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28 Sep 16:47

Pink, fluffy dining at the 'Kirby' cafe

by Mat Smith


If you didn't know, Kirby is a squidgy pink ball. With minimal facial features. That's about it. Which is why he's adorable (and popular) enough to warrant a whole bunch of merchandise, as well as temporary pop-up cafes across Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka...
20 Sep 13:00

If You Were As Bad At Your Dream Job As Ash Ketchum


Accurate and damn funny

  In the first episode of the Pokemon anime we learn that becoming a Pokemon trainer has been Ash's dream for a long time; his room is filled with Pokemon gear, posters, toys, and he eagerly awaits the morning on his 10th birthday so he can finally make that dream a reality. We also quickly learn that Ash has zero clue what the fuck he is doing, even with the most BASIC techniques a beginner trainer should know. I realize he is just a young boy, but it's like being super into animals, leaving home to become a zoologist, and not knowing what a bird is or that animals need food to live.






If You Were As Bad At Your Dream Job As Ash Ketchum


I'm glad I'm not the Ash Ketchum of drawing cartoons! Right? Guys?

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23 Sep 13:00

Gaming: What It Looks Like VS What It Feels Like

Gaming has long been an escape from the boring reality of our trivial lives, a necessary although brief distraction from the monotony that suffocates our existence until we finally put that second foot in the grave for good. Here's what some classic moments in gaming feels like!






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22 Sep 16:30

Pottermore can now tell you what your Patronus is

by Julia Alexander

I got a fuckin cat

Are you an otter or a stag?

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23 Sep 14:00

Stranger Things’ Steve and Parks and Rec’s Jean-Ralphio sit down for first TV interview

by Julia Alexander

This is fun

No, the joke isn’t dead yet

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22 Sep 17:50

Newswire: Duncan Jones’ next movie is in the same universe as Moon

by Dennis DiClaudio

That's exciting

Don’t worry too much about Duncan Jones’ career. He might have just experienced a big swing and a whiff with the disappointing video game adaptation Warcraft, but he appears to be undaunted and prepared to return to form. In fact, his next project, Mute—which should begin shooting next week—will apparently take place in the same cinematic universe as his 2009 debut, Moon, The Hollywood Reporter disclosed. The 45-year-old filmmaker revealed that tantalizing morsel of information in an offhand response to a Twitter query.

If you’re not familiar with Moon, all you really need to know is that it’s one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time (according to about two-thirds of Reddit). The heady film—which stars Sam Rockwell as a contractor in the not-all-that-distant future who lives alone on a helium-mining moon ...

19 Sep 21:09

Newswire: Adult Swim puts almost every episode of Space Ghost Coast To Coast online for free

by Sam Barsanti

!!!! I got to the village and there was nothing left but this 6 foot party sub. Their leader, Randy, made it for me while I waited

C. Martin Croker—the Adult Swim animator and voice actor who played both Zorak and Moltar on Space Ghost Coast To Coast—died over the weekend, and as a tribute to him, Adult Swim aired the Coast To Coast pilot on Sunday night. Unfortunately for people interested in catching up on Cartoon Network’s cult-classic talk show spoof, though, the rest of the episodes are rather difficult to come by these days thanks to the DVDs going out of print. Now, to make up for that, Adult Swim has made almost every episode of Space Ghost Coast To Coast available to stream on its website for free. You don’t even need a cable provider or a login.

The only catch is that not every single episode of the series is available, as there are some gaps here and there in most of the seasons. It’s unclear why some ...

13 Sep 17:24

Newswire: The Great British Bake Off hosts Sue and Mel are leaving the show

by Caitlin PenzeyMoog

Bad news gets WORSE

The Great British Bake Off has a winning recipe, with knowledgable judges, pleasant contestants, and silly hosts forming one of the fundamentally uplifting television shows on air. But with the show moving from BBC to Channel Four, hosts Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc will step down, reports The Guardian. A spokeswoman confirmed that the duo won’t be returning when the show switches channels, which goes into effect next year. The hit show is currently broadcasting its seventh season on the BBC.

“We made no secret of our desire for the show to remain where it was... we’re not going with the dough,” Perkins and Giedroyc said in a statement to BBC News. “We’ve had the most amazing time on Bake Off, and have loved seeing it rise and rise like a pair of yeasted Latvian baps. We’re not going with the dough. We wish all the ...

12 Sep 14:50

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15 Sep 05:15

icecreamsandwichcomics: …and watch out for those birds.




…and watch out for those birds.

16 Sep 23:23

Newswire: Mary Elizabeth Winstead joins Fargo season three

by William Hughes

This season is fire

Variety is reporting that FX’s critically beloved Fargo has scored another high-profile resident, with 10 Cloverfield Lane and Scott Pilgrim star Mary Elizabeth Winstead signing on for the Midwest crime anthology’s upcoming third season.

Winstead joins a cast that already includes Ewan McGregor, playing a pair of twin brothers, and The Leftovers’ Carrie Coon as a practical, down-to-earth police chief. Winstead will apparently be playing a schemer of some sort, with her Nikki Swango—take a bow, Fargo character namers—described as “a crafty and alluring recent parolee with a passion for competitive bridge playing.”

Winstead currently stars on CBS’s head-exploding political satire, BrainDead, which just wrapped up its first season. Her other recent TV work includes A&E’s The Returned, playing a woman whose long-dead fiance returns from the grave, and PBS’s Civil War-era period drama Mercy Street.

