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06 May 09:27

New Zealand man found guilty of pulling out lovers' teeth during sex

by Australian Associated Press

Trial of Philip Lyle Hansen, who has no dental qualifications, heard that he used pliers to remove the teeth of his lovers during sex and without anaesthetic

A New Zealand man has been found guilty of six charges stemming from accusations he pulled out his lovers’ teeth with pliers during sex.

The jury in the trial of Philip Lyle Hansen returned its verdicts on Wednesday after deliberating for about five hours.

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18 Jul 09:08

Can Malaysia Airlines survive MH17 disaster?

by Tania Branigan in Beijing
Malaysian carrier was still reeling from the disappearance of MH370 in March when news of the crash in Ukraine broke

Latest developments: aftermath of MH17 crash

Malaysia Airlines was still reeling from the impact of flight MH370's March disappearance when news of MH17's crash in Ukraine broke on Thursday. Now many question whether the carrier can survive a second disaster in such a short time.

"It is a tragedy with no comparison. In the history of aviation, no airline has gone through two tragedies of this magnitude in a span of four months," said Mohsin Aziz, an aviation analyst at Maybank.

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