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26 Aug 18:20

how to properly exterminate a hornets nest

26 Aug 20:09

You won't tell on me.

26 Aug 17:56

The best warehouserace you'll ever see

25 Aug 19:47

Scottie Pippen to help reopen Kmart in Des Plaines

Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen and local dignitaries will help cut the ribbon at 8 a.m. Saturday at the grand reopening of the Kmart store in Des Plaines.
25 Aug 23:59


25 Aug 23:59

Kid gets stuck in cows.


hahahah FFUUU DH kid

26 Aug 08:51

Precious moments...

25 Aug 16:57

The Olympics have inspired other people all around our country.


you got it

25 Aug 18:36

Some problems with white trash just work themselves out.



25 Aug 15:03

how to summon a polar bear

25 Aug 01:52

I'd Give her a second A

25 Aug 05:49

MRW I'm playing with my rocks and I hear someone calling, but it's not for me.


i wish i was this happy too

25 Aug 06:18

Not sure who I'm more impressed with

25 Aug 06:30

This lady's reaction to Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton "a bigot."

20 Aug 21:13

Norfolk Southern at High Bridge (Drone Video)

by Delay In Block Productions

Four Norfolk Southern locomotives, including the Reading Railroad heritage unit, roll over High Bridge, just south of Wilmore, Kentucky. High Bridge is one of the tallest railroad bridges in the United States, spanning over the Kentucky River at 308ft. This video was filmed using a DJI Phantom 3 Professional aerial drone.

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Please excuse the advertisements. Through the Google Adsense program, the advertisements help me pay for the trips I take to capture the trains.


21 Aug 01:40

500 takes later

21 Aug 04:19

Please Do Not Waste Toner

23 Aug 19:32

Texas Olympic games 2016

23 Aug 19:01

Fisherman found this two-foot-long pearl which weighs ~75 lbs. inside a giant clam ten years ago. He kept it under his bed ever since. It may be worth $100 Million (USD)

23 Aug 17:28

Go Pro attached to a Hot Wheels Car

21 Aug 20:01

That's a sweet Camel toe you got there

21 Aug 20:01

paddle drop


king as usual

22 Aug 03:42


22 Aug 12:40

It's a perfect watermelon

22 Aug 13:11

9 seconds of surreal

21 Aug 18:52

Day 1: I think they are getting suspicious

21 Aug 19:21

Art Vision clock.

19 Aug 08:55

Tekserve Set to Auction off Its Macintosh Museum

by Hypebeast

Tekserve has served as a specialist for Mac devices for nearly 30 years at their West 23rd street location, long before Apple stores came into existence. Since announcing their closure on August 15th, they have decided to auction off some of their most valuable machines from Macintosh history, as well as unseen products that never made it to the public eye. Some notable items offered in the 500-lot auction include a melted Macintosh, a NeXTcube, and a Macintosh 128K that is signed by none other than Steve Wozniak himself. Roland Auctions NY will host the auction, including more vintage technology such as cameras, radios, and furniture.

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19 Aug 15:54

When there is no time for logic

19 Aug 04:52

Baby kitties dreaming of chasing mice and other kitty things.