19 Nov 12:48

Ligand-Controlled, Tunable Silver-Catalyzed C–H Amination

by Juliet M. Alderson, Alicia M. Phelps, Ryan J. Scamp, Nicholas S. Dolan and Jennifer M. Schomaker

TOC Graphic

Journal of the American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/ja5094309
19 Nov 06:00


21 Nov 00:40

Sham Journal Accepts Totally Absurd But Completely Appropriate Paper

by Robbie Gonzalez

Sham Journal Accepts Totally Absurd But Completely Appropriate Paper

The International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology, a predatory open-access journal, has accepted for publication the marvelously titled paper "Get me off Your Fucking Mailing List."


20 Nov 22:10

Metal-Free Carbonylations by Photoredox Catalysis

by Michal Majek, Axel Jacobi von Wangelin


The synthesis of benzoates from aryl electrophiles and carbon monoxide is a prime example of a transition-metal-catalyzed carbonylation reaction which is widely applied in research and industrial processes. Such reactions proceed in the presence of Pd or Ni catalysts, suitable ligands, and stoichiometric bases. We have developed an alternative procedure that is free of any metal, ligand, and base. The method involves a redox reaction driven by visible light and catalyzed by eosin Y which affords alkyl benzoates from arene diazonium salts, carbon monoxide, and alcohols under mild conditions. Tertiary esters can also be prepared in high yields. DFT calculations and radical trapping experiments support a catalytic photoredox pathway without the requirement for sacrificial redox partners.

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

A metal-free and base-free carbonylation has been developed which affords primary, secondary, and tertiary alkyl benzoates under irradiation with visible light in the presence of eosin Y as a photocatalyst. The mechanism has been studied by spectroscopic, theoretical, and preparative methods, and appears to involve intermediate aryl and aroyl radical species as well as a light-driven one-electron redox cycle without any sacrificial redox partner.

20 Nov 20:16


by Kristin Ess

photos/post KRISTIN ESS

With so many of you pretty people sporting shorter hair right now, it seems like the only thing growing is our short hair style request list here in the TBD office. Today we’re doing a fairly simple look geared specifically toward the bob. You can do this with or without bangs and the best thing is, the actual half-updo requires no heat tools (other than styling your hair in the morning, or air dry if you prefer) so it can be done after work on the way to a holiday party or a hawt date. Add some sparkle in the back if you’re going to a wedding.

Pop in a wide comb with a cool vibe like these:

Or more sparkly pieces like these:

Short Hair Half Up via thebeautydepartment

  1.  You’ll want to dry your hair with a bit of texture. In otherwords, air dry if you have natural wave or add some wave if you don’t. Light wand waves or flat iron waves will do the trick. If you have curly hair, you may want to blow it out to get this particular look but you should also try doing it curly as well! Add a little texture spray of choice. Here in photo 1, we broke out THIS SPRAY! It gives a soft beachy feel.
  2. Now tease your crown area lightly.
  3. Add a little of THIS TEXTURE POWDER (which is on sale right now, btw!). This helps the tease stay in place without having to backcomb too aggressively. Lightly sprinkle some powder into the crown and tap it into the light back combing.
  4. Pinch both sides together in back of the head. Twist them over once and then secure with a bobby pin. The texture powder will also help the bobbypins stay in place and not slide out.
  5. Go in with a TAIL COMB and pull up a little as you see in photo 5 for a little extra height.
  6. Tilt your head foreward and give the back a little veil of hairspray. We used THIS ONE but you can use whatever you’ve got! It’s just for a tiny bit of extra hold.
  7. Now, I like to go into the crown area (to the side of and above the bobby pins) and put my fingers into the hair tousseling up the texture just a little bit. Nothing crazy. It just makes it appear a bit more lived in. This is fully optional and you can leave it smooth if you prefer!
  8. Check the back in a hand mirror to make sure it feels balanced. Then check from the side as well to see that it looks good with your profile.

You can see that Caitlyn has bangs, but again, this can be done without bangs. Just choose which side you want to part on before getting started. Here’s a pretty shot of it with a comb from our friend MYRA CALLAN of Twigs + Honey.

the beauty department short hair


Enjoy, shorties! And stay tuned for more!

