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20 Oct 16:59

by (John)
Don't be caught unafraid when the Ebola panic dies down. Start transitioning now to fear about the border. Work smart, people. Plan ahead.
— pourmecoffee (@pourmecoffee) October 20, 2014
18 Oct 03:45

by (John)
Korea's national cigarettes have the single greatest logo I've ever seen on anything.
— Marc Haynes (@marchaynes) September 17, 2014
08 Oct 19:20

Louis CK Tweets A Majorly Trippy Story About Origins Of Life On Earth

by Lauren Davis

This is pretty great.

Louis CK Tweets A Majorly Trippy Story About Origins Of Life On Earth

What happens when comedian Louis CK starts tweeting about his "feelings" regarding the origin of life on Earth, the nature of the solar system, and the Big Bang? We get a strange piece of science fiction that apparently went straight from CK's brain to the keyboard.


09 Oct 16:40

The Poster That Made An Entire Generation Obsessed With Fly Vomit

by Charlie Jane Anders

The Poster That Made An Entire Generation Obsessed With Fly Vomit

Once upon a time, this public service poster about not letting flies land on your food was everywhere in the U.K.. It's mostly huge blocks of text, with just a tiny black-and-white image at the bottom... and it's completely revolting.


09 Oct 22:21

What the Hell Is This Animal and Why Is It Moving Like That?

by Annalee Newitz


What the Hell Is This Animal and Why Is It Moving Like That?

It's like some kind of Cthulhu Mythos creature. And it's real.


15 Oct 23:55

Fox News' Shepard Smith Says Not To Panic About Ebola. He's Right.

by Robbie Gonzalez

This is excellent.

If you read, watch, or listen to one thing about Ebola in America today, let it be this. Fox News anchor Shepard Smith delivered a much-needed rebuke against sensationalist coverage of U.S. Ebola cases today, while providing a clear-headed review of the facts as they now stand.


17 Oct 02:17

by (John)
13 Oct 21:55

Mastodon Want To See You Twerk, Preferably In Asstodon Shorts

by Stereogum

Mastodon caused a minor stir a few weeks back with their satirical video for “The Motherload,” which featured a heavily stylized twerking competition. Those outraged by the clip said it objectified the women involved, though at least one of the women contested that stance. Now, as Pitchfork reports, the band that brought us the Mastodong is throwing a twerking contest. Furthermore, you get bonus points if you wear shorts emblazoned with the phrase “Asstodon” across the back, available for $29.99 at Mastodon’s online store.


14 Oct 13:02

Watch Foo Fighters Cover Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” With Zac Brown On Letterman

by Stereogum

When the Foo Fighters announced a five-day residency on the Late Show With David Letterman as they’re getting ready to drop both an album and a TV show, it seemed likely that they’d debut five of the songs from that album. One night in, though, and that’s not what’s happening. Instead, they brought a country music star onstage to cover a metal classic. The night’s guest was Zac Brown, the Nashville superstar whose Zac Brown Band finds the unlikely border between mainstream country and jam-band festival fare. (Dave Grohl produced their The Grohl Songs, Vol. 1 EP.) Brown sat in as they covered Black Sabbath’s immortal 1970 destroyer “War Pigs,” and he showed an impressive level of muscle in his vocals, even if he did flub the “in the fields, the bodies burning” line. Grohl also sat for an interview with Letterman, talking about the ideas behind the Sonic Highways album and TV show and about his kids’ musical tastes. Watch the performance and the interview below.


15 Oct 20:10

Mario Kart multiplayer in real life.

Mario Kart multiplayer in real life.

15 Oct 13:00

Rob McElhenney to Write and Direct Family Adventure ‘Figment’ for Legendary Pictures

by Germain Lussier

Love Figment.

Rob McElhenney figment

Out of all the words in that headline, it’s “Legendary Pictures” that should grab your attention. Sure you know Rob McElhenney. He’s the co-writer, co-star and co-creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And Figment, well, that could be anything. But “Legendary Pictures” has a certain connotation. They make big tentpole movies, so it’s very intriguing to hear that McElhenney has signed a deal to write and direct his feature debut with the company. What’s even better is that Figment is a big family adventure. Read more below.

Deadline broke the news about Rob McElhenney and Figment. According to the site, McElhenney made a four-minute reel and a twenty-minute pitch to the Legendary executives about the film and they gave him seven figures on the spot.

Figment is described as “a family action adventure about an imaginative boy and his family who are thrown for a loop when their greatest fears come to life.” The films it shares themes with are reportedly E.T. and The Goonies.

There’s also a mention of the main character having a “figment,” which you might assume is some kind of imaginary character.

I love big, original ideas for family adventure films like this. Hollywood needs more of them. As for McElhenney, he’s not well-known as a director but he’s been putting out one of the most buzzed about shows on TV for the better part of a decade at this point. That kind of thing doesn’t happen by accident and he’s incredibly dedicated to storytelling. Remember when he literally gained 50 pounds so the characters on the show could make jokes about his weight gain?

