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when u see it LOL FFUU

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video: Pool Trick Shots

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Sebastian Lester Recreates Iconic Logos by Hand

by Hypebeast

sikk scroll down

Nike, adidas, GAP and FedEx have some of the most recognizable logos in the world, but now thanks to calligrapher Sebastian Lester we are seeing them in a whole new way. Lester and his precision penmanship have a knack for perfectly recreating famous logos by hand and without the use of tracing. He instead uses a pen attachment known as a nib that turns a pen point into a flat edge and is perfect for creating laser sharp lines and edges. Check out some samples of his work here and then visit his Instagram page and Vimeo to view more of his awesome logo creations and calligraphy.

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Magnetic scrubber lets you clean inside your bon... your vase.

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Toddler was asked to feed the cat


hahah FFUUU cat

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What's that in my shoe?

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Here's A Cat Resting On A Restomod Porsche

by Raphael Orlove

It turns out that cats like refreshed and refurbished old Porsche 911s as much as humans do.


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Just wanted to remind everyone google earth has a flight simulator

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Stray cat climbed into my sisters car and won't get out.

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A beautiful Paradise Tanager.



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Painted stones

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World's largest emerald

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Nike SB Dunk Low Pro “Blue Marble”

by Zack Schlemmer


The word on the street is that these are the next 420 weed-inspired edition of the Nike SB Dunk for the now annual April release, but we’re having trouble figuring out exactly what the inspiration is at this point. With an acid-wash marbled blue upper, subtle rasta stripes at the heel, and graphic insoles that appear to feature a buckle, our best guess is that this unique edition of the Dunk Low is inspired by hippie backpacks, an essential carrying device for your bong and hacky sack. Speaking of hacky sacks, last year’s 420 celebration from Nike SB featured a whole set of hacky sack inspired sneakers, so perhaps we’ll see other models on the horizon with a coinciding look to these mysterious Dunks. Get a good look at them here and let us know if you can deduce any specific colorway inspiration. Then be on the look out for them soon at select Nike SB retailers right around the pothead holiday.

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27 Mar 22:48

Release Date: Nike Air Max 90 ‘Cork’

by Brian Betschart

Nike Air Max 90 Cork Release Date

We anticipated the Air Max 90 'Cork' to release on Air Max Day, which was yesterday. The celebration is now over and as you know they did not drop, at least not in the U.S. Now we have an official date for you to write down.

The Cork Nike Air Max 90 is a celebration shoe for the 25th anniversary. Cork, which was first seen on the LeBron 10 will now land on the AM90 as well as a pair of Dunk SB Highs. Infrared, a color closely linked to this model will also make an appearance as well as black and white.

Releasing on March 30th, a retailer that will have the Nike Air Max 90 Cork is Hanon.

Nike Air Max 90 Cork Release Date

Nike Air Max 90 Cork Release Date

Nike Air Max 90 Cork Release Date

Nike Air Max 90 Cork Release Date

Nike Air Max 90 Cork Release Date

Nike Air Max 90 Cork Release Date

30 Mar 23:52

Nike Air Tech Challenge II ‘Liquid Lime’

by Brian Betschart

Nike Air Tech Challenge II Liquid Lime

Spring is getting fresher with now a couple of Air Tech Challenge II releases. Earlier today we shared the 'Sunset Glow' and now we have the 'Liquid Lime', which we are sure will turn a few heads.

A bit brighter than the Sunset Glow, the Liquid Lime Nike Air Tech Challenge II features a white leather base, black hits the swoosh and gradient on the sides. Liquid lime is then applied to the branding and outsole which allows them to pop even more.

The Nike Air Tech Challenge II 'Liquid Lime' is now available at Heistny for $120.

Nike Air Tech Challenge II
Colorway: White/Liquid Lime
Retail: $120
Product Number: 318408-002

Nike Air Tech Challenge II Liquid Lime

Nike Air Tech Challenge II Liquid Lime

Nike Air Tech Challenge II Liquid Lime

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Cat recognises his owner in a video chat



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wooden kinetic high wheel bicycle sculpture


asshole people

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The supreme leader enjoying a beer at the Hong Kong Rugby 7's

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3D printing with easy cheese is not so easy

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Perfect shot.

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Laser cleaninnnnnnngh

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This is the type of cat that would try to sell me magical potions in the woods. I'd buy them all.

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My buddy brings this cutout to raves

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The many faces of Vladimir Putin

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High risk chair leaning

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Fabulous starbucks dress



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A Rollercoaster from Start to Finish

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My friend traveled to India. She posted a photo this morning with the caption "It's going well."