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26 Oct 19:01

Evil Eye Halloween Cocktail

by A Beautiful Mess

Evil Eye CocktailHey, friends!! The other day I got obsessed with the idea of making vanilla pudding ICE CUBES, and I'm so excited that it actually worked. This turned out to be basically a Bailey's with a pudding pop cube in it that looks like a creepy eyeball. I'd call that a win! 

If you're a Halloween freak like me, you'll have to try it this weekend! Here's how it's made!

Evil Eye pudding ice cubesOne: Most importantly, you need to freeze each layer one at a time. This is essential for getting a nice, clean shape. If you try to freeze all the layers in one step, the green and white will bleed together and the licorice may not hold its place. First, take a piece of black licorice, get it wet and stick it to the bottom of the circle ice cube mold. Stick it in the freezer until it's frozen (even just 20 minutes will do the trick on this step). Next, in a separate bowl, mix some green food dye with vanilla pudding. Spoon it into the mold right on top of the black licorice piece. If your circle isn't perfect, use a paper towel to clean it up. Then freeze the green pudding.

Two: After the green pudding is completely frozen, fill the rest of the mold with vanilla pudding. You can do the first half with just pudding. But for the second half, since you have to funnel it into that tiny hole, you'll need to water the pudding down. Mix 1 part pudding and 1 part milk (any kind of milk, I actually used half and half since that's what I had on hand). Shake it in a cocktail shaker or use a whisk to combine the pudding and milk. Then it should be thin enough to pour into the closed circle mold through the top. Then close off the top and freeze the cube (I froze mine overnight).

Three and Four: I like these clear ice cube molds because you can see that the lines are straight and that there are no bubbles.

Five: When you go to remove the cubes, they can be hard to remove, so use a little cool water as needed.

Six: LOOK HOW CUTE! Once you've completed the cubes, the hard part is over. Just pour in some Bailey's or Kahlua and serve! 

Evil Eye Cocktail So fun, right?? 

Evil Eye Cocktail  A simple and sweet cocktail for all my witches! Love you guys! xx -Elsie 

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions.

19 Oct 03:44

how-to: diy old lady baby halloween costumes

by brettb


old lady baby halloween costumes for twins babies toddlers kids, designed by Brett Bara

#Thatmomentwhen Margot and Rickie went viral!! Last Halloween, we were beyond shocked when our then-six-month-old twin’s old lady costumes became an internet sensation!

The funniest thing about all of this is that I really felt like I was dropping the ball on the babies’ first Halloween. I didn’t put a lot of planning into their costumes, and basically threw these costumes together the day before Halloween with some Amazon Prime purchases and a run to Michael’s. And when it came time don their outfits and take pictures, the babies weren’t super cooperative and we really didn’t get the shot we we hoping for.

But we did get one really cute shot, which I posted on my Instagram and then went about my business wrangling our two little monkeys. Next thing I knew, I innocently checked my phone and Margot and Rickie had basically broken the internet! 🙂

We got a real kick of seeing how many times this photo was reposted, and hearing so many stories from friends who have spotted it basically all over the world throughout the past year.

So now here we are one year later, and for the first time ever I’m sharing a whole bunch of outtakes from our photo shoot (click any photo below to view larger), as well as the very easy instructions for making your own old lady baby Halloween costumes:

old lady baby halloween costumes for twins babies toddlers kids, designed by Brett Bara old lady baby halloween costumes for twins babies toddlers kids, designed by Brett Bara old lady baby halloween costumes for twins babies toddlers kids, designed by Brett Bara old lady baby halloween costumes for twins babies toddlers kids, designed by Brett Bara old lady baby halloween costumes for twins babies toddlers kids, designed by Brett Bara old lady baby halloween costumes for twins babies toddlers kids, designed by Brett Bara old lady baby halloween costumes for twins babies toddlers kids, designed by Brett Bara old lady baby halloween costumes for twins babies toddlers kids, designed by Brett Bara old lady baby halloween costumes for twins babies toddlers kids, designed by Brett Bara old lady baby halloween costumes for twins babies toddlers kids, designed by Brett Bara old lady baby halloween costumes for twins babies toddlers kids, designed by Brett Bara old lady baby halloween costumes for twins babies toddlers kids, designed by Brett Bara

How To Create An Old Lady Baby Halloween Costume

Want to make your own old lady costume for your little one? This DIY costume is seriously the easiest handmade Halloween look for babies, toddlers and kids. It’s so quick to throw together that you could definitely make it at the last minute, even during naptime on Halloween day!



Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Carter’s Two Piece Dress Set – find something similar here, or any dress with a floral print and a sweater layered over it will give you that granny style.
  • Baby Glasses – I used baby sunglasses that I found in a brick-and-mortar store, and popped out the lenses. But you can pick up some cute baby glasses here.
  • Mardi Gras Beads – find them in any dollar store or party store, but only use the gold or silver strands.
  • Hot Glue Gun – obviously!
  • Beanie-Style Baby Hat – any stretchy hat that fits your kid’s head snugly; ideally in the same color as your pom poms, so that the hat doesn’t show through any spaces in the poms.
  • Craft Pom Poms – in grey or white, same color as your hat. (I actually used cotton balls for the white hat, but they did not hold up nearly as well and I would definitely recommend picking up pom poms instead of using cotton balls.)


