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09 Sep 13:44

2014 Man Booker Prize Shortlist Announced (And Includes Americans)


We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves - Shortlisted! How cool!

The shortlist for the Man Booker Prize, the UK’s most prestigious literary award, has been announced. This year, the… Read More

04 Sep 19:40

Here’s An Embarrassing GIF Of Every Starting Quarterback In The NFL

by isaacand

For posterity

quarterback gifs

Andy Isaac

What better way to kick off the NFL season than embarrassing GIFs of your starting quarterback.

Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford



Peyton Manning


Josh McCown (via GIFdsports)


Tom Brady

Tom Brady



Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck



Eli Manning

Eli Manning



Chad Henne

Chad Henne

NFL Redzone


E.J. Manuel (via SBNation)

E.J. Manuel


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04 Sep 13:10

‘Shazam!’ Won’t Tie Into To Other DC Cinematic Universe Movies?

by ludditeandroid

Shared for gif which perfectly defines my morning.


DC Comics

Pictured: Something awesome we might not get to see after all.

Yesterday, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson revealed he’ll play Black Adam in Shazam!, which is being produced by New Line Cinema, a subsidiary of Warner, instead of being under the Warner shingle like other DC movies. Being produced by New Line suggests the film may not tie into the other movies, at least not right away, a suggestion supported by Entertainment Weekly’s interview with New Line president Toby Emmerich.

Emmerich tells EW, “It’s a DC comic, but it’s not a Justice League character, and it’s not a Marvel comic.”


Hasn’t DC Comics been going to great lengths in the New 52 to remind everyone Shazam is in the Justice League? Didn’t he replace Aquaman in DC’s animated Justice League: War? Does Emmerich just not know Shazam’s history, or does this mean Shazam! won’t tie into Justice League? The latter sounds plausible, considering Warner farmed this out to a subsidiary.

Shazam! will also reportedly have a different tone than the other super serious DC movies. Emmerich told EW, “The tone and the feeling of the movie will be different from the other range of comic book movies.” He added that the movie “will have a sense of fun and a sense of humor. But the stakes have to be real.” They’ve hired Darren Lemke, the writer of Jack the Giant Slayer and Turbo, to pen the script, so that hints at the lighter, possibly more kid-centric tone they’re setting. A kid-friendly tone would make sense for a movie where Dwayne Johnson is the villain and the hero is a 12-year-old boy who transforms into a buff grownup by yelling “Shazam”. (Man, I keep forgetting how much this comic appealed to fragile little boy egos.)

Emmerich also spoke highly of Dwayne Johnson, saying, “Black Adam is a complex character. The villain in superhero movies is often, I think, what makes the movie. And I thought Dwayne’s take on the character, and the way that he saw Black Adam, was really compelling and fun.”

Emmerich wouldn’t, however, reveal if we can expect to see Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr., or any of the other characters. If this doesn’t tie into other DC Comics movies, we don’t see how they could build that world without including those characters, and maybe we’ll even get to see some of the more strange characters like Mr. Mind. At least that’s something. I kinda wanted to see Shazam punch Superman, but I guess I’ll have to deal with it…



Yeah, I still want to see Shazam punch Superman.

Via Entertainment Weekly, Screenrant, and Badass Digest

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28 Aug 17:40

Thousands of Wasps Found Living in Woman's Home

by Rebecca Rose

I shouldn't be the only one on this hellride

Thousands of Wasps Found Living in Woman's Home

A UK woman's home was infested with thousands of wasps, unbeknownst to her.


02 Sep 14:00

The Average Cost of Raising a Child in Major Cities

by Kristin Wong on Two Cents, shared by Andy Orin to Lifehacker

Dallas $234,738

The Average Cost of Raising a Child in Major Cities

Parenthood can be expensive. In fact, the national average cost of raising a child to the age of 18 is about nearly a quarter of a million dollars—$245,340 to be exact. Of course, depending on where you live, that number will vary with cost of living. NerdWallet quantified the average cost of raising a child in 288 major cities.


27 Aug 12:30

Deep Sea Animals With Googly Eyes Are The Cutest Nightmare Fuel You’ll See Today

by ludditeandroid

Megalodicopia hians [via]

Boing Boing tipped us to the silly nightmare fuel that is Deep Sea Fauna With Googly Eyes. This single-serving Tumblr uses stick-on googly eyes to dramatically improve deep sea photographs generously provided by the World Register of Deep-Sea Species (WoRDSS), The Smithsonian, The University Of Chicago, and The Handbook Of Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent Fauna.

Now these terrifying hellbeasts of the briny deep look slightly less likely to be plotting our deaths right now. But only slightly. If you ask me, they still look awfully . . . ( •_•)>⌐■-■ . . . (⌐■_■) . . . fishy. YEEEEEAAAAHHH!

