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16 Jan 19:18

How To Make Your Own Sour Mix

by A Beautiful Mess

How to make your own sour mix at home. homemade is so much more tasty! click through for the recipeWhen I was younger an Amaretto Sour was the first cocktail I learned to make at home. It's one of those, "OH- this doesn't taste like alchohol AT ALL.... perfect!" drinks. It was love at first sip.

Years later, I no longer drink Amaretto Sours, but I thought it might be fun to re-live the good ole' days with a fresher homemade version of my very first favorite mixed drink. If you like sweet drinks, you have to try this! (Spoiler- it's still one of my favorite sweet drinks!)How to make your own sour mix at home. homemade is so much more tasty! click through for the recipe As with most things, homemade is TOTALLY tastier in this case! It's super easy too. With just three ingredients you can make your own sour mix at home. I find it to be fresher tasting and less syrupy than the storebought versions- plus that fake neon yellow color is absent... that's probably for the best, right?How to make your own sour mix at home. homemade is so much more tasty! click through for the recipe  Homemade Sour Mix, Make one large bottle 

1 cup sugar
1 cup water
2 cups fresh lemon and lime juice (strain out the pulp)

First, combine the water and sugar in a small pot and simmer until the sugar completely dissolves. Turn down the heat and add the lemon and lime juice. Remove from heat and let the mixture cook before straining it a final time into an airtight glass container.

Keeps for a minimum of two weeks in the refrigerator. You do not have to refrigerate more syrups, but I like to when there is a high content of fresh ingredients, so it lasts a little bit longer.How to make your own sour mix at home. homemade is so much more tasty! click through for the recipe   After your mixture is completely cool, you can funnel it into another container and add a pour spout to the top.How to make your own sour mix at home. homemade is so much more tasty! click through for the recipe    As always- bonus points for a cute homemade label! How to make your own sour mix at home. homemade is so much more tasty! click through for the recipe     How to make your own sour mix at home. homemade is so much more tasty! click through for the recipe      Amaretto Sour (for nostalgia's sake! it's the easiest recipe ever.) 

1 part Amaretto Almond Liqueur
1 part homemade sour mix 

Pour both ingredients into a glass filled with ice. Mix with a spoon. Garnish with a cherry and an orange or lemon slice. Too sweet? Substitute half the Amaretto for Whiskey. ;)Amaretto Sour RecipeCheers! xo. Elsie

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson

24 Dec 20:34

king-magneto: dorkly: The Nerdiest Christmas Trees Every time...



The Nerdiest Christmas Trees

Every time a nerd decorates their tree, an angel gets reddit gold.


13 Dec 18:42

shroom-girl: A type of Crassula succulent




A type of Crassula succulent

13 Dec 08:00

The Lids Are A Canvas For Tal Peleg Who Tells Stories With Eye Make-Up.

by laura sweet

Israeli based make-up artist and blogger Tal Peleg is inspired by movies, television, children's books, fairy tales, musicals, holidays and the state of the human mind.

above: Tal wearing her own Princess and The Pea eye makeup

Using the eyelid as a blank canvas, she has created stunning images and narratives with eye shadows, liquid liner, mascara and occasionally, added elements. From Cinderella to Dr. Seuss, her work on closed eyes will make yours pop wide open. Take a peek at the following 26 examples.

The Princess and The Pea:


Snow White:

The Princess and The Frog:

The Ugly Ducking:

Disney's Frozen:

The Little Prince / Le Petit Prince:

Dr. Seuss:

The Moomins:

The Diary of Anne Frank:

Les Miserables:

Breaking Bad's Heisenberg:

White Swan and Black Swan:

Kick Ass 2:

Pink Floyd, The Wall:


Black Cat:


Manic Depression/ Bi-Polar:


Visit her website here to see more of her work.

Follow her on Instagram to keep up with her latest work.

Thanks to The Daily Mail for bringing this to my attention and to Tal Peleg for use of her images.

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15 Dec 14:00

Di Mainstone's Human Harp creates music from suspension bridges

by Ben Hobson

Dezeen Music Project: London artist Di Mainstone is developing an electronic instrument that enables performers to make music from the subtle vibrations of suspension bridge cables (+ movie). (more...)

