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12 Aug 15:54

Curried Chickpea Salad Sliders

by jeanine
Three things I am obsessed with: chickpeas, avocado, and all things MINI… mini pizzas, mini tacos, mini pies, mini skillets. I had these cute little pretzel buns last week so that’s how this recipe started. (Although you could use any kind of … Go to the recipe...
20 Aug 09:00

Road Trip-- Krueger's Tavern, Cincinnati, OH

by Erin in Indy
Recently we went to Cincinnati with some friends to see a Reds game. Ok, the men wanted to see the game—I was looking forward to trying a new restaurant beforehand, and am easily convinced to do whatever if I know this is in the cards (incidentally though, if I am going to watch a sport live, it’s going to be baseball).

One of the friends is picky picky about food (I’m talking about you Pat) so we agreed to find a fried chicken place. I asked around and was told to try The Eagle. And I know one of these is planning to open up in Indy in the future, so I thought it sounded like a good idea. Sadly, we were told when we got there that there was at least an hour and a half wait for a table, so we had to go elsewhere (even though they called like 40 minutes later to say we could have a table, but by then we had already gone somewhere else. Too bad, because if they had told us 40 minutes to start, we might have waited.) Anyway, after walking by packed restaurant after packed restaurant on Vine Street, we scored one of the last available tables at Krueger’s Tavern, which as it turns out, is owned by the same group that owns the Eagle and Bakersfield. The men chose this place and it is a very manly menu consisting of mainly burgers and sausage platters. I was a teeny bit grumbly at this point (the women were pushing for Taste of Belgium), but settled down when I saw the hot Gruyere dip ($6) on the menu. We ordered that as well as the hot beer cheese ($6).

Both of the dips were good—my favorite was the Gruyere dip though. It had the cheese as well as bits of bacon, caramelized onions and scallions and was served with really nicely crunchy slices of baguette that were brushed with olive oil. The bread was done perfectly. And the salty nutty cheese was complemented perfectly with the bacon and green onions. It was intensely rich, but delicious. The beer cheese was also good, but they just served this with hunks of rye and white bread that were soft, which wasn’t as exciting (although made sense with the runnier beer cheese). The consistency was much thinner on this one. It tasted good, but just didn’t have the same depth.

I split the Krueger’s burger ($9) with one of my friends, as well as a side of the frites ($4). They grind their own beef in-house and I have to say, even though the two patties were cooked pretty well through (they didn’t ask), the beef was very good quality and very moist. The patties were topped with American cheese, shredded lettuce, onion, special sauce and pickles. The whole lot was served on a Challah bun. It was a tasty burger—apparently was named one of the top 5 burgers in Cincinnati (#4 to be precise I think) and I could see that. If it  were in Indy, I could see it being the 4th or 5th best burger. It was good. A little pinkness and it could have been outstanding.  The frites were also very good. I liked the malt vinegar aioli that came with it. It was almost like combining my two favorite sauces at Brugge into one, which I think is sort of genius (I always get the aioli and the sherry vinegar with salt at Brugge). Creamy, yet super tangy too. The fries were pretty crisp and dusted generously with salt and pepper.

Hubby had the Cuban sandwich, which I got a couple of bites of—it was very good as well. He loved it. I thought the stuff inside it—the braised pork shoulder, ham, Gruyere, Dijon, black bean puree and homemade pickles were all very well done and in just the right proportions (you gotta be able to taste the pickles!), but I thought the bread was a little too dense for me—it overpowered the stuff inside a bit. Usually it seems like Cubans are a bit more flat. This one was pretty fat. Hubby raved about it though.

This place has a ton of beer choices—tons of random beers in cans especially, and I was happy they had a couple of fairly decent wine choices for a place like this. All in all, I was pleased with the overall quality of this place. I’m pretty sure it would likely do well in Indy too. The place was very busy, but I would say the service was pretty good, and the food exceeded my expectations based on looking at the menu (and no research).

Krueger’s Tavern
1211 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Incidentally, since we didn’t get our fried chicken fix in Cincinnati, we stopped at Wagner’s in Oldenburg on the way home for lunch. I have written about this place before but here’s a lovely picture of our fried chicken lunch.

24 Aug 09:30

Delicia- Brunch

by Erin in Indy
Hubby and I had a chance to go to a weekend brunch on our own the other day and decided to give Delicia a try—we weren’t sure whether the kids would be huge fans, so this was a good opportunity. A lot of you have recommended it to me when I am complaining about the lack of brunch places in Indy as well. 

First of all, on a Sunday, it wasn’t too busy, which was nice because you didn’t really need a reservation (although they do take them, which I appreciate) and they have a full bar so if you’re one who wants a Bloody Mary or some such thing, you can get it here. All of the menu sounds really good, and it was hard to choose—lots of eggs, which you know makes me happy. Less of the sweet-type options, if that is what you tend to go for though.

We decided to start with a little brunch cocktail—I was interested in trying something different, because although I love margaritas, I have actually never loved the margaritas at Delicia. I spied a drink called the Caipirinha ($9)—made with cachaca, which is like a rum that is distilled from cane sugar, muddled limes and sugar. It was very good. It was tart, but the alcohol balanced it nicely. I would easily get one of these in the future here instead of a margarita. Hubby had a lovely mimosa ($7) served in a wide, old-fashioned champagne glass. Both drinks were quite nice.

We negotiated over the menu a bit, and settled on chilaquiles rojos ($9) and the huevos benedictos ($11).  You guys, these were both really delicious. It has been awhile since I’ve been to Delicia for dinner, and honestly I have had ups and downs food-wise, but brunch was great. I was impressed.

