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20 May 04:22

MTV: So wait, the whole thing actually worked?


God Damn that's awesome





Colin Gibson (Production Designer): You bet your sweet… George — unfortunately — doesn’t like things that don’t work. I have in the past built him props that I thought were just supposed to be props, and then he goes, “Okay, plug it in now.”

The first version of the guitar which — I think I put too much into the flame thrower, not enough into the reverb. And yes, the flame throwing guitar did have to operate, did have to play, the PA system did have to work and the drummers… Unfortunately, I did get practice in all positions and I’ve got to tell you, the drumming was very uncomfortable at 70 [kilometers] an hour, eating sand.

[…]  George actually had the guitarist come over, fairly early on in pre-production in Africa. And so he had a month or six weeks of getting used to it, of actually being able to play at full speed, while bungee jumping and blind.

That Insane ‘Mad Max’ Flame-Throwing Guitar Is No CGI Trick — Here’s How They Actually Made It (The truck made out of amps and speakers also isn’t a trick.) - by alex zalben


im fucking screaming this movie is so coool

22 May 03:59

4gifs: Dude, we’re at the park, let’s go! [video]


Dude, we’re at the park, let’s go! [video]

22 May 15:59

Newswire: Netflix releases first images from its Wet Hot American Summer prequel

by Katie Rife

They look exactly the same! This is gonna work!

Netflix has released its first batch of cast photos from its Wet Hot American Summer prequel series, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp, which, as the title implies, takes place on the first day at Camp Firewood ’81. As expected, the photos feature lots of funny people, some of whom are big movie and TV stars, having fun in outfits sourced from the ironic ’80s wear section of the local Salvation Army. Many of the new cast members, like Mad Men’s John Slattery and Jon Hamm, aren‘t featured in the initial batch of photos, but we already know they make it to the end of camp in one piece, so it’s fine. (Unless they’re lepers.)

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp will deliver 10 episodes’ worth of quotable lines on July 17—a date that it can’t change, presumably because it ...

20 May 17:18

porphyriasuicide: gaijinhikikomori: dvxdm: An analogy for...




An analogy for life. (photos via thecrookedstep)

You’re thinking “is he really going to spend the whole book worrying?” and then it hits you

Fuck. I didn’t get it until the comment


21 May 13:30

The New 'Batkid Begins' Trailer Is Super (and Super Emotional)

by Katie Roberts

It's just raining on my face...

The heartwarming story of a young leukemia survivor getting his wish to be Batman for a day is coming to the big screen, and a new trailer for "Batkid Begins" takes a closer look at the planning of the event, as well as the intense, passionate reaction that it elicited across the globe.

The documentary focuses on Miles Scott, a then-5-year-old who had just finished treatment for leukemia in the fall of 2013. Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Miles requested to become Batman, a challenge that was met with some creative brainstorming, ultimately culminating in the city of San Francisco transforming into Gotham for a day and Miles saving a damsel in distress and fighting off villains, surrounding by thousands of cheering onlookers.

It was a feel-good story that resonated with millions, quickly going viral the world over, and eliciting responses from President Barack Obama and Batman actors including Adam West and Ben Affleck, among many others. And while the trailer reveals that there were some bumps in the road -- how do you install a carseat in a Batmobile replica? -- it ultimately aims to explain how and why acts of kindness can unite the globe.

"Batkid Begins" itself came together in a similar fashion to Miles's wish, with filmmakers raising money through an Indiegogo campaign to finish the flick. It's now set to make its debut in theaters backed by Warner Bros., the very company behind the blockbuster "Batman" flicks. If that isn't super, we don't know what is.

Check out the trailer -- and a poster -- below, and prepare to get emotional. Spoiler alert: this story has a (very) happy ending.

Batkid Begins
"Batkid Begins" is due for a limited release on June 26.

Photo credit: Warner Bros.

