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08 Oct 17:00

David Tennant gets creepy in new Jessica Jones teaser

by Julia Alexander

No shit. 10 is in this?? I was I'm all in

This isn't the quirky, fast talking David Tennant fans remember from Doctor Who.

In the latest trailer for Netflix's Jessica Jones, the show's title character (played by Krysten Ritter) can be seen standing in her Alias Investigations office at 2:33 in the morning, putting up various photographs of what appear to be different crime scenes.

While she's tacking the photos up on her board, Tennant — who plays the villainous Kilgrave — delivers an incredibly creepy voiceover.

"Jessica," he starts, "I know your secrets. I know about your friends, about your gifts, Jones."

It ends with Tennant ominously declaring that he knows everything about the new superhero before Jones stomps out of the office, his face forming in the numerous...

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08 Oct 13:38

Jake Arrieta Is My New Favorite Baseball Player

by Kyle Scott


I won’t even be able to handle all the feels when Chase Utley steps to the plate for his first at-bat against Jake Arrieta when they inevitably meet in the NLCS, because there’s a new bae in my shed, and this one has perfect beard.

I watched about 20 innings of baseball this year– nine at the one Phillies game I went to, the last three of Cole Hamels’ no-hitter (Arrieta’s last loss, by the way), six in the All-Star game. What’s that, 18? Two by accident. And, highlights of his no-hitter and mustache onesie notwithstanding, none of them included Jake Arrieta– Cubs ace, beardsman, and my new favorite player.

It took until only about the third inning last night – Arrieta’s complete game shutout of the Pirates – to be won over. His mound demeanor can only be described as Cliff Lee meets Drogo meets a wry-witted bull:

My right nipple comes out of my tank top almost every pitch, so I place it back inside.

— Jake Arrieta (@JArrieta34) October 8, 2015

If his stoic excellence wasn’t enough, surely the stare-down after he was plunked in retaliation for hitting two batters himself – which cleared the benches [video] – put it over the edge:

Voila_Capture 2015-10-08_09-18-53_AM

At this point, my wife and I had the following conversation:

Me: Do you think he’s good looking?

Wife: Maybe without the beard.


Wife: I don’t know, the beard just makes him seem like, who is it, Paul Bunyan? Like he should have an ox.

Me: Yes. Yes, he should have an ox.

Is this post a bit gay? Yeah, maybe a little. But that’s fine. I’m man enough to say it. I’m married, Jake’s married…

Photo credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

… oh what he’s a family man, too?! Total package.

Related: Will Leitch, a Cardinals fan, swoons over Arrieta.

03 Oct 20:00

No Man's Sky still doesn't have a launch date after Colbert appearance

by Owen S. Good

Uhhhh WANT

Everyone figured that the reason Sean Murray, director of the space-travel/exploration/combat game No Man's Sky, was announced as a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was to give a launch date for the highly anticipated title. Nope. Colbert himself tried to cut to the chase in the first question, but got bupkis.

Doing a talk show with a game developer about an unreleased game is a lot less dynamic than doing a segment with an actor plugging an upcoming movie. Colbert still hangs in there, getting off a couple strong lines while still getting the bottom of what will — or should — make No Man's Sky unique, which is the application of big things like evolution and physics.

There is, at least, a demo beginning around 2:40,...

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05 Oct 19:15

Newswire: John Hurt to reprise his War Doctor role in new Doctor Who audio plays

by Caroline Siede


Although the fact that Peter Capaldi is playing Doctor Who’s 12th Doctor might imply there have only been 12 regenerations of the time-traveling alien, the show’s recent 50th Anniversary special added an unexpected twist: It turns out there was a hitherto unmentioned regeneration that existed between the Eighth and Ninth Doctor and participated so horrifically in the Time War that the Doctor decided he doesn’t really count. While John Hurt’s one and only appearance as the War Doctor was an odd little footnote in Doctor Who history, the actor will now be reprising his role in a new set of audio plays.

