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25 Jul 18:28

Coming Distractions: The gang is back—in the future—in the Hot Tub Time Machine 2 trailer

by Katie Rife

The trailer for the Hot Tub Time Machine sequel that somebody at MGM must have asked for has arrived. And rather than take the gang back in time to kill Hitler or keep LeBron James from leaving Cleveland in the first place, this installment takes the Back To The Future Part II route as the guys get rich using knowledge they bring with them into the past. Rob Corddry plays the Biff Tannen of the piece who’s become fabulously wealthy by declaring himself “Father of the Internet.” Corddry’s time-traveling pals Craig Robinson and Clark Duke also return for the sequel, with Adam Scott replacing John Cusack as the Sherman to their collective Mister Peabody. Community alumni Gillian Jacobs and Chevy Chase also star; Jacobs doesn’t actually appear in the trailer, but that’s okay. She’d probably just Britta it up anyway. 

27 Jul 00:25

Newswire: You have probably already pirated a copy of Expendables 3

by Mike Vago

Hah for the picture.

The Expendables series has reliably become the Ringo’s All-Starr Band of action movies, doubling down on your desire to see “the guy who was in that thing” by getting together many guys who were in multiple things. Who could resist seeing a high-flying team-up of Rambo, the Terminator, Blade, Universal Soldier, Indiana Jones, and popular radio psychologist Dr. Frasier Crane?

No one, that’s who. With the film still a few weeks away from theaters, The Expendables 3: Still Expendin’ is already thrilling audiences thanks to someone leaking a DVD-quality torrent of the film. It has reportedly been illegally downloaded over 200,000 times since July 24, which is the day the leak first surfaced. According to Torrent Freak, “at one point, in excess of 65,000 users were engaged in transfers on a single torrent.” This was possibly done by reversing the polarity of the phase modulator by ...

28 Jul 16:54

Coming Distractions: Mike Tyson Mysteries is real and it’s coming soon

by Rob Dean

Clearly the world is in the midst of a Tysonaissance. From his heralded one-man show, to his bromance with the Black Keys, Mike Tyson is enjoying newfound popularity in some unlikely places. As promised/threatened in its upfronts back in May 2013, Adult Swim unveiled the trailer for its latest animated series, Mike Tyson Mysteries, at Comic-Con. And while the premise already sounded fairly intriguing, promising that Mike Tyson would solve mysteries with his talking bird companion, the end result appears even more bugnuts. 

Combining elements of The Funky Phantom and the Mister T cartoon, Mike Tyson Mysteries has the former boxer providing his own voice while leading a team made up of a young moppet (Rachel Ramras), the ghost of a dandy (Jim Rash), and a sassy talking pigeon (Norm Macdonald). It’s unclear if any show could possibly live up to the delightful insanity on display here, which ...

13 May 11:00

Bacon-Wrapped Whole Alligator with a Chicken Stuffed in Its Mouth

by John Farrier


— alix (@alixmcalpine) May 8, 2014

The caption is simple: "Australia." That's all you need to know.

You might object, saying, "Wait, I need to know where in Australia I must go to acquire this culinary wonder." That's because you misunderstand. In Australia, these things are as common as hamburgers are in the United States. Every restaurant has them. You can buy them from street vendors and vending machines. Parents make them for the lunches of their preschool children. Because Australia.

-via That's Nerdalicious!

18 May 22:00

When Will the Bass Drop?

by Miss Cellania

This is fantastic.

(YouTube link)

A DJ teases a crowd all waiting for the bass to drop. And exactly what do you think will happen when the music gets “turned up to death”? A skit starring Andy Samberg spoofs DJs who have reached rock star status since clubs quit hiring live bands. This digital short from The Lonely Island was on Saturday Night Live last night. Warning: contains fictional carnage. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

26 May 14:30

Movies Made Better By Adding Godzilla

by Zeon Santos

Mostly for the inclusion of anything with The Room.

