17 Apr 05:30

explosm: By Kris Wilson

17 Apr 05:24

dremoranightmares: laughhard: And they said college would be...



And they said college would be harder than high school…

i am dying to know what jerry and robby did to invoke the wrath of the professor

16 Apr 19:00

Moonwalking through the years

Moonwalking through the years

16 Apr 17:16

Lewis Acidity of Bis(perfluorocatecholato)silane: Aldehyde Hydrosilylation Catalyzed by a Neutral Silicon Compound

by Allegra L. Liberman-Martin, Robert G. Bergman and T. Don Tilley

TOC Graphic

Journal of the American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/jacs.5b02807
16 Apr 15:44

Mustard Herb Crusted Chicken Breasts

by Skinnytaste Gina
Mustard Herb Crusted Chicken Breasts - quick, light and delicious!

These chicken breasts are are lightly brushed with Dijon mustard and herbs and breaded with panko and parmesan cheese. Then they are lightly pan fried until golden and finished in the oven. 

A quick and easy weeknight chicken dish that I served with a simple green salad on the side. This would also be great with roasted parmesan green beans or roasted broccoli with smashed garlic on the side.

Mustard Herb Crusted Chicken Breasts - quick, light and delicious!

Click Here To See The Full Recipe...
16 Apr 12:51

valeria2067: Gisele Bundchen IS looking a little rough, there,...


Gisele Bundchen IS looking a little rough, there, I must admit.

16 Apr 12:11

deehenn:Lol I been looking for this

Courtney shared this story from Super Opinionated.


Lol I been looking for this

16 Apr 08:44

"Raingods" Children's TV Programme (1970s)

by Scarfolk Council
Rainbow was a popular daytime children's television programme in the 1970s. Yet very few people realise that it was originally pitched as an altogether different show called Raingods. Below are the only extant frames from the pilot.

Raingods introduced children to a pink, one-eyed, Aztec god of rain, Tlaloc, whose name translates as 'enraged niece of Bruce Forsyth'. Other characters included minor deities such as Tezcatlipocabungle, the bear executioner deity; Zippyloc, god of arrogance and poor dentistry; and Geoffrey the Devil.

Ultimately, a full series was not commissioned because it became apparent in the pilot that Tlaloc's fearful cohorts not only had to appease their vengeful god with sweet songs, but they also to sacrifice live human children in his name.

In the first twenty minutes alone, two thousand children perished and the programme's producers received upwards of fourteen complaints from disgruntled parents and sweatshop owners.

The programme was soon thereafter redeveloped as the less malevolent Rainbow, Tlaloc was renamed George and the number of child sacrifices was reduced to an acceptable level.
16 Apr 06:53

coelasquid: tastefullyoffensive: by AxbyMag This was a wild...

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by AxbyMag

This was a wild ride

16 Apr 04:24

Stimuli-Responsive Metal–Ligand Assemblies

by Anna J. McConnell, Christopher S. Wood, Prakash P. Neelakandan and Jonathan R. Nitschke

TOC Graphic

Chemical Reviews
DOI: 10.1021/cr500632f
17 Apr 21:00


17 Apr 20:57

yuri-only-yury: Little dance

by villeashell


Little dance

17 Apr 20:57

esesokay: autumnyte: When I was younger, I wish someone had told me straight-up that not all...



When I was younger, I wish someone had told me straight-up that not all adults experience “a calling”. That many of them never find particular purpose in a career. That sometimes, their job is just what pays the bills and they have to seek satisfaction and fulfillment elsewhere. 

Because as an adult, this pervasive notion that there exists a perfect path for everyone, that people should love what they do, and that work is meant to function as a vehicle for fulfilling a person’s grand life destiny is not only inaccurate for many of us, it can be toxic.

The ideal is so ingrained that I have to remind myself constantly I’m not a failure because I don’t adore my job, and because I’m not rocking the world with my work. That is okay

Sometimes, work is just work. There isn’t always a perfect career path, magically waiting to be discovered. There might not be this THING you were born to do. Sometimes, you discover that what you really want to be when you grow up is “paid”.

