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31 Oct 15:23

Living Single Theme Song


Totally in my head right now. My cultural studies Master's will be comparing this to Girls

30 Oct 18:43

Tootal Recall How do you get tough, working class kids to wear...

by breathnaigh

There was a modest 60s mod revival in London which got some press. It seems very logical.

Tootal Recall

How do you get tough, working class kids to wear polka dot cravats? British neckwear maker Tootal inadvertently pulled this off in the 1960s when mods and mod offshoot subcultures tucked silky puffs of foulard  into their jackets and shirts before going to see the Small Faces melt faces or to battle with rockers. A centuries old company, Tootal specialized in furnishings like ties, cravats, and scarves. They provided scarves to Royal Air Force pilots in World War II (like the gaunt pilot pictured), but the path from there to the necks of the mods isn’t totally clear. The RAF roundel likewise went from the wings of Hawker Hurricanes to the backs of fishtail parkas. In the postwar period, Tootal shifted primarily to synthetic fabrics like polyester and rayon. At the time, these were considered technologically advanced fabrics rather than just cheap substitutes for more precious materials like silk. Tootal wares were marketed as good value: affordable, durable, and washable at home (even the ties).

The mods who Vespa’d into the spotlight in the mid-60s, and the suedeheads who followed in the 1970s, were very discerning about having the “correct” gear, and they considered Tootal ace. I’m not British, but a guy named Nigel (pictured in the bottom photo) told me that Tootal was the “Go to brand. Nothing else would do.” Fringed scarves were worn tied around the neck and tucked into macs or crombie coats (which makes natural sense—see photo of Terence Stamp from 1968), or even Levis jackets or fishtail parkas. Preferred patterns were polka dots (white on wine or navy—often coordinated to your favorite football club’s colors) or paisley, in tones not too different from what high end makers like Drake’s work with today (Daniel Craig wears a Drake’s scarf in the photo above).

Contrasting Textures

Whether you’re a mod revivalist or just a guy who appreciates the velveteen touch of a dandy scarf, silk is a worthy choice. Naturally, for really cold weather, you want a warm wool or cashmere scarves, but silk is a great option for chilly temperatures. Silk or silk substitutes provide a textural contrast with tweeds and other “dry,” matte fabrics, and can add color to otherwise neutral toned, olive and khaki-heavy ensembles. I like to wear them less formally, with a leather bomber or Barbour jacket, but silk scarves are great with heavy wool coats, too.

Vintage or New?

Tootal scarves are quite common on the vintage market, and their durability and washability mean they’re often in decent shape even if quite old. The company currently makes a higher end product in all silk, although many mod die-hards prefer vintage versions. The 1960s models came in varying qualities denoted by color-coded labels (green label, black label, etc.); but for the most part, if it’s still around, it’s wearable. Other options for new scarves include British companies like Peckham Rye (which has courted the mod market) or Jump the Gun, or trad shops like Ben Silver or J. Press. Note that size also affects wearability—a large, very broad scarf will be more at home with a chesterfield coat than a short jacket.


28 Oct 18:00

The Screening Room….Trafic by Jacques Tati

by The Sartorialist

Hat case


I don’t speak French, and I can’t keep up with subtitles-but that doesn’t stop me from getting a kick out of a good Tati film.


These movies are so visual and so unique (the girl above stores her floppy hats where you’d expect to find a spare tire!) The mood of a Tati film is instantly recognizable and now super easy to access-as of last week I noticed that all six of Tati’s films are now available on iTunes.


Definitely worth viewing if you’re in the mood for something a little bit different, but not too serious. 

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 10.32.44 AM-Also how great are these Criterion Collection cover artworks for the films (pictured above). The covers have just as much character as the films themselves.


29 Oct 12:11

Keytar Bear attacked again?

by adamg


Tue, 10/28/2014 - 19:00

Our favorite fuzzy musician reports on an incident last night in front of Faneuil Hall:

There was another attack by 2 guys and a girl this time this time they tried to stab me with a knife and they stole from me lm not upset because I realize god gives us problems in order to make us stronger these are the few dollars that l recovered lm hoping my Keytar still works because l used it to defend myself but my Bruins jersey is fucked up and that pisses me off because it had everyones signature tommorows another people.

People suck: Keytar Bear sucker punched in the face.