(Image Via GiuseppeQ)

(Image Via krakenkraked)

(Image Via TheWho)

Godzilla is still tearing it up on the silver screen over fifty years since making his mega-kaiju debut, and the success of his latest movie proves you don’t have to be a sex symbol to bring in big bucks at the box office.

After starring in the same old stomp a city, smash a kaiju flicks for over five decades isn’t it about time Godzilla branched out a bit and tried his hand at playing the lead role in, say, an epic biblical flick like Noah or a touching drama like Marley & Me?

Check out 40 Great Movies Made Better By Adding Godzilla, it's definitely worth the price of admission!

27 Jul 03:00

Man Leaves Parting Shot at Toronto Maple Leafs in His Obituary

by John Farrier


(Photo: David Ebner)

Terry Siebert of Hamilton, Ontario died last Monday at the age of 58. His family published an obituary in the Hamilton Spectator. It described at length his loving family and friends and how he impacted their lives. Then, in the final line, Siebert snarked at the Maple Leafs, which is a professional hockey team in Toronto:

It was Terry's last wish that his pallbearers be the Toronto Maple Leafs so they could let him down one last time.

-via Nag on the Lake

28 Jul 08:00

Safe Baby Pregnancy Tips

by Lisa Marcus

Married couple David and Kelly Sopp (previously at Neatorama) wrote a book full of comic advice they call "Safe Baby Pregnancy Tips." The book, perfect for expectant parents, is a lighthearted look at a time when couples (particularly mothers-to-be) are often overwhelmed by solicited and not-so-solicited bits of advice on pregnancy and child rearing. See more at Trend Hunter.

22 Jul 21:47

I’m Your Huckleberry: Five of the Greatest Movie Faceoffs of All Time

by Jared Jones

By Jared Jones

Over at CagePotato, I write about all things mixed martial arts (MMA)-related — fight bookings, event recaps, and the occasional head-to-head fighter breakdown — all while making sure to include as many fart jokes as possible. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned that MMA fans love in my time at CP, it’s a good old fashioned faceoff, a staredown, or whichever term you prefer.

For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, maybe step outside every once in a while, but also know that a faceoff is what you get when you place when two opposing forces in each others comfort zones while expecting them to remain completely civil, usually in the interest of selling more pay-per-views. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it does not. This is the best staredown of all time. This is the worst one.

The faceoff is one of the more cinematic elements to be adopted by mixed martial arts, boxing, etc. It sets the tone for the violence that is about to occur. It builds tension, anticipation, and whips our unquenchable bloodlust into a frenzy. Faceoffs are truly the calm before the storm, whether in movies or martial arts, and it is with that notion that we look back at some of the greatest faceoffs in film history, ranked in no particular order.

Jules vs. “Pumpkin”/”Ringo” — Pulp Fiction

If you thought I would make it more than two entries into this list without mentioning Samuel L. Jackson, you are one dead wrong motherf*cker, motherf*cker.

You see, even when I attempt to evoke the intimidating presence of sir Jackson’s voice in writing, it still comes out sounding like it’s being spoken by the scrawny-legged, pimple-popping dweeb that I was from ages 9-13 and also 13-present. That’s just the kind of gravitas Jackson speaks with, and it was his closing monologue as contract killer Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction that really boosted Jackson’s bad motherf*cker cred to a level unattainable by most mortals. Even now, when he’s dressing like an old, female librarian in those Capital One commercials, I still have no doubts that Samuel L. could find out what’s in my wallet through sheer force in under 30 seconds flat.

Quoting Ezekiel 25:17, Jules manages to pull off the rare feat of comparing oneself to God and sounding 100% believable in this scene. And like a true badass, he doesn’t even need to fire a shot to get his point across. For although Jules may be brandishing 9 mm, it is his word bullets that do all the damage here.

I apologize for all that confusing writer-speak I used just then, but let’s move on.