  1. Make the glasses: pop out the lenses if using sunglasses. Cut the mardi gras beads to the correct length to fit around your child’s head/neck, then hot glue the ends of the beads to the inside of the arms of the glasses. Done!
  2. Make the wig: Simply hot glue the pom poms to the hat, working first around the brim of the hat, then filling in till the hat is fully covered. That’s it!

So there you have it — this really is a quick and easy DIY Halloween costume for babies and kids! I made our costumes last year in less than an hour while our twins sat in their high chairs and watched. Doesn’t get easier than that!

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17 Oct 13:06

At Home with Michelle Gage in Havertown, Pennsylvania

by A Beautiful Mess

At Home with Michelle Gage    Today we are welcoming Michelle Gage to the blog to share her lovely home with us! One look at that infamous flamingo wallpaper and you're sold, right? Her home also has amazing artwork, detail, and charm. 

At Home with Michelle Gage       "My home is located in Havertown, PA (right outside of Philadelphia). My husband (then boyfriend) and I started house hunting in the summer of 2013–a year after graduating college. We weren’t exactly sure of the neighborhood we wanted to be in. We had lived in the area for over a year and felt informed enough to start looking. We thought we found a great place–good location, recently renovated–but ultimately realized that we wanted to be the ones to customize the home. Our house hunt was called off for the next few months. Then, on a random snowy Saturday in February, I was looking at listings online. We had no plans that day, so figured we might as well check it out. We got there and fell in LOVE. The home needed work, but it had great bones.

At Home with Michellle Gage      "The living room definitely houses some of our favorite pieces. We love that space because it gets the best light. It’s really the show space of the house–displaying all of our thrifted finds! The best part of gathering is the hunt. I remember where I got each and every piece in our home, which means I remember the times my husband and I spent together searching. If you love vintage items but either don’t live near markets or don’t enjoy the hunt, Chairish is a great resource. I sell some of my extra goodies on there. It really just enables my vintage shopping addiction. 

At Home with Michelle Gage         "The sofa pillows and coffee table situation are Ikea. With print on print, the pillows help to calm down the crazy sofa. We used to have a big bench in front of the sofa, but it was feeling too bulky, so we switched it up. We simply painted two Lack end tables and placed them side by side to get a more open look.

At Home with Michelle Gage     "I think we’d both agree that the kitchen is our favorite space. It was a labor of love. We waited nearly two years to renovate it, so it’s been a long time coming. We did all of the work ourselves, so we were able to splurge on some of the special details (ones we might normally have to skip due to budget constraints). This is the space we were able to customize the most. We knew we wanted a light and bright space to inspire creative cooking. White cabinets were an obvious choice. Next, we landed on the finishes. The brushed brass hardware really POPS against the clean cabinets. The backsplash was a totally customized treat! We worked with Mercury Mosaics to create a one-of-a-kind design that mimicked ocean waves.

At Home with Michelle Gage"My husband wound up making the live edge table for two out of some wood we snagged at a garage sale! The amazing chairs from Wayfair completed the look. The original kitchen was a nightmare to put it lightly. We gutted the entire space and started with a blank slate. Living without a kitchen sink is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, so I think the struggles that we went through makes it all the more special.

At Home with Michelle Gage  Wallpaper/Cole & Son.

"The entryway table was just some worn piece taking up space in my parents' basement. It used to house the fax machine, which tells you how neglected it was. The teal legs were intact, so we scooped it up when we bought this house. It fits perfectly in the entryway.

At Home with Michelle Gage          "I don’t believe in bringing generic items into your home. Your home should be a reflection of your personality. It should be a space that you truly enjoy and miss when you leave it. I love all of the art. We recently counted up over 200 pieces in our whole home, many of which are in the living room. I find art everywhere–Goodwill, estate sales, flea markets. I am way too into portraits these days. I have collected dozens of oil portraits of strangers and sprinkled them throughout the home.

At Home with Michelle Gage           "Our home is always evolving. Since we are out hunting nearly every weekend, something new is always coming into the home. You can tell I’ve been hunting when the Chairish shop becomes full—in with the old, out with the even older! The living room is always changing. It’s the space that is the fullest, so I’m constantly rearranging it to find better homes for everything. We currently joke that we are fresh out of walls to fill. We’ve wallpapered what we can and hung art everywhere else. BUT somehow, we always find more room for a new favorite find!"

Love your home, Michelle! You can find more of Michelle on her interior design website, Chairish, and on Instagram.

