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22 May 18:16

8-Player Arcade Gaming – A History

by arcadehero

With the upcoming release of Sega’s Daytona Championship USA and the news of an 8-unit location test, it gave me an idea that should have been covered before for those slow news days…

The 8-player arcade setup

Some modern arcade racing titles offer this as a part of their feature set but it is not very common to find a location that decides to go all out on it. This requires quite a bit of space as well as an investment that lands somewhere around the $70,000-$80,000 price range given current prices. But if you do come across one and a group of players to fill it out, the only other experience out there quite like it would be a LAN party.

Seeing games setup in such a manner is also quite impressive – something that becomes an attraction piece by itself. I rarely have found such setups locally but large FECs or theme parks often have them as a showcase piece.

So let’s take a tour down memory lane to look at those few games in the business that have offered up to eight players, pleasing crowds in arcades everywhere.

Note: Finding games under this classification is no easy task since most used networking to achieve the effect. Many arcade archive resources do not list the number of total players or they are incorrect so one has to look at each flyer to figure it out. Even then it is not a sure-fire way to discover the information. I’ve been finding out often as of late that many marketing people of the past failed at their jobs – tell me what the machine can do and make it look nice. That’s all they needed to do. Instead, it was focused on making it look nice instead of selling you on the product with features. It shouldn’t be that hard but apparently it was/is in many instances. /rant

Where I’ve looked through hundreds of game profiles and flyers and it’s probable that I missed something from a smaller company out there but this should cover the big ones. If I have missed any, please let me know in the comments.


The gaming pioneer is generally known for games like Pong, Breakout and Asteroids but among the many firsts they created, 8-player local gaming is one of them. This started with Indy 800 in 1975, using a behemoth of a cabinet that featured a steering wheel and set of foot pedals for each player (2 per side). It used a color monitor so that each racer could distinguish their car from the others; the design also featured angled mirrors so that bystanders could check out the action. The game took up 16 sq. ft. of floor space and sold for $6495 MSRP. Where most games of the time cost $600-$1300, it was a bold move but if you found one it was awesome.

Atari Indy 800 game flyer

Atari would follow-up with the design the following year in Tank 8, one of the few non-racing 8-player titles out there and again in 1977 with Sprint 8. This one would feature a clutch for each user and it also introduced AI racers to fill in empty slots so that even a single player could enjoy the action.

After that, I’m not aware of anyone producing an octo-player machine as Golden Age gaming would focus on single player experiences or in taking turns between 1-2 players.

That would change forever in 1987 when Namco and Atari Games joined forces to produce Final Lap. Set in the Pole Position ‘universe’, it was a Formula-1 racing game with great graphics for the time. Sold in Twin models, operators could purchase four twins and connect them for 8-player mayhem. Final Lap sequels (Final Lap 2,3 and R) would retain this feature although Namco would sell them on their own. Atari & Namco would also go on to do the same thing with the Namco created ATV racer Four Trax (1989), which was among the few games of the time to feature swivel seat controllers.

Final Lap has shown up a few times on the ABC TV comedy ‘The Goldbergs’

I am aware of developments that aimed to link cabinets together prior to Final Lap (such as Atari’s Tomcat in 1983 or Midway’s Predators in 1986) but since they never were released, they don’t get the glory 😉

After this, Atari wouldn’t focus much on 8-player gaming but there were exceptions. 1992 saw the release of their first-person space combat game Space Lords. It features a two 25″ screen cabinet and two player controls per screen allowing four users to get in on the action; you could link two of these together to reach the 8. 1996 would see the launch of Atari’s last great racing series, San Francisco Rush Extreme Racing. This and the sequels (Alcatraz Edition and 2049) supported such group play when linked. I only came across a quad-set of 2049s back-in-the-day but I’m sure there was a location or two out there which invested in the full set. The only other game I found that carried the Atari name along with this feature is Road Burners, released in 1999.


Since Namco were the ones to develop and release the 8-linked cabinet concept, let’s see what else they got into. We already mentioned Final Lap and Four Trax so no need to rehash those.

