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17 Dec 15:33

Fighting Holiday Food Temptation? Try These 13 Tips.

by (Gretchen Rubin)

holidayknifeandforkI think a lot about habits, and lately I’ve been thinking a lot about habits related to holiday eating.

The holidays are supposed to be a festive time, but many people feel anxiety and regret around food and drink—the holiday season is so full of temptation.

I have to say, I enjoy the holidays much more, now that I’ve got a better grip on my habits, than I used to.

Here are some ways to apply the strategies of habit-change to this challenge:

1. Buy food in small containers. Studies show that people give themselves larger portions out of larger boxes, so I don’t buy that economy box of whatever. Buy the little box of gingerbread cookies, not the giant box.

2. Make tempting food inconvenient—put cookies in a hard-to-reach spot, set the freezer to a very cold temperature so it’s hard to spoon out ice cream, store goodies in hard-to-open containers. The Strategy of Inconvenience is simple, but crazily effective.

3. Wear snug-fitting clothes. That’s the Strategy of Monitoring. When we’re aware of what we’re doing, we behave better.

4. Dish food up in the kitchen, and don’t bring serving platters onto the table (except vegetables).

5. Pile your plate with everything you intend to eat, and don’t get seconds once that food is gone.

6. Skip the add-ons: tell the waiter that you don’t want the side of fries. When I do this, I sometimes feel like Sally from When Harry Met Sally as I quibble about how my food should be served, but oh well.

7. After dinner, to signal to yourself that “Eating’s over,” brush your teeth. I’d heard about this habit, so I decided to try it, but I was skeptical. I’ve been amazed by how effective tooth-brushing is. This is the Strategy of First Steps–because that tooth-brushing is the first step toward bedtime.

8. Don’t allow myself to get too hungry or too full. This is the Strategy of Foundation.

9. Realize that, with some things, you might not be able to have just one bite. I sure can’t. In the abstainer/moderator split, I’m a hard-core abstainer. It’s far easier for me to skip cookies and chocolate than it is to have a sensible portion. The Strategy of Abstaining is not a strategy that works for everyone, but for some people, it’s enormously helpful.

10. Never eat hors d’oeuvres. This kind of bright-line rule, which is an application of the Strategy of Clarity, is very helpful.

11. Don’t eat food I don’t like, just because it’s there. No one cares if I have a serving of asparagus or cranberry sauce.

12, Plan an exception. Planned exceptions are a great way to break a good habit in a way that feels limited, controlled, and positive.

13. Watch for loopholes! Some loopholes that are especially popular during the holidays include the “This doesn’t count” loophole, the “Concern for others” loophole, and the “fake self-actualization” loophole. Remember, we’re adults, and we can mindfully make exceptions to our good habits, but everything counts.

Although it may seem festive and carefree to indulge in lots of treats, in the end, we may feel guilty and overstuffed. Which doesn’t make the holiday happier.

It’s a Secret of Adulthood: By giving myself limits, I give myself freedom.

Intrigued? Pre-order my book Better Than Before, in which I reveal the secrets about how we can change our habits–really!

NOTE: Email subscribers, I apologize for the glitch in the emails that you’re getting. It’s such a pain, I know — I’m experiencing it, too. Some terrific tech minds are trying to diagnose and fix the problem, so please bear with me. I hope to get it fixed soon.

15 Dec 19:15

Office Sway Preview now available for everyone, new features added

by Sam Sabri

The Office Sway Preview has been expanded and is available try out for anyone with a Microsoft account. Sway is a new app from Microsoft that allows you to express your ideas in a brand new way across any all devices. The Sway Preview launched 10 weeks ago and has seen over 175,000 requests to join and over one million visitors. Microsoft has also announced a handful of new features available today within Sway.

16 Dec 13:42

Microsoft Store to offer a free game with any 4GB Xbox 360 Wednesday, plus a second game in-store

by John Callaham

Today's deal from the Microsoft Store as part of its 12 Days of Deals campaign is a special Fitbit Charge bundle in the US and a Surface Pro 3 price cut in Canada, but what about on Wednesday, December 17? Microsoft says that deal will be a free select game with the purchase of any 4GB Xbox 360 bundle, plus a second free game if you are one of the first to show up at a Microsoft Store location.

