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18 Aug 18:30

GWAR Send Fallen Leader Oderus Urungus Back To The Mothership With Viking Funeral

by Ides Bergen

Dave Brockie Oderus Urungus

Gwar frontman Dave Brockie was a larger than life figure to his fans, as was his onstage alter ego Oderus Urungus. So when Brockie died of an accidental overdose of heroin on March 23, 2014, the band never dreamed of attempting to pass off someone else in the Oderus costume.

Brockie was laid to rest, eulogized, and mourned at private and public memorials back in the Spring, but the band waited for their annual GwarBQ celebration in their hometown of Richmond, VA, this past weekend to send the scum dog alien that was Oderus Urungus back to the mothership. Fans got to witness a touching tribute to Brockie and his alter ego by friends and fellow musicians, such as Lamb of God's Randy Blythe, followed by a flaming viking funeral send-off of the Oderus costume.

Watch the full video here below [...]

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21 Jul 13:00

Peggo Converts YouTube Videos to Audio for Offline Listening

by Alan Henry

Peggo Converts YouTube Videos to Audio for Offline Listening

Web: Peggo is a simple web service that takes your favorite YouTube videos, whether they're music, podcasts, or other programming, and saves them as audio files so you can listen to them later or offline. It even removes silence to keep filesizes small, and normalizes volume so you don't get surprised if you're listening through headphones.


13 Aug 18:00

Remember the "One in the Air Is Two on the Ground" Rule When Flying

by Melanie Pinola

Remember the "One in the Air Is Two on the Ground" Rule When Flying

If you fancy an alcoholic drink or two when you're on a plane, keep in mind that the drinks could affect you more than they would if you were on land.


14 Aug 23:00

Make a Simple Bottle Opener with a Standard Construction Nail

by Patrick Allan

There are a lot of ways to open a bottle, but this simple method of hammering a nail into some wood is one of the easiest.


15 Aug 14:00

The Stores That Will Refund Your Money When a Price Drops

by Kristin Wong on Two Cents, shared by Andy Orin to Lifehacker

The Stores That Will Refund Your Money When a Price Drops

You buy an item, and a few days later, it goes on sale. It can be an annoying experience. But some retailers will refund you the difference in price. Kiplinger put together a list of popular retailers that with price drop policies.


18 Aug 14:51

Oscar Nominees Will Be Getting Weed Vaporizers In Their Gift Bags

by Penn Collins

As if getting an Oscar nod wasn’t a big enough deal already, now they’re loading up those famous gift bags with something that actually has some practical value. In addition to a $3,000 watches, expensive face creams made from orphan tears, and exotic car access, the nominees at the Oscars will be treated to getting marijuana vaporizers in their gift bag.

Even for those who don’t smoke pot, given the relaxed climate of use, and the fact that you now have that vaporizer sitting on your kitchen table, it may spur an actor or two to light up and sample the wares.

However, there are some actors that are just so un-fun and self serious that they’ll probably trash it. Yup. I was thinking about Sean Penn and Jared Leto. Lighten up, guys. Smoke some pot.

(NY Post)

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15 Aug 19:04

Yeah, the new Madden commercial really is that great

by (John)

Total lunacy.
15 Aug 18:15


12 Aug 05:00

A.V. Undercover: Hamilton Leithauser covers John Cougar (and he’s playing A.V. Fest)

by Josh Modell

Hamilton Leithauser has graced the Undercover stage (well, not this one, the other one) twice before, with The Walkmen. His on-extreme-hiatus band covered R.E.M.’s “Driver 8” in season one, and “Holiday Road” for our first Holiday Undercover series. Now he’s back with an excellent solo album, Black Hours, and a fully functioning cover of John Cougar’s “I Need A Lover.” (You’ll also notice Walkmen guitarist Paul Maroon rocking out while sitting down.) The song was Cougar’s first American hit, way back in 1979, and it was released after he stopped using the name Johnny Cougar, but before he went with John Cougar Mellencamp and, at long last, simply John Mellencamp. Leithauser and his band took the song as a challenge, working up a cover that includes its full-length instrumental opening passage, not just copping out with the much shorter radio edit. It’s ...

16 Aug 20:07

10 Other Movie Characters That Should Be Band Names, Besides Veruca Salt

by bgoldstein

By Jeff Finkle

You know ’90s nostalgia is exploding when the Volcano Girls themselves, alternative rock band Veruca Salt, go on a reunion tour. After breaking up in 1998 due to personal differences between singer-songwriters Louise Post and Nina Gordon, the duo put the original band back together this year, and even have a new album coming out. Their hit song “Seether” was one of the biggest hits of the ’90s but the band’s true genius was in naming themselves after the bratty girl from the unforgettable Roald Dahl book and the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Here are ten more classic film characters and the fictional bands that could have taken their names.

