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01 Jun 22:51

Big Trouble in Little China with The Rock will be the greatest cinematic experience of all time

by Bryan Bishop

Did she stop believing you when a Lightning Wizard showed up in a street fight?

Here's an empirical truth: everybody loves The Rock. If you're not a fan of wrestling, there's the Fast and Furious movies. If you hate cars; there's San Andreas. If you hate disaster movies, there's his upcoming HBO series Ballers. And if you hate yourself, there's even The Scorpion King. The point is that Dwayne Johnson has managed to turn himself into a likable, nice-guy leading man that can deliver on the action front while also transitioning credibly into comedy without skipping a beat. Which is why I'm very excited about him potentially starring in a remake of John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China.

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18 Jun 18:52

Coming Distractions: The Fargo season two teaser appeals to fans of birds, implied violence

by David Anthony


It’s been a year since Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley began dropping hints about the show’s second season by announcing that this year, Fargo will take place in 1979. And while there’s been a glut of casting announcements—including the fact that cult hero Bruce Campbell will be sucking down jellybeans as Ronald Reagan—since then, the first teaser trailer for the show’s new season keeps information scant. It does do an admirable job of extending Fargo’s tone, which is equal parts desolate and explosive. Or maybe the reference is more literal. Maybe this bird pecking on a tree in the midst of a gun battle actually hints at the show’s new focus: the violent wars between rival birdwatching gangs. We’ll find out come September.

01 Jul 17:48

To his friend...



02 Jul 09:45

First Full 'Wet Hot American Summer' Trailer Is Glorious, Star-Studded Fun

by Kelly Woo

I'm staying up until midnight

Wet Hot American Summer First Day of CampThey're younger. They're hotter. They're wetter. They're more ... uh, American-er? Whatever, there's more of everything in the first full trailer for "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp," Netflix's prequel series to the 2001 cult comedy fave.

The teaser was VHS-styled fun, but this trailer is packed with actual footage from the series. It's also packed with a ton of stars - like, seriously, if you're a Hollywood actor and not in this show, you're probably experiencing major FOMO. The trailer even winks at the crazy "who's who" of their cast list, as the names keep rolling by - "also Kristen Wiig," "and also" Michael Cera, "plus" Josh Charles, "featuring" Chris Pine, and "introducing" Jon Hamm.

There's not much plot set-up. The trailer begins with the head counselors briefing the other counselors on the rules, but getting interrupted by Paul Rudd's arrival on a motorcycle. There are also glimpses at various camp relationships, drama, and hijinks.

Watch the trailer now.

"Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp" will be available to stream on Netflix July 31.

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23 Jun 16:30

The Settlers of Catan has a new name, new look for 5th edition

by Charlie Hall


Klaus Teuber's famous board game The Settlers of Catan has a new look and a new name for its fifth edition. A global rebranding has shortened the title to Catan, and this newest edition is on sale now. Polygon's had some time to peruse the contents, and this edition both looks and plays great.

One of the biggest updates this time around is a revised rulebook, featuring clarified rules designed to make sense of edge cases and also ease new players into the game. Additionally, various gameplay scenarios have been reworked. These new rules will serve as the competition ruleset going forward.

The biggest change this time around is in the overall look of the game.

Over the 20 years it's been on sale, in more than 30...

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30 Jun 13:00

Crime & Punishment Brewing Announces Grand Opening

by Arthur Etchells



Crime & Punishment team showing off their June zoning approval.

At long last, Brewerytown’s Crime & Punishment Brewing Co. is opening. The delayed brewpub has set Saturday, July 11th as its grand opening.

The brewpub is kicking its opening off with a ticket only event from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. A $25 ticket gets you a commemorative glass, two beers of your choosing and kielbasa with sauerkraut.

After 2 p.m., Crime & Punishment will be open to the public with snacks available and food trucks nearby ($10 can also get you a beer and commemorative glass). And if the brewpub is hit with large crowds, a couple of beers will be available across the street at Brewerytown Beats.

Normal hours will begin on Thursday, July 16. The brewpub will initially be open Thursdays through Sundays.

Grand Opening Tickets [Crime & Punishment Brewing]
Crime & Punishment Brewing Co.