Graneledone [via]

Bathynomus kensleyi [via]

Unidentified ctenophore [via]

Alvinella pompejana (not Pepe the King Prawn from The Muppets, incidentally) [via]

Osedax mucofloris [via]

Blob sculpin, AKA Blobfish [via]

Amblyraja jenseni [via]

Amphitretus pelagicus [via]

Unidentified anglerfish [via]

Rochinia crassa, AKA spider crab AKA KILL IT WITH FIRE, DROWN IT IN BUTTER SAUCE [via]

Bathykorus bouilloni [via]

Echinus tylodes [via]

Sladenia shaefersi AKA Frogfish [via]

Nereis sandersi [via]

25 Aug 19:00

Frisky Eats: 10 Crispy Wonton Bites

by Sophie Leon
Frisky Eats: 10 Crispy Wonton Bites

Sometimes, the best things come in little packages. Correction: crispy little packages that melt in your mouth. Getting hungry? Here are 10 recipes for wontons that will deliver little bites of AMAZING straight into your mouth.

25 Aug 21:00

Scott DesJarlais -- the conservative, pro-life Tennessee Congressman who entered into a sexual relat

by Erin Gloria Ryan

Tennessee, we thought you were asleep!

Scott DesJarlais — the conservative, pro-life Tennessee Congressman who entered into a sexual relationship with a female patient of his and then pressured his mistress to have an abortion, all before divorcing his wife — has finally been declared victor in his Republican primary in Tennessee. Family Values !


25 Aug 23:49

Rick Perry seeks habeas corpus relief

by Gritsforbreakfast

When he say "have as buffs" he's talking to ME!

Via Mark Bennett, here's Texas Gov. Rick Perry's pretrial writ of habeas corpus (pdf) asking a district judge (and ultimately the Court of Criminal Appeals) to bar his prosecution for abuse of power in the Travis County Public Integrity Unit veto scandal based on constitutional grounds. See the Austin Statesman's coverage.

For habeas buffs, this is a particularly high-profile application. Rate the odds of its success (preferably sans partisan carping in either direction) in the comments.
23 Aug 15:30

So … Kate Moss’s Boob Has Been Molded Into A Champagne Glass

by The Gloss

You know those red wine glasses that hold the whole bottle?

Kate Moss's Boob Has Been Molded Into A Champagne Glass

It’s been a big year for Kate Moss, she turned 40, did a tastefully artistic Playboy spread, increased her financial worth to a whooping $92 million, and now has had a champagne glass molded from her breast. Which is obviously the next logical step for a supermodel of Moss’s caliber, and is not weird at all. So, in a sense we can now all have a taste of what it’s like to be Kate Moss, the next time we’re able to hop the pond that is. Read More On The Gloss…

14 Aug 12:30

‘Power Rangers’ Is Now A Summer Franchise Because You People Won’t Stop Buying ’90s Reboots

by ludditeandroid

Shared for CLUTCH Gifs

Power Rangers

Saban Entertainment

Lionsgate has announced a release date for their Power Rangers reboot: July 22nd, 2016. The announcement comes right after another cheesy ’90s franchise (Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles) performed well above expectations and secured a sequel, so maybe they should thank the Turtles (again).

X-Men: First Class co-writers Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz are penning the script based on a story they co-created with producer (and Star Trek 3 director) Roberto Orci.

Power Rangers will open the same weekend as Warner’s King Arthur (yay, another generic public domain movie) and in the same month as sequels to the Bourne, Ice Age, and Planet of the Apes franchises, as well as two more movies optioned from kids’ stuff: Angry Birds and The BFG. Everything is a reboot, a sequel, or based on merchandise geared to a third grade reading level. This is what happens when stuff like Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles sells 50% more tickets than expected.

But we suppose some fans are excited to see a new version of The Best Movie™. For you guys, don’t let my disappointment in the lack of new, adult-oriented summer movies bring you down.



Via Deadline and CBM

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11 Aug 17:52


07 Aug 15:40

The 80s Child Actress Guide To Drafting Your Fantasy Football Running Backs

by Ashley Burns
Fantasy RBs main


Day 2 of my universally beloved and 100 percent correct fantasy football analysis continues with everyone’s most important position, the running backs. Unlike QBs, a championship-caliber team needs three RBs to win, which means that there are never enough to go around, and when it comes to planning my draft, no matter which pick I have been blessed or burdened with, I always spend way too much time worrying about RBs over the other positions, because GOD JUST GIVE ME TWO HEALTHY RUNNING BACKS FOR THE WHOLE SEASON SO I CAN WIN THIS.

Conveniently enough for my meaningless, unoriginal scheme of associating popular culture with my slightly unorganized fantasy football position rankings, yesterday was Soleil Moon Frye’s 38th birthday, so I thought I’d dip into the pool of one of my favorite go-to topics – 80s teen actresses who grew up in front of the world and either lost their minds or turned out pretty rad. Frye was always kind of the leader of the pack, because even though she had her own TV show at such a young age, she grew up without selling her organs for crack money or inventing a new drug that is made from mixing dead squirrels in buckets filled with paint thinner. In fact, Frye has always been so normal that she’s almost boring because of it.

But in the world of fantasy football – *high fives all around for awful transition* – being normal and boring can sometimes play to our advantage, which is why I’ve meaninglessly ranked Frye so high up on this list, but first the disclaimer:

I am not an expert. I do not pretend to be a fantasy football analyst or expert, and I shall not be held accountable should you use this advice while drafting your fantasy teams. I will, however, brag and take credit if you win, because that is how life works, you sucker chumps. Enjoy!

