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Land a New Job with the Back Door Method on LinkedIn

by Melanie Pinola

LinkedIn is the best professional network for finding a new job and developing your career , but going the direct route and responding to job listings on the site isn’t the most effective tactic.


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wild mushroom pâté

by deb

wild mushroom pâté

Every spring, I promise I’m going to share a recipe for chopped liver. And every year I lose steam, perhaps because there are probably few more divisive foods than organs, or maybe because my instructions on the matter are quite short: just make Ina Garten’s. Ina can do no wrong, and I like to amuse myself by imagining that I’m only eight bestselling cookbooks and three homes in two countries away from basically being her when I grow up. (Sure Deb. Okay.)

creminis, oyster, chanterelle and porcini
as many cool mushrooms as you wish

But I like this year’s distraction the most, which came from me wondering what a vegetarian chopped liver might entail. The first thing it would need to do is lose the word liver, so not to scare away children of any age. Second, I hoped it would embrace rather humble ingredients like mushrooms that when cooked down to concentrated nubs, pack an unexpectedly fragrant and earthy complexity. And finally, although there are recipes for wild mushroom pâté from one end of the web to the other, I was hoping it would have a Jewish/Eastern European vibe, reminiscent of the promised chopped liver — rich, ample browned onions, making use of hard-boiled eggs, and served on matzo crackers, likely with pickles.

let's brown some onionscooking down the mushrooms, with steama cook's dread: mounds of brown fooda cook's dread: mounds of brown food

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bu77er: Six years ago today, April Ludgate had 93 meetings...


Six years ago today, April Ludgate had 93 meetings scheduled for Ron Swanson. Never forget.

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Mesoporous Metal–Organic Frameworks with Size-, Shape-, and Space-Distribution-Controlled Pore Structure

by Weina Zhang, Yayuan Liu, Guang Lu, Yong Wang, Shaozhou Li, Chenlong Cui, Jin Wu, Zhiling Xu, Danbi Tian, Wei Huang, Joseph S. DuCheneu, W. David Wei, Hongyu Chen, Yanhui Yang, Fengwei Huo
Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

Mesoporous-metal–organic frameworks (meso-MOFs) with size-, shape-, and space-distribution-controlled mesopores are obtained by a facile encapsulation and selective etching strategy of metal nanoparticles. Hierarchical or functionalized meso-MOFs are achieved by the above strategy. Interestingly, the functional meso-MOFs display higher catalytic activity originating from the mesopores existing in the MOFs, as well as good selectivity due to protection of the micro­porous frameworks.

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Star Wars villains get a moody re-imagining by Square Enix

by Mat Smith
Square Enix, the gamesmaker that gave us the Final Fantasy series (alongside plenty of other games), also has a sideline in fancy high-end action figures. Its latest collection tackles the Star Wars universe, well, the darker side of said universe. A...
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Red, Green, and Blue Luminescence by Carbon Dots: Full-Color Emission Tuning and Multicolor Cellular Imaging

by Kai Jiang, Shan Sun, Ling Zhang, Yue Lu, Aiguo Wu, Congzhong Cai, Hengwei Lin


A facile approach for preparation of photoluminescent (PL) carbon dots (CDs) is reported. The three resulting CDs emit bright and stable red, green and blue (RGB) colors of luminescence, under a single ultraviolet-light excitation. Alterations of PL emission of these CDs are tentatively proposed to result from the difference in their particle size and nitrogen content. Interestingly, up-conversion (UC)PL of these CDs is also observed. Moreover, flexible full-color emissive PVA films can be achieved through mixing two or three CDs in the appropriate ratios. These CDs also show low cytotoxicity and excellent cellular imaging capability. The facile preparation and unique optical features make these CDs potentially useful in numerous applications such as light-emitting diodes, full-color displays, and multiplexed (UC)PL bioimaging.

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

On the dot: A facile approach to photoluminescent carbon dots (CDs) that can be excited by a single wavelength and demonstrate emission of the three primary colors (red, green, and blue) is reported. The resulting CDs can be potentially used in the fabrication of flexible full-color emission films and in multicolor cellular imaging.

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The Game of Fetch

by Doug
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sufferingsappho:fizzylimon:phampants:Artist removes 1 inch off...




Artist removes 1 inch off the peak of England’s highest mountain; Brits want their inch back.

It is still England’s highest mountain, but Scafell Pike is ever so slightly smaller now after an artist stole the top inch of the summit to display in a gallery.
Oscar Santillan, 34, was accused of vandalism after removing the stone pinnacle of the 3,209ft Lake District peak for an exhibition in London.
Ian Stephens, managing director of Cumbria Tourism, said: “This is taking the mickey and we want the top of our mountain back.”

Brits want a single inch of mountain returned but haven’t done anything about, IDK, nearly every exhibit in the British Museum. Interesting.

Brits stole entire countries and they trippin over a rock. Fuck their mountain.