Free tagging: 



29 Oct 15:18

Luxury cineplex planned for Seaport

by adamg

Oh, Seaport.

A ten-screen complex being planned for Seaport Square across from Fan Pier will feature reserved seating in custom recliners for moviegoers who will be able to sup on small plates and sip from their wine or beer.

Kerasotes Showplace Theatres has begun work on its proposed Showplace Icon for a building in front of one of the current Vertex buildings. The company highlighted its proposal this morning in hearing before the Boston Licensing Board - which decides whether to let it buy the liquor license now held by the Bar Room on Broad Street.

29 Oct 00:29

Death Becomes Her | The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Attn: RS.
I sourced this from jezebel but didn't like thier summary

Death Becomes Her | The Metropolitan Museum of Art:
This exhibition explores the aesthetic development and cultural implications of mourning fashions of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
28 Oct 02:49

Basic Boston Is Basically Just Boston: A Guide to Things Everyone Likes


These are the things I am constantly being mean about for no reason So I'd say it is pretty accurate

28 Oct 21:38

In Somerville, power goes out from Assembly Row to Winter Hill, where a boom was heard

by adamg

The boom giveth, and the boom taketh away

UPDATE, 5:47 p.m.: Spirits in Black reports the lights are back on at Assembly Row, but that traffic remains a mess.

Around 5:15 p.m., Jackie Geilfuss reported the power was out at Assembly Row - including the lights at Assembly Row and Rte. 28.

People are stuck in elevators.

Around 5:30, NPW reported:

28 Oct 21:01


Subject is described as a zombie drawn by Dr. Seuss

20 Oct 01:30

UNIFORM | Block Shop Scarves

by Lizzie

I also like lightweight scarfs. Maybe I have been in LA too long

My biggest retail weakness is no doubt lightweight scarves. I have...a lot of them. I think it's because they're an easy way to make basics unboring, and I love me a jeans and tee ensemble. Or maybe it's that Los Angeles is the lightweight scarf capital of the world? Either way, it's hard for me to pass on a good thin scarf. But Block Shop scarves aren't just good, they're freaking great. And their latest collection, just launched on Friday, is possibly their best yet. Under a jean jacket, over a sweater, draped with a dress, tied up with a Barbour, they work on everything. Check out the latest collection here and look out for more on Block Shop in the inaugural issue of Knit Wit Magazine.

AND. Lily Stockman, one of Block Shop's founders, just wrote the best article I've read all year >>>
Portrait of Marriage in Wartime: Why One Military Couple Left New York and Embraced Desert Life in Joshua Tree.
28 Oct 17:37

One toe over the line: Enforcing city liquor regulations can be a game of inches

by adamg

At a hearing this morning, a lawyer for Sweetwater Cafe and a Boston Police detective agreed the detective was holding a photo of a woman with a beer bottle in one hand. But was she still in the area in the Boylston Place Alley designated for the cafe's patio area or just outside it?

Attorney Dennis Quilty said the woman was obviously under the awning the cafe uses to keep patio goers dry and so not "consuming alcohol outside licensed patio area." But Det. William Gallagher countered: "Disagree."

27 Oct 18:27

High fiber chicken

My fiber is low, which was surprising because I ate chicken, which I thought would take care of that. 

28 Oct 02:40

Casco Bay Island - Maine, United States - Private Islands for Sale


Attn: Otters

Casco Bay Island - Maine, United States - Private Islands for Sale:
This turnkey island comes with a 1,200 sq ft log home is geographically diverse. There are several protected…
28 Oct 02:56

Clapboard Island West - Maine, United States - Private Islands for Sale


Now this one is just excessive

Clapboard Island West - Maine, United States - Private Islands for Sale:
Please watch the virtual tour at this link: This one of a kind historic Clapboard…
27 Oct 16:00

The Classic Mac The king of classic raincoats is the...

by derekguypto

I flirted shamelessly with a double-marked-down Aquascutum mac, but the price was just too much, even then.

The Classic Mac

The king of classic raincoats is the double-breasted trench, but nowadays, a single-breasted mac can feel a lot more practical. The difference between the two is in their designs. Trench coats were originally worn in the trenches of WWI, so they have militaristic details such as epaulets and gun flaps. Macs, on the other hand, are typically simpler and more streamlined, with just a fold down collar and two outer slash pockets. In that simplicity, I find that they’re easier to pair with a range of casualwear and tailored clothing. You can wear a mac with a chunky sweater and some jeans on the weekend, or with a tailored sport coat and some wool trousers for a smarter look. 

