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28 Apr 01:34

Air Jordan 5 ‘Hornets’ Releasing This Weekend

by Brian Betschart

Air Jordan 5 Hornets Releasing Weekend

This weekend the Air Jordan 5 will release once again, this time unofficially inspired by MJ's team the Hornets. In anticipation, we share another detailed look with you that can hopefully hold you over.

The Hornets Air Jordan 5 features a midnight navy through the uppers, turquoise blue is placed on the inside of the tongue, sections of the midsole on Jumpman logo while the sole comes with a blue translucent tint.

For those planning on grabbing a pair, the Air Jordan 5 Hornets release this Saturday, May 2nd 2015 for $190. Is this pair a must have for your collection?

Air Jordan 5 Hornets
Colorway: Midnight Navy/Turquoise Blue-White
Release Date: 05/02/2015
Retail: $190
Product Number: 136027-405

Air Jordan 5 Hornets Releasing Weekend

Air Jordan 5 Hornets Releasing Weekend

Air Jordan 5 Hornets Releasing Weekend

Air Jordan 5 Hornets Releasing Weekend

Image Source: HS

27 Apr 15:06

One Million in Twenties

27 Apr 21:26

Someone posted this in response to protesters burning the American flag in Baltimore

27 Apr 20:53

Just some goats crossing a bridge, no big deal.

24 Apr 20:23

Target 2016 Start On DP Store, Park Project

by By TODD WESSELL Journal & Topics Editor
Construction of a new Mariano’s grocery store and improvements to the adjacent Blackhawk Park at Golf and Mount Prospect roads could begin in the spring of 2016, according to Des Plaines Park Dist. Ex
27 Apr 17:35

Functional motor and car made out of Lego

27 Apr 20:18

Beautiful house in a Beautiful area

27 Apr 13:29

"Trust no one, not even yourself."


heavy modz

26 Apr 17:12

Man breaks through ice to save a trapped duck.

26 Apr 19:28

Scythe lawn mow

26 Apr 21:12

Slammed so hard I turned British

24 Apr 19:12


25 Apr 02:54

A little bit of electrical tape can make a day

25 Apr 08:46

Looks like I'm not going home

24 Apr 11:46

QRATES is a new start-up trying to make pressing vinyl easier for small labels

by FACT Team

Vinyl is booming, but that doesn’t mean pressing wax is easy.

Labels and artists on small budgets are finding it as tricky as ever to cover costs and avoid being left with armfuls of deadstock, with most plants demanding minimum pressings of 300 or 500 at a time – not to mention the challenge of getting decent distribution.

QRATES is a new idea that hopes to bring the logic of funding systems like Kickstarter to the vinyl industry, offering labels and artists the chance to drum up interest in a record before committing anything to wax.

The pressing only begins when a set number of pre-orders is reached, so labels don’t have to front any cash for their release and won’t be left with stacks of unwanted vinyl afterwards. The minimum pressing number is just 100 – a fair amount less than the current industry standard.

The price of the vinyl is set by the labels and artists, so they can instantly calculate how much everything will cost and how much they stand to earn based on the number of pre-orders. To help with the process, QRATES has a design tool to choose how the vinyl, sleeve and labels will look and a cost management function to follow the money. It also keeps track of user statistics to see who’s buying what.

There’s a catch, but a relatively small one – while QRATES is free to use, it takes 15% on each sale if the funding is successful. When back catalogue records are sold, it takes a 10% share.

QRATES promises an 8-10 week turnaround time except for the hectic period before Record Store Day, which as FACT reported recently is putting increasing pressure on the already-squeezed vinyl plants.

We reckon the idea has got serious legs if it works properly, although if it gets more people producing vinyl then the paucity of pressing plants could be a stumbling block. Meanwhile, we’re looking forward to the advent of DIY vinyl cutting on desktop machines – dubplates for all!

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.31.39

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24 Apr 04:44

I work in the utility field. Here's an old copper ped and a new fiber ped for comparison.

24 Apr 08:19

Otter with otter stuffed animal



24 Apr 09:33

Whoo.... yeah!

23 Apr 12:00

What's the Best Everyday Carry Knife?

by Alan Henry

You never know when you’ll need a knife on-hand. Whether you’re opening boxes, need to cut cable or rope, or need a blade in an emergency, it can be helpful. This week we want to know which simple, portable, everyday carry knives you think are the best.


23 Apr 15:33

Torus Knot

23 Apr 07:49

Cat meets puppy for the first time.

23 Apr 07:49

There's a free website where you control toy in a room full of shelter cats, and that amazes me

23 Apr 11:12

acatins creed

22 Apr 23:44

Customer came in with this wallpaper

22 Apr 04:11

Des Plaines park board OKs giving land to Mariano's developer



A proposed Mariano's in Des Plaines took a step closer to becoming a reality Tuesday with the park board's approval of a plan giving the store's developer permission to use a portion of a neighboring park that would provide better access to the store. Improvements to the park are part of the deal.
22 Apr 13:24


22 Apr 13:24

A local computer repair shop thinks they're funny.. They're right.

22 Apr 15:14

11 year old Walmart goldfish. He does not mind human interaction. 60 gallon tank in June.

20 Apr 17:16



21 Apr 22:05

Kitten Train.