The chilaquiles were interesting—there were lots of tortillas that were mixed in, but they weren’t particularly crunchy. This surprised me, but ultimately didn’t bother me. They still had a dense texture that gave the dish a nice variation and that corn flavor. The tortillas were topped with a mild chile sauce, mole sauce, Chihuahua cheese and queso fresco. Oh, and of course two fried eggs that had nice runny yolks. This dish was wonderful—it had such wonderfully savory flavors and the chile sauce rounded it out nicely. You could add chicken or chorizo for an additional cost, and I was going to, but forgot. I was glad I forgot though because I think it was just perfect as is.

The huevos benedictos were also really delicious. It was the Delicia version of eggs benedict, but they made this one with English muffins sliced very thin, which were topped with beautifully poached eggs, a chipotle hollandaise sauce and slices of crisp Serrano ham on top. This was very well done. First of all, I loved the crisp ham—this is something I do with Prosciutto frequently—stick it in the oven and let it get crisp. It intensifies the flavor and gives you a nice crunchy bite. The eggs were cooked just right—nice and runny inside and I liked the little extra smoke and heat that came from the sauce. I appreciated that the muffins weren’t too bready either. If you want to go with something more familiar, which is ratcheted up a notch, this is a good choice. It also came with a side of breakfast potatoes, which I didn’t try because--did you see how many tortillas were on the other plate? Plus, I rarely meet home fries that I really like.

All in all, this is a place that is definitely going into the brunch rotation for sure. They even have a small children’s menu for brunch that I
think might woo my kids.

5215 N. College Ave
Indy  46220

24 Aug 16:20

Zoeller to Teach at Indiana Tech Law School

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller will teach at Indiana Tech Law School in Fort Wayne. Starting this week, he will teach a course on Indiana constitutional law. Zoeller recently participated in a course at the Indiana University McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis.
25 Aug 15:26

Another Grocery Delivery Service Comes to Indy, Carmel


Chris has already ordered our first cart. lol

A California-based grocery delivery company has expanded into central Indiana. Instacart says it is partnering with Whole Foods Market, Costco, Marsh Supermarkets, Georgetown Market and Petco to provide one-hour doorstep deliveries.
25 Aug 17:34

IDEM Has New Leader

Carol Comer has been named commissioner of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. She currently serves as IDEM chief of staff and will succeed Tom Easterly, who announced his retirement last month.
23 Aug 17:51

BlueIndy Sets Launch Date

BlueIndy says the electric car-sharing service will officially begin early next month. The program will include 25 stations throughout Indianapolis.
19 Aug 19:30

Pale Pink Living Rooms: Successful Style Ideas to Make this Wall Color Work

by Adrienne Breaux

Guest bedroom turned master bedroom? Potential nursery?

Pale pink walls is a hot new color trend for living rooms (okay just about any room) but while it's a versatile color, it's also an uncommon one. To see if your living room can handle it or see if it's the kind of color you might like to add to your home, check out these eight bold and blush pink living rooms pulling off the look perfectly.


19 Aug 17:00

Black and White and Gold in the Bathroom

by Nancy Mitchell

Basement bathroom dreamz.

Black and white and gold is a striking color combination, and nowhere is that more true than in the bathroom. Gold fixtures in the bathroom is a look we're seeing more and more of, and paired with a black and white color scheme, they add a pleasing bit of drama to a humble space.


19 Aug 18:45

This Sky Pool Will be Suspended Between 2 London Buildings — Design News

by Tara Bellucci

Part of a new development in south London, a glass-bottomed swimming pool will be suspended between two ten-story apartment blocks. Modeled after an aquarium, the sky pool will connect the two buildings, slated for completion in 2017.


17 Aug 18:00

11 Amazing Vintage IKEA Pieces We Wish They Would Bring Back

by Nancy Mitchell

There is some pretty great stuff at IKEA. But it's hard not to be jealous of IKEA shoppers from the 70s and 80s when you see some of the amazing stuff that used to line the retailer's shelves. Here are eleven favorite vintage pieces that we'd love to see make a comeback.


13 Aug 17:06

What's on Obama's summer reading list

by Eliza Collins
He has six books to occupy his vacation time, according to a report from ABC News.
12 Aug 21:49

Sotomayor to Speak at Notre Dame

United States Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor will speak next month at the University of Notre Dame. She will take part in a discussion with NBC News correspondent Anne Thompson and U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Ann Claire Williams, who are both Notre Dame graduates and trustees.
10 Aug 15:39

Carly Fiorina Is Dead Wrong About Paid Parental Leave

by Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig
Over the weekend, Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina followed up her much-lauded debate performace with a CNN appearance in which she came out against any federal mandate regarding paid pare
07 Aug 15:09

Paid Leave This Week: Netflix and Microsoft Make Life Easier for New Parents

by Esther Breger
Netflix will offer new moms and dads “unlimited’ paid leave. Employees can take off as much time as they want in the first year after their child’s birth, a poli
21 Jul 16:30

Storage with Style: 15 Bins & Baskets

by Carrie McBride

For most of us, it's just not practical to stash everything away in a drawer or closet. Bins and baskets are a great way to keep things handy, but also contained. Whether you're looking for an attractive way to store some toys in the living room, a place to stash your knitting project or your favorite magazines, here are fifteen stylish options that will look good in any room:


24 Jul 12:00

new wave kitchen.