15 Dec 05:30

"Sex is not a goddamn performance. Sex should feel as natural as drinking water. It should not..."

Sex is not a goddamn performance.

Sex should feel as natural as drinking water.

It should not require confidence.

Sex should happen, because the moment is ripe.

Ripening lips, ripening labia, ripening cock, ripening pupils, ripening state of being. Ripe and augmented and brimming. Your energy goes to your pumping heart, then to every external nerve, then to theirs, on fire.

You bask, roll, play in it. You sigh, moan, laugh.

It’s not about being “good in bed.”

It’s about being happy.

One should never worry if they’re doing it “correctly.” Sex is not factual. I don’t want your cookie-cutter sex, I don’t want your meticulously crafted, calculated, fool-proof fuck. I don’t want a show. I want you. Let your instincts, urges and whims define that. It’s enough.

What do most girls like? Forget about it. Statistics are meaningless when there’s only one. Hello, here’s me. Here’s you.

Don’t worry about taking it too slow. We got time. We got infinite rhythms, combinations, possibilities. Explore each fuck. Take our time. We can do a different one later.

Don’t worry about making me come. I’m here. Right where I want to be.

I am overwhelmed by wanting; you don’t have to convince me. I want you because I like you. So don’t put on a front. Don’t taint this.

I’m frustrated—it’s just authenticity I want.

It’s originality.

It’s passion.

It’s joy.

Don’t say that something I like is ugly. Don’t compare yourself to the rest. You will live and die with and within your experiences like everyone else. If someone thinks you are amazing, they are not wrong. Their universe is as real as any other; it is forged through perception.

I don’t care if you accidentally slammed my head into the wall, if you slipped out, if my arm cracked, if the delightful pressure of your wet lips on my anything made a silly sound. There is no right way and no wrong way.

“Good in bed,” what.

You’re good in my bed. I’m pleased you’re there. I feel it suits you.

Shove your technique. Let your memory swallow it. Fuck me like you’d fuck me, fuck me like you feel.

This isn’t a test.


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this is fucking brilliant stuff, wow

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Someone should have told me when I was 16

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15 Dec 08:00

Subjects Pose As Both Male and Female In Transgender Portraits by JJ Levine.

by laura sweet

Such a great illustration of the construction of gender.

Photographer and artist JJ Levine of Montreal's series "Alone Time" is just one of his many collections of 'intimate portraiture' “By doubling a single body within one frame,” Levine tells BuzzFeed, “I celebrate the human capacity for gender fluidity and call into question the idea of authenticity of gender.”

Although digitally composed to combine the two versions of the one human in each photo, there is no manipulation in the portraits, simply a change of clothing, hair and make up.

The transgendered photographer/artist says "This concept is intended to raise questions regarding mainstream notions of gender and sexuality. I want my images to challenge the assumption that gender is binary and sexuality is fixed. Our culture puts a lot of weight on two really narrow gender categories, which makes it especially complicated for those of us who don’t fit into that dichotomous system to navigate our day-to-day lives and move through the world with ease."

The Huffington Post chatted with Levine about the artist's inspiration behind "Alone Time". Read the whole interview here.

About the artist/photographer:

JJ Levine (shown above) is a Montreal-based artist working in intimate portraiture. Levine received a BFA in Photography and Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality from Concordia University. Levine’s photography explores issues surrounding gender, sexuality, self-identity, and queer space. Levine’s work has been exhibited at artist-run centres, commercial galleries, art festivals and academic conferences across Canada, the United States, and Europe. As well, Levine has guest lectured for university courses and has been featured in academic journals, and art magazines internationally. Levine’s artistic practice balances a political agenda with a strong formal aesthetic.
14 Dec 14:51

damiandominodavis: Biologists would have you call this thing an...


Biologists would have you call this thing an Armadillo-Girdled Lizard, Cordylus cataphractus, but I won’t be fooled. This is clearly a baby dragon. They also have this adorable habit of biting their own tails for no discernible reason. Which is adorable until you remember what the ouroboros is, and inevitably conclude that these things are also dark magic.