Surprisingly, while Namco kickstarted the whole networking effort, they did not stay on the bandwagon with very many games. This is one area where I could be missing some titles but all I came across after Four Trax is Suzuka 8 Hours, the first title being released in 1992 and the sequel the year afterwards; one of their their ‘answers’ to Virtua Racer in Ace Driver (1994); then that same year was Ridge Racer 2 (the first one apparently did not support such linking) and finally Rave Racer in 1995. Their modern racing games such as the Mario Kart series, Dead Heat & Nirin only went as high as four linked.

One exception has been their Mobile Suit Gundam (2007) series, which pioneered Namco’s use of dome screen projection technology. With 4v4 battles, this certainly stands out among the pack as it isn’t a racer and also showcased some high-tech prowess.

Mobile Suit Gundam 8-palyer


Sega was a very busy company in the latter half of the 80s but while Namco and Atari launched titles with said feature, Sega took their time until the right concepts and tech came along. When they started however, they went all the way, launching numerous titles one after the other that operators could run in such a large configuration. As you will notice, Sega has long held a fascination for offering games in such a configuration although they do tend to keep that focus almost exclusively on racing titles.

Sega’s first 8-player concepts came about through “Medium Scale Attractions” like the Sega Super Circuit (1988) or the Cyber Dome (1992) light-gun theater game. This page at shows how many of Sega’s early 90s attractions focused on creating events for up to 8 players but we’ll try and keep the focus more on arcade machines. The Sega Super Circuit also did use arcade cabinets for each player, it just had that massive race track that the RC cars were riding on…


Apart from those attractions, Sega would really jump into the ‘eight’ idea on an arcade level with their marquee title Virtua Racing in 1992. Launching the entire series of ‘Virtua’ titles, Virtua Racing also set the standard for 3D gaming at the time. Sure the polygons were flat-shaded instead of textured but they screamed along at 60 FPS. With excellent track design and handling, others in the game business hoped to match what VR achieved but often fell short. Also in 1992 we saw Sega release Virtua Formula, Stadium Cross (for some dirt bike fun), F1 Super Lap (raster graphics instead of polys) and Out Runners. The latter title being a part of the popular OutRun series and the first among the pack to offer multiplayer.

In 1994 we reach what is perhaps the most recognizable 8-link capable game of them all. When I asked about your favorite 8-player racing game on our social media, Daytona USA dominated. This is for good reason – I’ve heard stories of locations where players would organize their own tournaments – operators noticed and made it more official. Then of course you had locations grabbing 8 units with the Tournament setup (which used an additional screen on top of each game) and featured an attendant station. The odd attempt to revive Daytona USA without the name in Sega Racing Classic supported it of course. The official sequel, Daytona USA 2 (1998), could also support 8 linked units but they upped the ante by offering a maximum of 16; the pseudo-sequel in Scud Race / Super GT (1996) likewise supported 8. Sega of today is hoping to re-capture that same spirit with Daytona Championship USA, which has the Party Mode and display marquee built into each game.

Daytona Championship USA at Dave & Busters

Sega would have a difficult time recapturing that same “lighting in a bottle” that Daytona seemed to have about it with subsequent racing titles but that didn’t stop many games from allowing the feature. In 1995 we had Indy 500 (of which a deluxe 8-player version graced the Gameworks in Las Vegas for many years); Cool Riders and Manx TT; 1996 enjoyed the releases of Boat Race and Sega Touring Car Championship amidst the aforementioned release of Scud Race. After that, they did seem to pull back from the quantity of games that offered the feature, the end of the millennium and the beginning of a new one getting F355 Challenge (1999), Club Kart (2000) and NASCAR Arcade (2000).

For all of these racers, one might figure that it was the only game style that Sega could do with the idea but it wasn’t. In 2000, they launched Alienfront Online. This also promised to support cross-platform play with the Dreamcast although I’m not sure if that ever really , would also support it. I’ve had a hard enough time finding an AFO that I would be surprised if anyone did go for a full set of 8.

In 2001 Sega would introduce Derby Owners Club. While this was a racing game in a sense, it wasn’t quite like their vehicular titles of the past. Players used data cards to build up their horses then race them on the track. This spawned some sequels and proved to be rather popular, a similar design was used the following year but for soccer in Sega’s World Club Champion Football (which also spawned some sequels).

