubles, as you’d once daydreamed they’d be trained to do by now, demanded pancakes] and say “WHUT.” A blender? No, I am definitely not getting the blender out right now. Wait, why am I turning on the stove and the oven? Do I really need this much butter? Why are there lumps in the batter? Why isn’t this as puffy as I thought it would be? Can I go back to bed yet? I mean, just for a random example that’s definitely not going down in my kitchen as we speak.

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02 Feb 00:14

Simply the best

best thing about dogs is u can act like something really good just happened and they'll instantly start celebrating too they have no idea what the context is they're just always ready to party

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17 Dec 15:27

Middle Ages Art Depicts Snails To Be A Major Threat Apparently

Artwork from the middle ages that paints a different view of snails that is actually very similar to our modern day views on the little hard-shell sluggers

If you were to look at art from the Middle Ages, you might find yourself staring at some knights in a fierce battle with ...uh... snails. 

Why snails? That is a completely mystery. There are some theories Digital Medievalist, Lisa Spangenberg says that "the armored snail fighting the armored knight is a reminder of the inevitability of death," a sentiment captured in Psalm 58 of the bible: "Like a snail that melteth away into slime, they shall be taken away; like a dead-born child, they shall not see the sun."

What do you think it could mean? 

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06 Nov 11:56

The Best Ethiopian Restaurants in Washington, DC

by Brian Oh

Washington, DC, is home to the largest Ethiopian population in the country—and the second largest in the world. Here are four can't-miss Ethiopian restaurants to try in the District. Read More
14 Oct 18:30

This Savory Tarte Tatin Is French Onion Soup in a Tart

by Sasha Marx

Combine the classic bistro soup with a Tatin for the fanciest caramelized onion tart around. Read More
24 Apr 13:44

We May Be Getting a Fast and the Furious Spin-off Starring The Rock And Jason Statham

by Lauren Evans on The Muse, shared by Lauren Evans to Jezebel

I don't think I could be more excited

Fans of The Fast and the Furious franchise—and of Jason Statham and Dwayne
“The Rock” Johnson’s palpable on-screen chemistry—were perhaps disappointed that the two never wound up kissing in the latest film, The Fate of the Furious. If you haven’t yet, I defy you to watch the above scene and tell me these two people…


31 Mar 18:35

20 Incredible Photos That Were Taken at the Perfect Moment

photography,Perfect Timing,animals

Because timing is everything!

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19 Jul 20:06


my first instinct when i see an animal is to say hello

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31 May 20:38

Ingo the Dog and Poldi the Owl Are the Best of Friends

ingo the dog and poldi the owl are the best of friends

You can find out more about these animals and their owner/photographer, Tanja Brandt, over here.

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31 May 20:38

Wally the Long-Haired Bunny is Basically a Stuffed Animal Come to Life

stuffed animal,instagram,pet,rabbit,bunny

Wally lives in Massachusetts with a lovely human named Molly. You can follow all of their adventures over on Instagram.

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18 May 16:04

Much Cake. So Frosting. Wow.

much cake so frosting wow

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07 Apr 15:15

Honey Ice Cream

by David

the honey store in harvard square has this honey that tastes spicy, like INTENSE chai tea... it should probably be churned into ice cream


chestnut honey gelato

I didn’t fall in love with chestnut honey right off the bat. When I took my first spoonful from the jar, I took a little too much and recoiled from the bitterness. While celebrated in some cultures, some of us are less-accustomed to bitter flavors. I can’t eat bitter melon, for example, but I have come to love chestnut honey, especially when dribbled over toast with butter, fresh ricotta, or vanilla ice cream. In those cases, it’s magically transformed into a honey experience different from you might have expected, its assertive flavor tamed by the creamy elements.

Chestnut honey ice cream recipe

Chestnut honey has an unmistakable flavor, which could also be described as a little smoky, and kind of spicy, and you just might find yourself craving it over and over, like I do. Although I’ve learned that a little goes a long way. We get miel de châtaignier in France although I think Italian chestnut honey is the most prominently available outside of Europe. It can be a challenge to find in the United States, unlike buckwheat honey, which is more common because it’s made in America.

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22 Mar 16:25

Margot Robbie to Play Disgraced Olympian Tonya Harding in Upcoming Biopic I, Tonya

by Bobby Finger

I do not consider it a character flaw that I will watch anything on this subject

2016's potential Next Big Thing Margot Robbie has been cast as 1994's potential Next Big Thing Tonya Harding in the upcoming biopic I, Tonya. Entertainment Weekly reports the film will be written by Steven Rogers, the screenwriter of Stepmom, another movie about two feuding women.


