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19 Dec 14:10

I Can't Breathe shirt in comic sans

17 Dec 19:34

App-based liquor store and delivery service planned for South Boston

by adamg

Bello explains concept as attorney Andrew Upton reviews paperwork.

The Boston Licensing Board votes tomorrow whether to grant a liquor license to a start-up by MIT graduates who see a business in letting people buy craft beers, wine and hard liquor through their smart phones.

17 Dec 17:44

2015 Lacrosse All-Name Team


Always a good time

2015 Lacrosse All-Name Team:
It’s a tradition like no other. Each year, the names stack up during the lengthy Face-Off Yearbook editorial process. Lacrosse’s Prestons and Coltons a
16 Dec 17:01

Own the Jackets That Nearly Ruined Buzz Bissinger "Get a...

by breathnaigh

Buzz is the weirdest. But FNL the book remains an absolutely seminal piece of sports nonfiction.

Own the Jackets That Nearly Ruined Buzz Bissinger

"Get a U-Haul."

In an e-mail to Matthew, CEO of luxury consignment business Luxeswap, Buzz Bissinger wanted to communicate the scale of the collection he was clearing out as part of his recovery process. Matthew would be picking up nearly 150 pieces, including dozens of leather jackets, from Bissinger’s overflowing storage unit. An SUV wouldn’t do (and certainly not a Ferrari). Something would have to be rented. Later Matthew would describe the scent of exotic leathers wafting into the truck’s cab as “the best air freshener possible.”

Over Half a Million Dollars Worth of Clothing

Bissinger, a Pulitzer-winning journalist best known for his reporting on sports culture, revealed in a 2013 GQ essay that he had a shopping addiction, one inextricably intertwined with other compulsive behaviors. I read Buzz’s account of his leather habit, written with brutal and sometimes wince-inducing honesty, well aware of my own glass house—I own a lot of clothes; although not yet enough to require a storage unit.

It started three years ago. I have never fully revealed it, and am only revealing it now in the hopes that my confession will incite a remission and perhaps help others of similar compulsion. If all I buy is Gucci, I will be fine. It has taken a while to figure out what works and what doesn’t work, but Gucci men’s clothing best represents who I want to be and have become—rocker, edgy, tight, bad boy, hip, stylish, flamboyant, unafraid, raging against the conformity that submerges us into boredom and blandness and the sexless saggy sackcloths that most men walk around in like zombies without the cinematic excitement of engorging flesh. 

The dedication with which Bissinger shopped was unparallelled. Bissinger estimated he spent over $600,000 in just a few years on clothing, primarily leather, from high-end designer lines and shops like Gucci, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, and Mr Porter. He had bought entry into an exclusive club: he had become  the type of customer who gets flown to Italy for runway shows, and moreover gets to sit his leather pants in a front row seat. But it was putting his marriage, and maybe even his life, at risk.

His confessional was both mocked (for the obvious reasons) and applauded (for its honesty and for revealing a surprising side—vulnerable, vain, sex-obsessed—of a guy who made his bones on a book about high school football). To counter people who thought his new, swaggering rockstar image wasn’t true to his prep school, khakis-and-sport-shirt personality, Bissinger wrote at the time, “I felt alive. I was alive. I felt myself. I was myself.”

Since then, he’s been recovering. He went to rehab. He’s trying to focus on reportage vs. his TV/radio commentary gigs and channels that got personal easily, like Twitter; he’s sticking to the third person. Part of his recovery process is getting rid of stuff. Few people are better at getting rid of this caliber of stuff than Matthew, whose Luxeswap sales clear more than $1 million per year.

“It was an important moment in my recovery to let go.”

When you need to get on the wagon, you don’t usually expect the hand up to come from your dealer, but Bissinger connected with Matthew through his personal stylist at Gucci. The two connected, worked out the details of the consignment, and Matthew made a trip that’s the spiritual opposite of flying to a fashion show in Milan: taking the Jersey turnpike to a storage unit in Philadelphia. Sealed in Bissinger’s climate controlled storage space were the spoils of Bissinger’s war on his own bank account: leather moto jackets, an ostrich skin trench coat, boots upon boots. Bissinger told me that not everything is being cleared out. “This represents about three quarters of the collection. I still have pieces that I love and wear…  I love every piece of clothing I purchased, except for a few whacko selections.”