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30 Jun 14:40

Western-Style Game of Thrones Has the RADDEST Theme Song


This is an Awesome theme song.

Uber talented film duo BenDan Productions made a cowboy-tastic music video for their Western cover of the Game of Thrones theme. I wish last season's Dorne plot h...

22 Jun 15:00

Suikoden 3 hits PlayStation Network tomorrow

by Owen S. Good

!!!!!! I fucking LOVE this game

Suikoden 3 will hit PlayStation Network this week as a PlayStation 2 classic for PS3, joining its two predecessors on the online service tomorrow.

Sony added Suikoden and Suikoden 2 to PSN last year. The three are critically acclaimed representatives of the JRPG genre, with Suikoden 3 launching in 2002.

Suikoden 3 is the lone PS2 classic coming to PSN this week. The remainder of the digital releases are:

  • Arcade Archives Raiders 5 (PS4)
  • Astebreed (PS4, on June 25)
  • Attacking Zegata (PS4)
  • Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4, digital and retail)
  • Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition (PS4)
  • Ender of Fire (PS4)
  • PlanetSide 2 (PS4)
  • Ride (PS4)
  • Riptide GP2 (PS4)
  • Shantae: Risky's Revenge — Director's Cut (PS4)
  • Suikoden 3 (PS2...

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28 Jun 14:58

(photo via thestevenjames)

(photo via thestevenjames)

28 Jun 20:12

This Pocahontas Character is the Internet's Silliest New Meme


This one's pretty great


The internet was taken by storm over the weekend by a flurry of GIFS featuring... a supporting character from Disney's Pocahontas. In the film, Kocoum was the guy who was slated to marry Pocahontas, but when he spies his bride-to-be making out with John Smith, Kocoum flips out.

But thanks to the wizards at Imgur and Reddit, the scene has taken on a whole new light. 


1. When I remember I hate the smell of leaves

kocoum meme...
22 Jun 18:30

by Comic Nuggets

19 Jun 17:57

Great Job, Internet!: The Simpsons predicted the St. Louis Cardinals hacking scandal

by Annie Zaleski


The Simpsons: Is there any phenomenon they can’t explain? Apparently not. Uproxx dug up a clip from the season 11 episode, “Brother’s Little Helper,” that appears to presage the current hacking scandal plaguing the St. Louis Cardinals. In the scene, Bart’s seemingly irrational fear that Major League Baseball is using satellites to spy on Springfield actually turns out to be completely legit. The man who confirms this theory? None other than Cardinals then-slugger Mark McGwire, who declines to explain the surveillance because everyone would rather he “sock a few dingers” instead. Watch the 1999 prediction below.

18 Jun 23:01

Video: Arnold Pranks Fans as the Terminator…for Charity


This is fuckin great

19 Jun 14:21

Mind destruction

by Jonco

Impossible to process

Wtf image

Thanks Mike (from Spain)



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18 Jun 15:05

This is getting out of control. (photos via imgur)


Last one's the best

This is getting out of control. (photos via imgur)

17 Jun 17:57

I Watched the Sixers’ Hollis Thompson Play Video Games Yesterday, But He Really Wants to Make Them

by Jim Adair

Man crush

hollis phl

Hollis Thompson hit 40.1% of his three-pointers in each of his first two seasons in the NBA (even though he attempted 120 more this year than last). This past season that was good enough for 14th in the entire league. He has a promising basketball career ahead of him, but really, he just wants someone with whom to play Magic: The Gathering.

You see, Hollis Thompson is a nerd. It’s something that’s becoming more and more accepted in the pro athlete community, but he still can’t find anyone who shares some of his super-nerdy interests. “Growing up it’s kinda like a stigma,” Thompson told me yesterday in the offices of indie game developers PHL Collective. “If you play basketball, [then] you play basketball, you go out and party, you don’t really do arty stuff. I do all that stuff.”

Typically, people see professional athletes as jocks. With more and more insight into their personal lives on social media, that stereotype is being broken all the time. Connor Barwin is a hipster. Roy Halladay is goofy. Hollis Thompson is a nerd.

