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06 Jan 02:38

How to Manage Your Fear

by Scott Meyer

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05 Jan 05:59

Insidiously Good Panhandling Strategy

Insidiously Good Panhandling Strategy

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27 Dec 22:51

Camping Out

by Jonco

 Cmping out

Thanks Maffu


23 Dec 02:24

igotpride says FML

by igotpride

Today, I woke up and coughed up the spider I thought I'd killed last night. FML

20 Dec 04:45

The_Rest_of_the_Story says FML

by The_Rest_of_the_Story

Today, I would like to thank the program designer that put "Set as home page" directly under "Remove from history". FML

20 Dec 04:43

justin says FML

by justin

Today, my boss found out that my girlfriend dumped me. He asked if that meant she would no longer bring her delicious homemade cookies to the office. When I said yes, he fired me on the spot. FML

13 Dec 01:21

A Meeting of Two Greats

A Meeting of Two Greats

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13 Dec 01:07

Hours of Work, Totally Gone

13 Dec 01:03

Santa is Up to Something Diabolical

Santa is Up to Something Diabolical

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13 Dec 00:49

Hopefully This Fixes the Problem

Hopefully This Fixes the Problem

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05 Dec 04:49

Kids These Days...

Kids These Days...

Link for the lazy.

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28 Nov 22:39

Source: Science

Source: Science

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21 Nov 21:49

This is Worse Than "Slow Children at Play"

This is Worse Than "Slow Children at Play"

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20 Nov 01:05

Well, That's All I Needed to Know

18 Nov 15:45

Who Organizes From Right to Left?

Who Organizes From Right to Left?

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18 Nov 15:40

The Titanic and The Terminator: One Movie, One Timeline

17 Nov 17:33

IKEA is the End of All Relationships

IKEA is the End of All Relationships

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17 Nov 17:08

Sometimes You Have One of Those Days

Sometimes You Have One of Those Days

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17 Nov 17:00

Only in Russia Could They Keep Calm in a Time Like This

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17 Nov 15:59

Ye Scurvy Dogs!

12 Nov 03:40


by Justin Pierce
Phil Goetz

I feel so sorry for the people who missed that class.

Sometimes making the background spontaneously combust is all part of being an adult.

07 Nov 03:10

The Gentleman-ly Bro's Guide to Fist Bumps

Submitted by: Unknown

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07 Nov 03:10

I'm Not Sure This Costume Measures Up

31 Oct 00:24

Because Kittens

by Howard Tayler

When Life magazine ran a bunch of science photos from the previous century I perused the collection with delight, and then the last one (#37 in the stack of 37) really spoke to me. 

The caption suggested that scientists in the 1950's were pretty desperate to understand how microgravity environments might disorient astronauts.

The photo suggested a better caption. Sadly, I did not know what it was. I'm not a meme person, but I know what they are, and I know what they're for. So I posted a link to the photo, and suggested to my following on Twitter that a better caption existed somewhere, but I did not know it. 

My brother Randy Tayler did.

Happy Monday! Halloween is around the corner, and this seems to fit. And on a related note, my brother's dating website for the dead, Ghost Singles, has been getting international news coverage this year, and the chat room there is a great place to spend some quality Halloween time.

28 Oct 05:49

Teiu88 says FML

by Teiu88

Today, I realized how bad my OCD is when I accidentally got a paper cut and I was annoyed by the fact that the cut wasn't in a straight line. FML

28 Oct 05:46

Anonymous says FML

by Anonymous

Today, my mom let me stay home from school, because I was sick. We both agreed not to tell my dad, since he's adamant that I never miss even one day of school. A few hours after my mom left for work, he came back home, with another woman. FML

28 Oct 05:45

SassyBasher says FML

by SassyBasher

Today, I created a poster trying to raise self-harm awareness in teens for my school. They sent me to the counselor, suspended me, and recommended I go to therapy. FML

25 Oct 18:37

I Couldn't Agree More

25 Oct 00:57

Awahso says FML

by Awahso

Today, I had to buy a new boxcutter for work after our old one broke. It came in a box, the type which policy requires a boxcutter to open. FML

07 Oct 14:18

Open Letter

Are you ok?  Do you need help?