Also in unique setups, Sega would release an 8-player version of Pengo to Japanese arcades in 2008…too bad it never made it over here.

After that, Sega would not really dabble with the idea like they did in the 90s but there have been exceptions. There was OutRun 2 SP SDX (2004), which introduced an interesting driver-switching system that was also used four years later in Hummer Deluxe. Their console-to-arcade port of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Arcade (2011) supported it and so has the Wahlap-developed Storm Racer G. I believe that the most recent versions of Initial D support it but am not 100% sure when that began.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Arcade by Sega

Either way, they might not have been the first to bring such an idea to market but Sega certainly has been a driving force behind it for more than 20 years.

Raw Thrills

While the 8-player feature has not always been heavily promoted by the company, American developer Raw Thrills has put the feature into several of their games. It started with The Fast And The Furious Super Bikes in 2006, followed by other titles in the FnF series (Tokyo Drift and Super Cars). Apart from FnF games, titles like H2Overdrive (2009); Dirty Drivin (2011); Winter X Games Snocross (2012); and Moto GP (2015); have all supported it, as does the brand new Cruis’n Blast.

I don’t recall seeing any of these games setup in such a configuration at a trade show but I have come across photos of locations with that many units together. H2Overdrive is one that comes to mind although I cannot find the picture at the moment.


Other companies that have released a game or two that can operate in such a configuration includes Taito with Chase Bombers (1994); Konami with Racing Force (1994) and Motor X (2009); and Global VR with both of their EA Sports NASCAR releases (2007 & 2010).  Surprisingly, companies with big names like Midway/Williams or Exidy did not produce any, as far as I can find.

We could throw out some honorable mentions, such as interactive motion theaters like the XD Dark Ride, the Simuline Valkyrie or UNIS’ Galactic Force. Where they are somewhere around $300k+, you don’t come across them very often but they are tailored towards eight people.

Extending the ‘honors’, the new Killer Queen Arcade, which supports up to 10 people at once.  That of course means that 8-play is possible. There are some select games out there that support eight people taking turns like Golden Tee but not all versions of that game feature that and this is one of those things that their website and sales brochures don’t bother to detail for some reason. Then, there are some games which get close with six players, such as X-Men Deluxe and The Grid.

For you, have you played an arcade game in this configuration with that many people? Which game is your favorite when setup this way?

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17 May 00:44

Stern Pinball Updates: Making of Aerosmith & Colored Bottom Arches

by arcadehero

Stern Pinball has been busy lately . Naturally they are working on new games but until those are announced, there are other items to look into. Here’s their latest:

The Making of Aerosmith Pinball

This past weekend, hey released this new making of Aerosmith Pinball video to Youtube. In case you wanted to see how the game came together, talking to individuals like game designer John Borg or programmer Lonnie Ropp They touch on what it was about Aerosmith’s music that influenced them in the design but also about the greater freedom they have in making animations now that the company has upgraded to full color displays.

Colored Bottom Arches

Stern really seems to be getting into the mod circuit, now offering colored bottom arches to switch out on your pins to give them a little more life. I imagine if you combine these with a ball through LED lighting mod that these would look great in the right machine and the right color of lighting. There are four colors available at present and if you’re interested in grabbing on for $100+shipping, click here

Stern pinball colored arches

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10 May 13:46

This is nuts...

by /u/mitcsinalszte
08 May 17:17

In Iceland, there's no such thing as the flavour "Ranch"

by /u/Dinosaur_Monkey
08 May 15:27

The Most Precious Treasures Of The Raiders Of The Lost Walmart

by Laura Northrup

this is making me want to collect these items and display them. i love it. useless technology that was once worth money.

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart is a recurring series here at Consumerist, where the brave explorers who read this site excavate their local discount stores, finding ancient treasures along the way. What we mean is that readers send us pictures of overpriced electronics that are obsolete or even unusable, and that will probably never leave the clearance shelves.