If you’re looking for a mac this fall, here are some options:

The Best in Classic Models

  • Mackintosh: The originator of the style, hence the term “mac.” They’re famous for their bonded cotton fabrics, which – while not terribly breathable – are unique in how they drape and feel. You can find them at Trunk Clothiers, No Man Walks Alone, O’Connell’s, and Cordings. I own and like the Dunkeld model, which is a classic, knee-length cut.
  • Grenfell: Another great British company with a ton of history. Their coats are known for their densely woven cloths, which are inherently water resistant because of the tightness of the weave. You can find them at Ben Silver.  
  • Aquascutum: Yet another great British company, although I don’t think any of their coats are made in the UK anymore. Still, I find them to be excellent. They have a wide range of models, with the slim fitting Broadgate being available at Barney’s.  
  • Invertere: Invertere died as a manufacturer many years ago, but was recently revived as a design label with limited distribution in Japan. O’Connell’s – being the treasure trove for classic men’s clothing that they are – has a few deadstock coats from the ’90s (when the company was still making stuff). 

Modern Updates

  • Nanamica: This Japanese outerwear label has a shorter fitting mac made with a Gore-Tex layer. Probably too short to really wear with a sport coat, but potentially great with casualwear. Available at Oi Polloi.
  • Todd Snyder: Another short, slim fitting model. This time, in a subtle houndstooth pattern that can add visual interest to a plain looking sweater and pair of jeans.
  • APC: A classic looking mac in a more modern cut. A subtle suede detailing at the collar allows it to look a little more special. Available at Mr. Porter.
  • Italian Brands: High-end Italian brands often have slightly more fashion forward cuts. Look into labels such as Allegri and Herno, but check places such as Yoox and Bluefly first. They often have them on heavy discount.

More Affordable Buys

  • Brooks Brothers: Doesn’t sound affordable at $500, but remember that most things at Brooks Brothers get discounted by 25-50%. Just wait for the right sale.  
  • John Simons: This London-based Ivy Style shop has a couple of models in tan and navy. Price is lowered a bit when you remove ~20% for European taxes.
  • TM Lewin: One of the most affordable options of all. With the current sale price of $160, you’d be hard pressed to find something as nice brand new. Size down if you want something slim fitting, and take your regular jacket size if you plan to wear yours with tailored jackets. A very classic, simple style that will look great either way. 
  • Local thrift stores, eBay, and Yoox: As always, the most affordable coats are going to be on the second hand or clearance market. The good news is that raincoats are often very, very durable, so you can find things in great condition, but selling for pennies on the dollar. Learn how to search around.

(Photo via John Simons)

27 Oct 20:00

On the Street…..Lafayette St., New York

by The Sartorialist


27 Oct 21:46

Bruins Dress Up As 'Frozen' Characters For Children's Hospital Visit (Photo)

Bruins Dress Up As 'Frozen' Characters For Children's Hospital Visit (Photo):
The cold never bothered the Boston Bruins anyway. A group of the Black and Gold made their annual visit to Boston Children’s Hospital on Monday dressed in their best Halloween costumes, and this ye…
24 Oct 13:16

On the Street…The Strand, London

by The Sartorialist

Attn: RS


23 Oct 03:30

Boston could get its first $37.5-million condo

by adamg

not the target market

The Boston Business Journal reports on the possible asking price of the penthouse at the top of the Millennium Tower now rising from the Filene's Hole. No word if it'll be automatically marked down 25% if it doesn't sell after the first 12 days.

12 Oct 17:15

Marriage Is an Abduction - The New Yorker

Marriage Is an Abduction - The New Yorker:
In “Gone Girl,” an independent single woman is taken from New York, her beautiful body is disfigured, and her accomplishments are taken away or negated.
23 Oct 01:38

Rock On! How to Throw a Punk Rock-Inspired Party


Martha Stewart

23 Oct 02:28

Trees dropping like flies

by adamg


UPDATE, 11 p.m.: Tree fell on Northeast Corridor tracks between Canton Junction and 128. Providence bound train just stopped.

Skatefitz snapped the tree that fell clear across L Street in South Boston tonight.