Magical dragons. It all makes sense.

14 Dec 14:36

gracy: Matilda by Charlotte...


Matilda by Charlotte Olympia



05 Oct 02:15

freakymallory: mok-ranaa: Trees! perfect for any garden! ~...



Trees! perfect for any garden! ~ ra’naa 

This is nifty.

05 Oct 02:37

fishingboatproceeds: Stop trying to make google+ happen,...


Stop trying to make google+ happen, Gretchen.

perfect post is perfect/reblogging for commentary

16 Sep 19:01

Bloom Day September 2013!

by scottweberpdx

Some of my favorite flowers at my favorite time of year.

GBBD September 2013
Well, folks, here we are again...the midpoint of yet another month...and the last few days have finally started to feel like Autumn is nearly upon us at last! While the garden isn't as overwhelmingly floriferous as it was during the past few months, it's entering my favorite time year...abundance tempered with the beginning of decay. While the garden is still full of exuberance, there is a hint of melancholy now as end of the growing season is in sight.

verbena bonariensis and rudbeckia triloba  3583
Purple and gold are the harbingers of Autumn, it seems. Here we have two wonderful re-seeders, Verbena bonariensis against a background of Rudbeckia triloba.

solidago fireworks  3586
I'm not sure why I never planted Solidago until this year...and, happily, this plant was a gift from a friend.

vernonia and impatiens  3564 salvia amistad and aster  3581
I must have moved this poor Vernonia (Vernonia missurica) at least 5 times this spring...just not sure where to put it. I'll have to remember to stake it earlier next year to keep it from flopping...still, it looks nice mingling with Impatiens balfourii. Another happy pairing, on the right, Salvia 'Amistad' and a mytsery Aster I got from Matthew at the spring plant exchange. Love it!

vernonia southern cross  3612
New in my garden this year is a new Vernonia from Intrinsic Perennials, called 'Southern Cross'. It is much shorter, but has those same intensely purple flowers. An added benefit is that the foliage is much finer, very reminiscent of an Amsonia...and, so far, no flopping :-)

Knautia macedonica
The Knautia just keeps on a going...much to the delight of the bees!

sedum matrona 3
Another bee magnet, Sedum 'Matrona'

Sedum Matrona
You don't believe me about the bees...see for yourself!

persicaria firetail echinops bannaticus  3587
There is always a lull in the bloom of Persicaria 'Firetail' right soon as the rains start up again, they seem to puff up and start blooming like crazy again. The Echinops keeps sending up a few blooms here and there, even as it sets seed.

asgastache purple haze
Of course, it wouldn't be a bloom day post here on Rhone Street without a few Agastaches, would it? Here we have 'Purple Haze'.

agastache liquorice candy  3571
Here is Agastache 'Liquorice Candy', which has really proven itself this summer...blooming nonstop for months and months.

agastache blue blazes  3563
One of my favorite Agastaches, 'Blue Blazes'. The flowers are starting to lessen now, but the thick, colorful blooms still draw my eye.

agastache globetrotter rudbeckia triloba  3575
This Agastache ('Globetrotter') was the only plant I bought during the Fling in San Francisco this's hard to believe it's already been almost 3 months since then!

agastache desert sunrise  3585
Agastache 'Desert Sunrise' is another great workhorse plant...just pumping out the blooms endlessly!

agastache golden jubilee  3577
While the color has long since faded from the blooms of Agastache 'Golden Jubilee', the spires are still very attractive (at least to me). They are so architectural, and catch the light so nicely, especially paired with Muhlenbergia rigens.

agastache golden jubilee  3578
If you visit Portland during Autumn, you are likely to be amazed at the huge Japanese Anemones in almost every yard. Here, we have 'Honorine Jobert'.

echinacea sunset  3609
While most of the Echinacea have started fading into various shades of parchment, these few that I planted earlier this year are still holding color...all the better to catch the last rays at sunset.

clematis tibetana  3562
Clematis tibetana has grown to monstrous proportions this year...but the blooming seems much lighter than last year...hmmm.

