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27 Mar 13:10

6 Video Games That Put Insane Effort Into Being Perverts

By Adam Wears,Marina Reimann  Published: March 27th, 2017 
24 Mar 17:10

Minimalist drawing

by /u/i124nk8
21 Mar 20:58

This Nissan GT-R Ran A Quarter Mile In Six Damn Seconds

by Patrick George

Count to six. That’s how long it takes for AMS Performance’s monstrosity of a Nissan GT-R to run the quarter mile. That’s not just quick, it’s terrifying.


21 Mar 13:11

Apple's Tim Cook visits local Chinese businesses, says translated Swift Playgrounds coming soon


what an asshole

Article Image

As part of his latest trip to China, Apple CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday visited bike-sharing startup ofo and fitness company Keep, also announcing that a translation of Swift Playgrounds into simplified Chinese will be released tomorrow.
21 Mar 12:57

Des Plaines gas station robbed with machete

Des Plaines police are searching for a pair of armed robbers
20 Mar 22:54

Election Day could shape the Des Plaines Theatre's future

Election Day could prove consequential to the future of the Des Plaines Theatre. Mayor Matt Bogusz backs a public-private partnership to renovate and reopen the nearly 100-year-old theater, but challenger Malcom Chester could put the brakes on the proposal if elected.
20 Mar 19:25

Officials celebrate new Des Plaines Mariano's

A nearly three-year wait came to a celebratory end Monday when Des Plaines leaders joined Mariano's officials to celebrate the still-growing grocery store chain's newest location. The store opens to the public at 6 a.m. Tuesday.
18 Mar 16:06

There's A Ton Of Racing On This Weekend That You Don't Even Need Cable For

by Alanis King on Black Flag, shared by Alanis King to Jalopnik

Welcome to the Jalopnik Weekend Motorsports Roundup, where we let you know what’s going on in the world of racing, where you can see it, and where you can talk about it all in one convenient place. Where else would you want to spend your weekend?


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Why IMSA's Main Support Series Is The Ruthless Racing You Must Watch

by Stef Schrader on Black Flag, shared by Alanis King to Jalopnik

dis NISSAN smoking Porches?!!

Sometimes I get asked what my favorite series to watch is, and after some hum-hawing around, my answer is usually the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge. Why? Because it’s usually two-plus hours of flat-out ruthless racing, and this week’s race at Sebring is a perfect example of why.


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Des Plaines Debate Next Wednesday!

by Journal Staff Report
Des Plaines voters have the opportunity to meet and hear candidates for mayor, city council and elementary school district 62 board at education at a debate/forum Wednesday, March 22 beginning at 6:30
17 Mar 16:30

Emma Watson playing with kittens

by /u/drunkangel
17 Mar 13:21

Google's new algorithm shrinks JPEG files by 35 percent

by David Lumb
For obvious reasons, Google has a vested interest in reducing the time it takes to load websites and services. One method is reducing the file size of images on the internet, which they previously pulled off with the WebP format back in 2014, which s...
16 Mar 16:26

Watch a Speeding Train Blast a Bunch of Commuters With Snow

by Andrew Liszewski on Sploid, shared by Andrew Liszewski to Gizmodo


Here’s a free piece of advice should you ever find yourself waiting for the first train to roll into a station after a heavy snowfall: Stand as far away from the tracks as possible, assuming you don’t want to get blasted with a massive shitstorm of snow.

Why this Amtrak commuter train came barreling into the station so fast after a winter snowstorm is unknown, but it seems like an especially unsafe thing to do with passengers waiting on the platform. Thankfully, one of those passengers was Nick Colvin who filmed the whole thing in slow motion, at least until he found himself also buried in snow.