Author: Michelle Gage. Photography: Kyle Born. Kitchen, powder room and swan wallpaper by Homepolish

03 Oct 20:00

On the Street…Via Montenapoleone, Milan

by The Sartorialist


03 Oct 18:58

Litter Box Cover DIY!

by A Beautiful Mess


Yes, Need This! Litter Box Cover DIY! (click through for tutorial)   First of all, let me just say a resounding you're welcome to all you fellow cat owners out there. I know how tough it can be to love the adorable little kitty that naps on the couch with you but not always love the rest of the kitty gear that comes with that furry little face. So far, I've done my best to upgrade versions of cat essentials with a color-blocked scratching post, junk food kitty toys, a hand-stamped cat collar, and even a mini Palm Springs scratch house to make the feline essentials fit in (rather than stand out) from our home decor. Now, while all these things have really helped integrate our human and cat worlds, there is still one area I haven't gotten around to making aesthetic improvements in—the litter box. I think I didn't feel the need for a litter box cover in our last house because we had a separate laundry room where we could keep all those kitty necessities, and it was rather hidden under a shelf in a corner. At this house, however, the laundry is actually in the garage with no kitty access to the house. So we have to do the dreaded "litter-box-in-the-middle-of-the-room" scenario. Ever since we moved last year, doing a DIY cover has been on my to-do list. So here we are!  Yes, Need This! Litter Box Cover DIY! (click through for tutorial)
-sheets of 1/2" thick plywood (one big enough to fit your 4 sides or several smaller sheets)
-1 1/2" wide boards for your rooftop (I used 6 boards that were about 30" long.)
-wood glue
-miter saw (optional but needed if you want a top that opens)
-2 small hinges
-cat shaped opening template
-wax paper

To determine the size that your box cover should be, you'll need to first measure the length and width of your litter box to make sure it will fit. Take the measurements and use the guide above to find what size your panels should be (don't forget you need two sides and two front pieces). The above dimensions should give you a pretty snug fit with about 1/4" of perimeter space between the litter box and the cover, but you can always make the cover bigger if you want (you just don't want it smaller than your litter box obviously). 

Yes, Need This! Litter Box Cover DIY! (click through for tutorial)
Draw out your dimensions for all four sides onto your plywood sheets and use a jigsaw to cut out your sides.

Yes, Need This! Litter Box Cover DIY! (click through for tutorial)Determine how big you want your cat-shaped opening to be and print out your template the correct size. You'll probably have to print it on multiple pages and tape together unless you have a large printer. Remember that you want the opening to be big enough for the cat to use, so make sure they have room to get through it comfortably (I made mine about 12" wide). Trace the opening onto the center of the front panel 2-3" from the bottom of the panel.

Yes, Need This! Litter Box Cover DIY! (click through for tutorial)Yes, Need This! Litter Box Cover DIY! (click through for tutorial)Drill a few holes (at least the width of your jigsaw blade) into your traced cat shape so you have an opening to get the jigsaw into. Use the entry holes to cut out your shape.

Yes, Need This! Litter Box Cover DIY! (click through for tutorial) Sand the edges of each of your panels to remove any rough spots.

Yes, Need This! Litter Box Cover DIY! (click through for tutorial)Match up your panels so that the sides are between the front and back panels with sheets of wax paper underneath to catch any extra glue. It's helpful to have an extra set of hands for this part (thanks, Todd!) when trying to get the pieces squared up. Use wood glue and tape to keep the pieces in place while the glue sets (a few strategically placed boxes would work as well).

Yes, Need This! Litter Box Cover DIY! (click through for tutorial)Once the glue is set, use a few nails to hammer your box together from the front and back panels. 

Yes, Need This! Litter Box Cover DIY! (click through for tutorial)If you have access to a miter saw, you'll take your 1.5" boards and use the saw to cut four of them at the correct angle so they meet together at the peak of your roofline (on the front and back) with a 1/2" overhang on the bottom edges. While I'm sure there are more technical ways of figuring out what that angle is before cutting it, I just use scrap pieces of wood and keep cutting angles and adjusting until I find the right one. It's actually pretty fast that way and my dimensions ended up needing a 25° angle to meet up correctly. Center your 4 boards, and then measure the distance between the front and back boards and cut 8 more boards that will fit in between them.

If you don't have access to a miter saw, you can use your jigsaw to cut 8-10 of the 1 1/2" boards that will run from the front of the roof to the back (with about 1/2" overhang on both sides). Just space them out evenly across the roof and nail into place after painting. You won't have the option to open the roof this way, but it will look pretty similar and you can just clean the box from the front opening instead. 

Yes, Need This! Litter Box Cover DIY! (click through for tutorial)Space your 8 boards equally over some wax paper between your 4 angled boards and use wood glue to adhere into place. I glued them together over a cutting mat so I could use the lines below to make sure the pieces were squared up correctly.

Yes, Need This! Litter Box Cover DIY! (click through for tutorial)Paint your cover and your roof pieces your desired color, and then attach the two roof halves with your hinges once the paint is dry. Decide which half of the roof you'll want to open for cleaning purposes. Then glue or nail the other half of the roof shut for stability when opening the roof. Place your cover over your litter box and admire your hard work!

