22 Jan 18:52

Ich hatte ja schon berichtet, wie Trump seinen Press ...

Ich hatte ja schon berichtet, wie Trump seinen Press Secretary unter den Bus geworfen hat, wie man in den USA so schön sagt, indem er ihn bei seiner ersten Pressemitteilung lügen ließ, dass bei Trump mehr Leute als bei Obama zur Inauguration gekommen seien.

Die Presse reagierte so ein bisschen verwundert auf die Sache, und hat dann auch mal Kellyanne Conway befragt, die während des Wahlkampfes immer für Trump lügen musste, äh, ich meine, seine Pressevertreterin war. Jetzt ist sie "White House Counselor" (was ich ja eh einen total großartigen Jobtitel finde, weil man auch Psychologen als Counselor bezeichnet, so Leute, die nach großen Katastrophen dazugerufen werden, um den Leuten in Schockstarre gut zuzureden).

Die Presse wollte also von ihr wissen, was denn da gerade passiert sei, dass der Pressesprecher von Trump offensichtliche Lügen verbreitet. Und Conways Antwort war: Das waren keine Lügen, das waren "alternative facts".

Das führte dazu, dass ich heute beim Frühstücken auf dem CNN-Fernseher diesen großartigen Screenshot nehmen konnte, der dann wenig später so aufgeklärt wurde. Gut, dass wir das mal geklärt haben, CNN!

Das ist hier gerade wie eine Episode der Twilight Zone. Unglaublich.

Update: Der Tweet des Tages kommt von Merriam-Webster :-)

23 Jan 02:55

#978 – powder keg

by meredith

#978 – powder keg

23 Jan 23:49

Sorry Soul Finds Out Wife's Been Cheating On Him For Two Years In Worst, Most Brutal Way Imaginable

Sad,FAIL,wife,true story,cheating,brutal,heartbreaking,dating

I didn't even write that with the intention of it being clickbaitish whatsoever, dude. Honestly, this saddening saga is violently brutal. Unreal. For sure got a literal clench in my gut as the story worked up to the devastating ending when yes, he discovers his wife was impregnated by Darrel, some engaged dude. Oh, a quick by the way, but she couldn't even spell that guy's name right. Read at your own peril, cause this shit might color you seven kinds of enraged.

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21 Jan 19:08

This DIY Platform Bed Saves Space, Has Tons of Storage

by Stephanie Lee

Arranging a decent-sized bed and other furniture in a small living space can feel like Tetris on hard mode, but if you’re up for a weekend project, you don’t have to sacrifice that much space with this DIY full-size platform bed. This video shows you how.


22 Jan 16:43

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Helicopter

by tech@thehiveworks.com

Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Oh wait, there it is. ...ew.

New comic!
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22 Jan 08:36

Geek Avenges Stolen Laptop By Remotely Accessing Thief's Facebook Account

by EditorDavid
An anonymous reader quotes Hot Hardware: Stu Gale, who just so happens to be a computer security expert, had the misfortune of having his laptop stolen from his car overnight. However, Gale did have remote software installed on the device which allowed him to track whenever it came online. So, he was quite delighted to see that a notification popped up on one of his other machines alerting him that his stolen laptop was active. Gale took the opportunity to remote into the laptop, only to find that the not-too-bright thief was using his laptop to login to her Facebook account. The thief eventually left her Facebook account open and left the room, after which Gale had the opportunity to snoop through her profile and obtain all of her private information. "I went through and got her phone numbers, friends list and pictures..." Given that Gale was able to see her phone numbers listed on Facebook, he sent text messages to all of those numbers saying that he was going to report her to the police. He also posted her info to a number of Facebook groups, which spooked the thief enough to not only delete her Facebook account, but also her listed phone numbers. In 2008 Slashdot ran a similar story, where it took several weeks of remote monitoring before a laptop thief revealed his identity. (The victim complained that "It was kind of frustrating because he was mostly using it to watch porn.") But in this case, Gale just remotely left a note on the laptop -- and called one of the thief's friends -- and eventually turned over all the information to the police, who believe an arrest will follow. Gale seems less confident, and tells one Calgary newspaper "I'm realistic. I'm not going to see that computer again. But at least I got some comic relief."

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23 Jan 10:09

Comic: 2017-01-23

New Comic: 2017-01-23
23 Jan 05:15

Conserving Ammo

I don't know why you'd include a riot gun and a zebra in the same game if you don't expect me to interact with both of them at the same time.
23 Jan 05:40

Ctrl+Alt+Del: Winter-een-mas 2017, page 4

by tim@cad-comic.com (Tim Buckley)
23 Jan 11:10

SSSS page 663

Page 663 is up!
23 Jan 04:27

Girls With Slingshots - GWS Chaser #490

by tech@thehiveworks.com
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Just the concept of busting your hymen on a fence post has squicked me out since middle school. (I spent pretty much all of my time in sex ed class with my legs tightly crossed and a concerned look on my face... but that's a story for another time.)

http://www.girlswithslingshots.com//comic/gws490">Here's the old strip!