Earlier this year, the series reached its fifth anniversary, and we thought that we’d take a look back at the most interesting and least useful items that readers have sent to us over that half-decade. Grab your Zune and your iPhone 3G, and let’s revisit overpriced gadgets of years past.

It began back in 2012 when a reader submitted a photo of an early flash drive with an appealing sales pitch. The drive holds the equivalent of 256 floppy disks, so it was like carrying 256 floppies on your keychain.

“You’ll be bringing your kids in here some day, and these will still be here,” an employee told reader Joseph. That’s probably true. It’s unlikely that anyone will ever buy the drive unless they’re technologically clueless.

Walmart employees have since explained to us (off the record) that the reason why very old items languish on the shelf is that they have a low budget for discounts, so they can only mark items down a few bucks from the original price.

“Marking down items affects the bottom line of an individual store since the clearance discount comes off of [the store’s] gross numbers, whereas leaving the item in the inventory is neutral to the gross numbers,” a former Walmart employee explained to us. “Local stores are incentivized against getting rid of old and antiquated items.”

The phrase “Raiders of the Lost Walmart” began as a one-off joke for just that article, but readers began to send us more overpriced retail antiquities, and we realized that there was a trend.

For example, one reader spotted this 2.5 GB “high-capacity storage” hockey puck hard drive marked down just a few bucks and inexplicably for sale. In 2013.

External hard drives can languish on the shelves for a while, like this 80 GB example from Seagate, also found at a Walmart store.

You could buy this device, or you could spend less money and get a one-terabyte hard drive that weighs five ounces from Amazon for ten dollars less..

It’s not just obsolete hard drives on the shelves at Walmart and other retailers, though. Games, digital cameras, MP3 players, other kinds of gadgets, and even toys and collectibles can go into warehouse hibernation or sit unwanted and not discounted on a shelf for years.

Pay For No Play

Over in the games department, one reader noticed this box, not on clearance, containing the game DC Universe Online. The catch? By then, the game was free to download and play online. It’s still around, and is still free. No $50 piece of software needed.

What’s worse than paying for a free game? Paying for one that you can’t play at all. This game, Tabula Rasa, is a multiplayer game that has been shut down. You can’t play it at all, and anyone buying these copies would be wasting their money.

Knowledgeable gamers have noticed these copies over the years, and would try to explain the situation to Walmart employees, who were powerless to do much of anything about it.

This title that a reader found on the shelf went free to play in 2012, then shut down in 2014. Yet one of our readers found it for sale at Walmart in 2015, grossly overpriced at $15.

It’s not just games that languish on discount store shelves. This demo unit Game Boy Advance somehow stayed out for years after the Game Boy Advance was discontinued, and long enough to make it impossible to tell what color its case originally was. Redditors guessed maybe orange.

Take A Picture, It Won’t Last Longer

The Sony Mavica that saved photos to floppy disks was the first digital camera that I ever used. Eleven years later, there it was still on the shelf in a Walmart in Illinois for $269, which was then the price of a camera with six times better resolution that fit in your palm. Also, good luck finding a floppy drive.

If you want to accessorize your Mavica and save pictures on something more modern, like the largely obsolete Sony memory stick, some Walmarts even have decade-old accessories for your camera, too.

Maybe you’re one of our younger readers, and are wondering what a memory stick was. You can get that particular history lesson at Sears, apparently, where one of the late-’90s relics was available in a closing store with a handwritten price tag and at a baffling price.

This Flip camera has a pretty impressive markdown, from $149 to $99 at Walmart. That may be because the company behind it was out of business by then, making it hard to get warranty support, tech support, or much of anything.

Other Gadgets

The strangest items that readers find on the shelves aren’t just really old, but they’re also unusable. Take this MSNtv device, for example: The Webtv service was shut down in 2013, yet Walmart was happy to charge someone $200 for an internet appliance that they wouldn’t be able to use.

Do you wish you had the opportunity to buy one of the most famously indestructible phones of the aughts? It’ll cost you only $75. This Walmart may have been ahead of its time and just a little overpriced, since another company is re-introducing this famous model of Nokia and will charge around $60 for it.

