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08 Mar 22:12

Piu e Phiu

by orlandeli

08 Feb 20:01

Zé Gotinha

by Doutor



03 Oct 18:52

IT’S A TRAP! – DORK TOWER 02.10.14

by John Kovalic

Super Happy Kickstart Me Fun Hour

03 Oct 18:51

Han and Cheese – DORK TOWER 12.09.14

by John Kovalic

Super Happy Solo Fun Hour

HEY, since I have your attention, check out MY INSANE 60-MILE BIKE RIDE, and take a gander at all the cool swag you can get simply for helping a wonderful charity! Including new limericks by Neil Gaiman, Pat Rothfuss that the Doubleclicks will also set to music,  and lots more from more bestselling authors than I can shake a deadline at!

03 Jul 18:35

Surface Area

This isn't an informational illustration; this is a thing I think we should do. First, we'll need a gigantic spool of thread. Next, we'll need some kind of ... hmm, time to head to Seattle.
13 Feb 10:37

David Bronstein Memorial 2014 - Games and Results

by Mark Crowther
The David Bronstein Memorial took place in Minsk 11th to 19th February 2014. Top seeds: Baadur Jobava, Vladimir Akopian, Gabriel Sargissian, Boris Grachev, Sergei Zhigalko, Rauf Mamedov, etc includes Alexander Khalifman and Sergei Tiviakov also. Baadur Jobava edged out Sergey A Fedorchuk and Mikhailo Oleksienko after all finished on 7/9.
14 Jan 19:10

Mentirinhas #564

by Fábio Coala

mentirinhas_555Os super poderes que só a internet dá.


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