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07 Mar 03:34

How To Avoid Catching Illness On Your Flight

by Franzified

It’s been over a month ever since the new year, and now it’s that time of the year again colds and flus have once again become a trend, not to mention COVID-19, a newly identified respiratory disease. How, then, do we avoid getting infected? Or if you’re the one sick, how do you avoid infecting others?

To cut your risk of catching a respiratory illness on your next flight, experts offer two pieces of common-sense advice: Wash your hands frequently and keep a distance from people who are sick.
If you're sick with a respiratory illness, wearing a mask and opening the overhead vent could help prevent transmission.

Check out more details about these tips over at NPR.

I guess these tips not only can be applied while on a plane, but also on any transportation vehicle.

(Image Credit: StelaDi/ Pixabay)