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29 Dec 17:30

Disney's New Rolling Robot Climbs Walls Like a Gecko

by Andrew Liszewski on Gizmodo, shared by Mario Aguilar to io9

Not even walls can stop Disney’s and ETH Zurich’s new four-wheeled robot called VertiGo that can quickly transition from rolling on the ground to climbing obstacles like a gecko—and without those sticky feet.


12 Dec 19:07

What the moon will look like for each day in 2016

by Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Maddie Stone to io9

For Jason.

What the moon will look like for each day in 2016

If you want to know exactly what the moon will look like (to those in the northern hemisphere, at least), this video by NASA has got you covered. It tracks all the phases of the moon for 2016, that is you’ll see the moon wax and wane as it corresponds to each day of the year. It’s a really cool look at the movements of the space rock.


12 Dec 19:07

Electron "Lifespan" is at Least 5 Quintillion Times the Age of the Universe

by George Dvorsky on Gizmodo, shared by Maddie Stone to io9

Basic physics suggests that electrons are essentially immortal. A fascinating experiment recently failed to overthrow this fundamental assumption. But the effort has produced a revised minimum lifespan for electrons: 60,000 yottayears, which is — get this — about five-quintillion times the current age of the Universe.


24 Oct 18:13

The Power of Three: Innate Magical Abilities

by Steve Kenson
The fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons tends to place less emphasis on magic items as an expected component of characters’ capabilities. Certainly, there are challenges—such as monsters vulnerable only to magical weapons—that call for such things, but even then there are workarounds in terms of class abilities, spells, and the like, reducing the reliance on an […]
21 Oct 23:21

'Mutants & Masterminds' Shoots For the Stars

With New Intergalactic Supplement
14 Aug 19:37

RPG Review: Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook (2015)

by Edward Kabara
Capsule Review by Edward Kabara (5/5): TL; DR-A strong successor to Dragon AGE. 92%
08 Aug 16:13

Top 10 Tips for Having a Perfect, Stress-Free Vacation

by Melanie Pinola

For Jason!

The whole point of a vacation is to relax and relieve stress, but all too often, you need a vacation after your vacation to recover from your time off. Here are ten tips to make your vacation the stress-buster it really should be.


04 Aug 17:24

For all your medieval world-building needs: Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources.

by Katharine Trendacosta

For all your medieval world-building needs: Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources. Knightwine is particularly inspiring. [via Metafilter]


16 Jul 17:45

Magic Duels Is Free To Play, Finally Gets Everything Right

by Ed Grabianowski

A free game client, unlockable packs, weekly challenges, and the most recent cards available make Magic Duels the last, best Magic: the Gathering video game you’ll ever need.


15 Jul 16:17

This Infographic Shows You Nine Ways to Spice Up Common Ketchup

by Heather Yamada-Hosley

Adding big flavor to simple condiments you already have in the fridge can make your dishes even more delicious. This infographic shows you how to make nine types of flavor boosted ketchup with some simple additions.


09 Jul 20:32

Controversial RPG Blue Rose Returns With More Intrigue, Psychic Powers

by Ed Grabianowski
When the first edition of Blue Rose was published 10 years ago, it found a core audience of gamers that loved its unique take on romantic fantasy—and a few who pushed back against the game’s progressive push for inclusiveness. Now...
09 Jul 17:41

The Birds: Test

by Robin D. Laws
09 Jul 17:38

Controversial RPG Blue Rose Returns With More Intrigue, Psychic Powers

by Ed Grabianowski

When the first edition of Blue Rose was published 10 years ago, it found a core audience of gamers that loved its unique take on romantic fantasy—and a few who pushed back against the game’s progressive push for inclusiveness. Now Blue Rose is back, and it’s found a better system and a wider audience.


03 Jul 17:57

‘Magic: The Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers’ Now Available!

by Anthony Karcz

I hope this is very cool.

Image courtesy of Hasbro

Image courtesy of Hasbro

Back in October, I wrote about an as-yet-to-be-named Magic: The Gathering board game. The concept was pretty exciting – Hasbro was working with Wizards of the Coast, pulling together designers from HeroScape and other great games like Risk Legacy, to develop a strategy board game set in the MtG universe.

