01 May 21:10

What Happened to Google Maps?

by manishs
Google Maps has reduced the number of cities it shows by up to 83% over the past few years, according to Justin O'Beirne. Maps, in addition, has increased the number of roads it showcases. O'Beirne, who writes about digital maps, in a blog post outlines the changes Google has made to its mapping and navigation service over the years. The side-by-side screenshots comparison on his blog post shows that Google has largely abandoned labelling towns and cities in favor of showing as many roads as it can. He has also looked into several elements of Maps from the design standpoint, and questioned Google's decision. He writes: If these roads were so important that they deserved to be upgraded in appearance, why weren't they also given shield icons? After all, an unlabeled road is only half as useful as a labeled one. [...] [Comparing Google Maps to a paper map] Even though it's from the early 1960s, the old print map has so much more information than the Google Map. So many more cities. So many more road labels. And the text size is comparable between the two. O'Beirne believes that Google has made these changes to better serve mobile users. "Unfortunately, these 'optimizations' only served to exacerbate the longstanding imbalances already in the maps," he writes. "As is often the case with cartography: less isn't more. Less is just less."

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01 May 19:22

Comfort books. Is this even a thing?

by thebloggess
I was just talking with Victor about comfort books…those books that you read over and over because you find them comforting even if you don’t understand why.  He thinks I’m insane and possibly I am, but there are certain books … Continue reading →
02 May 12:27

Preparation of Nanofibrous Metal–Organic Framework Filters for Efficient Air Pollution Control

by Yuanyuan Zhang, Shuai Yuan, Xiao Feng, Haiwei Li, Junwen Zhou and Bo Wang

TOC Graphic

Journal of the American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/jacs.6b02553
02 May 14:50

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - A Ghost in the Closet

by admin@smbc-comics.com

Hovertext: I hope in the new Ghostbusters they grapple with the idea that they're taking human souls and placing them in an Earthly purgatory forever.

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02 May 12:53

Nitrogen-Doped Porous Carbon Nanosheets Templated from g-C3N4 as Metal-Free Electrocatalysts for Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction

by Huijun Yu, Lu Shang, Tong Bian, Run Shi, Geoffrey I. N. Waterhouse, Yufei Zhao, Chao Zhou, Li-Zhu Wu, Chen-Ho Tung, Tierui Zhang
Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

Nitrogen-doped porous carbon nanosheets (N-CNS) are synthesized by hydrothermal carbon coating of g-C3N4 nanosheets followed by high-temperature treatment in N2. g-C3N4 serves as a template, nitrogen source, and porogen in the synthesis. This approach yields N-CNS with a high nitrogen content and comparable oxygen reduction reaction catalytic activities to commercial Pt/C catalysts in alkaline media.

02 May 16:15

Ctrl+Alt+Del: Gestures

by tim@cad-comic.com (Tim Buckley)
02 May 15:00

The Best Things to Buy at the Dollar Store

by Patrick Allan

Dollar stores are a minefield of cheap junk and questionable food, but there are also some great deals on stuff you use every day. If you know what to look for and what to avoid, you can make the dollar store the first stop in your grocery shopping quest and get the most bang for your pennies.


01 May 05:03

Comic for May 01, 2016

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02 May 04:40

Comic: destined to repeat

New Comic: destined to repeat
02 May 07:05

Comic: Taking Stock

by Tycho@penny-arcade.com (Tycho)
New Comic: Taking Stock
02 May 04:00


by Ed Ryzowski


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01 May 22:09

#895 – lunch or whatever who cares

by meredith

#895 – lunch or whatever who cares

02 May 05:02

Comic for May 02, 2016

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02 May 15:48

Ctrl+Alt+Del: Gestures

by tim@cad-comic.com (Tim Buckley)
02 May 21:00

A Butcher’s Six Secrets for Saving Money on Meat

by Adam Danforth

When I think about thrift and meat—specifically in the U.S., but increasingly in areas like Europe—the first thing that comes to mind is the devotion folks have to tenderness. This tends to be the Holy Grail quality people look for in meat. To me, this is a backwards approach to quantifying the quality of meat.