Matthew has since been prepping the extensive Bissinger collection for sale. Each will be assessed, measured, and carefully photographed—more medical exam than fashion show—then put on the auction block. The showpieces of the collection, primarily men’s outerwear, will go to auction winners with a certificate of authenticity signed by Bissinger. “I have no shame about any of this,” he told me, so it’s no surprise he’s comfortable that buyers know these are Buzz Bissinger’s jackets. Well, were Buzz Bissinger’s jackets. The collection will be auctioned a few pieces at a time over the next couple of months.

Matthew told me that not long after taking Bissinger on as a client, another client’s pristine, $40k+ Gucci leather jacket fell into his hands. In a size that would fit Buzz. He couldn’t help himself, and he shot an email to Bissinger. Just one more taste, Buzz? Bissinger didn’t bite: “I still buy leather and other clothing, but not nearly at the rate I once did.”

It was easier to go cold turkey on some categories than others: “Stiletto boots, while gorgeous, are just not practical for me.”

Check out LuxeSwap’s current auctions of Bissinger’s collection.


16 Dec 18:05

RIP Amazing Person, Graffiti Icon, and Nets Superfan Jeffrey KORN Gamblero - ANIMAL


This person is inspiring me to be more fun

RIP Amazing Person, Graffiti Icon, and Nets Superfan Jeffrey KORN Gamblero - ANIMAL:
New York City lost another legend this weekend with the passing of Jeffrey KORN Gamblero, better known to the world at large as the Nets superfan. Numerous
16 Dec 16:38

At least it wasn't a turkey at the door

by adamg


Wicked Local Brookline reports a resident called 911 to report somebody at the door just repeatedly ringing the doorbell. When police arrived, they discovered the culprit was the resident's father (last item).

15 Dec 11:44

Dorchester's newest navigational aid for passing jets

by adamg

I went here last night. it is the tits

Kelcey Morange shows us a somewhat brightly lit house on Adams Street, near Victory, in Dorchester.

15 Dec 18:05

Colourful Giant Handmade Textile Butteflies and Moths by Artist Yumi Okita



Colourful Giant Handmade Textile Butteflies and Moths by Artist Yumi Okita:
Love these colourful moths and butterflies by North Carolina-based artist Yumi Okita. The pieces are made by hand using fabric, cotton, fake fur, fabric paint, embroidery thread, wire, and feathers. Lots more images below!   Yumi Okita’s Textile Moths and … Continue reading →
13 Dec 12:24

How to Restore Vintage Cast Iron Pans


This sounds fun.

How to Restore Vintage Cast Iron Pans:
We love cast iron here at Serious Eats. We know many of our readers love it too. And for those who are really, really serious about it, the next step is to go vintage. But just how do you fix up a rusted century-old pan? We went to a pro to find out.
12 Dec 04:44

It's bad enough when some yahoo writer from New York can't tell Southie and Dot apart, but when some local writer can't?

by adamg

Memo to every writer everywhere who would write more than one sentence about recovering thug Mark Wahlberg: HE'S NOT FROM SOUTH BOSTON and he did his maiming and rock throwing in Savin Hill, which is in Dorchester, which is an entirely different neighborhood.

Last week, we had some Columbia Journalism School graduate at the Daily Beast proclaiming Wahlberg grew up in "the rough Dorchester section of Massachusetts, otherwise known as 'Southie.' "

09 Dec 04:36

A year or so ago, my pal Roman Mars presented a story from his...

by jessethorn

A year or so ago, my pal Roman Mars presented a story from his show 99% Invisible at Nike. It was about razzle dazzle, an astonishing style of painting warships which peaked during the first World War. The patterns were designed to obscure the speed and direction of the ship, and even which part was the fore and which was the aft.

This month, Nike will premier a new shoe called the “Dazzle,” inspired by the ships’ wild paint jobs. Coincidence? Maybe, I guess. But still: pretty damn cool story, pretty damn cool shoes.

05 Dec 13:52

Drunk tries to force woman to kiss him

by adamg
Sat, 11/29/2014 - 01:45 reports a woman from whom the alleged drunken redhead demanded a kiss as she was entering her apartment building agreed with his request not to tell his girlfriend. She told police instead.



05 Dec 05:30

Mark Wahlberg says he deserves a pardon for beating two Vietnamese men on Dot. Ave. back in the day

by adamg

My brother will not stop making "Mark Wahlberg assaults Vietnamese" references since we moved down here

NECN reports the OFD actor thinks his lifetime of good works, church going and acknowledging the savage, racist beatings that left one of his victims blind in one eye are reason enough for a pardon. Also, wiping the criminal conviction off his record would help him get the "concessionaire's license" that would help him with his hamburger business.