This eMachines computer for sale at Walmart was nothing unusual, except for the sticker warning the store not to sell it before January 30, 2007. The store was well within the rules: A Consumerist reader photographed it in April of 2014.

In 2015, someone at Walmart put this Garmin GPS unit on clearance, and the system concluded that knocking $18.88 off the price was an acceptable thing to do. This model was eight years old at the time.

The MobiBLU will haunt the shelves of Walmart for as long as the retailer stays in business. It was a cute little cube-shaped MP3 player that was better than the then-popular iPod Shuffle, and had more features. It was a Walmart exclusive item in the United States, and came with free Walmart music store downloads. While those songs self-destructed back in 2008, the devices haven’t gone anywhere. You can find them on Walmart’s shelves, often at full price.

That seems like it couldn’t be real, but our readers keep finding them. There’s even date proof on the price stickers: Here’s one that a reader submitted in 2013.

Earlier this year, we finally found one marked down to only $55. That’s still at least five times what it’s worth.

Finally, one of our favorite retail antiquities isn’t quite a gadget, but did get shoved in a far corner of a warehouse for 20 years or so. It’s the U.S.S. Defiant from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, a TV series in the ’90s. When reader Josh found it on the shelf and went to buy it, he couldn’t.

“For kicks, I bought this toy – it took a team of three employees to figure out how to sell it (it was not in the system) and they ended up pricing it at $20,” he wrote to Consumerist at the time.

It was there for so long that even the mighty computers of Walmart didn’t know it was there.

03 May 13:09

Caputo's grocery store in Des Plaines closes again


just stop it, no one is better than marianos

Joe's Fresh Market in Des Plaines has closed months after the grocer reopened in Des Plaines.
02 May 18:44

Incredible Slo-Mo Footage of the Tiny Lightning Produced When You Crush a Wintergreen Candy

by Andrew Liszewski on Sploid, shared by Andrew Liszewski to Gizmodo

You may have heard the myth that biting into a Wint-O-Green Lifesavers produces visible sparks in a dark room. It’s hard to believe that a small candy can produce its own lightning, but this incredible high-speed video by Smarter Every Day reveals it’s just simple science at work.


01 May 13:21

Caputo Family Market In Des Plaines Closes Again

by By TODD WESSELL Journal & Topics Editor
Joe’s Fresh Market, which until nearly a year ago operated as Caputo’s food store at the southeast corner of Oakton Street and Webster Lane, was suddenly closed again last Friday.
30 Apr 21:57

Malware Uses Apple Developer Certificate to Infect MacOS and Spy on HTTPS Traffic

by Dave

A malware research team has discovered a new piece of Mac malware that reportedly affects all versions of MacOS and is signed with a valid developer certificate authenticated by Apple (via The Hacker News). 

The malware has been dubbed "DOK" and is being disseminated through an email phishing campaign which researchers at CheckPoint say is specifically targeting macOS users, making it the first of its kind. 

The malware works by gaining administration privileges in order to install a new root certificate on the user's system. This enables it to gain access to all communications between the host Mac and the internet, including traffic flowing through connections encrypted with SSL. 

The initial email pretends to be informing the recipient of inconsistencies in their tax return and asks them to download a zip file attachment to their Mac that harbors the malware. Apple's built-in Gatekeeper security feature reportedly fails to recognize it as a threat because of its valid developer certificate, and the malware copies itself to the /Users/Shared/ folder and creates a login item to make itself persistent, even in a rebooted system. 

The malware later presents the user with a security message claiming an update is available for the system, for which a password input is required. Following the "update", the malware gains complete control of admin privileges, adjusts the network settings to divert all outgoing connections through a proxy, and installs additional tools that enable it to perform a man-in-the-middle attack on all traffic. 

According to the researchers, Mac antivirus programs have yet to update their databases to detect the DOK malware, and advises that Apple revoke the developer certificate associated with the author immediately. 

Back in January, researchers discovered a piece of Mac malware called Fruitfly that successfully spied on computers in medical research centers for years before being detected. 

The latest discovery of malware, which appears to target predominantly European users, underlines the fact that Macs are not immune to the threat as is sometimes supposed. As always, users should avoid clicking links or downloading attachments in emails from unknown and untrusted sources.

