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31 Oct 16:08

by (John)
31 Oct 16:30

mummyshark: Reblogging because the glow of this particular...


Reblogging because the glow of this particular pumpkin appeals to me in ways that border on the sexual.

31 Oct 13:32

MTV Unplugged In New York Turns 20

by Stereogum


Funny thing about suicide: It’s not a mystery to be solved. When someone you know, or someone you admire, takes her own life, there’s always a temptation to rifle through your memories of that person, looking for some clue of what might happen. It’s not there — or, if it is, there’s usually no reason to think of it as a clue at the time. I once had a next-door neighbor, a guy I didn’t really know, who killed himself one afternoon while I was home on the other side of his living room wall. The street filled up with emergency vehicles, cops milled around outside and refused to answer questions, and the dead man’s loved ones walked in and and walked out in some hell-trance. The next morning, everything was gone, and the trash truck picked up the dead man’s garbage just like they picked up mine. This was someone I saw every day or two, someone who grilled outside a lot and had a really pleasant what’s-up wave. The news that he’d killed himself didn’t compute. But then, I didn’t know him, and I never will. It was the same with Kurt Cobain. Millions of us felt like we knew this guy. None of us did. Cobain recorded the live album MTV Unplugged In New York a few months before he died, and it came out a few months after. If you were of a certain age and disposition, you might’ve spent hours combing through the album, looking for some indication of what he was going through. Was that voice-crack on “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” a kind of involuntary musical suicide warning? Well, no. No, it wasn’t. And MTV Unplugged In New York wasn’t a road map to the end of Cobain’s life. It was, instead, an exceptional performance, beautifully recorded. And that was enough for all-time classic status.


31 Oct 12:30

DC Classic TV Series Batman Cowl

by Marty Shaw

You want to be Batman, and not just any Batman. You want to be the retro 1966 Caped Crusader. The DC Classic TV Series Batman Cowl lets you instantly transform yourself into the vigilante that delivers ‘BIF’ and ‘POW’ to the criminals of Gotham City. Okay, you liked the 1966 Batman Cowl that we mentioned […]
27 Oct 15:27

by (John)
Guy gets a ring gifted to him by his uncle. He doesn't want it so he returns it to the manufacturer. 
Man takes care of a hotel in the winter and writes a dull book 
Old man travels to Venezuela to visit a waterfall 
A rich orphan beats up a clown
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It's Tyson Versus Tyson On The Tonight Show

by Zeon Santos

Mike Tyson is one of the greatest boxers of all time, and his short but sweet career will forever be remembered as being controversial, powerful and the inspiration for a classic video game…sort of.

You see, Mike never fought sluggers like King Hippo and Don Flamenco in real life, so his career did nothing for his video game skills, and Mike probably had better things to do than fight himself on the NES.

(YouTube Link)

Jimmy Fallon challenged the former champ to a game of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! On The Tonight Show, to see if Tyson could beat Tyson on national television.

As anyone who has played Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! knows beating the big boss is no easy task, and the pixelated version proved to be more than a match for the real life version. Somebody get that man a Game Genie!

-Via BJ Penn

29 Oct 02:35

by (John)
Elon Musk 10/21/12:
One of our competitors, Orbital Sciences, has a contract to resupply the International Space Station, and their rocket honestly sounds like the punch line to a joke. It uses Russian rocket engines that were made in the ’60s. I don’t mean their design is from the ’60s—I mean they start with engines that were literally made in the ’60s and, like, packed away in Siberia somewhere.
A private Orbital Sciences-built cargo launch to the International Space Station ended in a fiery explosion just seconds after liftoff Tuesday night
27 Oct 22:40

underempoweredhobo: ungoliantschilde: rufftoon: ca-tsuka: Evi...





Evil Vinyl art toys concepts by animation studio A Large Evil Corporation.

If these could go beyond the concepts and be real. I would get all the Bowies!

I kinda need that Christopher Walken.

i would buy almost all of these… 


28 Oct 20:54

thegrammys: [//]

30 Oct 00:30

Scientists have made such progress with lab-grown organs and 3D...

Scientists have made such progress with lab-grown organs and 3D printing that in the coming decades the need for organ donors could be a thing of the past. The ability to grow fully-functioning organs using transplant patients’ cells isn’t that far away. It’s already been done a time or two. Source

24 Oct 22:00

The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XXV

28 Oct 20:15

Last Chance to Preorder Amazon's Chromecast Competitor for $19

by Shep McAllister, Commerce Team on Gizmodo, shared by Shep McAllister, Commerce Team to io9

I got one.

Last Chance to Preorder Amazon's Chromecast Competitor for $19

In case you somehow missed it yesterday, today's your last full day to preorder Amazon's Fire TV stick for $19, or $20 off MSRP. You'll still need to be a Prime member to get the deal, but you can sign up for a free trial if that isn't in the cards.