It’s true. Capitalism only functions bc it needs the majority of people to struggle and not have access to fruitful, materially compensated (passion) work and livelihoods.

This is something i think about a lot w my first generation class and education privilege.

17 Apr 20:10

High-Yield Electrosynthesis of Hydrogen Peroxide from Oxygen Reduction by Hierarchically Porous Carbon

by Yanming Liu, Xie Quan, Xinfei Fan, Hua Wang, Shuo Chen


H2O2 production by electroreduction of O2 is an attractive alternative to the current anthraquinone process, which is highly desirable for chemical industries and environmental remediation. However, it remains a great challenge to develop cost-effective electrocatalysts for H2O2 synthesis. Here, hierarchically porous carbon (HPC) was proposed for the electrosynthesis of H2O2 from O2 reduction. It exhibited high activity for O2 reduction and good H2O2 selectivity (95.0–70.2 %, most of them >90.0 % at pH 1–4 and >80.0 % at pH 7). High-yield H2O2 generation has been achieved on HPC with H2O2 concentrations of 222.6–62.0 mmol L−1 (2.5 h) and corresponding H2O2 production rates of 395.7–110.2 mmol h−1 g−1 at pH 1–7 and −0.5 V. Moreover, HPC was energy-efficient for H2O2 production with current efficiency of 81.8–70.8 %. The exceptional performance of HPC for electrosynthesis of H2O2 could be attributed to its high content of sp3-C and defects, large surface area and fast mass transfer.

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

The electroreduction of O2 is achieved with hierarchically porous carbon (HPC) to give H2O2. It exhibits good selectivity, high production rate and current efficiency for the electrosynthesis of H2O2 at a wide range of pH values. The correlation between H2O2 production rate and sp3-C atoms and defects was explored. This provides an effective method for tuning the activity of carbon materials for the selective electrosynthesis of H2O2. RE=reference electrode.

17 Apr 19:58

Efficient Coupling of Nanoparticles to Electrochemically Exfoliated Graphene

by Wei Wei, Gang Wang, Sheng Yang, Xinliang Feng and Klaus Müllen

TOC Graphic

Journal of the American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/jacs.5b02284
17 Apr 19:00

Don't Take it Out on Carpet!

17 Apr 18:31

A Modular, Air-Stable Nickel Precatalyst

by Jason D. Shields, Erin E. Gray and Abigail G. Doyle

TOC Graphic

Organic Letters
DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.5b00766
17 Apr 17:21

I got it! I got it!… What the hell is this?

I got it! I got it!… What the hell is this?

17 Apr 17:00

Marco Rubio Has Been Lying to Us This Whole Time!

17 Apr 16:30

Classic: For a While, This Guy Had the Lowest Voice in all of Music

Submitted by: (via Jim Kidman)

Tagged: Music , bass , Video , g rated , classic , win
17 Apr 15:55

Raw & Rendered: Experimental 3D Artworks by Joey Camacho

by Christopher Jobson


In early 2014, Vancouver-based graphic artist Joey Camacho set out to learn more about rendering images using Cinema 4D and Octane Render, with the goal of creating a new piece each day. His first attempts were pretty rudimentary, but it wasn’t long before his exploration and experimentation began to pay off with increasinly subtle details inspired by biology, sound, and geometry. Only several months into his ‘Progress Before Perfection‘ project, he started getting requests for prints as his images were shared widely around Tumblr and elsewhere. You can see more of his work on Behance and prints of many pieces are available through his website.











17 Apr 06:16

Tintin’s Rocket

by Josh

Gonkius has created one of the most gorgeous LEGO rockets I’ve ever seen. Those seamless curves…I can’t get over them. They are everywhere! Looking at their photostream, it would appear this is their first publicly released build. I can’t wait to see more.