02 Dec 15:45

America at the Trump hotel: The food is amazing – but you shouldn’t eat here, ever



America at the Trump hotel: The food is amazing – but you shouldn’t eat here, ever:
There is servitude everywhere at America, but good service is hard to find. What isn’t difficult to spot are creeps – young and old
28 Nov 15:41

Thanksgiving came to a crashing end in Somerville

by adamg

Is that a Range Rover crashing into a neo-american pub? Union Square!!

Aram Boghosian photographed the SUV that plowed into the Brass Union in Union Square shortly before 11 p.m. on Thursday.

H/t Ron Newman.

24 Nov 22:19

FAMU Band Performs "Kermit Drinking Tea" Formation At Florida Classic


Attn: Firehose

FAMU Band Performs "Kermit Drinking Tea" Formation At Florida Classic:
While the Florida Classic football game didn’t go Florida A & M’s way, the Marching 100 won halftime with a performance that featured that Kermit drinking tea meme, in formation. The full performance can be watched below, with our relevant part about three minutes in.
24 Nov 19:44

Marion Barry: Guardian Angel Of Punk Rock | VICE | United States


I am a smidge too young for both Barry's Summer Jobs or real hey-day of DC punk. These were the stories of cool older brothers

Marion Barry: Guardian Angel Of Punk Rock | VICE | United States:
Marion Barry, the much maligned former mayor of Washington, DC, is mostly known as a punch line. As a synonym for “smoking crack,” he embodied white America’s media-based fantasy of 80s urban blacks-entitled, lazy, corrupt, drug addled, and taking advantage of poor white people.
19 Nov 19:34

Peak small plates? North End restaurant turns away from the concept

by adamg

Ristorante Damiano, 307-309 Hanover St., is moving away from small plates - and is seeking a name change to go with its move to what its attorney calls "full service" Italian food: Separate appetizers, entrees, the whole nine yards.

Other than the name and menu change, attorney William Ferrullo told the Boston Licensing Board today, the restaurant is not planning any changes.

The board votes Thursday on whether to approve the name change. The board does not vote on cuisine.

19 Nov 19:44

Controversial Vietnamese restaurant on Dot Ave. tries again for license

by adamg

This is vacant, ugly, and 6 blocks from our place. But I don't know enough about the history and community to gauge who is right or wrong

For the second time in three months, Nhung Nguyen went before the Boston Licensing Board for permission to reopen her VN Express Cafe at 1616 Dot. Ave.

20 Nov 21:30

Dot 2 Dot Cafe wins full liquor license

by adamg

Good for them. I wish I liked Dot 2 Dot more than I do. But they are basically the only middle-class targeted business in Melville Park, so I guess we are allies

The Dorchester Avenue cafe that inspired the effort to get more liquor licenses for Boston today won approval to offer alcoholic drinks with its meals.

Dot 2 Dot Cafe co-owner Karen Henry-Garrett has said the liquor license would mean she could start serving dinner regularly at the 1739 Dorchester Ave. restaurant.

18 Nov 16:24

‘Straight up vulgar’ flyers threaten businesses



‘Straight up vulgar’ flyers threaten businesses:
Threatening notices claiming to be from ‘Juggalo family’ call for businesses to leave the NE Williams St. neighborhood.
14 Nov 13:28

Anti-vax fever spreading in Massachusetts

by adamg

This is really going to spoil our smug. Come on, neighbors, step it up!

WBZ reports state figures show growth in the number of children going to school without their full course of vaccinations. A MetroWest mother who refuses to let her kids by vaccinated says she is tired of people yelling "herd immunity" at her, when the problem is not her precious, unprotected tots but people whose own vaccinations have worn off or never worked.

10 Nov 13:06

Keytar Bear as trend setter

by adamg

My new Boston game: Emerson or Somerville

Stevil ran across these fine furried musicians in the Public Garden yesterday.

Is there a Mrs. Keytar somewhere that popped these guys out? They were very good despite the somewhat ridiculous costumes. I wanted to read them a bedtime story. :-)

Copyright Stevil. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

07 Nov 21:31

Truck vs. Longfellow Bridge: Bridge once again emerges victorious

by adamg

Boston Bridge/truck autoshare

State Police report a truck storrowed on Storrow Drive outbound at the Longfellow Bridge and got wedged in real good around 3:30 p.m. All of its remains were hauled away by 4:20 p.m., however.