15 Dec 21:00

FREE Rental from Redbox

by Tara Kuczykowski

Enjoy a FREE one-day rental from Redbox - or two - today! You can text DBYRNE and HASHWORTH to 727272 to get a FREE rental at your local Kiosk.  My code expires 12/22.

If you haven't used it before, you can try DVDONME if you're new to Redbox - and text SIGNUP to 727272 to sign up for Redbox Text Alerts too!

Thanks, Coupon Dad!

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16 Dec 16:45

Fives and Twenty Fives: A Novel eBook $1.99

by Tara Kuczykowski

Books are the perfect gift for anyone on your list and Amazon has you covered with Amazon's 12 Days of Books – featuring both print books and Kindle editions for as much 89% off.  Featured print books include fan favorite Humans of New York ($17.99, reg. $29.99) or Springsteen: Album by Album ($16.08, reg. $27.95) for the music lover in your life or Inside HBO's Game of Thrones: The Collector's Edition ($90, reg. $150) for the TV junkie we all know and love.

Visit Amazon's 12 Days of Book Deals each day to find two Amazon editors’ picks for $2.99 or less—one Best Books of 2014 title and one title from the list of 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime.  Today's picks include:

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16 Dec 17:00

Angel Soft Bath Tissue $0.44 per Double Roll Shipped!

by Tara Kuczykowski
Jessica Kendrick

you know you need the tp

Right now on Amazon you can pick up Angel Soft Double Rolls Bath Tissue (48 pk.) for $20.89, which comes out to $0.44 per double-sized roll ($0.22 per single roll) when you order through Subscribe & Save!  Here's how to grab yours:

Angel Soft Double Rolls Bath Tissue (48 ct.), $21.99
Save 5% with Subscribe & Save
$20.89 with FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $35

(Thanks, Passion for Savings!)

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14 Dec 18:18

Learn the secrets of 'Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom' for Xbox 360 and Steam

by Paul Acevedo

Adventure Time is a comedic animated fantasy show that seems perfect for videogame adaptations. Last year, fan-favorite developer WayForward created an Xbox 360 game called Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! Despite the company's track record with quality licensed games, Explore the Dungeon didn't set the world on fire.

This year, WayForward and publisher Little Orbit are back with another entry for Xbox 360, PC, and other platforms that improves on its predecessor in every conceivable way. In fact, Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom is the closest thing to a Zelda game that you can get on Xbox 360.

Adventure Time and Zelda fans, don't miss our latest Xbox developer interview with the game's producer, Ryan Rucinski of Little Orbit, complete with gameplay video!

12 Dec 20:30

IHeart Holiday - Let it Snow

by Jennifer Jones
Jessica Kendrick

This is awesome. New decor I want to do!

I mentioned earlier this week that we are keeping things very, very simple in the Christmas decorating department this year.  Especially on our main level where the construction will be happening. 

I am honestly really excited to keep things on the simplistic side, and only plan to empty out half of the Christmas bins this year.  Back to the basics I say!

So this is not by any means an earth shattering holiday project, but it was one that caused my little ones to ooh and ahh so I thought I would still take a few minutes to share it.

Earlier this week, the boys and I turned on Elf, whipped up some hot cocoa, and got to work making snowflakes galore.  Now, we did cheat a little and use my Silhouette machine to cut most of the different options out of cardstock, but the kiddos took turns selecting their favorite shapes, scraping the scraps from the Silhouette mat and punching out the small pieces within each flake after they were cut.

After Elf, we were still going strong and put in Frozen.  Instead of singing, "Let it Go" we went with "Let it Snow"!  That evening we only took a break for a yummy omelet dinner, and cut almost fifty different snowflakes.

After the boys went to bed, I strung all of the flakes with thread and hung them all the way down the hallway with clear tape.

The following morning, the boys were welcomed with a hallway filled with snow!  It was just a magical way to start their day, that we were all a bit giddy about inside.  And since we really don't have much real snow on the ground (say what?!), this was a nice whimsical touch to celebrate.

The rest of the decorating is in progress downstairs, so hopefully I will have much more to share next week!  But for now, this was a sweet and subtle way to kick things off and create a little magic in the most traveled area of our home.