The Alyssa Milanos


Getty Image

Jamaal Charles

Where he’ll be drafted: First overall, no later than 3rd
Where you should draft him: First overall, no later than 3rd

I have the No. 1 pick in my league that really matters. As of right now, and barring any kind of injury or decision to travel the world to smoke weed and practice yoga, I am taking Jamaal Charles. Realistically, I could flip and coin and take him or LeSean McCoy, so there’s no reason for people to be like, “Yo, you’re insane if you think McCoy isn’t better.” McCoy’s great, and he did very well for me last year, but I’m going to give Charles a whirl this time. That could change, but you don’t really care.

LeSean McCoy

Where he’ll be drafted: Second overall, no later than 3rd
Where you should draft him: Second, but first is an option, too

I love that Shady takes his trash talk game so seriously and constantly wants to prove that he’s the best RB in the NFL by saying, “I’m the best RB in the NFL.” The reason that I prefer Charles to McCoy this season is that I think McCoy has more weapons around him that will be doing a lot of work for the Eagles. The Chiefs may have to lean on Charles more than any other team does (aside from the Vikings), and that’s also why my mind could change as soon as I watch some preseason action.

Adrian Peterson

Where he’ll be drafted: Third or 4th, maybe 5th
Where you should draft him: Third, I guess

Like McCoy, AP is great because he believes he’s the best and won’t stop running over everyone until his legs give out. He might catch a break on offense if Cordarelle Patterson is as good as described in this preseason, but the Vikings still need a QB. I never ever ever ever ever ever count Peterson out, because I drafted him two years ago and he carried me to a championship, but I worry about the fact that he has to do so much on an offense that is already guaranteed to be playing from behind. Bottom line – he’s still way better than most of the rest of these guys.

Matt Forte

Where he’ll be drafted: Third, fourth or fifth, anything after is a gift
Where you should draft him: Third or fourth

How you value Forte comes down to a few questions:

1) Would you rather have him or Peyton Manning? (If you’re in a PPR, the answer is already Forte.)
2) Do you trust Forte to put up similar or better numbers from last year in an offense that has the league’s best WR tandem?
3) IS MATT FORTE ELITE?!?! Just kidding. That question is stupid. Don’t ever ask that f*cking question about any athlete.

07 Aug 15:08

GotG Fans With Money to Spend Ask #WheresGamora In The Official Merchandise - Déjà vu all over again.

by Rebecca Pahle


gamora poster

“Wait… women like sci-fi movies? And they want to be able to buy things with their favorite female characters on them? I thought they make less money than men… don’t they only have enough in their sparkly pink change purses for makeup and sandwich-making implements? I am shocked.” Disney, Disney, Disney. They’ve done it again, folks.

After seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, blogger (and friend of TMS) Amy Ratcliffe noticed something weird about the movie’s glut of merchandise: It doesn’t feature a lot of Gamora. Which is weird, seeing as she’s 1/5 of the title team and is pretty dang important to the film as a whole, yanno?

In a post on her site, Ratcliffe explains the tower of merchandise at Wal-Mart with Gamora on the display but not on any of the actual items you can buy. The shirt that features the other four members of the Guardians on it, but not Gamora, I guess because Disney thinks men have a mortal fear of turning into a woman if they wear something with a female character on it? And the Guardians minimates line, where the two packs with female characters (Gamora and Nebula) also happen to be the ones available only at specialty stores. A search of the official Disney Store yields only this Disney Infinity two-pack with Star-Lord.

There is a small amount Gamora merch to be found on Amazon, and she appears on some group shirts, but all too often it’s merch with some combination of Star-Lord, Drax, Groot, and Rocket, with no Gamora at all. Like this backpack. Marvel, I know you think of this as a “boy’s item”—though what’s inherently gender-specific about a fricking backpack I don’t even know—but even if you work off the premise that this is necessarily and exclusively a male item, there’s nothing to say you can’t put a girl on it. I don’t think young boys will freak out it all that much. You’ll be fine.

Ratcliffe suggested the hashtag #wheresgamora to bring awareness to this particular issue, and so far it’s taken off:

Hey @Marvel and @Disney, 44% of your opening week audience for Guardians were women… so where’s my Gamora merch??? #wheresgamora

— Kat (@thekatosaurus) August 7, 2014

Gamora deserves equal amounts of merch and exposure for both girls and boys. Same goes for Black Widow. @Marvel @DisneyStore #wheresgamora — Diego Armando (@phanta5magoria) August 7, 2014

As anyone who’s ever who’s ever screamed unto the heavens, “Why doesn’t this shirt come in a women’s cut?!,” the lack of awareness that geeky women actually spend money on merch, holy shit, is hardly new. There was that controversy in May when the Disney store said they had no plans to make new Leia merchandise; people got pissed, and Disney changed their tune. There was similar frustration surrounding a lack of Black Widow items when The Avengers came out. Companies like WeLoveFine and Her Universe are working on evening the gender gap, and of course there are individual sellers on sites like Etsy who have adopted the “If there official merch doesn’t satisfy, I will make what I want my own damn self” attitude.