According to Digital Spy, Hurt will lend his voice to a new 12-part audio series from Big Finish Productions—the British company that has been producing semi-canonical Doctor Who audio adventures since 1999. While Big Finish has long featured actors from the “classic series ...

05 Oct 14:17

Creepy things to whisper…

by Jonco

Some of these would be pretty great

Creepy things to whisper

Thanks, Mike (from Spain)


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03 Oct 01:24

Over 8,400 NASA Apollo moon mission photos just landed online, in high-resolution

by Xeni Jardin



Space fans, rejoice: today, just about every image captured by Apollo astronauts on lunar missions is now on the Project Apollo Archive Flickr account. There are some 8,400 photographs in all at a resolution of 1800 dpi, and they're sorted by the roll of film they were on. (more…)

04 Oct 19:00

TV Club Classic: Only one monkey butler on this week’s Classic Simpsons, but he’ll train others

by Rowan Kaiser

One of the Simpson's all-timers

The kids of Springfield Elementary have long been one of The Simpsons’ most fertile subgenres. Take some combination of Bart and Lisa, Nelson and Milhouse, Sheri and Terri, and Skinner and Krabappel, shake ‘em up, and good episodes come out. “Das Bus” may be one of the best examples—here, in the middle of the relatively uneven and clearly-declining ninth season, is an episode with some of the most memorable moments in the show’s entire run. The stars of Springfield Elementary are stranded on a desert island following a Model U.N. field trip gone wrong, and the kids re-enact Lord of the Flies.

So what is it about Springfield’s children that works so well? There are a few reasons that The Simpsons’ humor works brilliantly with its children. First of all, the show is built on bullshit—both in terms of producing it and calling it out ...

02 Oct 21:00

gifsboom: Video: The Slow Mo Guys: Jello Tennis

05 Oct 04:40

giraffepoliceforce: mymodernmet: Man Builds Custom-Made...


What a stupid, dumbass, waste of time. Of course he's a giants fan. Good luck with Shamu for the rest of your life



Man Builds Custom-Made Monopoly Board to Propose to His Girlfriend

That man has a lot of guts, assuming anyone will still love him halfway through a game of Monopoly.

03 Oct 21:55

(photo via rocketnews)

(photo via rocketnews)

05 Oct 00:00

4gifs: When I’m leaving a party and there are people near the...


When I’m leaving a party and there are people near the door. [video]

05 Oct 05:00

Book Review: A novel with a steampunk aesthetic and a Philip K. Dick heart

by Alex McCown

You had me at steampunk aesthetic

Zachary Thomas Dodson’s debut novel is an easy book to admire, but it’s a tougher one to love. Following in the tradition of postmodernist metallurges of form like Mark Z. Danielewski, he’s fashioned a text that opens up into a variety of structures, playful but precise, with sweeping shifts in typographical format and layout. It evinces a graphophile’s love for the written word, rendered in a series of seemingly mimeographed handmade letters. It shines as an avatar of a different kind of book, even as the heart of the story remains at arm’s length. All the dazzling visual tricks on display serve as armor hiding an undercooked emotional core, the depths of which the author hasn’t quite figured out how to plumb.

Bats Of The Republic: An Illuminated Novel (note that even the subtitle works overtime to set it aside from your “average” book ...

29 Sep 19:03

Rob the Balloon Guy

by Jonco

Rob the balloon guy



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02 Oct 04:19

(via imgur)

(via imgur)

14 Sep 01:35

me af

me af

14 Sep 20:15

(via OneTrueBanana)

14 Sep 13:37

5 Crazy Things That Actually Happened Inside EVE Online


These are pretty interesting.

To this day, the handsomely-named phallus lives on as drifting space trash -- a virtual monument to exactly what spending six months in a video game gets you.