The pictures really don't portray the fun feeling this super quick and easy project has created, I think I may leave them up all winter long.

What is the easiest project you have done while decorating your home this holiday season?

12 Dec 21:44

Bonus 25% off Any Book from Amazon

by Tara Kuczykowski

As if the 12 Days of Book Deals were not enough (ask any child, there's no such thing as enough!) - now through Sunday (12/14) you can enjoy and extra 25% off any book that is sold and shipped by Amazon. Just use coupon code BOOKDEAL25 during checkout.  This offer is valid on any book shipped by Amazon, including Lightning Deals and even the 12 Days of Book Deal specials!


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12 Dec 23:00

Energizer Batteries FREE after Coupon + Gift Card

by Tara Kuczykowski

Grab this new high value $2.50/1 Energizer Ultimate, Advanced, or Recharge Batteries printable coupon that you can combine with a rebate offer at Walmart to pick up 2 packs of Energizer Batteries for FREE! Here's the deal:

Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries, $6.97 ea.
Get a $10 Gift Card wyb 2 Specially Marked Energizer Batteries

$2.50/1 Energizer Ultimate, Advanced, or Recharge Batteries printable coupon
FREE (+ $1.06 money maker) wyb 2 after coupons and gift card!

Thanks, "Cents"able Momma!

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05 Dec 21:10

5 intriguing apps for Windows 8.1: December 5, 2014

by Seth Brodeur

It's hard to believe that the first week of December is already over. I haven't even finished my Thanksgiving leftovers, and yet it's time to take another look at five apps that have gotten our attention this week.

This time around, we have a mishmash of apps, some for fun and some for productivity.

05 Dec 21:59

T-Mobile Lumia 530 on sale at Best Buy for $35

by Chuong H Nguyen

If you're looking for an inexpensive phone this holiday, either as a gift for someone or to use yourself, Best Buy has a terrific price on the Microsoft Lumia 530. The T-Mobile variant of the Windows Phone smartphone is now going for just $35 at the big box retailer, a savings of 50 percent off of the phone's regular retail price.

05 Dec 17:30

Clorox To-Go Wipes FREE at Target

by Tara Kuczykowski

You can combine coupons at Target this week to pick up two packs of Clorox To-Go Wipes for FREE! Here's how:

Clorox To-Go Wipes, $0.97 ea.
$1/2 Clorox Wipes Target printable
$1/2 Clorox Disinfecting Wipes printable coupon
As low as FREE wyb 2 after coupons!

Thanks, For The Mommas!

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02 Dec 17:33

Twitter is adding new anti-harassment tools to make it easier to report abuse

by John Callaham

Twitter will soon be offering offering all users of its social network some new features and tools that will enable them to report abusive activity faster, along with a new page that shows which Twitter accounts a user has blocked.

02 Dec 20:08

'Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice' lands on PC today, Xbox Wednesday

by Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Are you looking to get a little more Game of Thrones in your life between seasons? Well, there's some good news, as Telltale Games has announced that episode one of its Game of Thrones series, titled "Iron From Ice," is available on PC today, with Xbox One and 360 versions expected to hit the consoles' digital store tomorrow.

02 Dec 12:01

Track Santa's whereabouts this holiday season with Microsoft and NORAD

by Rich Edmonds

Microsoft has once again partnered up with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) to launch the annual Santa Tracker website. The website enables those eagerly awaiting Santa's arrival to track the bringer of joy and presents as he travels across the world. This year the web team brings new games, an improved experience and better mobile support.

02 Dec 13:20

Stay on the right path with the Windows Phone app Maaloo Outdoor

by George Ponder

Maaloo Outdoor is a feature rich Windows Phone app designed for hiking, biking, skiing, and any other outdoor activity where you want to keep track with where you are, where you've been and where you want to go.

The app will record your tracks, map them out, navigate to points of interest and supports import/export to Dropbox or OneDrive accounts. Maaloo Outdoor is a clean looking app and integrates with you are here maps for offline use. Maaloo Outdoor hopes to join the ranks of other Windows Phone outdoor tracking/mapping apps such as Outdoor Navigation and makes a nice first impression. If you are in the market for an outdoor mapping app, it is definitely worth a look.