But the official studios need to step up to the plate, too. After all, so much of the success of these big-budget superhero movies is judged based on how many toys they sell. And people can’t spend money on female superhero merch if you don’t flipping give it to us.

(via The Daily Dot)

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07 Aug 13:40

Let’s Watch Jeremy Lin Dunk On His Poor, Unsuspecting Mother

by isaacand
Jeremy Lin


Most NBA players are working out, shooting jumpers, honing their craft this summer. But Jeremy Lin? Nah, he’s just dunking on his mom. Dude’s having the time of his life.

I could watch this Vine all day long and yes, actually I will. TURN DOWN FOR LIN!

[reddit NBA]

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06 Aug 12:02

Do You Live Among Dog People Or Cat People? This Map Shows Which Pet Your State Prefers.

by ryanuproxx

I <3 infomaps!!


The Washington Post

If a war broke out between America’s Cat People and Dog People tomorrow, the fight would be evenly matched and the battle lines would be somewhat distinct. This, according to a map created by the Washington Post using data from the American Veterinary Medical Association that shows which pet each state has more of: dogs or cats.

Dog People dominate the south, while the cat bias grows heavier as you move north — especially in the midwest and northeast — which makes sense from a practicality standpoint: densely-populated cities aren’t nearly as dog-friendly, and taking a dog outside to use the bathroom doesn’t jibe with harsh winters. But it also doesn’t make sense at all, because every state should be a dog state.


The Washington Post

Overall, according to the AVMA’s data, dog households (43 million) outnumber cat households (36 million) in America. But cat owners are hoarding the ever-loving furballs out of their felines: the number of total cats owned (74 million) outpaces the number of dogs owned (70 million).

Most states carry a balanced cat-dog ratio, and the country is essentially divided evenly on the cat/dog thing. That’s not the case worldwide. Here’s a global map created by the Post using data from Euoromonitor (data was only provided for 54 countries):


The Washington Post

According to Wonkblog, dogs outnumber cats 10-to-1 in India and 2.5-to-1 in China, while cats outnumber dogs 3-to-1 in Switzerland, Austria, and Turkey. Meanwhile, the entire continent of South America is essentially dog-heavy.

(Via Wonkblog + AVMA)

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06 Aug 01:55

Survey Shows Gay and Bisexual Teens Have Heightened Pregnancy Risks

by Kat Callahan on ROYGBIV, shared by Rebecca Rose to Jezebel

Survey Shows Gay and Bisexual Teens Have Heightened Pregnancy Risks

Canadian experts are calling for sex education in the province of British Columbia to be modified to account for results of a survey on pregnancy risks for queer youth. The results show that lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth have heightened pregnancy risks versus their heterosexual counterparts.


04 Aug 20:00

All the Common Electronics Components Explained for Beginners

by Thorin Klosowski

Let's go HARD!

All the Common Electronics Components Explained for Beginners

Electronics components range widely in size and function. From a beginner's point of view, it's hard to know where to start digging in. Programmer Christopher Pitt made a nice little beginner's guide over at Medium that runs through all the essentials to get you started.


04 Aug 20:00

Sofia Coppola, Please Read Junko Mizuno’s Princess Mermaid

by Sarah Fonder


I flipped when I heard Sofia Coppola was chosen from a pool of directors to helm a live-action film of The Little Mermaid. Could there be a more perfect candidate to take on Hans Christian Andersen’s dark tale of teenage lust? After so many lackluster attempts to bring the fractured fairy tale to the box office (Red Riding Hood, Jack the Giant Slayer, Hansel & Gretel), we might finally get an adaptation that’s worth all the excitement (though I’d be remiss to not include the success of this summer’s Maleficent, which some feminists have hailed as a “Disney rape-revenge fantasy.”) 

Of course, the princess factor increases the appeal of Coppola’s project tenfold. The most pervasive fairy-tale figures in our culture are princesses—more specifically, Disney princesses, which is readily apparent from a look at most pop culture blogs. You can find pictures of Disney princesses as superheroes, Disney princess magazine covers, Disney princesses fighting zombies, the list goes on. Girlhood is over for so many of us, yet we’re still somehow so fixated on these characters from our youth. Nostalgia is an easy explanation, but for once, I’ll take the Freudian lens on this phenomenon. The older you get, the harder it is to separate the classic princess stories from elements of female sexual development: innocence, lust, blood, punishment.

We are sexual beings, and it’s scaring our parents (Cinderella), making us vulnerable to predators (Little Red Riding Hood), and perhaps even a risk for our voices and souls (The Little Mermaid.) The older we get, the easier it is for us to see the illicit cracks in these stories, and they become even more intriguing as a result. How did we miss the bloody feet in Cinderella, the blatant necrophilia of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty? Does removing the details from these stories make them any less troubling? Why didn’t we leave the stories the way they were and tell them to adults instead, as the Grimm brothers originally intended?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but it’s this sense of being deceived that makes me so intrigued with dark rewrites of fairytales, the ones that restore all the gore and sexuality our parents glossed over. The Little Mermaid is especially ripe for this kind of restoration, as The Atlantic pointed out shortly after the announcement that Coppola would direct an adaptation. I don’t know if you’re all aware of this by now, but The Little Mermaid is a pretty fucked-up story.