10. Cameron Frye (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

“Frye. Frye. Frye…” There’s nothing that gets rock fans riled up before a show than the recorded voice of Ben Stein being blasted from the speakers before the band emerges onto the stage to kick ass. Of course, this band has to be coaxed into getting out of bed that morning by their cool friend Ferris (or possibly a member of the band Save Ferris.) You’re sure to have the best day ever when you go see Cameron Frye perform and you might just learn something about yourself along the way. If you have to make a phony phone call to get out of work, do it. Cameron Frye is worth it. They are so choice.

You’ll feel the energy and the rage when you pump your fist to the Cameron Frye classic “Take a Stand.” You just might want to wait a few days before you call your father.

9. Vada Sultenfuss (My Girl)

Who wouldn’t want to be taken back to a time when it was OK to wear overalls, and riding a Schwinn bike took you across your whole world. Get ready to get lost in the guitar riffs of a band whose ‘70s sound is inspired by both the Allman Brothers and the Osmond Brothers. Vada Sultenfuss will knock you out of your doldrums with their groovy sound and lyrics so deep you’ll swear the singer/songwriter took Mr. Bixler’s class on poetry.

Grab your cell phones and pretend they’re lighters because when Vada Sultenfuss jams out to “An Ode to Thomas J.” you might get so emotional that you’ll wish you could run home and hug your comatose grandma.

8. Josey Wales (The Outlaw Josey Wales)

Josey Wales might sound like a perfect name for a pop group with a female guitarist but these male indie rockers (and fans of Clint Eastwood’s iconic western hero) made music history with a name that puts fear in the heart of weak-willed men. The only excuse a fan has for missing a live performance from Josie Wales is if you get stuck on a Missouri Boat Ride.

Prepare to walk tall and gaze at folks with a steely determination after hearing the Josie Wales ballad “Dyin’ Ain’t No Way to Make a Livin’.”

7.  Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction)

Who doesn’t remember the first time they saw the film Pulp Fiction, and who doesn’t remember the first time they heard the album Say What Again! by the band Jules Winnfield? They might have a Chili Peppers funk rock sound but this band is cooler than Fonzie and way more philosophical than the Peppers. You might have to fight the urge to walk the Earth when you listen to the music of Jules Winnfield because the experience is like a Big Kahuna Burger for your soul.

Listen to the track “Ezekiel 25:17” from their debut album and it will surely put you on the path of the righteous man.

6. Garth (Wayne’s World)

You’re not worthy to experience the hard rock power guitar riffs and amazing drum solos of Garth. Even the legendary Alice Cooper would bow down to their awesomeness, and Garth makes Gwar look like Maroon 5. They might be named after the ultimate sidekick but they would surely be the lead act at Waynestock. So grab your red rope licorice and your best friend and head out of your parents’ basement because Garth is coming to your town and they like to play.

Point yourself towards a real babe and get ready to “Schwing” when the band Garth plays the song of the same name. You might get lucky or at least feel like when you used to climb the rope in gym class.

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15 Aug 12:46

Toothy sharks.

28 May 18:24

Great Job, Internet!: Here’s an appreciation of Edgar Wright’s visual comedy chops

by Christopher Curley

Interesting and awesome.

Edgar Wright makes funny movies. But what sets him apart from other comedic directors is that he gives the medium and frame as much importance as the actors and dialogue in telling a joke. At least, that’s what Tony Zhou argues in the latest installment in his Vimeo series Every Frame A Painting

More than just a highlight reel of Wright’s work, Zhou analyzes missed opportunities in the modern crop of American film comedies from The Hangover to This Is The End, going so far as to call their style “not movies,” but rather, “lightly edited improv.” He then contrasts this with the visual flair of American TV series like Louie and Arrested Development as well as the artful comedic direction of Monty Python and Steven Spielberg.  

Zhou’s video won’t take the sting out of the news that Edgar Wright has parted ways with Marvel’s ...

12 Aug 21:27

Newswire: Comedy Central renews @midnight for a second season

by Katie Rife

Comedy Central has renewed Chris Hardwick’s @midnight, a series that, in theory, sounds like just about the worst thing ever (a Twitter-based game show), but in practice is actually quite entertaining, especially in a falling-asleep-in-front-of-the-TV kind of way. @midnight has been a ratings boon for the cable network, which initially picked up the show for a 40-week first season after a successful four-week trial run. The second season will also run for 40 weeks, which means 160 more opportunities to get your Anne Frank and/or Goodnight Moon-related puns on TV.