Since then, the folks at Hasbro have been busy pulling together the finishing touches. And just in time for the long holiday weekend, Magic: The Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers is now available on Amazon and at select game shops! The game will be everywhere else, including, on August 1.

Image courtesy of Hasbro

Image courtesy of Hasbro

The final product looks great and manages to capture that HeroScape vibe while, very obviously, still being a MtG game. My only complaint at first glance is that I wish the White mana units were, well, white. But that’s nothing a little paint can’t fix. I’m waiting for a copy to review here at GeekDad HQ, so I can’t tell you how it plays yet; but in the meantime, I can give you a teaser of what’s in the box:

Image courtesy of Hasbro

Image courtesy of Hasbro


  • 6 modular board pieces
  • 4 plastic terrain pieces
  • 3 plastic glyphs
  • 2 temple ruins
  • 5 Painted Planeswalker Mini Figures
  • 30 Squad Mini Figures
  • One 20-sided die
  • 8 Combat dice
  • 30 Damage Counters
  • 60 spell cards
  • 10 Squad stat cards
  • 5 Planeswalker cards

If you love Magic: The Gathering and have been looking for a new way to bring the game to the table, or if you’re a fan who’s been wanting to branch out into new formats, like tactical miniature gaming, or maybe you just miss HeroScape, this is going to a great game to bring to the table this summer!

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09 Jun 16:20

A Proportional Perspective of the World's Native Languages

by George Dvorsky

This fascinating infographic by Alberto Lucas López shows how 23 of the world’s mother tongues are proportioned, and how they’re distributed around the globe.


08 Jun 00:03

This Graphic Explains How Lack of Sleep Can Negatively Affect Your Brain

by Patrick Allan

You know that it’s bad to not get enough sleep, but do you know how bad? This infographic explains all the terrible side effects—like anger, cravings, and taking unnecessary risks—that can come from getting too little sleep every night.


11 May 16:32

Fully-Functional TRON Lightcycle Sold For $77,000

by Chris Mills on Gizmodo, shared by Katharine Trendacosta to io9

Holy moley!

If you’ve always had your heart set on a TRON Lightcycle — a working one, not a matchbox toy — you’d better start saving. The going rate (as much as there is a going rate for one-off movie-replica collectibles) is $77,000.


28 Apr 17:27

Watch DARPA's Scary Self-Guided Bullets Swerve to Hit Moving Objects

by Jamie Condliffe on Gizmodo, shared by Ria Misra to io9

Military researchers at DARPA have been developing ammunition which can change its path in mid-air to ensure it always hits its target. Now, it can even correct itself mid-flight to hit a moving target.


27 Apr 23:54

Alan Moore's Intro To His New Favorite Fantasy Novel Is A Glorious Rant

by Charlie Jane Anders

Alan Moore really, really loves the fantasy novel The Vorrh by B. Catling, which he calls the new century’s first landmark work of fantasy. He’s so spellbound by Catling’s strange vision, he’s written a long, beautifully ranty intro. Read Moore’s intro exclusively at io9 — and listen to him reading it aloud!


22 Apr 20:07

Stylish Swimmers in Qingdao

by Amy Wolff
© Philipp Engelhorn © Philipp Engelhorn © Philipp Engelhorn © Philipp Engelhorn © Philipp Engelhorn © Philipp Engelhorn © Philipp Engelhorn © Philipp Engelhorn © Philipp Engelhorn

Qingdao, China, north of Shanghai, is a city of over 2.7 million people. Every morning, local swimmers gather at Qingdao’s downtown beach. Philipp Engelhorn brought his camera to the beach every day for a week to document their stylish attire. The homemade “funky” outfits are colorful, patterned and mismatched, but they also serve a purpose. “They are protecting themselves from the sun (as they do not want to get suntan) and from jellyfish stings,” Engelhorn told PDN via email.

Engelhorn used natural light for the series, shooting each portrait between 5:45 am and 8:00 am. “I was trying to shoot this as consistently as possible, without a whole studio set. The Chinese are very shy in front of the camera, and I would have never gotten these relaxed postures and attitudes with a full studio set-up.”

Inspired by a photo of one of the swimmers in a Chinese newspaper, Engelhorn thought this project would be a good way to try something new. Much of the Hong Kong-based photographer’s work is reportage. “Personal projects always work the best, are the most fun, bring the best PR,” he notes. “Working on assignments and jobs for too long can really kill or destroy your creativity. I think it is very important to go out and do projects to find yourself in your own photography once in a while.”