Perhaps you know the Hans Christian Andersen original by now: a teenage mermaid falls in love with a sailor after saving his life from a storm. She becomes intrigued by humanity and learns that humans have souls, while mermaids don’t. She decides to visit a sea witch and trade her tongue for a pair of legs, which the sea witch tells her will make her feel like she’s walking on knives. She finds the prince, who is entranced by her good looks and graceful dancing, so she dances for him until her feet bleed. The prince falls in love with another girl who he believes saved his life that night and marries her instead. The mermaid’s sisters inform her that she can be a mermaid again if she murders the prince. Try as she might, she can’t do it, so she kills herself and turns into sea foam. A+ bedtime story, right?


An adaptation of this bleak melodrama deserves to be as strange and disturbing as possible. The Little Mermaid rewrite that sticks with me the most is a graphic novel called Princess Mermaid by another precocious female, Junko Mizuno. Mizuno is known for a macabre psychedelic aesthetic, full of dangerous, but still demurely feminine women. Like most girls, her characters love pop music, fried food, and occasionally eating people.


Princess Mermaid is the final installment in Mizuno’s trilogy of psychedelic, violent, sexed-up fairy tales. Each book is better than the last. The first two, Cinderalla and Hansel & Gretel, are fun and sweetly rebellious, but Princess Mermaid is darker, sexier, and heavier than its airy predecessors. It’s basically Romeo & Juliet, but this time, Juliet is a mermaid sex worker. This concept might sound gimmicky and simplistic, but Princess Mermaid is too gorgeous and unapologetically weird to be weighed down by such trivial concerns. This book has everything: mermaids eating dudes, a cyborg jellyfish performing surgery, hawt mermaid-on-human action, hawt mermaid-on-dragon action, princes who harvest mythical creatures, YOUR TEARS.

It is not just the strangest story in Mizuno’s trilogy: it is the fullest, rife with strong, tragic characters and complex relationships. The most interesting character is Tura, a bloodthirsty, pill addict mermaid whose only pleasure comes from sadistically murdering the members of a family who killed her mother. Tura has no mercy, compassion, or desire beyond gory vengeance.

PM 3

All the other familiar characters are given more interesting stories: the “prince” becomes a starving black sheep whose cruel brothers force him to eat entrails for sustenance; the sea witch becomes a masculine, sexually predatory dragon. Meanwhile, the mermaids’ lair is not the bright, inviting environment of “Under the Sea”: it’s polluted by a nearby factory, soaked with blood, and full of dark corners. Mizuno’s harsh scenery makes it easy to understand why a teenage girl might want to escape.

PM 7

The central love story of Princess Mermaid is also not the saccharine affair we knew in our childhoods. Unlike the Disney equivalent, it’s not pure, doe-eyed lust that draws our heroine, Julie, to her human lover, Suekichi. They’re the outcasts of their respective families, bound by their fatigue with the war their siblings won’t stop fighting. Julie wants to rescue Suekichi from his abusive family (because for once, the boy is the passive agent, locked away in a dungeon) and take him somewhere safer. Like proper tragic lovers, their determination to be together is unflappable. And as Sofia Coppola knows very well, the love of a teenage girl is never just a fluffy, innocuous crush: it is nuanced, all consuming, a life-or-death matter.

PM 5

Princess Mermaid has all the gore and sexual subtext of Hans Christian Andersen’s dark original without any of its misogynistic preachiness. It’s 135 pages of bizarre, stunning illustrations, and I couldn’t think of a better primer—or blueprint—for Coppola’s live-action film of The Little Mermaid. Surely Disney would never let Sofia venture into the kind of psychosexual violence on display in Princess Mermaid, but can’t we dream? Just close your eyes and imagine the majesty of a montage of mermaids eating dudes to Slowdive. I can’t stress how much money I’d pay to see that. Bring it on, Sofia.

Read more Sofia Coppola, Please Read Junko Mizuno’s Princess Mermaid at The Toast.

05 Aug 00:10

Two Teens Broke Into A Pennsylvania Home… And Proceeded To Bake Pot Brownies

by michelleuproxx

Did they leave any for the homeowners?!


Getty Image

It’s only August, but we’ve already seen a crapload of #DUMBCRIMINALS this year. How could we forget the thieving geniuses who took a selfie with the iPhone they had just stolen? Or the tech-savvy intruder who, during the actual burglary, checked Facebook but forgot to log out? Or the robber who was chased off by a backscratcher-wielding woman?

Now, we’ve got two new knuckleheads to add to this ever-growing illustrious list: pair of teens with an appetite for stupidity. Martha Stewart would be proud:

Police say two 17-year-old boys have been charged with breaking into a Pennsylvania home and baking drug-laced brownies.

Police say the burglary happened late July 22 in Perkiomen Township, though the department only recently publicized it.