Dougie Fresh shows us his driveway in Everett (where, he adds, his car was not parked):

23 Oct 01:16


Good news. DIA art probably not being auctioned

21 Oct 21:34

Man Arrested For Spray Painting Wall At Jeff Koons Exhibit

Man Arrested For Spray Painting Wall At Jeff Koons Exhibit:
The alleged graffiti artist did not appear to employ any assistants.
21 Oct 20:03


Women's rights expert

20 Oct 05:47

Beast: restaurant review


Don't get me started on Tramshed

Beast: restaurant review:
Beast is a steak and crab joint that’s both deeply silly and ruinously pricey. But the owners are deadly serious, says Jay Rayner
13 Oct 02:00

SCENE | University of Chicago Jiu-Jitsu Class, 1943.

by Lizzie

Photos of women learning Jiu-Jitsu at The University of Chicago in 1943 via the University of Chicago photo archive
09 Oct 16:00

Fall Inspiration: Marin County Mountain Biking in the...

by breathnaigh

First photo is definitely MtS

Fall Inspiration: Marin County Mountain Biking in the 1970s

Maybe denim and flannel is not the freshest take on what to wear in the fall, but I can’t help but absorb the vibe of the original mountain bikers: a group of (primarily) guys who raced a course called Repack in late 70s Marin a County, California. These photos look like a current retro lookbook for a brand like Levi’s Vintage Clothing or Band of Outsiders: medium wash denim, sawtooth pocket western shirts (with a DIY frayed hem), trucker jackets, cords, boots and vintage (well, NOW they’re vintage) Nikes. Next time you’re thinking of canceling a ride because you can’t find your lightweight merino baselayer, throw on a shredded chamois shirt instead. All the better for sliding under locked fire road gates.

Ben Marks interviewed some of the core players in the Repack scene, including Gary Fisher, whose small partnership with frame builder Tom Ritchey evolved into a dominant player in the mountain bike industry. At the time, most riders were flying downhill on heavy steel Schwinns from the 1940s, reinforced with custom bars and brakes. See also the Rolling Dinosaur archive for more photos from Wende Cragg, who shot it all with her Nikon and 35mm slide film.


07 Oct 19:31

This pug, who is bread.

This pug, who is bread.:
The most viral images on the internet, curated in real time by a dedicated community through commenting, voting and sharing.
06 Oct 16:00

A Shoe Museum It’s believed that humans have been wearing...

by derekguypto

A Shoe Museum

It’s believed that humans have been wearing footwear for as long as 40,000 years, which means there’s been a lot of time to invent different styles. Just a small percentage of those is housed at Shoes Or No Shoes — a shoe museum located in Belgium, just outside of Brussels. 

SONS has a few exhibits. There’s one for shoe art, which blurs the line between functional footwear and abstract art (or, as the museum’s name suggests, between shoes and not shoes). There’s also an exhibit for unique footwear by contemporary designers such as Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik, and even exhibits for shoe cartoonspoetry, and short stories.

Perhaps the most amazing exhibit of all, however, is their Ethnographic Collection, which consists of over 2,700 pairs of shoes from over 155 countries. The Guinness Book of World Records has confirmed it to be the largest collection of tribal and ethnographical shoes in the world.

In that collection are some truly remarkable pieces. There are “Karara” shoes, made from emu feathers and human hair, which were worn by Australian executioners during the Kurdaitcha ritual. There are also many pairs of magnificent bridal shoes from Afghanistan, Syria, and Turkey, and a number of excellent examples of wooden shoes (including “toe-knob sandals,” which were worn by Nepalese women in the mid-20th century). One of my favorites are the spiked shoes you see above, where a leather upper is supported by a wooden sole and long, serrated, iron spikes. Those were apparently worn to help crush chestnuts in early 19th century France (why the spikes had to be that long, I have no idea). 

Readers familiar with avant-garde fashion might also recognize the velvet split-toe slip-ons in the second photo. Known in Japan as tabi, those have been famously replicated by Maison Martin Margiela for their women’s lines. The Rosenrot has a post about them here.

Much of the museum’s exhibits can be seen on their website (in case you can’t make it to Belgium). There’s also this YouTube video, which takes you through The Ethnographic Collection. Certainly worth a look if you’re interested in shoes (and who reading this website isn’t?).