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23 May 03:34


23 May 03:34

When your salad tells you a joke.

22 May 09:28

Sara Jean Underwood

22 May 12:10

Photographer Gives Squirrel A Tiny Umbrella

20 May 02:10

LEGO Air Jordan 5 ‘Grape’

by Brian Betschart

LEGO Air Jordan 5 Grape

Tom Yoo is back after sharing the Air Jordan 11 ‘Concord’ LEGO he has now created the Air Jordan 5 Grape.

The Grape Air Jordan 5 LEGO edition comes correct which includes the same color scheme and blocking, translucent outsole and even the Jumpman logo on the tongue. All in all another great creation by Tom Yoo.

Yoo is trying to get LEGO’s to officially launch Air Jordan models by submitting them to the Ideas section of their website. If he receives enough votes, then LEGO’s will produce a run. Of course they will need to work out additional details with Jordan Brand, but to support the project click here.

LEGO Air Jordan 5 Grape

20 May 05:05

Pure Chocolate Nike Air Max 90 by Manlikemilan

by Brian Betschart

Chocolate Nike Air Max 90

Chocolate lovers and sneakerheads will appreciate the process Milan aka Manlikemilan went through to create a pair of Nike Air Max 90s. As you can see, the shoes were created using chocolate, so of course not wearable.

Inspiration came from the newly release Cocojet Chocolate 3D Printing technology, which lead him to think of the culinary possibilities. Since he is a huge fan of the Air Max 90, he decided to take on the project.

First Milan had to create a silicon mold of the shoes, which lead him to wrapping a pair of the AM90s in plaster for the shape. After he poured in liquid silicon and allowed it to set. After waiting, he then carefully cut open the mold and removed the shoe. To make sure all the details were intact, he then crafted and ‘painted’ the mold.

After he had a perfect replica of the Nike Air Max 90, he melted down chocolate and filled the mold all the way. Now it was a waiting game. 15 hours later sitting at room temperature, we have a the Chocolate Nike Air Max 90. Below you can see more images of the edible art and stop by his Instagram @manlikemilan.

Chocolate Nike Air Max 90

Chocolate Nike Air Max 90

Chocolate Nike Air Max 90

22 May 05:21

White Dragon King Crown Beta, one of the coolest fish I've seen.

21 May 21:54

Korean Long Board

21 May 21:54

The fattest squirrel i've ever seen just stole an avocado from my trash

21 May 22:44

The dangers of modern journalism

21 May 11:02

What is this sorcery???

21 May 11:02

Lol I don't even watch this shit show

21 May 11:02

Forgot to close the lid.

21 May 13:51

Kitten I found hiding by my engine last night approves of the fresh morning air

21 May 02:57

LEGO gummies

20 May 15:37

GTA 5 - Semi truck corkscrew jump



20 May 19:35

Drug dealer gets pulled over and then sends his drugs away using balloons.

20 May 18:50

Wood ants spray acid to defend their colony

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this girl is sikk

20 May 20:55

Shaq makes Captain America look like Steve Rogers


captn 'merica LOL 360 SCOOPPEEDD

20 May 20:55

I sanded down a piece of my old skateboard deck into a ring

20 May 22:10

Probably not the best jacket to wrap around your waist

20 May 22:10

Need a different style for your hot dogs?

20 May 20:55

Mind-Blowing Pictures of the Game of Thrones Cast Hanging Out in Real Life

by Laura-Marie-Meyers

It's always fun to see the Game of Thrones cast out of character, but it's especially crazy to see them posting pictures of each other on Instagram. Thanks to social media, there have been some pretty glorious character mashups as different actors snap photos together. Sansa and Oberyn? Arya and Melisandre? Theon and Missandei? Oh, and then there's the supercute, borderline heartbreaking picture of Robb Stark and Jon Snow together again, plus a hilarious photo of Joffrey smiling with Cersei. Just for fun, take a look at some of the all-time best Instagram snaps from the Game of Thrones cast, then check out the show moments that scarred you for life and why Jon Snow is the saddest, sexiest guy in the Seven Kingdoms.

19 May 21:34

O.o It's called Dragon’s Vein Agate.

19 May 17:55

So i spotted a optical illusion.

19 May 17:55

Wtf r u odin

19 May 13:12

A close look at the crazy interfaces from The Avengers: Age of Ultron

by Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Darren Orf to Gizmodo

One of my favorite things about watching movies is seeing the film’s vision of the user interfaces on screens and computers. They’re almost always over the top (like they were in the first Avengers ) but I love to imagine that we’ll see all those exploded graphics in our future and pretend that all that information would be intelligible.


19 May 16:01

Tic Tac Introduces New Flavors That Change As They Dissolve, Because Millennials Can’t Stand Being Bored

by Mary Beth Quirk

Tic Tac's current flavors (via Facebook)

Tic Tac’s current flavors (via Facebook)

In yet another example of how badly brands want to cater to — and get the business of — younger consumers, Tic Tac is introducing its first major product innovation in seven years: Flavors that change as they dissolve in your mouth, because millennials just cannot stand being bored, nope, not for one second.

Tic Tac Mixers were designed for young consumers who hate being bored, Todd Midura, marketing director for Tic Tac in the U.S. told Bloomberg, and will come in either cherry cola or peach lemonade.

“It was really born from looking at consumer needs and trying to make sure we’re appealing to those younger consumers,” Midura said. “It’s all about people wanting the product to entertain them. Younger people are really looking for a product to do that.”

The company says there are three reasons why someone might want a Tic Tac — to freshen breath, have a “sweet, fruity” moment or “emotional rescue.” Okay, then.

Since Tic Tacs first came on the scene in 1969, the product has remained pretty much the same, besides a tweak to packaging in 2010 to allow the clear containers to hold more mints than before. That’s because people haven’t wanted a change, Midura says.

“There’s an element of nostalgia,” he said. “People love being able to see what’s inside.”

Unless you’re bored and you can’t find entertainment anywhere else than a flavor-changing candy.

Tic Tac Adds New Flavor-Changing Varieties to Draw Millennials [Bloomberg]

19 May 13:48

Epic Gta V stunt