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10 Mar 22:10

Drunken bet results in 99-character name-change: "Full Metal Havok..."

by Cory Doctorow
Nat writes, "A Dunedin, NZ, man lost a bet five years ago and changed his name by deed poll to the longest name he could make (99 characters, 1 shy of the Dept of Internal Affairs limit). I want to know what they were drinking because the name is fantastic. "The 22-year-old man from Normanby is now legally known as 'Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined With Frostnova'." (Thanks, Nat!)

30 Sep 12:34

The Flashbacks Are Coming Back with the Season

The Flashbacks Are Coming Back with the Season

Submitted by: Unknown

26 Sep 12:28

Ballerina Rex

by Not Always Right
Toy Store | Toronto, ON, Canada

(I am in the toy store with my boyfriend. It’s a Saturday, so it’s pretty crowded with children and their parents. We’re looking at the display of a new dinosaur toy series, when a tiny little girl in a pink ballerina outfit enters the store with her mother. The girl spots the dinosaur display from about 30 feet away, and comes running over.)

Little Girl: “Mommy! Mommy look! Dinosaurs!”

Her Mom: “I see sweetie. Do you want to spend some of your birthday money on the dinosaurs?”

Little Girl: “Yes! Can I have the T-Rex? Or the Triceratops?”

Her Mom: “How about one like the one this lady is buying?”

(The mom gestures to me and the velociraptor set I’m holding. I smile, and hold it at her level so she can see it. The little girl examines it carefully, and then slowly shakes her head.)

Little Girl: “It’s a little too scary. Can I have the T-Rex?”

Her Mom: “Sure sweetie, it’s your birthday money after all.”

(She hands her daughter the T-Rex box, which is nearly as big as she is. Her older brother, who looks about 13, offers to carry it for her.)

Little Girl: “AWESOME! Dinosaurs!”

(Clutching the box, she starts skipping towards the cash with her older brother, twirling and spinning like a ballerina the whole way.)

Her Mom: *sees us laughing* “My little ballerina. She’s been stealing her brother’s toy dinosaurs since she was one!”

(The adorable, dino-loving ballerina made my day!)

24 Sep 12:24

[HARDWARE] Starter Tools

by Bubba
Some kids attempt to cover Tool. I was not expecting this to be anywhere near as good as it is.

24 Sep 01:00

Meridian woman charged with helping robbery suspect avoid arrest


BOISE -- A 31-year-old Meridian woman is charged with harboring a fugitive after police say she was caught helping a bank robbery suspect avoid capture.

Kasey Ann Moss was booked into the Ada County Jail early Saturday morning. 

Police say Moss knew that robbery suspect Jacob Dial was wanted by authorities and had helped him avoid arrest. She was found and arrested alongside Dial at a local restaurant.

Officers report finding a small amount of methamphetamine in Moss' possession when she was taken into custody.

Dial is charged with robbing a U.S. Bank branch Thursday, along with a downtown Boise credit union on Friday.

On Monday, a judge set Dial's bond at $500,000. He is due back in court on Oct. 7.


23 Sep 13:38

That Should Hold It

That Should Hold It

According to submitter Locspocs TM, this lamppost is located in Hungary in an ex-Pioneer facility; the leisure park apparently lacked maintenance during the last few decades.

Submitted by: Locspocs TM