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26 Nov 17:00

Link: The best round-up of Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving parodies

by Heidi MacDonald

rockwell thanksgiving parody 09 Link: The best round up of Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving parodiesAt this time of year if there is one thing as certain as dressing and leftovers it’s parody verions of Norman Rockwell’s famed “Freedom From Want.” And I finally found the best round-up of parodies including the Justice Society one. A little of these goes a long way so here are a mere three.

rockwell thanksgiving parody 16 Link: The best round up of Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving parodies rockwell thanksgiving parody 14 Link: The best round up of Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving parodies

13 Nov 13:11

The Science Of Begging

by Warren Ellis

The last 24 hours:

A recent acquaintance wrote to me about an Exciting Event taking place about 90 minutes away from me. How lovely!, I thought. I never get invited to things. And I wasn’t. I was instead being asked for a list of interesting people who they could invite to the event. I wasn’t invited.

A stranger wrote to me on behalf of an author I met some years ago, about review copies of their new book. How lovely!, I thought. I love books. But I wasn’t getting one. I was instead being asked for a list of interesting people who they could send copies of the book to. I wasn’t getting one.

An old acquaintance wrote to me. How lovely!, I thought. I haven’t heard from them in years. But I wasn’t, really. It was a spam message going out to a list of everyone they’d ever written to, a pile of contacts scraped out by an assistant. The message did in fact state that I may not have heard from them in years, and in fact may never hear from them again, but nonetheless exhorted me to pollute my social media channels with plugs for their book. Which I haven’t read.

The art of asking is alive and well, it would seem. I totally understand its place in the combat zone of attention economics. But I do hope that people actually get good at it soon.  Or at least learn not to make each other feel like agalmic vending machines.  That turns the practise of agalmia into a zero-sum game that leads to petty and charmless posts like this one.

Reading: IN THE DUST OF THIS PLANET, Eugene Thacker (UK) (US)

05 Nov 15:30

Bill Watterson draws poster for Angoulême 2015, but will not participate in fest —UPDATED

by Heidi MacDonald

631458BillWatterson9eArt20158551 Bill Watterson draws poster for Angoulême 2015, but will not participate in fest —UPDATED
Updated, The Billy Ireland’s Library’s Caitlin McGurk has confirmed that she and Jenny Robb—who helped organized the Watterson art exhibit at the library—will represent him at Angoulême.

Earlier this year, the selection of Bill Watterson as the Grand Prix winner at the Angoulême comics festival created quite a stir. The winner is traditionally the “grand marshal” of the whole festival, helping plan exhibits and appearing at official events. (Or, as in the case of Willem, last ear’s winner, hanging out at Le Chat Noir until 1 am with everyone else.) It seemed a bit of a stretch for Watterson, but was it impossible?

Although the once reclusive Calvin & Hobbes creator hasn’t exactly turned into Taylor Swift, he makes occasional semi public appearances and is way more accessible in interviews. (If you call once or twice a year accessible.) When the win was announced, Watterson’s editor Lee Salem said he would try to tell him how wonderful Angoulême is, so maybe Watterson would make an exception for this so not a comic-con event?

However, an interview at the French language 20 Minutes website has not only unveiled Watterson’s poster for the festival but confirmed that the poster will be the full extent of his participation. The traditional exhibit of Watterson’s work will be based on the exhibit at OSU. According to the brief but news-packed interview, Watterson found the poster an interesting challenge, but did not use his Calvin and Hobbes characters because he doesn’t believe in using them to promote anything—even comics. But according to Google Translate, Watterson says “In this sense, I hope I have managed to express both my work and comics in general. And to pay tribute to what makes this medium so pleasant to read.”

30 Oct 20:00

31 Days of Halloween: The Haunted Vagina

by Heidi MacDonald


haunted vagina 31 Days of Halloween: The Haunted Vagina

The Haunted Vagina 31 Days of Halloween: The Haunted Vagina by Carlton Mellick III ploughs into fertile territory first tilled by Jim Balent. But horror has many shapes and sizes…as do the tacky and the just plain oh no.

