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04 Apr 04:24

She has a right to remain silent

by (VD)
Of course, you have the right to move on. And would be well-advised to do so:
So basically I've just started seeing someone new and as part of the getting to know each other conversation he asked how many other people I've slept with.

I don't really know what a normal number is but I know my number is pretty high compared to my closest friends so I wasn't comfortable telling him

So I told him I wasn't going to answer that and he pushed a bit then left it so I thought that was the end of it. Then last night he asked again. I said I thought we had already had that conversation and he said so it's that many is it?

I don't know if I should of told him or not what do people think?

Have people been in a similar situation and what did you do?

What is a normal number or a high number?

Should I be worried he even asked or is that quite normal?
The reason one is well-advised to immediately end things with a woman who is not willing to be forthcoming about her sexual history is that, as you can see here, deceit is not a sound foundation for a relationship.

Furthermore, there is a strong correlation between relationship and marital success and the number of lovers a woman has had. To refuse to answer the question is tantamount to saying "too high for a reasonable expectation of marital success".
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26 Jun 04:44

Saturday Night at the Oldies: Solitary, Alone, Lonely, Lonesome

by Bill Vallicella

Neil Diamond, Solitary Man.  Johnny Cash does it better.  Nothing better than the sound of an acoustic guitar, well-made, well-played, steel-stringed, with fresh strings. This one goes out to Dave Bagwill.

Calexico, Alone Again Or. Original by Love, an underrated '60s psychedelic band.

Roy Orbison, Only the Lonely

While we have the Big O cued up, here is Oh, Pretty Woman, a contender for greatest R & R song, what with its unique blend of the Dionysian and the tender. Legendary sideman James Burton and Bruce Springsteen trade licks on their Telecasters.  Burton was the man behind the guitar fills and leads in the early Ricky Nelson hits such as Hello Mary Lou.  This one goes out to my wife Mary Lou on this our 33rd wedding anniversary.  "I knew Mary Lou we'd never part/So hello Mary Lou, goodbye heart."

Bob Dylan, I am a Lonesome Hobo

Stay free from petty jealousy
Live by no man's code
Save your judgment for yourself
Lest you wind up on this road.

Bob Dylan, The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll.  Whatever happened to William Zantzinger?  Well, he died at 69 in 2009.  NYT obituary here.

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16 Nov 22:29


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