29 Oct 10:00

80s Cartoon Villains Dunking on You

by John Farrier

Skeletor from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Megatron from The Transformers

You have no place on this basketball court. The villains of an 80s childhood will destroy you by dunking over your head, again and again. Andy Kaufman drew these images that let you feel as small as you were back when these cartoons were still new.

Mumm-Ra from ThunderCats

Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe

-via Geek Art

28 Oct 18:28

Marvel Debuts New Phase 3 Movies, Including Avengers: Infinity War!!!

by Rob Bricken


Marvel Debuts New Phase 3 Movies, Including Avengers: Infinity War!!!

Phase 3 has been announced, and it's everything — everything you could want. Captain Marvel! Black Panther! Inhumans! And most incredibly, a two-part Avengers: Infinity War!!! We've got all the details right here!


28 Oct 00:30

Cool Stuff: Gallery 1988 Does Blu-ray Covers For 16 Classic Sony Films

by Germain Lussier

Tom Whalen Tommy gallery 1988 blu ray cover

Step one in releasing a special edition Blu-ray release is a kick-ass new cover. And with the explosion of pop culture art happening in almost every major city, there are plenty of talented artists who are up to the task.

Sony knows this and they recruited the premiere pop culture art gallery, Los Angeles’ Gallery 1988, to curate brand new covers for 16 different classic films. Artists like Tom Whalen, James Flames, Joey Spiotto, Anthony Petrie, Jeff Boyes and others created covers for films such as Superbad, The Karate Kid, Taxi Driver, Tommy, Drive, The Raid Redemption, and Stripes, and several others. Below, see all 16 Gallery 1988 Blu ray covers.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for these images. Mouse over each for the artists name.

Gallery 1988 Blu ray covers

Joey Spiotto - Superbad Dan Mumford Fifth Element Dave Quiggle - District 9 Jeff Boyes Drive Jeff Boyes The Professional Scott Derby Desperado DKNG Easy Rider Sam Gilbey - Karate Kid Chris DeLorenzo Stripes James Flames Taxi-Driver Anthony Petrie Snatch Tom Whalen Tommy Anthony Petrie Kung-Fu-Hustle Phantom City The Raid Rich Kelly Dr Strangelove Kevin Dart - Das-Boot

According to the site, you can exclusively pre-order these on Best Just search the title of the movie. It looks like they’ll be released November 23, just in time for Black Friday.

The post Cool Stuff: Gallery 1988 Does Blu-ray Covers For 16 Classic Sony Films appeared first on /Film.

27 Oct 16:14

10 bits of interesting Star Wars costumes trivia

by (John)

Some interesting bits of trivia I learned from the gorgeous new coffee table book, Star Wars Costumes:

1. George Lucas insisted on all costumes having no visible fasteners.

2. Luke's Tatooine pants are colorless Levi's.

3. One of the Duros in the Cantina scene is wearing a costume from Escape from the Planet of the Apes.

4. Lucas ordered that the Hoth Rebel uniforms be destroyed so that they could not be reused on other films.

5. Children were dressed in Hoth Rebel uniforms and placed in the back of the hangar to make it look bigger.

6. Yoda's face is partially based on Albert Einstein.

7. A stuntman suffered a broken arm when he accidentally fell into the Sarlacc.

8. Leia's slave bra was modeled in wax, kept in a ice chest, and then placed on her body to be formed as it warmed with her body heat.

9. Lando's guard helmet was inspired by a baseball glove.

10. The Emperor is played by a woman in The Empire Strikes Back, and her eyes were replaced by a chimpanzee's eyes in postproduction.

The book is about as great as a coffee table can get. It's oversized, but not absurdly heavy. The photographs are large, unmarred by text, and make even the simplest costumes look like holy relics:

Every costume is accompanied by lengthy descriptions of their creation and glamorous photos, with the more complex costumes getting several pages of coverage, and in some cases foldouts:

Pilot and skiff guard helmets are gathered for comparison:

And there are even costumes from deleted scenes:

The 232-page hardcover is currently 38% off at Amazon and comes out tomorrow.
27 Oct 22:01

by (John)
Of all of Uber’s numbers, one is particularly important: $90,766. In a late-May post on its blog, Uber cited $90,766 as the median annual income of a driver for UberX in New York City.
In several months of reporting on Uber, I have yet to come across a single driver earning the equivalent of $90,766 a year. Those I’ve spoken with report that they gross around $1,000 a week after commission and sales tax—but before gas and other expenses—for annual income closer to $50,000. And despite broadcasting the $90,766 figure far and wide, Uber has so far proved unable to produce one driver earning that amount.
11 Oct 03:00

The Best 3 Seconds of Your Day Will Be Watching This Lemur Bounce off the Walls

by John Farrier

(Video Link)

This is how William Toomey's ring-tailed lemur, Koko, traverses a hallway. There's no need for him to touch the floor.