Yes, Need This! Litter Box Cover DIY! (click through for tutorial)Yes, Need This! Litter Box Cover DIY! (click through for tutorial)Yes, Need This! Litter Box Cover DIY! (click through for tutorial)Yes, Need This! Litter Box Cover DIY! (click through for tutorial)Yes, Need This! Litter Box Cover DIY! (click through for tutorial)                  It looks SOOOOOO much better if you ask me! You can also add as many or as few slats to the roof as you want to expose more or less of the litter inside from the top view, but some cats don't like to be totally closed in from above (while others don't mind it), so use your cat mama judgement on that one. Either way, this is a giant visual improvement for us, so I'm thrilled with how it came out, and it got, ahem, used pretty quickly once it was put out. So I think the cats like it too. If you've been looking to improve your litter box situation, then this may be just the solution for you! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions.

26 Sep 08:56

Bent Rail Brewery- Revisit: Brunch

by Erin in Indy
I had heard some people talk about brunch at Bent Rail—and I am always on a quest to find a good brunch place. We also enjoyed a lot of what we had the first time we went, so I rounded up my family, including my parents and my sister and her husband, and we met over there one Saturday.

Ok, first a little complaint right out of the gate. I had checked their brunch menu out online, which was quite extensive and listed its availability as Saturday and Sunday. When we got to the restaurant, there were much fewer options for brunch (probably less than ½ what’s shown online) and it says it’s only available on Sundays. They did tell us we could feel free to order from it though (and it was Saturday). I was a little disappointed—I think maybe they should update the website—it’s a bit misleading.

The kids were insisting on pretzels to start, because that was their favorite thing last time we came. They have changed them from the first time to pretzel bites, but I have absolutely no problem with that as it makes them easier to share. We had two orders and they disappeared quickly between the eight of us. I like the beer cheese and grainy mustard they serve with them—I’ll admit, I’m eating a lot more of the beer cheese than I am the mustard, but a little of both is kind of nice. The pretzel bites are good. Soft and salty. The kids were happy.

Anyway, I did order from the brunch menu. I had “Andy’s breakfast sandwich” ($10.50)(and somehow I managed to take a picture of everything but my own sandwich). It sounded like an interesting combination. It was an English muffin topped with a patty of duck sausage, pimento cheese, a fried egg and buffalo sauce. Sounds kind of unique yes? And it was, but there were some big flaws for me. First of all the egg wasn’t really runny. Now, maybe I should have specifically asked, because in my mind the only way to eat an egg is runny, but maybe not everyone agrees. Next, while the sausage had a nice flavor and went well in that way with the egg and pimento cheese, the patty was at most, a third of the size of the muffin. It was almost more like a meatball. I ended up taking it off and chopping it into little bits to scatter across the sandwich so I could get some with each bite (what? I have a proportion problem). I liked the pimento cheese and the buffalo sauce though, it made for a little of a spicy kick, which is a nice change of pace. Not sure I would order this one again though.

Probably my favorite of the brunch dishes was my son’s biscuits and gravy ($8). You get biscuits, you get gravy with Eli Creek pork breakfast sausage mixed into it, and you get two scrambled eggs (they came about 5 minutes after the biscuits and gravy came for some reason). The biscuits were very different from most, cut into squares and very dense, but they had a great flavor—really flaky too. The eggs were also scrambled really well—not overdone or anything. A bite of everything together was great.

Hubby refused to venture out of the thing he liked the first time he went, so he got the Cuban again ($10). This is a pretty classic Cuban—roasted pork, ham, garlic dill pickles, yellow mustard and Swiss cheese. It’s all pressed flat on a torta style bun. It’s got just the right amount of everything, including the mustard and pickles, which are key in a Cuban. A very good sandwich.

Korean BBQ
My  daughter didn’t want a sandwich and just ordered the baked goat cheese appetizer for her lunch ($10.50). I liked the way they change this up—usually baked goat cheese apps come in a big pool of marinara, which is fine, but kind of boring because it is so common. This one comes with roasted garlic olive oil and thyme. I liked the way there were big cloves of roasted garlic as well. It was a tasty bite with some of the cheese and a smear of the roasted garlic. It comes with slices of toasted bread to spread it on. It was good, but can’t say I would order it for my meal.

There were several other sandwiches floating around the table, but the only other one I tried was the Korean roasted BBQ sandwich ($12). It is barbequed pork, kimchi and a fried egg. Quite intriguing sounding, but for me, the execution was a bit lacking. The only moisture came from the egg, and again, it was not very runny and therefore, the whole sandwich was a bit dry. I also expected it to be a bit spicier. I would pass on this one in the future.

So overall, there were some ups and downs food-wise and I can’t say there was anything that really blew my mind, even though there were some tasty items. I hope they fix the brunch menu issue though. Also, the atmosphere at this place is a little stark, particularly since when I have been there, it has been pretty empty. Finally, I thought it somewhat surprising that they are still not brewing their own beer. I wonder if they have just decided not to do it.

Bent Rail Brewery
5301 Winthrop Ave
Indy  46220

20 Sep 20:45

This Dallas Home is Retro Mid-Century Magic — House of the Day

by Tara Bellucci


(Image credit: NTREIS / Virginia Cook, REALTORS via Estately)

Located in the Disney streets area of Dallas, this mid-century home is part retro diner, part Design Within Reach showroom.