Police say the boys were found with drug paraphernalia and more than 2 pounds of the unspecified drug used to make the brownies.

The boys have been charged in Montgomery County Juvenile Court.

Via Huffington Post

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05 Aug 01:50

Are The Yankees The Most Hated Baseball Team In America… Or The Entire World?

by Ashley Burns

WTF, Arkansas?!


Getty Image

It shouldn’t take much of a widespread survey of baseball fans to reveal that the New York Yankees aren’t exactly a universal favorite from coast-to-coast. People who aren’t fans of the Yankees simply love to hate the Yankees, whether because of jealousy and spite over all of those World Series trophies or the fact that it’s just fun to hate the Evil Empire and its bandwagon fans. But that doesn’t mean that the Bronx Bombers are alone. After Redditor “scolbert08” surveyed fans across North America and even around the world about which MLB teams they cared for the least, “kmhokies35” turned the information into a visual logo orgy for our eyes with some handy dandy maps.

The results? Obviously, people really hate the Yankees, but it may blow your minds just how far that hatred wraps around the globe. Just kidding. It’s the Yankees. Nothing will surprise you at how much people hate them. Instead, what might surprise you most is that there are teams that baseball fans hate more, like the St. Louis Cardinals, who are hated the second most by seven not-at-all classy and intelligent states.

Perhaps most surprising is the relatively low number of states that hate the Boston Red Sox, but really it’s how anyone could not like the Cardinals. That must have been some kind of margin of error thing, because the Cardinals play baseball the right way and are therefore celebrated by the Best Fans in Baseball.

As for the entire world? Bad news, Yankees fans. Aside from a bizarre resentment of the Los Angeles Dodgers by Australia, this is a Yankee-hating world and we’re all just living in it.

At least in Canada the Yankees have some competition. The people of the Northwest Territories just flat out detest the San Diego Padres. Or maybe there’s only one baseball fan up there and he just really dislikes the Padres. Either way, you’re on notice, San Diego.

05 Aug 11:00

List: Bars Philosophy Professors Opened After Being Denied Tenure by Jarry Lee


Phenomenology of Spirits

Beer and Trembling

Gin and Platonic

Phenomenology of Spirits

Martini Heidegger

Bellini and Nothingness

Jean-Jacques & Coke

Vodka on the Lockes

Maker’s Marx Old Fashioned

29 Jul 15:25

Guardians of the Galaxy Is Getting an Animated Series, a Sequel, Your Money - Everybody pretend to be surprised.

by Rebecca Pahle

Let's see this movie this weekend?

Guardians animated series

The reviews of Guardians of the Galaxy have been nothing but good (well, 97% good), so it’s no surprise that Marvel’s pushing things into high gear even before the movie comes out. Now on the horizon: an animated show for Disney XD and a sequel, natch. But who’s directing the latter?

That would be Guardians director James Gunn, whom Marvel has wisely decided to keep on-board for the second film. A release date of July 28, 2017 was announced Marvel’s SDCC panel. It’s not the most flashy news—a sequel to a blockbuster superhero movie, wow—but it’s good all the same. I had the chance to see Guardians last night, and I can add my voice to the chorus saying it’s excellent. Gunn managed to fit an impressive amount of curse words into it (mostly sh*ts, b*stards, and b*tches), and as a foulmouthed sonofagun myself, I appreciate that.

As for the cartoon, it’ll be airing on Disney XD at some point probably in the near future. That’s all we know for sure. Collider points out that Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket Racoon, Groot, and Drax the Destroyer were voiced by Chris Cox, Nikka Futterman, Seth Green, Kevin Michael Richardson, and David Sobolov on Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, so there might be some overlap there.

Marvel Animations’ Senior Vice President Eric Radomski said at SDCC that their goal is to “get [the Guardians] into the minds of everybody who might not know about them.” There was also a minute-long trailer screened at SDCC; it hasn’t leaked, but Geek Magazine has a description:

The 60-second clip opens to a futuristic city scape, with Rocket Raccoon evading a laser shooting probe. Rocket jumps off a tall structure, rolling on his back as he blasts the probe. An unseen voice says “Hey, fuzzy,” and is revealed to be Star-Lord.  ”if we’re going to be hanging out together you’re going to need bigger blasters.” The scene fades to the Guardians of the Galaxy logo and the fans in Hall H presumably go wild.

Disney XD also renewed Avengers Assemble and Marvel’s Hulk and the Agents of Smash.

(via Deadline)

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The NRA's Top Attorney Was Convicted of Murder in 1964

The NRA's Top Attorney Was Convicted of Murder in 1964

According to recently unearthed court records, Bob Dowlut—who for 30 years has been the architect of the National Rifle Association's legal and cultural agenda—was sentenced to life in an Indiana prison for shooting a shopkeeper during a robbery before murdering a single mother with the same gun.

"[T]hose who argue that a significant share of serious violence is perpetrated by previously nonviolent 'average Joes' are clinging to a myth," Dowlut—the NRA's general counsel—once wrote in a law journal, citing another author's assertion that "the 'average' gun owner and the 'average' criminal are worlds apart in background, social outlooks, and economic circumstances." But Dowlut's own criminal past raises questions about his qualifications to speak for those law-abiding "average Joes."