Rocky vs. Thunderlips — Rocky 3

Speaking of the Bible, Rocky Balboa vs. Thunderlips: The Ultimate Male is about as accurate a David vs. Goliath story as we will ever see out of Hollywood. Standing at approximately 4’3″, Balboa literally did not possess the physical mass to register as a blip on Thunderlips’ radar. That he had been beaten into a state of semi-retardation by the third Rocky film did not aid him in his fight with Thunderlips, as you can tell by their derp-filled pre-fight faceoff.

Of course, cooler (softer?) heads once again prevail in the Rocky franchise, as Balboa manages to take down his massive opponent using nothing more than his fists, a chair, and the help of a dozen or so security guards. Just like his Dad raised him.

Batman vs. The Joker — The Dark Knight

CALM DOWN NERDS. I’m only including this so I don’t have to deal with all the “But what about my pwecious Dawk Knoight?” comments that would follow its omission.

In the second chapter of a dark, gritty story about a man who wears a cape with the honest-to-God intention of scaring people, Batman faces off against his greatest rival ever: a man in clown makeup dressed like a rejected gang member from The Warriors. Super-serious stuff that we should take super-seriously follows, including this scene where Christian Bale needs a lozenge and mercilessly beats Heath Ledger for not giving him one.

Honestly, I can’t look at or listen to Bale’s Batman anymore after seeing Pete Holmes do it way better.

Doc Holliday vs. Johnny Ringo — Tombstone

The art of the staredown was practically, if not literally invented by the Western. There are over 3,000 staredowns to choose from between the films of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood alone, but for me, it always comes back to the OK Corral. While the 1957 original starring Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster is undoubtedly a classic, my favorite faceoff comes in 1993′s Tombstone, and more specifically, the “I’m your Huckleberry” scene pitting Val Kilmer’s Doc Holliday against Michael Bein’s Johnny Ringo.

To say that Val Kilmer absolutely slays it in this movie would do his performance no justice. Thankfully, Holliday hands out enough justice in Tombstone for the both of us, and usually in the form of a bullet between the eyes before a breakfast consisting of whiskey and a good blood cough.

Two films later, Kilmer would don Batman’s cape in 1995′s Batman Forever. His career would never recover. I’m just saying, Duster > Cape.

Lt. Vincent Hanna vs. Neil McCauley — Heat

While not a “faceoff” in the traditional sense, the diner scene between Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino) and Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro) in Michael Mann‘s Heat is one of those “defining moments of cinema” that you always hear critics talking about while sniffing their own farts. It’s a meeting of two powerhouse actors at the peak of their relevance. It’s one of the greatest movies of its decade. It’s Godfather vs. Godfather for Christ’s sake!

There are so many quotable lines from this exchange, but my personal favorite has to be:

Hanna: “So you never wanted a regular-type life, eh?”

McCauley: “What the fuck is that, barbeques and ball games?”

Hanna: “Yeah.”

That is some Samuel Beckett-level existentialism right there, and one of the many reasons why we will forever be in debt to Heat for bringing together two acting greats for one memorable faceoff.

You can list your personal favorite faceoffs in the comments section if you’d like. I will consider considering them. 

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25 Jul 16:26

How Many Of These 300 8-Bit Pop Culture Figures Do You Recognize?

by Penn Collins

God bless Paul Robertson. On a day that’s normally brimming with niche Comic-Con news that is only newsworthy because it happened at Comic-Con, we’re given something a little more permanent. A little more fun. We’re given, courtesy of Mr. Robertson, an animator by day, 300 pop culture figures imagined as 8-bit NES-type characters.

Go through the following three pics and see how many you can get, then determine which one is the most obscure. BOOM. Carl Winslow. Top left of page 2.

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28 Jul 12:28

The Greatest Movie Conspiracy Ever Told

by Paul
If you’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this absurdly long image, you probably get the gag already, but one film fan uncovered/invented an exceptionally elaborate conspiracy theory involving Harrison Ford and James Earl Jones trying to kill Hitler across both the Indiana Jones and Star Wars franchises. It mainly has to […]
27 Jul 04:27

by (John)
Never let your teammates provide the "facts" about you for your MLB debut
— CJ Fogler (@cjzero) July 26, 2014
23 Jul 22:00

15 Minutes Might Be the Ideal Meeting Length

by Patrick Allan

Agreed. I tune shit out after 10 minutes.