23 Sep 12:00

wear this there: le bar botanique.

by Michaela d'Artois

wear this there: le bar botanique of amsterdam. / sfgirlbybay

let’s get tropical this week with an appropriately thematic wear this there. brought to you by le bar botanique of amsterdam, this location is sure to transport you all while you sip cocktails between its emerald-hued four walls (and roof). daydream of being fanned by palm fronds because this is a setting begging for you to put your best stylish foot forward. may we suggest playing up the textures while you playfully flirt with passersby? if not, at least allow us to give you a good book recommendation: the drunken botanist? sounds about right.

~ michaela dartois, vérité published.

wear this there: le bar botanique. / sfgirlbybaywear this there outfit ideas for le bar botanique. / sfgirlbybay

wear this there: pixie market green velvet slip midi dress; ego louisa floral print ankle boot; zara bodysuit with long sleeves; Ray-Ban Clubround Sunglasses from anthropologie; chay black safe perfume fromali golden; read this there the drunken botanist by amy stewart; clare vivier flat clutch; and zara pink quilted bomber jacket.

wear this there: le bar botanique in amsterdam. / sfgirlbybayle bar botanique. / sfgirlbybayle bar botanique of amsterdam. / sfgirlbybaythe bar at le bar botanique of amsterdam. / sfgirlbybay green walls at le bar botanique of amsterdam. / sfgirlbybaywear this there: le bar botanique, amsterdam. / sfgirlbybay

• photos via yatzer


23 Aug 18:00

A Colorful, Budget-Friendly Apartment in Prague

by Caroline Williamson

A Colorful, Budget-Friendly Apartment in Prague

After purchasing an apartment in a hip Prague neighborhood in 2009, a Czech media professional kept it mostly the same. Then last year, he asked his Italian partner, who’s head of interior design firm Stag Pads, to help redesign the entire 45-square-meter (484-square-foot) space on a small budget.


Doing most of the work themselves, except electrical and plumbing, the pair were able to save money. They also mixed budget-friendly IKEA pieces with vintage finds that were fixed or reupholstered to save money while still creating a cool modern interior.


The young, but sophisticated vibe benefits from the use of a fresh color palette, that included yellow, blue, aqua, dark grey, and black.





I love the bathroom’s use of simple black and white tiles in a clean and sharp way.


26 Aug 17:00

A Warehouse is Converted into a Stunning Apartment

by Caroline Williamson

A Warehouse is Converted into a Stunning Apartment

Located in the inner-city suburb of Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia, this renovated apartment can be found in the historic Edwards & Co. building, one of the area’s most recognized structures. Originally a tea factory in the 1920s, it had most recently been used by an advertising agency before architect Josephine Hurley was hired to transform the 300-square-meter (approx. 3229-square-foot) space into a private, two-story residence on the top two floors.


The main level features large arched windows that give the space a distinct look while providing plenty of natural light to the interior. The understated design was thoughtfully executed to respect the building’s history, while modernizing it for everyday life.


A fairly neutral palette of warm grey, rich wood, and crisp white surfaces were used throughout for practicality.


The original brick was left untouched giving the open space character while also providing contrast to the white elements.











Hidden behind what looks like a closet door is a bathroom.



The top floor used to be the caretaker’s office, which they demolished to create a guest retreat. It’s basically its own apartment.


Behind the grey doors is a hidden kitchen letting you slide them shut when you want to keep it under wraps. Copper piping was used in a random design to create light fixtures in the main living space.







Photos by Tom Ferguson.

30 Aug 15:00

The Nude Collection by Caroline Walls

by Nanette Wong

The Nude Collection by Caroline Walls

With a subtle palette of cool greys, nudes, and pops of red, The Nude Collection is a series of minimalist art prints by Caroline Walls. This brand new series was inspired by her studies of the simplified human form. Based in Melbourne, Australia, this set of artworks reduces the female silhouette to its simplest form. She removed excessive details and stuck to simple shapes and lines to create a powerful impact that still has life and movement. The Nude Collection is the result of her studies of the unseen—what lies within a person and makes them intriguing, with a graphic twist.








Caroline Walls_Artworks 03

Caroline Walls_Artworks 01

Caroline Walls_Artworks 04

31 Aug 18:00

Patricia Urquiola Brings Milanese Style to The Room Mate Giulia Hotel in Milan

by Vy Tran

Patricia Urquiola Brings Milanese Style to The Room Mate Giulia Hotel in Milan

I once had a dream that I lived inside a modern art gallery which is essentially what the Room Mate Giulia Hotel in Milan is, except you don’t find yourself in a college dorm when you wake up. When Room Mate employed designer Patricia Urquiola to dress up the interiors, she took the complete creative freedom to design a different kind of hotel experience. While the hotel is only steps away from the Piazza del Duomo and the Vittorio Emanuele gallery, you don’t need to step outside your room to experience a taste of Milanese culture; it’s right inside.


The same pink marble that’s found in the Duomo of Milan can also be found in the hotel lobby.


The use of terracotta bricks in Milanese architecture is a practice also found in the hotel, except with a cool tridimensional effect. Rich shades in terracotta, blues, greens and pinks exude a warm, welcoming atmosphere. (No snobby attitudes or bland walls here!)