by victoria

new wave kitchen design by dries otten / sfgirlbybay

in the 80’s i was obsessed with these colors! i painted white shirts with kooky neon pastels and accessorized my apartment in full tilt new wave splendor — hey, don’t judge, it was my very first apartment! but this kitchen — this is done to perfection and not one bit as cheesy as my first place. Polished pine plywood, pastel paired with bright bold paint, with laminate counters and perforated pegboard is stunning, and so happy at the same time! designed by dries otten interior architects, you can see the full tour and more of their beautifully bold and inventive work on their website.

colorful kitchen design by dries otten / sfgirlbybay

kitchen cabinet design by dries otten / sfgirlbybay

kitchen sheling design by dries otten / sfgirlbybay

kitchen design by dries otten / sfgirlbybay

pegboard kitchen design by dries otten / sfgirlbybay

kitchen by dries otten / sfgirlbybay

• photography via dries otten.

23 Jul 13:15

At Home With Paula Passini

by A Beautiful Mess

At Home with Paula PassiniLiving roomToday we are welcoming Paula Passini to the blog to share her amazing apartment with us!

Love this spaceKitchenLove this cradenza!"I moved to this apartment in 2011 after taking a sabbatical year to travel around the world with my boyfriend. At the time, it took me a few months to find a perfect spot to live–we wanted an old realty because their structure is better, with larger windows and high ceiling. As usual with old realty, the place was in bad shape. So we had to make a huge makeover: knocking down walls, opening up spaces and exposing the original bricks in the living room. I love the living room because it's where I host my friends, relax, listen to some music and spend most of my day. It’s also where I display the objects that I love.

Paula PassiniRecord playerJewelry dishes"Most of my objects came from a long trip that I took with my boyfriend and that lasted almost a year. We avoided traditional tourists’ destinations and visited exotic countries such as Laos, China, Morocco, Lebanon, Mongolia… Those objects are special because they can’t be found easily, they’re unique and they remind me of those lovely places that I had the privilege to visit. I also have a family heirloom that I really love: my grandpa's record player—it reminds me of him listening to operas every Sunday morning.

OfficeDecor detailsBathroom"I've lived in this apartment for four years now and it definitely goes along with my inner changes. Once I moved in I started working on an Interior Designer degree, so my home kind of became a place where I could try out my ideas and see what would work and what wouldn’t. Even today my home continues to change, just like myself." 

Thanks for sharing, Paula! You can find more of Paula on her blog and Instagram. xo.

Credits// Author: Paula Passini. Photography: Igor Giroto.

22 Jul 17:54

14 Ceiling Fans that Don’t Look Terrible!

by Making it Lovely

Our house does not have central air, and Chicago summers are hot and humid. I was a little concerned that we would be uncomfortable as the temperatures rose, but it hasn’t been too bad. A shady porch for enjoying a breeze helps. 10′ tall ceilings inside and transom windows above the bedroom doors help. Window A/C units help. Portable fans help, and though I’d rather choose fixtures for looks alone, ceiling fans help. There are four in the house already, and we’re planning to add at least two more.

14 Ceiling Fans that Don't Look Terrible!

Here’s what I’ve been looking for in a fan:

  • simple and classic, early vintage style, or industrial-inspired

  • nothing too modern or so simple that it looks cheap

  • light kit optional (depends on the room — lamps/sconces are adequate in bedrooms)

  • four or five blades

  • no gimmicks (gyro fans, palm leaves, etc.)

  • black, bronze, or brass (in another house I might prefer white, but here I don’t think the color works as well)

  • roughly 48″ across, give or take a little

Some of these are available in several finishes, but I tried to stick to black or dark bronze for the roundup so they could be compared more readily by shape and style than by color. Many are also adaptable to house a light kit, and the down rod can often be adjusted for height.

14 Ceiling Fans that Don't Look Terrible! | Making it Lovely

Classic Bistro Style

  1. 52″ Harbor Breeze Classic Outdoor Ceiling Fan, Lowe’s, $80

  2. 42″ Progress Lighting Airpro Builder Ceiling Fan, Lowe’s, $111

  3. 52″ Sea Gull Lighting Quality Ceiling Fan, Lowe’s, $171

  4. 43″ Gemma Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan, Home Depot, $242

  5. 52″ Bistro Ceiling Fan, Restoration Hardware, $289

  6. 54″ Ainsworth Ceiling Fan, House of Antique Hardware, $310

  7. 52″ Heron No Light 4-Blade Ceiling Fan, Rejuvenation, $450

  8. 52″ Hunter Original Ceiling Fan, House of Antique Hardware, $463


  1. 52″ Progress Lighting North Park 4-Blade Ceiling Fan, Lowe’s, $214

  2. 42″ or 52″ Lapa Ceiling Fan, Barn Light Electric, $446

  3. 42″ or 52″ Machine Age Polished Copper Ceiling Fan, Barn Light Electric, $475

  4. 52″ Industry Ceiling Fan, Restoration Hardware, $499

  5. 60″ Peregrine Industrial No Light 4-Blade Ceiling Fan, Rejuvenation, $500
    also seen in the leading image, with an LED light

  6. 52″ Earhart Ceiling Fan, Restoration Hardware, $579

p.s. I totally should have had two matching post titles in a row.