27 Apr 18:24

Why Does The Same Size Tide Bottle Say That It Washes 20% More Loads?

by Laura Northrup

Reader Kelly found herself in a common consumer dilemma: She was confused about the marketing language on some detergent labels. Why did some bottles of Tide that were the exact same size as others on the shelf proclaim that they will wash “20% more loads”?

When Kelly looked at the shelf to pick up a new bottle of Tide Sport, here’s what she saw. While a reasonable person could assume that the detergent is now more concentrated, there were a lot of numbers and a reference to a separate fragrance that just confused her.

Here’s a close-up of what that cap says.

The larger bottles had the same “more loads” labeling, too.

The extra label on the cap is similar, but with the numbers adjusted for the larger bottle size.

Kelly sent these pictures to Consumerist, describing the identical bottle sizes and the extra labels on the cap.

“In very small print, the cap label explains what they mean, but, honestly, I can’t figure out what they’re talking about,” she writes. “What do various sizes of ‘Spring Renewal’ have to do with Tide Sport?”

What was the connection? Maybe these bottles had the wrong label on their caps. We took Kelly’s photos and confused email and sent them over to the laundry-loving people at Procter & Gamble, maker of Tide.

The “20% more loads” thing, it turns out, is exactly what you might guess if you’ve been buying detergent for a while. A spokesperson from the company’s fabric care division told Consumerist that the product was reformulated, and the dosing per load changed. The label on the cap (P&G calls it a “capwrap,” which is our new favorite word) is meant to call your attention to that before you dump the same old amount of detergent in the washer.

She laid out what the numbers on the cap mean in plain English:

• 16 loads vs. 13 loads (25 ounce bottle)

• 24 loads vs. 19 loads (37 ounce bottle)

• 44 loads vs. 36 loads (69 ounce bottle)

• 59 loads vs. 48 loads (92 ounce bottle)

• 74 loads vs. 60 loads (115 ounce bottle)

Okay, but what’s with those numbers and the Spring Renewal thing? Kelly’s favorite Tide Sport is part of a special line that P&G calls the “Tide + Collection.” The products have some extra features, like Febreze to fight gym clothes stank, additives for cold-water washing to save money, or fabric softener added to the formula.

Some of these products were recently rebranded. Tide Sport is now Tide Plus Febreze Odor Defense, and some other products changed formulas. The odor-fighting products with Febreze were what the Spring Renewal referred to on the capwrap, since that was the only scent available before.

The goal is to compare the rebranded products to a similar-strength product that had been on the shelf before and that customers might have used, but they just ended up confusing some shoppers more.

21 Apr 00:31

Concentrates are the future of cannabis

by Andrew Tarantola
The cannabis industry is in the midst of an unprecedented renaissance. Strains are stronger, consumption methods more numerous and availability greater than ever before. Medical-grade marijuana now averages around 20 percent THC -- a threefold increa...
21 Apr 00:29

7 Of The Most Beautiful Cats You Should Follow On Instagram


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Tagged: instagram , cute , Cats , beautiful
20 Apr 18:03

Wild Bird Comforting A Mother Visiting Her Son’s Grave


because i know how hard it is to get a wild bird to land on your hand... this is incredible. makes you think...

Marie Robinson from England lost her son Jack to brain cancer four years ago. When she went to visit his grave, a red robin bird joined her and tried to comfort her. Watch their moment together.

Submitted by: (via Inside Edition)

Tagged: Sad , mother , bird , Video
19 Apr 15:27

Brick City Tavern Coming Soon To Downtown MP

by By RICHARD MAYER Assistant Managing Editor
By the first week of June, restaurant owners and brothers George and Chris Gelis hope to open their newest venture, Brick City Tavern, in downtown Mount Prospect.
14 Apr 13:39

D∆WN on the terror and twisted humor of Chris Cunningham’s Aphex Twin videos

by Claire Lobenfeld

Aphex Twin’s innovation and influence extends far beyond IDM. His music videos, particularly the trio he created in collaboration with Chris Cunningham, are some of the most creative works in the format. Claire Lobenfeld talks to Dawn Richard, aka D∆WN, one of today’s most interesting music video artists, about what made those iconic clips so special.