22 May 01:41

by Loading Artist

21 May 14:46

scratchu8: free them


free them

17 May 04:00

4gifs: Working on a group project. [video]


Working on a group project. [video]

15 May 15:39

The Life of Every RPG NPC Ever


Every Single Time


12 May 17:00

Yes, Coffee Naps Really Work. Here's Why. — Smart Coffee for Regular Joes

by Anna Brones

This is right up my alley

I, like many children, hated naps. I remember being put to bed after lunch, only to lie in bed and listen for the calming sound of my mother pouring coffee beans into the grinder, this the holy moment of her day when she was child-free and had a moment to herself. I was so attuned to the sound of those beans falling into the grinder that one time, when she poured some M&Ms into a glass bowl, I apparently shouted from my bedroom, "What are you eating?"

I was a precocious (obnoxious?) little thing. But all to say, that naps really weren't my thing. I always felt that time could have been better put to use.


14 May 02:00

4gifs: Dad reflexes. [video]


Wow, that's damn impressive


Dad reflexes. [video]

13 May 13:00

The Easiest Ways To Sum Up Animal Crossing



13 May 15:26

Adam Sandler performs with acoustic guitar, proves he can still be hilarious and sweet

by Chris Plante

The fact that he can still do hilarious stuff like this pisses me off even more that he churns out the worst shit in the world

While the past few years have been a financial boon for Adam Sandler, the actor and producer's creative output has been a shadow of the films, sketches, and albums he created in the 1990s. Every so often Sandler appears on a current talk show or web video and reminds the world he's more than the star of Blended and Little Nicky. One such moment happened last night on Late Night with David Letterman.

A number of celebrities and musicians have been bidding special farewells to Letterman during his final days hosting the late night talk show. Sandler took the opportunity to pick up an acoustic guitar and sing a song he wrote for the occasion, a throwback to his days on Saturday Night Live.

The tune has the childish jokes you expect (and...

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13 May 13:00

How a drinking game was saved by MMO design

by Colin Campbell

Love the updates and now I want a cold beer and a trivia game at my fingertips

Raph Koster is a man of intellectual enquiry and boundless curiosity. So when the designer of Ultima Online and creative lead of Star Wars Galaxies was hired to fix a top trivia game for drinking establishments, he knew he faced multiple challenges.

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12 May 17:46

The Muppets are back in the first trailer for their new ABC show

by Bryan Bishop

This looks really, really good

This is the time of year when TV networks announce their schedules and audiences get first looks at new shows, and today we're getting a glimpse at The  Muppets. As reported before, the show is a single-camera comedy told in the style of The Office, with the various characters being followed around and then giving interviews directly into the camera as cutaways. The show is going to be about the creatures making a new network show, and that meta-commentary is there right from the opening frames, with Kermit addressing the entire cast giving them the news about the series pickup. The show will be airing on Tuesday nights at 8PM.

Also as promised, we get a glimpse of personal lives of the creatures — Fozzie is dating! — and we learn that...

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08 May 20:30

Gotta make sure… (images via babymchaggis)

Gotta make sure… (images via babymchaggis)

12 May 17:06

NASA's Curiosity rover has captured a gorgeous blue Martian sunset

by Ross Miller

The Red Planet has a blue streak. NASA's Curiosity rover has been traveling along the Mars surface by its lonesome for nearly 1,000 days now (which has done terrible things to its complexion). Last month, while it was taking a break inside the Gale Crater, the rover looked up at the sky between dust storms and watched as the sun set on the horizon amidst a tinge of blue. Thankfully, Curiosity is an astute tourist and took the time to capture the sunset in a series of photos released this week.

The hue can be directly attributed to the aforementioned dust storms. "When the blue light scatters off the dust, it stays closer to the direction of the sun than light of other colors does," said Curiosity member Mark Lemmon in a statement. "The...