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Дураки считают пацифизм разновидностью трусости. Нужно обладать незаурядной смелостью, чтобы идти против тупой силы государства, настроенного повоевать. На антивоенные демонстрации в бездуховной Америке выходили сотни тысяч людей. В том числе и вьетнамские ветераны, в чьей смелости никто не сомневался. Американцы устраивали походы на Вашингтон. Они блокировали Пентагон с целью «изгнать духов ненависти» из здания. Их запугивали, сажали в тюрьму и убивали. После расстрела протестующих студентов в Кентском университете (4 убитых и 9 раненых) началась общенациональная студенческая забастовка. В ней участвовали 4 миллиона студентов. Американцы протестовали против войны в далеком Вьетнаме.

Несмываемый позор для России – отсутствие массовых протестов против войны в родной для нас Украине. И это позор не только для тех обманутых телевизором россиян, которые с оркестром провожают в Донбасс «добровольцев» и только что уволенных из армии «отпускников». Это позор для тех, кто все понимает и молчит. С понимающих всегда спрос больше. Позорно было планировать антикризисный марш «Весна», когда наши наемники нашим оружием убивают людей в Украине.

Дураки считают, что власти было невыгодно убийство Немцова. У этого преступления была одна цель – заткнуть рот всем несогласным. Смотрите, мы не побоялись убить известного политика у стен Кремля – а представьте, что мы можем с вами сделать. Так что сидите и молчите себе в тряпочку.

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Penetrating Questions

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RT @kaepora: By combining Haskell + Unicode, you can write perfectly functional programs...

by Pai Osias
Author: Pai Osias
Source: Buffer
RT @kaepora: By combining Haskell + Unicode, you can write perfectly functional programs in Hieroglyphics. Beautiful. @aisamanra http://t.c…
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Como arrumar um coração quebrado.

by Zanfa


capinaremos?d=yIl2AUoC8zA capinaremos?i=0Uh69tqEtX4:VLjX9bLbRyQ:V_ capinaremos?d=dnMXMwOfBR0
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How most people like to greet others

by Matthew Inman
30 Mar 21:40

cessumeow:celebrities with cats: bob odenkirk edition


celebrities with cats: bob odenkirk edition

30 Mar 20:49

by Pie Comic

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DNA-Directed Assembly of Gold Nanohalo for Quantitative Plasmonic Imaging of Single-Particle Catalysis

by Kun Li, Kun Wang, Weiwei Qin, Suhui Deng, Di Li, Jiye Shi, Qing Huang and Chunhai Fan

TOC Graphic

Journal of the American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/jacs.5b00324
30 Mar 19:48

Custom Glass Planets Containing the Cremated Remains of Loved Ones

by Kate Sierzputowski







Merry Coor produces ethereal designs from cremated remains within custom glass beads. Coor crafts each bead by hand, first melting glass into a round bead, then spiraling the design out of ashes on top, and finally sealing the design with an outer layer of clear glass. For each bead she not only requests a 1/2 teaspoon of ashes, but also a picture, letter, or story of the deceased so she can develop a personal connection while forming the piece of jewelry.

Coor has been making glass beads for about 15 years, but it wasn’t until last year that she began incorporating ashes into their designs. After this development Coor explained, “My bead making now gave me a new purpose, and a way to honor others, both living and passed.”

Custom beads can be requested by the California-based artist either through her company’s website, Ash Beads, or through her Etsy. (via Laughing Squid, Bored Panda)

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Lanky Frog

by Reza


30 Mar 18:59

'Spooky' experiment proves quantum entanglement is real

by Andrew Tarantola
Einstein was wrong -- about the quantum mechanical phenomena known as superpositioning and wave form collapse, at least. A team from Australia's Griffith University and Japan's University of Tokyo, have proven that both are tangible phenomena, not si...
30 Mar 18:49

"BitCoin looks like it was designed as a weapon intended to damage central banking and money issuing..."

“BitCoin looks like it was designed as a weapon intended to damage central banking and money issuing banks, with a Libertarian political agenda in mind—to damage states ability to collect tax and monitor their citizens financial transactions. Which is fine if you’re a Libertarian, but I tend to take the stance that Libertarianism is like Leninism: a fascinating, internally consistent political theory with some good underlying points that, regrettably, makes prescriptions about how to run human society that can only work if we replace real messy human beings with frictionless spherical humanoids of uniform density (because it relies on simplifying assumptions about human behaviour which are unfortunately wrong).”


Charles Stross, Why I want Bitcoin to die in a fire




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The Case for Replacing Exercise with Play

by zenhabits
By Leo Babauta

The Great White Whale when it comes to forming new habits, for most people, is exercise.

Along with eating your vegetables, meditation, getting good sleep and quitting smoking, exercise is probably the most important habit change anyone can make.

And yet, most people struggle with creating a lasting exercise habit.

The solution is to replace the “exercise” habit with play.

Remember what it was like to go outside as a child? I do, because I watch my kids every day. They run around, pretending they’re warriors and wizards, ride their bikes like they’re flying, swing like they’re about to take off for the stars.

Kids don’t care about what they “should” do … all they want to do is have fun. And so they play.

Why Exercise Sucks

I actually love exercise. I love doing a weight workout, going for a run, doing a bunch of pushups. For me, it’s play.