02 Dec 14:00

Receive a free USB car charger with any order today while supplies last!

by Brent Zaniewski

You might have noticed that we've been throwing some pretty sweet discounts your way the last few days or so. Well, we've got another little treat for anyone who places an order today. Whether it's a case for your HTC One M8 or a pack of screen protectors for your Nokia Lumia 920, you'll receive a Griffin USB car charger with your order—absolutely free. That is of course, while supplies last.

26 Nov 17:00

In Case of Inspiration Emergency: Focus on the Truth

by capitanoll


Whether you’re a planner or not, there’s one thing every writer will need as they prepare for NaNoWriMo: inspiration. We’ve challenged some of our favorite authors and the NaNo staff to inspire you by sharing what’s inspired them… and challenging you to prepare a specific jumpstart for your writing:

The Inspirer: Sabaa Tahir, author of An Ember In the Ashes

The Inspiration Sources:

The Jumpstart: Have your characters tell their most human truths. Perfect later.

Why This Will Inspire You: These creations made me see storytelling in a brand new way: focusing in on human stories, truth-telling, and working painstakingly on your writing.

Battlestar Galactica (2004)

Battlestar Galactica is a military/sci-fi television show that lasted for four seasons that I binge-watched in a couple of months. It was the first time I’d seen a show that so sleekly packaged adventure, science fiction, spirituality, character development, violence, war, and romance.

As a high-concept series with tight plotting, Battlestar Galactica helped me learn that genre-based creations can draw in broad audiences by focusing on and emphasizing the human story.

“The Drafting of One Art”, by Brett Candlish Millier (from The Writer’s Home Companion

This book of essays is wonderful and I recommend it to any writer, no matter where you are in the journey. Specifically, though, Millier’s essay on my now-favorite poem, Elizabeth Bishop’s “One Art”, was my first true understanding of what it meant to revise something.

I read the essay in my teens and found myself coming back to it over and over, particularly while writing and revising An Ember in the Ashes (a multi-year process). Though the essay is a bit academic, it’s worth a slow, careful read in December for all the little nuggets about what it means to work on something until it’s as perfect as you can get it. 

The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell

When I see something in a book that I want to remember, I upturn the bottom corner of the page so I can find it easily. About half the pages in this novel are turned up. 

Though often classified as a science-fiction book, The Sparrow is a genre mash-up—my favorite kind of novel. It touches on questions of morality, faith, philosophy, family and humanity. The novel switches between two time periods, telling the tale of man’s first (and ill-fated) mission to a distant planet, as well as the story of one of the mission’s survivors, a Jesuit priest dealing with a crisis of faith, to say the least.

The characterization is incredible, the world-building top notch; I think any reader will learn a ton about both from this novel. But the main thing I learned from The Sparrow is that a writer’s power lies in truth. That truth can be beautiful, but it’s often harsh and ugly. Telling it means not pulling your punches when it comes to your characters. And as difficult as that can be to write, the effort is worth it.


Sabaa Tahir was born in London but grew up in California’s Mojave Desert at her family’s 18-room motel. After graduating from UCLA, Sabaa became an editor on the foreign desk at The Post. Three summers later, she came up with the concept for her debut novel, An Ember in the Ashes. Sabaa currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family. You can follow her on Twitter. Her debut novel, An Ember in the Ashes, is out from Razorbill/Penguin on April 28, 2015.

26 Nov 18:01

You can now buy a 7-inch Windows 8.1 tablet from Micro Center for just $59.99

by John Callaham

US electronics retailer Micro Center has started selling a 7-inch version of its Windbook Windows 8.1 tablet after launching 8-inch models earlier this year. More importantly, the new WinBook TW70CA17 model is on sale for just $59.99, which is the lowest price we have seen yet for a new Windows 8.1 tablet.

27 Nov 14:09

Mobile messaging app Threema lands in the Windows Phone Store

by George Ponder

Threema is a new mobile messaging app for Windows Phone that is billed as putting privacy first with end-to-end encryption to help insure that your messages can only be read by you and its intended recipient.

We had heard rumblings that the messaging app was in the works for Windows Phone over the summer and it hit Store shelves this morning. Threema's claim to fame is the security it offers through not only its encryption but also the anonymity. You can use Threema without the need for personal information such as email addresses or phone numbers and your messages are deleted from Threema servers after delivery.