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23 Apr 21:37

Newswire: Viewers around the world can get an early preview of M. Night Shyamalans’ Wayward Pines

by Sam Barsanti

I was intrigued enough to buy the 1.99 kindle book

Fox’s new event series, Wayward Pines, doesn’t officially premiere until May 14, but—in a shocking twist—viewers all over the world will be able to see the first episode for free. Starting tomorrow, Variety says that people living in over 126 countries will be able to watch the episode through cable on-demand systems, Fox’s website, the Fox Now app, the international Fox Play app, Hulu, Facebook, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, the PlayStation store, Vudu, and Xbox Video. We don’t have a full list of the 126 countries, but it’s safe to assume that the United States is one of them, because we’re all very self-centered here.

Variety calls this stunt “the first global preview event,” and if you’re thinking that only a master like M. Night Shyamalan could pull off something so unexpected, you’re right. Well, not really, the marketing ...

12 May 00:30

Dreamcast RPG Grandia 2 headed for HD PC release

by Colin Campbell

This game was Great

Grandia 2, a highly regarded role-playing game released on Dreamcast back in 2000, is to be given an HD rebirth on Windows PC, via Steam.

In a report by GameSpot today, publisher GungHo Online Entertainment America confirmed that it will be bringing an HD version of Grandia 2 to Windows PC, following an "enthusiastic" response to a consumer survey sent out earlier this year. A release date has not been announced.

Grandia 2 was originally launched by GameArts for Sega's Dreamcast, with ports later coming to PlayStation 2 and PC. The game was much-praised at the time for its good looks and innovative battle systems. Dreamcast's limited success hampered Grandia 2's sales, though it often features strongly in retrospective editorials on...

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12 May 15:34

Did You Know Game of Thrones Is Based on Real Events? BECAUSE IT IS!



People are mad at George R. R. Martin because he ruthlessly kills off their favorite characters, but they should probably be mad at him for PLAGIARISM. He totally stole the War of Five Kings and Queen Cersei and people murdering other people from ...

07 May 14:12

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07 May 18:19

These People Have Mastered the Art of Naming Videogame Characters


I'm 7 years old so I think this is the funniest thing ever



via ozzymustaine




07 May 18:12

(photos via @snickers)


Brilliant advertising

(photos via @snickers)

08 May 14:14

30 Amazing (and a Little Spoilerific) Game of Thrones Cosplays



Update: We're still trying to properly credit some of the cosplays featured here. If you recognize yourself (or someone you know), send an email to jake.young@dorkly(dot)com and we'll update ASAP.


1. Renly Baratheon (and Nephew)


05 May 08:41

Calvin and Hobbes for May 05, 2015


I can't imagine how Calvin's dad is coping these days

06 May 21:18

The Best Internet Reactions to McDonald's New Hamburglar


What the fuck is this!?


This is the part where you become an adult. The lovable, marketable mascots of your youth no longer exist. Your childhood executor: McDonald's new Hamburglar. What used to be a silly cartoon robber who traded solely in cooked meats is now... just a guy. And depending on who you ask, he's either extremely creepy, or extremely hot. Maybe both.




03 May 14:43

Cow Removal

by Jonco

Mean but funny

Cow removal

Thanks Sourpuss



The post Cow Removal appeared first on Bits and Pieces.

06 May 17:25

Great Job, Internet!: Tempt fate with the Wheel Of Lunch

by Marah Eakin

This is fun!

As our pals at sister site ClickHole know, picking a lunch spot can be an endless quest. No one wants to make a firm choice, and everyone ultimately ends up unsatisfied. Fortunately, there’s Wheel Of Lunch, a site that uses Yelp and user-generated parameters to take all the wavering out of lunchtime decision-making. Just give the wheel a spin and let it dictate where you’ll eat today, be it the nearby steakhouse you can’t afford or the gas station around the corner that probably has some sort of food product for sale. Of course, as the Wheel Of Lunch disclaimer clearly states, “The presence of a dining establishment on the wheel in no way constitutes an endorsement of said establishment,” noting, “This is particularly true of Der Weinerschnitzel.” Spin at your own stomach’s risk.

[via Metafilter]

06 May 14:37

The Wit and Wisdom of Dale Gribble


Dale is incredible


undefinedvia spiders-vise




06 May 13:00

The Future of DVD Releases