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stupidfuny: My friends & I


My friends & I

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(via NinoSekeleni)

(via NinoSekeleni)

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Dumbo Drop the Mic


So mean, but I laughed A Lot

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Netflix's big exclusivity deal for Disney's latest movies starts in September

by Chris Welch

That's a big win

The blockbuster deal that Netflix and Disney reached all the way back in 2012 will soon take effect. Beginning in September, Netflix will be allowed to stream all Disney films — including Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm titles — in the same window that they'd typically be made available to HBO, Starz, and other paid TV networks. That's still after the Blu-ray and digital releases, but it's much, much sooner than the long and often unpredictable wait that Netflix customers had to put up with before. All Disney films released theatrically in 2016 and beyond are included in the agreement, for which Netflix is reportedly paying hundreds of millions per year.

The Netflix/Disney exclusivity pact blocks subscription networks like HBO and Starz...

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Everything You Need to Know About the "Roundabout" Meme


This meme is fantastic, i can't get enough of it

You might have seen the "Roundabout" meme popping up here and there as of late. Though the meme originated months ago, it's enjoying a sudden surge in popularity. 

So... what the hell is it about? Well, it's a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, which would play the Yes song "Roundabout" during the end of the episode -- often during a cliffhanger -- leading into the credits. 

It sounds a little weird, but Roundabout can be applied to pretty much anything that has a cliffhanger. Like most any meme, it's pretty easy to place it in a variety of different contexts. 

1. For example, here it is in the cliffhanger ending of Walking Dead Season 6

2. The Roundabout meme can also be used to *insert* cliffhangers into scenes that don't normally have one. Like, say, Superbad

3. It also works extremely well for Dark Souls, since something is about to go wrong at all times in those games

-- BrotherKolya (@ImperatorOfPuns) May 14, 2016

4. It's kind of hard to explain exactly why this is funny. It just is

5. It's insane how deep people are diving for this meme. Remember this twist from 2011's Mortal Kombat 9?

6. Or uh, this cartoon?

7. Even Overwatch fans have gotten in on it

8. According to KnowYourMeme, the earliest known use of Roundabout in this form was posted in January 2016

9. Dark Souls is probably still the best use-case for this meme


-- Joelseph Joestar (@BooDooPerson) May 16, 2016

10. If you're still confused, don't worry -- you're not alone.

20 May 16:30

At One Point a Certain NFL Team Wanted Their Fans to Jag it With Their Rag Out



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24 May 02:21

Newswire: The Night’s Watch meets Overwatch in Conan’s latest Clueless Gamer clip

by William Hughes

Ummm, neither of them are in the Night's Watch, that title is bullshit. But this is still funny and I am completely addicted to this game

Never let it be said that Conan O’Brien—or at least his staff on Conan—don’t still have their fingers on the pulse of pop culture. O’Brien’s been doing his Clueless Gamer segments for a while now, combining popular celebrities with popular games, and then giving O’Brien free reign to make fun of everything in his reach. But tonight, he managed to push together two of the hottest entities in the world right now, bringing Game Of Thronesfractious siblings, Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey, into a “sensual,” “vagina-like” room, and sitting them down with Blizzard Entertainment’s new multiplayer shooter Overwatch, which comes out today.

And while the best acting moment in the clip—as always—is the four seconds of contractually mandated airtime in which Conan O’Brien has to pretend he gives even an iota of a shit about the game, everybody ...

23 May 19:00

How Blizzard turned me into a salesperson for Overwatch

by Ben Kuchera

"Imagine being the person who convinced their friends to pay full price for Evolve. Think of the shame." Lolz

What a premium game means when you value playing with friends

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Some People on Twitter Think This Cover Image on an Algebra Textbook is Bending the Fabric of Time and Space




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Roundtable: Should Sixers Draft Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram?

by Kyle Neubeck

Ryan, I may be swaying a bit....

The LB staff weighs in with early thoughts on the primary debate we'll be having for the next month.

In the immediate aftermath of the NBA Draft Lottery, the Liberty Ballers staff jumped for joy and did little other than gush about finally winning something. Later that evening, I sent out an email with a simple premise to try to get a quick read of where our heads were at.

*Law and Order voice* these are our stories:

Kyle Neubeck: Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram? Talk to me.