Music television may not be where you’re getting your music videos these days, but the form is hardly dead. Artists like Grimes, Gorillaz and Run the Jewels are keeping the format alive and elevating it to new places. Dawn Richard, aka D∆WN, is particularly dedicated to the craft, not just as an artist that is, alongside Björk, at the forefront of VR — she’s a student of the science, too. (Seriously, she paid her way to Sundance’s New Frontier program just to study the technology.)

Who better, then, to parse through parts of Aphex Twin’s remarkable visual output than her? Richard, who fell in love with the work of video director Chris Cunningham (Madonna’s ‘Frozen’, Björk’s ‘All is Full Of Love’) when she saw what he had created with AFX for ‘Rubber Johnny’, says: “I remember looking at it and feeling it was almost like watching a horror film and I loved it.”

Richard knows that Aphex Twin’s mark on music isn’t just limited to the tunes, too. “The cover of the ‘Windowlicker’ single, the uncomfortable smile with the beard? Genius. He forced people to give a shit about their album covers,” she says. “With ‘Rubber Johnny’, I wanted to know, who was designing this to make this make sense? I know nobody’s running around with long faces like this. Who is behind the camera? Who’s designing the story?”

From gender-bending to visual distortion, D∆WN breaks down her take on Aphex Twin’s Chris Cunningham-directed clips (with GIFS!).

‘Come To Daddy’ (1997)

“Aphex Twain was taking it way beyond what we expect a video to be. That’s how I gained my respect for him.”

“Aphex has equations and mathematics and spectrograms hidden in his music. And if you pay attention to the videos, you’ll find the secrets Chris Cunningham hid in there, too.”

“They were fearless. There were artists like Soundgarden and other rock bands that were pushing the limit. We knew what Aphex Twin sounded like, but I think visually, that marriage pioneered a different vibe for electronic music.”

‘Windowlicker’ (1999)

“[‘Windowlicker’] changed, to me, the face of what electronic music looked like and it brought it to a whole other level.”

“Each step that Chris Cunninghamn took with artists, he was moving toward robotics and the distillation of movement, going into that level. What I appreciate is my sense that they were taking it beyond the aesthetics of just the linear.”

“If you think about where we are now, just accepting people looking different, I think they were ahead of their time.”

‘Rubber Johnny’ (2005)

“‘Rubber Johnny’ was one of the ones that was so gnarly for me. I remember my mom walking in and being taken aback. It was my first time realizing that videos could be taken to that kind of level. I knew Missy and Björk were pushing boundaries and had seen videos like Busta Rhymes and Janet Jackson’s ‘What’s It Gonna Be’, but I didn’t understand the possibilities of how far you could take a visual until I saw this one.”

“He always showed people in a distorted form. It felt like they were trying to show a different form of human.”

“The videos made me want to understand shape and form. I wanted to see how I could do that. How was it molded, how was it done? And that led me to the question: Who’s the director?”

Claire Lobenfeld is on Twitter

The post D∆WN on the terror and twisted humor of Chris Cunningham’s Aphex Twin videos appeared first on FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music..

14 Apr 13:36

Apple Is Buying All the Good Trees for Its New Campus, and the Tree People Are Fighting Back

by Adam Clark Estes


A tough truth about Apple is making headlines this week, and you’d better hold on to your butts, because it is salacious. Apparently, Apple is snatching up all the very best trees for its new campus, leaving local tree purchasers scrambling for solutions.


13 Apr 13:10

Horse stomps on an alligator in Florida

by /u/IHaeTypos
12 Apr 15:26

Sweet, Sweet Photoshop!

by /u/spooky_da_scary
12 Apr 15:25

When the sun is directly overhead in Hawaii, it looks like a bad video game render

by /u/mike_pants
12 Apr 15:23

A 90s kid made this

by /u/becuzyoudbeinjail
12 Apr 13:31

Car Involved In 4 Deaths Believed To Have Been Traveling 130 To 135 MPH

by By TODD WESSELL Journal & Topics Editor
The Mercedes Benz, driven by a Des Plaines man on Feb. 16 that slammed into a car carrying members of an Arlington Heights family resulting in four deaths, was traveling west on Northwest Highway betw
10 Apr 19:27

Insane Nürburgring Oddities Compilation Proves That People Will Run Anything There

by Stef Schrader

There are few things I enjoy more than seeing strange things on a race track. Fortunately, there’s a new compilation of some of the most delightful oddities spotted on the Nürburgring’s infamous Nordschleife course, including trucks, the European version of the A-Team van, and even a car with a little car on top.