15 Aug 17:21


14 Aug 21:00

Noah’s Cake

by Miss Cellania

When you keep your expectations low enough, you’ll never be disappointed. According to redditor xdrtypopx, this cake was for an intern who completed the term. Judging from the Batman logo and the Hannah Montana decoration, it was probably a fairly young intern. Best of luck in the future, kid!

14 Aug 16:30

The new ION Luxury Hotel in Iceland features a Northern Lights...

The new ION Luxury Hotel in Iceland features a Northern Lights Bar that is positioned to give a perfect view of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and the surrounding landscape while guests enjoy a beverage of choice.


15 Aug 01:30

A Swiss couple agreed to babysit for their friend, who gave them some rather excessive instructions on how to care for the 6-month-old. In return, they Photoshopped a series of "worst-case scenarios" in order to send hourly photo-updates on how the baby was doing.



29 Jul 20:30

Idiocracy Is a Cruel Movie And You Should Be Ashamed For Liking It

by Matt Novak on Paleofuture, shared by Annalee Newitz to io9

Highly underrated film. So good and poignant.

Idiocracy Is a Cruel Movie And You Should Be Ashamed For Liking It

Remember that 2006 movie Idiocracy? The one where Luke Wilson plays an average underachiever who wakes up 500 years in the future, only to realize that he's now the smartest person on Earth? And everyone else is dumb — like, really dumb? Well, that movie is cruel and terrible and you should be ashamed for liking it. Seriously.


13 Aug 06:09

Be Mesmerized by This Gif of Comics Characters Morphing Into Each Other

by Katharine Trendacosta

Be Mesmerized by This Gif of Comics Characters Morphing Into Each Other

This is great, and you can stare at it forever trying to find a pattern. Sometimes there is one, and then something comes along to disrupt it.


13 Aug 22:00

Watch One World Trade Center's Entire Construction In Just Two Minutes

by Lauren Davis

Watch One World Trade Center's Entire Construction In Just Two Minutes

It took three years to construct the new One World Trade Center, but this time-lapse video lets you watch the Western Hemisphere's tallest skyscraper rise over the New York skyline over just two minutes.


09 Aug 14:00

BB King - The Thrill is Gone (A Pied Piper Remix)

12 Aug 03:36

Brick wall houses a sliding door.

Brick wall houses a sliding door.

10 Aug 16:00

The Colorful History Of Baseball Uniforms

by Zeon Santos

The peanuts and cracker jacks are back in their seats, watching the new baseball season play out inning by inning like every previous season, but there’s one thing that regularly changes in the world of major league baseball- the uniforms.

Teams are constantly updating their look, changing up their color palette and refining their logo to stay current, and the history of baseball is forever commemorated by the uniforms of the past.

This colorful chart was created by Pop Chart Lab, containing colorful illustrations of baseball uniforms both home and away from the sport’s past, with examples dating back to the late 1800s, and you can see a full sized version of the chart here

-Via Laughing Squid

12 Aug 16:11

Soundtrack Studies: ‘Fight Club’

by Penn Collins

Last week I spoke of my two reservations in choosing soundtracks for Soundtrack Studies: I didn’t want to do instrumentals (because they’re just harder to write about and far better experienced than read) and I didn’t want to pick soundtracks that were done by just one artist, because the curation of different artists is one of the most compelling aspects of soundtracks.

Nonetheless, I tossed those criteria out the window and did ‘The Social Network, which featured no words, and was done entirely by the team of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

Oh well.

I also wrote about how Trent Reznor and David Fincher seemed to be a natural fit for each other, which is presumably why Fincher had recruited Reznor to write his now defunct Fight Club musical. But before there were musicals, spinoffs, or variety hours, there was Fight Club the film which had its own soundtrack, which sounded a LOT like Trent Reznor, even though it was done in its entirety by the the Dust Brothers. And it’s all instrumental as well, save for the last scene, which I will talk about later and is why I’m writing about this soundtrack in the first place.

For those unfamiliar, Fight Club, more than it is about fighting, is about the insidiousness of white male rage. The protagonist (an unnamed narrator played by Edward Norton), gets convinced by a mischievous stranger to thwart the conventions he’s mired himself in, and live life on a more savage, animalistic level. As the film progresses, we see Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden evolve from “charming imp” to “nihilistic criminal,” which is likely the character’s M.O. all along.

And as we’re faced with and rejecting the Narrator’s very existence, we’re given a droning score that serves as a heart monitor for Edward Norton’s character. For the entire film, the score intentionally avoids crescendo, climax, or excitement, instead serving to ratchet up the tension of a man hitting rock bottom of his own free will (but not really of his own free will.) The exception to this being the opening credits, which, in hindsight, teaches you the only exciting thing in the Narrator’s life is how messed-up his mind is.