20 Nov 17:02

A Softer World: 1176

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20 Nov 16:00


20 Nov 14:45

found in a physics text book

20 Nov 10:00

Writing reports

by sharhalakis

image by @skromnygeniusz

20 Nov 05:17

Cobalt-Catalyzed Enantioselective Intramolecular Hydroacylation of Ketones and Olefins

by Junfeng Yang and Naohiko Yoshikai

TOC Graphic

Journal of the American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/ja509919x
20 Nov 03:20


19 Nov 21:09

Asymmetric Hetero-Diels–Alder Reaction of Diazenes Catalyzed by Chiral Silver Phosphate: Water Participates in the Catalysis and Stereocontrol

by Bin Liu, Tong-Yu Liu, Shi-Wei Luo and Liu-Zhu Gong

TOC Graphic

Organic Letters
DOI: 10.1021/ol503047s
19 Nov 18:09

The origin of life

by CommitStrip

19 Nov 15:23

Microsoft Azure Outage Across the Globe

by Soulskill
hawkinspeter writes: The BBC reports that overnight an outage of Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform took down many third-party sites that rely on it, in addition to disrupting Microsoft's own products. Office 365 and Xbox Live services were affected. This happened at a particularly inopportune time, as Microsoft has recently been pushing its Azure services in an effort to catch up with other providers such as Amazon, IBM, and Google. Just a couple of hours previously, Microsoft had screened an Azure advert in the UK during the Scotland v. England soccer match." (Most services are back online. As of this writing, Application Insights is still struggling, and Europe is having problems with hosted VMs.)

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Read more of this story at Slashdot.

19 Nov 12:46

Nanoscale Metal–Organic Framework for Highly Effective Photodynamic Therapy of Resistant Head and Neck Cancer

by Kuangda Lu, Chunbai He and Wenbin Lin

TOC Graphic

Journal of the American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/ja508679h
19 Nov 11:56

An Interface-Induced Co-Assembly Approach Towards Ordered Mesoporous Carbon/Graphene Aerogel for High-Performance Supercapacitors

by Ruili Liu, Li Wan, Shaoqing Liu, Lixia Pan, Dongqing Wu, Dongyuan Zhao

Hierarchically porous composites with mesoporous carbon wrapping around the macroporous graphene aerogel can combine the advantages of both components and are expected to show excellent performance in electrochemical energy devices. However, the fabrication of such composites is challenging due to the lack of an effective strategy to control the porosity of the mesostructured carbon layers. Here an interface-induced co-assembly approach towards hierarchically mesoporous carbon/graphene aerogel composites, possessing interconnected macroporous graphene networks covered by highly ordered mesoporous carbon with a diameter of ≈9.6 nm, is reported. And the orientation of the mesopores (vertical or horizontal to the surface of the composites) can be tuned by the ratio of the components. As the electrodes in supercapacitors, the resulting composites demonstrate outstanding electrochemical performances. More importantly, the synthesis strategy provides an ideal platform for hierarchically porous graphene composites with potential for energy storage and conversion applications.

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

When ordered mesoporous carbons meet graphene areogel, the resulting hierarchically porous composites conglomerating the advantages of both components are obtained and exhibit excellent performance in electrochemical energy devices. More importantly, the synthesis strategy provides an ideal platform for hierarchically porous graphene composites with potential for energy storage and conversion applications.

