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05 Oct 13:17

Ramp Truck


sikk sipp. you're telling me i can do this on my ps3????

06 Oct 14:23


05 Oct 19:44

tomhanksy: WEST COAST WRAP. Los Angeles.



05 Oct 20:44

Renaissance Ninja Artists

05 Oct 00:03

Some people asked for a closer view of the meat submarine eating, so enjoy the nom nom

05 Oct 14:49

Fall in Seattle

05 Oct 05:09

Stay with me... Look into my eyes... Forget your worries.....

05 Oct 13:17



best pounce

18 Sep 16:50

Googled Indian writing. Was not disappointed....

19 Sep 22:53

Riding her boyfriends hovertrax for the first time like a pro.


sooo hott

30 Sep 20:21

Actual scene from a Nigerian movie

02 Oct 09:20

Interstellar ...the deleted scenes


this is sikk

01 Oct 20:55

Boston Fish plans expansion after all, Des Plaines officials say


i still havent had it because i am loyal to dons dock

Des Plaines officials say Boston Fish Market in Des Plaines is still pursuing its expansion plans, contrary to what a manager previously told the Daily Herald.
02 Oct 20:04

Kitty plays whack-a-fingermole

01 Oct 22:32

I just... I mean...


so hott

02 Oct 20:04

the 6 types of programmers

02 Oct 09:20

Some hero strapped a GoPro to an eagle in the French Alps

02 Oct 11:41

Hulk Buster Cosplay

01 Oct 16:02

Get your shit together Party Cannon.

01 Oct 18:05

I've been working on this 100ft wall for a few days now using nothing but spraypaint...

01 Oct 11:58

Panorama experimentation. This time with two right angles


so sikk

30 Sep 20:00

Blotting Pizza with a Napkin Actually Cuts Significant Calories

by Beth Skwarecki on Vitals, shared by Andy Orin to Lifehacker

There are two kinds of people: Those who use a napkin to blot off pizza oil, because hey free calories, and those who laugh at the first group. How much difference could it possibly make?


01 Oct 02:29

Turkish Ice Cream Man vs. My Girlfriend (OC)


this is incredible!

30 Sep 22:22

This is what a fire tornado looks like

30 Sep 18:06

Tony Stewart To Retire From Driving In NASCAR After 2016

by Stef Schrader on Black Flag, shared by Patrick George to Jalopnik

“Next year will be my last year in the Sprint Cup series,” NASCAR Sprint Cup driver and team owner Tony Stewart said in a press conference this afternoon. “It was a choice that was 100 percent mine. I think deep down, you know when it’s time to do something different.”


30 Sep 13:53

Her selfie game is strong

30 Sep 04:41

Would you get out of bed?

30 Sep 07:31

The Leap of Faith.

29 Sep 08:32

We don't have camera timer, but you have to be in the family photo!

29 Sep 10:51

This awkward photo of Obama and Putin locking eyes at the UN speaks volumes.


he is most BA man on the earth