It’s difficult to love a woman whose vagina is a gateway to the world of the dead…

Steve is madly in love with his eccentric girlfriend, Stacy. Unfortunately, their sex life has been suffering as of late, because Steve is worried about the odd noises that have been coming from Stacy’s pubic region. She says that her vagina is haunted. She doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal. Steve, on the other hand, completely disagrees.

When a living corpse climbs out of her during an awkward night of sex, Stacy learns that her vagina is actually a doorway to another world. She persuades Steve to climb inside of her to explore this strange new place. But once inside, Steve finds it difficult to return… especially once he meets an oddly attractive woman named Fig, who lives within the lonely haunted world between Stacy’s legs.”

26 Oct 18:00

31 Days of Halloween: Sexy Ebola Cleanup Nurse is really Sexy Breaking Bad

by Heidi MacDonald

Osbrr1R 31 Days of Halloween: Sexy Ebola Cleanup Nurse is really Sexy Breaking BadIf you’ve been hanging out on the internet this weekend you have have seen the above shocking “Sexy Ebola Nurse” costume going around on the Reddits and twits. Is it a real thing? Although we can’t imagine some gallows humor experts won’t wear Ebola-themed costumes this year, this particular costume is actually a repurposing of LAST year’s top meme, Breaking Bad, as it began life as a sexy Walter White in the lab costume.

sexy breaking bad costume idea 31 Days of Halloween: Sexy Ebola Cleanup Nurse is really Sexy Breaking Bad

So for those keeping score, both the proper preparation of crystal meth and the prevention of ebola require pristine conditions—and there is no condition so pristine that a sexy version of it cannot be fashioned.

(Source: The Independent)

28 Sep 13:59

Don Quijote’s Secret Weapon: Pop Signage Artists in Every Store

by Johnny

donki gif

A friend of mine once lamented that if there was hell on earth it would be like Don Quijote. He was, of course, referring to Japan’s discount chain stores – colloquially known as Donki – and not the protagonist of Miguel de Cervantes’ novel. But for all its narrow, maze-like pathways and consumer products densely stacked from floor-to-ceiling, Donki has done remarkably well in Japan. One of the reasons, which many point to, are the hand-written signs, created in pop lettering and a dizzying array of fluorescent colors, that point consumers to products the store is trying to push.

In a recent youtube clip, the company revealed a behind-the-scenes look at these pop signage artists at work. “Donki’s POP artists are amazing,” they exclaimed, adding that every single store hires a full-time signage artist.

donki Don Quijote pop signage

donki Don Quijote pop signage

donki Don Quijote pop signage


13 Oct 15:07

MUJI’s New Prefabricated Vertical House For City Living

by Johnny

muji vertical house tatenoie

Fifty years ago, on October 10, 1964, the Olympic torch arrived at Tokyo’s National Stadium to mark the beginning of the summer Olympics. 5 years earlier, when Tokyo was awarded the right to host the games Tokyo went on a construction spree with new buildings, highways and trains being built. By the time the games began not only did Tokyo look brand new but so did it’s population, which had grown exponentially to 10 million people.

Currently that number, depending on what area you classify as Tokyo, sits at around 37 million. And despite its impeccable mass transit system, numerous parks and safety, the metropolis poses similar challenges that all city dwellers face: the issue of space.

For several years now the trend among architects has been to build residential homes higher, taking advantage of the air above us. But these designer homes tend to come with a hefty price tag. Now, MUJI, Japan’s minimalist stationary and furniture company, wants to give more people space with their “Vertical House.”

muji vertical house tatenoie

muji vertical house tatenoie

While the company is certainly better known for their smaller items, a couple years ago they started offering prefabricated homes that embody the MUJI aesthetic. And their most recent design – the 3rd in their series – is this vertical house.