But for most people, it’s grueling and tiring and uncomfortable and boring. When this is how you see the new habit, you’re very unlikely to stick to it for long. It’s possible, but only if you have an incredible amount of commitment, motivation, determination, accountability. And even then, it’s still likely to fail after awhile.

We procrastinate when it comes to exercise, even when we know it’s good for us. Even when we know that we’ll feel better afterward. It sucks because it’s just another difficult chore that we’re adding to our already full days. And even when we have nothing to do, the lure of digital fun is much stronger than the call of the elliptical machine.

How to Form the Play Habit Instead

If we don’t enjoy a habit, we’re not likely to stick to it for long. We rationalize reasons to put it off. This is objective fact: every single one of us has done this, probably many times.

So what’s the solution? Do we just wave our hands in the air and get chronic diseases instead of exercising?

No: we get moving, but we make it fun. We turn activity into play.

Think about the exercise you’ve been putting off, and whether it sounds like fun. Now think about running around wildly, dancing to loud music, racing your kids or best friend, taking a bike out to explore your city or bike trails, doing a pushup competition with friends, taking kickboxing classes with a group of family members, going for a hike with your honey, playing soccer or basketball with friends.

For some of you, some (or all) of these will sound like fun! Perhaps not all of them are appealing, because we each have our different idea of what fun is. I like the idea of strapping a bunch of bricks to my back and doing pushups and bearcrawls and long-distance running/hiking, but I might have a perverse idea of what fun is. Your idea of fun might be very different.

Whatever sounds like fun, do that! And do it not because you “should” but because you want to enjoy moving. Don’t try to hit a certain number of minutes, or any goal — just play! Lose yourself in it. Make it the most fun you have all day. You deserve that kind of play break.

Give yourself little play breaks at different times of the day. Set alarms to go take a 10-minute play break. Make it the reward at the end of your workday. Let play set the tone for your morning, kicking off a day of creativity by releasing your inhibitions.

Go wild.

Be spontaneous.

Let yourself free.

And do it with a crazy smile on your face.

Forming the Habit

If you’d like help forming the play habit, join us in my Sea Change Program as we work on the Get Active habit. We’re not trying to form the exercise habit, but to do some kind of active play each day.

Sea Change is my program for forming one habit a month, and it comes with articles, a couple videos, a live video webinar, daily email reminders, and an active community of people supporting each other’s habits. Plus a large archive of past habit modules.

Join Sea Change today and get started playing.

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barrageofnerdery:guy:mistressmalfoy: my dad doesn’t believe that...




my dad doesn’t believe that dogs can smile so here is a compilation of 10 of my fave smiling dog pictures

I can’t wait to grow up and own 30 dogs

The happiest post on the internet.

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Apple's Tim Cook calls state discrimination laws 'dangerous'

by Jon Fingas
A number of tech executives have decried state laws that promote discrimination against the LGBT community by allowing companies to refuse service on religious grounds, but Apple CEO Tim Cook is taking his opposition to the next level. The executive ...
30 Mar 14:50

Pd/C-Catalyzed Cyclizative Cross-Coupling of Two ortho-Alkynylanilines under Aerobic Conditions: Synthesis of 2,3′-Bisindoles

by Bo Yao, Qian Wang, Jieping Zhu


A palladium-catalyzed cyclizative cross-coupling of two o-alkynylanilines to 2,3′-bisindoles under aerobic oxidative conditions was developed. Mechanistic studies suggested that the two catalytic cycles, namely the formation of 3-alkynylindoles 8 and their subsequent cyclization to bisindoles 5, are temporally separated. The aminopalladation of 3-alkynylindoles 8 occurred only after all the N,N-dialkyl-o-alkynylanilines were consumed. The solid support (activated charcoal) played a crucial role in the second intramolecular aminopalladation process.

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

Good to excellent yields of the 2,3′-bisindoles 3 were obtained, through the formation of three chemical bonds (two C[BOND]N, one C[BOND]C), in the Pd-catalyzed reaction of two o-alkynylanilines 1 and 2 under mild aerobic conditions. Mechanistic studies suggested that the two catalytic cycles leading to two indole rings were temporally separated. The aminopalladation of 3-alkynylindoles, the product of the first catalytic cycle occurred only after all the N,N-dialkyl-o-alkynylanilines 1 were consumed. This work represents a rare example in which Pd/C was used as a pre-catalyst for the PdII-catalyzed oxidative transformations.

30 Mar 14:07

Ni(II)/BINOL-Catalyzed Alkenylation of Unactivated C(sp3)-H Bonds

Chem. Commun., 2015, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C5CC02254A, Communication
Yuejin Liu, Zhuo-Zhuo Zhang, Sheng-Yi Yan, Yan-Hua Liu, Bing-Feng Shi
The first nickel-catalyzed alkenylation of unactivated C(sp3)-H bonds with vinyl iodides is described. The catalytic system comprises an inexpensive and air-stable Ni(acac)2 as catalyst and BINOL as ligand, which is...
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