24 Jan 00:51

Enantioselective Synthesis of [6]Carbohelicenes

by Elisa González-Fernández, Leo D. M. Nicholls, Lukas D. Schaaf, Christophe Farès, Christian W. Lehmann and Manuel Alcarazo

TOC Graphic

Journal of the American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/jacs.6b12443
21 Jan 19:10

Trump Deletes Misspelled Tweet, Which May Be Illegal [Updated]

by Rhett Jones

Update 7:30pm: Donald Trump has since deleted the follow-up tweet, possibly breaking the rules regarding archiving official records a second time. As of now, there’s no proof on his Twitter account of it ever existing. Of course, that’s what archived images are for.


23 Jan 04:45

The Empty Room

24 Jan 07:10


by David M Willis
22 Jan 18:44

Inhuman is the new pretty.

by thebloggess
There’s this new camera app called meitu that everyone on the internet is using because it takes your picture and turns it into a sort of glossy, anime version of yourself. Edited to add:  Looks like there are some privacy … Continue reading →
24 Jan 02:42

Welcoming Gift

22 Jan 06:02

Comic for January 22, 2017

Dilbert readers - Please visit Dilbert.com to read this feature. Due to changes with our feeds, we are now making this RSS feed a link to Dilbert.com.
23 Jan 07:43

Dark Science #72 – Roll Call

by Aaron


Thanks for your patience while we get a new site up and running. You’ll notice some things are different, but there will be more things that are different later, many more things!

22 Jan 14:08

A history of the Amiga, part 10: The downfall of Commodore

by Jeremy Reimer

Enlarge (credit: Jeremy Reimer)

More than 30-plus years after it debuted, the Amiga continues to fascinate all sorts of computer lovers. For years our Jeremy Reimer has been thoroughly documenting its unique journey in his reoccurring series, and this is his latest entry. If new to the saga, start with part one (on the machine's genesis) and make sure to read the latest entry (part nine on the Video Toaster) before digging in.

As the 1990s began, Commodore should have been flying high. The long-awaited new Amiga models with better graphics, the A1200 and A4000, were finally released in 1992. Sales responded by increasing 17 percent over the previous year. The Video Toaster had established a niche in desktop video editing that no other computer platform could match, and the new Toaster 4000 promised to be even better than before. After a rocky start, the Amiga seemed to be hitting its stride.

Unfortunately, this success wouldn’t last. In 1993, sales fell by 20 percent, and Commodore lost $366 million. In the first quarter of 1994, the company announced a loss of $8.2 million—much better than the previous four quarters, but still not enough to turn a profit. Commodore had run into financial difficulties before, particularly in the mid-'80s, but this time the wounds were too deep. Sales of the venerable Commodore 64 had finally collapsed, and the Amiga wasn’t able to fill the gap quickly enough. The company issued a statement warning investors of its problems, and the stock plunged. On April 29, 1994, Commodore International Limited announced that it was starting the initial phase of voluntary liquidation of all of its assets and filing for bankruptcy protection. Commodore, once the savior of the Amiga, had failed to save itself.

Read 47 remaining paragraphs | Comments

23 Jan 10:03

Comic: Mad PAX

by Tycho@penny-arcade.com (Tycho)
New Comic: Mad PAX
23 Jan 14:40

Watch The Ring Girl Crawl Out of an Electronics Store TV to Terrify Shoppers

by Andrew Liszewski on io9, shared by Rob Bricken to Gizmodo

Shopping for a new TV is already a hassle. Trying to decide what size to get, and what features you need, all while dealing with a pushy sales clerk, is bad enough. So the last thing you want exasperating the ordeal is a mild heart attack when a store’s demo model becomes a portal to a nightmarish otherworld.


22 Jan 15:02

the Conjecturing


22 Jan 22:54

Do Android Users Still Use Custom Roms?

by EditorDavid
"With all of the drama at CyanogenMod, Android Authority takes a look at the current state of custom ROM development," writes Slashdot reader Thelasko. From the article: The future of CyanogenMod appears uncertain, after the open source ROM was forced to fork under the name Lineage OS. Fortunately there are already other remixed versions of Android available, with some of the most popular being Paranoid Android, Resurrection Remix, and Dirty Unicorns... [But] with each new version of Android, the gap between Android and popular custom ROMs has shrunk, which begs an interesting question: Are custom ROMs even necessary anymore? To answer this, let's take a quick look at the state of custom ROM development as it exists today. The article points out that mobile virtual reality is "on the verge of becoming mainstream and the wearable market has grown tremendously," asking whether custom firmware will also integrate these newer technologies. But the original submission also asks a question that's closer to home. What custom ROMs do Slashdot users have installed?

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23 Jan 06:32

ASUS' Raspberry Pi rival can play 4K video

by Jon Fingas
Homebrew-friendly boards like the Raspberry Pi are great for do-it-yourself projects, but they seldom have the oomph needed to handle intensive tasks. That's where ASUS hopes to do better -- it quietly released its own device, the appropriately name...