1. The Rise and Fall of Steve

steve eve

For some, most of EVE Online seems as rousing as multiplayer Microsoft Excel, but the star-faring MMO's in-game hardware is still quite impressive to behold. Nothing in the game is so awe-inspiring as the mighty, mighty Titans. And while people do want to know everywhere they go, it's usually to better cower in fear of the gargantuan starships' literal Doomsday Weapons and massive support fleets. That, or to make like Dallas and cowboy up to bring down the monsters in glorious, suicidal battle. That's the kind of respect these big fish get now, in the very, very big pond that is EVE Online's single-server world. Now imagine what it must have been like when just one Titan existed in the entire game.

The Titan in question was dubbed Steve (what a great name) by its builder CYVOK, then-leader of then-powerhouse alliance Ascendant Frontier. Steve was an Avatar-class monster, with shape and girth enough to make Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer blush. It took six real-world months to build, and even then was completed before EVE developer CCP Games thought to implement its undocking process into the game. When construction was finished, some Icelandic intern must have spat coffee onto their CRT monitor while desperately trying to launch the ship manually (after verifying that Steve's conception was legit).

Being so expensive, Steve was mostly relegated to "deterrent" status in Ascendant Frontier's long-running conflict with the equally powerful Band of Brothers alliance. That is, until 60 unlucky seconds made sci-fi spreadsheet history. For reasons unknown, CYVOK logged out-of-game just minutes after taking young Steven out on a failed skirmish. No big deal, right? If he wasn't logged on, nobody could touch him or his 180-day bender boat. Except, that's not how it works in EVE Online. Stir up trouble, or wind up on the receiving end, and it's 15 minutes before you can exit safely; log off anyway, and the timer resets, except you're not there to protect your stuff. Yet that's exactly what CYVOK did, with only about a minute left on his original 15-minute window. Steve paid the price.


10 Sep 17:31

(via fswift)

(via fswift)

04 Sep 15:06

Newswire: Mad Max: Fury Road roars into IMAX theaters next week

by Danette Chavez


If you somehow missed Mad Max: Fury Road during its original run in theaters this summer, you’ll have a chance at redemption when it hits IMAX next week. ComingSoon reports that George Miller’s film will have a weeklong engagement on IMAX 3D screens beginning September 11. The film’s image and sound quality has been digitally remastered to meet IMAX standards, all the better to see and hear the Doof Warrior with. We know 3D screenings can be hit or miss (we’re looking at you, The Hobbit movies), but Fury Road’s many explosions and extended car chases make it a perfect candidate for that kind of in-your-face capability. But it seems the movie was edged out of IMAX screens by Avengers: Age Of Ultron when it was originally released domestically. Hey, at least Age Of Ultron delivered on the 3D goods, right? (Not really.)

09 Sep 13:32

Hide the kids: Honest Game Trailers eviscerates Rocket League

by Owen S. Good

Some hilarious bits in there

Honest Game Trailers is back to lay down some brutal truth on another sacred cow of video gaming and, yeah, they're right about Rocket League, especially the part about being offered free on PlayStation Network.

I, too, did not know this was a "series" until the game was offered free on PSN launched in July. The comparison to 8-year-olds playing soccer also is spot-on, though I confess, that is my M.O. when I play, too.

If you want some more useful advice on how to play Rocket League, see this how-to from Charlie Hall that's full of sound tips, tricks and fundamentals. Or if you just want to vent your frustration, replay the Honest Trailer above. Other big-timers getting skewered by the series include Minecraft, Counter-Strike, Heroes...

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09 Sep 02:35

(via eninc)


Find this trailer. Trust Me! London! the 60's! Gangsters! The 9th Doctor! Chaz Palminterri! Hitting Things! Throwing THings! Punching Things! LA Confidential! I AM ALL IN

(via eninc)

09 Sep 14:06

G’day, mate. (photo by fruit17)

G’day, mate. (photo by fruit17)

09 Sep 19:28

Tycho Remixes Death Cab for Cutie

by Jason Tate
Hit the replies for Tycho's remix of Death Cab for Cutie's "The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive."
09 Sep 17:20

Great Job, Internet!: Now you can make playlists based on shows coming up in your area

by Philip Cosores

That's real nice

There are countless ways to have playlists made for you these days, whether Spotify creates one based on what you listened to last week or St. Vincent crafts you a mixtape based on a letter you wrote to her. Many listeners just opt for Pandora, which uses a seemingly random algorithm that some say is not really that random, but skewed to favor certain label groups with ties to the company.