At first glance, Threema comes across as an appealing and feature rich messaging option worth considering.

28 Nov 02:39

This is how the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix cools itself without a fan

by Derek Kessler

A thermal module less than half a millimeter in thickness. No fans. Thinner. Lighter. That's the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix for you. It's been a few months since the Helix convertible tablet was refreshed with Intel's Broadwell processor, otherwise known as Core M (the same processor used in Lenovo's Yoga 3 Pro), and the benefit is that it runs cooler than ever. So cool it might not even need a fan.

28 Nov 16:07

First episode of Telltale's Game of Thrones series debuts next week

by Joseph Keller

The first episode of Telltale's Game of Thrones series will be available for download next week. Iron From Ice will be available for Windows on Tuesday, December 2. The Xbox One and Xbox 360 December 3.

30 Nov 18:38

Cyber Monday 2014 Deals

by Derek Kessler

The holiday sales season continues! After the madness of Black Friday and the feel-good warmth of Small Business Saturday, it's time to gear up for the web version of it all: Cyber Monday. As the name would indicate, we're talking about sales meant for the internet and the internet only, so you're not going to have to leave the comfort of your home or office to get these deals. Just think… great savings, none of the crowds and chaos.

What follows are our hand-picked best deals for this year's Cyber Monday sales. We don't believe in recommending sub-par quality products, regardless of if they're a few bucks off on a random day or not. We're only pointing out sales on quality merchandise that we might consider buying if it weren't on sale. But they are on sale, so the deals are yours to take!

27 Nov 16:42

8 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Relatives During the Holidays.

by (Gretchen Rubin)

thanksgiving-dinnerBack by popular demand: dealing with difficult relatives over the holidays.

Holidays can be tough. Some people love them; some people dread them.

I thought a lot about the holidays as I was writing Happier at Home, because the holiday season tends to be a time when we focus on home. Maybe you’re going “home” the way I go home to Kansas City for Christmas–which may be fun for you, or not. Maybe you’re deciding how to decorate your home. Maybe you’re making an effort to arrange the holidays the way you experienced them as a child–or the opposite. Maybe you’re feeling sad, or happy, about whom you will or won’t be seeing.

From talking to people, it seems that one of the biggest happiness challenges of the holidays is dealing with difficult relatives. You want to have a nice dinner, but Uncle Bobby makes you crazy. What to do?

1. Ahead of time, spend a few minutes thinking about how you want to behave. If you’ve had unpleasant experiences in the past, think about why they were unpleasant and what you could do to change the dynamics of the situation. Get more sleep. Give yourself more travel time. Pick a seat far away from Uncle Bobby. In particular…

2. Think about how topics that seem innocuous to you might upset someone else. You may think you’re showing a polite interest, but some questions will rub a person the wrong way: “So do you have a girlfriend yet?” “When are you two going to get married/start a family?” “Didn’t you give up smoking?” “Can you afford that?” “When are you going to get a real job?” Show an interest with more open-ended questions, like “What are you up to these days?” or “What’s keeping you busy?” Also…

3. Dodge strife. Some families enjoy arguing passionately amongst themselves; however, most don’t handle arguments very well. If you know Uncle Bobby’s views are going to drive you crazy, don’t bring up the subject! And if he brings it up, you don’t have to engage. Try to make a joke of it, and say something like, “Let’s agree to disagree,” “Let’s not talk about that, and give the rest of the family something to be thankful for,” etc.

4. Don’t drink much alcohol. It can seem festive and fun to fill up your glass, but it’s easy to lose track of how much you’re drinking. Alcohol makes some people feel merry, but it also makes some people feel combative, or self-pitying, or lowers their inhibitions in a destructive way. I basically had to give up drinking because alcohol makes me so belligerent. And if other people seem to be trying to avoid or curb their drinking (or their eating, for that matter), don’t make a big deal of it or urge them to indulge. In my study of habits for Better Than Before, it became clear to me that many people become very uneasy when they feel out of step with what others are doing, and that makes it tough for them to stick to a good habit. Don’t make someone feel conspicuous or strange in what they’re doing.