02 May 14:08

Synthesis of Cyclooctatetraenes through a Palladium-Catalyzed Cascade Reaction

by Sarah Blouin, Vincent Gandon, Gaëlle Blond, Jean Suffert


Reported is a cascade reaction leading to fully substituted cyclooctatetraenes. This unexpected transformation likely proceeds through a unique 8π electrocyclization reaction of a trienyne. DFT computations provide the mechanistic basis of this surprizing reaction.

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

All fours: Reported herein is a cascade reaction leading to fully substituted cyclooctatetraenes. The transformation proceeds through an unprecedented mechanistic pathway involving an 8π electrocyclization reaction of a trienyne. A DFT study was performed to understand this remarkable cascade reaction.

02 May 06:45

Jet-powered hoverboard shatters world record

by Steve Dent
When footage of a flying hoverboard first emerged last month, many thought it was fake, because the relatively tiny device appears to be breaking the laws of physics. But the "Flyboard Air" from inventor Franky Zapata is real, spectacular and just se...
01 May 17:07

Two Star Review


03 May 12:00

SoloLearn Teaches Coding Basics In Bite-Sized Lessons Every Day

by Eric Ravenscraft

Android/iOS/Windows/Web: Learning how to code is normally a time-consuming process. SoloLearn aims to make it easier by breaking down programming concepts into quick, digestible daily lessons.


03 May 05:06

Comic for May 03, 2016

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02 May 12:52

Low-Overpotential Electrocatalytic Water Splitting with Noble-Metal-Free Nanoparticles Supported in a sp3 N-Rich Flexible COF

by Dinesh Mullangi, Vishal Dhavale, Sorout Shalini, Shyamapada Nandi, Sean Collins, Tom Woo, Sreekumar Kurungot, Ramanathan Vaidhyanathan

Covalent organic frameworks (COFs) are crystalline organic polymers with tunable structures. Here, a COF is prepared using building units with highly flexible tetrahedral sp3 nitrogens. This flexibility gives rise to structural changes which generate mesopores capable of confining very small (<2 nm sized) non-noble-metal-based nanoparticles (NPs). This nanocomposite shows exceptional activity toward the oxygen-evolution reaction from alkaline water with an overpotential of 258 mV at a current density of 10 mA cm−2. The overpotential observed in the COF-nanoparticle system is the best in class, and is close to the current record of ≈200 mV for any noble-metal-free electrocatalytic water splitting system—the Fe–Co–Ni metal-oxide-film system. Also, it possesses outstanding kinetics (Tafel slope of 38.9 mV dec−1) for the reaction. The COF is able to stabilize such small-sized NP in the absence of any capping agent because of the COF–Ni(OH)2 interactions arising from the N-rich backbone of the COF. Density-functional-theory modeling of the interaction between the hexagonal Ni(OH)2 nanosheets and the COF shows that in the most favorable configuration the Ni(OH)2 nanosheets are sandwiched between the sp3 nitrogens of the adjacent COF layers and this can be crucial to maximizing their synergistic interactions.

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

A highly flexible sp3 N-rich covalent organic framework (COF) as support for M/M(OH)2 (M = Ni/Co) nanoparticles to form electrocatalysts for water splitting with exceptionally low overpotentials (258 mV @ 10 mA cm−2) and favorable electrode–electrolyte kinetics (Tafel slope = 38.9 mV dec−1) is developed. The synergistic interactions between sp3 nitrogens of the COF and the nanoparticle are evident from density-functional-theory modeling.

03 May 14:49

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - A Plan

by admin@smbc-comics.com

Hovertext: If not a single sparrow falls to the ground without your Father's knowledge, why doesn't he catch the damn thing?

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Finally starting to feel human again. 

02 May 10:44

Bernie’s Bad End

by By Paul Krugman
Time for an intervention?
03 May 16:24

Fox’s ambush man on #WHCD party scuffle: ‘I regret that it happened’

by Lauren Evans
Has a more insidery story ever been written? 
02 May 04:00


by Christopher Hastings


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33p46 is a post from: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

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