10 Apr 19:26

Apple drops to 5th place in LaptopMag's brand rankings after leading for multiple years


reality talks,
bullshit walks

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Apple has lost its place at the top of Laptop Mag's annual ranking of the best notebook brands after six years, with the MacBook producer dropping down to joint-fifth place, after being penalized over the high cost of its products and the apparent need to acquire dongles to expand its connectivity.
10 Apr 19:25

Founders - New Barrel-Aged Series Release: DKML

by Beer_Economicus
We are pleased to announce the next beer in our Barrel-Aged Series and, get ready, because this one is a doozy:


Here you have what could be the first malt liquor worthy of a glass. Typically a slighted style, we thought we would class it up with a stay in the wood and a healthy dose of dry-hopping. A huge hit of corn gives this one a smooth...

Founders - New Barrel-Aged Series Release: DKML
07 Apr 00:45

ESPN's Drone Racing League returns with faster, bigger races

by James Trew


Last year, I asked a simple question: Can drone racing become as big as eSports? While we wait to find out, one of the leading race organizers -- the Drone Racing League -- is making all the right moves this year to make that answer yes. One of the k...
07 Apr 00:45

If You Think Alligators Don't Live in Sewers, You're in for a Real Surprise


jesse wasn't lying afterall

At least he has that ball to play with.

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06 Apr 15:32

Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra Available Now

by Brian Betschart

Originally seen on SneakerFiles: Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra Available Now

Nike Air Flight Huarache Colorways

The Nike Air Flight Huarache has history infused in basketball history. What probably comes to mind is the Michigan Wolverines Fab 5 wearing them during the 90s. Through the years we have seen various color options and modifications, but for 2017 we will have the Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra.

Originally thought to be labeled as the 2017, the updated Nike Air Flight Huarache now has a new lacing system along with a jacquard knitted toe. The neoprene bootie is once again back but the midsole and outsole has a new look.

Continue to scroll below to check out more images of the Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra which will show you a closer look at the upcoming colorways. Select Nike Sportswear retail stores in Europe started to release them so a stateside launch should be coming soon.

Update: Two colorways of the Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra has just released at

Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra
White/Lyon Blue/Bold Berry-Black
Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra Colorways

Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra Colorways

Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra Colorways

Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra
Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra Colorways

Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra Colorways

Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra Colorways

Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra Colorways

Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra Colorways

Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra Colorways

Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra Colorways

Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra Colorways

Source: US11

Originally seen on SneakerFiles: Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra Available Now

06 Apr 15:31

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon console will be used to record music again

by Scott Wilson

The legedary piece of studio gear isn’t being retired yet.

The recording console used to make Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon that sold at auction for a record-breaking $1.8 million last week will record music again, The Vinyl Factory reports.

Katherine Schofield at London auction house Bonhams, which made the sale, told The Vinyl Factory that part of the appeal for the mystery buyer “was the excellent condition of the console and that it is in working order.”

While the console was listed as a piece of rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia, Schofield revealed that the buyer wants to use it to keep making music.

“The majority of firm interest we received from interested buyers of the console were actively hoping to continue to use it in a modern recording studio context,” she said. “The successful buyer is hoping to do the same.”

The EMI TG12345 MK IV console was originally valued at $700,000.

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06 Apr 15:27

What once was

by /u/Issiara
06 Apr 15:26

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Will Be Able To Run On 100 Octane 

by Tom McParland

I originally predicted that the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon would be run on the souls of the impure. But Dodge engineers weren’t able to design a fuel system that could handle the metaphysical nature of the human psyche, so the Demon will run on 100 octane instead.