[YouTube via Tastefully Offensive]


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Cancelled '90s arcade fighter 'Primal Rage II' released online

by Tom Regan
Forget Tekken 7, 2017's hottest new fighting game has just arrived - only it's 22 years later than originally expected. After being cancelled in 1995, Kotaku reports that Atari's long-lost Primal Rage II has found its way onto the internet. Downloadi...
14 Mar 20:04

From one historic landmark to another, The Story of a Sega R360 and my 14 month search to find the long lost game from my childhood

by SaraAB87

this is prob one of the most incredible arcade games ever created. amazing when you see the insides and how it operates. more amazing is the people who still have them and service them -keeping the 90's circuitry alive.

This article will chronicle my 14-month search to find a long lost arcade game from my childhood.

As many of you already know the Sega R360 is my favorite arcade game ever made. I am also the creator of The Sega R360 and R360Z fan club on Facebook which you can find right here. Feel free to join as we are always looking for new members.

The Sega R360 & R360Z Fan Club On Facebook

The one and only time I have ever seen and played the R360 in my life was at the Skyquest arcade located in the basement of the Skylon Tower in Ontario, Canada. This arcade has gone by a few different names in the past so it may not have been Skyquest in the 1990’s. This R360 is remembered by many locals both on the NY side of the Canadian border. Almost all of my high school classmates remember this game, along with many other people on both sides of the border. Those that have gone on vacation to the Niagara Falls region in the 1990’s and luckily stumbled across this extremely rare arcade game may also remember this specific installation of a R360.

A Sega R360 operating on the island of Gran Canaria, photos taken by Karen Forshaw. It is not believed to be there anymore.

For those that don’t know the R360, its a flight simulator arcade game made by Sega in 1990 and probably started arriving in North America sometime between 1990 and 1992. The game’s cabinet is an eye catching sphere shape, and an attendant is required to operate it as well as a large space to place the machine. It is more like an amusement ride combined with an arcade game. The game most commonly seen inside this cabinet is a modified version of Sega’s G-LOC, though there were a few installations of this machine that used Sega’s Wing War game. The single seat game is controlled by the player, and as the player controls the jet plane on the screen, the cabinet replicates every movement of the jet, including going upside down and every different direction. The cabinet also flips the player upside down immediately upon startup, and has a panic button on the inside that can be used to stop the machine if the player feels sick or disorientated during the game. But beware, using this panic button stops the machine instantly, so if it is pressed while the game is in an upside down position, the player will remain hanging upside down until the attendant pushes a button on the control panel to move the machine back into the upright position.

Youtube video of a working R360 so everyone can see how it works.

The R360 begins its journey at an arcade called Arcadia at the base of the Space Needle in Gatlinburg, TN at the very beginning of the 1990’s. The Space Needle at Gatlinburg is believed to be the first installation of a R360 in the United States. This is where things get interesting…

On the night of July 14th, 1992 (undoubtedly soon after the R360 was installed at the Space Needle) the city of Gatlinburg experienced a tragic fire. This fire is considered to be one of the largest fires in the United States if not the largest. This fire burned down an entire city block which consisted of 12 businesses. The businesses affected by this fire were located directly on the block referred to by the locals as the “Rebel Corner”. This started with the Rebel Corner store and ends with the Space needle and arcade below it. The Rebel corner completely burned down along with many other businesses, including a Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, all the artifacts within, and the entire Ripley’s arcade that was connected to the museum. All of the businesses on this block were interconnected, so you could walk through them through doors, without going outside. This also made the fire spread faster, and throughout all of them. Most of what burned down was considered a total loss, with almost nothing salvagable. While fighting the fire, those firefighters that bravely fought the fire did their best to keep the fire away from the historic Space Needle and by coincidence, the arcade located beneath it where the R360 resided. The efforts of the firefighters kept the Space Needle safe, as well as the R360 and probably some other games as well.  The fire was so severe that it took until 1995 or 1996 for the popular tourist block around the Space Needle to be rebuilt.