15 Minutes Might Be the Ideal Meeting Length

A meeting that drones on and on is hardly productive. Keeping a meeting to 15 minutes is ideal for the same reason that TED talks are maxed out at 18 minutes: attention span and memory.


22 Jul 07:00

Woman Writes to Advice Columnist to Brag about How Awesome Her Boyfriend Is

by John Farrier

(Image: unknown)

I think that the term for this note is "humblebrag." She knows that she's found an absolute keeper and is acting concerned as a way to show off her man. I can't really blame her.

Dear Perplexed: 

What should you do? Marry him, of course!


-via Pleated Jeans

P.S. For a while, I've suspected that Neatorama would do well to have an advice column. What do you think?

21 Jul 14:17

Krist Novoselic: Blame The Knuckleheads From Israel And Palestine, Not Eddie Vedder

by Stereogum

Eddie Vedder has been out there waging heavy peace lately by way of onstage rants, blog posts, and “Imagine” covers. And although he’s taking flack for his comments on the Israel-Palestine conflict in some press outlets, his former grunge veteran Krist Novoselic has voiced his support for Vedder and his frustration with the situation in Gaza in a blog post of his own. Novoselic’s post begins like so:


08 Jul 17:00

James Gunn Interview: How Making Guardians of the Galaxy Is Like a Nirvana Song

by Peter Sciretta

This is the movie I am most excited about this summer. Probably year.

James Gunn Interview Guardians of the Galaxy

In September 2013, I visited the London-based set of Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy (you can find out more about what we learned and watch a video blog reaction here). While on set, we are able to talk with many of the key cast and crew and will be posting transcripts from those roundtable interviews all this week. First up is director James Gunn, who found a few moments in between filming to talk with us about how he became involved in the movie, his philosophies behind the choices in this film, casting choice, the pressure of filming a big budget tentpole superhero movie, and much much more. Read the full James Gunn interview after the jump.


Question: How did you manage to convince Marvel to do an expensive PG porn?

JAMES GUNN: They’re fucking crazy. It’s true, it’s true. It’s not PG porn.

Starting with the sizzle that we saw this morning–

GUNN: Where did you see the sizzle, from Comic-Con?

Chris Pratt Guardians of the Galaxy

We saw that and the behind the scenes. The scale of this is so different than anything else you’ve ever done. Has it been a radically different experience for you as a filmmaker or is it still about voice and about character and defining a world?

GUNN: Yeah. I mean, I’d say radically different yes and no. For me it all comes back to just my own experience, so in some ways I think it’s probably a little boring. For me, just because of the length of it, it makes it a much different experience from doing something like Super which we shot in 24 days for 3 million dollars. We had to do like 50 set-ups a day. So it was just a harrowing, tough experience. And this is difficult but because it’s over such a long period of time. On a day-to-day basis it’s actually a lot more—using the word “easy” is not the greatest thing but yeah, it’s easier. Because you do have more time for the set up, you have more time for planning. We had more time for planning, period.

We have more time between sets and I think the biggest difference is having a lot of people around me I can trust. I mean, on most every movie I have maybe one or two people who I really trust. Like on Super, I trusted the DP, Steve Gaynor, an awful lot. I trusted Rainn Wilson an awful lot but there’s a lot of people who are in independent films and who you’re getting — who you can get. And on this movie it’s like I’m just surrounded by a lot of people who really make me breathe easier, which is everyone from Charlie Wood, who did the production design—he and I have been in a 100% full sync from the beginning—to you know, my assistant, Simon. I mean, just everybody’s just really good at their job so that’s been a huge relief.

Guardians of the Galaxy

What are the expectations for a film like this? Both the expectations coming on you from the existing fanbase from Marvel, and what kind of expectations did you set for yourself?