Sohil Doshi: It depends, which big man are we going to move?

Roy Burton: I need to sleep on this. I was #TeamIngram three hours ago, but now that the No. 1 pick is an actual, tangible thing, I don't know.

Jake Pavorsky: I can't put together words at the moment, everyone give it the night to think.

Marc Whittington: I am drunk. Thinking about roundtables is a joke. Good day, good sirs.

Jake Fischer: Just ate a burger at this weird late-night place around the corner from Pavorsky's apartment. But I still have a clear enough mind and stomach to say Ingram. Better fit and higher ceiling, in my opinion. Besides, who needs Simmons when you have THE HOMIE DARIO?

Justin F.: My head says Simmons.

My heart says Ingram.

My liver says I'm drunk.

Sean O'Connor: As the only sober one, I'm... reserving judgment (Draft Express videos are going on when I get home) but I'm still Team BPA.

Mike Baumann: I'm sober too. Apparently I spaced out my drinks such that I never got rowdy. This sucks. I want my money back.


Neubeck: I don't think I'm going to be able to come to a decision for a bit. Part of the beauty of having 1 and 4 was the idea of being able to draft a premium (more like premium-lite) compliment alongside your chosen star, e.g. a player like Jamal Murray that would work alongside Simmons, or a Kris Dunn in the event they took Ingram.

I know it sounds great to draft Simmons and then just "get shooters", but how many teams in the current climate are letting good shooters get away? At least ones with any *real* value that aren't defensive sieves or totally one-dimensional. It'd be great if we could walk into the orchard and just pluck three-and-D guys off a tree, but they're the most coveted players in basketball right now.

Trades are coming with the big guys and I'm sure they could get decent compliments back for them, I'm just much warier of building around Simmons than most.

Fischer: Those are great points, Kyle.

I just want to be on record with one more thing: Anyone who preferred No. 2 over the No. 1 pick is a coward. You'd rather not have to make that choice so you're not one day held accountable? That is so weak. Apparently many GMs told Chad Ford that was their preference. I really hope Bryan Colangelo was not one of them. If you don't have the balls to make the decision at No. 1, you shouldn't be an NBA executive at all.

Pavorsky: I think I want Ben Simmons, but truthfully, I might be happier with Brandon Ingram. Finding a fit for all the big men was such a pain in the ass last year, and adding Simmons plus Dario Saric to the fold would make things more annoying.

Simmons does have the added dimension of being a good enough passer/ball handler to play point guard, but I feel weird about playing him out of position just because we have so many big men. He's good at bringing the ball up in the half court and does have court vision, I just don't like the idea of having him as your full-time point guard.

Ingram fits an immediate need, and I think that's something the team is valuing this year, whether right or wrong. Brett Brown has mentioned it a little, and it just makes things easier for Colangelo because he didn't try to over complicate it. I don't really think he can go wrong either way.

At the end of the day I'll still take Simmons, but that's because I'm not against trying to move one of our bigs.

Whittington: Arguing for any player with the number one pick because he fits better is so, so naive. It's exactly the opposite of everything that this team spent the last three years striving for. If the team selects Ingram first, it better be because they think he's going to be the better player, and not because he allows them to hold onto Okafor or Noel for an extra 12 months.

The team needs to move a center, if not two of them. They can try to delay it as long as they want, but sooner or later, the rubber is going to meet the road and Colangelo's hand will be forced. That's not a reason to pass on a player who could legitimately be a perennial MVP candidate and provide the team with a uniquely destructive creative fulcrum to pair with its best big men.

You use the number one pick to select the player you deem to have the best chance of becoming a franchise-altering player, not to select a player who fits on a team that won 10 games. There's a case to be made that Ingram is a better prospect than Simmons. I don't agree with it, but the selection better be predicated on that belief, not a fear of getting too little value when you decide to move on from Okafor, Noel, or Saric.

Now that I've railed against the fit argument... I like Simmons.

Fischer: I think when evaluating the Sixers moves this offseason, you cannot think about adding and subtracting from a 10-win team. You have to factor in Joel Embiid and Dario Saric into the equation. And when Embiid is considered actually a part of this roster, I think it's perfectly fair to think of the player you take at No. 1's fit alongside him. And that opinion is absolutely derived from my wholehearted belief that Embiid will be a perennial MVP candidate, a cross between Andre Drummond and Karl-Anthony Towns. So do keep that in mind.