rudebckia triloba  3588 persicaria red dragon  3565
Rudebckia triloba is one of those classic garden plants that I can't imagine not pops up in the perfect spots every year (even if not where I would have put them) and grows and blooms without any help from me...gotta love that!

geranium rozanne  3561
Another stalwart, the beautiful Geranium 'Rozanne'.

geranium rozanne rudbeckia  3566
I like her even better when she flirts coquettishly with the fading Rudbeckias...whose blooms start to look a bit like a wilted ballerina's tutu.

persicaria golden arrow  3574 selinum wallichianum  3573
One of my favorite Persicarias, 'Golden Arrow', has beautiful foliage and a seemingly never-ending supply of blooms...if only I could find a spot where the leaves didn't scorch...but that it still got enough light to thrive. The Selinum have taken a beating during our recent rain showers...but they are still elegant.

north border from west  3602
I realize suddenly that there are a few things I left out...but there's always next month (probably)! Here we have the North Border looking east.

side view  3600
Heres a vantage I don't usually show...from across the street on the North side of the house.

back yard  3614
Here's the backyard in all its wild and wooly glory.

front wide shot 1
Here's the front garden from the South.

front wide shot 2
And again, form the North.

nort border sundown with boots  3597
Joing Boots and I as we enjoy this late summer/early autumn sunset...and join Carol at May Dreams Garden for more Bloom Day posts! I hope you're enjoying this amazing time of year...and that the weather is cooperating, wherever you are :-)
26 Jul 20:10

weirdvintage: Former NFL player Rosey Grier liked needlepoint....


Former NFL player Rosey Grier liked needlepoint.  He wrote a book about it in 1973. (via Dangerous Minds)

He was also in “Free to Be You and Me" and sang “It’s Alright to Cry"

10 Aug 02:02

lauriehalseanderson: My bizarre linguistics addiction wants to...


My bizarre linguistics addiction wants to lick this poster to suck up the wordnerd goodness.

29 Sep 19:47

nudiemuse: changelingupkeep: horreure: Rick Owens S/S...




Rick Owens S/S 2014

Paris, 26th September 2013. Rick Owens has raised the bar.

White chicks? Skinny models? Walk-pose-exit-straightface runway show? Forget those. We got something better for you: Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2014 show.

The show was a step dance performance. As if the show wasn’t unusual enough, the cast is truly something different from hundreds of shows we’ve been seeing from New York, London, Milan and Paris in this fashion month. It was performed by step dancer girls, and what makes it different is, the majority of them are black, and all of them are plus sizes.

Of course, there’s definitely debates about the presentation. Some love it. Some hate it. Some confused. Of course, when you see the runway pictures in you won’t see the usual thing. You’ll be confused, especially if you don’t watch the video of the show. But surely, you can tell something is going on.

I think the message is crystal clear. Fashion is an interpretation of visual beauty. And most of the time, fashion didn’t represent universal beauty. Fashion often represent only one form of beauty: White and skinny. Which is a shame, because fashion should be representing universal beauty. And when you’re not in on of the “white” or “skinny” category, people valued your self less. You, valued your self less.

Even if it’s not the best collection, this is the best show, best casting of Spring/Summer 2014 for me.

Rick Owens is breaking all rules, murdering all stereotypes of fashion with this show. The message is crystal clear here: DIVERSITY

This is a “FUCK YOU” in the face for all stereotyping in fashion industry.

And just as a note- look at those FACES.

Those are not the demure blank-slate faces you see on models. Those are “I am pissed and dancing out my aggression with FEELING FUCK YOU” faces. Those are faces of people expressing their humanity, not forced to be a blank doll.




And here I thought you could only have models who are essentially personless hangers for your clothes.

31 Aug 23:38

youregonnaloseit: mybestfriendsam: th3skinny: For all of you...




For all of you who say, “The Bible defines marriage as one man and one woman.”

this was educational

… wow…..

30 Aug 18:19

coffeeandcockatiels: Tips For Improving Street...

21 Aug 10:01

fuckaspunk: brokenbalder: Brokenbalder: Some Know Your Rights...