19 Nov 05:50

#dadjokemonth comic 3


#dadjokemonth comic 3

Credit for this brilliant string puns all goes to my friend Luke who also just so happens to be a new dad. For those of you interested in the h/plank reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planck_constant

19 Nov 03:42


21 Nov 08:13

Цитата #431144

(пост в ЖЖ про музей Окуджавы, коммент)

Мне к Окуджаве привили нелюбовь в школе. У нас были долбанутые учителки по МХК (мировой художественной культуре). Первая заставила всех купить дорогущий по временам 90-х учебник и потом спилась, по учебнику так и не учились. Третья оказалась сектанткой и между делом вещала на тему открытия третьего глаза, потусторонних сил и тайного общества, в котором детишкам расскажут все тайны мира (две одноклассницы повелись, одну потом лечили).
А вторая сказала, что мировая художественная культура - фигня, и мы будем изучать на уроках нашу советскую отечественную культуру, а именно бардовскую песню. А именно - учить песни Окуджавы, Визбора и Кима, а потом, на следующем уроке у доски их петь по куплетам.
И я, чуть ли не главный ботаник класса, однажды хреново выучил песню Визбора и у доски забыл строчку, за что мне поставили одну из 6 двоек, полученных за всё школьное время.
Я потом до лет 20 не мог ничего бардовского слушать ваще-е
21 Nov 07:40


Мы против цветных революций. Мы за монохромные.
Раздражает, когда мяукаешь кошке, а она не мяукает в ответ. Так грубо с её стороны.
Глупость - это та же мудрость, которая просто выбирает неподходящие время, место и людей.
Мужики – не собаки, чтобы на кости кидаться, сообщают почему-то за мужиков жирные бабы.
И вновь продолжается бой,
И сердцу тревожно в груди,
И почке тревожно в боку,
И в жопе тревожно кишке.
Лежишь у себя дома на диване, попиваешь пиво и в тот же самый момент вращаешься вместе с целой планетой вокруг Солнца. Неплохо.
Гарантию о не вступлении Украины в НАТО можно написать на обратной стороне Будапештского меморандума.
Неприятности – как салфетки: тянешь одну, а вытаскиваешь десять.
еще бисквита не касалась
еще не трогала безе
а как нагнуться чтоб обуться
Не нужно быть экстрасенсом, чтобы предвидеть почти все будущие события. Главное - запретить себе обманывать себя.
Но ты попробуй запрети.

21 Nov 04:45

Цитата #431132

Пара в университете. 9 утра. Преподаватель читает лекцию о теории относительности. Тут сверху раздается звук перфоратора и следом жалобный голос из аудитории: "Здесь то он меня как нашел?!"
21 Nov 03:55

tastefullyoffensive: [cheerupemokid]

21 Nov 03:42


20 Nov 22:30

Phase-Transfer-Catalyzed Asymmetric SNAr Reaction of α-Amino Acid Derivatives with Arene Chromium Complexes

by Seiji Shirakawa, Kenichiro Yamamoto, Keiji Maruoka


Although phase-transfer-catalyzed asymmetric SNAr reactions provide unique contribution to the catalytic asymmetric α-arylations of carbonyl compounds to produce biologically active α-aryl carbonyl compounds, the electrophiles were limited to arenes bearing strong electron-withdrawing groups, such as a nitro group. To overcome this limitation, we examined the asymmetric SNAr reactions of α-amino acid derivatives with arene chromium complexes derived from fluoroarenes, including those containing electron-donating substituents. The arylation was efficiently promoted by binaphthyl-modified chiral phase-transfer catalysts to give the corresponding α,α-disubstituted α-amino acids containing various aromatic substituents with high enantioselectivities.

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

Increased substrate scope in phase-transfer-catalyzed asymmetric SNAr reactions was achieved by the use of arene chromium complexes as electrophiles. An efficient asymmetric synthesis of α,α-disubstituted α-amino acids containing various aromatic substituents is shown. PTC=phase-transfer catalyst.

20 Nov 22:10

Stereospecific Couplings of Secondary and Tertiary Boronic Esters

by Daniele Leonori, Varinder K. Aggarwal


This Minireview highlights advances in the Suzuki–Miyaura cross-coupling of secondary boron reagents for the creation of C[BOND]C bonds with control of stereochemistry. It also includes non-transition-metal coupling of secondary and tertiary boronic esters to electron-rich aromatics.

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

Just couple it: In the past decade, highly efficient protocols have been developed to allow the stereospecific arylation of chiral organoborons. This Minireview documents the rapid development of this area, thus providing a clear overview of the various processes available together with mechanisms, as well as their scope and limitations.