But fit also comes into play in Kyle's point. It's not as easily done than said to "just surround Simmons" with shooters. Allen Crabbe is about to command $15 million annually because he can maybe shoot consistently at 38 percent from three over the course of a full season while also defending. That context is really, really important surrounding Simmons.

I mostly lean towards Ingram because he's a legitimate alpha dog. Every single Duke player gushed about him. I was closely around him for four days during the first round of the NCAA Tournament. His dad is a gem of a blue-collar dude who actually missed traveling to the first round because he didn't want to take off work. On the contrary, there have been so many terrifying whispers about Simmons' personality. I can understand skipping the Combine, but why the hell do you not show up to the Lottery? What goes on upstairs is just as important as a player's skill set. Draymond Green is an excellent example of the positive. Kwame Brown is the other end of the spectrum. Simmons' intangibles scare me, man.

Max Rappaport: Have to agree with Marc here. I'd say that at this moment I'm probably leaning 65-35 toward Ben Simmons, but no matter which direction Colangelo and the Sixers go the decision has to be made with "best player available" top of mind.

Outside of a (hopefully) healthy Joel Embiid, nobody on this current roster matters more than Simmons or Ingram would, so I'm not making any decision at #1 with Okafor, Noel, Saric, Grant, etc. in mind. I think both Simmons and Ingram fit really well next to Embiid (honestly, who wouldn't?), so I'm not really concerned about that anyway. I'm hopeful that the Sixers will pick the player they think has the highest upside. Let's just hope they choose correctly.

Matt Carey: First off, let me state that I'm fine with either of them. Throw this back in my face when I'm slamming whoever the pick is next month.

When people talk about fit with Ingram, for me, the appeal isn't his ability to fit with this team as currently constructed, but rather the ability to fit with any team as constructed. If you pick Ingram, there's not really any limits to the type of players you can surround him with. You have a lot more margin for error.

With Simmons, you absolutely need certain types of players, and those players are above-average shooters at the 1-3 and a center who isn't a paint clogger. All of a sudden, every pick going forward you make has to be for fit because you can't pick guys who don't complement your star.

Now, if you think Simmons is more likely to be a top 5 player than Ingram by a significant margin, pick Simmons. You don't pass on a star because it might be tough to find a serviceable 2-guard some day. I think the margins are a lot closer than most, though. If you ask me today, I think I would pick Ingram because I think he's going to be great and as a bonus, he allows you to maximize the talent around him. I'm glad it's not my decision (which apparently qualifies me to be the general manager of several high-lottery teams).

I promise you, I will flip flop on this a million times between now and June 23. I'm going to be your least favorite politician, and by draft day, I will have talked myself into both and also convinced myself that both have irredeemable flaws.

Burton:God bless Brandon Ingram, but players of his ilk come around every so often. Conversely, Ben Simmons is a rare combination of size, athleticism and playmaking ability that is nearly impossible to pass up. Both players will have excellent careers and make multiple All-Star teams, but only one - Simmons - has the potential to be a franchise player.

I understand the concerns about fit, but drafting Ingram simply because he slots in nicely next to Okafor and Noel - two players the team isn't necessarily committed to, anyway - would be short-sighted. Simmons is already a fine complement to your current cornerstone (Joel Embiid), and if he ever develops a competent mid-range game, the Sixers could have one of the most talented frontlines in recent memory.

Neubeck: I'll close with this -- end of the day, I probably take Simmons. The risk of missing out on a potential superstar, difficult as fit might be on this team and any future permutations of it, outweighs my concern about his jumper. But if I was in Colangelo's position, there would be plenty of deliberation between now and the draft.

19 May 13:00

The 7 Stages of Losing a Match

The 7 Stages of Losing a Match

19 May 16:32

'Wet pink one' and other wrestlers named by a 3-year-old

by Bill Hanstock

This is fantastic

This is the gift that keeps on giving.

Remember the time a three-year-old guessed the names of 80s and 90s wrestlers? Well, she's back ... in sequel form!

