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13 Jun 07:11

Thunder Pressure

sleep is dumb

Some days you just need to do a comic about farting cats.

21 Feb 14:30

Ben Simmons benched by Louisiana State for academic reasons

Australian star Ben Simmons was benched early for "academic reasons" as his Louisiana State team slumped to a 81-65 college basketball loss to Tennessee.

28 Nov 06:01

Understood The Concept Swimmingly

by BD
Fabric Store | MI, USA

(We are at the fabric store waiting to have yardage cut. There are two people working the cutting counter, one is a trans-female. My seven-year-old son is with me.)

Son: “Mom! That lady is a MAN!”

Me: *dying inside* “Oh, my gosh; I am so sorry, ma’am. He… I… I am just so sorry!”

Employee: *to my son* “It’s okay, buddy. I was born a boy, but now I am a girl.”

Son: “You can do that?! Mom! I’m gonna be a shark!”

(Thank you so much, fabric store lady, for not being too offended!)

13 Nov 10:41

Impossible Instant Lab – bring your photos offline and into the real world

by Marty Shaw

Impossible Instant Lab

Once upon a time ago, actual honest-to-goodness print photos that you could hold in your hand were everywhere, mainly because that was the only choice. These days, people are sharing pictures of their pets, their lunch, their duckface, everything. And there’s no physical proof anywhere because it’s all a bunch of 1′s and 0′s. Why not drag those digital images into the real world?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with digital photos [...]

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