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27 Mar 04:02

Un-BEAR-able cuteness

by Rod

The overwhelming cuteness of this red panda by Vitreolum might blind you to some of the great LEGO parts usage on display. Sure, it’s the chubby feet and the stripey tail that’ll catch your eye — but don’t miss the white croissants as bushy eyebrows, and the black Kepi cavalry hat for a nose! This is a cracking little model, somehow managing to be realistic but packed with cartoony character at the same time.

Red Panda

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06 Apr 16:51

27 amazing LEGO vignettes bring Harry Potter to life

by Chris

The amazing world of Harry Potter is only made more fantastic when portrayed through tiny LEGO vignettes. When we first spotted Marcel V.s series of astounding little Harry Potter scenes, he’d only created 5. He’s created them as a personal project to challenge himself throughout the month of March, producing almost one every day, and he’s now reached 27. Marcel tells us he worked 3-4 hours daily to create the scenes, and relied on inspiration from the books, movies, and even some Harry Potter games.

Come with me on a magical journey through the life of The Boy Who Lived.

#020 -  (The) Fluffy awakens

#001 - Privet Drive No. 4

#002 - At Ollivander's Wand Shop

#003 - Platform ''Nine Three Quarters''

#004 - The Sorting Hat

#005 - Gryffindor Common Room

#006 Snape's Potion's class

#007 - Gryffindor Boy's Dormitory

#008 - Madame Hooch's first flying lesson

#009 Forbidden Corridor

#010 Troll!

#011 - Quidditch

#012 - Wizard's Chess

#013 - Restricted Section

#014 - Mirror of Erised

#015 - Norwegian Ridgeback "Norbert"

#016 Forbidden Forest

#017 The tower's of Hogwarts

#018 - Hagrid reveals a secret

#019 Brawl!

#020 - (The) Fluffy awakens

#021 - Devil's Snare

#022 - Chamber of winged key's

#023 - The chessboard chamber

#024 - Potion's chamber

#025 - He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

#026 - Hospital wing

#027 - The great hall (Description!)

09 Jun 18:07

Extreme Scootering with Mitch Baldry

by Alan

From INFINITYLIST Productions, this clip features Mitch Baldry, one hell of an extreme scooterer. Might have to add this to my list of extreme sports!

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10 Apr 01:00

To her friend...

by (MRTIM)