The series recently won Engelhorn second place in the 2015 LensCulture Portrait Awards.

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22 Apr 16:21

Dozens Of Dinosaur Eggs Unearthed By Chinese Road Workers

by George Dvorsky

A construction crew working in Heyuan, China have stumbled upon a remarkable batch of fossilized dinosaur eggs. Of the 43 discovered, 19 remain completely intact.


21 Apr 21:50

Deadspin Do Not Fuck With Bees | Gizmodo Now You Can Download Your Google History—Or Better Yet, Del

by Jane-Claire Quigley

Shared for the Gizmodo article, which I think a few of you would like to know if you don't already.

21 Apr 16:32

A New York Judge Has Granted Legal Person Rights To Chimpanzees

by George Dvorsky

For the first time in U.S. history, a supreme court has granted a writ of habeas corpus on behalf of two lab chimpanzees, effectively recognizing them as legal persons. While the future of the chimps has not yet been decided, it’s a huge step forward in establishing personhood status for highly sapient animals.


20 Apr 20:00

Ant-Sized "Ant-Man" Billboards Pop Up in Marvel Marketing Stunt


Pretty funny!

As the "Ant-Man" release date approaches, Marvel distributed tiny billboards around Australia to drum up hype for the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" followup.
20 Apr 19:56

Ebola Survivors Are Being Urged To Abstain From Sex

by George Dvorsky


Until scientists learn more about the virus and how long it stays in the body, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is asking Ebola survivors to either abstain from sex or use condoms 100% of the time.


20 Apr 16:38

"Weird Al" Yankovic Talks His "MAD Magazine" Dream Come True

"Weird Al" Yankovic guest-edited this month's issue of "MAD," and CBR News talked to the parody icon and "MAD" E-i-C John Ficarra about it.
17 Apr 14:53

Took less than one round of combat for Jon to kill my character. That's a new record.

by (BrotherMagneto)

BrotherMagneto posted a photo:

Took less than one round of combat for Jon to kill my character. That's a new record.

via Instagram

16 Apr 02:50

World's Oldest Stone Tools Found, Predate Homo Genus By 500,000 Years

by Robbie Gonzalez

Researchers working in Kenya's archaeologically prolific Lake Turkana region claim to have uncovered a set of 3.3-million-year-old stone tools. That's 700,000 years older than the previous record, and predates evidence for the evolutionary origins of the genus Homo by half a million years.


15 Apr 15:54

Welcome to Lankhmar: City of Thieves!

by Joel Kinstle

Love this setting and I need to get the book and PDF of this. I'm curious how well the very cinematic SW system works for gritty Lankhmar.

Lankhmar_City_of_Thieves_Cover5inDanger lurks in every dark alley of the City of Sevenscore Thousand Smokes. Can your merry* band of misfits survive sinister sorcerers, treacherous rogues, mysterious assasins, and—most questionably—each other in your pursuit of money, happiness, and power? Are they really even three different things?

Your wait is ended, and Lankhmar: City of Thieves is now available for immediate PDF purchase and print preorder from the Pinnacle Web Store. Come to Fritz Leiber’s world of swords and sorcery, action and bravado! This all-new book contains details on the world of Nehwon and the City of Lankhmar, including Setting Rules, Savage Tales, monsters and foes, and persons of wide renown—including Fafhrd, the Gray Mouser, and their sorcerous sponsors.

You shouldn’t be caught dead in the Smokes without this book. Then again, you should probably avoid being caught dead anywhere. Knowing where you are and what’s around would probably go a long way to that end—consider grabbing the Lankhmar/Nehwon Poster Maps. One side details Lankhmar itself, center of the world of Nehwon, from the Plaza of Dark Delights to the dankest of docks. The other side brings you the whole world, from the lands of the East to the Steppes of the Mingols, from the Inner Sea to the Parched Mountains, and far more! Not only is the map ready to handle your adventures, but it’s wet, dry, and permanent marker erasable—”leave no trace behind” would be my motto if you could remember I was here…

* Merry is definitely optional. “Surly” and “lethal” are perfectly acceptable choices, among many others.


13 Apr 16:13

Spice Girl

Haha, you'll see!