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Report Says Green Lantern Will Turn Up In Justice League

by Patrick Dane

There is one obvious member missing from the Justice League movie, with no official word on if the/a Green Lantern is turning up. The Green Lantern Corps is planned for 2020 though, so the group is certainly on the horizon.

The Wrap have dropped a little bit of information in one of their posts though, saying that a member of the Corps will indeed be turning up in the film in a ‘key scene’. There is not much more to it than that, but it’s something to go on at least

Obviously, this isn’t confirmed, but it’s coming from an outlet with real cred, so I’m sure there is something behind it. It could really help plant seeds for the standalone movie too, so I buy it.

Report Says Green Lantern Will Turn Up In Justice League

18 Feb 19:52

The Weeknd, Pharrell, Dave Grohl, Sam Smith, Lady Gaga, John Legend, Common to Appear at Oscars

by Zoe Camp

The Weeknd, Pharrell, Dave Grohl, Sam Smith, Lady Gaga, John Legend, Common to Appear at Oscars

Photo by Kevork Djansezian /Getty Images

The Academy Awards will air live on ABC on February 28. The latest round of performers and presenters set to appear on the program have been announced. Pharrell, the Weeknd, Sam Smith, Lady Gaga, John Legend, and Common will all take the stage. According to Entertainment Weekly, Dave Grohl has also planned a "special performance." Find a fuller list of appearances—also featuring notables like Louis C.K., Sarah Silverman, JJ Abrams, and more—here.

The Weeknd, Sam Smith, and Lady Gaga are all up for Best Original Song this year. John Legend and Common took home the award last year for their song "Glory," which they composed for the film Selma. Relive their performance at last year's ceremony below.

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League Of Legends Bug Doesn't Let Champion Stop Being A Bird

by Yannick LeJacq

“Sometimes I swear that bird is just showing off,” Quinn will often say in League of Legends. I don’t think she meant it like this.


04 Sep 21:54

The First Page Of Your New Thor #1… Is She Worthy?

by Rich Johnston

So, you may have hea we have a new Thor. And she’s a lady. But you don’t exactly know which lady. But she is apparently Worthy. Here’s your first look at Thor #1…

The First Page Of Your New Thor #1… Is She Worthy?

19 Jun 14:57

Batman Gets A Bag, Man

by Rich Johnston

This is a first look at the plastic bags that DC Comics is giving out to comic stores on Batman Day, June 23rd, celebrating 75 years of the invention of the character by Bill Finger.

Which comes in a year before British retailers would have been legally obliged to charge five pence each for them.

So, stock up.

And yes, plenty of free Batcomics, Batcapes, Batbookmarks, Batposters and Batmasks to go round.


Batman Gets A Bag, Man

04 Apr 19:16

One Too Many Cracks in This Mirror: A Review of Oculus

by Hannah Means Shannon

By Hashim Hathaway

[*Warning: Spoilers below for the film!]

Karen Gillan is going to be a star.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait until the release of Guardians of the Galaxy later this summer to see the former Doctor Who companion truly shine. It’s a shame her first American film, WWE Studio’s Oculus, comes up woefully short as the Scottish actress’ coming out party.

Not even this half-baked and ultimately ruined concept can keep viewers from wanting to like Gillan as headstrong and determined Kaylie Russell, who tries to set right a horrible incident that tore her family apart. The film opens with the release of her brother, Tim — portrayed by Australian newcomer Brenton Thwaites (who will have his big budget debut later this year in Angelina Jolie’s Malficent)—as he is released from a mental institution to a waiting Kaylie.

Ten years ago, the siblings witnessed the death of their parents (a tragically wasted Katee Sackhoff and Rory Cochrane), which we soon learn the death of the father was at the hands of a young Tim, who, through therapy seems to have blocked out many of the sinister memories of that fateful evening, something Kaylie remembers all too vividly.  In Tim’s absence, Kaylie tried to move on with her life, becoming engaged to antiquities dealer Michael (James Lafferty), but all the while becoming more and more convinced that her parents’ death was due to an evil entity possessing an antique mirror. The mirror itself has become an obsession for Kaylie, who’s been tracing it from owner to owner, where she’s able to catch it as it’s auctioned through her fiancée’s firm.

