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Mediation to Begin for Medford Schools

by Rob Scott
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MEDFORD, Ore. —  For teachers in the Medford School District, the new school year started without a new contract. Mediation sessions between the Medford School District and Medford Education Association begin Tuesday and a rally is planned to show support for the teachers.

“Our goal, by this rally, is to show that we’re united and we’re committed to obtaining a fair contract that works so that we can get back to the business of teaching, doing what we do best,” said Medford Education Association spokeswoman Catherine Brasseur.

Medford School District Superintendent Dr. Phil Long said Tuesday’s mediation session will bring a new proposal.

“We’re prepared to bring an updated proposal. We’d really like to share that in the beginning so that maybe we can move this along and seek to resolve it,” said Dr. Long.

Among the main concerns from the M.E.A. are compensation and student learning conditions, two things the union’s representatives said were not acceptable in the previous proposal.

“Teachers will have less opportunity to collaborate, to work with students, to design instruction that is individualized and best for their students,” said Brasseur

Both sides are ready to have the new contract behind them and said Tuesday’s mediation session could be the first step in getting this resolved.

“I think everyone wants to be able to get through this contract renegotiation that allows us to stay focused on kids but also value people,” said Dr. Long.

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LoopRope Ships Largest Order

by NewsWatch 12 Staff

Yeah, loop rope! Glad we got ours while they were still cheap!

loop ropeMEDFORD, Ore. — A Rogue Valley start-up is seeing increased success this week.

LoopRope is shipping its largest order to-date this week. 30,000 loop ropes and 20,000 loop clips are headed to more than 270 locations of an auto parts chain in Australia and New Zealand.

Super Cheap Auto will get the simplified bungees just in time for Australia’s Father’s Day, September 1st.