I don't know if anything can ever be as good as "MONEY LION." Although I guess this is definitive proof that Ric Flair absolutely 100 percent looks like a universal Nana. Like, even in his prime. Just straight-up Nana wrestler.

Feel free to make your own joke about not liking Kane in the comments below!

20 May 18:07

Newswire: A confounding visual gag from last week’s Veep, explained

by Erik Adams

I didn't even notice this. Even fuckin funnier

There’s a lot to love about Veep’s most recent episode, “Mother,” a series highlight that pretty much sews up Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ fifth consecutive Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. The rat-a-tat pacing, the tragicomedy of President Selina Meyer losing a parent and Nevada, or, for those who might have watched the episode too closely, the inscrutable sign Richard Splett (Sam Richardson) brings to the “count every vote” protest. The image appears to be a mummy in a cowboy hat wearing a green cape. It’s a fantastic visual non sequitur, but what it has to do with a contentious presidential recount is anyone’s guess.

Anyone who follows Richardson on Twitter, however, now knows ...

20 May 19:29

Made Art

by Reza

I never know where these are going and I love them for it


18 May 21:54

Newswire: Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book might already be out of Grammy contention

by William Hughes

I want to listen to this but i don't want to get apple music. What an annoying time to be alive

Chance The Rapper’s new mixtape Coloring Book has been drawing uniformly rave reviews for its mixture of joyful verses and gospel-influenced sounds. But while Coloring Book is an early contender for all sorts of “Best Of The Year” awards, there’s one celebration it’s already been ruled out of joining—the Grammy Awards. That’s because Chance isn’t selling the album, only streaming it online through Apple Music. But the Grammys’ rules say that any music in contention “must be commercially released in general distribution in the United States,” an arbitrary-seeming distinction that’s clearly been bothering Chance for a while now, given his line on Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam” about how “I hear you gotta sell it to snatch the Grammy.” He also previously backed a petition to have the Grammy rules be reconsidered on Twitter:

18 May 16:30

Great Job, Internet!: Wanna hear the same Blink-182 song over and over for 10 straight hours?

by Joe Blevins

How long can ya make it!?

YouTube may not have known exactly what it was unleashing when it raised the time limit on its videos from 10 minutes to 10 hours. The change allowed for longer, feature-length (and then some) productions to be uploaded to the popular video-sharing site. But it also inspired many users to create half-meditative, half-sadistic “loop” videos in which the same bit of footage is repeated ad nauseam for 600 consecutive minutes. Usually, these videos are strictly amateur creations, like “Keyboard Cat 10 Hours” and “Epic Sax Guy 10 Hours.” But these endurance-test videos are now so much a part of YouTube’s DNA that it was only a matter of time before they sold out and went completely mainstream as a promotional tool. Veteran pop-punkers Blink-182, with replacement guitarist Matt Skiba joining Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus, have released their own 10-hour looping video for the extremely brief song “Built This ...

18 May 01:20

This Twitter Rant Perfectly Sums Up those Who Still Support the Process

by Jim Adair


Tonight at Xfinity Live, hundreds (if not more) gathered to watch the NBA Draft Lottery under the guidance of Liberty Ballers and the Rights to Ricky Sanchez podcast. Michael Levin, who writes for LB and co-hosts RTRS with Spike Eskin, gathered his thoughts in a series of tweets before it all went goes down, and he summed up the post-Hinkie pro-Process mindset perfectly:

“I just woke up from a pre-Lottery nap at my parents’ house in Philly, so I’m groggy enough to rip through a few fire tweets.

This was never about Hinkie. Hinkie’s just a dude. Honestly, fuck him. He’s rich, he’s fine. Process has always been bigger than him. Mainstream sports media hated Hinkie because he didn’t talk to them, and they lazily let that impact how they wrote about the team. Bryan Colangelo has yet to do anything wrong. His dad is trash, and the owners have proven to be mostly spineless, but Bryan deserves a shot.

But with media baldly writing WOW LOOK AT THIS NEW CULTURE columns just bc Colangelo feeds them empty quotes, it’s hard to separate disdain. And now the team — pissed at us for standing by the Process — has turned on its most loyal fans in favor of the lowest common denominators. The Sixers are a business. They do not deserve my blind devotion. If they act like dumb dicks, I would be a dumb dick to support them. I’m not going to “just get over it” because I happen to be from Philadelphia and so do the Sixers. That’s not how this works for me.