One of my friends, Tighe Lory, recalls visiting the Space Needle in the early 1990’s. He remembers seeing an article in a gaming magazine for the R360 located at the Space Needle in Gatlinburg before going there. Since he thought the machine looked fun to play and the article said that it was the only R360 in the United states at the time, he went to the arcade to play it. Upon arriving at the arcade, he found out the arcade was closed due to the fire. Fortunately the R360 did not go up in flames.

The R360 continued to operate at Arcadia in Gatlinburg then when Arcadia changed ownership, it was sold and transported to the Skylon Tower in the early to mid 90’s. An epic 15 hour road trip was taken to transport it from Gatlinburg to the Skylon. It operated in the arcade along with many other games, some children’s amusement rides, bumper cars, batting cages, a small carousel, a haunted house, and a wooden-track indoor Go-Kart track. There was also a large collection of Sega simulator games operating alongside the R360, games like Space Harrier, After Burner, Galaxy Force II Super Deluxe, G-LOC, Hang-On, Rad Mobile, Out Run and Virtua Racing all in the super deluxe moving cabinets Sega was famous for at the time, they also operated multiples of some of these games, I know they had 2 Galaxy Force II Super Deluxe’s, and at least 2 After Burners. They had the largest collection of deluxe simulator games that I knew of anywhere in the area.  The R360 and the other amusement rides at the Skylon Tower operated using tickets. The arcade games operated using tokens. The R360 was brought in shortly after Maple Leaf Village, another nearby Amusement park in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada closed and the bumper cars were brought to the Skylon from there. I myself made a visit to the Skylon Tower amusement park at some point during this period, though I do not remember exactly when. I saw a picture and advertisement in a travel brochure from the area advertising the R360 as the only one in Canada and since I liked interesting amusement attractions I naturally wanted to go on something that I had not seen before. Even though I was not into video games at the time I managed to somehow spot the R360 as something really, really cool. I visited and I went on the wooden-track Go-Karts and the R360.  It operated at the Skylon until around 1998, and the R360 was removed from the Skylon Tower sometimes between the end of 1998 and the end of 1999. It was the favorite game of all the staff members at the Skylon Tower at the time since it was arguably the best arcade game in the most impressive cabinet made at the time. It was definitely gone by the end of 1999, as I went there myself at the end of 1999 because I wanted to play it again after looking up what the large spinning machine I played at the Skylon tower was on the internet and I found it was not there. Additionally I found that other amusement rides and large attractions were also removed at this point. The arcade at the basement of the Skylon Tower still exists today but does not contain any amusement rides or other large attractions however some of the deluxe Sega games still exist there today. Arcadia at the Space Needle in Gatlinburg, TN still exists today as well.

The arcade area at the basement of the Skylon Tower in 1995. Photo from the archives of the Niagara Falls Public Library, Ontario, Canada. Note the Turbo Outrun cabinets.

The R360 operating at the Skylon Tower as seen in the advertising brochure for the Skylon Tower. You can see the bumper cars in the background.

Here is a picture of tokens and tickets I saved from the Skylon Tower arcade. The blue tickets were used to play the R360 and go on the other amusement rides. The tickets with the clown on them may have been used in the 1990’s as well as the Skyquest token. The Skylon Tower Fun Center token is more current and is used today at the Skylon Tower arcade.

The R360 can be seen in these photos taken at the Skylon Tower Amusement Park in 1998 by Sam Shurgott. These are some of the only photos I have seen of the Skylon Amusement park from the era. It is very difficult to find photos from the Skylon Tower Amusement park of the era.