Using more than 2,000 pages of testimony—including behind-doors discussions that were never revealed to the jury that convicted Dowlut—Mother Jones' Dave Gilson tells in a mesmerizing longread how the then-Army private with a juvenile gun-crime record confessed to police and led them to a cemetery plot where he had buried the alleged murder weapon: a .455 Webley pistol.

Dowlut was already well-known to police in his hometown of South Bend, Indiana, having escaped jail time after a juvie judge gave him a pass for robbing a local museum of several guns and using them to hold up a restaurant for $135. So when the mother of Dowlut's longtime girlfriend ended up shot twice in the heart and he was caught in a lie about his whereabouts that night, he explained how he'd come to kill her after trying to rob a store and shooting its proprietor in the stomach.

But after serving half a decade in prison, and despite solid forensic evidence matching Dowlut's dug-up pistol to the murder, the Indiana Supreme Court found that police had overzealously violated his constitutional rights in obtaining that confession—they reportedly denied him a lawyer despite multiple requests—and his conviction was overturned. Prosecutors gave up on trying the case again when much of their evidence was tossed out with the confession.

Dowlut went on to reinvent himself as an attorney and went straight to work for the NRA shortly after law school, just as the organization turned from its sporting roots to a more radical agenda:

Dowlut joined the organization just as it was being reborn. In what became known as the Cincinnati Revolt, hardliners had overthrown the NRA's moderate leadership and installed Harlon Carter as executive vice president in 1977. Under Carter, the NRA adopted uncompromising rhetoric and an aggressive political strategy that turned it into one of the nation's most powerful interest groups. Carter also envisioned recruiting "young men and women—lawyers, constitutional scholars, writers, historians, professors—who some day will be old and gray and wise, widely published and highly respected. It will be those individuals—in the future—who will provide the means to save the Second Amendment."

And that's just what Dowlut has become, shifting over the past three decades from defending gun rights to advancing an agenda of exceptional rights for gun owners and militias, one that overturns even the most popular, minimal limits on the purchase, possession, carry, and use of firearms.

As Gilson points out, it's unclear whether Dowlut ever told anyone at the gun group, including close friend and frontman Wayne LaPierre, about his criminal past. Ironically, his and the NRA's rhetoric of demonizing criminals as "not like us" and praising "good guys with guns" is precisely the kind of Manichaean outlook that once led cops to violate his civil rights as a murder suspect. Then again, maybe the cops and the NRA were right. Maybe Dowlut's not a good guy with a gun, but just another criminal lowlife.

07 Jul 17:30

A Six-Month Reading List

by Emma Carmichael
by Emma Carmichael

Courtesy The Millions, here is every new book you will want to read in the next six months. I just finished The Flamethrowers, so I'll catch up with you all 'round 2016. [The Millions]

07 Jul 19:40

This Little Girl’s To-Do List Is A Reminder Why Little Girls Are Not To Be F*cked With

by Stacey Ritzen


Reddit user lala989 posted this photo yesterday with the caption: “My daughter’s list in case anything happens to her older brother.” Yes, you have to take everything you see posted on the internet with a grain of salt (especially when children are involved), and yes, there is a possibility that this could be fake — but do I personally think it’s real? Without a question. Little girls are f*cking diaboloical, and I should know since I used to be one. Sure, little boys might pull your pigtails and push you into a mud puddle, but little girls will plot to hammer everything that you love. This kid is going to make one HELL of a divorce attorney someday, I can tell you that much.

(Reddit via Jezebel)

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At last, downtown Dallas will get its movie theater: an eight-screen Alamo Drafthouse in the Cedars

by Robert Wilonsky

One year from now, the Alamo Drafthouse Dallas expects to open its doors on Cadiz and Lamar in the Cedars. (Rendering courtesy Bill DiGaetano)

In May 2012 Bill DiGaetano said he expected to open “four to six” Alamo Drafthouse movie theaters throughout “the entire” Dallas-Fort Worth area, but until now there’s been just the one in Richardson. That will change come mid-2015: This time next year, DiGaetano says, Dallas will have its very own Alamo — a two-story multiplex on the southwest corner of Cadiz Street and S. Lamar Street in the Cedars, between the Dallas Convention Center and the South Side on Lamar.

Yes, you read that correctly: Downtown Dallas, more or less, will once again have its very own movie theater, the first since the 10-house cinema in the West End Marketplace went dark 14 years ago.

Says Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, the Alamo Drafthouse’s arrival in the Cedars “fans the flames of progress” currently being made in downtown Dallas. “And it’s exactly the strategy needed to grow southern Dallas.”

DiGaetano says the Alamo Drafthouse Dallas, which will be developed and owned by Matthews Southwest and operated by DiGaetano’s Two is One, One is None LLC, will have eight screens and seat around 1,000 moviegoers. The eight houses will have the requisite digital projectors augmented with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, but a handful will also be outfitted with 35mm projectors in keeping with the Austin-born chain’s reputation for mixing in old and eclectic films among its first-run offerings.