Some Know Your Rights materials I made. Hopefully find them helpful. :)

Very useful!

18 Aug 08:48

theboyprincessdiaries: leseanthomas: CN takes over Taiwan’s...



CN takes over Taiwan’s subways. Source:



17 Aug 04:35

tastefullyoffensive: [doghousediaries]

17 Aug 08:46

pleatedjeans: via


Love it!

03 Aug 05:59

sinshine: The giant can sat in front of the fist for five...


The giant can sat in front of the fist for five hours while the news crew at Fox News attempted to figure out what a Giant Crisco Can and a Giant Fist have in common.

Fox News rather than understanding the joke posted a picture of the Fist on its Facebook page along with the following note:

“Local artist Jerry Vile has created something he calls “Vessel of Hope”. He hopes it may in someway ease the pain of having the Detroit bankruptcy shoved into our faces. Can anyone explain what this means???”

The team at Queerty were the first to make fun of Fox News, writing “Let us start by saying this fist was not aimed at your face in the first place. You were facing the wrong direction when you took the photo…”

(via Fox News Doesn’t Get Detroit Fisting Joke, Becomes Butt Of Many Jokes)

28 Jul 10:33

internal-acceptance-movement: 10 WAYS WE BODY SHAME WITHOUT...



1. Saying Things Like, “She Would Be So Pretty If…” 

Have you ever uttered anything along the lines of, “But she has such a gorgeous face” or “She would be more beautiful if she put on a few pounds”? You are limiting your idea of beauty to a cultural stereotype. Beauty is not conditional. If you can’t say anything nice, maybe it’s time to learn how.

2. Judging Other People’s Clothes 

While it’s fine for you to choose clothes any way you want, nobody else is required to adhere to your style. The person wearing that outfit is, in fact, pulling it off, even if you think she’s too flat chested, big chested, short, tall, fat or thin. And fat people don’t have to confine themselves to dark colors and vertical stripes, no matter who prefers it. And spandex? It’s a right, not a privilege.

3. Making It an ‘Us vs. Them’ Thing 

The phrase “Real Women Have Curves” is highly problematic. Developed as a response to the tremendous body shaming that fat women face, it still amounts to doing the same thing in the opposite direction. The road to high self-esteem is probably not paved with hypocrisy. Equally problematic is the phrase “boyish figure” as if a lack of curves makes us somehow less womanly. The idea that there is only so much beauty, only so much self-esteem to go around is a lie. Real women come in all shapes and sizes, no curves required.

4. Avoiding the Word “Fat”

Dancing around the word fat is an insinuation that it’s so horrible that it can’t even be said. The only thing worse than calling fat people “big boned” or “fluffy” is using euphemisms that suggest body size indicates the state of our health or whether we take care of ourselves. As part of a resolution to end body shaming, try nixing phrases like “she looks healthy,” or “she looks like she is taking care of herself,” and “she looks like she is starving” when what you actually mean is a woman is thin.

5. Making Up Body Parts 

We could all lead very full lives if we never heard the words cankles, muffin top, apple shaped, pear shaped or apple butt ever again. We are not food.

6. Congratulating People for Losing Weight 

You don’t know a person’s circumstances. Maybe she lost weight because of an illness. You also don’t know if she’ll gain the weight back (about 95 percent of people do), in which case earlier praise might feel like criticism. If someone points out that a person has lost weight, consider adding something like, “You’ve always been beautiful. I’m happy if you are happy.” But if a person doesn’t mention her weight loss, then you shouldn’t mention it either. Think of something else you can compliment.

7. Using Pretend Compliments 

“You’re really brave to wear that.” By the way, wearing a sleeveless top or bikini does not take bravery. “You’re not fat, you’re beautiful.” These things are not mutually exclusive — a person can be fat and beautiful. “You can afford to eat that, you’re thin.” You don’t know if someone has an eating disorder or something else; there is no need to comment on someone’s body or food intake. “You’re not that fat” or “You’re not fat, you workout,” need to be struck from your vocabulary. Suggesting that looking fat is a bad thing is also insulting.