The 3-story home features an open stairwell the stretches all the way to the top. And beveled floors create unique spaces for different members of the family. But even though these are cookie-cutter homes, they don’t all have to look the same. MUJI is offered 7 different variations to accommodate different types of families. Depending on which make you choose the homes cost between about 20 – 25 million yen to build.

muji vertical house tatenoie

muji vertical house tatenoie

muji vertical house tatenoie

muji vertical house tatenoie

muji vertical house tatenoie

muji vertical house tatenoie

muji vertical house tatenoie

muji vertical house tatenoie

muji vertical house tatenoie

muji vertical house tatenoie









06 Oct 03:53


11 Sep 00:24

American Art Posters of the 1890s

by John


Selections from a 1987 Metropolitan Museum of Art exhbition catalogue which features many more colour plates. My choices gravitate as usual to the American Beardsley, Will Bradley. The other artists here are EB Bird (above) and Louis Rhead, both of whom also produced bookplate designs (see here and here).









Previously on { feuilleton }
Posters: A Critical Study, 1913
Will Bradley posters
Troutsdale Press bookplates
Louis Rhead bookplates
Louis Rhead’s peacocks

14 Sep 23:52

La isla de los conejos

by Kirai

Okunoshima es una isla parecida a la de los gatos pero en vez de estar invadida por lindos gatitos está llena de conejos. Según Treehugger es una isla donde se producían armas químicas durante la segunda guerra mundial. Hoy en día ya no hay industria en la isla y apenas vive gente en ella, viven más conejos que personas. Tiene un perímetro de cuatro kilómetros, tiene un hotel, un camping, un campo de golf y centenares de conejos.


Mapa para llegar a la isla

Seguir leyendo La isla de los gatos.

02 Oct 10:05

Advanced copies of my PRIME playing card deck arrived today! On...

Advanced copies of my PRIME playing card deck arrived today! On sale soon. x

29 Sep 22:15

Sinais dos tempos (televisivos)

by João Lopes
Futebol, meteorologia ou os horrores da Casa dos Segredos: a televisão é um universo normativo que não se reconhece — esta crónica de televisão foi publicada na revista "Notícias TV" (Diário de Notícias), com o título 'Sinais dos tempos'.

1. No final do empate a uma bola entre Manchester City e Chelsea (Benfica TV), os adeptos do Chelsea aplaudiram calorosamente Frank Lampard. Surpresa? Não exactamente. Afinal de contas, ele é uma das lendas vivas do clube e um dos jogadores mais queridos dos adeptos da equipa treinada por José Mourinho. Em todo o caso, importa lembrar que Lampard já não está no Chelsea: mudou-se para os EUA, para o New York City Football Club, tendo regressado por alguns meses a Inglaterra através de um empréstimo ao... Manchester City. Além do mais, convém ainda referir que o Chelsea esteve a ganhar até cinco minutos do fim, tendo o City conseguido empatar através de um golo marcado por... Lampard! A atitude dos adeptos do Chelsea é um exemplo cristalino de fair play [video: comentário de José Mourinho] que, pelo que me foi dado ver, não encontrou ecos muito significativos nas televisões. Não mereceu, pelo menos, as dezenas de repetições com que continuam a ser tratados os “polémicos” lances de cada fim de semana lusitano. Dito de outro modo: os privilégios informativos (?) vão para tudo o que possa alimentar centelhas de conflito no universo do futebol. Bem pelo contrário, qualquer evento que reflicta um entendimento pacifista do futebol e das suas relações humanas é secundarizado, quando não liminarmente ignorado.

2. A generalização de algumas formas de linguagem “especializada” é um bizarro sinal de formatação cultural. O futebol, com os seus golos “contra a corrente do jogo” e outros admiráveis delírios é, nesse aspecto, um manancial de retórica. Mas a meteorolgia não lhe fica atrás: passámos a viver num universo de “alertas” de várias cores, a ponto de o conhecimento ou desconhecimento da aproximação de mau tempo poder ser pretexto para tempestuosos conflitos institucionais.