© 2015, published by Making it Lovely as 14 Ceiling Fans that Don’t Look Terrible! | 18 comments | affiliate links may be used in posts

20 Jul 16:03

Courts - Several interesting legal rulings noted by NYT this weekend

by Marcia Oddi
"U.S. Agency Rules for Gays in Workplace Discrimination,", July 17, Noam Scheiber's long story begins:WASHINGTON — The United States Equal...
20 Jul 17:09

Ind. Gov't. - "Zoeller running for Congress creates opening in AG contest"

by Marcia Oddi
Dan Carden writes today in the NWI Times:INDIANAPOLIS | Attorney General Greg Zoeller announced Monday he is running to represent...
20 Jul 10:13


by bri

I need a mirror for my new office space and I’m trying to find a fun one that would add something interesting to our decor. I looked around the web for inspiration and then I thought to myself it might be easier just to buy a vintage mirror at a flea market and jazz it up a little! Here are a few ideas that have caught my eye. Do you have a favorite? –stephanie


via refinery29


via the design files


diy via a beautiful mess


diy via almost makes perfect


diy via sugar and cloth


from bride and wolfe


from bride and wolfe

17 Jul 17:35

Easterly to Retire From IDEM

Indiana Department of Environmental Management Commissioner Thomas Easterly has announced his retirement. He has served as the department's top official since 2005 and has held the position longer than anyone else in state history.
09 Jul 09:00

Sangrita Saloon

by Erin in Indy
Hubby and I wanted a kind of light, early dinner the other night after traveling all day and he mentioned Mexican food (not exactly light) and Sangrita popped into my mind. I didn’t know a ton about it, but I knew it was more of a cocktail place (saloon they call it) with small dishes and a somewhat limited menu, so we headed over there. Plus, it’s NEW! 

First of all, as I said, it isn’t a huge menu—a few appetizers and 4 kinds of tacos and sides pretty much, but I really appreciate the fact that the kitchen is focusing on these things and not trying to do too much. The drink menu in this is way bigger. They have a huge list of Agave-based choices.

We did get a couple cocktails because, you know, research and all. Hubby started with the Margarita classic ($7) and I got the Margarita Jardin ($9) just to be different. Both were very good—lots of fresh juice and nice quality booze being used here. I liked the addition of the grapefruit and basil in mine—it really did make it sort of taste like my garden, which is full of basil. I can’t stand mint in drinks, and this was a nice variation. The only knock I have for either was that they were on the small side (lots of ice) for the price. But it didn’t stop me from ordering a second. And they were very good drinks.

The food, though, wow, I really enjoyed it. Especially the tacos. We started with a bowl of the queso fundido ($6) plus Smoking Goose chorizo ($2). I liked their version of cheese dip—it had a nice flavor from the sautéed onions and poblano peppers that were mixed into the queso blanco. They then throw some pieces of the sliced chorizo in there. I liked the taste of the chorizo in there, although I would probably prefer more, smaller pieces, rather than the 4 or so slices that were in there. I just cut mine a little smaller to make them go farther. It’s not a super spicy chorizo, but added some heft and smoke to the cheese. Then the top was drizzled with red chili oil. We added a bit more of the chili sauce they provided on the table and we really enjoyed it. The chips are also good—light and crisp, but hold up well to the cheese. I would like to try the salsas as well next time.

They have a selection of 4 types of tacos. The way they are listed on the menu, you choose two (of the same type) and get 2 sides with them (the meal is $12 for the meat tacos and $10 for the veggie version). I really wanted to try more than just one type of taco, so we ordered them a la carte and got one each of the meat varieties. I think they charged us like $3-4 bucks per taco this way.

The tacos were really, really good. The meat is the star here, as it is supposed to be in straightforward traditional tacos, but they really know what they’re doing. My favorite was actually the chicken ones, and after we tried them all, I got a second one of these. The chicken thigh meat is marinated in tequila, citrus, garlic, and jalapeno and is wonderfully tender and you can really taste the marinade. It isn’t dry at all, and then with the addition of crema, onions and cilantro, it was just the perfect combo of creamy with the meat shining through. Loved them.

Our second favorite (and hubby’s first favorite and the one he got a second one of) was the pork—it was spiced Coca Cola braised pork belly and shoulder with Pasilla salsa, onions and cilantro. The salsa was a little spicy, but mostly smoky and added even more moisture to already super tender meat (like I said, they’re killing it with the meat here).
Second round--1 chicken, 1 pork

We also had the skirt steak taco, and don’t get me wrong, it was mighty tasty too—it was super tender and is marinated in Chipotle seasoning, which gave it nice depth of flavor too. This taco is topped with poblano crema, charred scallions, cilantro and radish. I liked the variation of toppings in each version, and I liked that they all added not just extra flavor, but extra moisture to the tacos. They were small, and only used one corn tortilla shell (which I prefer so it doesn’t dominate the flavor of the meat so much).

They’re a cross between very traditional tacos with just the meat, cilantro and onions and the super gooey ones with all kids of stuff added. For me, it’s the perfect middle ground—not overwhelming (or hiding) the meat, which here is wonderfully seasoned and cooked, but also adding just some complimentary things that just take it to another level of deliciousness. 

We also sat outside on a gorgeous day—they have a lovely deck (it’s not huge though) right on 64th Street in Broad Ripple. Our service was very attentive and the food and drinks arrived promptly. Seriously, this is one of my favorites of the new places that have recently opened in Indy (that I have been to, of course). I can’t wait to go back and try the other things on the menu. And next time, I will likely get a platter so I can try the sides now that I have a favorite taco. Although, I really need to try the veggie taco too….

