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21 Jul 02:53

Bas Jan Ader, Fall II, Amsterdam, 1970.

Bas Jan Ader, Fall II, Amsterdam, 1970.

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Tragedy. [video]

Tragedy. [video]

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Philipp Igumnov cloudhouse

Philipp Igumnov

22 Jun 15:33

Space Shuttle Endeavour Rises Above the Cloud Deck

Cool! [ image ](Read...)

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historyinpics42:Original Michelin - 1910 Click Here to Follow...

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annflower: albánkonyha



18 May 21:21

PaperBridge: A Load-Bearing Arch of Paper Sheets Spans an English Creek

by Johnny Strategy
PaperBridge 003

all photos by Steve Messam courtesy the artist

While it’s certainly not the longest, this weight-bearing structure is definitely one of the more interesting bridges we’ve come across. Unveiled earlier this month, PaperBridge is the latest site-specific installation by environmental artist Steve Messam. It was constructed using 22,000 sheets of bright, red paper. And despite weighing in at over 4.2 tons, the free-standing structure doesn’t have a single screw, bolt or swab of glue holding it together.

On an aesthetic level, PaperBridge acts as focal point that creates a stark contrast between the bridge and the lush landscape. But on a conceptual level, Messam explains the key relationship between the bridge and its surroundings:

Paper is a simple material made from wood pulp and water. The intensity of colour used in the bridge contrasts with the verdant landscape making a bold statement of form and design. Alongside this the materials used have a resonance with the natural environment and the construction of the bridge also reflects local architectural forms, specifically pack horse bridges found throughout the area. All of the paper used in PaperBridge will be recovered and returned to the Burneside Mill for recycling into new paper once the project ends. This transparent cycle is part of the overall environmental narrative of the piece.

PaperBridge was part of the ‘Lakes Ignite’ project. It was located in the Grisedale Valley, near Patterdale and the public was invited to walk across it before it gets taken down today. (via Designboom and The Kid Should See This)

PaperBridge 006

PaperBridge 001

PaperBridge 013

PaperBridge 024

PaperBridge 029

PaperBridge 032



17 May 12:13

Wayne Thiebaud“24th Street Intersection,” 1977via

Wayne Thiebaud
“24th Street Intersection,” 1977


07 May 20:34

aubreylstallard: Sol Lewitt, 2000


Sol Lewitt, 2000

22 Apr 20:04

En Plein VolCollection of installations by Blizzard Concepts...

En Plein Vol

Collection of installations by Blizzard Concepts utilizes hair-dryers in creative ways, from dancing string to guiding a paper aeroplance:

This new project combines magic and visual arts;  burlesque / Unusual and light poetry.  Endless loops, random paths, levitation, etc;  we come face to actions over which we have no control but which by themselves, reaching the goal.  And impracticable, the improbable certain parts gently pushes us towards reverie.


11 Apr 12:36

are-soul: DARK PALE



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trefoiled:Oliver Liria

03 Apr 04:01

splashing u with knowledge

splashing u with knowledge

06 Apr 23:47

gallowhill:michael rakowitz, paraSITE homeless shelter, 1998


michael rakowitz, paraSITE homeless shelter, 1998

07 Apr 12:25

The Fantasy Coffins From Ghana

by dmitry

The fantasy or figurative coffins from Ghana, in Europe also called custom, fantastic, or proverbial coffins (abebuu adekai), are functional coffins made by specialized carpenters in the Greater Accra Region in Ghana.

These colourful objects which have developed out of the figurative palanquins are not only coffins, but considered real works of art, were shown for the first time to a wider Western public in the exhibition Les Magiciens de la terre at the Musée National d’Art Moderne in Paris in 1989. The seven coffins which were exposed in Paris were done by Kane Kwei (1922–1992) and by his former assistant Paa Joe (b.1947).

Since then, these art coffins of Kane Kwei, his grandson Eric Adjetey Anang, Paa Joe, Daniel Mensah (Hello), Kudjoe Affutu and other artists have been displayed in many international art museums and galleries around the world.


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polychroniadis:Barricade made of Buses used as Protection from...

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nickkahler:Herzog & de Meuron, Berlin Morgen, Berlin,...

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polychroniadis:Adolf loos Entry to the Chicago Tribune Tower...

04 Apr 04:23

bluecote:neviges pilgrimage church Gottfried Böhm, 1964-7


neviges pilgrimage church
Gottfried Böhm, 1964-7

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26 Mar 18:44

vikautofocus:"SEPTEMBER MMXIV" series.Ivory paper...


Ivory paper 30x40cm.
autofocus, 2014.

24 Mar 17:00

Missing Pet Posters From Around The World

by Stephanie Young


71Ub8-wgLgLian phillips lost pet postersian phillips lost pet postersian phillips lost pet posters
One of the saddest things to see while walking around your neighborhood is a missing pet poster. A new book Lost: Lost and Found Pet Posters from Around the World by Ian Phillips captures the desperation and panic in these hand drawn, hand written xeroxed pieces of paper.  It captures the highly emotional experience when someone loses a pet and also tries to give a funny but poignant look into the whole culture of what people write and draw to catch the public’s attention in helping them find their beloved fur ball.
One readily apparent trait is that most of the signs are created by someone who is not in a logical state of mind. This is not said in jest but observation because who in their right mind would draw a picture of their pet and expect someone to recognize the animal if spotted in person? Most end up looking like cartoon line drawings and it just adds to the poignancy of the whole situation. The other thing made clear is the cathartic power of drawing and writing. Even though the drawings may not look like the actual missing animal it gives the owner a chance to let out some of their emotional stress through drawing and writing. It’s no secret that creative expression has wonderful cathartic powers and in some ways might help the panic stricken person cope a little more with the situation at hand. On a positive note the book also takes a look at found animal posters which is just as funny and poignant.
Studies have shown that only 23 percent of lost dogs are reunited with their owners and 2 percent of lost cats. A microchip which can be inserted into the animal at a very low cost is a wonderful and harmless way to secure that if your pet is ever lost or stolen you have a good chance of finding them. It’s been shown that animals with microchips have a 38 percent chance of returning home to their owners if lost or stolen. (via hyperallergic)

ian phillips lost pet postersian phillips lost pet postersian phillips lost pet postersian phillips lost pet posters

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20 Mar 04:48

mitjaissick:Thomas RentmeisterEarthapfelroom,...


Thomas Rentmeister

Earthapfelroom, 2007

Kartoffelchips, potato chips, ca. 70 x 500 x 250 cm

18 Mar 01:21

Nooo [video/via]

Nooo [video/via]