There will also be a second-story bar: the Glass Half Full Taproom, a craft-beer-and-food lounge that will hold 200 and have two patios, one of which will face downtown. DiGaetano says the other outdoor space will have a movie screen and a stage for live music.

“A lot of chains will look at us and go. ‘What are you doing?’” DiGaetano says. “But the demographic within three miles of the Cedars site and three miles of Richardson are identical when it comes to density and average incomes — and there are no theaters. We’re going to be able to pull in this great community in downtown and around downtown.”

This is what the Cedars site currently looks like. (Google Earth)

The Alamo will replace an empty building and parking lot on S. Lamar, just a few blocks away from where Jack Matthews is currently building a mixed-used project with 280 apartments units, ground-floor retail space and a parking garage on a vacant lot. The vacant building — which briefly housed the Dallas Music Complex in the mid-1990s — will be torn down, but the bricks will be reused for the Alamo construction. Matthews says the site will also have 400 parking spaces.

DiGaetano and Matthews say they began discussing planting an Alamo in the Cedars three years ago, but shelved the plans until a few months ago. It also doesn’t hurt that the Richardson location is doing far better than DiGaetano expected, as in: “We’ve been cash-flowing since month one.” Local businesses have also profited from its success: The Alamo Drafthouse Richardson sells Dude, Sweet Chocolate at its concessions stand, and pours locally made beers (among them Four Corners, Deep Ellum and Community) at the bar.

“When I moved up here three years ago I wasn’t as familiar with the Metroplex as I am now,” DiGaetano says. “But when we looked at the site three years ago, we said ‘It feels like Alamo.’ And we said, ‘Why isn’t there a theater down there? Why hasn’t anyone taken the leap?” … [visit site to read more]

05 Jul 19:00

Study: Office Sexism Starts In The Guy’s Marriage

by Claire Hannum
Study: Office Sexism Starts In The Guy's Marriage

According to new research by the University of North Carolina, men with stay-at-home wives are more likely to have a negative outlook on women in the workforce. Five studies were carried out on almost 1,000 married heterosexual men, and even with the use of varying types of research methods and samples, results were grimly consistent.

Guys with stay-at-home wives were also found to have less positive views about companies led by women and to believe they aren’t operating as efficiently. These men are also more likely to deny promotion opportunities to women and otherwise make choices that prevent their qualified female coworkers from moving up in their career ranks.

What’s especially depressing about this is that often the guys’ marriage almost seemed to almost cause these sexist behaviors rather than just reflect beliefs they’ve always held. Most of the time, the men who were found to be sexist didn’t have that kind of outlook when they first got married. Over time, men married to unemployed women become less supportive of ladies with jobs, while on the other hand, men whose wives are employed become more supportive toward working women over time.

This data isn’t only a bummer for working women, but for wives who choose to stay home as well. I don’t believe a guy just automatically goes into jerk mode the second his wife decides to stop working — it’s obviously far more complicated than that. Either way, women should be able to have whatever kind of employment path they want without having to worry that it will somehow alter their husband’s views on equality. I hope these researchers conduct this same study on whether women with stay-at-home husbands go through the same shift in beliefs! [NBC]

05 Jul 19:19

​Epic Garden Obstacle Course is Basically Ninja Warrior for Squirrels

by Isha Aran

Apparently Youtube user Steve Barley had made an obstacle course for squirrels before, but this is some next level shit. He's rigged up the "Triple Squirrel Assault Course" out of everyday items like an ironing board and a sink plunger. Honestly, I wish that thing was human size because it looks way too fun. Anyway, watch these two squirrels achieve Total Victory and feast on some prized nuts!


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The Search For The Most Insanely Dedicated World Cup Fan Has Ended With This Guy

by Ashley Burns
Crazy Mexico Fan

Getty Image

There won’t be any crazy World Cup fan reaction videos being uploaded to YouTube after today’s 0-0 tie between Mexico and Brazil, unless you’re the kind of person who loves watching people get really excited and then let down within a matter of seconds. Then again, the tie was just as good as a win for Mexico, so maybe their fans were getting crazy in the streets after shutting out the home team. At the very least, the guy in the banner image was probably the life of the party wherever he went with his ridiculous giant winged costume.

Crazy Mexico Fan 2

Getty Image

Okay, I kind of lied, though, because there is at least one awesome reaction video from today’s Mexico-Brazil tie. Whether she knows it or not, this lady has become one of the Internet’s stars of the day for her late game shock and disbelief.

Meanwhile, if I’m awarding a prize for the saddest fan from today’s early World Cup action, it might be this faithful Brazilian.

Sad Brazil Fan

Getty Image

I’ve seen Cirque Du Soleil clowns with more zest for life than this fan. Hey, speaking of clowns that might haunt my dreams, this Brazilian fan!

Terrifying Brazil Fan

Getty Image

But even when they’re trying to support their team, the Brazilian fans are still sticking it to the corrupt jerks at FIFA with these joyous balloons.

Brazil Protesters

Getty Image

Nothing says, “You’re not welcome here,” like a bunch of colorful balloons.

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