Cassina Contract was asked to custom make all the furniture, including made to measure beds, tables, sofas, desks, bathroom dressers, mirrors and curtains.


Throughout the hotel you can find artwork and photographs from Milanesi artists, photographers, and illustrators, a reflection of the creative culture of the city. Geometric patterns are also a reoccurring motif in the interiors.



What: Room Mate Giulia Hotel
Where: Via Silvio Pellico 4 20121 Milano, Italia
How much?: Rooms and suites start at approximately $208 per night. You can stay in any of the 85 rooms of the hotel, which are divided into four categories: Standard, Premium, Deluxe, and Junior suite.
Highlights: A modern home-away-from-home hotel that reflects the Milanese culture right outside the building
Design draw: Every inch of the hotel has been carefully considered to create an authentic experience, from the materials of the walls to the artwork on the walls.
Book it: Visit Room Mate

Photos by Ricardo Labougle

06 Sep 13:00

Modern LEGO Art by David Hughes

by Caroline Williamson

Modern LEGO Art by David Hughes

Architect turned professional LEGO artist (my dream job!) David Hughes builds wall mosaics and figurative sculptures from everyone’s favorite childhood toy, LEGO bricks. His colorful wall pieces bring the playfulness of childhood to contemporary subjects to result in visually dynamic pieces of modern art. With his three-dimensional pieces, Hughes manages to transform the idea of rigid, plastic blocks into graceful works that evoke movement. Take a look:



Tate Modern

Tate Modern













The White Swan

The White Swan

The White Swan

The White Swan

Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet

Swan Lake

Swan Lake

After the Rain

After the Rain

You can purchase his pieces on Etsy.

06 Sep 14:00

Murals Wallpaper Releases a Marble Collection

by Caroline Williamson

Murals Wallpaper Releases a Marble Collection

With no sign of slowing down, marble still remains one of the most popular materials in design. While applying marble to the walls seems like a farfetched (and expensive) idea outside of the bathroom and kitchen, Murals Wallpaper offers a much more practical alternative by way of wallpaper. The brand just released their Marble Collection that will add an elegant effect with limited effort.


Each of the custom-sized, made-to-order wallpapers are captured through HD photography which is then turned into marble prints for your walls.








07 Sep 17:00

The Valencia Lounge Hostel by Masquespacio

by Vy Tran

The Valencia Lounge Hostel by Masquespacio

Spain-based creative agency Masquespacio recently completed designing the interiors of the Valencia Lounge Hostel, a bright, graphic hostel that has the look of a modern hotel but the coziness of a home. Situated in the old town of Valencia, Spain, the 11-room hostel was designed to specifically cater to different travelers with different tastes, lifestyles, and preferences. How? Each room has a different theme to fit different personalities, like surfing, music, and ethnic trends.




The reoccurring motif of graphics patterns can be found throughout the hostel.





To maintain the uniqueness of the hostel, custom made lamps, tables, and decorative elements were all designed exclusively by Masquespacio (with the exception of chairs/armchairs). While the hostel has a mostly contemporary look, authentic elements specific to Valencian homes of the 20th century were retained, such as vintage cement tiles and ceilings decorated with plaster molds.




From Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, creative director of Masquespacio:

We wanted to recreate the feeling for the guests that they were staying in a home, but one that makes them dream, disconnect and live a new experience, while they are enjoying holidays.




What: Valencia Lounge Hostel
Where: Calle Cadirers, 11 – 46001 Valencia, Spain
How much? Rooms start at approximately $41 dollars per night
Highlights: The Valencia Lounge Hostel literally caters to your personality and tastes with its thematically-designed rooms. The hostel was designed to have the look of a modern hotel but coziness of a home.
Design draw: Bold graphics, colorful artwork, and custom decor brighten up every room. Even with the modern interiors, each room is still homey enough so that you can truly enjoying being away from home while feeling at home.
Book it: Visit Valencia Lounge Hostel.

Photos by Luis Beltran.

21 Sep 20:00

On the Street…A Very Dapper Young Man, London

by The Sartorialist


21 Sep 02:41

The science is mounting – giving babies peanuts and eggs cuts allergy risk

by Merryn Netting and Katie Allen

Researchers now have ‘moderate’ certainty that infants should be given potential allergens from four months to help prevent severe reactions

In the 1970s, when we were in school, food allergies were rare. But Australian children now have the highest rate of food allergy in the world. Up to one in 10 infants and two in 10 school-aged children have a proven food allergy.

In the 14 years to 2012 there was a 50% increase in hospital visits for anaphylaxis, the most severe allergic reaction. Infants and toddlers accounted for much of this increase.