Sangrita Saloon
834 East 64th Street
Indy 46220
07 Jul 20:59


by Summer Allen

Designers/illustrators: Craig Redman & Karl Maier, New York and London. (See also: shop, Instagram & Twitter)
16 Jul 13:00

The Best Wallpaper Roundup (ever)

by Emily
The Best Wallpaper Roundup_Emily Henderson_Header

Wallpaper can be daunting to shop for, commit to and hang. But when you do it correctly, it really MAKES a room. It not only provides a big pattern that creates impact but it actually makes the rest of the room easier to design because you have this super solid style that leads everything. So, folks, it was time to divulge our favorite wallpaper resources to you all, picking some of my personal favorites from each. Just a cool 181 different favorite patterns for you to choose from.


1. Shadowcat in Blueberry 2. Forest in Smokey 3. Lovebirds 4. Boating in Marina 5. Wildflower in Spring 6. Crop Circles in Tin 7. Astrobots in Thunder 8. Piña in Sunset 9. Deliciosa in Peacock

This has been one of my favorite sources for fun, fresh and playful patterns. They all come in a variety of color ways, and I loved her Shadowcat pattern so much that I used it the Cattery project I did last year.

Wallpaper Roundup_Miss_Print

1. Mountains in Red Sun | 2. Leaves in Dove Grey | 3. Foxglove in Tiki | 4. Poppy in Cottage Green | 5. Dewdrops in Citron | 6. Ditto in Julep | 7. Guatemala in Bronze | 8. Cotton Tree in Snapdragon Red | 9. Woods in Solar 

They have got some fun and crazy patterns that would be great to add some serious drama to any room. I especially love their Ditto pattern.


1. Egrets | 2. Japanese Floral | 3. Scatter Daisy | 4. Shadow Floral | 5. Ikeda | 6. Spotted Floral | 7. Cockatoos | 8. Horses Stampede | 9. The Cranes

Oh, Flo. She is a super inspiring Australian designer and her patterns are mostly from the 60’s and yet feel so incredibly fresh and just generally amazing. They aren’t cheap, but man are they special.


1. Underwater World | 2. Safari | 3. Peonies | 4. Otomi | 5. Diamante | 6. Daydream | 7. Triangles | 8. Petal Pusher | 9. Garden

Hygee & West carries some of my favorite patterns that I seem to go to for inspiration each time I need a new wallpaper for a project. Check out how I used their Petal Pusher pattern which was designed by my friend Joy Cho for her living room.

Wallpaper Roundup_Graham_And_Brown

1. Tudor House | 2. Strata Lavender | 3. Funky Flora | 4. Enigma White & Prussian Blue | 5. Mermaids Moonbeam | 6. Arches | 7. Starstruck Midnight | 8. Frames | 9. Isabelle Blue

I am sure that we have all seen that Frames wallpaper on one of our pinterest boards somewhere (I used it here). These guys have a little bit of everything to suit anyone’s taste levels and generally the prices are cheap.


1. Hop in Silver | 2. Betta in Warm Sand | 3. Dune in Silver Beach | 4. Cascade in Silver Rain | 5. Voyager in Candy Land | 6. Jam in Gold | 7. My House in Pink | 8. Drops in Charcoal | 9. Sandstone in Gold Rock 

I could be completely satisfied with so many of their prints in my new nursery that I am designing. They are fun fresh and totally modern in a way that will stay current for years to come.

1. Hops in Rosie | 2. Birds Of Paradigm in Cario | 3. Vernon in Charcoal | 4. I See You in White | 5. Water Towers in Shadow | 6. Navajo in Pastel | 7. Bowie in Pink | 8. Migration in London | 9. Paleolith in Charcoal 

Some of these are a little bit off the wall but in all the right ways (no pun intended). They have some large scale prints that really command the space as well as some darling prints like #7 that add just the right touch of whimsy.


1. Foudre | 2. The Wild | 3. The Cave | 4. Animal | 5. Modular | 6. Coromandel | 7. Cloudy | 8. Birds Black | 9. Mosaic

These guys are not for the faint of heart. They are not available in the US for purchase but can be shipped over. I used their Animal pattern in Charlie’s nursery and it still makes me happy every time I walk in to the room. Their patterns are all custom made for your room so that their murals really captivate the space.

Wallpaper Roundup_Makelike

1. Spine | 2. Lush | 3. Mushroom | 4. Succulent | 5. Pointy | 6. Range | 7. Zig Zag | 8. Perennial | 9. Burst

Blue Trees, Green Cacti, and anything else that your little Alice in Wonderland Heart could desire. They have a fun mix of botanicals, modern graphic prints, and well Mushrooms if that is your sorta thing.

Wallpaper Roundup_Turner Pocock Cazalet

1. Penguins | 2. Zoology | 3. Tucan | 4. Zebra | 5. Ostrich | 6. Ibis | 7. Owlet | 8. Tennis | 9. Cricket

These guys fulfill my animalistic tendencies in all the right ways. They have got some great patterns that are fun,  youthful, and perfect for a kids room.

Wallpaper Roundup_Jocelyn_Warner

1. Cube Star in Smoke | 2. Botanical in Limestone | 3. Dandy in Blue Note | 4. Kew in Gold | 5. Great 8 in Ghost | 6. Peony in Stone | 7. Tree Tops in Silver | 8. Poppy in Viola | 9. Blossom in Renaissance Gold

Silvers, Golds, Metalics, and Flowers… what else could a girl need in her life (or in her wallpaper). Their metallics are some of my favorites as they bounce around the light of the room in just the right way without going too cheeky.


