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27 Jul 17:36

Nailed it.

27 Jul 17:36

The amount of skill after years of training #2

27 Jul 17:36


27 Jul 19:38


17 Jul 16:02



you got it

27 Jul 15:58

There is nothing I like more in life than paddling down a secluded stretch of a river on a Beautiful Summer day. Taken on the Des Plaines River in Illinois

26 Jul 20:00

Mariano's developers to come to Des Plaines meeting

Representatives from the proposed Mariano's in Des Plaines will speak at Alderman Dick Sayad's upcoming 4th Ward meeting on Aug. 6.
27 Jul 06:04

Cut from a single piece of paper

26 Jul 17:34

Sometimes you find the most amazing specimens in the wilds of New Jersey.


so hott

25 Jul 03:40

who did this?!

25 Jul 14:48


26 Jul 01:37

This is life changing!

23 Jul 21:04

Beep beep motherfucker

23 Jul 02:12

Been taking my cat to the park for leash training. Yesterday was his first time in a tree.

23 Jul 06:17

A firework under ice is a lot more satisfying than you'd think!

15 Jul 14:34

Longtime Lutheran School Closes

by By TODD WESSELL Journal & Topics Editor
In 1871, the year of the Great Chicago Fire, two years after the village of Des Plaines with its population of about 900 was incorporated, and six years after the end of the War Between the States, Im
20 Jul 02:05

Make your own luck motherfuckers.

22 Jul 20:29

Fooling her dad


so good

22 Jul 16:03

Retired lab chimpanzees hug their caretaker

22 Jul 05:18

Japan's at it again

20 Jul 18:17

Its all fun and games until someone gets fucking annihilated

20 Jul 18:17

Stock photo nightmare. Two ads, facing each other, use the same stock photo.

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21 Jul 06:59

Now THAT's how you build a fence!

21 Jul 06:59

Every night this majestic beast emerges from his cave to guard my apartment.

20 Jul 04:56

Cat with a unique fur pattern

18 Jul 20:24

Today's kids will never know.

19 Jul 03:17

Stabilizing thing...

19 Jul 03:17

Activate owl threat-face!



17 Jul 14:50

Reverse Verdict? Alderman Tries

by By TODD WESSELL Journal & Topics Editor
Des Plaines Ald. Dick Sayad (4th), who a month ago was found guilty by a Cook County judge of trespassing into a single-family home within his ward, is seeking to have that verdict reversed.