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31 Jan 02:09

A murmuration of starlings

by Jason Kottke

A flock of starlings is called a murmuration, an apt word because the flocks move like a rumor pulsing through a crowded room. This is a particularly beautiful murmuration observed in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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10 Feb 03:50

70Decibels - Generational - 021 - Raising a Human [MP3;...

70Decibels - Generational - 021 - Raising a Human [MP3; Huffduffer]

Generational 021 - “Raising a Human” on Huffduffer

This week Gabe is joined by Merlin Mann to talk about raising a kid. They talk about the fears, mistakes, and joys of raising a child and screwing them up in their own special way. The discussion ranges from death to religion to Miyazaki films.

You can totally be forgiven for not loving all the parenting talk out there. Trust me, I hated it with a passion until the last few years.

But, if you are vaguely interested in the challenges, annoyances, strategies, and occasional minor triumphs around trying to help craft a person who’s not a total basket case, I hope you’ll check this out.

I really like Gabe a lot, and I love how this turned out.

(Related: if you haven’t seen Gabe’s amazing “Normal is Not Normal” post, please do treat yourself.)