Figment, though, sounds like the polar opposite of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It should be very interesting and exciting to follow the progress of this one to see if it can even capture half the heart of the Eighties films its inspired by.

What do you think about McElhenney writing and directing a family adventure for Legendary?

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15 Oct 00:30

A London company has designed a pen that lets you draw actual...

A London company has designed a pen that lets you draw actual objects. The Lix 3D Pen prints out melted plastic that cools as you use it, so you can build, sculpt, or design in 3D by “writing” with the pen. Source

09 Oct 22:00

The ghosts in Pac-Man each have different behaviors: Red is the...

The ghosts in Pac-Man each have different behaviors: Red is the only one that will constantly chase you, Pink stays 32 pixels in front of Pac-Man’s mouth, Blue tries to stay in a fixed location, and Orange is completely random. Source

11 Oct 15:30

Scientists have created “Aquaman Crystals” that can...

Scientists have created “Aquaman Crystals” that can absorb a roomful of oxygen and store it for later use. This discovery might be the key to underwater breathing. A handful of crystals could pull oxygen from the water and provide divers with air. Source

13 Oct 15:30

Back in the day, Detroit factory workers spray painted cars by...

Back in the day, Detroit factory workers spray painted cars by hand. The excess paint drippings mixed into different colors and hardened into “Fordite,” which is often used to make jewelry. Source

08 Oct 17:54

‘The Flash’ Enjoys Most Successful Debut For A CW Show In 5 Years

by Penn Collins

The seemingly boundless marketing campaign for CWs The Flash has paid off in a way that the show hasn’t seen in half a decade. The superhero high school origin story, so similar to countless other superhero origin stories, came in second only to The Voice in adults under 35.

It’s sort of funny to imagine adults over 35 making CW‘s The Flash appointment television, but if The Voice is the most popular show in that timeslot, than it’s pretty clear I don’t understand how television ratings work.

So if you had initially just tossed this show in the big pile labeled, “comic book spinoffs,” you can leave it there, but know that a lot of other people are tuning in, so you might be forced to stay current on the office water cooler Flash gossip.

Cause The Flash is the new Breaking Bad.


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13 Oct 17:25

‘Archer’ Drops Its ‘ISIS’ Acronym, Because, Well, You Know…

by Penn Collins

What started as just a cute and pronounceable acronym that existed only in the Archer universe has become a pretty polarizing and upsetting name in the real world. For that reason, the producers of Archer have decided not to go on some crusade about how they were there first, and will drop the show’s ISIS entity immediately.

Smart move. The word ISIS isn’t crucial to the story, and it just seems like this fix will allow the producers to just put this behind them and get on with being funny.

The show’s producers said they’ll deal with the name change in a “very smart and subtle way” in the first episode. So it will be acknowledged within the show, rather than just have all the characters showing up at a different department name for no reason in the season premiere.

The voice actors have re-recorded some of their lines to avoid any mention of ISIS in this season, as well, so it’s clear that the show is nipping this thing in the bud.

(NY Daily News)

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13 Oct 17:37

John Oliver Rails Against Pumpkin Spice Lattes

by Penn Collins

This week’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver was a re-run, but because John Oliver cares, he uploads a new video rant every week there’s a rerun of his show. This week, pumpkin spice lattes draw his ire. While it may seem like a weird thing to go after, and also kinda trite, considering so many people have beaten this dead horse, it’s pretty funny to see a new show on HBO go after a coffee flavor for three minutes.

I guess this is currently the most pressing matter facing our nation. Good week.

Oliver calls out the beverage flavoring by comparing it to a candle. Take that, SEASONAL COFFEE FLAVOR.

Maybe next week, he’ll take on sliders. JUST MAKE THE HAMBURGERS REGULAR SIZE, YOU JERK.


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06 Oct 15:03

Popstrangers – “Return Of The Mack” (Mark Morrison Cover) (Stereogum Premiere)

by Stereogum

Eh. I like the idea of this more than the actual song.

London-based, New Zealand-born indie-poppers Popstrangers released the excellent Fortuna last spring, and they’ll return to the US for the first time in two years this month for a bunch of gigs at California’s Culture Collide Festival and NYC’s CMJ Music Marathon. To mark the occasion, today they’re unveiling their cover of Mark Morrison’s ’90s R&B smash “Return Of The Mack.” That’s a great song, and they’ve successfully turned it into a Popstrangers tune. Listen below, where you’ll also find the festival dates.


30 Sep 00:16

NatGeo 2014 Photo Contest Entries

Arctic Hi-Five Photo Location: Svalbard - Colin Mackenzie

Above Big Sur Photo Location: Big Sur, California - Douglas Croft

Hello Photo Location: Point Defiance Zoo, Tacoma, WA, United States - Misty Gage

A Tree Dreaming Photo Location: Strezlecki Desert Australia - Christian Spencer

Sunward Photo Location: Nicosia, Cyprus - Hasan Baglar

NatGeo 2014 Photo Contest Entries

12 Oct 19:23


09 Oct 18:29

Barry Switzer

30 Sep 17:00

Street Fighter: Angry Goat Edition

by John Farrier

Worth it.