1. Grasscloth Les Brin De Bamboo in Ruby | 2. Web in Parchment | 3. Seven Sisters | 4. Lotus Flower in Smoke | 5. Trash Day in Jealousy | 6. Petite Pineapple | 7. Cones in Au Chocolat | 8. South Beach Toile in Lily Pink/Green | 9. Blast Off!

They have got some very off the wall patterns and narrative murals that are bound to make your friends, and your walls talk (literally) and if that is not your thing then you can find some beautiful geometrics and florals in their shop as well.


1. Angles in Copper | 2. Mr. Chrysanth | 3. Summer | 4. Tundra | 5. Pavillon Birds in Blue | 6. Asuka in Grey | 7. Hello Yarrow in Natural | 8. Succulent in Grey | 9. Diamond in Indigo 

Walnut Wallpapers:

These guys have an extensive collection of prints, botanicals, and geometrics in a huge variety of colorways. They also have a handful of designer collections that are tailored to suit every style.


1. Climbing Orchid in Red | 2. Garden Chinoiserie | 3. Cross Grain in Neutral | 4. Glowing Pebble in Cream | 5. Textured Foil in Gold | 6. Nuvolette | 7. Blazing Poppies | 8. Smokey Rose in Grey | 9. For The Trees in Indigo

Here is my big secret…. Anthropologie sells wallpaper, and damn is it good. They really pick the creme de la creme of patterns and designers to sell online. Their patterns rotate with each season so if you find something you love snag it up before it’s gone.


1. Native in Parchment 2. Nani in ‘Ula ‘Ula 3.4. Little Havana in Henri 5. Desert Rose in Aubergine 6. Tania in Post Modern 7. Bark in Brich 8. Manitou in Clear Water 9. Shanti in Jhumpa

These guys take abstract wallpapers to a whole new level. Some of their prints even look like they have been block printed so it really makes your walls look custom and much better than any old bland beige paint that you could slap on.


1. Shadows Of The Paranormal | 2. Aquatic | 3. All Of Us | 4. Dead Trees | 5. Girls | 6. Hands | 7. Lines Forest | 8. Apples | 9. Little Whales

Pottok has some very fun prints. if you are looking for stripes and chinoiserie then steer clear but if you want fun, modern, playful and youthful prints then you can get lost in some of their dreamy wallpapers.

Wallpaper Roundup_Farrow and Ball

1. Ringwold 2. Amime | 3. Closet Stripe | 4. Aranami | 5. Ranelagh | 6. Polka Square | 7. Lattice | 8. Tourbillion | 9. Peony

Farrow and Ball has long been the king of the best paint colors but they also carry wallpaper, and my is it beautiful. It leans more to the traditional side but I love some of their prints. I used #7 in the Bridal Suite at the fig house and it added just the perfect amount of glam.

Wallpaper Roundup_Mini_Modern

1. Dungeness in Coach Denim | 2. Sitting Comfortably? in Snow | 3. Pet Sounds in Harvest Orange | 4. Peggy in Mustard | 5. Feathers in Chalkhill Blue | 6. P.L.U.T.O. in Washed Denim | 7. Gulls in Chalkhill Blue | 8. Festival in Red & Blue | 9. Whitby in Washed Denim

Anyone who has a wallpaper print with vintage midcentury modern chair silhouettes is bound to be on my roundup of the best wallpapers online. They have some very fun playful prints to feast your eyes on.


1. Apothecary’s Garden | 2. Bat & Poppy | 3. Alice In Wonderland | 4. Hydrangea | 5. I Love Little Pussy | 6. Bird & Bramble | 7. Rook & Holly | 8. Seagulls | 9. Angelic Forest

These guys make reproductions of some of the most beautiful antique prints. I have been keeping them a secret for quite some time so that I can cover every room in my country house (which doesn’t exist) with a different print. That Alice in Wonderland print is beyond words.

Wallpaper Roundup_Lizzie_Allen

1. Changing Of The Guards At Buckingham Palace in Spring | 2. Up, Up And Away! | 3. London City Gents | 4. Jazz in Central Park 5. Festival Of Britain At Southbank | 6. Red Buses & Black Cabs | 7. The Royal Guard’s | 8. St. Paul’s | 9. Changing Of The Guards At Buckingham Palace in Autumn

For those of you that miss a little bit of class or english charm in your life, you might find it on your walls with any of these prints. They have a great collection of British inspired prints in some very fun and vibrant color ways.


1. Floral Graffiti in Vieux 2. Conté Stripe in Champignon 3. Refracted in Gris 4. Silk Scarf in Cadmium 5. Fluidity in Or 6. Outside The Box in Geranium 7. Painter’s Palette in Naples Yellow 8. En Plein Air in Gris 9. Tangled in Argent 

Their wallpapers will take your room to a whole different level. Each pattern is designed after hand painted pieces which means your room will look as if the most skilled artisan came in and transformed your room.


1. Paint Flowers | 2. Valparaiso | 3. Bellewood | 4. Montaña in Blue | 5. Hostal Las Luces in Green | 6. Medow | 7. Twinkle Twinkle in Black | 8. Welcome To The Jungle | 9. Surface Dots

I recently stumbled into these guys when I was sourcing some new inspiration and wallpaper for my new nursery (for the baby on the way) and I fell in love with #3. They have a little bit of everything and can custom make it for your room so that the pattern and mural is continuous across all your walls.

Wallpaper Roundup_Clever_Spaces

1. Marble | 2. Grid | 3. Angle | 4. Remix | 5. Harlequin | 6. Half Moon | 7. Herringbone | 8. Wilderness | 9. Vanitas

If geometrics are your thing, then you definitely will not get sick of what Clever Spaces has to offer.