3. Em a Casa dos Segredos (TVI), diz-se (e está escrito no respectivo site): “Somos um falso casal lésbico”. Quando tudo é falso, tudo é permitido — eis a democracia que importa questionar.
15 Sep 21:05

WWF: o poder de síntese

by João Lopes
A World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) é uma organização não governamental que, desde 1961, desenvolve um meritório e importantíssimo trabalho de defesa, preservação e regeneração do meio ambiente. E que, além do mais, conhece o valor das campanhas inteligentes, apelando à inteligência dos cidadãos. Este é um dos mais recentes exemplos das suas estratégias de divulgação, num trabalho da agência Ogilvy & Mather (Gurgaon, India) — ou como o poder de síntese pode ser a mais poderosa das linguagens.
13 Sep 18:50

Seguro + Costa: que televisão?

by João Lopes

Gostei da frase: " do ponto de vista estritamente político, temos estado a assistir a um deprimente processo de autoflagelação pública do PS"

Paisagem com nuvem
Os debates entre António José Seguro e António Costa nascem das rotinas dominantes da ideologia televisiva, ao mesmo tempo que reflectem a ausência de pensamento político (nomeadamente na esquerda) sobre a própria televisão — esta crónica de televisão foi publicada na revista "Notícias TV", do Diário de Notícias (12 Setembro), com o título 'A cultura do PS'.

Há qualquer coisa de surreal no empolamento televisivo do combate de António José Seguro e António Costa pela liderança do Partido Socialista. E até mesmo a hipótese de um deles vir a ser primeiro-ministro de Portugal não passa de uma especulação que, por mais fundamentada, não justifica que, a partir dela, seja formatada toda a actualidade política.
Aliás, do ponto de vista estritamente político, temos estado a assistir a um deprimente processo de autoflagelação pública do PS (na TVI24, Henrique Monteiro falou mesmo, com toda a propriedade, de um hara-kiri do partido). No jogo que assim se encena, parece óbvio que o vencedor destas performances permanece, silencioso e casto, noutro cenário (chama-se Pedro Passos Coelho, como Fernando Esteves bem referiu na RTP Informação).
Que o imaginário televisivo viva desta agitação de coisa nenhuma, eis o que, infelizmente, parece ter-se tornado uma regra que poucos arriscam desafiar. Podemos mesmo perguntar: onde está alguém que ouse pensar as matrizes dominantes da informação e o seu efeito simbólico?
Onde está? Não está, sequer, naquela que seria a entidade de quem esperaríamos provas de alguma agilidade filosófica. A saber: o próprio PS. Que faz António José Seguro? Qual incauta personagem da reality TV, vai proclamando a sua comovente condição de vítima de todos os desmandos dos outros... E António Costa? Reúne os anciãos do partido para uma exposição televisiva que, por certo contra as suas melhores intenções, redobra os lugares-comuns de uma maneira esclerosada de encenar o trabalho político.
Em última instância, tudo isto significa que o PS, esquecendo que um genuíno pensamento cultural não pode ignorar as formas de fazer televisão, se acomodou ao pântano de ideias do statu quo televisivo. Não que a direita seja uma planície de conforto intelectual. Em todo o caso, ter as suas duas principais personagens a brincar aos debates sobre o futuro deste mundo e do outro, apenas confirma que a ideia de esquerda encalhou no conceito de talk show.
05 Sep 20:14

Newswire: Come along and that’s it to Coolio’s song for Pornhub

by Sean O'Neal

A foto. The horror... The horror...The horror...

Come on y’all, let’s take a ride; don’t you say shit, just get inside. It’s time to take your ass on another kind of trip—to a porn star car wash, where it will be repeatedly doused with suds while Coolio raps about jerking off. Hip-hop’s foremost tour guide has just released “Take It To The Hub,” a Pornhub-commissioned promo video that invites listeners along on a fantastic voyage to the masturbation depot, where they will be fluffed into self-stimulation by a 50-year-old Coolio, rasping in their ear.