Hollis Thompson's Smash Bros. go-to is Kirby

Hollis Thompson’s Smash Bros. go-to is Kirby

And that’s what brought him to spend a day at PHL Collective, a six-man indie game developer in Philly. Through a tangential connection between PHL Collective founder Nick Madonna and his work on Shaq Fu 2, Hollis reached out to learn the ropes, figure out how much he doesn’t know, and learn lessons from where Curt Schilling went wrong.

“I love playing basketball, it’s my dream job, but I won’t be able to play basketball forever,” Thompson said. “And after playing basketball my dream would be in a studio like this, with these guys, just making games.”

He wants to run his own studio and make everything from expansive open-world games to party games. His eyes light up every time a topic that typically would only appeal to Comic-Con-goers comes up. The Spawn movie? Yup. His ongoing “Monopoly Season 2015″ at his house? Uh-huh. The fact that sometimes he’s gotta stop playing a level he can’t beat because he’s gotta… go to practice for his NBA team? Yeah.

But Hollis lights up about his non-nerdy side too, like when he’s saying how good Joel Embiid is, how brilliant Sam Hinkie is, and when talking about the new uniforms, which he’s seen.

In between rounds of PHL Collective’s Clusterpuck 99, Thompson is thinking about his future. Soon after making it to the NBA, he says he sat down with his people – something few gamers would even pretend to have – to discuss what the plan is for when he can’t play anymore. He immediately went to video games.

“I wanna have my own video game studio, but I don’t know who to have work with me if I don’t know how to code, or don’t understand the basic concepts there,” Thompson said.

He planned on taking in as much as he could (and PHL Collective said they’ll have an open-door policy to Hollis in the future), while learning as much as he can on his own on road trips (and also getting his Georgetown degree). And while he might be the only dude he knows on in the NBA who wants to get into the business, he’s not the only gamer.

“Michael Carter-Williams loved Shadow of Mordor,” Thompson told us. Jerami Grant and JaKarr Sampson play Diablo, and they all played Diablo 3 together on the road. Thompson doesn’t play NBA 2K too much, but when he does, he plays with the Sixers, unless he’s playing with friends because he feels weird about just shooting with himself every time. But does he (and other players) pay attention to his ratings in the game? “Oh, big time. That’s the first thing everyone does. Guys are like, I gotta kill next game to get my ranking back up.”

Hollis’ phone has been ringing off the hook since the Embiid news broke, but he doesn’t know anything we don’t. Coach Brown asked him who he wants them to draft, and as long as the Embiid situation isn’t serious, he thinks it’ll be “one of the guards.” He’s looking forward to the new practice facility in Camden and wants to talk to someone about getting a sweet gaming setup going there.

“Hopefully I’ll be in Philadelphia for a long time,” Hollis says when asked about where he’d like to set up his eventual game studio. And as long as he is, he’ll be able to learn as much as he can from the guys at PHL Collective. Or, at the very least, use Kirby in Super Smash Bros. against them.

14 Jun 01:00

4gifs: Rock star beer catch. [video]




Rock star beer catch. [video]

15 Jun 05:00

4gifs: Bosnian bros don’t know how to frisbee. [video]


hahaha I cannot even


Bosnian bros don’t know how to frisbee. [video]

08 Jun 05:00

4gifs: Spiderdog does a 12 foot wall climb. [video]


Wow, that is damn impressive


Spiderdog does a 12 foot wall climb. [video]

09 Jun 19:30

Minecraft meets ecology simulation in an open-world educational game

by Charlie Hall

This sounds so freakin cool

Veteran studio Strange Loop Games is embarking on an ambitious project to create a new kind of open world multiplayer game where the survival of every player on the server depends on careful management of in-game resources. With funding from the U.S. Department of Education, Eco hopes to become a platform for teaching middle school students about ecology in a communal, cloud-based game world.

Strange Loop calls their project a "global survival game." In Eco's fiction there is an impending disaster looming over humanity — an event like a meteor strike, a drought or a flood. The clock is ticking, and players must work together to prevent the onrushing apocalypse or risk "server-wide perma death."

The tools at players disposal are...