The R360 was then transported from the Skylon to a local operator in Toronto and then sold to a shopping mall in Laval, Quebec Canada (A suburb of Montreal) called Les Galeries Laval. The R360 resided in an arcade that was attached to a movie theater called Cinema Tops 8 inside the mall. The Cinema was previously known as Galeries Laval 8. The Cinema closed around 2001, then reopened a few months later while it changed ownership, and finally closed for good in 2010 and I am assuming the arcade closed up with it. When the arcade closed, some of the games that still worked from this arcade were moved to the Darkzone Laval laser tag center also in Les Galeries. The arcade with the R360 was to the right of the movie theater, and the R360 was located front and center to the right of the entrance of the arcade. The R360 cost $6 to play (Canadian Dollars). The R360 was last spotted in playable condition in 2002 by Ian Fitzpatrick of the MAACA forums, who recalls playing it at the arcade attached to Cinema Tops 8. He remembers sometimes when he would play it, it would not move, and other times there was an out of order sign on it. Other times he played it and it worked perfectly. He also reported that the R360 was not watched as closely as it should have been, as the R360 usually requires its own attendant. It is likely that the R360 was working well past 2002, at least for a few years.

Cinema Tops 8 as it was in Les Galeries Laval in 2002-2003. The arcade where the R360 resided was to the right in the first photo.  Photos from

While the R360 was at Les Galeries in the late 2000’s, there was some electrical work being done at the mall and the R360 was damaged or fried while the work was being done. The boards were fried in the R360 to the point where they were burned and no longer repairable. The R360 was then dismantled and structural issues were found with the game. Replacement boards and parts were not able to be located and while there were attempts to save it the R360 eventually had to be removed and scrapped. There was no way to save this game (besides getting another R360 and using the parts from both of them to make one which would be very difficult to do), it just met its final end.

I started looking for the R360 at the beginning of 2016 because I received information about the area that it was taken to after it was finished at the Skylon and information that perhaps it might still be out there, naturally I wanted to find out if the game I played as a kid and loved still existed. While I did not intend to bring the R360 home with me as I do not have the means to house a large machine where I live I hoped to find a safe home for it with someone else. Unfortunately things didn’t happen that way but sometimes these things happen just because machines are older and cannot always be saved. I understand this and I enjoyed looking for this game very much, it was a very interesting search.

I would like to thank all the people who helped me investigate this matter, it was definitely a long road but we all made it possible to find out what happened to this game that was loved by so many people: The staff members of the arcade at the Skylon Tower, the staff at Arcadia, Various members of the MAACA forums (Montreal Arcade & Amusement Collectors Association), various members of the CGCC forums (Classic Gaming Collectors of Canada), Various members of the Laval, Quebec, and Ottawa Ontario Subreddits, Ontario Subreddit ( John Robertson, Mira Amusements, Playdium Store, Darkzone Laval, Nemesis Lan Center, Sean Cooper, Luckas Bertholet, Joe V. and Sam Shurgott and all the other people who I may have talked to about this game.

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The Reason Trains Have Angled Wheels Is Incredibly Clever

by Andrew Liszewski

The next time a subway car or commuter train rolls into the station, try to sneak a quick peek at its large metal wheels. You’ll notice that instead of being perfect cylinders, they’re actually angled. It’s a deliberate and clever design choice that allows your train to roll around corners without flying off the…


12 Mar 11:52

This curved air hockey table.

by /u/bem3ry

i am champion at all air hockey

09 Mar 21:31

Plex turns any cloud folder into an instant media server

by Andrew Dalton
After a slightly rocky beta test, Plex's new cloud-based media server is now ready for public consumption. Rather than relying on a media server PC or a networked storage drive, Plex Cloud allows users to stream their own media libraries from Dropbox...
09 Mar 21:31

A Closer Look at Pizza Hut's Ridiculous "Pie Tops" Sneakers

by Hypebeast

We broke the news last week of Pizza Hut revealing a special type of sneaker in conjunction with the upcoming NCAA Basketball Tournament. The popular food chain even teamed up with ex-basketball great Grant Hill to present the so-called "Pie Tops" to the masses.

With that said, we here at HYPEBEAST were able to get our hands on the kicks early. Mind you, only 64 pairs of this specially branded footwear were made. They hype surrounding them, of course, is the special built-in feature -- you can order pizza simply by pressing the button on the Pizza Hut logo at the tongue. It's all done through Bluetooth and by pairing your smartphone with the shoe. Simple-to-follow instructions are also attached so set-up is a breeze with the aid of the Pizza Hut app.

