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25 Nov 01:06

Mark Wahlberg’s Sneaker Collection is Valued at $100K

by Brian Betschart

Mark Wahlberg Sneaker Collection

Mark Wahlberg is known for acting and if you were a teenager in the 90s then even rapping. But some may not know that he is a sneakerhead. Although not an official member of Jordan Brand and not an athlete signed to any team, he probably has the strongest connection with the brand as far as celebrities goes. His collection is estimated to be worth $100K.

Campless, a sneaker database that estimates the value of sneakers and their going rate had the opportunity to dig through Mark Wahlberg’s collection. It wasn’t his full collection as Wahlberg mentioned he has other sneakers outside of his home, but were able to account for 137 pairs. Even then, Campless could only calculate for 90 of them, meaning his collection is valued over $100,000.

Below you can check out the infographics showing which pairs he has, average value and some cool fun facts about his collection.

Mark Wahlberg Sneaker Collection

Mark Wahlberg Sneaker Collection

Mark Wahlberg Sneaker Collection

Source: Campless

25 Nov 05:24

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25 Nov 03:43

Mark Wahlberg's Sneaker Collection Is Worth at Least $100,000 USD

by Hypebeast

Mark Wahlberg is a sneakerhead, and his collection boasts some of the most coveted gems available. Unsurprisingly, his fame and stature has allowed him to obtain some shoes that we can only dream of in addition to custom kicks that sneaker brands reserve for the highest echelons of society. With such a large collection, the actor himself reached out to Campless and invited its team out to his home to analyze his collection. The value of his collection is based off of what Campless is able to track, and they were able to analyze 137 pairs, of which 90 are tracked. Other styles were estimated, and the final number came out to just around $100,000 USD.

His most expensive sneakers are the OVO x Air Jordan 12 "White," the Duckman Air Jordan 4 and the Eminem x Carhartt x Air Jordan 4 -- the pair that raised $250,000 USD in auction. His collection boasts mostly Jordans, and you can check out the stats in the graphs above. See his full collection on Campless here.

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24 Nov 13:50

Grand Theft Auto Online Plays Thanksgiving Handegg

by Alice O'Connor

29! 42! 38! 87! 69! Hut! Hut! Hike! And that’s how the Pilgrims came in 1492 to the land we now know as the United States of A. One genocidal colonisation later, Thanksgiving in November is now a happy time for families to come together to eat pumpkins carved into the shape of turkeys, bicker, argue, threaten to call the police for real this year, and shout “29! 42! 38! 87! 69! Hut! Hut! Hike!” while shoving each other, just as the Pilgrims did all those years ago. This I have learned from watching American sitcoms.

This year, you can even hop into Grand Theft Auto Online [official site] to do pushing in a new American Foosbalt-inspired mode. Numbers not included.

… [visit site to read more]

24 Nov 22:29

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23 Nov 02:57

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22 Nov 05:23

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22 Nov 16:15

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20 Nov 21:51

German engineering at its finest

20 Nov 21:51

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20 Nov 04:27

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20 Nov 10:58

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11 Nov 21:21

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19 Nov 00:09

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19 Nov 03:10

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18 Nov 11:11

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18 Nov 12:44

Waitress gets a $200 tip


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18 Nov 13:51

River Road Popeyes Opening By Dec. 8

by Journal Staff Report
Popeyes Chicken’s new location at 435 S. River Rd., near the intersection of River and Rand roads in Des Plaines, is expected to open by Dec. 8, according to architect Tom Scesniak.
18 Nov 05:46

Watching a movie and the dialogue is too quiet and the action too loud? Use VLC's built in Dynamic Compression tool - Some starter settings.

18 Nov 07:41

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17 Nov 18:10

This Is Hennessey's New 1000 Horsepower Cadillac Sledgehammer To The Face

by Michael Ballaban

When Hennessey got its hands on the previous generation of Cadillac CTS-V, they took the already-brutal 550-horsepower V8, and cranked it up to 1,200 horses. With the new one, the company appears to be playing it safe for the moment. The Hennessey HPE1000 ups the ante from the 2016 CTS-V, with its 640 horsepower, and makes do with just 1,000 horsepower, which is still enough to banish your face to the back of your head.


17 Nov 16:59

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16 Nov 18:29

TIL how to take a shortcut in the mall


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16 Nov 09:30

Life-Sized X-Wing Is Parked at a Singapore Airport

by Brian Ashcraft on Kotaku, shared by Jamie Condliffe to Gizmodo

If you are strolling through Terminal 3, you might notice something. A giant rebel fighter.