GUNN: I guess I just don’t think of it so much as expectations. I’m definitely trying to make a huge commercial, fun, awesome movie that moves people. I don’t know that’s an expectation so much as just something I’m trying to achieve. I think in terms of the expectations from the fans listen, one of the great things about Guardians Of The Galaxy is there aren’t as many expectations on what to expect when you have The Avengers.

They have 500 plus issues of comics and everybody thinks, “Oh well this is the definitive story, or this is a definitive story, or Hawkeye’s personality in issues 59 through 70 is really where he was defined.” And the truth is Hawkeye changes throughout all those issues of Avengers. I’ve read them all, so I know. So, it’s like you know, there was a lot of different expectations on what the title should be. With this, there are a lot fewer Guardians of the Galaxy titles to choose from. And there’s a lot fewer fans in general of Guardians of the Galaxy. Those types of expectations I think are easier with a movie like this. For me, I’m always hard on myself no matter what, so that’s always a thing I have to deal with on a daily basis. And that’s whether I’m doing this movie or in a relationship with a girl or whatever. It’s like I just beat the shit out of myself constantly. So, same old, same old.

Kyln - Guardians of the Galaxy

We’ve been hearing about more than one one-shots, these long takes. Is that something that you built in? How many are there?

GUNN: I think that for me, making this movie it’s a little bit like a Nirvana song. It’s slow and long, and then big and fast, and slow and long, and big and fast. And I really like those—sort of going from really small to really big. So, we have some longer takes in there and then we have a lot of really fast moving scenes with a lot of different shots. And I think both are important and it’s a way to make the movie work together as a whole. I think that it’s a pretty cinematic film, and for me it’s been really exciting. Because every other movie I’ve been on I’ve been very, restricted by budget, in terms of the amount of shots I was able to do and the kind of shots I was able to do.

On Slither I think I was able to afford a crane for like 2 days and had to make do. And so on this movie I carry a crane with me every day and I was able to design all the shots exactly the way I want them throughout the whole film. The way I work is, I plan every single thing out ahead of time. In this movie, I found more than any other I’m able to not only make the scenes that I initially saw in my head, but sometimes be plussed quite a bit by a lot of the people around me. Whether it’d be the performers or the designers or whatever, which has been an amazing—that’s been like the most amazing experience. I thought was kind of cool in my head and then come on set and start setting it up and see something really beautiful in it. That’s really been the coolest thing.

Guardians of the Galaxy middle finger

I was hoping you could talk about the tone of the film because it looks really funny but these are also damaged characters. It seems like a dark universe. Where do you strike that balance? And also coming from your R-rated past to PG-13, how has that transfer been?

GUNN: Yeah I found that strangely it’s — I haven’t found any difficulty in myself going from R-rated to PG-13. Occasionally, I get a little too violent but for the most part the person who censored me has been myself. I think that it is a real delicate balance. I think first and foremost, we’re making an action adventure film — that’s what this is. At its core it’s an action adventure film. But there are also a lot of comedic elements and there are a lot of dramatic elements. Which I think people are gonna be surprised to see, frankly, because it really is dramatic. I think that was something that was important to me from the beginning and I think it’s something that helps to ground the movie in a way.

I think a big part of making this film is, we’re making something that’s so outlandish and out there with so many crazy situations, and characters and settings, that to sort of keep it anchored in the drama and the reality of these characters’ emotional lives is the most important thing in the film. It’s been a balance but it feels pretty comfortable. That said, it’s still a pretty different movie. And think it’s a really different movie for a tent pole, big, huge film to have as much comedy and drama as it has. I think it’s very unusual.

I’m curious about the relationship with Marvel. Could you talk about when you met with them, how much were they saying to you, “Hey, this is our idea and what can you do with it?” versus you saying to them, “Hey, this is my idea what do you think?”

GUNN: They’ve been pretty open all long. I have told this story before but when I first went to them, I guess I knew that they were gonna talk to me about Guardians of the Galaxy. When I just heard about it, it didn’t really interest me that much.

