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This. Is. A. Comic.

28 Apr 06:00

Menage a 3 - DiDilina Ziirella - At Calgary Expo

Menage a 3 - DiDilina Ziirella - At Calgary Expo
28 Apr 12:00

Stop Opera’s New VPN from Leaking Your IP Address

by Alan Henry

Last week, Opera added a VPN to the dev version of its browser , which was certainly good news. The bad news is that unlike the more robust VPNs it tries to replace, it leaks data that should be encrypted all over the place, namely your private IP address. Here’s how to fix it.


28 Apr 23:48

SSSS page 510

Page 510 (the chapter cover) is up!
30 Apr 05:06

Comic for April 30, 2016

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29 Apr 15:30

Directed, Regiocontrolled Hydroamination of Unactivated Alkenes via Protodepalladation

by John A. Gurak, Kin S. Yang, Zhen Liu and Keary M. Engle

TOC Graphic

Journal of the American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/jacs.6b02718
29 Apr 13:45

Copper-Catalyzed Amino Lactonization and Amino Oxygenation of Alkenes Using O-Benzoylhydroxylamines

by Brett N. Hemric, Kun Shen and Qiu Wang

TOC Graphic

Journal of the American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/jacs.6b02840
28 Apr 18:00

The Skills You'll Need and the Salary You Can Expect as a Data Scientist

by Melanie Pinola

Data science is a growing career field that pays well. If you are interested in programming, math, and/or statistics, this career could be perfect for you. There are, however, three different data science roles for you to consider.


28 Apr 07:45

The Easy Way to Make Fresh Corn Tortillas at Home

by Daniel Gritzer

The key to great tacos is great tortillas, but all too often, the tortillas are the worst part. Turns out, once you've bought the two key ingredients, making nixtamalized corn dough for tortillas is incredibly easy. Here's what you need to know. Read More
29 Apr 16:56

Ctrl+Alt+Del: The Starcaster Chronicles

by tim@cad-comic.com (Tim Buckley)
29 Apr 07:16

Comic: Escape Is Impossible

by Tycho@penny-arcade.com (Tycho)
New Comic: Escape Is Impossible
29 Apr 04:40

Comic: Vlooping

New Comic: Vlooping
28 Apr 13:21

COF-Net on CNT-Net as a Molecularly Designed, Hierarchical Porous Chemical Trap for Polysulfides in Lithium–Sulfur Batteries

by JongTae Yoo, Sung-Ju Cho, Gwan Yeong Jung, Su Hwan Kim, Keun-Ho Choi, Jeong-Hoon Kim, Chang Kee Lee, Sang Kyu Kwak and Sang-Young Lee

TOC Graphic

Nano Letters
DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.6b00870
29 Apr 04:31

Girls With Slingshots - GWS Chaser #299

by tech@thehiveworks.com
New comic!
Today's News:

Hazel knows how much those drinks cost, which is why she sticks to rail liquor.

http://www.girlswithslingshots.com//comic/gws299">Here's the old strip!

28 Apr 21:28

[Feature] Who's downloading pirated papers? Everyone

by John Bohannon
In increasing numbers, researchers around the world are turning to Sci-Hub, the controversial website that hosts 50 million pirated papers and counting. Now, with server log data from Alexandra Elbakyan, the neuroscientist who created Sci-Hub in 2011 as a 22-year-old graduate student in Kazakhstan, Science addresses some basic questions: Who are Sci-Hub's users, where are they, and what are they reading? The Sci-Hub data provide the first detailed view of what is becoming the world's de facto open-access research library. Among the revelations that may surprise both fans and foes alike: Sci-Hub users are not limited to the developing world. Some critics of Sci-Hub have complained that many users can access the same papers through their libraries but turn to Sci-Hub instead—for convenience rather than necessity. The data provide some support for that claim. Over the 6 months leading up to March, Sci-Hub served up 28 million documents, with Iran, China, India, Russia, and the United States the leading requestors. Author: John Bohannon
29 Apr 15:40

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - IT'S PEOPLE

by admin@smbc-comics.com

Hovertext: Don't take this out of context, but I think eating babies would be a far more efficient means of resource conservation.