17 Apr 04:06

Cobalt-Catalyzed Intermolecular Hydroacylation of Olefins through Chelation-Assisted Imidoyl C–H Activation

by Junfeng Yang, Yuan Wah Seto and Naohiko Yoshikai

TOC Graphic

ACS Catalysis
DOI: 10.1021/acscatal.5b00581
17 Apr 00:30


16 Apr 20:00

Providing A Self-Service Service

by BD
Grocery Store | East Sussex, England, UK

(We have two self-service checkouts and three normal registers. Younger customers tend to be fine with the SSC but our elderly customers prefer the manned registers; however, there’s often only two staff in so if there’s a queue then sometimes people who would normally come to a human will switch to the SSC queue. An elderly man switches out of our queue to use a SSC, and immediately starts having issues. The next SSC comes free and a mother starts teaching her daughter how to use it.)

Elderly Man: *puts his basket in the bagging area*

SSC: “Unexpected item in the bagging area. Remove item before continuing.”

Elderly Man: “THESE CHECKOUTS ARE A DISGRACE! They don’t make any sense!”

Mother: “Now, [Daughter], lots of people find these tricky, but if you remember a few things then they’re easy as pie!”

Daughter: “Okay, mummy! What do I do?”

Mother: “Well, put your basket on the left. The left side is just a shelf and the right side has scales which weigh our shopping so it knows we aren’t stealing. The middle bit is the scanner and we have to wave the barcodes at the glass panels there.”

Elderly Man: *picks up his basket and looks to the woman uncertainly*

Mother: “So, [Daughter], remember: leave ‘em to the left and roll ‘em to the right. You can’t go wrong!”

Daughter: *picks up a tin of beans and rolls it over the scanner glass*

Mother: “Now, hear that beep? That means it scanned it. You can look at the screen if you’re not sure.” *points to where the screen now says ‘beans’*

Elderly Man: *copies*

(It all goes well at both tills for about 30 seconds until…)


Mother: *rips the corner off a ready meal barcode whilst her daughter is looking at the elderly man shouting* “Oh, no! Look, [Daughter], we can’t scan this one!”

Daughter: “Should I get another one, mummy?”

Mother: “No, that takes too long, but it’s okay. See that big button that says ‘Finish and Pay’?”

Daughter: “Yes, mummy.”

Mother: “Well, just above that there’s a button that says ‘Item Does Not Scan,’ so if you press that, you can put the numbers from the barcode in by yourself. If I read the numbers out, you can push the buttons.”

Daughter: *does this*

Elderly Man: *copies and then picks up a Danish pastry, and turns it over in his hand looking for a label*

Mother: *notices and picks up her own bakery items* “[Daughter], let’s do these next!”

Daughter: “But these don’t have a label on them!”

Mother: “That’s because we bagged them ourselves, silly! Now there’s two ways we can do this. If we press the ‘bakery’ button we can either select a subcategory like ‘pastries’ or ‘doughnuts,’ or we can press search if we’re not sure what category something goes into.”

Daughter: *puts all their bakery through*

Elderly Man: *copies daughter*

Mother: “Now, then. We’re all done. What button should we press now?”

Daughter: “Finish and pay?”

Mother: “Exactly right. Now, before we pay, mummy needs to scan her [Loyalty Card] so we can have the points for our shopping. Can you press the button for it?”

Daughter: *presses the button*

Elderly Man: *finishes scanning items and stands there looking at the till*

Mother: “Oh hang on, [Daughter]! I want to check if those crisps came up as ‘buy one get one free.'”

Daughter: “How can we check?”

Mother: “Well, the tills take the offers off at the end, so if you press ‘go back’ we can look at the bottom of the screen to check the offers. If it’s all good then we can just PRESS THE BIG FINISH AND PAY BUTTON ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER OF THE SCREEN.”

Daughter: *goes back to look if the offers have come off and then presses back to the payment screen*

Elderly Man: *presses ‘Finish And Pay’*

Mother: “Good, so now we just need to put the money in. Remember to check the notes are unfolded and that the corners aren’t bent. You can drop coins in this hole.”

Daughter: *pays*

Elderly Man: *copies*

Mother: “Right, [Daughter], our receipt comes out here, next to the scanner. Once it’s printed we can leave.”

Elderly Man: *snatches receipt and stalks off*

Manager: “Excuse me, miss? You forgot to take this!” *hands her a MASSIVE box of chocolates*

Mother: “Oh, I couldn’t!”

Manager: “No, please. That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I wish all our customers were like you!”