“I saw a pussy and a titty and an ass cheek, it kept a smile on my face since last week,” raps the man who once charted his treacherous journey through the valley of the shadow of death, now enjoying a far more scenic route. Coolio takes a look at his life and realizes there’s nothing ...

12 Sep 07:53

Para ler: Michael Stipe escreve ensaio sobre as imagens do 11 de setembro

by Nuno Galopim
Douglas Copland , via Guardian
O antigo vocalista dos R.E.M. assina um breve ensaio, com o título Thoughts on the 21st Century, no livro Douglas Coupland: Everywhere is Anywhere is Anything is Everthing, uma monografia sobre o trabalho visual de Douglas Coupland. Parte de uma imagem que evoca o 11 de setembro e reflete sobre as memórias e sentidos que convoca.

O The Guardian publicou o texto. Podem ler aqui.
30 Aug 12:34


by Warren Ellis

"Everyone’s angry about something. Everyone is making a show of being terribly earnest about something. Almost always with good reason, to be sure. But there was a thing identified many years ago called “compassion fatigue,” in the wake of the million Band Aid-style charity campaigns. Eventually, people draw the line against the welter of things they’re told to be sad and angry about. That’s bad for any system that relies on engagement for its capital, and for any charity process that relies on windfall funding. Bad for conversation. Bad for surfacing actual issues."

Yesterday I took my own timeline off my Twitter client and just ran five columns of my lists.  It was much nicer.  Just news and information.  This means that winter hermitage is coming on.  It’s already autumn, here in British Summer Time, chill winds chasing up the coast and never more than six hours away from a rain notification.  Everyone’s angry about something.   Everyone is making a show of being terribly earnest about something.  Almost always with good reason, to be sure.  But there was a thing identified many years ago called “compassion fatigue,” in the wake of the million Band Aid-style charity campaigns.  Eventually, people draw the line against the welter of things they’re told to be sad and angry about.  That’s bad for any system that relies on engagement for its capital, and for any charity process that relies on windfall funding.  Bad for conversation.  Bad for surfacing actual issues.

Untweeted: I don’t know why unverified people are even allowed to buy food.

02 Sep 11:44

El gobierno teme que el lanzamiento de un videojuego haga decrecer la población de Japón

by Kirai

Meanwhile, in Japan...

El ministerio de salud japonés ha dado un toque de atención a Sony al ver que van a lanzar un videojuego dirigido a hombres solteros en el que los usuarios podrán sumergirse en un mundo virtual para vivir con una mujer digital usando Project Morpheus (Accesorio para la PS4). El juego se llama Summer Lesson y será presentado en el Tokyo Game Show. Según un sociólogo experto en fenómenos como el hikikomori videojuegos de este estilo serán la estocada final que acelerará el decrecimiento de la población japonesa. Cada vez son más los hombres japoneses que pasan de casarse y deciden vivir solos.

Un otaku confesaba hoy:

“Soy soltero y acabo de reservar este videojuego online. Moriré solo pero me da igual, viviré feliz con Nahoko, el nombre de la chica que elegiré para jugar en Summer Lesson”

“I am currently single and I have already pre-ordered this game earlier today. I will die alone and that is perfectly fine with me and Nahoko which is the name of the girl I have chosen for Summer Lesson.”

Siendo la población longeva del mundo y teniendo la mayor población de robots la cosa no pinta bien…




Via P4rgaming

03 Sep 00:00

Comic Sans: the typeface that came in from the cold

by Anoosh Chakelian

Funny Farage: one of the Comic Sans-centred
posters created for Cancer Research

Vincent Connare, who designed the Comic Sans font, tells me that he has only ever used it once. “I wrote an angry letter to Sky Broadband, telling them I wasn’t happy with them,” he remembers. What hope is there for the world’s most hated font if even its typographic engineer doesn’t use it?