Can you do this? Please record your efforts and post the videos in the comments. 

-via 22 Words

12 Oct 04:00

Focus Trailer Starring Will Smith

by RemyCarreiro

Looks good.

Will Smith is one of those actors who I think we all secretly are waiting for a "good" movie from. There was a time when he was the go-to guy for big, epic, fun movies. But his last few outings have been awful (After Earth, blah), but I, personally, always want to keep my hopes high that we have not yet seen the best of Will Smith. Though Fresh Prince was a high water mark that many would find hard to surpass.

Even though we have not heard from the actor in some time, seems we have our first new trailer for the new Will Smith movie, Focus.

(YouTube Link)

The problem I am having wih Focus from what I have seen so far is, people have lost the idea of what makes Will Smith movies work when they actually work. They have to be fun. This "serious" Will Smith thing takes away some of what makes him so likable in the first place. Hopefully, Focus will pack a punch and put Smith on the map.

I kind of like the dude.

16 Oct 00:00

Rare Celebrity Candid Shots

by Lisa Marcus

The second photo is fantastic.

James Dean and Sammy Davis, Jr. | Image:

These rare, celebrity candids (with a few impromptu poses in natural situations) are unusual in that many of the shots catch personalities in groups or pairs that the public doesn't typically associate together. Like the photo above, they are refreshing in their spontaneous, informal feel. They evoke reflection of a simpler time, in which Photoshop and unrealistic standards of beauty and body image for both sexes weren't yet the norm.

See the rest of this fun collectionhere.

 Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor | Image:

The Brady Bunch joking around with the Jackson Five | Image:

Robert Redford and Paul Newman | Image:

Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee | Image:

Robin Williams, Burt Reynolds and Richard Pryor | Image:

Bill Clinton meets President John F. Kennedy | Image:

 Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor | Image:

25 Oct 04:00

30 Funny Business Signs

by John Farrier

(Photo: jessyfastfinger)

(Photo: unknown)

(Photo: unknown)

Alex once told me to change the sign in front of the Neatorama factory. "What should I write?" "Anything is fine."

It was the last time that Alex sent me out to change the sign.

What can you do with a business sign? 22 Words has a roundup of 30 funny signs that businesses put out front to attract or scare away customers.

27 Oct 15:00

"I Won't Let You Down" by OK Go

by Miss Cellania

These guys are phenomenal.

Song is ok.

(YouTube link)

Get ready for an amazing music video. OK Go released the video for their new song today: “I Won’t Let You Down.” The innovative video features kaleidoscopic Busby Berkeley-style dance formations in what appears to be one continuous take, although I can’t picture how they did it. The credits list one cameraman, Makoto Okuguchi, plus a “Multi-Copter Pilot,” Kenji Yasuda. The band members are each riding a UNI-CUB personal mobility device, previously featured on Neatorama. I am looking forward to the “making of” video. -via Viral Viral Videos

Update: According to OK Go singer Damian Kulash, the video was recorded at half-speed, and this is the camera setup.

Andy is the brains behind this operation. @arossexperience

Damian Kulash(@damiankulash)張貼的相片 於 8月 8, 2014 at 8:35下午 PDT

26 Oct 06:00

10 Minimalist Horror Movie Posters

by RemyCarreiro

Artist: Thomas Emery

It is crazy to think that a movie that took years to write and direct and produce can often be summed up in one single, minimalist frame of artwork. One picture that grabs the entirety of the movie and squeezes itself down to tell its story using no words and a single image. Yet the best artists seem to be able to do this ease, and have a lot of fun in the process.

Someone wrote me this week and pointed out this 10 Minimalist Horror Movie Posters list to me, and knowing I was a huge fan of horror, they asked me if I could identify all 10 movies. Well, of course I did! But I think that stands as more of a testimony to how astute the posters are, and not my overall horror prowess.

Check out the list for yourself and see how well you do.

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25 Oct 17:20

by (John)

For obsessives--11 interesting details from the Matrix (just the first movie). Including that the building Neo works at looks like a spinal column, and the spelling of the company's name changes inside.
24 Oct 20:09

theonion: TLC Producer Wants List Of 100 Fucked-Up Families On...

24 Oct 21:00

Kim Kardashian has been married more times than Americans have...

Kim Kardashian has been married more times than Americans have died from Ebola.

26 Oct 23:00

Life moves faster as you get older, and there are biological...

Life moves faster as you get older, and there are biological reasons why. Your internal clock slows down while the rest of the world seems to speed up. Your brain remembers significant events, but the rest of the time that passes is a blur. As daily life becomes more mundane, there are fewer events to remember, which causes you to underestimate time. Source

27 Oct 13:40

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