Through that lens, the Dust Brothers were a very inspired choice. But they were also a very subversive one. Having been auteurs of beat-driven music fro over ten years at that point, they had largely cut their teeth as producers prior to the film, having overseen the excellent Beck album Odelay, the Korn (naturally) song “Kick the P.A.” and Hanson’s “MMMBop.”

Yes. The Dust Brothers did Hanson’s “MMMBop.” They’re nothing if not diverse.

Unfortunately, the soundtrack listings on Spotify seem to be more what people THINK should have been on the Fight Club soundtrack more than what’s actually on the Fight Club soundtrack. What people think should be on it is fascinating, but not really germane to this discussion. However, if you’d like to get a glimpse of someone making their own, you can see it here. If you want the actual soundtrack, made by the people we’re talking about here, it’s in this lengthy, lengthy YouTube video:

It really does sound a lot (alotalotalot) like The Social Network soundtrack. So much so that many Internet denizens refer to Nine Inch Nails as the composer. Close, but wrong.

The score, like that of The Social Network, sets an eerily ambient tone that pairs as well with senseless vandalism and savagery as it does with a dinner party or filling out a spreadsheet. Instrumental music often affords itself that versatility in a manner that singers can’t. And the film sticks to that formula right until the very end, when the Narrator puts a bullet through his head, demonstrating his free will apart from Tyler Durden, killing him, then watching the world burn and getting the girl.

It’s a lot to take in on a narrative level, but the use of The Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” serves as one of the more iconic songs in film, serving as both heavy-handed wordplay (where IS Edward Norton’s mind), but mostly just cutting through the tension carried in the film with  a cathartic release. You know. Like a bullet to the head.

It’s what the film’s soundtrack is most known for, and it rewards the viewer for two hours and fifteen minutes of watching this man trudge through life, then take misguided pains to make it a little more interesting. There’s probably a moral there, but David Fincher’s not the type of person to tell you what it is.


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11 Aug 17:31

Newswire: Radiohead voted “most influential act” in all of music, obviously

by Marah Eakin

Overrated (clap clap clap clap clap clap)

In a move that should surprise no one working in music journalism, college radio, or record retail, or who has ever seen a bad local band, Radiohead has been named the most influential act in music today. The obvious decision came via an NME reader poll, after the magazine narrowed the field to a list of 100 musicians that included Prince, Nirvana, and Neutral Milk Hotel. Possibly because they have long since transcended being “influences”—or just to guarantee attention-getting controversy—neither The Beatles nor The Rolling Stones were on that list.

NME’s Mark Beaumont, who apparently doesn’t listen to the demos that get sent to his office, notes that “these are acts whose influence is written in stone, the very bedrock of the form, but who aren’t necessarily directly informing the music being made today any more than Chaucer is influencing Buzzfeed.” Meanwhile, Yahoo Answers users ...

12 Aug 16:44

Newswire: Watch Arcade Fire cover Huey Lewis & The News’ Back To The Future theme

by Marah Eakin

Arcade Fire has been covering songs of local interest on its arena tour, meaning they took on INXS in Australia and Nirvana in Seattle. But for Monday night’s show in Edmonton, Alberta, they must have hit a wall—or decided a track by native son Mac DeMarco might not go over with the audience. Instead, the band went for the timeless classic of Huey Lewis & The News’ “Back In Time,” a soundtrack song that doubles as a film synopsis of Back To The Future, which is a movie that has absolutely nothing to do with Alberta, Canada (that we know of). Whatever. It’s still pretty fun. [via Consequence Of Sound]

12 Aug 17:12

Newswire: Comedians, co-stars, and President Obama pay heartfelt tribute to Robin Williams

by Katie Rife

Robin Williams’ death by apparent suicide yesterday left the comedy world visibly shaken, and tributes to the world’s favorite funny uncle continue to pour in—both from people who worked with Williams and those who grew up in his furry, formidable shadow.

Among the unfortunately timed first to comment, Conan O’Brien, co-host Andy Richter, and guest Will Arnett ended the taping of a Conan episode yesterday afternoon by sharing the news with their audience and offering their condolences to Williams’ family.

&amp ...
11 Aug 16:30

History’s Houdini Gets Full Trailer

by Dan Wickline

The History Channel’s upcoming four-hour miniseries Houdini has gotten a full trailer. The show will run September 1st and 2nd and stars Oscar winner Adrien Brody as the legendary escape-artist Harry Houdini. Kristen Connelly co-stars at Houdini’s wife Bess.

Click here to view the embedded video.

History’s Houdini Gets Full Trailer

09 Aug 21:32

Reference letter



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