Kaylie’s plan is simple enough: Take the mirror back to the home her parents died in and try to coax out the entity so that she may kill it once and for all. To do this, she tries to get the help of a very unwilling Tim, who’d rather put the entire ordeal behind him, with the hope that she would do the same. Because this is a horror movie, of course there’s no earthly way that’s going to happen.

Once Kaylie and Tim get to the house, she walks Tim (and the audience) through her plan to draw the spirit out and hopefully destroy it. It’s here where director Mike Flanagan and screenwriter Jeff Howard makes an honest attempt to take yet another ghost story and make it into something compelling and very watchable.

I enjoyed the seemingly seamless flashbacks mixed with current events, as this has the viewer walking along side both the brother and sister as they question everything they see, as past and present begin to melt together until neither know what’s real and what’s memory.  Ultimately, the thing I loved about the movie was the very thing that in the end frustrated me.

Because of the way in which the flashbacks are unfolded as memories, the viewer never really gets to know the parents, only what’s happening to them and how it’s affecting the younger Kaylie and Tim (Annalise Basso and Garrett Ryan). We’re never given a chance to care about the family, so their gradual possession holds no real gravity and everything that comes after is delivered as matter-of-fact, with the viewer only being rewarded with the occasional jump-scare.

Also, the main conceit of the film, the idea that the entity in the mirror can fool its victim to the point where they lose complete track of time is almost completely stolen from Doctor Who villains the Silence. Seeing that, having Gillan as the protagonist almost makes you want to have her call out for the Doctor, who’d come and wave his Sonic at the mirror and we’d move on to the next episode.

Sadly, that’s another, better franchise.

It seems that the writer was so drawn into his own concept here that he forgot to tack on an ending, so just as the tension takes viewers to a point where Oculus could become that rare spookhouse film that transcends the trappings of its genre, the rug is pulled out from under the viewer with a “shock” ending that was clearly telegraphed throughout the film, making it not that shocking after all, just dumb.

On a personal level, I’m getting pretty sick of horror movies that opt to have no real shot at hope for any of it’s characters. Some of the best horror movies and ghost stories give the viewer something to cheer for. Even with the open theft from Doctor Who, Oculus is a film that had a real chance at becoming worthwhile, with a character in Kaylie Russell who’s absolutely worth cheering for, but instead gives viewers a mirror image of a movie that when viewed through the looking glass is nothing less than awful.

Hashim R. Hathaway is the host of the Never Daunted Radio Network, airing four nights a week at You can reach him on Twitter at @NeverDauntedNet

One Too Many Cracks in This Mirror: A Review of Oculus

02 Dec 21:08

alexnall: I have a comic about working in the men’s locker room...

by ericdraws


I have a comic about working in the men’s locker room published in Linework- the comic page of Newcity, an independent newspaper published in the Chicago area. You can find copies throughout the city and they’re FREE! So pick up a copy or two.

Thanks to Kevin Budnik, David Alvarado, and Onsmith for their input and advice, and thanks especially to Ivan Brunetti, who edits Linework and was kind enough to publish my comic. 

Go get get this if you’re in Chicago!

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Tumblr-ville, I think you’d enjoy this. toddbarry: GET...

Tumblr-ville, I think you’d enjoy this.


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by Rich Johnston

At a New York press event tonight, DC Comics announced DC2 or DC Squared, an attempt to create a new kind of digital comic book – the kind that can only be told on digital platforms,

One is the Alex De Campi school of digital comics, adopted by Thrillbent and Marvel Infinity, laying new panels on top of old ones to create new panel-to-panel storytelling experience. But this will also involve sound and music.

Another is from the Steve Jackson school, called DC2 Multiverse allowing readers to change the direction of stories in the direction they choose. As Hank Kanalz so ably shows us above…

The first books to be published as DC2  titles in this manner are Batman ’66 and Batman: Arkham Origins, that latter of which which be created in the DC2 Multiverse style.


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(407): If you come home and...

(407): If you come home and I'm pantsless with cake smeared all over my face, I'm sorry.