8. Thinking of Women as Baby-Making Machines 

One of my readers mentioned that her gynecologist called her “good breeding stock.” Also awful: “baby making hips.” Worst of all is when people ask fat people when they are due. As has famously been said, unless you can see the baby crowning, do not assume that someone is pregnant.

9. Sticking Your Nose in Other People’s Exercise Routines 

A subtle form of body shaming occurs when people make assumptions or suggestions about someone’s exercise habits based on their size. Don’t ask a fat person, “Have you tried walking?” Don’t tell a thin person, “You must spend all day in the gym.” I have had people at the gym congratulate me for starting a workout program when, in fact, I started working out at age 12 and never stopped. I had a thin friend who started a weight-lifting program and someone said to her, “Be careful, you don’t want to bulk up.” How about not completely over-stepping your boundaries and being rude and inappropriate?

10. Playing Dietitian 

If you have no idea how much a person eats or exercises, you shouldn’t tell her to eat less and move more or suggest she put more meat on her bones. (Even if you do know what she eats, don’t do it). How do you know she’s looking for nutritional advice from you or the newest weight-loss tip you saw on Dr. Oz?

Written by: Ragen Chastain

21 Jul 15:00

10 Words That You’ve Probably Been Misusing

by Tyler Vendetti

10 Words That You’ve Probably Been Misusing

10 Words That You’ve Probably Been Misusing

There are so many words in the English language that it’s not surprising that the definitions for some of them have gotten mixed up over the years. It’s possible that you’ve gone your entire life without realizing your mistakes. I’m sure people have noticed. One day, you were probably walking down the street, casually chatting with an old friend, and one of these words slipped out of your mouth. Before you can move on to your story about how Mufasa would actually make a very attractive human, your friend stops to correct your error, and suddenly, your whole life starts to feel like one giant lie. How long have you been using that word incorrectly, you wonder? How many angry Facebook rants have you ruined with your improper grammar? While I can’t give you an answer to those questions, I can at least provide you with a list of other tricky words so that you may never have to suffer from this embarrassment ever again:

1) Travesty

What you may think it means: a tragedy, an unfortunate event

What it actually means: a mockery; a parody

This one, I’ll admit, is my own personal error. For the longest time, I equated travesty with tragedy, mostly because in passing, they sound like the same word. It’s stupid, I know, but if you knew how many times I confused fetal position with beetle position, you wouldn’t be laughing. It’s a serious problem.

2) Ironic

What you may think it means: a funny coincidence

What it actually means: contrary to what you might expect

It’s not ironic that you bumped into a talking turtle in a sweater vest right after you told your friend how cool it would be to bump into a talking turtle in a sweater vest. It’s a coincidence, and believe it or not, those two words are not related. Also, you should probably lay off the drugs because I’m pretty sure animals shouldn’t be talking.

3) Peruse

What you may think it means: to skim or glance over something

What it actually means: to review something carefully/in-depth

How this definition got completely turned on its head, I’ll never know, but I’ll be sure never to say “I’m going to go peruse my math textbook” ever again, just in case someone overhears and tries to hold me to it under the real meaning.

4) Bemused

What you may think it means: amused

What it actually means: confused

Again, with the whole “words sounding alike” issue. I’m starting to think I just need hearing aids. This is getting out of hand.

5) Compelled

What you may think it means: to willingly do something, to feel like you need to do something

What it actually means: to be forced to do something (willingly or unwillingly)

The word you’re looking for is “impelled.” I agree, it doesn’t get enough attention.

6) Nauseous

What you may think it means: to feel sick

What it actually means: to cause nausea

When you eat too much ice cream and declare to your mom or the nearest adult, “I feel nauseous,” what you’re actually saying is that you are causing people around you to feel sick. Thanks, jerk. (For the record, “I’m nauseated” is the way to go.)

7) Conversate

What you may think it means: to hold a conversation

What it actually means: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

This word is a mix of conversation and converse, and doesn’t actually exist, like unicorns or YOUR DREAMS. (I’m kidding. Unicorns are totally real.)