It's not Goat Simulator, but an even more realistic game set in the Street Fighter universe. Insert two quarters to play. I recommend Angry Goat vs. Chun-Li for the most vigorous gameplay experience. 

(Video Link)

It's inspired by footage of an aggressive goat in Londrina, Brazil. Who should play the goat in the movie version of this game?

-via Tastefully Offensive

05 Oct 00:00

25 Must-See Movies of 2015

by Lisa Marcus

Some really good stuff (I hope).

Den of Geek assembled a list of 25 must-see movies to be released in 2015. While "must see" is subjective for everyone, there are a number of enticing looking films on their list. One example that is eagerly anticipated by many is Mad Max: Fury Road. George Miller is once again directing. Since the last we saw of the franchise was in 1985, a new film is long overdue, as well as exciting, considering the advances in special effects since the eighties. The trailer (below), shown at San Diego Comic Con 2014, made a splash and raised the hype bar. I hope this one meets fans' expectations. Tom Hardy is starring; Nicholas Hoult and Charlize Theron are supporting. The movie hits theaters May 15, 2015.

YouTube Link


09 Oct 06:00

Can You Guess the Movies for These Abstract Movie Posters?

by John Farrier

Which movie poster do you see above? All of the text and graphic details have been stripped out, leaving a minimal design. It's part of a project from John Taylor called Film the Blanks. So much of original is gone, but the core design elements make many of these posters instantly recognizable.

-via Fast Co Design

09 Oct 14:00

Incredible GoPro Capture of a Great White Shark

by Lisa Marcus

Elementary school art teacher Amanda Brewer shot this amazing photo with a GoPro off the coast of Seal Island in Mossel Bay, South Africa. Brewer caught this once-in-a-lifetime closeup while she was an intern at White Shark Africa, a conservation organization. Her photo was featured as GoPro’s Photo of the Day

Via Twisted Sifter | Image: Amanda Brewer 

07 Oct 18:30

The urine of a diabetic contains so much sugar that it can be...


I will go to that tasting...

The urine of a diabetic contains so much sugar that it can be purified and made into a high-end, single malt whiskey.

03 Oct 21:47

Newswire: Surprise! There’s a new Homestar Runner cartoon

by Marah Eakin

Earlier this summer, the fine people behind Homestar Runner teased a revival, although they didn’t really announce when or how the popular web cartoon would make its triumphant return. But today’s release of “Fisheye Lens” made all that a little more clear (and bulbous). “Fisheye Lens” is a new “no. 1 jam” from Strong Bad, with some choice accompaniment from Coach Z—aping both rap videos in general and Beastie Boys clips in particular, the video is both smart and funny, at least until Homestar manages to turn the whole gang into a Dixieland jazz band. That darn Homestar!

There’s no word on when, how, or even if more Homestar Runner clips will be birthed unto the world, but it’s probably fair to wait with bated breath all the same.

06 Oct 17:58

Great Job, Internet!: Take a moment to savor the stunning movie posters of Grzegorz Domaradzki

by Joe Blevins

Bought his True Romance poster. He is awesome.

“Movie posters?” a cynic might scoff. “They’re a dying art form. Nobody even bothers doing illustrations anymore. Nowadays, it’s all that floating-head, generic crap which has been photoshopped to within an inch of its life.” A visit to the lobby of the local cineplex or the DVD department at Target might confirm those pessimistic beliefs. Such a cynic, however, should be introduced with all deliberate speed to the work of Grzegorz “Gabz” Domaradzki. The name? Admittedly difficult to remember. The work? Equally difficult to forget. Zach Tutor’s contemporary art blog Supersonic has recently spotlighted this illustrator’s lovingly-rendered, labor-intensive work with a gallery of his movie posters for such violence-heavy titles as Fargo, Predator, The Warriors, and, uh, The Mask Of Zorro. Sure. Why not?

In sharp contrast to the anonymous, assembly-line movie posters in common usage today, Domaradzki’s work is personal and distinctive, favoring washed-out ...

07 Oct 17:55

Newswire: The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret will return for a post-apocalyptic third season

by Josh Modell

Yes. I enjoy this show.

David Cross’ underrated 12-episode series The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret ends with nuclear holocaust. The title character—played by Cross—defects to North Korea, where he’s put in charge of their nuclear program and blows up the world. Cross told The A.V. Club back in 2012 that the show wouldn’t continue beyond its initially conceived arc, both because of that inconvenient plot point and because he didn’t want to spend nine months alone in London filming again. (“But it’s a moot point because there’s not going to be a third season because the story is done,” he also said.) But apparently we’re never saying never, because IFC just announced that the show would return with six new episodes in 2015, and not with any kind of prequel fake-out, either: It will be “picking up where the second season left off when ...