When did you first meet with them?

GUNN: I met with them, I think in July of 2011, something like that. I went down there and I had a meeting in Manhattan Beach. I probably just thought I would try to get in and get them to make a Hit Monkey movie again, which I tried to get them to do a few months beforehand. I went down and they’re gonna be meeting with me about Guardians of the Galaxy—okay, whatever. And I went and I sat down with Jeremy Latcham and Jonathan Schwartz, and they really pitched me pretty hard on Guardians. I really thought they were meeting with a lot of people and that it wasn’t as serious as it was at the time. But they pitched me pretty hard and they showed me the art that had been done for Comic-Con that year, and that really spoke to me. I really liked that artwork that Charlie Wen did.

I kind of thought about it a little bit while I was sitting down with them, then I went home and then I really thought about it. And it just sort of came to me—not the story at all but the visuals of it. I really saw how I visually could see this film and how I could add my own voice to that and really create something different with it that still had some familiarity. So, I went home and I wrote this 15-page document on the visuals of Guardians of the Galaxy and what would it be like, and what would it be like tonally. And what were the basics of what the characters would be like, and I sent it off to those guys and they really liked it.

Then I flew into North Carolina a couple days later. I had drawn up some storyboards and things like that and had a little presentation I did on my iPad, which I have never done, frankly. I have often attributed my success to the fact that I really—I’m trying to say it in the right way—I really don’t give a shit. If I get a gig or I don’t get a gig, I really have never, ever, ever cared. And this is the first time in my career, I know that I cared, which was terrifying to me because I really did care. I put myself out on the line and went there and did this little dog and pony show. Then I heard a few days later that I’d gotten the gig. But it was like, I knew at the time there there was five of us, I think, that were up at one point and then there was three of us. And then by the time I went to North Carolina there was two of us, and then there was me.

Joss Whedon Avengers

At what point did you call Mr. Whedon and ask, “How was your relationship with Marvel? Is this a good idea?”

GUNN: Well, first of all, I’d already talked to Joss a lot about what it was like going through The Avengers—what his experience was like. So, I had already known a lot of that stuff. I don’t think I ever really called to talk to Joss—no I did but that’s not—that’s a lie. I did, I wrote him an e-mail and said, “Hey, I’m trying to get this job. Can you help me?” And he said, “You’re fucking late. I already talked to all of those guys all about you. So, yeah I did do that. And I don’t do that stuff normally. That’s like the most embarrassing thing.

I figured it’d be great to have someone who’s super honest to at least tell you what it’s like.

GUNN: Yeah, but I did. After I got the gig, then I called and I talked to him a little bit more about what it was like. But I also knew what Joss’s experience was and I knew this from Kevin, was that Joss was the easiest experience Marvel ever had. Because they pretty much agreed and saw things from the same way every step of the way. And they aren’t always like that with the directors they work with, and that’s been my situation so far as well. I have not had a single—any small disagreement I’ve ever had with Marvel has been completely for the benefit of the movie. And there’s never been like—really, we’ve seen everything. I mean, I think, again, this is a story I started to tell before. It was after I wrote the first draft of my screenplay, everybody seemed to be very excited. They seemed to really love the screenplay, Louis D’Esposito and Kevin, and everybody was coming to me telling me how great it was.

Then Kevin came in and—or not—then Joss came in and Joss was happy, but he wasn’t as happy as everybody else and I was like, “Whoa, man!” And he’s like, “Well, I really loved this and this is great, and the story’s been cracked. But you know, I just really want there to be more James Gunn in the script. There’s things that are too conventional and I want more James Gunn in it. And I was kinda sitting there and then Kevin and Lou were like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.” And I was like, “Alright, your funeral.” Then I went home and I swear to God, I went home and I wrote a 7-page scene where the guys are in the spaceship arguing about something and it’s all dialogue, and we’re about to shoot it on Friday. And they were really happy. That was a cool thing and I think it’s been a unique situation where Marvel—this group of characters is ready for somebody who sees things in the way I see things. And frankly, I think people are ready to see the movie like that. So it feels good.

guardians of the galaxy

Before The Avengers, all those core characters, and even the villain Loki, all had an origin story beforehand. With this, you’re not only building something way out there in the cosmos but you’re introducing multiple heroes and villains. How hard it is to balance so many different characters and their introductions, and picking who gets more time?