On the 20th anniversary of the font, perhaps it is time to revise its much-maligned reputation. Although the rounded, jaunty letters are now most associated with shabby invitations to children’s parties, badly spelt emails and passive-aggressive PowerPoint presentations, it has also tapped in to the top tiers of typography. It once appeared in Time magazine, on the BBC and in Adidas adverts. Two years ago researchers at the Cern nuclear research laboratories in Switzerland used it to announce their discovery of the Higgs boson.

Connare, who created Comic Sans in 1994 for a product called Microsoft Bob, insists that people who say they hate it “don’t understand what it is to make typefaces; they don’t realise that it’s not a personal taste thing. You need an audience, a client, some purpose to make it.”

Microsoft Bob was intended for novice computer users. It had a cartoon background with characters giving the users tips and instructions in speech bubbles. Connare decided that Microsoft Bob’s cartoon-dog protagonist was unlikely to speak in the product’s stiff default font, Times New Roman, so he created an alternative. Comic Sans then ended up on Windows 95, an operating system that coincided with the mid-1990s boom in home computing, making the font suddenly ubiquitous. But why, in this brave new world of word processing, were people choosing this particular font?

“People using it don’t really think about using a typeface; they pick what they like and they use it. That they’re using Comic Sans for some serious reason, some serious letter – they don’t think about it like that,” Connare says. “It’s obviously a good design, because I was making it for the Microsoft consumer division, who were selling to children and mums and dads and people who didn’t know a lot about design. They seemed to love it; I haven’t had many of them say it’s terrible.”

And just as happened with thick NHS glasses, typewriters and Rubik’s Cubes, Comic Sans is now being written back into the mainstream by a generation that grew up with the font and sees it as an emblem of its childhood.

Cancer Research has put together a poster exhibition based on the font. Hundreds of artists have collaborated on the project, called Comic Sans for Cancer, which launched on 20 August in an artistically dishevelled exhibition space in Hackney, east London.

The font evidently captured the artists’ imagination, with posters ranging from a lurid red image of Nigel Farage’s grinning face with “COMIC SANS” written across it (“A ubiquitous source of amusement and pure horror. Just say no,” the curator explains) to a Roy Lichtenstein pastiche of a weeping bride: “I said ‘I do’,” pleads her husband. “But you said it in Comic Sans,” she replies.

Connare is not entirely sure why his creation is enjoying such a revival in the creative East End of London. “It’s probably because everybody’s very internet-savvy now, and a lot of people who were growing up during 1995 are now adults, and they’re realising that what happened is a bit of a retro thing . . . I don’t know. Because it’s on every computer, it gets used everywhere.”

What does its creator envisage for the future of this font? Connare smiles and sighs, “I would just hope it would slow down.”

04 Sep 03:17


29 Aug 09:19

by JPP

"Áreas decisivas do nosso quotidiano hoje não são sujeitas à crítica, porque se convencionou que em democracia não se critica o "povo"."

(versão da )

... como no Inferno quando se entra pela porta maldita e se deixa a dita esperança à entrada. Agosto é um bom mês para percebermos tudo. Milhares e milhares de jovens que não lêem um livro, passam o mês em festivais no meio do lixo, do pó, da cerveja e dos charros. Milhares e milhares de adultos vão meter o corpo na água e na areia, sem verdadeira alegria nem descanso. Outros muitos milhares de jovens e adultos nem isto podem fazer porque não tem dinheiro. No interior, já que não há correios, nem centros médicos, nem tribunais, proliferam as capitais, da chanfana, do caracol, do marisco, do bacalhau, dos enchidos, da açorda, as "feiras medievais" de chave na mão, as feiras de tudo e mais alguma coisa desde que não sejam muito sofisticadas. Não é uma Feira da Ciência, nem Silicon Valley. 