1. Scallops | 2. Geranium | 3. Ohoy | 4. Gran | 5. Mountains | 6. Fir Forest

Her wallpapers are a co-collaboration between herself and her talented son who draws a lot of the fun and whimsical patterns which she uses. I used her ships pattern in one of my projects and it was such a fun addition to the room.

Wallpaper Roundup_Eskayel

1. Bungalow in Aura | 2. Akimbo 10 | 3. Grasscloth Banda in Midnight | 4. Paw Paw in Flare | 5. Head Hunter in Dew | 6. Dynasty in Indigo | 7. Akimbo 5 in Greyscale | 8. Peilungua Peaks in Mulberry | 9. Omaha Kinship in Breeze

These guys have a lot of tribal and watercolor inspired prints which if that’s your thing would be perfect to add to any of your walls.


1. Pas De Trois in Gold | 2. Cle Elum in Denim | 3. Sisters Of The Sun in Gold & Navy | 4. Big Moon in Silver | 5. The Sou’Wester in Copper & Patina | 6. After Chinterwink in Sunset | 7. Indian Summer in Lilac & Charcoal | 8. A View Of The Woods in Mint & Cream | 9. Salad Days in Straw & Orange

Juju wallpapers are local to Portland and we all know how much I love a small business, especially a small business in Portland that puts out some lovely patterns for your walls.

Wallpaper Roundup_Cole_And_Sons

1. Hicks’ Hexagon | 2. Fountainebleu | 3. Acquario | 4. Wisteria | 5. Great Vine | 6. Woods | 7. Great Wave | 8. Flamingos | 9. Poppy

Flamingos, Waves, Trees, Poppies, Fish and Parrots… these guys have it all, and I love their saturated but not crazy prints. Their patterns are classics and feel painstakingly hand-drawn by artists.

1. Animal House in Blue Lagoon | 2. Floria | 3. Buggie in Flashy Cadet | 4. Mr. Blow in Bone Thugs & Harmony | 5. A Beautiful Mind in American Beauty | 6. Gossip in Eden | 7. Holden in Captain Nemo | 8. Spot in Prince | 9. Lobby in Royale

These guys are exactly what they say they are; a little bit abnormal and a little bit amazing. I hung quite a handful of these in my office for our opening party and everyone couldn’t get enough of them.

There you have it folks over 200 of my favorite wallpapers. Now get out there and wallpaper your life.

*In case you missed our other EPIC roundups, check out: Best Online Fabric and Best Online Art

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Chocolate & Orange Madeleine Cookies

by A Beautiful Mess

Chocolate Orange Madeleine Cookies (via feel sort of bad because I don't have anything red, white and blue to share with you before our Fourth of July weekend begins. Total fail on that. I'm pretty sure you can click around and find plenty, but still.

No, instead I decided to fill your mind with thoughts of chocolaty goodness—total weekend food no matter what you're celebrating this weekend. 

Chocolate Madeleine Cookies (via we jump into how to make these deceptively easy cookies, I just need to point out a possible serving option. I HIGHLY recommend you slice these in half and fill with Nutella and fresh strawberries (or raspberries). It's the tops! You go from just a good cookie to A TOTALLY AMAZING WHOOPIE PIE.

Just saying.

Chocolate madeleine recipe Chocolate & Orange Madeleines, makes one dozen standard size madeleines.

4 eggs
2/3 cup sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
3/4 cup flour
1/4 cup cocoa
1/4 cup melted, cooled butter
zest from one orange

In a bowl beat together the eggs, sugar and salt until well combined and the batter begins to slightly change in color. Stir in the vanilla.

Chocolate madeleine recipeStir in the flour and cocoa. Then stir in the melted and slightly cooled butter. Stir until just combined and nearly no lumps remain in your batter (you do not need to over mix here).

Naked orange!Excuse me, but your rind is showing. 

(Lame naked fruit joke.)

Now add in the orange zest. Then spoon the batter into your buttered madeleine pan. Bake at 375°F for 8-10 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into the center of a cookie comes out clean. Allow to cool for just a few minutes before removing from the pan to a cooling rack.

Chocolate Orange Madeleine Cookies (via If you've never had madeleines before, they are dense and cake-y. Great for making little whoopie pies (as already explained) or you can serve one or two along side a scoop of ice cream. You can also just eat them warm out of the oven by yourself while still wearing your dusty apron. Maybe you can guess which one I did. :) Enjoy and happy 4th of July weekend! xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

13 Jul 13:15

Crème Brûlée Topped Cinnamon Rolls

by A Beautiful Mess

Creme Brulee Topped Cinnamon Rolls (via Guys, I love crème brûlée. It's just awesome. You probably guessed this based on the fact that we already have four different crème brûlée recipes and one creme brûlée donut post on this site. It's probably overkill. 

With that said, guys, I made crème brûlée cinnamon rolls. And overkill or not, they are so yummy that I just had to share. :)

Creme Brulee Topped Cinnamon Rolls (via  What do I mean by crème brûlée cinnamon rolls? Well, these are the classic topped with a thin layer of eggy custard that gets a brûlée shell just before serving. So they are basically crème brûlée topped cinnamon rolls. You know, dessert topped with more dessert. Normal stuff. 

Easy cinnamon roll doughCrème Brûlée Topped Cinnamon Rolls, makes 12-14 (depending how you slice them).