5. As best you can, play your part in the tradition. For some people, traditions are very, very important; for others, no. You may feel irritated by your brother’s insistence on having exactly the same food every Thanksgiving, or by your mother’s extreme reaction to your suggestion to eat dinner an hour earlier. Try to be patient and play your part. In the long run, traditions and rituals tend to help sustain happiness and family bonds. On the other hand…

6. If you’re the one who wants everything to be perfect, try to ease up on yourself and everyone else, so you can enjoy the day, whatever happens. Even if the day isn’t exactly the way you hoped it would be, try to enjoy what it is. My mother once told me, “The things that go wrong often make the best memories,” and it’s really true. And too much fussing to make an experience “perfect” can sometime ruin it altogether.

7. Find some fun. One of my Secrets of Adulthood is Just because something is fun for someone else doesn’t mean it’s fun for you, and vice versa. If the time with your relatives is meant to be fun, make sure you’re spending at least some time doing something that’s fun for you. Working in the kitchen, playing touch football, sitting around talking, running errands, watching the parade on TV — these things may or may not be fun for you, no matter how the rest of the family feels.

8. Find reasons to be grateful. Be thankful that you get to cook, or that you don’t have to cook. Be thankful that you get to travel, or that you don’t have to travel. Be thankful for your family or your friends. Be grateful for electricity and running water. Find something. Studies show that gratitude is a major happiness booster. Also, feeling grateful toward someone crowds out emotions like resentment and annoyance.

Wait, you might be thinking, these strategies don’t tell me how to deal with my difficult relatives — they tell me how to behave myself. Well, guess what! You can’t change what your difficult relatives are going to do; you can only change yourself. But when you change, a relationship changes.

Have you found any helpful strategies for dealing with a difficult relatives? What would you add?

26 Nov 13:04

Get apps, movies and more for free via Verizon's Connection Day promotion

by Harish Jonnalagadda

Verizon is getting into the spirit of the holiday season by giving away a host of digital content today, which the carrier is calling Connection Day. Starting today, all users, regardless of wireless carrier, will be able to access free content from iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Conde Nast, Boingo and more, courtesy of Verizon.

26 Nov 14:44

Reviewed: Fitbit Charge

by Robert J Nelson

Fitness trackers seem to be attracting quite of bit of attention lately, and those looking for a tracker have a wide variety of options to consider. But while there are plenty of available options — one company seems to have risen to the top in terms of market share. Fitbit, who first launched back on October 2007, is closing in on 70 percent of the market with the number two player sitting down in the teens.

The stats by themselves may show Fitbit as being a dominant player, but that doesn't necessarily mean a Fitbit branded tracker will be the best option for everyone. That being said, given the wide range of models and price points — as well as the wide range of mobile device support — Fitbit does seem like a good place to start looking. We've seen the folks at Fitbit release several trackers over the years, including some that clip to your waistband, and some that are worn on the wrist. Just last month the Fitbit lineup grew by three. The new models include the Charge, Charge HR, and the Surge — and we took one of them for a spin over the last week.

26 Nov 16:21

The best cooking apps on Windows Phone for the holidays

by Sam Sabri

Cooking is a big part of the holidays. Yesterday we looked at some great travel apps to help you visit friends and family over the next few weeks. Now we're going to round up some great cooking apps on Windows Phone to help you entertain those guests coming to you.

25 Nov 11:10

VLC looking for beta testers for upcoming Windows Phone app [Updated]

by Harish Jonnalagadda

Update: Looks like the beta subscriptions have ended for VLC on Windows Phone. There's more good news though, as VideoLAN has announced that a beta for Windows RT devices may be available in a "week or two."

Original story follows: Disheartened when VLC did not announce anything on the Windows Phone front last week? So were we. There's light at the end of the tunnel, however, as the team behind the popular media player announced that they're now looking for beta testers for Windows Phone.

25 Nov 13:22

Microsoft giving away 100 albums on Xbox Music for free (US only)

by Rich Edmonds

Microsoft is running a sweet deal for those who have active Xbox Music subscriptions and reside in the US. The company is giving away 100 albums by a variety of popular artists for free. That is, you'll be able to download and keep said content as if you purchased them all at once.