So until Colangelo earns my respect for not taking shortcuts–and the owners/CEO stop publicly shitting the bed–I’ll maintain my skepticism. They are living in a house The Process built. Hoping for 1+4 in spite of front office/ownership. For Brett and Joel and Nerlens and Cov and TJ and Hollis and Jerami. But mostly for us. Because we fucking stuck it out when nobody else did, when it sucked, and even though they’re acting like we’re enemies now, we’re still us.

I don’t root for laundry. But I’ll root for The Process proving itself to be right in spite of all the lazy assholes who made it about them. We’ll be here longer than ownership will. We deserve this even if they don’t. So let’s fucking go.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself (I’d probably still just be yelling about Scott O’Neil). Tonight, the Sixers walked away with the number one pick thanks to the man the organization is happy to have buried in their rearview mirror a few miles back. Maybe he wasn’t the guy going forward. We’ll soon know if Bryan is.

18 May 01:24

Scott O’Neil Is Getting Brutalized For This Tweet

by Kyle Scott

This is fantastic

Scott O’Neil is in a rough spot after his endorsement of Glen Macnow’s article yesterday which ripped pro-Process Sixers fans. Needless to say, he could not win tonight:

Voila_Capture 2016-05-17_09-20-45_PM
Voila_Capture 2016-05-17_09-20-58_PM
Voila_Capture 2016-05-17_09-21-08_PM

18 May 14:10

The Double-A Binghamton Mets are holding a poll to pick their new team name.

by Barry Petchesky

In Binghamton? I mean, Binghamton's five hours each way.

The Double-A Binghamton Mets are holding a poll to pick their new team name. Will it be: Bullheads, Gobblers, Rocking Horses, Rumble Ponies, Stud Muffins, or Timber Jockeys? Wield your voting power responsibly.


16 May 04:33

Stair Master

by Jonco

Stair Master


The post Stair Master appeared first on Bits and Pieces.

17 May 15:10

He’s so focused. (via saraboulos)

He’s so focused. (via saraboulos)

15 May 23:40

4gifs: Pranking mom with a balloon fish. [video]


Pranking mom with a balloon fish. [video]

15 May 21:38

Worried tourists put bison in back of SUV in Yellowstone

by Jonco

And THEN the bison was shunned by his pack and had to be euthanized. Great job!

A father and son put a bison calf in their SUV in order to “save it from the cold” at Yellowstone National Park. The duo, who were from another country, were ticketed, and the bison was later released.

Bison SUV

Thanks DJ

The post Worried tourists put bison in back of SUV in Yellowstone appeared first on Bits and Pieces.

16 May 01:00

Rougned Odor punching José Bautista in the face gets the Jim Ross commentary it deserves

by Sean Rueter

Add Jim Ross and everything gets better

The feud between the Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays in Major League Baseball (MLB) is approaching, if not Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn levels, than at least AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns.

Business picked up today, when a late slide into second by Toronto's All-Star third baseman right-fielder José Bautista (whose celebratory bat flip during the two teams' epic playoff-deciding game last October caused no small amount of controversy) started a benches clearing brawl - which included Rangers' second baseman Rougned Odor landing one of the cleanest right hooks in all of sports and entertainment.

It was a wild scene that added to the bad blood in a hot rivalry, will result in suspensions & possible rule changes and produce more "hot takes" than you can shake a stick at. One thing it lacked, however, was a soundtrack by WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross.

Don't worry - the internet has us covered:

In addition to good old JR, don't be shocked if this finds its way onto WWE's shows.

They did just dedicate the weekend to a social media push for their Dominican NXT star, No Way Jose, who uses a baseball pitching motion to set up his own punch move.

Unfortunately, the player from the DR in the Rangers/Blue Jays beef is the one getting cold-cocked. Oh well, JBL can still make unfunny references to it (or New Day can make funny ones) tomorrow on Raw.

11 May 19:52

Watch Steph Curry Ruin Defenders' Lives For Eight Minutes

by Samer Kalaf

This is absolutely fucking incredible. Well worth the watch

To celebrate Steph Curry’s second MVP award, the NBA pulled together the best highlights of his career. The compilation has some nifty gems from when the Golden State Warriors were sad and middling, but my favorite has to be Curry in a painfully obvious mismatch against Tyler Hansbrough when he was with the Indiana Pacers.


