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17 Jul 20:45

Electropneus-August 7th Monthly Meeting-Industrial Cybersecurity: If it isn’t Secure, it isn’t SAFE by aeSolutions

Electropneus-August 7th Monthly Meeting-Industrial Cybersecurity: If it isn’t Secure, it isn’t SAFE by aeSolutions

ISA Houston Section August 7th Meeting RSVP Open

Topic: Industrial Cybersecurity: If it isn’t SECURE, it isn’t SAFE
Presenter: Marco Ayala, Sr. Lifecycle Services Manager – Process Safety, Automation, Controls and Cybersecurity
Location: Universal Pegasus International, 4848 Loop Central Drive Houston TX 77081
Time: 11am-1pm

Member with RSVP: $20
Member no RSVP: $25
Non-Member: $30
Click Here to RSVP for August 7th Monthly Meeting
Abstract: Industrial Cybersecurity: If it isn’t SECURE, it isn’t SAFE Process hazard assessments (PHA) are a well-established practice in process safety management. These assessments focus on failures (aka deviations) that are typically caused by equipment failures or human error. By design, PHAs do not consider cyber threats to industrial control systems (ICS). However, cyber threats represent additional failure modes that may lead to the same health, safety and environmental consequences identified in the PHA. Functional safety (i.e. ISA 84 / IEC 61511) and industrial cybersecurity standards (i.e. ISA/IEC 62443) recognize this issue and provide guidance on how to integrate these two disciplines to ensure that cyber incidents cannot impact process safety. This presentation will discuss the guidance provided in industry standards regarding ICS cyber risk assessments (aka Cyber PHA) and the benefits and business justification for performing them.
Click Here to RSVP for August 7th Monthly Meeting
Presenter Biography:
Marco Ayala is a process automation professional with over 22 years of experience working in petrochemical facilities where he engineered, operated, and maintained their process automation systems and networks. He has expertise with safety systems, advanced process control, enterprise historians and industrial network security where worked with enterprise-IT to implement a corporate PCN security solution. Marco is active in the Chemical Sector cyber security effort working alongside DHS for securing the private sector. Mr. Ayala has trained extensively with INL Idaho National Labs and is a trusted supplier of ICS vulnerability information to ICS-CERT. Marco has secured multiple chemical plants in the U.S.A. in alignment with the Chemical Facility AntiTerrorism Standards (CFATS) and has also secured facilities in the Netherlands creating the first global ICS/SCADA security operations center (SOC) based in Houston Texas

Presidents Message ISA Houston Section

Iqtidar Khan, 2019-2020

Dear ISA Houston Section members,

I welcome you all to the new term 2019-20. As we transition from the 2018-19 term, new board members take up their roles with great motivation and some current board members switch roles in the board to continue with renewed vigor. I am honored to be your new president for the term and hope to serve the section with the knowledge and experience I have gained in my global career as an Automation professional, an ISA member and an ISA volunteer. My most immediate task at hand is to ensure a smooth transition to the new term.
My ISA journey has been a rewarding one, I’ve been inspired by the community members who have devoted their time to the society and to its advancement through education, standards, publications, divisions, geographic districts and sections. I have been involved as a volunteer in many different roles in Canada and USA and have been fortunate enough to attend several ISA technical & leadership seminars, conferences, expo’s and trainings. In short, I have served & experienced ISA to a great degree before being elected as the president of ISA Houston Section.
ISA’s current, much simplified Vision, Mission and Values statement resonates with my leadership and I, with my esteemed board members, will uphold it in everything that we plan and execute during the next 12 months.

I am excited to share exciting news about some initiatives which I will be carrying forward from the previous term.
  • The updated ISA Houston Section Website will be launched in the coming weeks which will usher our section to the state-of-the-art web experience while offering better service to our growing member base.
  • A fresh section sponsorship initiative will offer corporate partnership to our long-standing partners and bring their recognition and messaging to the forefront.
Following are some of the numerous fresh initiatives that are under development for the section, please stay tuned for further details:
  • New and updated plan for Education: ISA HS will be hosting classroom trainings and bringing titles high in demand in the Gulf Coast Automation market.
  • We will expand beyond the current program meeting format by moving some of the meetings to the evenings and diversifying the topics to include ISA themed interactive and team-building task-based programs for our members.
  • Bring fresh ideas to our section’s scholarship fund-raising traditions such as the Chili and Cajun Cook-offs and the Golf Tournament. Focus will be to expand the outreach and enhance our society’s vision and mission through these events.
  • Increase the support to our student liaison team, enhance ISA HS support to annual events such as FIRST Robotics competition and the Science Fair.
  • Increase involvement and participation by all our members by spreading the knowledge about the section’s activities on more regular basis through Social Media and upgraded website.
I invite all Houston Section members to engage in their section’s calendar of events and voice their opinions via e-mail to me ( Your suggestions and opinion matter and help your elected board in shaping up our path for the term. Our main task is to serve you, the section members, so that you stay connected and involved with the Vision, Mission and Values of the society and together we take it to the next level.
I hope to hear from you!
Iqtidar Khan
President – ISA Houston Section 2019-20 
ISA Houston Section
Recognizes our Community Sponsors for Outstanding Support

Phoenix Contact
Rockwell Automation
Vector Controls & Automation Group
2019 ISA Houston Section Scholarship Golf Tournament  Winners