21 Mar 15:15

Look at These Ridiculously Photogenic Cows


my dream is to hang out with fuzzy cows

ridiculously photogenic cows

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18 Mar 14:50

Why Do Small Creatures Love Capybaras so Much?


attn: kara

small creatures love capybaras

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18 Mar 14:43

This Meat Vending Machine Is Very Good

by Joanna Rothkopf

Have you ever been walking a dog or commuting home and thought, “I need three to four slices of ham or I’ll die?” For me, that happens everyday. Same for people in Paris. So much so that two entrepreneurial residents have begun installing vending machines throughout the city filled with vacuum-packed meat.


17 Mar 18:45

PSA: There's a Bald Eagle Hatching Out of Its Little Egg on a Live Cam Right Now 

by Jia Tolentino



17 Mar 14:14

This Lab/Husky Mix Is Split Right Down the Middle

lab husky mix split down the middle

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15 Mar 15:17

George Isn't So Sure About His Human's Taste in Home Decor

cat isnt sure about nicolas cage pillow

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01 Mar 16:50

Wesley Can't Wait to Start Middle School

dog with braces

How cute are his little doggie braces? Harborfront Hospital for Animals in Michigan put these on Wesley because he needed a tooth alignment to close his mouth properly. He should only need to wear them for a few weeks so enjoy the cute while you can!

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26 Feb 14:49

Super Easy Gluten Free Cannoli Pie

by Nicole Hunn

If you love the taste of cannoli, this one’s for you! This smooth and creamy gluten free cannoli pie can be made with a pastry crust, a cookie crust—or no crust at all.

Gluten free cannoli pie has all the taste of cannoli in a super easy smooth and creamy pie. Make it with a pastry crust or cookie crust!

I’ve always had a deep and abiding love for cannoli cream, that lightly sweet mixture of creamy ricotta cheese and smooth, slightly tangy mascarpone cheese. I believe that cannoli cream should have either miniature chocolate chips—or no mix-ins at all. Little bits of candied fruit may be traditional, but I’m afraid I find them an unwelcome surprise. This gluten free cannoli pie is so super easy—way easier than traditional gluten free cannoli—especially since you can make it in a flaky pie crust, a cookie crust, or even no crust at all. I’ve even baked just the filling in a 9-inch round cake pan, greased and lined with a round of parchment paper, and I was able simply to invert the pan onto a serving platter with ease. Basically, you must try this tonight.

Gluten free cannoli pie has all the taste of cannoli in a super easy smooth and creamy pie. Make it with a pastry crust or cookie crust!

This cannoli pie is not really a cheesecake, since cheesecake is cream cheese + egg + sugar. But since cannoli cream is mascarpone (a close cousin of cream cheese) + ricotta cheese (also similar in texture to cream cheese when blended), when you add egg + a bit of sugar and bake, you have a smooth, clean-slicing pie.

Gluten free cannoli pie has all the taste of cannoli in a super easy smooth and creamy pie. Make it with a pastry crust or cookie crust!

The taste is everything you remember from cannoli (how does one even begin to describe that taste?), and the texture is smooth, fresh and creamy, light and almost fluffy. The crust is whatever you decide it is. This is your next baking project. And it’s a sure thing.

Gluten free cannoli pie has all the taste of cannoli in a super easy smooth and creamy pie. Make it with a pastry crust or cookie crust!

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22 Feb 15:31

Someone's a Baaaaad Student

funny animal image little lamb in math class

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17 Feb 21:05

Some Fluffs Won't Be Contained


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10 Feb 16:30

Meet Alby, an Adorable and Rare Albino Green Turtle

cute baby animal image albino green turtle baby found

Meet Alby, the first ever albino Green turtle we have come across  in our 9 years of turtle monitoring. Alby was born at...

Posted by Coolum District Coast Care Group on Sunday, February 7, 2016

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08 Feb 17:20

Women in BioPharma Would Please Like No More Parties With Models Hired as 'Eye Candy'

by Kelly Faircloth

Two women in the biopharma world have written an open letter to their field, asking execs please not to work with companies that use scantily-clad models to liven up their cocktail parties. “We can’t believe it’s 2016 and we have to spend our time writing this letter,” it begins.


26 Jan 13:53

How One Man Tried to Write Women Out of CRISPR, the Biggest Biotech Innovation in Decades

by Joanna Rothkopf

CRISPR is so cool. This is such bullshit

On January 14, Eric S. Lander published an article in the journal Cell celebrating the “heroes” of CRISPR-Cas9 , a revolutionary DNA-editing technology that may be the most important genetic engineering development in decades.


20 Jan 16:32

This Cat Looks a Lot Like Adam Driver

funny cats star wars This Cat Looks a Lot Like Adam Driver

Or should we say... Catam Driver?

via smokin_broccoli

No? What about Cat-lo Ren?

via budgie0507

Seriously, Kylo Ren might need to be recast, look how good this cat looks as a sith lord. 

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06 Jan 21:57

A Different Kind Of Water Dog


this makes me so happy

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