13 May 15:43

Great Job, Internet!: Frinkiac just embiggened its usefulness with animated GIFs

by Kyle Daly

Once in a great while, we are privileged to experience a cultural event so extraordinary, it becomes part of our shared heritage. 1969: Man walks on the moon. 1971: Man walks on the moon again. Then, for a long time, nothing happened. Until now, as Frinkiac, the search engine that matches Simpsons quotes with screencaps, introduces an animated GIF feature.

Announced on Twitter by one of Frinkiac’s three creators, the new function marries Frinkiac’s promise of on-call Simpsons screencaps for any occasion with animated GIFs, the lingua franca of tweets, Tumblr posts, and text messages the world over. It builds on the existing screencap function by letting users manually select frames from any Simpsons episode in the system to create fluid animations up to four seconds long. It’s currently in beta, but seems to be fairly bug-free, based on our early tests with search terms like “photographic ...

11 May 06:37

PREVIEW: “Divine Lorraine Hotel Collection” Pop-Up Shop, Open TODAY ONLY!

by Conrad


N. Sheikh‘s brilliant “Divine Lorraine Hotel Collection” Pop-Up Shop is BACK… This time with all new pieces, like the “Divine Sports Club” line, alongside staple pieces from last year’s collection that sold out early. But, perhaps most importantly, to help alleviate the long wait in line that some people experienced last year, this year they’ve got new permits that allow even greater occupancy inside!

     When: 3:30-8pm, Wednesday, May 11th
     Where: Lobby of the Divine Lorraine, 699 North Broad Street

In addition to the apparel and housewares, the pop-up shop will also showcase the work of seven Philadelphia-based artists, including MECRO, Dessie Jackson, Dewey Saunders, Amber Lynn, Drew Leshko, Mike Whitson, and GERM!

MUCH more can be learned about this year’s “Divine Lorraine Hotel Collection” Pop-Up Shop HERE.

More photos below…


And if you never saw these, here’s some photos from inside (and on top of) the Divine Lorraine from back in 2012!

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12 May 12:44

Coming Distractions: Michael Fassbender’s living and killing in the past in first Assassin’s Creed trailer

by Danette Chavez

Hmm thoughts? I love the song choice for the trailer but...bleh, i don't know about the flick

Jimmy Kimmel continued his scooping of all other late-night hosts with the premiere of the Assassin’s Creed trailer. We get our first good look at Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch, whose death sentence is “commuted” by Abstergo Industries, who find him more useful alive. As part of the Animus project, Sophia Rikkin (Marion Cotillard) lays out their plan—they want Callum to tap into his ancestor Aguilar de Nerha’s memories from the 15th century, including the Spanish Inquisition, so that he can help battle the Templars. So he trains with hidden blades to “work in the dark to serve the light.”

The trailer’s certainly captured the look of the game, complete with swan dives off buildings. The film co-stars Jeremy Irons as the CEO of Abstergo, Michael K. Williams as a fellow Assassin, and Brendan Gleeson as Callum’s dad. Directed by Justin Kurzel, Assassin’s Creed ...

13 May 05:00

What Are You Playing This Weekend?: The RPG Limit Break marathon features long games done relatively quick

by Patrick Lee

RPG Marathon!? A picture of Suikoden 2!??! What a time to be alive!!

Welcome to our weekly open thread for the discussion of gaming plans, nagging questions, and whatever else we feel like talking about. No matter what the topic, we invite everyone in the comments to tell us: What Are You Playing This Weekend?

My fondness for speedruns has been well documented. And I’m just as fond of role-playing games, so the ongoing RPG Limit Break marathon is right up my alley. Like the biannual Games Done Quick marathons, RPG Limit Break is a charity event in which dazzlingly talented players break games over their knees in an effort to complete them as quickly as possible. The entire affair is streamed live on Twitch (and embedded below), and onlookers are encouraged to donate money to unlock bizarre or humorous incentives. This time around, the money raised by the event is going to the National Alliance On Mental Illness, an organization dedicated ...