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Quick Tip to Draw Smooth, Even Lines

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Lets not forget the guy who flew a drone through fireworks


share king mvp monday

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How To Keep Your PC Cool

by Jeremy Laird

Lordy, it’s hot. Well, hot if you’re British. Call it seasonable by sticky Manhattan standards or a bracing Spring cold snap for Aussies. But it’s over 90 in old money and the nation’s infrastructure is melting. Well, my kitchen PC has just fallen over again with a CPU thermal trip. So, as far as I’m concerned, it’s chaos out there. Which reminds me. We’ve never really discussed how to keep your PC cool. Given gaming is probably the only thing most of us do that loads up both CPU and graphics, this is an oversight. So here are my top eight tips for keeping your PC cool. Most of them won’t cost you a a penny and they could well help your games run faster.
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Malls of America: The Death & Life of Indoor Shopping Centers

by Urbanist
[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Offices & Commercial. ]


The inventor of the suburban American mall as we know it came to hate the effects of his creations, evolving from the creator of this building typology to its most vocal critic. Architect Victor Gruen’s first mall was Southdale, built in 1956 and located in Edina (a suburb of Minneapolis) only miles away from the Mall of America, now the largest indoor shopping center in the United States. Later this month, you can learn more in person about the man and legend at the upcoming Gruen Day celebration, hosted by Tim Hwang of the Bay Area Infrastructure Observatory and Avery Trufelman, producer of 99% Invisible’s episode ‘The Gruen Effect‘.

The episode (embedded above) takes its title from that phenomena we all have come to associate with malls: a compulsion to consume, driven by dazzling displays and careful product placements in stores designed to sell. Gruen had loftier aspirations and nobler inspirations, however, when he first began to illustrate the problem of suburbs and conceive of malls as the solution.

gruen suburban analysis chart

More than just shopping centers, these were to be all-in-one ‘third spaces’ – places in addition to home and work where people could walk, interact and socialize. Following the model of European city centers, he also envisioned them as mixed-use architecture, blending commercial with residential and office spaces, perhaps even including public services like medical centers, libraries and daycares.

southdale center aerial view

Recognizing American reliance on automobiles, Gruen hoped to lure people with ample parking to these centers of activity, then recreate for them the experience of tightly-packed urban streets, vibrant and full of everyday life. Walking into Southdale, you would never guess that this was a first attempt, given its resemblance to other malls around the country.

southdale opening photo

The shortcomings of this plan were, as we now know, numerous, including but not limited to the privatization of public space. One cannot protest in a mall or walk its halls at any time day or night, and skylights are not a replacement for open skies. Indeed, while malls were popular for a time, the public has fallen out of love with them – the last full-sized shopping center was built nearly a decade ago and there appear to be few if any new ones on the horizon.

mall of america exterior

In some ways, the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, built in the 1990s and currently being expanded, embodies more of what Gruen envisioned for malls, containing at its center a series of recreational spaces, rides and amusements, and flanked on its sides by places to stay (albeit temporarily – hotels not homes). People even walk and jog its halls in the early hours before stores open, much as they might on city streets – some even get married within its walls.

mall of america interior

Perhaps, though, the relative success of this venture is tied in part to the location – the Minneapolis area is almost unbearably cold for most of the year, then quite hot and humid in the summer, making it a perfect place for a temperature-controlled alternative to being outside.

gruen day celebration

As for Gruen: he eventually returned to Vienna and rejected his work on American malls, advocating for urban renewal in city centers. Meanwhile, interested Bay Area readers will want to get tickets for Gruen Day, taking place in one of Gruen’s earliest malls and featuring speakers, tours, and (of course) food courts, and read more of this story (and many others) at 99% Invisible (illustration by Victor Gruen, poster by the BAIO and photographs via LIFE Magazine, MallsofAmerica and MNopedia).

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he had to be that guy

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Close enough


i love this man and his cat

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Do you like the KKK?

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Nailed it

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like a glove

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Perfectly timed picture of my firework [r/pics]

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"How... how long have you been standing there?"

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Go for it!

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Appropriate Use Of A Selfie Stick

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Russian Girl works out her inner thighs.

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Apple kills Home Sharing for music in iOS 8.4

by Daniel Cooper
The arrival of Apple Music has been much-celebrated, but for it to live, the company appears to have killed-off Home Sharing from iOS. The feature enabled you to stream tunes from your desktop (i.e. where your collection is) over your home network to...
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Prince removes his music catalog from streaming services

by Billy Steele
Unless you're a Google Music or Tidal customer, you may have noticed that Prince's catalog is absent from your go-to service. Music from the artist is gone from the likes of Spotify, Rdio and Deezer, leaving Jay Z's streaming venture and Google Music...
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NASA's New Horizons captures images of mysterious spots on Pluto

by Billy Steele
As the New Horizons spacecraft preps for its inspection of Pluto on July 14th, NASA provided a status update with some interesting info. First, new color images show a series of spots along the dwarf planet's equator. The evenly-spaced spots are abou...
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How to light off 8,500 bottle rockets in under a minute.

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There is a hidden stack of pancackes on every 5$ bill

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video:  Firecracker Blows Wheelbarrow 50 Feet in the Air

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Intertubes crashing in 3...2...1...

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My friends' dogs....Walter hates Max.



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Weird Al creepin' on the red carpet

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Japanese mirror lets you try on clothes

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All aboard the party van!

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Mandarin duck


tastes so good

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Tried playing my old PS3 today, sadly it is dead, we had a service, the xbox refused to attend


i might need to do this with mine soon too :(