New comic!
Today's News:
29 Apr 14:36

An efficient bifunctional two-component catalyst for Oxygen Reduction and Oxygen Evolution in reversible fuel cells, electrolyzers and rechargeable air electrodes

Energy Environ. Sci., 2016, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C6EE01046F, Communication
Soeren Dresp, Fang Luo, ROman Schmack, Stefanie Kuehl, Manuel Gliech, Peter Strasser
We report on a non-precious, two-phase bifunctional oxygen reduction and evolution (ORR, OER) electrocatalyst with previously unachieved combined roundtrip catalytic reactivity and stability for use in oxygen electrodes of unitized...
The content of this RSS Feed (c) The Royal Society of Chemistry
28 Apr 16:30

This Retirement Calculator Tells You How Much to Save Monthly to Reach Your Goal

by Kristin Wong on Two Cents, shared by Andy Orin to Lifehacker

Saving for retirement seems overwhelming, and a big part of that is it’s just so much money . For example, if you’re 40, you’re supposed to have twice your annual salary saved. If you’re starting late, that might seem impossible. Like all goals, it helps to start small , and NerdWallet’s new retirement calculator helps you do just that.


28 Apr 15:00

Little Girl and Garbage Man Have the Most Adorable Friendship

gifts,kindness,birthday,garbage man,parenting

Every Thursday is garbage day. And every Thursday 3-year-old Brooklyn Adracke is glowing with anticipation as she waits for her favorite person in the world, Delvar the garbage man.

Last Thursday was Brooklyn's birthday and she really wanted to share one of her cupcakes with Delvar. She stood and waited with the cheeziest smile, until Delvar finally arrived.

Then, that following week, Delvar showed up with a surprise of his own.

Submitted by:

28 Apr 05:41

Total Syntheses of Periconiasins A–E

by Chong Tian, Xiaoqiang Lei, Yuanhao Wang, Zhen Dong, Gang Liu, Yefeng Tang


The first and collective total syntheses of periconiasins A–E, a group of naturally occurring cytochalasans, were achieved by a series of rationally designed or bioinspired transformations. Salient features of the syntheses include a tandem aldol condensation/Grob fragmentation to assemble the linear polyketide–amino acid hybrid precursor, a Diels–Alder macrocylization to construct the 9/6/5 tricyclic core of periconiasins A–C, and a transannular carbonyl–ene reaction to forge the polycyclic framework of periconiasins D and E.

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

Family members: The collective total syntheses of periconiasins A–E, a group of newly identified cytochalasans, are presented. An array of rationally designed or bioinspired transformations, including a tandem aldol condensation/Grob fragmentation, a Diels–Alder, and a transannular carbonyl–ene reaction allows rapid access to the targets from readily accessible building blocks.

29 Apr 06:23

Transfer of Electrophilic NH Using Convenient Sources of Ammonia: Direct Synthesis of NH Sulfoximines from Sulfoxides

by Marina Zenzola, Robert Doran, Leonardo Degennaro, Renzo Luisi, James A. Bull


A new system for NH transfer is developed for the preparation of sulfoximines, which are emerging as valuable motifs for drug discovery. The protocol employs readily available sources of nitrogen without the requirement for either preactivation or for metal catalysts. Mixing ammonium salts with diacetoxyiodobenzene directly converts sulfoxides into sulfoximines. This report describes the first example of using of ammonia sources with diacetoxyiodobenzene to generate an electrophilic nitrogen center. Control and mechanistic studies suggest a short-lived electrophilic intermediate, which is likely to be PhINH or PhIN+.

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

Making a transfer: Convenient reagents for NH transfer allow the direct preparation of NH sulfoximines from sulfoxides. A wide range of diversely functionalized sulfoximines are prepared in high yields using simple ammonium salts with a hypervalent iodine reagent. Evidence is provided for a short-lived reactive species (see scheme).

28 Apr 16:00

A viral VR sex suit and what it says about us

by Christopher Trout
He'd had a terrible morning and an even worse afternoon. Exhausted by human interaction, Roger returned home, eager to slam a beer, throw on his bathrobe and lie back in his big leather recliner while Rhonda gave him one of her signature hand jobs....
28 Apr 07:01

Time For Takeoff, Saddest Turtle

by alex

Time For Takeoff, Saddest Turtle

29 Apr 04:00


by Christopher Hastings


33p45 is a post from: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad could be here, right now.

33p45 is a post from: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad could be here, right now.
28 Apr 21:28

[Editorial] My love-hate of Sci-Hub

by Marcia McNutt
Like many scientist-editors of journals published by nonprofit scientific societies, I have a love-hate relationship with Sci-Hub, the website operated out of Russia that provides access to 50 million pirated scientific articles to researchers worldwide (see the News story on p. 508). I recognize the underlying motivation of bringing global research content to the developing world. However, I also recognize that much traffic to Sci-Hub is from researchers who already have access to the articles they seek through mechanisms such as site licenses, open access, or other means. Authors who publish in Science journals, for example, can make their papers available immediately upon publication through free referrer links at the authors' websites. Research published after 1996 in a Science journal is made free with registration 1 year after its publication date. So what does the scientific community risk by gathering papers illegally? Author: Marcia McNutt