1st Place MRC Global-John Pirozzlol, D. Gaines, Ben Ford & J. Ittner
2nd Place Swagelok-Paul Wright, Chuck Agee, C. Mentrailer & C.Theriot
3rd Place Sunbelt Supply Co.-Alex Michelson, Vince Mezzano, Pittman Harrison, Mark McGraw
Closest to Pin: Greg Winborn
Longest Drive: Travis Barber
Click Here to see Golf Tournament Pictures
Expo & Chili Cook Off is at 70% Capacity for booth space!
Hurry and sign up now to claim your booth
Thursday November 7, 2019 
Click Here For Chili Cook Off Registration
Click Here For Chili Cook Off Registration
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Mark your calendar for our preliminary schedule:
August 7, 2019-Industrial Cybersecurity, aeSolutions
September 4, 2019-Program TBA
October 2, 2019-Innovations in Level, TechStar
November 6, 2019-Program TBA
November 7, 2019-Expo & Chili Cook Off
December 4, 2019-Program TBA
February 5, 2020-Ethics Night
March 1, 2020-Program TBA
March 5, 2020-Cajun Cook Off & Table Top Show
April 1, 2020-Program TBA
April 3, 2020-Scholarship Golf Tournament
May 13, 2020-Program TBA
June 3, 2020-Scholarship Night
2019-2020 ISA Houston Section Corporate Sponsorship Available!

Contact us or downlaod the form below for more details:
Amanda Hardy, Corporate Initiative Manager,
Joel Gil, Publicity Chair,
Thomas Swihart, Publicity Co-Chair,
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25 Jun 00:40

Cardinals Flamethrower Jordan Hicks Shredded His Pitching Elbow

by Lauren Theisen

In some MLB injury news that felt as sadly inevitable as it is disappointing, St. Louis Cardinals closer Jordan Hicks is likely out for the long-term future, as the team announced today that he tore the UCL in his right (throwing) elbow. The Cardinals said they are “determining the next course of action” for Hicks,…


06 Apr 04:38

Canonical will discontinue its Unity desktop interface, focusing on GNOME instead, and will shutter its mobile projects (Jon Brodkin/Ars Technica)

Jon Brodkin / Ars Technica:
Canonical will discontinue its Unity desktop interface, focusing on GNOME instead, and will shutter its mobile projects  —  Ubuntu phones and tablets are dead, but the desktop, server, and cloud live on.  —  Six years after making Unity the default user interface on Ubuntu desktops …

14 Jul 22:25

Become a highly employable IT specialist with this 8-part CompTIA certification training

by TechSpot Deals

Get 8 different IT certifications with this all-inclusive CompTIA training bundle, now over 90% off in the TechSpot Store.

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07 Mar 22:11

DeAngelo Williams Has Petty And Righteous Thoughts About Peyton Manning

by Tom Ley

Today is the day when everyone is supposed to shower Peyton Manning with praise. That’s all fine and good, but I’m personally glad that DeAngelo Williams is here to balance things out with some raw pettiness (especially since much of it comes at the expense of Pete Prisco, wearer of weird shorts ).


10 Jan 02:35

6 Books to Make You a Better Cook in 2014

by Chris Perez

This time of year I could always use a good book recommendation — particularly as I'm trying to regain the cooking mojo that appears to still be out on holiday vacation. I usually find my inspiration around the open flame of a grill, but the winter season has me hunkered down on a couch by another type of fire (with mandatory hot chocolate).

Here are some recent cookbooks I'm considering as I embark on being a more well-rounded cook.


10 Jan 02:28

When You Give Doctors Incentives To Get It Right, Rather Than To 'Do Everything', People Get Better Care For Less

by Mike Masnick
One of the biggest problems in trying to fix our insane and out of control healthcare system is the fact that the entire system has totally screwed up economics. The incentive structures are a disaster. The deeper you look at healthcare economics, the more horrific it is. Now, there are some very legitimate reasons how it ended up this way, because there's a strong argument that a purely "free market" healthcare system leads to very poor healthcare for many people who cannot afford it, and that basic healthcare is something that should be provided much more widely both because of basic human compassion and common sense, but also because there are carryover effects to an unhealthy population that effect us all broadly.

But, when you set up a system that has the incentives totally screwed up, what you end up with is what we have: a system where everything is insanely expensive for no other reason than it can be, and where the quality of healthcare is simply not that good, because there's no incentive to make it that way. Instead, there's incentives to simply add up bills as high as possible, with doctors ordering every test imaginable, and focusing on doing more, not doing what's best.

The folks over at Planet Money have an interesting podcast about some pilot programs that have come about because of Obamacare, that seek to realign the basic incentives of doctors to treat patients in the best way, rather than piling as many charges on them as possible. No matter what you think about everything else in Obamacare, it seems like these little-discussed pilot programs are an unquestionable step in the right direction.

In the Planet Money podcast, they talk about one simple way that the pilot program is having an almost immediate effect: by paying doctors a lump sum for overall treatment of a condition, and actually dinging them for errors, rather than rewarding them by allowing them to add more fees for fixing those problems, significantly fewer problems occur. The program also goes further in including the shocking idea of giving doctors feedback on how they're doing, using actual data, rather than letting them do whatever they want without consequences.

In theory, you'd hope that doctors are always seeking to do what's best for the patients, rather than what earns the most money, but it seems clear in practice that when doctors are given a little incentive to do their job better, rather than just do more, they actually do, in fact, do their job better, meaning that not only are people healthier, but the cost of the healthcare goes down. More of that, please.

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