The shoes were designed by custom king, The Shoe Surgeon. He put an old-school spin on the kicks by giving them the classic basketball silhouette that includes supportive ankle straps. Branding is seen throughout the red and white coloring as well as the logo at the tongues and the hard-to-miss "Pizza Hut" moniker on the front. You can practically play ball in these if you wanted to.

As for the sneakers in action, check out the special Facebook video we made for the Pizza Hut "Pie Tops" below. A public release may happen so stay tuned with us as more information develops.

Click here to view full gallery at

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VICE Sports Explores The Early Years Of The Nike SB Dunk Craze

by Sneaker News


Originally releasing in the mid-80s, the Dunk basketball shoe had a second identity as a skate shoe thanks to the board-feel and style it provided to skaters, and for nearly two decades the Dunk lived on as a go-to option for skateboarding. In 2002, Nike made it official by launching the Skateboarding category around a retooled Dunk, with four respected skaters on board. What occurred from that point on was a bit a blur; the demand for SB Dunks by skaters and sneakerheads started to grow, and as Nike collaborated with reputable artists and shops, the SB Dunk soon became the hottest ticket on the market and was integral in multiplying sneaker culture across the globe.

Today, VICE Sports officially launches a short documentary on the Nike SB Dunk with insight from shop owners, skaters, and sneakerheads that were part of SB’s glory days. See the full video ahead.

Read the rest of VICE Sports Explores The Early Years Of The Nike SB Dunk Craze

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Where To Buy The Nike Air Max 1 “Master”

by Patrick Johnson

Of course the Air Max 1, the first ever model to feature visible air created by Tinker Hatfield in 1987, was eventually going to get the mismatched “What The” colorway that Nike loyalists are such avid fans of. The historic AM1 is celebrating its 30th anniversary this month and in honor of the occasion, the Air Max 1 “Master” is headed to retailers this Saturday, March 11th at select European retailers followed by a stateside release on March 25th for $185 USD.

The Nike Air Max 1 Master of Air features a premium black leather base complete with micro-perforations on the toebox and ankle collar to add a dramatic and luxurious effect in contrast with the bolstered terry Swoosh. The mudguard is where all of that “What The” action is at, as a greatest hits of collaborative and classic Air Max 1 colorways hit the lower panel. You can see shades of previous atmos collaborations, the recently released OG Sport Red colorway, Patta’s Chlorophyll, and even the busy animal printed variety.

Check out more official photos of the coming Nike Air Max 1 Master below and stay tuned for full updates to the ‘Where To Buy’ store list section below. For more of the latest Air Max Day 2017 offerings, be sure to head to our Release Dates page.

Read the rest of Where To Buy The Nike Air Max 1 “Master”

Read the rest of Where To Buy The Nike Air Max 1 “Master”

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5 Things Google Assistant Does Better Than Siri

by David Nield on Field Guide, shared by Alex Cranz to Gizmodo

Good news for anyone with an Android phone that isn’t a Pixel: Google Assistant is rolling out to more phones, new and old. That means many more of us will be able to take advantage of Google’s latest and smartest AI. There are some things both the Google Assistant and Siri are excellent at—like pulling up emails or…


09 Mar 15:57

"Black Ghost" sculpture in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

by /u/attheisstt
09 Mar 14:38

The Game of Thrones Season 7 Teaser Poster Tells Us Nothing But It Still Rules

by Germain Lussier on io9, shared by Sophie Kleeman to Gizmodo

Normally around this time, we’d be getting ready for another season of Game of Thrones. However, as you well know, the seventh season is a bit delayed. No matter. Anticipation (or marketing, rather) has finally begun with a very simple teaser poster at South by Southwest


08 Mar 15:22

An All-Pink Starburst Pack Is Hitting Stores

by Hypebeast

Starburst's pink flavor is going solo. When it comes to candy, everyone has their own personal preference in flavor, but now, those with an affinity for the pink Starburst flavor have a reason to celebrate. The crowd favorite will be packaged into an "All Pink" pack, but it'll only be around for a limited time in April at select stores like Walmart, Target and Amazon. Don't forget to stock up. What is your go to Starburst flavor? Let us know in the comments below.