05 Nov 14:07

Globe's found a buyer for its Dorchester plant

by adamg

Dan Kennedy reports on the possible deal with Winstanley Enterprises of Concord for the 16.4-acre site - and the move of the Globies to parts unknown in late 2016 or early 2017.

The move could portend a complex without housing, since the company specializes in office and retail development, but not housing.

05 Nov 02:04

Jay-Z x Kanye West "Gotta Have It" Music Video


Little kid Kanye and J

Jay-Z x Kanye West "Gotta Have It" Music Video:
A spec video for the song “Gotta Have It” by Jay Z and Kanye West off the Watch The Throne Album. Children were used to portray the artists in this fun, ener…
04 Nov 16:11

What The Most Infamous NBA Heckler Learned From His Friend Muhammad Ali


My parents told me specifically not to behave like Robin Ficker when I was about 7 and learning to watch the Bullets

What The Most Infamous NBA Heckler Learned From His Friend Muhammad Ali:
He had a role model. The most obnoxious spectator in sports history says he was inspired by the most beloved athlete of all time.
02 Nov 14:30

The Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust ETF: What You Need to Know (GLD)


Had to click through to make sure it wasn't satire.

The Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust ETF: What You Need to Know (GLD):
The Winklevoss twins’ Bitcoin ETF could be approved by the SEC by the end of the year. Could this finally be a safe way for everyday investors to buy Bitcoin? - Leo Sun - The Business
31 Oct 15:23

Living Single Theme Song


Totally in my head right now. My cultural studies Master's will be comparing this to Girls

30 Oct 18:43

Tootal Recall How do you get tough, working class kids to wear...

by breathnaigh

There was a modest 60s mod revival in London which got some press. It seems very logical.

Tootal Recall

How do you get tough, working class kids to wear polka dot cravats? British neckwear maker Tootal inadvertently pulled this off in the 1960s when mods and mod offshoot subcultures tucked silky puffs of foulard  into their jackets and shirts before going to see the Small Faces melt faces or to battle with rockers. A centuries old company, Tootal specialized in furnishings like ties, cravats, and scarves. They provided scarves to Royal Air Force pilots in World War II (like the gaunt pilot pictured), but the path from there to the necks of the mods isn’t totally clear. The RAF roundel likewise went from the wings of Hawker Hurricanes to the backs of fishtail parkas. In the postwar period, Tootal shifted primarily to synthetic fabrics like polyester and rayon. At the time, these were considered technologically advanced fabrics rather than just cheap substitutes for more precious materials like silk. Tootal wares were marketed as good value: affordable, durable, and washable at home (even the ties).

The mods who Vespa’d into the spotlight in the mid-60s, and the suedeheads who followed in the 1970s, were very discerning about having the “correct” gear, and they considered Tootal ace. I’m not British, but a guy named Nigel (pictured in the bottom photo) told me that Tootal was the “Go to brand. Nothing else would do.” Fringed scarves were worn tied around the neck and tucked into macs or crombie coats (which makes natural sense—see photo of Terence Stamp from 1968), or even Levis jackets or fishtail parkas. Preferred patterns were polka dots (white on wine or navy—often coordinated to your favorite football club’s colors) or paisley, in tones not too different from what high end makers like Drake’s work with today (Daniel Craig wears a Drake’s scarf in the photo above).

Contrasting Textures

Whether you’re a mod revivalist or just a guy who appreciates the velveteen touch of a dandy scarf, silk is a worthy choice. Naturally, for really cold weather, you want a warm wool or cashmere scarves, but silk is a great option for chilly temperatures. Silk or silk substitutes provide a textural contrast with tweeds and other “dry,” matte fabrics, and can add color to otherwise neutral toned, olive and khaki-heavy ensembles. I like to wear them less formally, with a leather bomber or Barbour jacket, but silk scarves are great with heavy wool coats, too.

Vintage or New?

Tootal scarves are quite common on the vintage market, and their durability and washability mean they’re often in decent shape even if quite old. The company currently makes a higher end product in all silk, although many mod die-hards prefer vintage versions. The 1960s models came in varying qualities denoted by color-coded labels (green label, black label, etc.); but for the most part, if it’s still around, it’s wearable. Other options for new scarves include British companies like Peckham Rye (which has courted the mod market) or Jump the Gun, or trad shops like Ben Silver or J. Press. Note that size also affects wearability—a large, very broad scarf will be more at home with a chesterfield coat than a short jacket.