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19 Sep 15:16

Shaken and Stirred: Bill Murray, Brooklyn Bartender



As a favor to his son, the restaurant owner Homer Murray, the film star and folk hero serves up shots — and drinks them, too.
02 Sep 18:22

Ind. Gov't - Pence Names Sarah Freeman as a Commissioner of Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

by Marcia Oddi
From the news release:Indianapolis – Governor Mike Pence today named Sarah Freeman as a Commissioner of the Indiana Utility Regulatory...
02 Sep 12:00

wear this there: sketch.

by Michaela d'Artois

sketch's pink dining room in london / sfgirlbybay

we’re having a rock n’ roll moment for a second while we introduce you to this week’s wear this there. sketch is london’s cotton candy dining (and high-tea) experience that is all types of british eccentric, and we’re diving right in -— pinkies up! it’s truly 50 shades of pink everywhere you look, from the booths to your boots. a punk rock floral frock, paired with that killer leather jacket, there’s no rules when it comes to dressing, or decorating. think of this as an ode to those fearless brits that paved the way.

~ michaela d’Artois, vérité published.

pink dining room with chevron carpet inside sketch / sfgirlbybaywear this there: sketch. / sfgirlbybay

wear this there: pixie market tallulah floral maxi dress; ego pink patent ankle boot; prism sonic boom sunglasses; zara long leather effect jacket; zara faux fur minaudiere; credo olio e osso tinted lip balm; and lizzie fortunato blush fringe earrings.

high tea at sketch in london. / sfgirlbybaypink and gold decor with black and white art inside sketch in london / sfgirlbybaypink dining room at sketch / sfgirlbybaypink dining booths and chairs at sketch in london. / sfgirlbybaypink dining room and bar at sketch in london. / sfgirlbybaypink upholstery and walls inside sketch. / sfgirlbybay

• photography via sketch.

30 Aug 21:23

An Appraisal: Gene Wilder’s Understated Nuttiness

Mr. Wilder doesn’t have many comedy descendants. He was too much of an original to copy.
31 Aug 00:59

Han's Modern Guest House Makeover

Old Brand New • Han's Guest House Makeover

My homegirl Han bought a house with her heartmate in Highland Park two years ago. She snatched it at the perfect time because Highland Park is definitely happening and real estate has soured in just a short amount of time. Her home features a guest house in the back which she wanted to turn into a studio or rental. After two years of settling in, she's finally ready to give it a complete makeover. She asked me for some help with the layout design which is one of my favorite things to do. I also included some colors she might be interested in working with. We both gravitate towards yellow so we were sold on a putting a yellow sofa in. It was a fun collaboration as I gave her styling tips from New Orleans and she pretty much ran wild with it. 

Han's guest house is small as you can see below. It's narrow so it was definitely a challenge to bring in all three — lounging, dining, and sleeping — areas into one space. Here's a the layout I created and we stayed true to the plan. 

Old Brand New • Han's Guest House Makeover


Old Brand New • Han's Guest House Makeover Old Brand New • Han's Guest House Makeover

When they bought the house, it had this offensive carpeting so they ripped it out and added wood laminate flooring. 


Old Brand New • Han's Guest House Makeover Old Brand New • Han's Guest House Makeover Old Brand New • Han's Guest House Makeover

We added some wood shelving above the stove for storage and also to create a nice vignette in that blank space. We chose a round dining table as they work best in small spaces. It could also function as a desk.

Old Brand New • Han's Guest House Makeover Old Brand New • Han's Guest House Makeover

We repurposed Han's headboard by wrapping it with a jungalicious blanket we found from Target. 

Old Brand New • Han's Guest House Makeover Old Brand New • Han's Guest House Makeover Old Brand New • Han's Guest House Makeover

The tripod lamp might be one of my favorite piece from Target. It's so affordable and versatile!

Old Brand New • Han's Guest House Makeover

Han installed custom bamboo blinds for all the windows, especially one for above the bed. It looks like it once housed an AC unit and then got patched up with a border around it. It's just odd so we covered it up to create an illusion of a larger window.

Her vibrant guest house is now available on Airbnb. If you plan on visiting Los Angeles anytime soon, this is the place to stay! You can also follow her stylish L.A. adventures on instagram



Yellow Sofa
Coffee Table
Jute Rug
Floor Lamp
Sofa Accent Pillow
Los Angeles Print by Rifle Paper

Monstera Print and Hanger from Living Pattern

Table Lamp
Bed Accent Pillow
Banana Leaf Quit

Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Shelves & Brackets

Design + Photography by Dabito
Styled by Han Le

27 Aug 16:00

A Modern Chicago Home Built From the Ground Up — House Tour

by Arthur Garcia-Clemente
(Image credit: Arthur Garcia-Clemente)

Name: J. & Stephanie Stack, & Baby Leo
Location: Pilsen — Chicago, Illinois
Size: 5,000 square feet
Years lived in: 1-1/2 years; Owned

Calm, cool and collected…these are the feelings you get as you step through the front door of J and Stephanie's home. I am sure, however, the couple probably wasn't feeling calm cool or collected during the 15 month process that they embarked on to rebuild a home from the ground up. I'm sure the feelings were probably more like blood, sweat and tears! They turned an old and dark building into a made-to-measure, modernist, Chicago walkup, where their first son, Leo, would spend his first years. And what a payoff it was, because this hidden gem of a home at the end of the block is a stunner.