As televisões, RTP, SIC e TVI “descentralizam-se” e fazem arraiais com umas estrelas pimba aos saltos no palco, mais umas “bailarinas”, nem sequer para um grande público. Incêndios este ano há pouco, pelo que não há imagens fortes, ficamos pelo balde de água. Crimes violentos “aterrorizam” umas aldeias de nomes entre o ridículo e o muito antigo, que os jornalistas que apresentam telejornais com tudo isto gostam de repetir mil vezes. Felizmente que já começa outra vez a haver futebol, cada vez mais cedo. O governo, com excepção das finanças e dos cortes contra os do costume, não governa, mas isso é o habitual. 

A fina película do nosso progresso, cada vez mais fina com a crise das classes ascendentes, revela à transparência todo o nosso ancestral atraso, ignorância, brutalidade, boçalidade, mistura de manha e inveja social. No tempo de Salazar falava-se do embrutecimento dos três f: futebol, Fátima e fado. Se houvesse Internet acrescentar-se-ia o Facebook como o quarto f. Agora não se pode falar disso porque parece elitismo. Áreas decisivas do nosso quotidiano hoje não são sujeitas à crítica, porque se convencionou que em democracia não se critica o "povo".

Agosto é um grande revelador e um balde de água fria em cima da cabeça para aparecer na televisão ou no You Tube. Participar num rebanho, mesmo que por uma boa causa, podia pelo menos despertar alguma coisa. Nem isso, passará a moda  e esquecer-se-á a doença. Pode ser que para o ano a moda  seja meter a cabeça numa fossa séptica, a favor da cura do Ebola.

Assim não vamos a lado nenhum. Como muito bem sabem os que não querem que vamos a qualquer lado.
22 Aug 14:30

Dos and Don’t for the Simpson’s Marathon

by Heidi MacDonald

"Fxx is showing EVERY EPISODE OF THE SIMPSONS ever in order, a 12-day marathon that started yesterday." :o


Fxx is showing EVERY EPISODE OF THE SIMPSONS ever in order, a 12-day marathon that started yesterday. The event is to celebrate theFxx getting the rebroadcast rights to every Simpsons episode, for about $1 billion. Meaning Fxx will basically be the Simpsons channell…and that’s a great idea!

We caught some Season Three classics last night, and the effect of seeing “One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish”, “The Way We Was”, “Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th”, and “Principal Charming” in order as they were when last we viewed them 20+ years ago…well time passes quickly when you quote Simpsons episodes. Also mind bggling to think the couch gag and the blackboard gag were in place right from the start.

Vulture has a veiwing guide and suggests that tonight is the nihgt for an all nighter with Season Four and Five:

You’re not as young as used to be. You used to rock and roll all night, and party every day. Then it was every other day. Now you’re lucky to find half an hour a week to get caught up with your DVR before you fall asleep on the couch. But party like it’s 1993 from Saturday evening until Sunday morning. That’s when season four turns into season five, and if you’re fast asleep, you’ll miss such classics as “Rosebud,” “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet,” and freaking “Cape Feare” — you don’t want to miss “Cape Feare.” Sunday night into Monday morning is also incredible, but, again, you’re not as young as you used to be. None of us are.

Yeah we’d go along with that one. Also although they say now to drool over teh Cnan O’Brien episodes, he wrote “New Kid Ont The Block” where Bart falls in love and dreams his heart is ripped out and thrown against the wall by the girl he loves who says, “Guess you won’t be needing that any more.” So yeah, Conan O’Brien.

For more info, here’s the actual schedule of episodes and some old intervews from NPR.

19 Aug 17:01

Dia Mundial da Fotografia.

by Malomil

Henri Cartier-Bresson

14 Aug 13:30

Study: we learn better with paper than screens

by Heidi MacDonald


I’ve written about these kinds of studies before, but here’s the latest one. Norwegian 10th graders were shown to retain information better when they read it on paper than when they read it on a computer.