For more on sweets, check out Cookie Monster as he guides us through 100 years of cookie history. 

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Take a virtual tour of Roland’s private museum packed with classic synths

by Scott Wilson

Explore the company’s collection from your web browser.

Roland’s Japanese headquarters in Hamamatsu isn’t just where the company develops its new synths, but the location of an exhaustive collection of the company’s classic gear as well.

This collection is referred to by Roland as a “private museum”, displaying Roland and BOSS instruments that date back to its foundation in 1972. It contains everything from the TR-808 to the company’s organ range, but it’s not open to the public.

However, Roland has created a virtual tour using YouTube’s 360-degree video technology, allowing anyone to go on a stroll past its System-700 modular, SH-101 synth, TB-303 and everything else in its vaults.

Roland has also made it possible to tour the museum using Google Street View, which is a lot better if you want to stop to take a longer look at some of the instruments.

The company has traditionally been reluctant to re-release classic gear, but in recent years it’s started looking back to its roots. Last year it reissued its iconic TR-909 drum machine and TB-303 synth in a new format. [via RA]

Read next: Moog are the music makers: Inside the small town factory that builds the world’s best-loved synths

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These Amazing Jellies Have Actual Flowers Trapped Inside


These clear jellies are popular in Japan. These are sakura themed, with an actual flower inside, to celebrate the season when cherry blossoms bloom! 

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06 Mar 21:26

Concepts x New Balance 990v2 “Tyrian” Inspired By Ancient Dying Process Using Sea Snails

by Zack Schlemmer

Yes, you read that headline correctly, this latest collab from Concepts and New Balance is inspired in part by sea snails. One of the least likely sources for sneaker inspiration ever actually produces an impressively luxe new sneaker from the two longtime collaborators, the New Balance 990v2 “Tyrian”. The lush purple hue across the premium suede upper is inspired by the ancient process of dying garments using Tyrian Purple, a color made from extracting a natural purple due from sea snails. The process was extremely expensive due to the time consuming nature of collecting the sea snails and extracting the dye, so it was usually reserved for royalty or the very wealthy.

This 990v2 certainly does have an appearance fit for royalty, with its Made in USA quality for the rich purple suede with perforated details, reflective hits on the “N” logo and heel tab, and Concepts-branded tortoiseshell lace locks. Each pair will also come in a premium box featuring a snail shell graphic to complete the premium detailing.

The Concepts x New Balance 990v2 “Tyrian” release this Friday, March 10th at Concepts retail locations and online and for $220.

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NASCAR Considers Making Its Cars Quieter, Which Is The Worst Idea Of All Time

by Stef Schrader on Black Flag, shared by Patrick George to Jalopnik

Oh my gosh. They’ve done it. They’ve finally done it. This is—once and for all—the worst idea in the history of motorsports.


04 Mar 01:10

Disney is giving Tron 3 another shot

by Miles Bowe

Somebody call Daft Punk.

Disney is refocusing on making a third Tron film after originally cancelling the project in 2015, The Hollywood Reporter reveals.

While the third film in Disney’s cyber-fantasy series spent years trapped in development hell, the company is now moving forward and eyeing Jared Leto for the lead role.

No filmmakers or screenwriters are attached to the project, though sources say the film will not be a direct sequel to Tron: Legacy. Rather, it will be “built out of the source code” of the original Tron 3 screenplay (which involved evil programs invading the real world).

Tron: Legacy is best remembered now for its soundtrack composed by Daft Punk, the duo’s only film score. No word if they’ll return, but Disney would be crazy not to try.

Revisit Daft Punk’s score below.

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