28 Aug 16:00

A Vintage Retro Wonderland in Australia — House Tour

by Natalie Jeffcott
(Image credit: Natalie Jeffcott)

Name: Dana Leviston, Mahlie (9) Leon (8)
Location: Yarraville, Melbourne, Australia
Size: Approximately 700 square metres
Years lived in: 11 Years, Rental

This house was built in the 1950s and renovated in the '70s. It came to Dana's family through her father first; he bought the house in 1992 . (There was only one previous owner before their family.) Dana's father immediately made some light, brightening renovations in the '90s, such as knocking walls down to open up the space (sacrificing one of the four bedrooms) and replacing one single solid door with glass sliding doors that open out onto the deck.


24 Aug 16:30

statement making art.

by victoria

oversized colorblocked art print / sfgirlbybay

BRIAN W. FERRY photography for a piece apart.

i really love ‘big impact’ artwork. i used to be more of a ‘gallery kinda girl’ but lately, i just love the simplicity of one great big piece of art that makes a bold statement. i have a large print over my sofa from kiki & polly, and another large photograph by laure joliet in my dining area. there are so many wonderful sources for art these days — we’re really fortunate to have places like etsy and chairish for vintage art, and emerging artists’ work from online galleries like tappan collective, deb carlos, 20×200, mammoth & co. and minted art where art is affordable and very accessible. there’s also parabo press and artifact uprising where you can easily upload and print your very own instagram and smart phone photos. the art world is your oyster these days — and if you’d like still more helpful sources for art, check out my gallery pinboard.

oversized framed art print / sfgirlbybay

marc jacobs home via architectural digest.

oversized black and white art / sfgirlbybay

derek swalwell photography.

oversized black and white art prints / sfgirlbybay

style at home.

large photograph of pink buildings over bench with fur throw / sfgirlbybay

Kimberley Dhollander Dreamy Houses Art Print, at urban outfitters.

framed colorful art prints / sfgirlbybay

laure joliet print shop.

colorful abstract art leaning on mantel / sfgirlbybay

the posters and simply framed, via old brand new.

oversized black and white drawing / sfgirlbybay

Heidi Lerkenfeldt photography.

black and white oversized painting over desk / sfgirlbybay

dave wheeler photography for homes to love.

framed photograph of home exteriors / sfgirlbybay

the paris print shop.

large black and white line painting / sfgirlbybay


large painting over gray tufted sectional sofa / sfgirlbybay

ashe + leandro.

24 Aug 18:03

A black homeowner called 911 to report a carjacking. He wound up getting shot by police.

by Lindsey Bever
Indianapolis police called it "a tragic incident involving a homeowner attempting to protect his family and ... officers trying to do the same thing."
24 Aug 22:07

New planet 'Proxima b' reminds us that the universe isn’t about us

by Joel Achenbach
Another reason to cherish Earth.
25 Aug 09:29

On the Street…The Fortezza, Florence

by The Sartorialist


24 Aug 12:33

12 Trendy And Chic Laptop Skins For The Girlboss

by Gemma Bonham-Carter

I recently got a new computer (my first Mac – can you believe I’ve held off this long?!). I’m all kinds of in love with it. It’s like my third baby. Running my online biz is such a big part of my life, and my computer is the hub of that… so what’s a girl to do? Obviously I want that little machine to look gooood. So I proceeded to lose several hours down the Etsy rabbit hole and came up with some gorgeous laptop skins. Kinda like wallpaper for your computer.

Here are the ones that made the cut – my 12 fave skins. Is it just me, or is it weird that they are called “skins”… kinda gross sounding, right? Anyway, they are all vinyl adhesives, meaning you can just peel them off your computer if you tire of the look with no residue or damage.


The one that you see across a gazillion instagram pics: Classic marble. I ADORE this. It was what I originally searched for, and it’s probably the one I’ll buy. [Grab it here]


But as I kept looking, I kept finding other goodies. Like this “Rose All Day”? Yes, please. [Grab it here]


Can’t decide between white and black marble? How about this two-tone beaut? [Grab it here]

If marble ain’t your thing but you still want that stone look, how amazing is this agate one? I love the veining. [Grab it here]


Pink and pineapples. So cute. [Grab it here]pink-pineapple-laptop-skin

Coconuts more your jam? How cute is this?? I might just have to get this one instead of the marble. Decisions, decisions.  [Grab it here]


I love the geometric pattern, colour scheme, and polka dots in this guy. [Grab it here]


This watercolor cactus skin is so pretty, hey? [Grab it here]


On-trend banana leaf. It would match our new family room perfectly. [Grab it here]


This aqua and lemons pattern is super cheery. [Grab it here]


And how pretty are these succulents? I love love love this one. [Grab it here]


And these ferns? Like straight out of an English garden or something. [Grab it here]


Go grab one of these for yourself to give your laptop a little makeover! Or give as a gift to an entrepreneur, college student, or someone starting a new job. Makes such a cute gift idea, hey?

Which one gets your vote? Got a fave?

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18 Aug 17:50

Ind. Courts - "ACLU uses RFRA to sue jail on behalf of Muslim inmate" [Updated at 1:47]

by Marcia Oddi

Faulk trolling Republicans.

Madeline Buckley of the Indianapolis Star has the story here. Some quotes:The Indiana American Civil Liberties Union is suing the...