17 Sep 20:37

Newswire: It’s Terrible, Awful Rumor Time: Paul and Mary might also be leaving The Great British Bake Off

by William Hughes


It’s been a rough week for fans of The Great British Bake Offthe last bastion of decency in competition television—with news coming that pun-loving hosts Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc would be departing the show when it moves from the BBC to Channel 4 next season. Now, that soggy bottom has gotten soggier still, with rumors continuing to build that judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood might also not be making the jump.

According to The Sun, a source close to the show has said that Berry and Hollywood are weighing their options (presumably in a professional, gentle, welcoming manner). “Mary and Paul believe the show works because of Mel and Sue,” the source said. “It’s always been the four of them together. They are all really close and constantly hang out together in between filming.”

If Berry—an author of over 70 cookbooks—and bread ...

10 Sep 19:00

"Black Metal Cats" is a Twitter Account of Cat Pictures Paired With Metal Lyrics and It's Dark AF



metal,twitter,lyrics,black metal,dark,Cats

Because let's be honest, cats are super metal.

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10 Sep 23:30

thenatsdorf: Maru conquers swing. [video]


Maru conquers swing. [video]

09 Sep 22:20

4gifs: “OMG guys look a bird!” -dog. [video]


“OMG guys look a bird!” -dog. [video]

09 Sep 00:00

(via joyrexj9)


This is probably gonna get old but I still love it

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07 Sep 20:05

The struggles of napping with a mastiff. [video]

The struggles of napping with a mastiff. [video]

09 Sep 14:43

20 Overwatch Tweets That Only Overwatch Players Will Understand


Accurate AF

There are so many collective feelings in Overwatch that we wouldn't be able to cover all of them. From frustrating healers, to your entire team wanting to be Hanzo, we all know those moments. Thankfully, the twitter account Overwatch.TXT is doing a great job of collected those moments for us. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Get out of here.

2. I've yet to experience this.

3. "Back in my day we'd have this payload DELIVERED ALREADY"

4. Stop being a tease, Blizzard.

5. Moves furiously in a circle around team.

6. To absolutely destroy you somehow. 

7. Panic mode engaged.

8. "Someone. Someone please SWITCH."

9. Too accurate.


11. "I guess I'll just stop playing forever now."

12. -Shakes fist at Widowmaker-

13. Poor Bastion...

14. It's not that hard, people.

15. "Oh god oh god oh god oh god"

16. Curse you more, Reaper!

17. Well I guess I'll just stay dead then! What do I care?!

18. Stranger danger.

19. -Sprays door a trillion times-

20. A legendary?! Oh. More coins. Augh.

10 Sep 22:52

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10 Sep 13:00

So Was Harambe, But Now They're Both Gone


Since Jared shared 6 apple headphone things I'll join in!

funny twitter image old enough to remember apple ads were  based on headphones

2016 has been a cruel year...

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29 Aug 16:05

Hot Pants!

by Jonco

Can't be real

Hot Pants

Well, at least it ought to take care of that crabs infection.


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26 Aug 14:10

katswenski: Happy National Dog Day, everyone!My Website – See...


Payoff at the end's so great


Happy National Dog Day, everyone!

My Website See me on Webtoon

28 Aug 18:35

Newswire: Marvel releases clip explaining what Thor was doing during Civil War

by Sam Barsanti

Hilarious fish out of water tale

Alongside the new Doctor Strange trailer and Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 teaser shown during Marvel’s Comic-Con panel in July was a quick featurette explaining what Thor was up to while Captain American and Iron Man were beating the snot out of each other in Civil War. Presumably directed by Thor: Ragnarok’s Taika Waititi, the short is a mockumentary-style tour of Thor’s attempts to see what life is like for mortals. Apparently, since the last Avengers movie, the newly single Thor has moved in with a guy named Darryl in Australia, and he’s very annoyed that neither Steve Rogers or Tony Stark seem to want him on their Civil War team.

The whole thing is simply delightful, and it has a lot of fun with the larger mythology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe—for example, Thor has a big board where he’s sketching out ...

26 Aug 16:25

Time Traveled

by Reza


23 Aug 23:00

This is perfect. (via TyraaHuntt)

This is perfect. (via TyraaHuntt)

22 Aug 18:23

Meanwhile, at the Goat Olympics…

by Jonco

Goat Olympics


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18 Aug 20:16

15 Perfect Internet Reactions to Overwatch's New Animated Short

If you haven't watched Blizzard's new animated short yet, you should probably do that. It stars Bastion, the endlessly hateable turret robot, as it awakens from a years-long slumber after a huge battle. Though Bastion seems to have an appreciation for nature, the poor omnic struggles with his past as a machine of war. The internet, as you might have guessed, has feelings about this.




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19 Aug 13:37

Race Walk Leader Appears To Be Having Poop Problems [Update: He Has Collapsed]

by Timothy Burke on Screengrabber, shared by Timothy Burke to Deadspin


French race walker Yohann Diniz is leading today’s 50k, but his competition hasn’t been a, uh, cakewalk? It looks like Diniz either has severe gastrointestinal issues—at times shoving a sponge down his pants to soak up wet fecal matter, and then throwing the sponge off toward the crowd—or stuck a bunch of chocolate bars in his underwear for energy, and they melted.


17 Aug 23:16

4gifs: Look at this chicken wearing pants. 2016 is turning...




Look at this chicken wearing pants. 2016 is turning around. [video]

17 Aug 20:33



Perfect episode