GUNN: Yeah, it seems like it would be harder than it was for me. It wasn’t that difficult. I naturally veered towards writing lots of characters in the movies and I think one of the things is I don’t have to explain everything. We know exactly where Peter Quill came from in the movie, and we hear about the basic emotional origin of Gamora, Drax and Rocket. But I don’t have to explain every little thing. If everything goes as we would hope it would go then we’ll have other chances to tell those stories. I think that a lot of times in some of these movies one of the drawbacks can be people try to explain too much and don’t explain anything. So, it really is about what are the emotional cores of these characters, how did they become that way, and then what are they fighting against in this movie, from their own characters.

Putting aside the expectations of Marvel fans and comic readers, putting this out to the general public, a lot of them don’t have any idea who the Guardians of the Galaxy are. What are the major points that you think can draw audiences in to this story?

GUNN: I just think it’s a fantastic visual world and I think about the movies that I saw when I was a kid that drew me in, in a visual way. And I think today’s visuals—the way we speak to kids, teenagers, adults, everybody—is different than that but you’re still affecting the same part of the brain. So, how do we get to that same part of the brain that those movies affected me when I was a kid? I think yeah, people don’t know the Guardians of the Galaxy, but the truth is, Iron Man was selling 20,000 comic books a month when that movie came out, and that certainly wasn’t enough of an audience to make a hit movie.

I don’t know if they’re real different. In fact, the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book today is selling five times as much as Iron Man was selling at that time. I don’t know how much that part of it really in the end helps you. I always thought the great thing about Marvel was that before Iron Man really, the only comic book super heroes were the really big huge ones that could make money. I think Marvel changed that, in terms of being able to create super heroes that existed in a cinematic world and we saw them in that way.

Continue Reading /Film’s Guardians of the Galaxy James Gunn Interview >>

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24 Jul 12:36

by (John)

New jersey for WHL team the Calgary Hitmen.
23 Jul 17:00

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

23 Jul 17:30

Hormel sued Jim Henson Productions over the name of the warthog...

Hormel sued Jim Henson Productions over the name of the warthog character, “Spa’am.” The judge dismissed the suit, saying that “one would think Hormel would welcome to the association with a genuine source of pork.”


22 Jul 18:30

Seinfeld Emoji

21 Jul 14:20

A Simpsons And Futurama Crossover Will Air This November

by Meredith Woerner

A Simpsons And Futurama Crossover Will Air This November

Lots of good Simpsons news came tumbling out of the TCAs this weekend, including details about a Futurama and Simpsons crossover episode, new guest cameos and clues as to which Simpsons character will die this season.


22 Jul 18:42

The Turtles Are Making Wu Tang References In The Newest TMNT Trailer

by Rob Bricken

I will now give this a chance.

Rocket-powered skateboarding. Sewer-surfing. Pleasant surprise at being bulletproof. This newest TMNT trailer features the Turtles doing a lot of ridiculous things, perhaps none so insane as making a flat-out Wu-Tang Clan reference. I... I think I may love this movie.


22 Jul 12:12

by (John)
SO TREMENDOUSLY GOOD RT @davidschneider: Still my favourite storm picture
— Will J Grant (@willozap) July 22, 2014
11 Jul 15:00

10 Out of Place Songs That Really Work Well in Movies

by Nat

Great list.

Sometimes songs just seem to fit a movie. For example, it’s obvious that one would use the song “Singing in…

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16 Jul 19:16

Derek Jeter Tells Joe Buck to Get Lost Before All-Star Game

by Chris King

Eat shit Joe Buck.

Derek Jeter got to do something last night before the MLB All-Star Game that every in the world has wanted…

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