So there is something certainly democratic about Bands Of The Week, a new website that uses Spotify to craft a custom playlist based on the bands coming through your town. Simply enter your preferred city and a date range, and the site opens a Spotify playlist featuring songs from all the acts playing within a healthy radius of your stated location. And if you don’t want to listen to both Boyz II Men and The Get Up Kids ...

03 Sep 21:30

Coming Distractions: Here’s the trailer for The Lobster, one of our favorites from this year’s Cannes

by William Hughes

"A lobster is an excellent choice"

Looks hilariously awkward

The A.V. Club’s own Ignatiy Vishnevetsky called the The Lobster, the latest surreal, darkly comedic film from Dogtooth director Yorgos Lanthimos, “funny,” “unsettling,” and, “occasionally gruesome” when he watched it at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Now, you can see for yourself—in bite-sized trailer form, at least—whether you’re as affected by Lanthimos’ tale of a sad-sack divorcee (Colin Farrell) who’s forced to attend a government-run resort where single people are transformed into animals by a relationship-minded bureaucracy. (The title comes from Farrell’s chosen form if he fails, which Olivia Colman, playing the resort’s polite-but-sympathy-free manager, notes is, “an excellent choice.”)

Besides Farrell, the film also features a host of other glum-looking romantic failures, played by the likes of Rachel Weisz, Ben Whishaw, and John C. Reilly, all looking suitably dejected in their government-issue ponchos and poorly tailored evening dress. Despite the ...

03 Sep 20:36

(via TerryFGM)

(via TerryFGM)

03 Sep 18:07

Newswire: Spotify announces its Song Of The Summer

by Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya


The summer is almost over, and if you’ve spent the season debating 2015’s Song Of The Summer with your friends, fear not: Spotify is here to settle the matter definitively. According to the Associated Press, the music streaming service has declared Major Lazer’s “Lean On” as the global Song Of The Summer using a highly complicated mathematical algorithm (it was just the top-played song globally this summer). “Lean On” also features MØ and DJ Snake on the EDM track. It’s worth noting that the single was released all the way back in March, so if any artists are eyeing the Song Of Summer spot for 2016, they better be in the recording studio now. Coming in second place worldwide, OMI’s “Cheerleader” (the original, not the belly-slap version) just narrowly missed the coveted Song Of The Summer spot. Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again,” featuring Charlie ...

03 Sep 13:00

How To Explain the Plot of Metal Gear Solid


hahahaha yes


02 Sep 22:23

Newswire: Game Of Thrones casts a Greyjoy

by William Hughes

THEY CAST EURON??? This is exciting news

You know how it is. You’re a critically and commercially lauded premium cable TV show preparing to cook up a sixth season of sex and graphic fantasy violence. Realizing your recipe calls for a dash of murderous Ironborn pirates, you go to the cupboard, only to see that your supply is running low. Two of them haven’t been seen in a few seasons, while the main one isn’t in much of a state for pillaging or sailing around. You’re gonna need another Greyjoy.

Actor Pilou Asbæk has signed on for the sixth season of Game Of Thrones, playing vicious pirate Euron Greyjoy, uncle to the luck-deprived Theon. A cunning manipulator and vicious opponent, Euron is a prominent force in the novels on which the series is based, where the political intrigues of the Greyjoy family (including Euron’s brothers, the brutish Victarion and religious zealot Aeron ...

03 Sep 00:51

(photos via ZomBJen)

(photos via ZomBJen)