8) Redundant

What you may think it means: repetitive

What it actually means: superfluous, able to be cut out

“Including this sentence is redundant because you already mentioned your love of Santa Claus in the previous paragraph.” This has always been my exposure to the word redundant, so it only makes sense that I would think repetitive was correct. I can’t be the only one? Right? RIGHT?

9) Enormity

What you may think it means: enormousness

What it actually means: extreme evil

I don’t know where the “extreme evil” thing came from (probably the Devil) but enormity makes more sense as enormousness in my mind.

10) Terrific

What you may think it means: awesome, fantastic

What it actually means: causing terror

Okay, so “causing terror” is more of an outdated definition but I still thought it was interesting. Maybe keep this fun fact in the back of your mind the next time you call your favorite camper, “Terrific Tommy,” because technically, a few decades ago, that might have been an insult. Unless instead of a camper, he’s a serial killer. In that case, go for it.

Info via,, and WriteItSideways.comImage via

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21 Jul 16:56

blueandbluer: therealfrontier: Female Data. CURRENT STATUS:...



Female Data.


13 Jul 17:35

Eliza and Rachael Hurwitz remake Alanis Morissette: “It’s Finally Ironic”

by Eliza Hurwitz

Eliza and Rachael Hurwitz remake Alanis Morissette: “It’s Finally Ironic”

Eliza and Rachael Hurwitz remake Alanis Morissette: “It’s Finally Ironic”

Last year I rewrote Alanis Morissette’s Ironic so that it would finally be ironic. Thanks to my extremely talented musician sister, Rachael, we were able to turn it into a real song and music video! Check it out. And here are the lyrics if you want to sing along.

It’s Finally Ironic 

An old man turned 98

He won the lottery, and died the next day

from a sever paper cut from his lottery ticket

It’s a black fly in your chardonnay

that was specifically purchased to repel black flies

It’s a death row pardon that causes your demise,

because you leave the jail and get hit by a bus

And that really is ironic

We fixed it for you, Alanis (you’re welcome)

It’s like rain on your wedding day, a day and place

You chose because it’s known not to rain

It’s a free ride, but you get mugged on the way

We’ve got good advice we’re forcing you to take

And who would’ve thought, it figures!

Mr. Play-it-safe was afraid to drive,

Instead he packed his suitcase and got ready to fly

He wasted his whole damn life being afraid of cars

But as the plane crashed down, he thought, well isn’t this nice?

And that really is ironic

We fixed it for you, Alanis (you’re welcome)

It’s like rain on your wedding day, a day and place

You chose because it’s known not to rain

It’s a free ride, but you get mugged on the way

We’ve got good advice we’re forcing you to take

And who would’ve thought, it figures!

We’ve got an editorial way of sneaking up on you

When you think your irony is okay and the examples in your song are right

We’ve got an editorial way of helping you out when your song

About irony is wrong and everyone says it to your face

A traffic jam causes you to leave early,

But you rush and get in a crash, which causes you to be late

A no-smoking sign you hung up when you quit,

Now you started again but can’t smoke ‘cause of the sign

It’s like ten thousand spoons you bought with your only knife

Now all you need is a knife, but you only have spoons!

It’s meeting the man of your dreams…

And meeting his beautiful wife at couple’s therapy

And that really is ironic, don’t you think?

Finally ironic, and yeah we really do think

It’s like rain on your wedding day, a day and place

You chose because it’s known not to rain

It’s a free ride, but you get mugged on the way

We’ve got good advice we’re forcing you to take

Our changes make it so your song makes sense

who would’ve thought, it figures!

We’ve got an editorial way of sneaking up on you

We’ve got an editorial, editorial way of helping you out,

Helping you out.

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04 Jul 06:15

coolscar: i havent eaten an apple in days. the doctors are closing in. my barricade wont last much...




i havent eaten an apple in days. the doctors are closing in. my barricade wont last much longer. theyre coming. tell my family i love them

01 Jul 23:12

girljanitor: ha ha ha what idk


ha ha ha what


30 Jun 13:36

danceforthatanarchy: wanditaradical: Romanticismo puro...





Romanticismo puro :)

mrrrrow. Kitteh cuddle loaves.