The results clearly demonstrated that those who had read on computer screens had understood less than those who read on paper. Perhaps surprisingly, this disparity was encountered with both the fiction and the factual prose.

Why would this be? Mangen and her co-authors discuss various possible causes in an article in the International Journal of Educational Research as well as in an article in the Norwegian journal Norsk pedagogisk tidsskrift.

An obvious difference between PC screens and paper is that paper is material. You can feel the weight, texture and thickness of a pamphlet or a book. You can see where it begins and ends. You can quickly leaf through the pages with your fingers.

Ah those old interactive books! Researchers think the tangible nature of paper connects to more senses and enables more retention.

I’ve also read studies which suggest that out brains simply interact differently with stable print than with flickering letters on a screen.

What does it all mean? I would offer a theory except I forgot what I just read.

07 Aug 16:16

Great Job, Internet!: 8-Bit Cinema applies the classic adventure game treatment to Se7en

by William Hughes

The A.V. Club has written about Cinefix’s 8-Bit Cinema series, which translates popular movies into the style of classic video and computer games, before. The company usually makes savvy choices as to what genre to turn a film intoMean Girls as a visual novel, Kill Bill as an action-platformerbut its latest video goes above and beyond, transforming David Fincher’s thriller/mystery Se7en into a classic adventure game.

The “game” follows Detectives Somerset and Mills as they investigate the film’s various gory tableaus, while a moodily great chiptunes soundtrack pulses in the background. The detectives dust for prints, investigate clues, and of course open boxes as they pursue John Doe.

Besides ably following the film’s plot, the video also captures that sense of lonely melancholy that was central to the old adventure game experience, as Mills and Somerset go about the work of applying ...

12 Aug 21:25

You Might As Well Live

by Darryl Cunningham

08 Aug 21:41


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11 Aug 23:30

RIP Robin Williams

by Heidi MacDonald

"At his height, Williams was simply the funniest man alive, a non stop barrage of improv and free association that was the Sistine Chapel of rapid fire humor."

Actor Robin Williams was found dead in his house this morning, a suspected suicide.

For a little while there, WIlliams was the biggest movie star on the planet. Just listing his prominent roles is exhausting. From Mork from Ork to Garp, Good Morning Vietnam, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The Birdcage, Dead Poets Society, The Fisher King, Hook, Aladdin, Toys, Jumanji, What Dreams May Come, Insomnia, Happy Feet, and most recently, the Night at the Museum movies.

It’s a film legacy that’s unsurpassed.

At his height, Williams was simply the funniest man alive, a non stop barrage of improv and free association that was the Sistine Chapel of rapid fire humor. It was an act inspired by his idol, Jonathan Winters.


One of his most famous roles, of course was the Genie in Aladdin, a voice which took advantage of his singing and fast paced pop culture references. The animation itself was a reflection of his persona, and one of the most memorable Disney characters of the 90s.

Williams was a comics fan, long before it became fashionable, known to go to shops in the Bay Area with his kids. For years there was some talk of his appearing in a straight out comic book movie, but it never happened.

I know this seems like second guessing, but I sensed a sadness in him whenever I saw him on TV in recent years. It struck me that someone who was happiest at such a manic level would have a hard time adjusting to the gradual, inevitable slowing down that is the human lot. It’s a lot that isn’t innately sad or tragic. But some people handle it better than others. Williams’ drug use and depression was an open secret for year as well. I’m sure we’ll hear more about all that, and rehab and what might have been. He left behind a family and a wife, and I hope their privacy can be a little respected.


There’s always hope. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Call if you need help.

07 Aug 23:03

100 anos em 150 segundos

by João Lopes
Jeroen Wolf é um cineasta holandês que decidiu contar a história das idades. Contar, literalmente — filmando uma centena de pessoas a dizer, cada uma delas, a sua idade, de zero a cem... É um pequeno exercício de cerca de dois minutos e meio sobre a estranha sensualidade do tempo. E também, claro, a sua implacável linearidade.