For the rolls:
1/2 cup butter
1 cup milk (I used whole milk)
1/4 cup sugar
1 tablespoon yeast (instant dry)
1 egg + 1 egg yolk
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
3 1/3 cups flour (all-purpose)

For the insides:
3 tablespoons melted butter
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

For the custard:
3 egg yolks
1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon corn starch
2-3 tablespoons baker's sugar (or regular granulated is OK too)

In a saucepan, melt the butter over low heat. Once melted, remove the saucepan from the heat and stir in the milk and sugar until the sugar dissolves. Pour in the yeast and give that a good stir (it does not need to dissolve). Allow that to sit for 6-8 minutes to allow the yeast to start working. 

Mix together the flour and salt. Pour the yeast mixture into the flour and stir to combine. Stir in the eggs. Knead for 3-4 minutes. Place the dough ball in a lightly oiled bowl, cover and allow to rise in a cool, dry place for 2 hours (or until doubled in size). 

Best cinnamon roll dough recipeRoll the dough out on a lightly floured surface so that it's about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. Brush the butter all over the surface. Sprinkle on the sugar and cinnamon. Roll the dough up and slice into 2 to 2 1/2 inch thick pieces. Place in a well-buttered baking dish.

How to make creme brulee donutsNow use the end of a spoon or fork (or your clean fingers) to create a small well inside each of the cinnamon rolls. So unconventional! This is where our custard batter needs to be poured.

To make the custard batter, simply whisk together the egg yolks, heavy cream, sugar, vanilla and corn starch. Pour into the wells. You may not need all the custard batter, but it'll probably be close.

Bake at 350°F for 28-30 minutes. The dough should begin to look brown on top while the custard will have likely moved around some, but the deeper parts will still have some jiggle. Allow to cool for 10-15 minutes.

Creme Brulee Topped Cinnamon Rolls (via   Then add the baker's sugar to the custard areas and brûlée with a torch. 

I decided to add a little glaze, made by whisking together 1/4 cup powdered sugar and a tablespoon or two of water. You don't need a ton of glaze since these rolls around have a fun topping. :)

Creme Brulee Topped Cinnamon Rolls (via warm with some milk and enjoy! xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

23 Jun 11:00


by bri

you know what we think there’s a shortage of in the world? stylish animal beds! natalie took on the DIY cat bed challenge and her little kitty fell in LOVE with it. the stacked pillows would look good on a couch, on the floor…pretty much anywhere. i love that you can use fabrics that match the decor in your home. we used these beautiful rebecca atwood fabrics in different shades of blue…


• 4 yards of fabric, we used  approx. 1 yard per textile patter
• 6-8 yards of super loft batting
• yarn
• yarn needle (with a sharp point)
• fabric marker
• scissors
• pins
• large piece of sketch paper
• pencil
• ruler
• sewing machine

*this project is great for novice sewers, if you have a sewing machine and have been intimidated to try a project this one is perfect. it is as easy and straight forward as sewing a pillow. if you are not familiar with sewing terms we recommend the “SEW U” book by Wendy Mullins or the myriad of youtube tutorials. sewing gets easier and easier with practice and this project is a great place to start.

how to:

• the first thing you’ll want to do is make a pattern for the cushions you want to stack. our model cat is on the petite side and we made our cat bed 18 x 22 inches but you can make yours larger for bigger cats (or dogs). add a 1/2 inch seam allowance to all 4 sides. on one one the long sides mark a 4 inch opening in the middle so that you can stuff the batting inside


• cut 2 pieces of each fabric, be sure to weight your pattern down, we like to use large washers from the hardware store but soup cans work just as well

• next, trim the 1/2 inch seam allowance from your pattern and cut out batting for each cushion. we used 3 pieces per cushion to achieve the thickness we wanted for for our cat bed, set the paper pattern aside

• place fabric with “right sides” in and pin, taking care to note the opening space on your pattern, we used different colored pins to make it easier to see

• starting at one end of your opening sew around the entire cushion ending at the other end of your opening. trim excess fabric off of your seam except at the opening that you haven’t sewn, clip the corners at 45 degrees to minimize the amount of fabric bulk in the corners and turn you sewn cushion inside out taking care with your corner points

• iron to make your seams crisp

• roll the batting up to fit through the opening and reach your hand inside the pillow to smooth out. add as many layers as you like until you feel the cushion is thick enough, we used 3 pieces of batting per pillow

• tuck the seam inside and sew shut

• repeat this process for each cushion

• take your paper pattern, fold it into quarters and mark where the folds intersect. use your yarn needle to poke a hole through the paper at each mark

• lay your paper on top of each cushion and poke a fabric marker through each pin hole

• stack all the cushions on top of each other with the marked sides facing up

• with a yarn threaded needle sew through all of the cushions from top to bottom taking care to go through each mark, it is easiest if you start in the middle and work your way towards the edges. leave long tails on your yarn as you go

• after you have yarn sewn through all your marks double knot all the yarn on the bottom of your cushion

• flip over and starting in the middle pull the yarn tight enough so that the fabric puckers a bit. double knot and trim

we hope your pets love this project as much as we do. let us know if you make one!

DIY by: natalie shriver for designlovefest
photos by: ivan solis

23 Jun 17:52

Citizens Energy Developing New Reservoir

In a move aimed at addressing growing concerns about the region’s future water needs, Indianapolis-based Citizens Energy Group has unveiled plans for central Indiana’s largest water reservoir in more than four decades. An 88-acre quarry along Olio Road, adjacent to Geist Reservoir, is being developed into Citizens Reservoir. It will be capable of storing 2.7 billion gallons of water, or about 40 percent of the storage capacity of Geist.