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10 Jun 14:00

For Our Consideration: The Virtual Boy didn’t do a damn thing right, but it still had Nintendo’s soul

by Anthony John Agnello

This thing SUCKED

Virtual Boy did nothing well. Forget its paltry library of game ideas so half-baked they would make the Atari Jaguar line-up look ready for canonization. Forget the fact that it looked like a bad prop off of Square One Television. (The bad guy would force you to wear it in “the virtual zone” and the only method of escape would be to solve math problems.) When it hit toy stores with a drowning plop in 1995, Virtual Boy distinguished itself by being the single most uncomfortable gaming device on Earth. Pictures don’t do it justice. Trying to casually lean into the hard-edged foam that lines the heavy, awkward visor is unpleasant if it’s on a flat surface, but playing was downright impossible if you tried using it in a car, as Nintendo suggested you could when selling it as a portable system like the Game Boy.

The only ...

12 Jun 13:00

How Any Steam Sale Goes Every Year


Jared Lieberher


10 Jun 18:16

Newswire: Remake culture eats itself as ReBoot gets a reboot

by Matt Wayt


The ouroboros of pop culture has finally caught its own tail: the niche ’90s animated series ReBoot is being rebooted for a new generation. The original show, which ran from 1994 to 2001, was the first ever fully computer animated television series. ReBoot is set in a computer world called the Mainframe, where the characters Bob, Dot, and Enzo fought the virus Megabyte and his henchmen. The heroes also faced off against Megabyte’s sister, Hexadecimal, who to this day is still the scariest thing anyone has ever seen.

Created by Michael Hefferon, the new series will be called ReBoot: The Guardian Code and will mix live-action footage and CG sequences. The story will focus on four teens who realize that they are next-generation Guardians of the Mainframe (the mantle of the characters in the original series) who must save the real world by defending it in cyberspace. The series ...

11 Jun 05:10

(photo via syngates6661)


She's seen Jesus

(photo via syngates6661)

10 Jun 02:03


14 Jun 22:11

Nintendo brings Mother to Virtual Console as Earthbound Beginnings — it's available today

by Michael McWhertor

But nobody plays the Wii U!

At this year's Nintendo World Championships, Nintendo announced that Wii U owners would be able to get their hands on an EarthBound Beginnings, a Virtual Console re-release of the original game in the EarthBound franchise, Mother.

This will be the first time North American EarthBound fans will be able to get their hands on an official translation of the game. It originally released as Mother on the Nintendo Famicom in Japan.

Nintendo had more good news for EarthBound/Mother fans as well, as the publisher announced that the game would be available today from the Wii U eShop at 6 p.m. PT.

Mother was first released in 1989 and later released for Game Boy Advance as part of a compilation, Mother 1+2, in 2003. Nintendo released the sequel...

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12 Jun 14:00

by berkeley mews

12 Jun 05:00

Scenic Routes: Noah Baumbach subverts one of cinema’s moldiest clichés

by Mike D'Angelo

Fantastic movie. I think it's on Flix and it is definitely worth watching.

In Scenic Routes, Mike D’Angelo looks at key scenes, explaining how they work and what they mean.

Once something has turned into a cliché, only two respectable options remain: (1) avoid it, or (2) make fun of it. Take, for example, the romcom’s climactic race to the airport, in which one of the lovers—usually the man, but not always—realizes his error at the last minute and rushes to stop Ms. Right before she flies out of his life forever. Using this unironically amounts to an admission of creative bankruptcy, even if there’s some ostensible twist involved (e.g. Rachel gets on the plane anyway, but then it turns out that she got off after poor heartbroken Ross left). It’s been used so many times, in fact, that when I Googled around for examples, I found several long lists with only a handful of repeat ...

10 Jun 19:15

DC's New Superman Animated Short Is Super Dark and Depressing


It's six minutes long. It's's should watch it.

Yesterday we got a look at the new and twisted Justice League: Gods and Monsters Universe with a sh...

10 Jun 16:14

This is what Fox Mulder and Dana Scully look like in 2015

by Chris Welch

Time to start rolling through X-Files on least until the Terminator shows up

The X-Files is coming back in January, and production for Fox's six-episode "event series" has officially begun. Stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have been tweeting out teases from the set in recent days, and today we're getting our first look at Mulder and Scully since we last saw them nearly seven years ago in X-Files: I Want To Believe, the second full-length movie inspired by the hit series. Let's just say a lot has changed.

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